Jed and Milessa Lowrie sit down for a chat with Anna Kagarakis

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, July 3rd
Joe, Lo and Dibs Special: Oakland A's 2nd Baseman Jed Lowrie and his wife Milessa sit down with Anna to compare the magic of this season to the last time he was with the A's, all their charity work, and other off the field passions. 

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Connecticut that I give them join right now with my Elisa Larry and jetlag or jet from the Oakland a's second baseman for the Oakland a's are having a great year this year so hi guys day. Who are great bankrupt. Ella degrade off day today for you and when he do on the off day by the way. Well we had you know little land line or all of our daughter on the and we figured that amber that got export oriented and we and that. Add that we would permanently Aaron. It's nice and hot meals together in the family and that on an evening well I don't get and that's a. It's a good way to spend time together as a family I'm sure it's a hard life sound to go back and forth as a family and but it it takes a lot of work to be. Stanley in Major League Baseball answer. Yeah we you know all all the travel and our daughter. Quote she. You only get the couple months now so you don't try to figure bedroom when. Yeah yeah we do I met a great concentrated period of time during the off you and Mary pat dot com and and oh and get brand semi and the LA it's not traditionally you know it's not like apple on the air every day that I'd like over the court in the year we probably get as much. Yeah quality Camry and the other thing concentrated period. How we can and. While deathly take advantage of that right now and both of you are very busy obviously not only would jet playing baseball but you guys do a lot of work off the field as well getting into that the first sub let's get to know you a little bit more how to both me. In about dying and passing. It was my sophomore year her freshman year at Stanford and that tradition mayor is that you know the incoming freshman years you know get a party. Wrong by. Stop more on that same don't want so. She lived she lived in the same dorm say grow that I did my freshman so we Matt. We we met at all party. And then he has been obviously together since right now land. Melissa let me correctly ramrod but I saw that you're a double major and double Matt have double masters degrees as well. Well I say it but that never really bad for many many aired the army where we're at eight itself and not exactly together average at. Definitely any butterflies are very kind. Import I Eddie internationally and and the Arnold minor and a and then a big I got app you're angry and public policy an internationally and they'll. But she's the Smart. I. Let's get all the talent ever going to Stanford and everything that you done to. So I think that actually help having that Spanish degree because you guys are both very am not involved in project based on explain the program and what you guys do. I think if all of our and they and that I you know. I asked what he would barricade the typically act like that I've decked out in less than eight. I had yell out in the Alley. And that they I you do provide a man learn how old era and the ballot. We need them hurt and an area that are already saying that he. Back there apparently are eight other really take off at every parent and that really complain and bell. And we're back at work a lot my hair and a and a weaker and pampered that in the at bat or wave that organization and Cingular you. And now are you were out and background. Are actually at the court what I eat. Even add either and implementing hurt and one yet I'm planning or. And elect and now they'll be bad that is illegal and Eric had been up for you really care battle. We look at what men and I'm bad but elect above all I wanna Arnott and act would be while you. Well yeah but as long and beautiful putter but you know and we really has been great they're great aren't they and. I Deborah wanna get into those photos later because I jet I looked up a bunch of your photos they are phenomenal. That none of the things I've seen as well for party base does that you've pledged fifty dollars for each hit that you record during season right now I get 95 last I checked. How important is this for you to be involved in this type project in giving back. I think given you know given the opportunity. Growing up being able to go to camp did quality instruction. And I know how much of an impact that made our meat so. I want. Do my art. Yeah. As many kids. The opportunity. To play again to learn the game equality instruction. And just try to. Further. Further. Increase the orchestration and again as I. How you could actually get all that 88% that he is our daughter with a bad neck probably about even act and not quite is that he'll be in either you're accused of breaking doing on the threat I. It I didn't get the camera there as well. Where there any moments are neat a certain countries are really set gutsy and. I would say ever everything we've done for different reasons you know and that we we did not see it and then. You know they see. It amazed me how. Adept they were and and you know this skill level. There's a lot of these kids from. You know national stadium. Which is you know Major League quality field down there. Two on the back you'll know a mile down a dirt road all these kids. How this skill and you know in Columbia. You know you look at a place like Bogut it's got. Millions of people and no fewer than and baseball field so you know do you want to talk about an opportunity. You increased participation in the game you know Bogota and it seems to be either but one that. That really picked out that you got Colombian baseball on echoes that more like. I Nicaragua where there very talented and very. Very much. Ball game I can read more every request and that and that area I. Yet that was remarking on your own book ot what that lap I let these kids that it doesn't have lied and made me grow out Wear and Nicaragua in particular are the number one or. I think the or rethinking I let rocker you know like me at a Latin American countries at at eight but really by the US and as they weren't. I love hearing how much you guys give back and also another way that she gave back hurricane Heidi really the guys raise money for that obviously was something important here. Because your time spending Houston right. We meet it and are you back home now and we'll tell it to the and I don't really hard I watch Anna are being. You know hearing things and a dark community having said yelled at the Fed might act our daughter aid well that hurt you Jerry why did. And and they're called that was that by the things that we felt like. We've heard here at me we're opening up about eight at community and and are chipping and how I raise. Great I'm there are hardly really patently guy out supported by. I'd community here in our art and on unveiling it he ill and get to keep their own homes I if they're going to Indian air air tight back. We appreciate you guys helping out with the condom policy also really involved at the a's wives in the different events and fundraisers. What are some the event that he actually coordinated this year and what are your what are some your plans down the road. Well here we did everything nearly Israeli finally did and not a competition and where we looked at and think and they won't be Eric. And the inherent lack that would spread that another old Lang well meaning and even and hosting a group I'd hang. And and and and set a party that nominated. Parent it was a really I have bagging it and and special. Italy and as he added that Livni and more let them and you really are and about people alive then. Believe it rip your low bank and the lot that yesterday I am Elmer hovering my arm work on keeping on I mean. They're eight and the point are adamant that always I'm union fanatic in the pipeline back at what Eric Ingrid and we're here and that. But at that inside maybe for the battle of the page. Well again. Wonderful I know a lot of the money goes for the aids community fund which really gives back to the community. Especially in Oakland so we appreciate everything that you in the otherwise in the players also and what you guys see for the community. Now Jack I know they've had a great amazing season so far it's been wonderful what do you attribute everything to. You know I I've had a good year last year as well and you know I got a look back at the 2016. Season and Mary ended up getting two to surgery while much fluid that you had to be done. And this second which I was probably. Warm or whether it deviated set the mood there have been gotten me. A lot of hit her a number of years and I I didn't really know why. In that are either in Canada built a foundation. To build on how strong 2017. And and you know that carried over so part of 2018 then you know open the open to continue that. Work are in and help the team I get get to Wear a wannabe. As a native England and we love you guys aren't dead. Then suffering from sleep deprivation and are now in Hong kind and we didn't really have a diagnosis for quite what I want and that when he had his his. Surgery that would enable perjury that they think are much better when they're working wonders. Yeah I can tell you probably can easily more sleep over here with about 3 in the morning here for the radio stations that are never I don't know about don't you are now oh gosh yeah yeah I have two little ones of my hands of their let that keep me up by night as well up. It's really magical season right now this year for the Oakland days and it kind of almost has a little sense of when you're on the team before back in 2013 1014 with those playoff rounds. What are some similarities that he's seen with this team and that seemed what's kind that's kind of given the success. I mean I think there. The big group of guys in the you know he just continued continue to mesh and and can you trust each other and I think that's. You know you look at the line at that particular we've we've got to really keep lineup but did you know at any given night. Someone can be they Euro and edit these dense if you wanna draw similarities. To that you have thirteen or fourteen teams we. Canada tomorrow make up where we had buried deep lineups and and anybody could anybody get hurt you at any given time. We even hear quite a bit this year as well for the days so and I know right now you've been getting noticed that when when it comes to the oust our ballot voting I know you're not connect kind of that. Campaign for yourself obviously but what would it mean for you to be an all star and may malisse may be connect give a little props your hubby there. Yeah I am. And it. Yeah. It would I think the united navigate. Got a big close a couple times and related set of aboard chart cannery Dedham dedicated myself after that he doesn't say not see them and I'm excited. To be in the position and I'm hopeful that that the beer. Aware opens up here to make sure you get that campaign go on here as Welty was knighted by seven against. I now with Fareed also baseball likely said he said photography is something that's really important to you I looked at your work ignited jet Larry dot com. And check out the beautiful photography I was really shocked at how amazing. Your portfolio is really impressed he's ever really a great eye for the stuff. You know that that's something that. I I really enjoy it it is obvious that. It's and it's taken the back seat until you come along as a lot more iPhone photography of the kid which is just as justice on them and probably more memorable for me. The photography that dom on the web site. I try to try to plan out it takes me awhile they get those shots. Buried yet and had retired and that it does exactly. Kind of automotive and that weathered a lot more. Photography going on these days is that. The plan. Doesn't necessarily work well. In the the kid usually. At that he'd wondered you really great opportunity at Baring it mentally rely on travel and I we're in an act like a lot of times elk. Meet me at a big part of our even hand and go to the morning ill and and what you are hot tea and keep all of you know this in there fighting. And so usually. Eat it and I've. Earlier a lot of that it is not as much as the market. Yet Saudi either you know you're removed an app Monday and yet here. You're you're seeing equally as the thing you better exotic. It is that there were times where I was just getting bird you know wanting to table under. Why aren't ready to move on cheese in it ready to go. Every act play and it says that like Graham that the I I'm not a bad not my mind I got that there while. Andy seriously what are some of the most amazing places that he went and I am looking no one right now are ICL momma there and it's the fog in the back as beautiful black and white picture where some of that most amazing places that you traveled to. Then when we as a global. Cool stuff that's that's much peaches the kind of in the morning Harry you know first first thing in the morning in funny because there's probably about twenty. What is in dire birdsaw in the exact and by try and you know trying to get that perfect angle and know about that was that was one that turned out nicely. Pretty pretty moody. It was the fog in the black and why. The Galapagos Islands that does concern me at thing and that says it has why are you know. You know a little. Leery. The reunion these animals are looking again I'm looking at these pitching that Dan Lowry dot com and check out the pictures. Mean and seeing lying in spite AIC zebra as how closely at these animals. Yeah and bump in some cases very close years. The lie and you know they they know where they stand on the food chain so they're not. No they're not all that intimidated by the but by the Jeep you know work. Or inside the jeeps earlier this may be naive way you feel protected by. Now hunting Eilat I think they really are comfortable at the vehicle up threaten the we get pretty close. Mean thing he had them you know. You know pretty high powered telephoto lens labeled. I was able to get some you know some shut highly detailed shots from far away. You're gonna update your web site count that as a bunch of every bank in the bed and that I think they are. I agree you can count and I think what you are. I went deadliest and everybody out there I didn't notice you by the way you're just new on Twitter as well. Yeah we we finally put upon them yeah just some of them are. That you don't want to build. Bill following the weekend you have continued. Inform people about the work they were doing and where it. Organizations like project based volume when I'm done one. Of. Edit and you know I think we did not unlike that event happening in guitar that and that and out Billy the Kid in particular yet. Where early and that there Amare and it is. And that. Wonderful now that people on a bind at any more information about you know. You know Heidi give back project baseball are other ways that you guys are planning on giving back in all the charitable work. The big you know are doing great how. Are you and as we get an red back is at I think I'm clean I'm a bit by Ford. That hasn't been back here I'd been dollar for every and he hasn't even then I'm. I'll although I had at you know they can. I did dollar dollars per head along I and the economic and get relayed that we're dealing. I'd bet a lot of money at it I think it and I'm being let it leak out. And we're getting act that all men and Jack and and here and wonderful. But I'm. Perfect so planted dot org and go there also go check out. Judge wonderful work agenda Lowery dot com and Alyssa jag you guys are wonderful thank you for everything and good luck the rest this baseball season were really rooting for those Oakland days in key bond gone and we really I know the AL west is tough let you guys are sickened in there. Thank you we're what wall slightly on. You've got it thank you so much for joining me today. And.