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Saturday, July 21st
JD and Guru talk more NBA offseason, and talk more Bay Bridge Series with Jon Morosi (@jonmorosi) of Fox Sports, MLB Network & NHL Network!

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John Dickinson and there'll be good route Johnson right here on 95 cent in the game with you for another hour. As we get you closer to a's baseball Rick tittle comes in at four. And no pitcher right after the first pitch 605 its Madison Bob garner it's Trevor Cahill. It's 56000. I expected to be on hand man tonight at the coliseum. They're supposed to break it coliseum record tonight. And they're supposed to have the biggest. Crowd in baseball for the 2018 season tonight. That what does that mean to you because that to me that's like while Oakland holds that record. That's a very big deal. 56 K. It now it's of a record the record for the so I ask you who had it before that would Janelle. Why would fit the Dodgers and I. I can't remember was the Dodgers not let it go yea I was just think the Dodgers just because they have fast and there are many stadiums or you can even put 56000 people and a true anymore it's not began its not like the days you could put 69 does rod candlestick. Inhofe her for a big gain more. You know. 65000. Down at Qualcomm or are Jack Murphy I would think it amid a maid park or just right now that San Diego. I mean it's just it's hard to pack a man like he used to notes. Football stadiums that were completely round. That's why I'm looking forward to this to the day that the a's have a new stadium. It won't be billed to to fit fifty or sixty is going to be enough Torre but 3035 probably in a 35. I get that probably low blood on the not that I you know hitting this log in here. It be great I hope it happens because I like to treehouse or you ministry house. If the college you don't actually have not man is out I believe it or not the first time when he and I didn't know what to expect that hotel is I was under the tree house. Dude it's it's happening and I just say that. It looks great. I'm looking forward to checking it out and check it out tonight TV's also get a tomorrow. Charges for your phone but AT&T kinda has that all the way around the stage you don't get elected tree out I'll. The whole stadium it begin world yeah ha you don't want. I will give and I will give the a's credit. And I I do you think this is an area ordained cavalry dissolving credit on his yet because they've done. They've tried do you as much as you possibly can view. For the coliseum. While the coliseum is the hall of points but they've tried to deflect things like the treehouse and and things like other. The plaza now does that champions plaza with the food trucks in the young history painted on the on the on the side I'm loving and you know trying to do different the score but Tyson gimmicks and up to date yet to do it fans more excited I I think. I think that stuff to try to enhance looked at the ballpark experience is gonna be great. But the one thing I always say about the coliseum. Is when you actually get to your seat and you look at on the field a field itself is an best grass and baseball field itself was immaculate seek not. You kind of forget about maybe what's behind India. Or what are they are not Davis which is gonna be full and I hate you can't forget about that you just look. You don't get the feel beautiful it's not so bad I was not. So battered I will say this. I'm getting confused. By the game or any JD a what's a home run in Oak Hill. I feel like it changes every year you know it's off bell micro that's out now he's derided. But. That day will come to where it did you know there are going to be in that their version of AT&T ballpark I can't. Be great now as there's no question. There's no question it's going to be great and in much needed. The hope is obviously. Sooner. As opposed to later. And again an announcement expected it in his it is expected last year expected this year earlier in the year got excited. But I'd be happy right where is that now I am with the raiders leave in you figure what's in a way and a lawyer right. Yeah I mean it's a while holding the possibilities I think you'd rather have sympathy and if he can do it okay you'd rather have sent the Dow and no doubt but if you can't something new was better than. Mitt you didn't stand with status quo yes. I mean not my like wild. If you can't build something completely new like my wild theory was I don't know how feasible this is the major sites I got my wild theory was always. While the raiders are gone just. Blow up mount Davidson just. Re kind of re first thing he's Oakland Hills again to refurbish the outfield. That was kind of Miami and I don't know how much and again you you wanna have something new I'm not saying that's the solution about what you're with me I want about a watered down here but I'm glad I don't spit ball when I say yeah but but the thing that that the thing that I always thought was well the raiders are gone just blow up the outfield. Rebuild the outfield. Refurbish the concourses. And you know they get well let me ask you outfield basically look like it did before only a modern version of me no doubt and and pay homage to your to your. History of that green like they do with the Kelly to do that that is a grand those Kelly green uniforms JB that you talk about the stars it that is. I mean that aides have some of the best combos in regard to. Two uniforms of any sport franchise but I want to ask you about days like several quick Ximian lead off you like that yeah I do too. I I feel like he's the poster boy some doesn't think this season. Not so much but when things don't go do with days I feel like people like to pick on him more so than he does errors. You think that's just me why you yeah I do you think gets to see why you think that did you know I think his field and gotten a lot better. But you don't hear anything about the games where he's not making any errors or if you puts together a few games where there is no air. I think I would like to have him up on company. When he's up in in a big situation even if you need a sack fly where runner on terror. I feel like he's smarter and better than a lot of people give him credit dot and that's just me. I think he's a good player I was shocked yet that it gets. Ice that he is a good point about as good. Significantly improved and he was the worse shortstop in baseball. And now he's pretty he's good he's decent he's got I think he's making strides why he solid yeah I think he's he's better than sought Oca. Yeah I Miami's fine that game against the Astros the good Luc Roy. We threw the ball down the field there was a play were. Senior threw the ball home. Any got under Luke Roy's glove I had a spans tell me that was a horrible throw like dude did you know the ball was right there are no was in the Derek. There was two CNV you know he had stupid but. I just you know I sit back from afar not every throws going to be -- understand and Buster Posey would cut that ball. In tech guy out and I'm just donut out there that was a good enough to wrote to get debt that applicant. Yeah wait what what play are we talking about now there. Simien they had Dan fielding and it was hit to him he threw home to get the bases were loaded to get the runner up no right and employee. We thought he was out but he could hold on to the ball OK and then male fans always win added on Twitter that Rosen and are too. I was whoa. And that's why do you say what I did about saving because I think he's improved. Politics he hasn't revealed it's horrible idea and I'm guru okay he has improved but he did he was he was on pasted yet there you ago. And it was off to be removed he added it was going that direction Ron Washington and saved him. SP. And his own of a willingness to work. On his day. So this is his or opera or if you did it further the years become right now I think is still run and they Def format I'd just I don't know I just so that. I just think about when it comes semi. I mean why would it be. Two point seven. Can be 28 and September. You know why would you be alike is that I mean I think I do think you have to look at. It because the question it always gets asked as far as. The a's go is crews here for the long haul and who's not mean. And I think he'll Olson I'm looking at some of the Olson's 24. Yeah Chatman is 25. He got Ximian who's twenty gonna be 28 coming up in September. In the one. Chris Davis thirty. Seed those of the guy like the Davis and Simien an acre on the fringe. Of and you want to get these guys did not want to write are they are they really apart Sammy Davis is just a power hitter. So prolific won the last three years NIC just a power and that's great wanna have you wanna have guys hit the ball ballpark but it's far is. Your 45 your client. Liked it you want Davis Woody's 35. In our thirtieth IE and I don't know what I don't I don't know the answer to that question. You know necessarily. But. That those are tougher questions your jet Lowery is a little bit older than that even those guys. So you just it makes you wonder if jet you know to hear murmurs east 34 of the 35. Mexican people fled aides came I didn't you know they are really wanna extend gen Larry for three years or under maybe if you maybe you don't and I would trust the gays. Analytic I would trust their walker Gary analytic department to. Determine whether a guy will still be productive. For 23 more years more than. May be other team has got me it was a given years past the jet was gonna be gone. You know it did different parts of this season here the last couple seasons and now he's just look at a man to Haiti to collect. To play his position. A great addition and the leader the division hasty. Yeah Simien and it's a good point here that do 54. Timmy it's a good player I just I mean I'd. That's that's I don't he was that he was in trouble when his defense and he worked his tail off to improve and I did he give a guy credit. Thank you give again credit Attica allotted a lot of teams would've changed position you know that would have been you gotta you gotta play somewhere else. The ace the ace help them out and begin around Washington and there I was being best coaches in L four for an infield defense and in his ability to have to work. To work to wanna get better and to be coached and it deserves. A lot Kress yeah from the 510 Ximian is a notch below a gold Glover. Who could if you asked him to hit 215 to twenty homers a year and also put together strong on base percentage. And I'm I believe that involves a teacher are great that a minus good player good player Petit and get the a's have to ballots. Whose long term vs the now. And you know what guys are gonna be there and what do you have related to the ballpark just to figure out when you're gonna get it and a new ballpark firstly I don't know the math. And tell you is ballpark 22 was a ballpark 23 year is going to be more like. Twice port if not all say that. And it's more likely four point five man. Maybe this group isn't the group that you're gonna be cited big money extensions. But all that's Camelot. Right now it's about them Barreto is out there tonight via that's right doubts about bonds garnered hey hey hill had a 56000. And a big game because these teams are too too. Against each other and if you're ended a trophy to winner of the game if you're in the trophy winner in tomorrow gets the trophy forget they tonight you. Outfitted as a matter that's wearing it tomorrow and on your system. One million mark mr. John Dickinson Darryl you're Johnson. John morose she's gonna join us at 330. More viewer phone calls coming up right here and 90000. There are the guru John. Keep it a movement on a Saturday afternoon and on into the evening here on 95 set the table or bust out here about forty minutes. Handed off to Rick tittle as the a's and giants set to go game two of the three game series game five of six. In the battle of the day 2018. Edition. As he's talented teams it feels like to to play each other for three weeks straight it's just five games but with the all star break in between. 23 game series. It's it's six straight on the schedule which adds I thought was kind of odd. When I first looked at the schedule detection and pretty cool yeah I just told you earlier I hated to break out I would I would never do I would hate it if it was six straight why I would do as you gotta you gotta play six straight anyway I won't just put six Dre well he's. They would have to be Hillary three's the great eat there. I would like you know us older iron and pay you told gum. Did the giants are lucky no I would like to see one year though I'm I'm gonna contradict myself a little bit you don't actually would like to seek. I would like to see one year where. You play one game at one point you play double header you play one game one place and one died that day all Ernie Banks allied dead dog double however. Policy laid policy double hatter and I Ara you have to do it takes to make it work. Right that you play you play day game at the coliseum. And then play a night game over at any AT&T 1 o'clock and 750. Now. You may not know this about me but I'm a big uniform guy JDV. And that they're gonna pay homage to the 89. Oh to 89 team. Are they gonna Wear those uniforms. I should know this right. What's my quite the power while one question is what's different. Did the jerseys. They at that time they had they need to have the bunt down they had no they have their candidate did the white ones in the end of budget now opposes pitcher Canseco went. In the rest of the day you're thinking of those do you think it in the polo who want full load of the Phoenix yet. But I don't know what's so much that garrote you know little earlier that. So they would pretty much have what they got now. So no you know. I am well below zero question exactly and number. And John Burroughs he's gonna turn that has coming up in about ten minutes here on 95 cent of the game we'll get into some baseball conversation with him. And it'll football here was through it before before our are you ready for training camp I mean. If you'll look away this this battle of the day has been. Perfectly timed this year in that it's after the war ears are done. And right before football it's tucked away you'll baseball's kind of taken center stage here for about three weeks and he's been on the giants or hang in one of. Olivier in there though to JD because this summer league thing in office LeBron thing army duty was on three station by now a couple of weeks ago my point is I just feel like it's not just based boss the NBA taken away from training camp I used to get goose bumps two weeks before what's about to happen here in the next week or two. Put the NBA is just after the finals is Steele going JD. It's started idea yet no doubt it's died down there whose laughter yeah that's like DeMarcus Cousins comes in and has his press conference for the warriors Thursday. Surprisingly LeBron has and that the bronze not gonna happen. That means the best week day actually dance yeah made announcement that there wasn't going to be meeting until training came. There won't be we inning he would tell they're not to be inning I think it's a Laker meet you think you've probably the one that said do absolutely. That's so I mean it's the high. I mean ID. Polling can Magic Johnson had a press conference via public but LeBron was via that at least there was no problem care about that for a minute. You can LeBron James is not gonna have to talk to the media. At all I once the season starts of players by their own hands that do this I mean don't you don't need that. Sometimes I think we just we we did a little I say we're gonna talk football where it's Auckland to meet the extent that through some Saturdays we crane that. You know constantly had to keep Eden the you know feed the beast feed the story line take who cares if LeBron hasn't talked to September what is he gonna say now. But what does what does he have to say now he can't say it's attempt I just that. He is running from answering why did you leave Cleveland again because he's never gonna have to answer that. But he's gonna answer it easy stuck it until September the thought process. So just delay. He thinks it's early he's not in it but senile thing is what drives me nuts is when people acting intercepted and now no doubt. It's one time it's done but you don't need. Like okay DeMarcus Cousins they get to marks doesn't he's coming over it's a major signing that DeMarcus Cousins. That warrants a press conference. Steve courtesy need to have a press conference because he signed his extension. In and day it they are having one hunter Steve Curwood what one secret to talk about his extension on media. Because. At that point. There shouldn't be really too much that happens story you need did ask him about his extension but the best player in the game don't know we. Look like the media oil Ali gets Gergen talked about it. The day it happens to talk about it it all. Well when they signed somebody else is gonna talk about it the Labor Day is gonna talk about it the first training camp he's done about first. So I don't wants you don't west. Spun Tony you'll meet somebody out answered the same thing five time now for. But for that example there with her. You've got you can and doughnuts and when we just Kevin Durant. Know that if there comes back he doesn't need meeting don't know book but that was status quo but LeBron come into a storied franchise. In nick know stay current regime in magic in ink Colby may now that people got questions and also real quick. What went into your mind to the vikings is that she politely JUB LeBron James. LeBron why did you feel the need to leave Cleveland. That's what I feel like he's running from but you said he may answered on his own. You know it's not like he's never gonna be made available to the media again he's gonna get asked all those questions. He's just gonna get asked on September. And begin the day I mean and it's a rough estimate but he's and he he'll be asked on September 21. Or 24. But then it's all of LA lakers in. Another is not I would this was like a state of the union again for LeBron. Just because I thought as to why do why and why is LeBron have to answer on. July 10. And then answer on September 21 24 two guilt can be insane stuff. Well I have no answer for you there but I just feel like. The U you know when you're that one of the ambassador orders of the league. You know people wanna talk you do you know how you account like that the new miss I tell liked it when I was like no he's not having any any availability might have to I am outside. Job I was like good did you call wild talk it would it would need we introduced in their kids are proud of that I think this feels kind of dirty. What's thirty. I don't know why why aren't you know I happen to Pressler that's what it's we feel like who who had won the last time he left well yeah you're right they. So what's today. What do you mean I don't get why he's grown up the go dogs yeah you don't think nobody's coming down his. Him from going to the lakers. And it's his choice I'm not he would get I think LeBron deep down in his gut feel sometimes when the kids say some type away. About going to that franchise. Something there. That something that put it why not do it the first question is gonna be well broad. What went into your decision to come to lakers why did you wanna be a Laker and he'll answer the broad view why did you leave Cleveland again winning not good enough. What what what I mean those questions are going to be asked. There's no doubt but why do we what why are you it's like keystone in the middle finger up to the press. And the NBA world duke why can't you just go to the press or. I don't know I feel like that's like my mom Tammy did your clothes on we're going to church. In the you know what I don't feel like on the charts today yeah go to church job be here when you get back to do that but. He can do that the magic completely and have them go do their all the that was week to meet Shaq did one when he left Orlando in went to LA. 'cause they were proud everybody was on the saying something just seems off here that he did have oppressor and he's gonna do when he's ready for after everything dies day. I'm gonna put myself and LeBron you only use two unloaded or if I'm if I'm John LeBron doubted this invited into Kenya and find jobs abroad. And I'd sign with the lakers on July 1 that it was he agreed to terms in. Official whenever every the world is waiting for you to make good decisions. I. Don't wanna answer the questions on July 15 and September. 24. Because I'm gonna have to answer McGinn on September 25 and then I'm gonna have to answer began on October 1 and then I'm gonna have to answer McGuinn. When I go back to Cleveland and then I'm gonna have to answer began when I A get into the playoffs and then get a like I I wouldn't wanna do I wouldn't I would not. I would not want a deal that knowing that I'm gonna have to deal whatever question all season long for nine months. Knowing that. Though the world can wait two months. 08. When you're LeBron again. I feel like what you JD what to say and I don't disagree with but the LeBron that I think I know. Why do I feel like he needs his down time to give his answers right. Like he's filling some type away look away he's not comfortable in this Guillen took just go to this presser after a few questions it gets what. Training camp he's in the Laker uniform practiced up it's all about him in the lakers. Put to drag. We know it's going to be about getting beat six weeks before the season starts when Nash had a big Laker fans feel exceeded that LeBron could give them oppressor not the Obama presser. In the winner big guy enjoys big kitchen is big eight straight final. Better and I don't suck. It is out that you would be let you know that was a bit I guru. Because I'm I'm I'm one and I'm one of the NB a media guy that doesn't think that the meet Dick. Everybody has to be constantly fed over and over over over over. You can't just a toy horse. I John LeBron veggie city was out of out in front of your house for our how does that make you feel. Did you look out the grind did you know he was out there stuff like that but now come September it's football season rams plan. And abroad it's a totally changes. Let's get to our next guest will switch gears a toxin baseball. John Murrow see MLB network. Fox sports NHL network he he joins us here on 9570 game but John. Random question thanks for coming on the show where we're just throw this around. As a long time veteran reporter LeBron James signs at the lakers. But the first the press conference and tell media day right before the yelled before training camp. Is that fair or unfair or should he have to address it at some point in July. I would say you do this. Unconventional. The guru here begin our conversation I'm. Certainly aid decision of that magnitude. Egg given all the interest in him and so many different cities around our country and around the world. I I would say that perhaps. Press conference a little bit ahead of that timetable would be. Want to let. The king hasn't felt there was going cowboy on this one and it certainly is he just talked a lot. Probably over over the years and he's he's so accessible during the course of the NBA playoffs so he's certainly it is his right to say that outright I think I'd make this point I was just in Cleveland actually last weekend. To you to look at baseball telecast yankees and then Indians then. I would say that I did not really sensed a whole lot of antipathy toward LeBron James for this decision he would come back home. He had won a championship there. I'm sure there are some fans that are upset that he left again let I've heard really believe this is a fundamentally. Difference. Circumstance to what he had when he left Cleveland the first time. And I think doorbell play in the end did the ability to do all the things you can't and that's city. I think there's a good level of understanding. On the part of the fans of northeast Ohio and probably the rest of the country that matter so maybe there are. You more difficult questions for an answer at this time there in the previous occasions in which he changed seats. And John that's a great dancer and an assembly that was in the building during game four which was his last game with the cavs. Before leaving again it was an odd vibe it was just it was a there's a hint of almost sadness like. Resignation. That well of course he's gonna leave now we know this team's getting swept they're not good enough. He got the championship it was it was really an odd vibe the health. He'd be compared to eight you know of that anger and different things you know for from years past. Bright that's a very good point and I think this time around maybe it felt a little bit like. Graduation that sounds like it's called me a lot of free piazza but it felt like he was graduating out to a to a higher place where there was maybe. A higher level of understanding of why he was leaving and maybe even go out and applied to be brought. That's certainly a championship that it hadn't had since the 1950s and that's that's a pretty special thing to be able to dupers hometown. I think that's a really unique. Part of his legacy and no matter what happens that you think about two in baseball where we're preparing and about a week's time that. Enshrine the latest poll fame classic Cooperstown. If you have we have. Analogy. They have LeBron reported opened with a hat on that gave Cleveland that I think is forever going to be Cleveland and certainly Akron. But in a more global sense that you he has Cleveland at that that is his team. I I would throw this particular that the cavaliers EQ what did you vision for the lakers. You're multiple images with the lakers but I have always get a big about him as the cabin I would imagine. A lot of neutral observers around the country are probably the same place so to me I think it. PD it's fascinating because he isn't every step is taking his career has blamed for a specific purpose. And I think all of us as we talk about the also gave his best we can baseball. I think we all know the contours of his career and his decision and his life. About it as well as we know. Any other contemporary athletes pat. We know where he played his cycle basketball we know that he went number one. Overall historically great draft class. I think I'm saying these things as a baseball and hockey guys get used his journey is so well known to all of us I think he is truly. A unique style hard time and I think you've done or we. Look back. I think you have done an exemplary job of representing our country in the Olympics but also what appears to be a superstar. In these times that you got a very good job of managing all the demand at a time social media media. In this while I think LeBron James has done an outstanding job at superstar and celebrity notebook the zero. It's got great great stuff job let's let's switch gears that and talk a little bit of baseball the the days deal for jurists from the mill yen is complete he's common over alleged what what do you make of of what DA's. And that deal and how it helps the men and really just this hot streak at the a's have been on for the last month that do you feel this team. It's for real obviously the division is is very difficult on the path to the wild card. Still as difficult wood and four games back to Seattle but what do you think it is cease demon and being able to bolster the end that's already been really get. Well given a great story and I've really enjoyed that is watching this team come together. Over Beers the diamond and and how old this. Young group maybe not a whole lot was expected of them. Play this year has been extraordinary especially since about the beginning part of June other getting their players back in Chapman. His felt the bullpen has been dynamic. I want to present all the far as to why you add a million years certainly they've had to lean very heavily untried and and look Serbian no. Who I think is really gone under the radar but I could say that I was speaking recently with another manager in the American League and he was raving. About young. Luke Serbian knowing what he represents. And is dynamic pitching ability out of the bullpen for the use this yourself. It is certainly this team is catching a lot of tension around the league. And direct debit Jeff Joyce says an analyst I would except make the point that. They have maybe because there is not an abundance of starting pitching out there. That is viewed as real impact starting pitching that maybe we're seeing. GM is being more aggressive in the realm of relief pitching because. If you upgrade your bullpen maybe the mentality is the jury would be it would shortly give a little bit. You you know what you're going to be go to the same arms. Very often that you played a lot of low scoring and no one run games that the days have been doing your Lilly's so I think it was a very chatty little. I'll read so acquisition cost would will coffee and Bobby why are being that they can keep peace there in addition the one million dollars and international slot money so I think the acquisition cost was fair that that the reasoning behind it was shot on the and they're going to amnesia because really motivate is they one person one. Contest for the second American League wild card between these days and the Mariners I do not see either of those two teams. Passing of the Astros and as a result we know what a lot of cars will belong to the Red Sox for the Yankees and the other one is very much up for grabs to keep saying it was different for the ages and it is for the giants. There are no additional teams for Oakland to have to pass by. To get that second wildcard spot this team they're chasing is the only. Any team they have to beat in the Seattle Mariners they've played them are taught at times do between now and the end of the season. It's always good chances VHS is today is a very interesting race and potentially even passed the bears by. They claim that second American League wild card. John great stuff is always and I know you bring it so I'll get to talk too much so I got to ask you this question about last week's all star game. I'm no baseball implemented this sale fees with arms and I was kind of that the old guy on Milan say about it like that but. I did enjoy last week's all star game but what I did my job and I need your opinion. Is man friend have been the audacity to tell Mike Trout one of the game's greats. Did he need they need help in him promote in himself. What did you think of those comments and do you think man Fred wishes he hadn't went public with that. Well Carolina into I don't want this I think that. Number one. I think baseball. On barely. Gets criticized a lot for. The lack of old roll superstar notoriety. Of its players. From having worked to and in a broadcast capacity with the league. I think the leader of the very good job of giving players the tools. To get their names in their faces of their stories out there more often. I don't think that there's many of them. I think unfairly blamed for the lack of notoriety you think about I would get a player. What you ought to go to bed that he used he has tried to do. Advertising he has done national interviews he has represented his country twice the World Baseball Classic which. Comes almost a marketing abilities there of course is one gold medal there for that team. He has done a whole lot there to judge has done more and more as time has gone on. I think Mike Trout I I think what the commissioner said in general we're very well taken. Mike Trout declined the opportunity twice. To represent his country in the World Baseball Classic and that is one of the best. Marketing vehicle the game hasn't it happened to the plan earlier when. That the more the focus can beyond. Our national pastime and then where a star if you win the what is what practical level you can I think you have a little higher platform there. Mike shrouded has only played one playoff series he has not won a gala in the playoffs so there are. Angels and their lack of success is part of story tryouts. Could it be a bit more evident the personality. Perhaps but that's not really has personality that does not really insult I think put that. The responsibility. To market goes all the way around and I don't think one of the things that that doesn't get talked about it out. If the players in general. Scheduled during the course of the year they play every single day. And if you're gonna think about the way. Ways for a basketball player wrote LeBron or Blake Griffin or anybody else there around the league by that visitors did some crossover work raping her marketing. They've got open days and their schedule. I wish to do those things. And these players simply don't that there's just not the time to do there at the ballpark every single day also wrong. And I think that the tonnage of the game's biggest lifetime we've dozens strongly. Is that a blessing and a curse for the marketing of the stars because every single game every single day there on television that plank so they're out. Out in front of the public all the time that being said. Each individual game is only. 162 so it's hard for your casual fan if you live in Maryland if you put a new Yorker fla. Two of the best bet budget every single like throw game. Blue that you might. Follow Tom Brady have great plays sixteen games here. You know exactly what they do what you gotta play and you could sit there and watched reality Tom Brady a weekend know what you need to know about Tom Brady. Mike Trout plays 212527. Hours of baseball are weak to fight him every day is a full time job. And frankly that the pace of our country right now. We don't have that a lot of space to give to anyone baseball players know there's a lot of blame to go round if a white baseball players are not as big as the represent the should be. I think the commissioner's point actually very very well taken. It's going to take I believe an extraordinary player. Within extraordinary personality. Playing toward extraordinary team together at any baseball player. Achieved a level of celebrity and stardom that we saw with Turkey. It. John what's switch gears a little bit on the giants. We talked about the gays the giants to just kind of been hanging in there I think the story the air year is. There hang it in their guys route guys come back other guys go out. There and you did there. Do you think this team has it in them to actually make a significant run and when I look at them at the deadline. They seem like the quintessential do nothing team what what do you see with the giants. I was heading second part of the question first I. I you know highly almost. Trade rumblings in trade conversation the blockbuster trade. So I spent time thinking about every team and I spent some time thinking about the judge what they can do. I thought I can't this thing because as you and I love adult because people separate does go that I foresee blockbuster deals with the giants. I simply don't they parties spent a lot of money. They've got a pitching back helping out for the most part bomb garter are pitching today in the Bay Bridge series they're tomorrow of course quote on the mound. I just don't see yet content. For them to do maybe one bad for the outfield but but it's probably not going to be yep. A huge name I'm not expecting a but Massa moved superstar Al all star bad maybe he'll platoon guy. But that's probably get the butter plays basically all dejected but then again we've seen daughter already come up. I think they haven't. That need one vote. Better. I think long term stores this team is the way that Rodriguez has come opposition accorsi got the win yesterday. Did there have been a really nice stories of young contributors coming up for the giants were the long term picture. Is better than I thought it would be although I think tiger if you reading debate they stand pat. When you look at the way the status setup right now guys. I think they're they passed for this team would take given no wild card spot his fourth game has backed. But the second position. The the Rory is that they did not get that shot also I think they are somewhat more global. The Diamondbacks still rocking they've got a lot of games. Still in the division of flavor of the rocket have won six games of the role. So I think in general while the giants haven't played great baseball they've played well enough in my estimation. To be a major factor at the National League wild card race for the down to the season. John obvious you are spot on I've been telling JD and giant fans that same thing. And instead I think in you know. But a baseball god is gonna follow up the sky where you could put him in your lineup you need guys like McCutchen. Bailout and Buster Posey the face of this team did you step it up. Maybe just a notch or two and I'm not blaming those guys but I feel like if the giants are gonna get that second wildcard. I feel like Posey in the rest of the gang have gotten somewhat of a pass John in regard to you know post he's bad to lady if he were about 300. They ain't come up big in situations where I've seen him just groundout to shortstop this team can get it accomplished their goal that they sit around spring training. Where does that the very good point I think you look at both the year over year. That the power production probably the biggest difference from where he was toward a fourteen of 42 hours. Night in the air after yet it you have to that. 1412. When he got five now who read this side of the decline now for 84 consecutive year. Proposed it was damp one of the power and when you look at veteran team. Guru I think that that's a very important because one of the things that you count and we've got a veteran lineup is. And they're gonna hit their stride and Miller. They have maybe that's so great it April but a veteran team a lot of savvy there they're going to figure out how to get better as the year goes along. I look for our kids so they McCutcheon. Has spent eight streaky player over the course of his career. I look parade great August from a cut just I think Crawford certainly evident very result here opposing angriest 770 OPM. He can do better than that I think you have been as big government don't really solid nice number two loiter for that we're in in recent days. But an opportunity maybe getting Longoria back healthy and then a better second half from a car shouldn't impose see you count on you're better at this time of the year. And those other guys that produced for the beverages could drive to make it back the playoff. Final question for you John. It may be a prisoner of the moment here. With Manny Machado come into the Dodgers is is there are any way you could see him and the Dodgers just fallen in love with the each other to the point where. He winds up staying marinate shifts and things around I know seekers coming back next here and all that but do you see a scenario or that could be imply. I do all I give it all a lot of maneuvering where maybe next year would be cigarette short Manny hit third. Charter at second that they haven't really locked in their long term planet second all the old. Back Muncie maybe part of that. Picture depending on how awfully pleased person Balladur made plans about field. I think I think it is. Unlikely that he had to stay in LA beyond the end of this year I think there's going to be strong interest from hip rim outside. It is I agree would be hard I think to move. Turner coming up at some injuries this year seeker of course has missed almost all the year. I don't see it long term debt but then again I've been surprised look forward. And I don't underestimate. You think it probably shot well and LA the opportunity to market themselves there are certainly. Viable we talk about being out. A crossover star to many but shot all. As much superstar quality about him as probably any player in the game and it even I think that they think about the personnel it loses value players. He may well be that a bigger star right now it didn't desert California had a chance to be I should say by the end of the curtain in the dark with a a World Series is star may. Well outside that have wiped out microbes probably the better ballplayer but with China can beat the bigger star and now I do think baseball needs stars. It may be best for baseball is meant image out of stays in LA it was the number rate for a long period of time. Yeah I call me current he'd just look good in the uniformed it just looked like it just look like if Fayette. Then there's this myth that Freddy dean in the guy. Love the history of the game I think it is integrates proper authorities from Miami originally so maybe at some point that you afford to move back these goes. But his agent is based out of LA a lot of think you can do when you're superstar player in your mid twenties Los Angeles with a lot of crossover ability for so we don't like the spotlight that Manny does so. The great Robert regard it all and it wouldn't surprise me all of the Dodgers find some way to keep that image out so there in Los sent. John thanks a lot for the time and we really appreciate the end extended conversation out here on a Saturday after I'd. Great job hi I apologize from I mean maybe not totally. Important basketball takes double brought both the senate okay all right. Dogs or as an unknown and use you kind of sighed but LeBron which is gonna tick everybody off out here in the. How about that outside stuff. Really you know basketball rivalry between the two great that it would all look at tightwad and a good declares that you're that you wanna go. Thanks a lot John we root for. John ROC great great stuff dramatic great abroad answer and Radek John morrow I love how much shot so tied the number and he'd be in a Kobe fans. Yeah that was thick dust up there. I tell us well I love you already but they had. It just it just looked like it fit like sometimes you know what anywhere I can McDonald's since talked about for. Couple bell who's gonna give them in the Dodgers or interest in he's gonna get traded eventually they can't. Been a topic for awhile. And you just never really fond look he may go to Dodgers and seekers out that makes sense this year but did you see it you know like that talent that pops. And Akira. A Diamondbacks fan or rocky fan nor. You know the Philadelphia Philly fans you gotta hate watching. Rich teams like the Dodgers get the pretty girl over and over again I mean it happens in football with the cowboys of the Steelers are. You know the haves and have nots in the fact that the Dodgers. First place without much Otto just go out and give them no big deal JD and he may be affixed to retire there and LA. Must be nice. Yeah I was just on those. Thrown around in my mind I think the most he can he play short concede your play third. Turner would go to second may be trade turner. You know I see guys are out there you know maybe that he'll handy too she got that shot or else it just you know. It's just it was just thought I'd get a prisoner of the moment it's one game. Yeah they're undefeated with about Manny you send him you said that today almost three out of window unit cut that was what the 11 game and I got it about artists that they're undefeated and. For crying out loud. What who will what do you see there the next two games and have the Bay Bridge series this is still. Folk don't want to focus on the giants and a lot of focus on the gays these last couple weeks as as. The NBA's died down. The NFL's around the corner and we're gonna get into a tonne NFL start next week but I'm just try to get native felt today we're talking got a lot more. Let me tell you this. I'm fearful. That this phase home record even those 25 and 23. Is problematic. And who could have foreseeing. This. You know this magical run that they brought this magical season there have and did they get better results on the road then at home. And if somehow they can be bum Gardner who didn't stronger peace pretty get get pretty good against them couple Saturdays ago. Then tomorrow the a's wake up in your look into the possibility of a sweep. At home in that's not the way you would want to get off. You don't in regard to the second half by name only two were passed you know 81 games so I think it's very important DA's you don't win tonight or tomorrow JD. Look I I think they I mean I I don't see. I get city a's went into. I could see pianist split the next two. It's quite well you know I I don't know his last start I don't think I only Quaid has been good at all I really don't so do you think that's common though that's why. I'm going like now I use to get to show me. I don't I don't they I'm not given him the benefit of the guys cinema. Only healthy and comfortable in his little heavy and but I always had that yet now we're about to Hannity I'm just worried about Basra to the stuff. This he trusts the albums he trusts the armed he can he really let it fly. Mean and I'm not I don't know he says and look bright sunny DC so I I. If if you look at him me giants struggle against lefties. Quaid has been and I look at tomorrow's game DA's Janet and tonight becomes a game. You know maybe somebody hits a three run homer against bomb garner may be in tonight's game where they steal laid. Which is what the a's have been doing and a lot of series. So that might have to be the path today. I can't sneeze when and yet energy of the giants and somehow you get it done tonight. Note regardless of what happens tomorrow you got to feel good about taking two out of three returning the favor. Of the young athletics in making you look cold in your home park just less than two weeks ago and I look I don't see. I don't it's. With the haze at some point are gonna get hot again I don't know like don't tell Americans say that I don't yet but it might not be tonight. Album art could be great may get shut down again and it's gone on what's going on in the all star break cool them off and all the all I hate that but at some polling. Whether it's. Early tonight it's whatever it does click. And something goes well forum. Did Heidi they're gonna get on another role whether that's tonight or tomorrow or may be it doesn't have delegates Texas. You know whatever but once they get. Clift and again they get that first one under their belt they get into a little bit of a rhythm again playing every day they get that first one where they steal it. You know maybe they shouldn't win. Then I think they're gonna get on another roll I'm I'm with John morose you know I I I think they're gonna end up getting that while 'cause I do I isn't massive U you know metrics who's hot after the all star break. Yet you run go absolutely but the a's won that Sunday's game against the giants dropped last night so when you say they're gonna get hot again. They really haven't had the opportunity to get cold. In my ear they're not cold yes OK they're not cold yet. But I don't always got all of those now solid not gonna you're almost there yeah it's gonna lose Reno often deny your freaking out. Tomorrow note I know you're not get beyond opener Monday at ten was dying he. But if they if you Althea is lose fortitude that night. And don't hit a home run you're kind of freak party and now I got aren't I'm yeah. Yes OK and the home record is freaking me out that that's Virginia more JD and what city is still don't worry about them. If you lose tonight Linda Marty get rockets so there are still in front not gonna go to Tony in five. The rest of the way you could the end of this method should you not. You're not gonna go through and I don't know what I hear you go fiftieth and I'll get it got. To to finish the year are what do think everybody. That calls were great today that sex were great as always on the the Penske auto sales architects don't think Dino. One thing nick just for putting a show together zero plus or the chronicle. Monty pool. Of the NBC sports. Bay Area. We also were joined by John morose see our thanks to him in LB network can and fox and in the guy covers hockey as well. For the NHL network instead. Tremendous answers on LeBron. Our thanks to him and of course that Tim Flannery takes to him as well cellphone that Rick tittle is coming your way next. And it's the days and it's the giants it's the Bay Bridge series it came to a three game five of six and you'll hear it right here and I 570.