Jeff Garcia

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, October 18th

49ers analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area & former 49ers QB, Jeff Garcia, joins Papa & Bonta!


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There was very bad pass interference call which Jeff Garcia looks plain detail. Let's bring in and it is the F football our virtue by Livermore for the four time Pro Bowl quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers said Jeff Garcia joins us on the answered live without and Vontae here and 35 point seven a game he played better Indy we talked about that but you're. And I quietly saying you know you weren't pleased with. Bryant player's performance showed Jeffs and his being greedy and and they gamer I think better gave you a little bit of that so what did you think of coach Shanahan is decision to poll. The veteran and go to the rookie middle of the second quarter of game and allowed road venue. Well I think we've talked about it for about the potential of getting. Seeded veterans have not just in a mop up tuition but actually. A real game like situation like in the second quarter like in the third quarter and and that there was never tied down seventeen to zero Washington it would probably time. To get that change it up and see what young man had to give them whether there and did a great job hey he's our. Something in the 49ers not just coming up in the private you thought in the second half the way the defense. Responded special teams responded with big pop return I thought that he would keep an overall. Encouraging. Change in the sense of just how the team rallied. Around he gave that third and how the young man performed in a situation where obviously. No. What he didn't get to have during the week of practice he didn't have a whole lot of reps with the first he probably didn't have any reps with the first do you brand. Mode with out team being Kirk cousins all weeklong which. Maybe prepared given certain way if you. I didn't do need to do what he did. Out there on. Sunday but. Now this week have an entire week of preparation not just mentally but physically. It is gonna be a positive thing for him coming into a game home. Against the Dallas Cowboys and the other thing is while Dallas won't have an entire week to prepare what he gave effort so people of faith. Different things but as far as what he stepped. And blue and what he did for this team I thought I was very encouraging. He had just just talk about what you see from his overall skill set has not only were you a good player you're Smart player you're a gamer you were gritty and you went into coaching you can break down the the you know thrown the ball mechanically and the footwork then. Now people look at and I don't see overtly a great skill set but you know I think we have to wait and see what he can be just when you look at his overall. Skill set Jeff what what do you see right now from CJ better. I think first of all and I don't know PJ and I haven't really seen him obviously not just you know all of the different details about him but. He comes from a football family he comes from. A Stanley where he grew up around the games so ease he's got back into the net on the quarterback she had that knowledge of the game that person. Put the knowledge to wanna prepared himself to be mentally prepared and not to impair the belt if given an opportunity like you would give him up Sunday that step on the field and not know. What the tally the vote lead or he definitely showed that he was capable I think that's first and foremost you're gonna compare. Like no one else as far as getting themselves mentally right. Secondly his ability to you extend the play but I play that you had where he pushed up in my pocket he attacked the line of scrimmage detective I don't feel we found altered Robinson down the right sideline. Are big time throw and catch and touchdown. Both Spain we have seen in Brian Hoyer and I would like waiting for Bryant to make both type a place. Not just be stuck in the pocket waiting for a guy to open operative adorned the clock and actually when things start to break down around what game you. Make out of it can you create and you. If nothing now eliminate a back door always now about what the couple or couple things because of kids. Inexperience of beating game like situations where DJ got stuck couldn on the go all the. I know that he's well aware of how to handle those situations and with the experience with the quote of it number of rap on the field he's gonna continue to get better in eliminating negative plays. As far as. The last floor of our big gain the interception that was just one that he activate he had been paid in that you look at. Everything he did outside that lab clay and the guy had a quarterback rating of ninety plus. And it was clear the ball in awkward it player. At opportune fit cap can ride after word about what happened that we hadn't seen a whole lot of with these said that accurate people Brian Hoyer spoke goat thing I think you wanna measure you wanna continue to hone in on you wanna continue to heed. A young quarterback he had some thought all the different line had experience block as well about one of the things that this 4913. I had not been very good bay Ben marble work in the lead as far as block passage. Our concern is not what they need to get better app from the receiver running backs and tight end position. But for the young guy to get bid and end and half pocket awareness like he had. Have some samples from eating getting the ball out political with simple check it out or dog down to call a high degree yet to allow them to get yards after the catch. All of a ball coming out of it had blood and holding onto it except for like I mentioned a couple times. And those worker shot down the field but outside that he wasn't holding onto it couldn't no condition Morton guy can make clay it. Am an opportunity that could be cut without a catch. And brought him back from seventeen nothing down and they wound up losing by two and I can easily make the point if it wasn't for that bogey is a deep offensive pass interference call on Pierre Garcon should have been a they had defense of CIA and Zach brown. So Jeff and named Jeff works with us on the radio here in -- five point seven a game and a weekly basis on the football Lowry also appears on 49ers post game live and I saw you was felled you know Dennis Brown yours outraged as I. Because the official flat out sought from the wrong perspective that explained that the route combination to slant and the flat. And when you look at it the linebacker the Redskins 53 Zach brown he's the one that runs it appeared our son and not the other way around Jeff are. Believe the terrible call and I think this fell in Q what unfortunately. The 49ers have been. Penalized. Or illegal pay extra legal contact I'll have a player in previous game been so maybe they're a red flag that party. Hanging over their head but in this type of situation. And every situation is different they weren't down in the red zone yet it was a second day out situation what that third down. They're running ads rat glad what we call it drag slant combination you take it to receiver. Well combination. Which would just seagate battered left side the closest receivers TJ is running in the flat toward the sideline. Getting about one yard gap. The outside receiver which is guard song is running a. To step slant he tried to work inside the world leader wow are caught each other at a relatively shallow. Biscuits. And because of the press coverage that gore thought he had on him. He would setting up the corner with his feet trying to create separation. And because of that you would probably a little bit flatter than normal on his brow. But. In no way would keep looking up on my back hurting inside defender. So why not take well and obviously the ball would not have been blown toward correspond. If you would try to run up to it. And so put that rep re make that call in that situation. With the game on the line. Which is ridiculous. It would it would unfortunate and not that they he would have called it the other way but it would include they would incidental contact. It sort of an incomplete pass their bill within. No goal range a long drill hole but still within field goal range that they get you yards on the next it makes their possibility. That much better but instead they are penalized the ten yards is completely cut them out of any possibility of a kick. And bad about where we had to put that you last played that it didn't gain any claim were unfortunate because. I would have great comeback. With the young quarterback on the field over the great rallies by the entirety to keep that stepped out of play. Really good football in the second half considering what they gave up in the first half ended with a total team effort. Scratch and claw their way back into that and defeat. You know it doesn't come down to just one play but the field where only. Make that judgment call in that situation that took a chance the way from them was disappointed. More with Jeff Garcia coming up on a football armor presented by liberal more Fordham law last jest whether or not Fernandez made the mistake. With their draft picks. 195 point seven big game. Had there on fire and have lunch they found to ask you what quarterback leaves the NFL in passing touchdowns. Who would you answer. I'd say Aaron Rodgers before he was injured I'd say Alex Smith you would be Rollins says Tom Brady but I have draw because I know the answer is a little our biggest play he had shot a lot doesn't sound like a legitimate shot why should I presume there but Shawn Watson leads the NFL touchdown says yo fifteen he was drafted number twelve overall by the Houston Texans Jeff Garcia joining us and they answered live without and volunteer 95 point seven a game. John Lynch was lauded for trading down from two to three got a two thirds and affords. With the Chicago Bears but he checked settlement Thomas number three chance I don't know how much she watched to Shawn Watson. That is it it surely to say the 49ers have aired in that drafting to Shawn watched a number three. Boy I bet that we've talked about drafting quarterback in the first round and at such. Saw in the dark as far as what the potential. Output of these guys would be that being said. I like saw water coming out of college. And it wasn't so much over as to whether he can translate into the NFL game can be a drop back half or whatever. It had to be with about his leadership ability it was about it. Ned Cohen physical toughness it was about the fact that he with the winner. And you look that background would retain calm and a different type of person. That was voted equality and that you want to have on your football team. And whether he had the skill that are not could be a great quarterback. He'd go back at the collegiate. Level. None ever will we knew how that would take off at the next level but on quality music game that probably. Kicking himself once again like we do every year are to Cleveland Browns. Because they create a way up pick that actually landed this somewhat been. On the quarterback they get a quarterback could they even want and it salary to take on that they need need to take our. So what are they thinking in Cleveland now haven't this go I don't think will Levy at the pit. Good to have what to go after quarterback in last year's draft they wanted to do rebuild the defense they wanted to focus on certain pain that. It helped them win football team despite hitting beautiful and talented on the deep petrified. And alone those guys grow up together and they've done. Maybe had a real weapon upon attacking on the eat at the side with palm it with boxer important boxer had the injury but he's coming back now. And a lot of those other pick. Are currently. On their rock during whether they'll be able to contribute. As you. That see that are not they're gonna get opportunity to play because that you see with injuries we're. Betrayed our bet the release the ball then go to guys that are given opportunities. Debt and just get up and see what type of talent skill what type of toughness what type of ability they do have a quarterback to watch since the guy is as special care at all neat guy doing a heck of a job out there aren't used in. And I am happy form. Yeah eventually nights Jeff talked about them and obviously there's going to be you know. Go one of the childhood quarterbacks during the draft and I you know I just hadn't seen him do what I that you need to do in the NFL he's in the shotgun he's looking over the sideline for the play call you could see his arm and his running ability was special. But one thing Kyle Shanahan did say and they and the 49ers did a trader at a later round draft pick. Finally the seventh round pick to move up to take better in the third round. Is that bad third is one of the few quarterbacks who didn't run a spread offense in college Iowa runs a pro style he's under senators this up. We're gonna ask him to do so you know the position so well and you know you had to go to Canada before you had a chance are you kind of got labeled this way in you know NA NA NA a different time. Is that it's hard I think to what you look at these quarterbacks that are in the shotgun they're never under center. They're looking over data sideline for the play call and thinking this guy play in the NFL or not it is it is just simply that Kyle Shanahan. Wanted to see what his own eyes a guy Ron his style offense in college before he would take a chance. The law I think and that's where you go to QB went. Merck off. Decision. The year before as it was going to be. The first quarterback taken and you look at Lance is the guy coming out of North Dakota State yet he would level below that. The highest level college football but he with a winner and he ran a quote how often he worked from underneath center. They ran hate the guy that quit back formation and he did greet their job despite their talk. Haven't set top seeded movement played either although things that north coast states as compared to cop who would. Traditional air Arab basically. Stuck in that shotgun formation run in the post. One in the spread out offense. And you never fault. The skill set from him that too whether. He would translate to be how well. People decided. With the land that he would be the guy he ideal fit for them and maybe it took a year of going through those growing pains that I've learned how to the other that I want began because now he's adapt it and I'm equally good football. I don't want to complain brokered football and not the guy that. I looked out from the standpoint have. How do you believe quote south system Betty grew up quick and call it. At the beat a guy who can translate. Right away with less gold paint. Are repeated that they're concerned unsure about something that coaches do. Consider because you're right. Eight the college game is not really preparing you quarterback and it not preparing optical line men which got I had become even more important. As you. How to protect and how to block. In the running game in the National Football League and that's why I think there's there's quarters of really good off and the linemen coming out of. College football and there's probably a shortage as well with the quarterback position just based upon. The background of the type of solve often that these guys quiet that's why I think when we talk about the upcoming draft. And we talk about some of the quarterbacks that are coming out this year and call in June and you know I somewhat lean toward Donald now he's gone through the groin pain often these young quarterbacks. But he played in a more of a quote I'll type of system and that's why I feel like she can translate a little bit after. Our transition a little bit faster than some of the other guys that are out there. All right Jeff. Dallas Cowboys come in and they're gonna have GQ Elliott Soviet challenge for the other for the 49ers especially when Rodman Alley having a some video had a look on and CJ badgers are you guys hit good of pregame live with day with a home game artists to post game live on Sunday. Well we're back to our pregame and it'll be exciting game back to us. We invite stadium there in Santa Clara and looking forward Q the 81 team being recognized and that's why Clark and all the great players being. There on the field. This Sunday against the much rivaled in eighty cowboys should be an exciting day. Find each other come back and relive the they catch again and to let go over and when you some good lives there and he's somebody who. Yeah that's out that was indicted you know I hate ever get the ball was coming back in the about a good ten or yeah oh yeah. How do you remember that day but I think he's in there really is our mandate they thought. Are the biggest day in the history of the strange as it was seen as soon global herself. Then at least on that thank you so much for your time have a great to have broadcast facility in their Denis France unable talking actually we've got guys take care queries are you.