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Saturday, July 21st

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It's a big game it's. Since at some point the a's are gonna get hot again now look I I think we pre retirement district to break a little bit. Earlier on I faked. The all star break. It cooled off the a's that's a little bit last night I Derek Rodriguez pitched very well he deserves our credit. He's been really good giants won seven of their the united Z eight starts. In the early on they wanna game where he appeared in relief when he saves their butt against the cubs in an extra innings in a win in that game as well. But you look at this deal. The a's were hot as anybody you don't want the all star break when your shot is the days where you don't want forty's off. We've seen this happen to teams in the playoffs GE your hot as anybody get four days off and start their first series and before you know what you lose the first couple games. So I do you think part of last night was Derek Rodriguez is great and it part of last night was. The all star break cool the a.s that's off for a night and you know what it might it might be too rights might be three or former rights. It might be the first inning somebody it's a three run homer and and it clicks and everything's fine might just be the one night. But the reality is this what people have to understand. At some point eight this city's team. One state once they come out of it they're gonna get hot again. That's my belief now is that tonight is big game that I would do is it big game they're all big games. Donna of course but to me like I look at this it is still bigger series for the giants this no bigger game for the giants. To me they asked that when the bomb garner again yeah but it runs what you make it stand up and got to win a series vote when you lose the look on the game. Quayle you don't know what he's got the tapes he's been battered and all the seventy days there are Phelan. They may be their little cold spell it was one game is out the window they're gonna get rolled again. So this is a big like it's a big game both ways but I still think the on this series more important for the giants. Because they've got to prove that they can actually get hot the days no they Ari you're capable. Yet and I'll say this the giants you look at their home record I'd I'd just feel like this is the sign of a winner JD. You play your best baseball at home the giants do that hits their home record. You look at the eighties when they're down. I'm just telling you. I don't feel as confident. On them BM what they are the match yours ain't coming back when they're at the coliseum. And I look at their home record between five and toy three deaths a shocker to me. But I know why I do it all those other damn boxes they play in on the road as opposed it's a hard poke. Didn't Ahmed on a normal night game in Oakland that it is when they're on the road and I don't like debt. I don't like the days that I haven't just two games over at home I edit the home success will come. The data below okay value great idea great tie. It's gonna comment I admit I come this weekend because of race and bump on her tonight. But then again it might like it wouldn't put it that there are absolutes in this thing like it wouldn't surprise me if. At 625. In the first inning tonight. Chris Davis it's a three run homer off the bubble garner got a lot better than any wind five to OK but that wouldn't surprise me. Tonight at all it wouldn't surprise me if bomb Burgos eighth and it's. 31 giants in the eighth then the giants to win again because he is just kind of and bill the other hit the ball hard it is not a big deal in Orlando Eisen you know what whatever wouldn't surprise me. 31. In the eight pitting that night and the bullpen is in the game and somebody hits a three run homer. Tomorrow clicks for Mubarak went. All of those things can happen. All of those things can happen. I don't think there's this urgency here this panic if you well. Is that he called me random earlier I am special to. In my special for thicken it up that there'd might be some residue from the cannon back flip. In San Francisco last night but data are gotta say. Par you're. Let's try that Sami I accidentally our value auto Lola how that now but today. I didn't. You know I didn't know that let's let everybody night yet deep that's I'm meeting offs are. Allied like the looming over who does that. Because hey if you clicked this thing is that feed it clicked on the phone call gathering on the air a lot of not ever elect on this screen but it's not. I wasn't sure if there was active or not I was looking at the tech slide in accidentally hit the wrong scurry. But I hit a spot or puts a caller on the air but there was anybody on that specific line gadgets like we can do it. Or they can do it in the room the only guy that has to admit that stood again no dilemma that up to the idea is looking really JD what you bill. But you but Dorn a break just behind the scenes. You mentioned would have gone Gardiner remembered that can abet the lip I'm. I think that's even remotely. On the table and all our I think it should be. But with the giants you never know. And I I don't think quick there's a lot made about. The bat flip that dry weather that agreed to have a bathroom I've seen works I didn't think it was a big deal I like can I have the right attitude about it after the game ansari was sorry he wasn't any wasn't being a jerk like I think some people thought he was the end. Like. Kind of a Smart ass about it he really wasn't he was being funny. Like the whole thing was lighthearted when he was like and yet I apologize I didn't I didn't really actually know what it's stupid idea at all at the end he didn't he didn't. He wasn't trying to tweak to anybody you just have fun. Citing people like I think it's some people misconstrued. Where he was even coming from that. So I really was a big deal but I also don't think. I don't think the giants wanted to do anything to retaliate. Knowing that they'd still ahead are three games left. Against the days after the all star break I think I NBA's are so hot it's almost you wanna leave it on your sleeping dog I got that one. As is far in on US led MB. Yeah that in the not what you five points out now one giant. Made the Geneva emits in the bet that's a fact that's a fact that's not to me and I was in both club houses after the game and yet nobody was nobody was upset about it. Tony Watson got asked about it the next day and Tony Watson gave up the home run and he said he had no issue that the guy beat me. It happens. Like that he had no. No enemy is you have an issue it it that's the data. Are you next. This view revenue teams and I beat the happens now circular had a issue with. You know well or as well as an Hasbro. Did exactly how does he come back how do you welcome him back just easy. It's still a month away and a at this point. It's still not gotten idolize men all I'll say that with the harper incident and you know put in Posey on the hot seat on did you come out fast and but I felt like Posey. You know was told let me go get this guy but I mean how many more bonehead. Decisions can strictly make after her. Not being on top of your game to 'cause all the controversy you know you and I get there they're hitting the ball the tee off on his son. And I don't feel like he's elevated his game to where. OK you know what yeah he's really just mad go hand hand of that I don't think Strickland it has been good enough in his career there and burn net. To earn that right where he's police in any there you go I'll say that I agree few on that. And but I think for the most part it's it's Salinas now massive numbers again it has been good enough in his career where you you know I don't know that. Too worried but but I think it's silly sometimes they need us. But I'll say this to tie it to Canada. Deal. I don't if it's the other the other factor involved here is that the giants had some players hit you like the days are trying to. It picks that debt that's one thing that the giants keep track stuff is like when their guys did hitter when added to your trying to bust him inside blog right. It's so. The that have been a couple times in the game the night before can hit the home run couple guys got hit I got hit innings Saturday and again before canning of the home run. The days are the giants get a little weird about that say I know you're trying to bust although it's almost like yell. Sometimes pitchers pitching inside. Is a lot like if plane picked up. And you pull a point pick up basketball guy. And you get it died is just he's just fouling easiest reckless on defense ballad you just you know he's trying to get a B dvds back in yet he's bright and Indians now. Well no I don't eat off Iraq attractive idea you know off me. Against Syria access to it well. I think sometimes pitching inside teams feel that like like the pitch inside to do and recklessly. And I think it times giants feel like teams are pitched them inside the depiction of recklessly like like the dude the gates upping your face player picked up. Andy but he's going he's but he smack in yes Alan Yang it needs re like give Mel wanted to face. In gate get off me your elbow with a tough because you started on site so I feel like it but that's when the giants sometimes get irritated. With like team sits up so I had to Canada day which wasn't that big of a deal but I could see somebody like a Strickland. The giants upset about Longoria get here they broke his hand India anyway. Go back to the Myanmar got. So. You had the guys didn't hit any you also had. This situation where. You had the Canon deal which wasn't a big deal on its own but sought out of it too. And I think if anybody who's gonna take exception. It might be bummed more so stay tuned tonight again yet or any can silence them if the 07 innings and gives I want John tickets and Darryl you're. Johnson. Now defense and get. Yeah 9979570. AAA 9579570. John Dickinson derelict through Johnson with the here in 95 cent in the game until 4 o'clock AAs and giants. Battle of the day coming up back at the coliseum it's Trevor K hill. And Madison dom garner in front of what is expected to be a crowd of larger than 56000. Not at the coliseum there will be no walk up tickets available tonight. Again that the game is completely sold out including now Davis is expected to be the largest. Single game crowd in baseball. This season tonight when EA says take on the giants at the coliseum trying to break the coliseum record. Which was set back in in 2004. Any team I was actually act. Shot Saturday night game in 2004. It was there was my buddy Brian we were hanging out have a good time. Couple of Beers headed in from Sacramento and it was. Yeah it was his guitar now Mal davis' opens specifically for just tonight's game right. Tonight's game only it was empty last night without looking like man. You know the easiest thing about the history where you could see Oakland heels before that thing was put up. But. JD I gotta tell you I've been up there. And how is I get older you know I get to fear of heights not the best seat and I don't I'm not going up there I would I decide had to. I'll watch it on my MLB dot com nap. At death. Well and you look at your you can you you did you feel OK for the first good shape that you yeah no real. Nebraska under you ran down all the get a soda right but never once door though. In an odd to start talking and it kind of it kind of jumped out I would like bodies like do you are. OJ Pollard now Yahoo! open it up telling young men want to. I was I was best that they're get it threw me back come and take it take you deep combat right now. The idea that I think our people and I've got ahead that he admitted these come out to where you end the existent well yeah no I'm good now. If you get back and he's honest not yet been obligated to what does that number two elements who talked to Sean free money here. And 95 cents to get really do her catch his breath you get run down the hall get a soda our what's up shot. John what's up your 9570 game. Yeah it won't and you know I gotta say I'm actually really happy. Yeah acquisition of familiar factory agreed to take on the money and didn't give up so much prospect was I was kind of nervous and over the Internet and digital age and prospect. They're kind of showed the other eight prospects are valued greatly impaired to the giant arch and grenades. Targeted players in out of and the nobody was more than like in the team's as far as our top prospects ball at you in the top thirty so. Pretty happy about I'll concede anything else open on the characters on the best lefties going right now and then you a compliment him what to an average left behind that you're on brakes are power arms close I can now. And I I really don't hope. Name me another acquisition. Well situated and I want to where we about the future and about what kind of cute apartment and. Thanks John appreciate the phone call Shawna Fremont checked and it is a good hey it's a good solid move and tickets to fold it helps yet. You didn't have to break the bank to get numb yeah you've taken a little bit of soured in terms of prospects like John mentions. But it also just it'll allow is just this team organically to kind of continue to grow as far as the lineup goes and you look around the lineup. Yeah he's really don't have a position where you go they got to fill that spot. And there approach. And from our research I've been told they're teaching me down on the farm. JD their bats are tiring their exhaust into opposing pitchers even if you get the guy out. The a's take a lot of pitcher a lot of pitches and you don't normally see death from a team that. You know goes up there hacking and trying to hit the ball over the over the fence so. The days do tire pitchers out I liked her approach at the plate but I want to ask you this with this addition this this trade. Are you telling me were going to see starters this great bullpen earlier if days happen to have the lead which I like. Or GA and the starter still got to do what they didn't do wind Edwin Jackson's to give it to that point to where these guys got to be count. And we'll look you can't do it every game he. Have five inning starter and then in all four guys each go one inning every single game. And he beacons you know guys can't pitch for five days in a robe a cheap you can manage it I mean given a haven't a third option I think they have four options deciding you know is is the caller mention book is good and Booker can pitch an inning. It's not like he's only own a left the guy he can pitch an inning to. So really depending upon how you look at it. You can have. You can intravenous been going to a lot especially when he hasn't pitched the day before hasn't pitched for a couple of days you can have. You have tried then in ninety could after Reno eight and seven you get a Familia six. You could even have booked or pitch an inning in there as well I mean you've ripped. 845. But you can't do that every game. And the one thing right do you think he's need a few more wins in these final sixty plus games of the year how things fixed. They need a few more gist. 62 wins to say they've they've almost become dependent in a lot of ways on. The late inning heroics is hectic at some point you know lot of people talk about Seattle. Well they're fools gold in the all the one run wins and most democratic comeback and a packed in and I think that that statement and of itself it's fair. But I think you also say a little bit. Of the same thing about the gates do it and I think you could say the same thing about them. Like you can't count on guys score four runs in the eighth inning in the last time they've had a lot of magic. On this car or war or you're down three and somebody hits a Grand Slam that does that only happens I had. L once every. 34 years. Topic eat it here's this guy out three and somebody hits a Grand Slam when it happens and everybody dreams when their kid. Yeah but it just that. You can't count on net so what you need is a few more games where he hit some home runs early in the game and he gill Li. Now that's which you look at that you're look at it let's get a lead. In the fifth sixth inning and then put the game yeah and that's why I'm gun shy on. Watch in the days and in a may be overreact in the last night's loss and then you see bum Gardner scheduled to pitch tonight you know JD. There has been a lot of magic in in in miracle finishes to have gone the days away. You just wonder if they lose two or three in a row that's when I start to bite my nails like. Okay are they be in the team that door you know the rest of the world thought they would be and in over achievement so to stave that off. You don't win the that would go a long way because you are right Doug damn all star break came at the malls in opportune time for the 80 we don't EG additionally we don't need you get panicky do. Like we joke we don't need you getting a little panicky will you get we'll get a handle business and Amanda wanted a little bit that Tripp yeah. We'll hit one in our business sentiment out there could guru got the goods. During the break for himself infamy. From a 51 on a Penske auto sales knock on tech sign you'll be a mini fridge. In the studio I agree. Is the one thing the one thing you don't need to put one in yeah right there again on the corner you could be adding we need to be in the anyone it would fit right in any debt clock. Yeah well oneself as bridge or a string cheese and salami just bill right they're going to break you put a full although you'd suddenly not supposed to have beverages how okay they ego because you know we don't want beverages in the studio RD party engineering staff were not supposed to run averages and that's why never bring you put a PP you could ever be up. And fridge right. TV in the long below. It is the good BC Medicaid avarice. I'll maybe -- up anyway I'd I die there are a lot of cameras not gonna press a little bit on that but yet outside I look at this thing man and I just think. I think the ease of set up really well like I don't you didn't panic is what I was trying to wedge and I am not I just. If if they image and I didn't see goober yeah you didn't get an ice tonight. All then tomorrow the mindset are you are well yeah and Tim Flannery on here a minute edits that it did that. The mentality is not only. And move. These guys are young I've seen them you lost to lost. Last night and you lose the bomb garter and end. I always ate a raw politics they got the mindset that tragic game in Houston were lukewarm to the bought them a lot of tragic putt I thought it was going to be for the in the Belmont Baghdad yeah. John you know you are right and that shocked me that's a message you know what this kid this young team is for real in here we are twelve games over 500. But I'm not gonna go panicky on the Dow that back but. You know they got a big task in front of them tonight. Started 60 yeah. It's going to be great. Bomb garter on the mound with. 56000. In the coliseum in case hill and the young perhaps not dump them into firepower in the bullpen isn't there's something about. The 1989 team and I. That players are going to be available there have been a little bit of they're paying tribute today to 8019 tonight they're gonna have will parade around the warning track Lara got. And that's docile very cool yeah I just hated I remember Laura was when their earthquake happened in red watch the game and that was just you know how many times yeah yankees Mets or you know it in state rival. Gay you know World Series like that we had it knew was marred by the are quite. Knowledge there's no doubt about amidst these tragic uniting give people that were at the game at a young ever but nobody really realized at first Howell who you know how devastating a really want us. Especially people that were in the ballpark. It's just yet it's it's scary. It remain really hits. My father worked at the Alameda naval supply center and heating get home to 1130 so he would take the cypress freeway. Home which collapsed and I got to tell you that that that's one of the worst days and how I was I was a youngster. One of the worst days of air you know sit there with my mom with a garage opened. No cellphones it dead time. What you know wonder if pops. You know whereas yet in a hit man. And at the end and now you call. They are tip well they're accident has not been in any out sometimes even text doesn't go through early start you know let's go up. Up here and I on the call can't go through. Penske auto sales not come Tex I 95. JD did you just drop I digest. I was I was only like did I hear. So idea that he needs the Jolo a shout out to the morning Jana. Yeah Joseph load the hips and a the chase Manhattan but in my reorganize Cody Billick Dexia Stephen and look at all these guys and yeah. Big big time calls Villa in a lab coat did a good job that the pro all right he is a problem can afford it didn't it look for a worker with coast we hit it. We haven't matched up yet. Could hear back and I we we match up now you're Denny the million. For millions and local long time that I've got a lot to show our pride and more shows echoes that. May be anybody here did referred the echoes as the sitcom dad did and that's what my son he did that. I I think compliment I I co hosted. With those I produced with close. I've bored out of KO style ethos that's how old I'm getting not unlike all kinds of different levels that goes over over the years. Outcome and a look let's get to our next guest it's a pleasure. To be joined by Tim Flannery of course the easy. Three time World Series champion third base coach of the San Cisco giants longtime baseball man musician. Eyes analysts now this guy's an involvement everything up planned takes a lot for coming on the show we really appreciate it. You're. Doing well and at a time we were just talking about you know. Giants today's. Coliseum. 56000. On hand I know you're you're down in San Diego when the other that plane at the old Jack Murphy stadium and it became Qualcomm and everything a coach in there. The source of the special when you get those old football stadiums jam packed with a lot of people on a Saturday night. Absolutely no you know our generals what ballet at. Well I'll look at chart Odeo almost. Or go low stadium so all I guess they are stadiums that are that they went to all barge that. Out shot special. To be art and that it's louder. Ever heard stagger so it should be at night. A great night. Your gut bomb garter on amount they're going get it opera or reopen today. They give you look at the game last night and you know burst votes she kind of challenged the team make it came out dale before the game be challenged team that really played better. And and you know there are certain times a year or more a manager a go to that card poached you know doesn't do an off day and but or what do you think the way they responded last night really plan what they're cleaner games of the year overall in trying to build. A little bit of momentum toward really get themselves and in the race. You should try it first ball coach and he'll go one. An alleged burglars or other say you get you out a little great being able or pretty today. But you'll go to Google won I. When it most. All our. I get to game seven against secure Leroy Hill. So are. There yesterday. They understand. The process so the race. Yeah I understand they're. You know down there in. All of that in each edit. July or night we're in Los Angeles. And our. All the guys together after batting the city had been moderator. Early yet these elderly care up oral. I that it looked Olmert to radio America remark sir let the guy another guy kill German art. It was just like they are where she says and before coach that you disagree let router here. So we got a look around a room in Syria out here we got a chair shot special. But you're gonna any order another Errol we we got just got to start tonight. That's not moment. To reenter the World Series we wanna. Thirtieth chair out the door we share Diego on the last energy and they lost it in a row we thought among the last bit secret. And it ran a sport so you hear not a guy that is very up there. But he doesn't understand that the doctors are all. You know that achieved at deep and they've gotten better Colorado or six or row. That that they. Are going to be in the middle of Arizona. Joseph and that's occurred Coptic I think Ariel chuck war by Earl ballclub we try to get you play. Well how you're gonna win at last I would record outlook giants baseball. Where. Adding dog. Troops are doctor about smoker runner got to sacrifice fly or. Great starting treachery and denigrate bull trend that's a recipe for the giants wedding and end they all eager. Our and it seemed like they they all body actuary edit realize it and start but we talked about being a veteran club we talked about much. Status to couples ready and we know what to do better watch while one child a year only coached to say they've veteran club. You know what first poster girl now now I could do it go it looked good I'm anxious or Shia they stated. But he. Good job doing that somehow I love all stolen their coached at. Just a year appear like sixty year in order to ever have a meeting. Do when your number what church started it really makes you look spark shot but. I. He had TW EE you're on fire and you're correct with everything you're saying about the giants I've been telling JD. No other team to me has had to deal with the injury situation whether it be an everyday player our rotation. Like the giants so they got while what they set out for a spring training right in front of them only four games out. And people that may come down my road to him because I said you know what the judge don't need a player. And out come on say the names. Buster Posey McCutcheon in bail Crawford the wrong doing OK but with Corky is enhancing in what they give and you. I just feel like and I'm not blaming anybody. If the other four that I mean it's in the veterans. Can maybe just get hot at the same time this team can take off but yet giant fans tell me I'm criticize impose the or McCutcheon and I'm not. But if they can just take it up one little or two or levels Tim I think this team offensively can take off. Well they care but yeah they are to dale archer ER. The we're like it or hero I hear very you know all that more report by game got you game got. With a month ago and I let go at every place I went somebody table try harder. And I say. Oh so we just played our Bernard or game and we were just ordered a motion or worked well. We got to try harder now. I would actually get sushi bar that I can't ever go again over ocean beach because they sit down and that you should just recognize it and they kept saying try harder you get I try harder. Well I shot at bad lie which. Life boutique. I ordered life and maybe I. Just like to tackle all we don't have that we don't have that. We don't have that I got up looked at the state should help a lot harder. And I walked out the door got well why are we gonna go to know oh we're really get back here because got you got you guys who played art. They've all sort of fell right try to car ride everybody go out there buddy but people lit street built history much street history. They just thought. You can always go around starting up or we want to go chip chip. It would club that was champ it would scare it would young guys it would young guns they gonna develop. You got develops or rock ring. Stratton Garnett late Veronica but he got. Out and Mary pat Slater elaborate oral. Williams' original. They have got a really my job developing young players order future our young pitchers out. In the middle of stroke competing each curling and develop what. We got crushed beer and L player and a great. Developing them for years to come now you didn't touch you mention buster. Up buster what he. Oh had a lost in straight. Sure injury or each. The power sliding up the you know to rerun bought it just. But also Jane. Great pitch caller you also become a better catcher Danny was what he graduated like baton or he'll be stronger leg. Our carry this gave her a couple much. Well Pletcher who rewrite the odor the guy that how are they just chain and put. Are under our Taylor got there are 606063. Game I believe. If it. They know how to do it so it didn't do it during a certain air. That you and air that you need to get a daughter had altered I promise you won't be a black elk. Tim Flannery our guest here on 957 game Tim I want to ask here just. About the the baseball code we we were having this discussion about you know if the guy flips his bat or or if maybe a couple of your guys are getting hit. You know somebody else on the other side might get drilled. How what I wanna know is. Duke teams really keeps score and win winning is winning this somebody need to get here take me through that process of what constitutes okay. A team has to pay back is it is it a coach tell an acquired some players take on their own it explain to me that whole dynamic. And duke teams get a nor aid let's say with may be. At the opposition pitching inside the pitching inside recklessly. Absolutely and if you pitcher side recklessly and then the other team Castro let you know a jury heard the picture I recklessly. They're a little that you used to remind you love it. And outweigh the picture won't make a mistake in shot I'd leave it over late. And hopefully give up so big yet a leader so. And that should not all school 00 now permit our idea guy. Gamble Jim I I I. Also and I live I got Obama here by by all bark ordered up short. Expect their prior order in our meals are all that it's just that. Yeah art when you go all all I got it back market object. OK let's put you on hold for cycle but general you set the phone down we'll come back at its in flight and I don't flip phone I'll love it our I got real look at our spirits so that's why you put John Paul welcome back it's not the takes him. I did the stop ticket durable good route Johnson that was. Did Stefano less in the IO of the Johnson apology they have developed these young guys you talked about Rodriguez and I think. I have not given them their jets do want that JD. They they have and that it they have been a little bit more of twofold at that's what I. Like we've talked about it in different shows. They're a veteran team but they also have guys there still kind of in the middle other crime. But they also do have young players that that are coming up. On the pitching side. Not as much on every day outsider. But McCutcheon is in right Longoria is a third now in the mean the rest of their infield is is all guys you'd like to have been Cortese was a fight it's they don't have it daughters of one. Young guy that's coming up. You know as far as hitting side goes by. And they they've been more. Pena the end and kind of developing at the same time and I think they've they've been given credit for each year I think there's this thought of one old stale and an eye on that's kind of what you know obvious. You know but but what the giants decided they couldn't do is absolutely flat out stink and Deval they count wanna have their cake and needed to. They wanna be competitive. Which they've been and maybe not playoff competitive. We'll see floor I want also. Develop what the heck yeah and if they get hot and go on a little streak here. They can get what they sent out for are we still waiting for our firm for planet we have playback we got a Coughlin well what are what are we had to do here let's let's let us now. Nick the Nelson that pilots are Tim Flannery back with this here on 957 against lady you gut where we don't we don't need anybody get the ticket. Well are you are speak through high aside jet let everybody know your side and sometime I have a little detour and all that well like I got it. It just cut it we were talking about the the old code and everything in like it I think it's fast city casino the a's and giants had the thing work. You know we can't kind of dropped the baton admired his home run and a couple of giants had been hit in that series that the Friday night game couple guys got hit somebody else got hit Saturday. He hits that the game winning homer in and looks at it nobody really made a big deal about it although panic panic comment didn't miss. Have a good time about it good natured Lee after the game but it became a big topic. On the radio and debate and I'm thinking and like. Wind which is enough enough for a team verses that whatever that I was just having fun. However even an issue. The backdrop. In the clubhouse that was all he media related. And it'll stride shall segment such voters they're radio he did you. But site that other browser that. Drop a dot. That that would let me go to a problem that would not that was pure emotion that. And all are as part of it. As a pinch hitter in a league where they don't you pinch hitter so a lot so I might be dispersed pressure Eric I don't know. It would sure follow me here. Up. Are you know players will will. Occur chi. And the core players. Okay term. Goal. I. I I regret picture Robert durst. Or they're out of oil luring I try to reach. Tiger cheat and try. Straight eight. Interest climb by summer you get hurt doing you know. A lot of that got to go and broader way I do well but. You're not even out for the pitcher inside that that's the order to reassert. They've Lewis cardinal. Went or live by that there pitcher I better go water pitcher side. Good it is accurate temperature inside recklessly. Well you're gonna order and make sure that you know that we don't appreciate that because you can lose the Longo could lose. A layer down the stretch especially now under next you are that all that. But it elevator. You know. We all shot and and then start a record in one year later you're Turk street got a mark if you're gonna BO pay people back and actually. You know the rule sliding and things like doubt ordered back get back got taken out got to find other ways to do I especially if there. If you remember back the beard or not what are back a year ago there there are in error. You're trying to pick out people. All doctors stretching or logical block by over which Leonard didn't have time or try it over to a guy or their current blow or anybody got an all our. Do you weigh over yet shot straight over that it did it picture. Go back I. You know on the big screen on breach AG. You got summed it appears but I need your picture up at all or your eligible picture page such. Sure are Strasburg last night. Away go down shuttles are nobody can see it. Nobody can assume any day. Because that Halperin who all bare all love. In trying to beer at the bigger on the bench brought a bit I quieter crossed the country. It happened cultures elaborate for coaches and managers. Culture art that Oreo cart sixteen year relationship. But that's our. I don't think you can just make everything black light failure to edit its old goat since you'll. You broke your somebody. I don't I don't think it clear cut anybody up Herbert. I think doctor all my goal a factor at all low would without all that literature striker actually try to shoot it. They are in jail about pretty and well. Really there'll be you or intranet are very good. Remand is best served cold Buick Rudy get the right partner and then it's got orchard air or. Altered or rely guards are. What do managers they go to meet our relationship coach out at all these other characters called affect the anger that they're very. Or are there out there do we do you know. Yours are all conversation. Un un a lot of our a lot of which you should these days because the older two year old amateur or older and older. Plainly appreciate the time that's great stuff tremendous insight and a now all of this in enjoy the ballgame tonight enjoy the series in its stay away from the cop slammed. Well there are are there are so we're so I regret our. I would do it thanks a lot darker. I Tim Flannery joining us here on Sunday by 72 page on tickets and they're the good results overall non here on 95 cents me. For the giants and the game is right here study found seventeen from coliseum 6051 pitch. We are with you for the next hour it's John Dick Frances FitzGerald guru Johnson right here in 957 game. The giants behind Madison Bob garner have Stephen dug her. Brandon belt injure McCutcheon. Brandon Crawford Buster Posey Pablo sand of all Alan Hansen. Hunter Pence is the DH. Gorky Hernandez is in left field so that's when all belt is back after taking a one day paternity leave. The are out congratulations to Brandon and his wife. On the birth of their son yeah second son their best second son yesterday. So belt has. Can miss as many as three days that he's gonna miss one and he's back in the fold and I what do you make a better. So far so good he's been okay. One thing it's a little bit of the minutia type of thing the one thing I haven't exactly love this is when he's went for spoke to drop the down. In the line up. Against lefties. I I think it's probably better to just leave them in and no doubt if he's elected hitter but he gets lefties both you drop them like the seven. In the lineup piece put chased Arnault at the top and darn those been good couple home what happens is late in the game. It. Puts them at which almost added disadvantage if if those do don't yet in their spots. Early in the game got him then darn those got to face a righty late in the game and that's that's curtains is not what you want against a against league you know lecture me are trying to simulate that in you don't want obviously it's cute dog or matched up with Dan and that that sentenced by news that the minutia thing that. So far like what I see with with Doug here. He looks defensively really good he's hit the ball hard. I'm sure. At some point the legal figure amount they'll have to adjust back to me that's baseball happens that's baseball there's nothing better JD there when you have a prospect in the comes up. And he's leading off and examine some some success. There's no better fill and then that homegrown feeling you know yeah and let's look at the bigger issue that Johnson had issues of lefties anyway really since Longoria has been out as far as if they selected pitching. I think their lineup looks better if you're just make it a comment during the break I don't like their lineup Qaeda. And and I look at it in I think there. I think they're lining up against a right handed pitcher looks better than it does he selected a picture. I'll put it that way it's Hanson instead of all those guys hit against right handed pitchers. Pretty well blogger can be in that leadoff spot to that enhances it a little bit so I I like death DA's line at Ximian Kana. Jet Lowery Chris Davis Stephen to Scotty. Olson drops down to sixth against the lefty Bob garner Chapman seven Chad Pinter who hit a homer and gets bombed garner. Last Friday night and easy guided them likes the Bob Melvin likes to have him in the lineup against lefties he plays left field and Josh thank the leak. Is catching so blue crate to it's the night off before the big game tomorrow. 105 which Johnny Quaid on the mound again Shimon diet so Lou cry would figured attachment Diana. Tomorrow and Trevor Cahill. Is on the map long I mean look at day is they bring the lumber memo gonna have to be employed tonight and I don't know where you stand you know random here on the DH rule but there is some than I do get excited about examine National League guy. When the National League is to add that accurate that the line it just looks that much more sixty doesn't always that way to defend Saudi government is giant one. You know surmised that town he reads giants' lineup guru immediately strong it's not town east Marty's. It's JD John Dickinson. And I said strong. Even before we got back from break about. The giant line up and the reason I say it's strong was effective. They had that not pitcher batting they had the DH. And these are the nights I like the he and it's just I've but I am looking at speeds under tents in the eight spot of the game and that really that's grown. OK after you reflect how about it Longo was back. In Pablo was PH Shannon will be a lot of combatants think (%expletive) Alberto well I don't Iraq in their but that's about the lineup. But Alan Hunter Pence has been okay Stetson I mean aren't Hunter Pence hasn't been OK overall for years you think he has left that he actually. Can play baseball. I think this could be while. I think could be he's at the David West time. He's out he's he's fifty if he wants to next year. I mean if he wants to play next year it's minor league contract an invitation to spring training. I mean that's yet. A candle and he keys on the minor league contract route if he wants to keep playing he doesn't have to necessarily keep line. Fears and he's got a great. Who's gonna go to John Harris who won you know as for your injuries mess them up and he has had some big hits. I don't know now you know in his career in any industries are a couple of one of the best bad ball hitters ever. In in in situations for the giants needed. Nothing dinner rally keep Colin but the thing with the giants you couldn't have him and Austin Jackson Bono though. I'm not a big for these two guys were fairly plain actually liked that signing. But I liked it what happened. It just it didn't work out he couldn't. If he had all the right center field they showed how though they wouldn't play him other places it was just it was job. It was odd didn't fit in can't you guys like he did tick I get why they signed him they signed him because. They didn't feel they can trust Cortese Hernandez to play a lot wrong they signed him because. They they signed because they didn't think they can count on Hunter Pence. Any hit eating at left handed pitching. While last year so that you play some good senator and me and I thought he can be guided EO I think the original belief was he was gonna place in center and Doug was gonna eventually come out of place in center. Well bloggers here now. Austin Jackson's no longer here pence has been of the two. The L Jackson was at least tradable pence nobody's taken payments in trade so you trade Jackson. And Gorky Hernandez is played well enough to where you don't mind India out there every day which is Cassie a mug orchestra at the giants as well.