Jeff Garcia

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, December 6th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Jeff Garcia (former 49er QB) to break down what we saw from Jimmy Garoppolo.


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Let's bring in the former Pro Bowl quarterback for the niners to assess what he saw from Jimmy g.'s first game as a forty niner wasn't perfect Jeff and I think you're one better. Then almost all of us expected since he joined the team middle of the year what did you think about Jimmy's debut. Wolf Burton former and foremost they got the win I mean. You could now bring in more knack for going on the road in the situation that they are putting him with Jimmy. Being somewhat muted team and have an alert system and get it all under his belt within four weeks and go up there and operating game I thought he played. Really good solid football he was very decisive. The ball came out of camp quickly he had great tempo. In the pocket. Protection. Well the positive. On this day even from the running back stepping up taking on blitzes. You saw that a couple times book called tied to meeting the line backer of a line of scrimmage. And and and keep them right there but the ball came out of Jimmy's hand. Very well and very. Accurate within the roads that they were excellent on third down over 50%. Deficiency hit backers he was that 70% I think any time you're putting those type of numbers out. I'm you're doing a lot of positive things on the field. You know we we talked last week about how they would change the offense a little bit in a paid they got to wonder shiner most of the time but there are a lot of shotgun first snap of the game he went shot Johnny one empty. They jumped into a no huddle on the second shores the second and choose second threes they got right back up on the ball they even used a little bit of the pistol. Just overall what you saw from how Kyle may have adapted it. The way the offense is structured to fit Jimmy the first game out because he's even talking about. In our it's not like he has the whole playbook that they get I chance now on the offseason they they had a specific. Game plan they have one week to week to beat the Chicago Bears just what did you see from the way the offense function around the new quarterback. I thought they incorporate a lot of the quick game really. Really stressed that the ball getting out as out of his hand quickly whether these from a three step plan to row or five hit plant grow really work the middle of the field especially on third down really well with Trent Taylor. But a lot of timing brought a lot of roads where. He was able to take a look at the defense of coverage. And really narrowed down his. His decision making process I think that they got away from some of the deeper. Deeper. More time consuming. Well. Last Sunday they didn't incorporate as much movement. From the standpoint out. Big key in the boot legs but you also need to have a running game in a word dude out when your running game that didn't. All that the line of scrimmage it's tough to build up play action and that movement game offered outsell. Really that was nonexistent and the one time where did have a blue lake that I recall it turned into an eleven yard that or he should have. Been able to get the ball out of out of all the way. And that was maybe one of the one. Court occasions that he made. During that game but outside of that I just felt like. A lot of what they tried to do it more comic timing concept and just gave the ball out of his hands simplify the game plan. And really using the underneath routes. The dead middle. The middle breaking routes especially on the third down like if they would try to tailor he would they are marquee Goodwin had a great day. Ball hated hand that he held onto it didn't have any drops that I recall and then Fred Taylor had a great day especially on third down. Felt listening C a breakdown and you're exactly right and everything you're talking about as far as what I saw it is it just as simple as saying. This quarterback grew up in the shotgun and that we know we had Jeff attrition send a guy who you know doing when he was sixteen years old started the money was an eastern Illinois. First couple years in college he was under center the last two years they're coaching change 85% was gone it just seemed a major if he's more comfortable. When he takes a shotgun snap in his eyes never come off the field as opposed to when he's under center. NAS to execute a play fake and you turn your back to the defense you turn around like word everybody gullet seem like those for more than unscripted stuff did you. Noticed that as well he was more comfortable in the Ghana as opposed to the play action fake from under center. All I think that the product of his environment that's what he's been doing for so many years now that's what they do a lot of it bullying led. They play a lot from the soccer position of special passing down. And and yeah I mean are you we can go back in my experience I came from the Canadian Football League were really 70%. Of our. Plays that were pumped shotgun formation and when I came to the 49ers. You know Steve Jobs until much power and average soccer and maybe he would incorporate a little bit. But it wasn't really a part of the West Coast system and I know when I came NG now. Starting or he very cheap dollars something they started Q. Introduce a little bit more just because of my familiarity in my copper. I've been in the shotgun and so yes when you look at Jamie and what his background is the word is bad. Wide support him now into something that he's not. As he used to doing and five step drop from understand are separated from the line of scrimmage all those things that. They're really take work and and and you can see who snaps Aladdin who not actual I didn't start to play that he can't do it. But if he's better on the soccer and their wife or in the do other things. No you're right Jeff and at one point he was a freight. Our play action passing is some some that was under center but I just thought from a leadership standpoint. The guy's only been here four months Jeff. Any art he has that locker room you see how everybody gratitude of tours on everybody raised raised their level play we had she charged trying to play like that. He looked amazing to look lucky guy where you can look at managers say. Well this guy may be be able to play the slot for us. Mark he's go when looked look like Obama five receiver the NFL this week would you McGraw upload this is total command of the offense his leadership what who were your pretzel that Jeff. I was very proud I thought were being his first start you have to look at the guy had started. In over twenty plus games and he had to start the beginning of 2006 chi Ming got the injury. And started games stand about a week twelve weeks. Now around week twelve of the NFL you can probably get another start any coach out there and just command it. That's no that heartily but boy you could see him directing traffic. He didn't have a delay of game penalty yeah we can talk about the red dawn and how they were in addition red L which you know what. 88 to a dine. And Louis Murphy dropped the ball on second six without a first down now become a little bit more difficult situation on third and six. They will run on second wanna quote hide doesn't make you are on third one they get the yard but they have an illegal procedure now earns six. And it spurred an eleven to the not a penalty for they had some. Unfortunate. Mishaps. In the red zone that weren't necessarily all logic leap that could have. We need to attack stabbed in the last drive eight they could have easily scored a touchdown and our situation but their clients are still sort of game when he still go and how about them to put a two minute drive together. And to win the game Mikey did and so the Kuwait nick cool calm and collective there said he did all game long. Say yes we can talk about it with the into Chicago Bears are going to their own struggle. But this team actually look like a team from an offensive standpoint controlling the pilot Kardashian the way they let that that they did. Indeed that's given up only one touchdown now special teams you don't look at what you do want and not doing correctly but are that the defense. Played a great game last Sunday. Yeah even gone back to look at at the red zone even more though one of his best throws of the game was a Longoria George kettle in the back to the and so when he rolled onto his writing got up against the boundary and because he did get a chance to meet kettle didn't catch it it was a tight window in the back to the end zone (%expletive) attack. He put that ball on the site and change and they got to show a lot of Chicago Bears fingertips to do it. Oh absolutely I think he made some great throws today that that time that you were wondering. If you make it the right decision but. Gave his guys opportunities to make plays that goes back to say the one play action bloated he made down the middle of the field of good murky. There's great defenders around him but he squeezed it did and that's under the rat teammates vote that were under wraps. Guy coming free about the hidden in the bait him. Eight he stood in there made the throw and I got to give him credit for that especially for a guy who and then didn't hit at all. For over the last twenty weeks insult. You know I would impress and that sort of way and I think it's something that this team can really build on. And and really be excited about in moving forward of what their opportunities what they're chant starter really grow and achieve. Are we were debating your main bounty for weeks and how many games are you need at the end of the year congress go fetch her one more starters unity you said pastor how many games do you need to assess and and you said basically one. So it's in all of a whole different challenge early Sunday in Houston a different defense of a philosophy. But have you seen enough in one game two to think that did that he has the it factor. And that he truly can be a franchise quarterback everybody searching for what. Then you see another in the way that. Like block instead the players rally around him a player follow his lead the players believe in him how they talk about him how they. Get excited about him. When you hear that sort pocket from your teammate from personnel and from coaches. I'm Ben you know that not only with what we're seeing on Sunday. But what they are seen every single day about locker room. Is a combination of the pain which you wanna he had got a dish yeah we can get real excited about one game what I wanted to he would consistency right I want to see him go out you can. And yet it's going to be different challenges that's been a pretty good defense allowed 56 years if not more. But they have their own challenges that they're doing which is well policy and Golan used it. And and and see him continue to play college football it may not translate to a win but I wanted to see him play. Good Paula put all that he's making good decisions get the ball out of your hand out. Knowing that playing with confidence playing playing the game from that decision making factor being decisive. You know those are key ingredients as to whether this guy has truly made. I had to beat act got that they built the team around it and we saw glimpses of that we've seen it allowed two weeks with three ladies. In the previous week out we're all positive. And now to have the string together entire game. Putting putting good solid. Decision making plays together that that pulled out a win so I mean there are definitely a lot of things that that. Get too excited about the future of this game out hey lets just see a week in and week out continue to grow with the. So far so good osu really does Sunday and Jeff will be our next Wednesday to talk about it thank you Jeff have a great weekend we'll charge you next week. You gotta guys how do we now.