Jeff Garcia

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, January 3rd

Papa and Bonta are joined by Jeff Garcia (former 49er QB) on his history with Jon Gruden. 


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Jeff Garcia joins us every week any particular part of the football our brunch about Livermore Fordham we will talk about Jimmy Iraq below what he sees from the 49ers going forward but again. Jeff Garcia was an older player when he. Left the 49ers if you stop someone of his stops was when John gruden in in Tampa Bay. For a couple of years there in 2007 and 2008 here's the way Jon Gruden coached Jeff Garcia. Ten years ago art had a little fun here at the god yeah we all want all the OK good to hear all player game now. Upon worked through the game and I come out of retirement now you don't make you play now. I don't think our bigs actually jogged up. I think they heard and it's just that rhetoric there but Jeff Garcia we don't want you to shut the blank out we digits talk about it but the whole NFL world is talking about Jon Gruden coming back to coaching so. What are your thoughts on and they just give me your thoughts about what it was like to get the tough long load of Chucky ten so years ago. What got me you were talking. Chris them use. We got. There always is simply jealous little like you're it and being so that I had a minute head lock at a time when he would. Talking to me like that no option would use the. A he is a guy who. You can say howdy as you know he's not gonna circle around any thing you could tell you exactly what deal. What on his mind and he's gonna want to run his weight and got. You know one of the things that I learned playing format 37 and 38 years old. At that stage in my career was. The preparation. And how. Important. That is good not that I didn't know going in. But to another level. That I can take it because of the accountability because of the expectation. Every single day not just on the football field. In meeting worms. In the locker room. You're gonna be tested you're going to be challenged. You're gonna be. Constantly kept on your hose as to your knowledge in your preparation of the game. And for Miette got time in my career it really brought me to another level as far as what I expected out of myself. How I prepared. Every single day in in preparing for my job. Did go to that we were chasing off in time because she would have. So many things. That she would prepare for from the standpoint of split should Baptist team that we were skate you may have ran. Torre years ago but he found it any gonna show it to you can't get a pay you conceded this weekend. You never know and so from that kill point he did a great job of just comparing our quarterback room preparing near the quarterback. He ran the rule I mean he was the head coach of their team but he ran the quarterback will he went in there. And he ran the PL AC drew the cards. The guy is a nonstop worker. They end up. For a team that needs some discipline. That needs some direction. That needs some organization. He's going to be that guy to bring it. Without a doubt. I so you know obviously you were at a different stage your career than Chris Simms was just using Chris is an example I know Chris was and is is mid twenties you were in your mid to late thirties and Johnny said. Success. With veteran quarterbacks throughout his career he's not been in a situation he's gonna be in now Aureus to groom. Derek Tyre in India Eric's a little different personality a more of a spiritual guy. Do you think shaft that Powell John adapts. Coaching a younger player like Derek Carr. And can he tell Derrick kind of shocked that half up the way he told YouTube. Well wolf first of all a bit since your job and ceilings can't be hurt we can't be concerned about. Dealing with emotion vignette younger athletes. Our our our. Being used to its he had spoken to differently than. Then the older athlete but at the end of the day it's about bringing the best out any individuals and. I will say this about John he's gonna bring the best out in people. And you can't. Kick your feelings hurt over how he speaks to you he expects the bat he wants the bad. You can take care for you in out total way and at the end of the day you want to win football games and that's what it comes down to. And yet there this spiritual side to Derek and Meredith certain. Saying that maybe he's used to hearing which you know what. Everybody's got to grow up fast. And he's going to inspire you to be greater. In so many ways his energy and emotion his enthusiasm his excitement. Is is going Q. Fueled fire. Within the individual as well as the team. You want to accomplish. More. As a group. And from that standpoint Derek is a much if he's still a young player he knows what his role in he knows what his job is. And he also knows that this year at the team are they under achieved and they were not. What they expected themselves to be and they need to get back to where they. Where they were headed to in the previous year and that expectation that gold mine back coal that. As far as what they want to put together as a team and what you need to do. As a player and how he needs to run the office and now we need to step up at the leader not just at the opposite side of the ball but of the team. Jeff pop and I would welcome before the show and he brought us some mentioning here has been out of the league for so long. And we know how gruden loves new spread offense in the pistol when he talked about the wildcat one did you run in the shotgun and a Tampa Bay when green was coaching and will probably adapt to that. Running the spread offense or heard or the modern NFL offense Jeff. Well absolutely we ran we ran. You're in the shotgun. Oftentimes especially the I had. Hacking down situations when there was third and long were those type situation than there was no secret of the fact that you have a total of all we were in the shotgun formation sucks. You understand that the other thing is you can surround himself with it. Coordinators. That it currently banned in the game that knows the game that no. The direction of where the NFL. Has gotten Q as far as how the game is played and. The other thing about honesty key. In touch with everything that's going on I mean the guy watch is probably still look every ball game. From the weekend throughout the week just so he can see and know what's going on he's that type of guy I mean he had a bad sign that so many ways he would. In the opera that Horry and light on the headphones on with in the Metallica and he's drawn up it played in carting and he's. He's probably still do about Scott today even though he doesn't have a keen to compare or he's always prepared himself mentally. For that situation for that opportunity and like I said he's gonna put people around him. Who are current in the game and I can see one guy being great also who guarded coached here are. In the past to the coordinator of years ago who the quarterback coach of cared off. There in LA who's done a great job. With golf this year at the quarterback coach and learning Sean McVeigh has done an understanding how that system works. And being able to bring that. Portion of the wet coat pocket which saw that they would under Jon Gruden went out there in 2008. At a quality control got. And how quickly these guys crime but the latter bit off all so how these have all cross. One another and so. I don't see John struggling at all with the way the game is run today I see him very much. A guy who can. Adapt and and compliment the team the way that it needs to be complemented in the center of what are the weapons that they have to work quick. And what is the capability or the ability of their quarterback to run his. Program and I think that he has a guy who plays that can excel that'd be great at it. There Greg Olson's name aside their Johnnie Morton who was which are hard for years hosted says Stanford and with the 49ers also mentioned some of intrigue to a John does Pickens is. Offensive coordinator you mentioned Sean McVeigh has a direct link to John gruden so his son Kyle Shanahan he was seems like everybody I think John is the OG of this generation as far as the F. The great young West Coast mind. And Kyle Shanahan was there and Samper for a couple of years is an offensive quality control coordinator now he's doing such great things with this offense Jeff Garcia joining us on a they have football are brought you about their more Ford I 957 again here in the afternoon and a lot of talk and Dante. I misspoke and even a couple of weeks away got a little glimpse of how good Jimmy G was the Jacksonville game was another revelation and what he did against Leah. The rams so is there any thing in the offseason and you were talking about footwork he does have some balls batted down at. At the line of scrimmage on his deep ball passing other anything's. That you would suggest he she tries to refine a little bit now he's going to be in the the offseason activities with the team assuming he signs a long term deal here. The wall it's typical a look at what he would have. Accomplishing in the last five gain in the day or beard that definite flaw in his game I mean the guy was completing well over 60% of his passes. Very efficient. He had a couple turnovers and that loud game that whether woods' decision making on his behalf are just finding or. Not being on the same page with the receiver. Both king will be worked out I think one of the things that we haven't really seen a Jenny it. The deep ball. And we haven't seen him go down the field. As often or very often so we don't really know what he's capable of error but on the airport just get the ball out quickly he has great. Tiny very excited that the dorm he got the waste a lot of motion but they've all movement. I think it time like we talked about or is he. Are in rhythm. With his arm just because of I think. Still learning. The West Coast system as opposed to the system that he was being off or with Brady in the newly repaid trick of just how. Oh work is probably different the drops are a little bit different as far as how you get yourself going in the to to rid about the progression. And so those things I think so continue to work on throughout the hot seat and you'll continue to call medical each had two grasping the system and understanding. All of the checks and balances that he had to go through with that. That this image and his. Blocking scheme to hurt so much that goes into the medical. I've grasp of a quarterback and has hit them like the West Coast offense. Under house chanting and and I think she's just gonna continue learning grow and now but I think that he is so okay it's the ability to BS. Great quarterback could be a really good quarterback a guy that can be. The leader of this. Franchise this organization. For a number of years moving forward. Yeah he could have made a special career lastly before we let you go we do wanna get your thoughts and I'm sure we ever talk you about Terrell Owens on the show. At length and at Terrell was named last night a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of twenty AJ we'll find out the night before the Super Bowl this is his thirty year. Is that a couple of times on the ballot now he's out with a Randy Moss. You you've played along chime with him you know him as not only a wide receiver in the formative stage you're NFL career but also was a teammate. Chad so where is very simply TO hall of Famer in your mind. Yes he is absolutely Altera when you put up the numbers that keep it up throughout its career the. Recognize in the top 23. Top five in most receiving categories. I'm the guy the hall of fame player he was the difference maker on the field even physically dominant. He produced which yards with touchdown catches with receptions. Everywhere that he went well for the most part everywhere that he quit especially. Eric fiscal Philadelphia. Maybe a little bit of Cincinnati. Our gala. He was very productive and die he was a guy that teams had to focus on and had a really. Work act. To take him out of the game and so when you look at it dominated and that standpoint from that standpoint and what he just has a accomplish. Number wise there's no reason why. He's not in the policy. Get the voters I think I can't speak for all of them I was your hearing is the the off the field stuff said teel wasn't a great teammate. How was he as far as being your check. Oh Oprah you want to bring out all the relatives up to access. So. Hey you know let hey. Tell me. It's water but the great you know I mean. I've moved on from that situation. Yes there wasn't always the item I a scene of what was important for the team. As far as the team approach what concerned. But for the most part a he was a big guy. We knew that he was gonna come to work. Every single day. Wicked lunch box he's gonna put in the time you've got to put in the effort. And there was never ever a lack of effort from a Terrell Owens and he played hurt. He played through some pain in that playoff game yet New York Giants which was one of his great. Gain of his career the guy with coming off of what we can't certain he played in the Super Bowl without. Batting equal are recovering from a surgery. You know sort of got a lot through a lot of adversity a lot of physical pain and probably Medco emotional pain at times. He gave his best out there on the field and that's what it comes down you. I think we all know that that position. Lens a bit too. Neat Celtics near term need type of mentality. And you just take it for what it is and what you look for out of that position it's a contribution. And their dedication to being your best. Every single day and what you do outside that. Can't really say that. There have been a lot of receivers in the National Football League that had an actual team leader is just not and there are genetic makeup now Jerry Rice. Maybe a different story but Carrey right with a unique. Individual himself and fell you know I'm not in a point eight Carol great player. Either guide it. Accomplish an awful lot and should be recognized for that. Thank you John very well since early tests that. You got it got your brother happy new year Jeff Jeff Garcia a former former quarterback eagle quarterback.