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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, October 11th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Jeff Garcia (former 49ers QB and NBC Sports NFL Analyst) for a deep dive on the 49ers in The Football Hour!


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We're gonna turn to our guide part of a football our brought you about Livermore forward. Rich Gannon. He's gonna work the raider games are gonna roll up our sleeves and talk not only about a quarterback play the what he's seeing from our you get over to the defense of side of the ball because. Richard Kevin Harlan and it worked the raiders. And the sick LA chargers game on Sundays back on the F and the like without. Popping by to hear an Audi five point seven again rich welcome back in a that's just at a jumping off point to what what did you see for me. You know I would see even if he was okay are not great term I think it takes awhile and kind to turn get through the progression. He's got good movement you know you look at the touchdown he threw off a scramble. That was impressive. English in missile read only keep you solve couple times where he missed a quick he got hit the back. Didn't see your face you lined up blunt instrument and flat and he knows some things fit that jumped out at chip but how. You all are good but watching this came closer here the last couple weeks in a more steady the offense to more content to you can't. He can't pin the blame on any one person can't feel well you know we got our balance are doing a good a job as a play caller. You know you look at the issues to be out for a while may have played as well RT you've got up and it would be the first Terry Unita can you play better I think. Nuances given up some pressures. Bit of death and the continuity hasn't been there with the running game. You know more I look at more challenge for more unconvinced that. You know he'll look to me a whole lot differently did a couple of years ago I'm glad she did school's administration eager. Short area quickness they see the toll that took the junkyard dictate through tackled by. You know just certain kind of really got on a roll and then. Can we talk a lot about you know Marc Cooper and he couldn't you don't walk and all this last three games just four catches for just one catch last week. I continue to go back cute you know he's earned it catches them and down. I think what helped you get Derek back I think will also help. I played a strong guys they've got to be able clique get get and all they need it do that I'd move in my little bit how often lined up. Either not start the numbers and they're able gentlemen and I think he got more money went to Utah ideal permanent stack alignment on the bloodshed. Motion across the formation give a chance to talk watched a little bit get get it. Get running you know get a hit it you know I have seen and I don't couldn't do that enough. The end. You're accruing wherever that I think the good news and record your going to glad I didn't. And they do a situation where they could to recruit compared Colombia could go public you can eat that could move later and I couldn't quite the week. And we just heard from a night I watched him warm up on Sunday that he could have played last week it was a playoff game they wanted to be cautious now I do wanna get your thoughts on you know how is going to be able to manage the pain and because you Wear extra protection most quarterbacks play with a flak jacket anyway christianity joining us sunny afternoon like part of Leo football our Roger about Livermore forty or. I'm not a five point seven game and they got to get the AC/DC connection going here I wanna I wanna really zero and what you're seeing Katamari. 33 targets on a year. Rich and thirteen completions that that is a horrible horrible ratio. Go under a guy who should be your number one and I give the numbers earlier about you know the raiders tried to feature Romans slot. A lot against Baltimore's corners web date the nickel corner and even Jefferson a couple of times he was in the slot nine times. Last week which is a much higher percentage than earlier this year and throughout his career. And it's just beyond me if you are gonna have a special formation like that would that be your first read it. That what what she saw from a maariv seemed like he got open a lot last week rich in the ball just didn't go to 89. You're of all it's just the need experience in the system what EJ Manuel or just. You know what he wasn't the primary or covers dictated that you start out fact that you proposed contract out of me I like the idea mode more a little bit put them on their terms you go get. Third best quarter. Oh that could be a liberal Matt could you look at his side is in strengthened to go to be able. You must put that in fact they're a little bit built a great space so. You ought to look at I think. Just got to stay after an inning you know you frustrating or look at you look at the numbers treatment but again the date. I was saying he can't think of playing. You've got to be able to pick a player from critical situation and got about the played at about how I get the ball pin brown I'll get the ball to Jerry Rice so I get. You know colleague Charlie garner the Ball State to the same thing you know how we gonna get Mark Cooper Putin met staff room. Well Kuhn then when they think you're currently being credit Getty screen luckily couldn't quite hear oh they're great I'm. You'll really export enclave but we've got to find a way to get touches how we do that whether that really works start coming up but without. Ball. You were talking about Todd downing and what you're seeing there just out in it you know what you're seeing from the raiders dramatically on offense this year for the first five games they actually knew precision guided and tried Eddie at batters and he had Marchand. Vs what you saw from the bill musgrave. Coordinated offense of the raiders last year reached. Well I think that. I get to go back to look a couple things really go back look the first really serve almost all schools qui sort what they saw against the titans in the jet. Well certainly learned a book called on their watch intended and then even in Denver I just I know. It truly third down for the big ticket do you look at struggled with guarded and we create a pure pure great call on third down which you can birchard alphabet that. So destructive would it affect the flow of chemistry and remember that you have. Now so that would play caller so look you gotta keep in mind that it first time doing it as a play caller so I think there's a growing current fair. The term the big difference I think you know he added that people callable Marshawn Lynch. And I think they're trying to pick to integrate him into the client a little bit I would like rifle from general Musharraf and if you've got. Be quick if you're late change of pace back. But again let's sit before I don't think it's any one thing my goal the play caller there that are not why they're struggling or the quarterback ever play here. You know they've added this group back in the alt attribute collectively they want you to think I could turn around you've got to glob occurred and I just. He knows there's so much time Hawkins was gonna look at two more again you know the there's so much talk about you know listen to twelve and fourteen men that they can you know they can bet you know they can be suitable payment. It could you went twelve for intelligent and not think you know I the first shell he had a well earned it gotta find a way to flipped a switch and go back to 2002 we started for a little four straight gain swearing never get a chance to when we get down. But we went on to win federally alas they hope to pick them up street girl about a lot competent and that he'd make it easily look at what this week against the chargers. They can risk but the charges come in and winning their first game they've been in every single ball game and have those two defensive ends there joy and also in the Melvin Ingram coming off the edge shared their car coming and we'll probably start with a little worrisome because they're short turnaround would achieve summit Thursday night basically a week from tomorrow I mean this is dangerous all. And talk about Todd downing in his first year as a play caller just looks the office just look. Looks so predictable when I watched Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers Lotto window dressing on a priests now movement we don't see a lot of that talk loves CJ where were charter coral Carson Patterson her mark coop for a more jet sweeps or just show that action like to Kansas City Chiefs do with Alex Smith a Korean -- tyra Caylee you you can see tarnish excuse me chuck go seek in a back door for kids see this is not enough going on destroyers offense. Hagler and yeah you're right at a unique look at Kerry cooks involvement from a different things they can do that. I would say this he you've got to be careful this week any good gained quite a gun for protection got a quarterback could. That involved a significant injury coach probably not a 100% what that. In traverse process fractured lower back control. I eat eat eat eat you've got to be protection encourages you point out. Against some really good urged players in England in boulder and I think you got to help Marshall Newhouse and yeah I think that. First and foremost going to be magical bit with Donald and you wanna make sure the bulk of tackles. Get off to a good clean start this game against boulder and in. And they are good if not there on the heels are going to be you know that kind of data could be doesn't look at the Christmas morning. Good thing is Derek are really hold the ball and the ball comes out quick effect bigotry to two point one there's two point one point took. Two point 16 seconds that's funny but factors right now. And any quarterback relate to not hold that that's a good thing about it is a great to be a lot more that on Sunday against the chargers. Yeah he was Intel one point 97. The first two games of the year and then that Washington game had been there in Denver is Denver we know Dan Gurney in their corners and they're pass rush and you fell behind in the any kind of knew that was going to be. A hard one that will what do you think happened to Derrick today at that that arguably is one of the worst games he's played. Any NFL you the three interception game against Kansas City a couple of years ago at home all the fourth quarter the rays are winning the game at. And he just melted down but from start to finish. Richie just look paralyzed by the moment what going back and watching that Sunday night game against Washington what happened Derek Sherrod came. Nor could happen I think people that amid continued got very good week after that he can go back and they always do a little look at what Washington did we could all call great enough to decrypt according to go to our political relationship got all. The open Denver and what did you write it all going to cover crucial. I think what they're gonna do if I think teams are concerned. No moderator colleague an impeachable that I throw the ball to go here can't they are treated or you could Alter. Cooper. Used to speed get this Robert Patterson to conclude to go by the secondary flood clay to beat shell. What can these quarter the receiver then let's see if we can't force the quarterback could be patient down the field could. Just just check the ball down throw the ball there need to look streak we can't rallied maker tackle them make him. We'll go eighty yards in ten or twelve play badly that's what you're gonna feel they think you can look perfect man to man coverage challengers need guide because. Or you know hard to cover Crabtree no situation there are those of many great jump ball back shoulder throw stroke and if you could fuel left of that. In and then when he's seen how much of that that you got to be able to run the ball a little bit and get another car and get good fortune to come down quite commit their crime that you control so. You I think it's a bit of the chip match moving forward Thomas were a marriage between what got talent out more important I think I think he could turn up a little bit and it killed him are you look at creek Chris Walter of the fact that they have. I haven't performed on offense we'll see what they can do to get things turned around. Last time the raiders were Goodrich Gainer was the quarterback taken me a team to three straight AS US titles in nearly 2000 joins us every week and a football hour here and answer loud pop and bonds and 95 point seven a game. I mean we know you that day injury problems profound injury problems late in your career. Chris did you ever had a back issue what what do you think Derek has to do it is you have to take a pain killing injection deal with the changes you have to do more than just a usual. Quarterback protection around the midsection and then mobility well what do you think it's far as playing with his transfers process fracture while all in jail for Derek parents Sunday rich. Well I think it it is a pain threshold what you can what you can handle and I think you can. You know what normally happens repeatedly delivered that could have been glad to feel pretty good purse at the Arco where all of all the traffic yeah I don't control. You'll Romo has played with there's I think Cam Newton had the accident a couple of years ago the way to prepare for so that you without a week old yet and what type of injury stroke. You could certainly quite what that you'll be you know could be careful either mark Gary knows not a great in the period. You know I think it could of course you have the flexibility during a multilateral portrait of all of look at their gratitude that it would make Kathy went out there or could look at need it caught him right he could could move grow and compel them. Don't typically go communique prepared god. They'll make sure you get all that good start and end yards in order for the debate to charges they are just the opera we got to watch this defense they've got to play better I mean. Yeah I'll look into you know leave and change mentality linebackers they have not played well outsider a load of a liability coverage did not. Plain wrong as well shall submit general pace so I mean it could take everybody on Sunday you to chart. Not gender really each actor Corey change on one play with AJ derby that site at the next play lining him up as a fullback to go ahead mark Kelly you're exactly right side and allowed the health situation James has a nearly as a bad ankle. Who knows if they even flight and I wanna get your thoughts Trish and joining us here now to five point seven again. I'm Sean Smith because they've been attacking him. From the first game as a raider last year New Orleans Sean Payton and Drew Brees runner I had over the top but Brian Cook seditious not stopped. It goes to tell Washington and plays inside to Vernon Davis runs right by a lot of post route is a couple of catches Donovan and Mike Wallace last week rich Tatum wage first play of the game. Bombs away so. What what what the raiders need to deal with they are forced to play Sean Smith with the Conley injury and Emerson not yet clear and also now has a bad shoulder on top of the confession. They edit their debate up right now as you guys know I mean you look at. Emerson and calmly. I also think Hamilton got a needed assigned teachers crazy over there and there and you know hole. That the chargers are look at that situation they are welcome as well I know. When you look at Mike Wallace credited donate that the first way to gain even do that they saw subtitle film I think Sean Smith. Need to play better. He's struggling he's in good golly his career that could have been confirmed compete in this performance. And then you see him later making guarantees each cushion he was calling it a big cushion he was confused so they emigrated began in my court in little lobotomy insult. And he bought it yet and he's got so. He's got to improve his performance. And that's great now altered that's a weakness for them you look at the injuries. And the inconsistent play on the back end. And yeah I mean we all remember the that you deep balls the 52 yarder and a 54 yarder pleasure talking about that third and six and I can remember clear as day. He was so far all gardeners she just gave it up out of that a third down rejects are re it was outspoken about it we started like Dexter McDonald as well. Christie on guys weren't trying three and how do you play so far off on a third down on sex like that. Because it is because you lose confidence because you only get there because you don't want wanna buy and so you know you do Coca. They don't throw out there you can rally at a lit up a that they know that. The problem right now and you look at the very gallant shall submit them you know he's a crackdown on before is that. Covered most what they're not gonna happen when you look at where I'll sit there are deposition but you'd look at this group covering gad. And they got from they've got some players over there that can really get out of it and get on you know hurry starting. Obviously we're even now and he he's healthy now you know even the first couple gained she could see him but you watch the film the last couple weeks and he won't. He's got he's got terrifically. This. Dontrelle Inman a good player of course Travis Benjamin they about a number twelve just run by people poll. They're gonna get bigger it gets stressful back in as well this week. And what do UCL discharges into our did you speak and Travis Benjamin and I remember chart has changed man running right by Sean Smith. Lately year down in San Diego for big touchdown for San Diego an excuse me for LA on celebrities and Irish are on serve all. It's hard they weren't they weren't there Diego last June OK but said his visit their mother by evidence Ira Williams here it might leases is supposed to make his debut the first round pick got to Clemson I mean what do you see at a San Diego they seem to be an every game but they just can't get over I hope it's the same. All three over and over for the chargers. He appeared to scatter report October she got approach or have a good shot he doesn't move very well and if he never really had good gently knocked down if you get clutched. Oh good writer where did you got can't confirm what you watch take people pressuring him opted tried to force the move and and many good results aren't great it did they have a dilemma data that the dilemmas that. It got a talented runner in the open Gordon. And it got so birders and they haven't decided which direction they wanna go and right now it seems like. Unifil observers first month received were laying out terms he can get a ball when he wants it. And last week they finally got Melvin Gordon a little bit more option more such as he went over a hundred yards would include family they want to gain so I don't know if you live. More revenue outlook for meetings saying we gotta run the ball more I think your best chance to warning that it happened in the balance what Melvin Gordon got out of runner but he got to you know right away I mean. You know he needs to get it touches you need to get the ball and you know they get excited they gonna try to beef actually balance couldn't rely on old so their respective throw the ball. 3540 pounds each week. Answer raiders don't have courage and John Mark Kelly their two inside line backing Iran players may have to play their nickel and dime linebackers Adams and moral I had a problem for Melvin Gordon English later on the ball and I think it's. That's a big concern we got to figure out just held for the raider inside linebackers what one thought rich about Philip Rivers and that's how the guys at 47198. Yards. In his career he's thrown for over 4000 yards with his seven times in history he's amazing. But he's throwing mechanics are funky penalty called aside armor lol three quarters and you wouldn't. You would very often drop down what he had to fit the ball into a tight windows you know the mechanics are going over the top vs dropping down. And rivers is controlled this way his whole career rich and it's really kind of a very strange delivery. Strange but it's effective and you can say what you want but he somehow find a way to come back if you watch them in the court cannot control what they get fitted. Gets for the receiver you know and he would pitch cage treat Allah whoever but. Here's a little different of course about the effort is very effective I would say that the bigger problem than Baghdad last really could have creed and other come over. Great up there is that it looked like portal where you're not couldn't imagine that he'd eat kind of already did yeah it loose track of who's winning and got that battle the last couple games court. We're with respect it the last two seasons he couldn't eat and go sit over machine but he. You're two point one pick last year I think ideology government completely over that I did a good chiefs started in Kabul weekly country interception. And that's really what would hurt them right now he's got to take a chemical called the eagle on the road this weekend it escalated to turn over such they've got no chance. Average and has CBS TV alien Oakland for the raiders of the chargers. On Sunday joining us on the after life without advising her 95 point seven a game last week you were Bjorn Pittsburgh. So you saw up close and personal when Ben Roethlisberger did five interceptions to run back the other way for scores right after the game he said. I'm sure I have it anymore and now and examine may have tried to pump them up a little bit what do you that the media. Yesterday the day Richie was talking about the other two Super Bowl wins and who you know. Very sad but true where where is Ben Roethlisberger is game and right now she just saw him. Here not that you don't is in the twilight of his career leader in question about that we talk about the mobility don't think he moved it well he used to although he's still. Factored in the pocket he got cutter. Lateral quickness and mobility certainly have Philip Rivers. He's still can extend played. He played poorly there's no question about it can't get some balls that were bad at that trip could go collected and bet that what this from an infection. Five interceptions and that a lot. He knows it can't have that I think right now the little out of sorts offensively. Olivia belt this called pre season located grind and all of the last season. So they are very getting note got back in and it can roll a little bit be right tackle market Gilbert without this Chris covered struggled. And you know what they're they're good team but there are greater if you don't. Really good football you can get a bear that mean it got Gephardt you know you don't show up on Sunday when the role. And take care of the football and be found in the kicking game play good defense. I would you do not gonna win the competition too tight end you know the charted a role would tell people they well they don't have the current 14 record you know it. What you want if the chargers and raiders that's all that matters on Sunday. You rich and there will be there to call along with Kevin Harlan on CBS really the radio show from Alameda on Friday to be at the facility on Friday a covenant Saturday when nine million dollar try to. You know me had I will be gone come this there's that I was talking. I can't wait to give a botched. That's like coming back home rich game has gone back to Oakland well look for a young Saudi over elevator is thank you to our current strength from our. Thanks for its certificate scalded on Thursday there should think Hillary rivers thought the in his struggles we get so funny we can't play that. The go. Our new lover chargers. So Martin you lowly. Loss and jello shots which doesn't Clayton resident Amanda Cerro LA sue Bernard Douglas and to say we're ecstatic after Philip Rivers pop fourteen and eighty gets a greater results are presented touchdowns that lately though politics not lately bad lately not literally history and it it has tended to reserve all consuming that lately they've found a way to be full of they had they had says -- phone went at the coliseum let's catch up would Jeff Garcia who did covered that mariners called game library where did play better but does Jeff. Believe Kirk cousins. Is the answer. I'll play show continues. On 95 point seven think. I'm used to celebrating. He really cared touchdown. Hey she got for sure in retrospect I said they did their rediscover the forward fast and come alive they were down 23 didn't the 49ers Sunday at Indy. We're at a little under ten minutes to play in the other shoveled it I'll use jacket clever play love the fourth of wanna. Play action fake fake it. Indeed to the tight end Kindle and then a little bit of a rubber out there with the rookie Trent Taylor killed issued the end zone and now Robbie gold. Kick the extra point they had their moments of overtime it's automated I gonna do this with the interception by ray ray that Jeff. Just could not seal the deal they did scored a couple of touchdowns on the road for the first time all year we're still looking for that elusive first victory in oh inside Jeff Garcia joins us every Wednesday. The afternoon delight here in 95 point seven a game part of the football our present advice. Livermore Ford sold better obviously the offense was not great for three and a half quarters jet but they did come alive late to force the OT but ultimately. Their fifth straight loss but surely it on the forty niner offense and Brian Hoyer what did you see from him and start number five on Sunday Jeff. Wall I had made it started came up well that first drive they go right down the field I believe he was seventh great. And the only income. Completion was a drop in the handled by kill and acting when with the waiting already with a quick passing game game on your heart on and and and allowed him to work start with a quick out minute quick screen and and then play action slam. They look short. And then hit a vehicle for the second and third quarter and over the field position game they were backed up a couple times they couldn't get first down I didn't get anything going. And then it wasn't until like you said with about ten minutes left in the fourth quarter when they went. In that some hurry up mode in the tempo change in the air emphasis change and they knew they had to score points and put the ball in the air and they couldn't be relied upon their running game would quote tie he wouldn't out of the game and garrido was given them a little bit of a sport that. I really came down to according to Paula tried together and a couple court down conversion that. Got them back in it but again it was too little too late obviously going into overtime that's not an opportunity after ray raid. Interception but. They need to figure out how to get over that ball how to eliminate. That inconsistency that happens. In the second and third quarter. And really when you look at all five games. There have been too many games where kids they haven't scored points so those inconsistencies. Haven't did better in the second and third quarter they can do well. Some of their games early in this season. How they overcome that I think from the standpoint of just their sample. And and attacking downfield I think one thing that we saw on. Sunday was there emphasis on that first I would get the bottom Bryant can't quickly and he completed some quick quote from quick clamp up a play action that. That looks great he had a big third down conversion and I think marquis could wander and outside. And then. What happens is Indianapolis for job and they start to squeeze those routes in the linebacker start to get underneath the clamps. And you'll see them attack down the field and help late really in the third quarter when they took some shots that there was one shot Markey good one that would just. I do actually blown not in the right direction and then they had another shot that they tried many. Hooked up on a shot late in the game let stretching the deep that I'd like this he then get. A little more that. Early on in the game and an attacking on the field they count from guys who combined. They have the guy that can separate and and take advantage of Kemal pertain book give them some shots and it's not the now. We keep the defense thought it would keep that he'd be back from sitting on. The underneath route that never get back into our short and intermediate passing game. And go back to the the year when Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for Brian Hoyer in Cleveland it was a West Coast offense that they they threw verticals they had deep shot principles and like he was over eight yards an attempt at yourself. He does have a decent deep ball. And we saw out of the pre season game in week three against the vikings but I do wanna get your thoughts. About what is just really means they know Brian Hoyer says she's tired of all the off target throws I'm in forty out. The throws to the left I thought the first four games for the most off target. In and crisp feel muddy join decide Monday after called the game on and socks and Thom Brennaman Jeff he noticed something during the game and a light went off the wet there were certain times when the Brian Hoyer in his finish dropped his back pedal would not turn to the side. He would go charade back the way quarterbacks did you know years and years ago I think Dan's thoughts may have been the last one did sort of a note. Any estimate was opening up better and throwing to was left I thought he was far more accurate to his left and even Wendy Ward it. Charney shoulder the right he looked like he opened up his leg better driving the ball. So the less so did you notice that straight jet dropping you don't it's more accuracy. All over the field matches right middle bit left with a quarterback on Sunday Jeff. The guy recognize. The draw and you know about some fun. That I don't know how long you've been working with batter how long that they've banned. Really haven't had a partner is routine. It's a it's definitely not been something that I would never comfortable doing. I preferred more just normal plot out of these shotgun. And maybe god is like you said maybe got it open opened himself up to the left side I still stall. And how low late in the game or at some point during the game much like the flow again. He ramble on Thursday night the first blow that would fall behind on a quick out to the right side not all the all the sideline on a behind the receiver fortunately again indeed DB wasn't there to pick it off and take it back of the how the other way but. You know it's inconsistency all over spilled out think you can really focus on just the left side as opposed to the right side I think. Just look at his foot placement look at how it's hit the line looking at how his shoulder how he finishes low you know what they're saying we need that. Need to be emphasized more I really believe it is. His temple has blocked I feel like you to relax in his talk he took a five step block out of the shotgun formation now or does that. On the left side he put it left tackle and very difficult position because he gave it straight Beilein by the defense the band at 1011 yards. Behind the line of scrimmage and didn't have any urgency to hitch up in the pocket and protect. It left tackle in helping him to make that block. Those sort of things need to be emphasized. A need to be practice that need to be. Better. In order to help not only your self help and help your team now and I just feel like. He has this somewhat relaxed nonchalant. Way of block in the pocket I just wish he would get his feet moving. Actor I think he would make his mind work quicker and everything wolf although you and I feel like you're accurate you would be better. It just seems like one of foreigners got down 23 deny any started gore wants more of a temple office to my Maliki Mason Temple temple temple but was towed out to me after games George kettle. He admits that the 49ers practiced a lot. A tumble off and sometimes even no huddle at times and would you like to see this can go a little more up temple despite the fact and I noted defense have some injuries in the secondary you don't want Navarro Bowman out there on the field so much but it seems like they should go until ball more especially when your handicap of the lot of talent that you have are. On offense. Well I think so I think a change of pace really served them well. I think it it makes good defense a little bit more predict the board to what you're going to face it keeps defenders from going. On and off the field you keep. Depending on what personnel group you haven't game. You'd keep a certain personnel group on the deep and besides you use some what know what you are about to feed from the standpoint that squad can coverages. And you can start to lock in and not wait. And I think that. From the standpoint have what you have access to offensively. Is your entire offense is still. Able to be utilized and and maybe you take away from your motion. And those type of free now changes. And you become a little bit more staggering how your mind but it leads are getting a good look at where the defense did. And now you're going to your progress and I you're going to your greed that created and and really. Focusing in on where you wanted to attack on the defense side the ball with your route combinations I think both things can be helpful now. The argument is you can't continue to be less than 30% on third down because that's where you. Did blotted out your defense now is on the field what began with limited rat. And those guys are plain too many minutes they're giving out 34 minutes a game and because of the overtime game it. I have been helpful in the center of adding minutes to the other team's offensive. Production but. Dirt there are very below 50% as far as their time management is concerned and they need to pick that up and a lot of that. And we got society that we talked about a week in week out at their third out of patience is bad terrible on so you're not giving your defense a chance to really wrap and a couple vote. Situations were critical. In the second quarter especially when you're backed up your inside your own fifteen yard line. You need to get wanted to fork out to create a field position changed. They weren't able to do that Indianapolis was playing with the short field throughout that second quarter they're lucky that the score. Was still manageable because of how well the defense played in that band but don't great type personality. Jeff Garcia will stick around here on the football lover presented by Livermore Ford in while Brian Hoyer played well last week. Will be going against the 49ers future quarterbacks this weekend. Accomplish Joseph continues. On money five point seven big game on the go. Well I stand right now and hopefully get a position where you know Washington mall I believe it doesn't want me to leave because I've done my job is still that's remarkable goodbye and then we'll see how all shake out but are mired in this league you're laughing out loud that in my career if you've got to stay focused on the next game the next day and you know let the chips fall and I made on the road had to talk to them but. Think when you look at it and I'm sure you guys did I get from every angle. They're like the couple plays away from being 41 and we noticed players in the plea is please let there where we've been in the top five market view game do you realize how close you are. Had a much different feel that it be it. As you're saying hey Washington Redskins media relations department allowed Kirk cousins to talk to the the Bay Area media today and I sure there's a rule on that. And they ask for a player they don't have to get a two minute as a quarterback I believe is now works that's Kirk cousins today. Talking to the Bay Area media on a teleconference and that's going to be a talking point all week as he goes up against Brian Hoyer the current. Place holder quarterback for the 49ers were Kirk cousins in his second year franchise tag of 24 million dollars. That be a free agent next year and Willie B the the niners. Next quarterback it'll be thirty years of age we're gonna talk to Scott McClellan a former GM of the Washington Redskins coming up at 2 o'clock and yes and I was talking Monta or 95 point seven game at. Jeff Garcia Goodell to stick around for a second segment here on the football our brought you about. Livermore forward so that's gonna be done everything every talks about going into the at 10 AM kickoff on Sunday. Jeff what what are your thoughts about it will get into the contract you're just gonna cost a lot of money to get about a high you get him out of there and get him here. If it's worth it at age thirty but just as a player. Would would he be one of the top guys you would target this off season as an Irish next quarterback. I think you have to definitely consider it I think when you look around believing you look at. Players that are playing that that's such a high level view she's one of those players he's been a top ten type platform. At his position and when you get down to. The middle of the pack and below the middle of the pack of fifteen to 32 team. There are all looking for that guy who can come in and beat apple airport and it doesn't always happen. In the draft I mean look at potential first round draft pick quarterback. Is really a shot in the dark and you'd love to have the opportunity at a young veteran who had some good years under his belt and yet. Have plenty of years left in his grave. To continue to grow and continue to cough or. And he's one of those guys and look at how he's played the game since he's come into the game. Being in his six year you look at it career completion percentages. Almost 66%. His touchdown to an array interception ratio is nearly two to one. Those are quality. Think they can look in Q4. An NFL caliber quarterback and what he's doing this year with how he claimed aim and what the new group received word of new players around him. Said well. Other guys showing the leadership qualities that you want to have that opposition. He you mentioned you know as the that the drafting him the reality is the niners are always five right now the schedules hard Kenny Washington is going to be a hard game home for Dallas that's fairly Arizona the judge you made there to get those off a bye week Seattle and goes on and saw you know they they're possibly going to be in play firfer sand Arnold there Josh Rosen. As you evaluate cousins and aged 3030. Used to be thirty next year. And he said kind RG three for three years essentially played all four years in college so he came to the NFL as a you know as early twenties. Would you would you drafted to Arnold. And pass on cousins or Monta was talking earlier you know darn old. You know you could sign cousins. Or somehow get him out of there and then pass on the quarterback can go get. Somebody else maybe to fortify the football team through your thought process. Cause since vs maybe startled erosion of or whom ever else you watching com's Jeff. Hey it's really typical. Decision that's why. Fortunately I don't have to make that decision. There's a lot of research a lot of time that goes into red and like we've seen over the years. The first round or optics. Quarterbacks especially. By no means are actually went to be successful National Football League and often times. Those guys drafted and that number one and number two spot. Like to be a key this past year. Go to team. That are struggling and in dire need of not just quarterback help but help around the entire team. And that doesn't put a young guy. In great condition now. You look at the 49ers need got a great job of drafting young player on the people side especially deep at the blind linebackers and they happen. Some good young pieces in place. I am and not gonna continue to get stronger and better on the defensive side which is a great thing because in order to win. I gained National Football League you better play good defense now on the opposite side and that young running backs with qualified and now we see would not breeder. Where those guys going to continue to grow and develop. Within this this system in the called serve and what you haven't or player that you could put around their quarterback. Don't need. Not being scrappy guy having a goal and extra long route planes native football league I look at getting a quality quarterback. Who still have a lot of years left under your belt especially when you look at the National Football League and the guys that are claim that such a high level. At older ages I mean you look at the Drew Brees then. And and obviously Tom Brady of the world and these guys are. Forty and nearing forty and an end Aaron Rodgers the way he still plays at such a high level. And you could have Kirk cousins were easily another six to eight years especially. With the fact that. He would play. A whole lot in his first 23 seasons in the National Football League he skipped start to get it being wet and getting say a bunch historic. In succession and you've only got to continue to go and get better and you get a story about him he's got an op bit. Somewhere hidden in there in the facilities so he could watch film and do what you need to do. As far as being there as much as possible because he's a grinder he walked the beat. Great at what he does he approaches it the right way. Getting in the air or being allowed to leave put in the time in 08 he's had to deal with now he's getting paid a lot of money. But he also had to deal with the fact that his team the organization. Had not wanted to commit to one long term and so how does that make him feel. Going into the off season after that even had done that you wanna commit if Washington long term doesn't want a kid. Pride in his personality and his. Ability. To another. Organization and it helped that he's got Shanahan. The coach in the path for no particularly bad out of the system and I think a lot of quarterback who played a match Shanahan fit them. And who have experienced there who have seen it work in Denver and Utah and in Atlanta. They like that they like they'd like plane that took them and so you know. I would I would personally. I would personally lean toward getting a quarterback. Whip out type of experience and ability. If they were my decision. Quickly before we let you go Jeffords is one actually if you have watched. So roles and they send Arnold down in college and do you think they're pro ready yet I mean who's more pro already out of those quarterbacks in the did you take it to Josh Allen Wyoming. Sure and I think they're a handful quarterbacks that are really getting. The push to be. Top tier. High caliber quarterback I really like Donald now he's going to be a young guy he comes out this next year I I believe he's. We really only if you junior right now. Aside mark Windsor so there's a Russian redshirt freshman last year I don't want him. The ball more so I mean. He would be even better getting another year under his belt but I I do believe that he's. Pro caliber. Ready and the secretary plays an approach stout type of bop band. The guy would magical as a freshman last year when he came into the game and now and lead that seemed to take it or however many wins he led him and that great. Rose Bowl status but I really like is present on the field I think he's. Talk he's competitive. He's scrappy. He's big he's athletic he can make every throw. He's the guy that I think it touches me in a lot of ways and I've watched road and played well on the and I are unimpressed by the act young man well but I think Arnold. Is Kim need. I had the higher ceiling has. The greater ability to transition into the NFL I'm really eat some special. Marriage sheriff we will talk to actually have I heard the same story about cousins having an office some I wonder what where's Tom Brady study it it's a facility in New England doesn't he have an office talk with the fact that we're quarterback to study film and get ready for a game that closet or something hey. And then Bill Belichick share an office. Yeah yeah yeah. Tell us a little hard to see Jeff Garcia then nicely groomed beard on site has ovarian. There's little norm yeah. Getting ready I'm getting ready recruitment. Then I take your files so little that in this. Day. I'll catalog builder or bad South Carolina his father a source are well aware thank you nice and talking actually enjoy it again right guys take care.