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Saturday, July 21st
JD and Guru talk some NBA offseason, NFL protests, and more with NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors Insider Monte Poole (@MontePooleNBCS)!

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John Dickinson derelict Rupert Johnson with you until 4 o'clock. Right here on 957 became were scheduled to be joined by Monty pool at the bottom of the sell 1 o'clock hour he's coming up a 130. Tim Flannery is gonna join yes. Coming up at 230 bring in the heat and John morrow city at 330 Wilcox of trade deadline the jurist Familia trade. Is finalized. Getting closer to be finalized that Jane Lee reporting that as well a couple of New York reporters and columnists are saying. Bob Bobby wall a right handed pitcher that's been in AAA he was up a little bit last year with the ace he's a reliever. They attended the net sway in this deal for familiar city he's being proactive. And getting a reliever to try and shorten the middle games. And that's work formed up into this point what what they've had to perfection that he got to think. You don't regard relievers got murders broad now JD well let me just and it does do is you know trying in and intervene hour. Our proven commodities he you know they they've been really did but the other thing adding another reliever does is if one of those guys starts to slip a little bit. Now you've got. A dad it's been a closer in familiar and they got its had a lot of saves and again it's a playoff game lot of pressure in New York debt and a dad it's been yeah and dealt with the pressure New York so I think. Avant that veteran presence. Is important too because you know intervening could struggle trivial yet he's got great stuff but it. You know he hasn't been in a pennant race he's coming out of nowhere trying to it's always had a lot of our but this is the first series really come together. And I it's all happened and form and he is in the starting rotation a couple of years back. With the national. Yeah I see him pitch JD right now for the a's trying to and then I'm like how the hell did the nationals let him go the two are right. They didn't give return on the investment our ally. Light DA's or didn't because I mean expectations were there for him and he didn't meet him. Yeah itself it's if it's a deal where you don't look NEA's have guys they like obviously had tried him before. I think have guys they like and they never they never stray too far away. From the that the guys at that that they like in in knows your particular situation let's switch gears. And talk a little bit of NBA. I'm here on 957 McCain DeMarcus Cousins introduced. On Thursday at a press conference in downtown Oakland. And I just I mean it's another example guru of of the rich getting richer. It just seems like this is the perfect fit with cousins rehabbing the injury. Not be able to play early on in the season. We have in his image for maybe gonna make sure he's a 100% before he gets on the court or at least as close to a 100%. As can be expected. And also opening up an opportunity for some of the bigs to play the younger bigs for the warriors to play. And just less pressure on cousins to perform in port up raw numbers. Then would be there if he was on another team if you thought. Another team it would be got to come back immediately only five of fifty got to put up twenty yet got to put up twenty and ten at least an otherwise your shot. None of those things are employing now for DeMarcus Cousins that it takes the pressure off him. And none of those things are play for the warriors. Which I think just ads of the benefit of what they may have twenty do itself. Yeah and the beat you novice can dim and all the other GM's own I think you did cousins but understanding JD they're not in the situation the warriors orient. Which means they cannot take chances that the warriors can't. And this is a perfect situation for to mark his. And you talk about numbers he knows he's not going to be able to produce to meet the numbers. They would give him that name his next contract. If pharma GM omelet and how he's moving is he laboring. You that you you know it it is the all the way back horse close to what he was when he was with the pelicans so this is a win win. And this is here goes this is the borrow. If he's anything close to what he was. In New Orleans this will be. The best starting five out ever laid my eyes and the fact that that's a possibility. For this rich team. This combat them back trying to go Pat Riley with the three peat. This this terror that they were able to make this happen. And again I was mad at magic in the rest of the GMs but they're not in position to give out scholarships and opened their Bible and light a candle and hope that this guy can retarded that to that form because if he didn't JB. They they would look bad on those G. Look I think DeMarcus Cousins wanted. He wanted to be one he was her yet he Giuliani Huckabee won it yet is free agency. And I think he was in a position where. He wanted a better contract beanie got. Originally obviously I I think he thought he may have to take a one year deal. But I think he thought eight contender. That had money disband. Was going to offer him the one year fifteen million dollar deal the one year twelve million dollars and after the injury. Even after the injury I doubt I think that's one and again I'm I'm not. God I'm trying to get in his head but I but my belief is that's it he wanted to team like the lakers to be like the markets. We want you did we want you to rehab when loss we want you come in what LeBron. We want you to be one of our course stars. We're gonna trying to take down the glory years the money here's the money it's gonna be a one year deal if your healthy work side in. We're signing in to a huge steel a year from. An opponent Rick. And point it into Marcus alluded to this. He could have waited and probably. Received a bigger offer from. A lesser team. But he says forget I'm not gonna wait around for a ten million dollar offer from. A bad team I. Let's take a five billion dollar offer from the best he can play in playoff games and play a playoff games and win a championship. And here we are sold the jokes on all the contenders. That continue to get it wrong when trying to compete. With the warriors and beat the warriors OK all these teams complain and people fans they're comply. Well. A group together to become nobody does right. Yeah the rockets are worried about Carmelo free get a that he for crying out loud if he's gonna help no I don't he stinks come at the meets I tell you what the you know what. I that he won't go all for twelve like a reason did in the most important game. Of your franchise he won't you do you want your right a lot more to give the rockets are more credit for looking at mob moute and and a reason or that rail up against the war years. Or times that you guys got we did what we asked do you guru your right. He will not go oh for twelfth. He'll go four for twelve cuff front and if he gets matched up on Durant to Randall go ten for twelve. And just cook. This he states he can't play defense. He eats. The rockets are gonna be. A significantly. Worse deep offensive team then they were and I don't think any level of offense is gonna be able to offset. See I'm wondering it if they felt like they needed to get better offensively to beat the warriors. Bong and that they had him up 32 and that's a fair thought that you're going to be worse defensively. Well they are now we don't even know what's up with cappella but I'll say this. That's a relic capella it's the other thinks I'm a guy you norm random JD. Who had it worse. In regard to timing Isiah Thomas. Who whose hip injury came up and we thought he was gonna get that Max deal. Or cousins have been the Achilles this cease cousins. Put Isaiah looks like he'll never even remotely be close to getting offered that money. Yeah they did that Brad Stevens had a ready to do it. Unfortunate. Unfortunate for him any kind of makes you. Understand Michael why didn't come back if if it was forgive me I know forgive me I'm I'm trying not to say oh no I'm what I'm. And I guess not one I'm trying not I don't feel that bad for eyes outcome I just don't. And I'm I'm I. Is he a selfish player yes this is not a percent. Were you surprised at the success he had in Boskin. Or is it wrong for yes that was a byproduct of Bret Stephens office you're not wrong I was surprised. That he was able to play that well and they were able Wynton. And they were able win at the level that they were able win but but every single player they had around him was. Complimentary of him on he was in a good situation he's in deep. Only situation. Where he can do that and win. The only one. I kind of feel bad for a guy like damn but he got a job so we can improve also this I mean I. I don't that is. Career earnings in front of me but I mean it's it's right around thirty million dollars also reared him Oca which is you know even with him which is not much else. Which is I mean that's I mean he when Yates thirty million I know is he's played better. In his career. Then that thirty million more it's. So hot so. All say that. But he's heard more than that based on the way to he's play. Yeah and his buddies save time and I don't have a sincere guy and I don't really feel bad for a gutsy but you know is that makes does that help anecdotal sense is that fair is that to heart no that's fair enough daylight you know. He wasn't the greatest scorer in Sacramento. So I felt like Matty got over. He he got the exposure. And that parlayed into another job and on and selected was remotely what he was embossed day today. 9579570. AAA 9579570. Money pool coming up. At 130. More of your phone calls coming up as well it's John Dickinson mr. Lugar Johnson here and and if I submit that we can hear. John Dickinson Gerald Cooper Johnson until 4 o'clock AAs and giants battled day. Is game two hours of game five volts it's ball it's game two of the three game set at coliseum it's game five of the six game. Interleague season series which is six consecutive games on the schedule the all star break in between. We are with few until 4 o'clock it'll be. I'm Rick tittle coming your way at that point as well Monty pool scheduled to join us coming up here in about ten minutes Tim Flannery and John row seat. On the program as well 889579570. AAA. Now I'm 57957. You're talking a little in BA. From the Penske auto sales dot com text line though guru people are concerned about you. You're you're taken some heat that day and this one guy the Buster Posey ended that then people a bit than people are also shown either love vote. As well for a way to school Revver get a day off he has to be James Brown. A sports talk radio. That's getting to know that's pretty good it was incorrect show business. All my eggs. Rubbed off the. So glad you got odd man our message so did IE the GAJ brilliant and attendance is it to re going to be back at 10 o'clock. We have Monday yet but I get some day tomorrow off day tomorrow goals one day diets and India and you'll be back that was tiny idea. Back with our guy our guy didn't sit at noon that was studied this week I. Doesn't matter where. Could cut it out I planned my schedule around that I let us itself which. So for totally selfish on my part that in my mind was stand almost feel bad by saying this but I think you need some closure. The guy the crash the car the Buckeyes you that it can be is this morning. I just saw picture a largely us yet it looks like a pro it'll expand I don't think I've ever seen a car that messed up so. The not get it yet and yet they're not good if yes he missed the beginning of the show was a little bit was there is a little bit angry show stars. But no idea but or. Working through it we're working through it then begin work we're not even halfway through about an hour and fifteen are eighteen and this thing right here. On your phone calls coming evidently I was coming in from from wall a creek and it's usually about 2830 minute drive into the city. He's cruising beautiful Saturday all right rob it's like. Somebody decided they're gonna get a high speed chase. On 24 and two hours and five minutes later. I ended up on a JD comes down. Stumble I think it's gonna do it yet made it a more just more often run these British British show up complained that. No batting practice no pregame warmup and I raise the show comply. Mike in Sanford Cisco joins us on the phone lines here on 957 game hit Mike are you. Mike well Mike didn't wanna wait. And I might slide open for UA Tripoli 9579570888. Now I'm 579570. Mike can if you wanna. Give us a call back or will give chip back in the rotation here on 9570 were talked talked a lot MBA. Look we're talking about earlier a little bit and we got to find different. Discussion point. I only can meeting the lakers have done. Only eating the lakers have done other than Simon projects. I don't like them bring in Caldwell Pope back. Why I don't score I don't play. I don't like to Rondo signing. I just I look at that I just don't like it it's an odd mix of players they. Don't seem to complement each other now well don't seem to be all that balance the big question was going to be. Who's going gate. Be let go to bring in Kauai Leonard well men who islander plane in Toronto now what do that was the big move that was yet DeMarcus Cousins mention his ace of spades. Well the lakers Asus fades was go get coli littered. And Adam for a year and then re sign him to a peak time contract that put him on LeBron together what happened. I just look at the IR DAs and look at the lakers Olympic didn't you get enough sun okay yeah LeBron and a bunch of you don't get more. Talent than it cavs it then yes. Yeah I think you have more talent a lot more JD what is it. Did the pieces fit. And I just I feel for Dallack Luke Walton to does that mean Luke Walton says. Well what if you know he's he's probably to have these camper. It's about how do you make bet that those peace well that's his job -- point is he better do it or else and I was Scott I think got told study. Phil Jackson out they are lurk in but it could this be too big of a project for young Luke Walton and will seek. But you've cited the cast last year he played with two teams and got the second team they only had a half a season to play with to the finals you look at that young Laker roster. I can't believe they last Randall the JD LeBron. Is a I don't give it but in years 1615. He's playing like he's in his prime. I expect the lakers to be better than the cast I expect the lakers to be fourth or fifth seed in the west I don't know how but I will say this. If you told me when the rockets announced the signing a Chris Paul and with that marriage work between Harden and Paul. People were saying no way inhale just like you said the Laker new you know this mix. And guess what he worked aware they got the number one seed. So are you. What show me. In the I'll say you know what. I looked at it wrong but they can LeBron have a lot of young talent and now some veterans to mix it up and give ugly. Don't don't underestimate the key Lance Stephenson another one link can play. Can't shoot down. He got to have shooters if LeBron it's gonna be your guy you gotta have shooters and I guess issuer can shoot. Man whose McCann shoe better. Skakel that you did Morton LeBron can shoot you need more guys can take the heat LeBron can't be year your main Schumer. LeBron can't be your car well well. He's there and gone awry he originally I was being so open down 38% but he's dimensional on this team right now. He's up and down it's just there's not enough. I just I just don't like the mix and you've got Rondo gonna play in maazel ball how does acted affiliate. Will he could be assured Alonso had the low. Meniscus that deal but they say he'll be ready for training can bigger so you Rajon Rondo to come and play I would run here and run your team. I didn't understand. Let's get to frank in San Francisco frank is on 95 cent a gaming frank. Eric. Or talk about the warriors fortune and DeMarcus Cousins at the time that they yeah. I think what the biggest concern partners like his humility. And they're sitting on the bench or in the culture there's gonna benefit the warriors. Locker room in the chemistry in a big way. You think you'll ever get a Max deal. I'll think you'll be able social type of numbers on the warriors and but you'll you'll buy it for being a ballplayer I think papacy and trying to find a way on the bridge and so I think you know I'm excited about the warriors. Are really concerned about OK feet under the not so much of the rockets anymore. And I mean depending how compatible it. But yet keep the lawyers. Got pretty fortunate with content in now way as far as that you know eagle. So that followed the proper. Thanks a lot frank appreciate the phone call I think it it's gonna help the markets cousins career being around the warriors no doubt he may not get a Max deal again. Just based on the timing in any injury in the lack in numbers that are unfortunately for him that may not happen. But I do think he. As long as he has the right mindset coming into this season. He is going to learn things about the game and about a team and about how to be a winner. That should. Positively affect him. For the rest of his career whether that's from Steve Kerr and Bob Meyers and drain on green and Kevin Doran Stefan curry Klay Thompson and egg olive Livingston. This should be almost like. Taken a college course he felt as far as his career goes in. How to be a pro how to appeal winner how to be champions. Sophia is the right mentality. I think ID kit kid. Said his career. Just off in a great light once he leaves the warriors after that. Great points and right now. What's the other alternative he has no leverage right. He can't beat the DeMarcus Cousins that was in Sacramento to where you know the office and everything went through him. JD he's honest I don't wanna say in his last life but this dude injured. There obviously was not aligned for his service is so his reputation. It is probably what scared some people off so he's a basketball heaven now and he has to. Be a good soldiers I like to say and we're gonna see the best of them because like cast speed. And you know they're not equal in talent could you believe the markets 'cause that has never played in a playoff game well look that's that's that's Cordoba told us. Have that on your alleged he was going to play in a playoff game last year got me. And and again the whole the whole DeMarcus Cousins is an a winner. You know conversation well always needed to become a winner was one full season away from Sacramento and so let's just let's be real about it. Is he was in line to be on a playoff team and playing playoff games last year had he not. In intra that the pelicans like to what they had with him Abbott and now he's saying dale do you have to say one thing he's and it that there wasn't. The offer you know given. I don't know what's going on there. I dig them. The pelicans I I get the pelicans are coming from on him. Because of the injury and because of the fact that. When they added Mirotic they became a big. I'm because he's a better fit and Davis inlet and honestly they're kind of cheap franchise. But they're kind of a but there a franchise that like pelicans get a break up the on the Brinks truck for for. Three Max players. Like a patent attorney don't forget it Rondo. Alfred yeah. He's okay. Did I have is that general Graham's I didn't go there well he's their guard now he's their prime he's OK Amanda when you say cheap. Rondo seemed like he knew what was going earned him. Let's get to shot at Fremont here and ninth on life I just say let's go to professor professor at San Jose was up first here and 95 cents in the game hey professor. JD. Get a chart do you. Then. If you work forever forever and ever I'm so excited about this season. Not a concern mr. Lambert next year we all know that Michael Potts and is poised lakers. He would quickly sign the long term. Contract. Any worries that claim may be going to the lakers and then it letter from Toronto the big super team. Well that would do what how how well. Lot concerned argue it out real doubters that just urban legend and there's don't you guys are a lot closer orders that I am. Second question completely unrelated I just heard. I sows doubt about was Eric Greg do it no longer or greater going to be. Brad must burger I wondered comment on this why that happened what happened as the second part. Stakes professor appreciate the phone calls for a grade first. I think it's unfortunate ID. Greg Papa is as good as it gets as far as play by play man it really any sport on modern day deal keen for me and I think it's unfortunate. As far as the the how and the why. I modeling Greg explain all of that Monday Michael he wants to 12 o'clock on Monday right here on 95 cent in the game I think it's unfortunate. Only use DeMarcus Cousins quote only he and Mark Davis now -- what happened you know market aid. Only they know what what that relationship is some like great speak from self on his. But the big the rally and you lose out this season that haven't pop. On the call I know why do I used to listen to him it I don't know if the 12 o'clock hour in midnight where they've never raiders in sixty. Did you hear that enthusiasm. Of president. I didn't Obama miss them on the ms. Koppel Nicole. But that's my take on net and as far as you know quite Thompson those you never know it's unreal but if you're warriors fan. If you were you stand. You get another rain it's simply decides to leave I mean that's. Not exactly in the world just next to that we get we get money pool ready to go. NBC sports Bay Area warriors insider body takes a lot for coming on governor John Dickinson a terribly eager Johnson here and 957 game. Or what I would just roll it out because we just took a call and rather than have us respond a ditch your take on this. Klay Thompson. Is he a Golden State warrior beyond 2090 that the 2019. Season next season. Are sectors that there's quite heavily so. Recruiting year they're basically everything it's rather sit down again. Force certain percent to change but based on what I heard from both of them. And looking at the big picture I think so I think clear understands that. It be really tough for chemical someplace else. And be able to endure the same level of success it's terrible the warriors. I don't think they click craved being number one guy somewhere else because you rhetoric or more money someplace else. So we'll have all the inspectors and it into the mix I just. Yeah I'd I'd if you work leaves I would be surprised but yeah mind if I had to bet what are the other I would bet at this point that what the states. How you think in the end and gave what state interstate. A or political or discount but that list of America. Okay how how. Intrigue do you think he is by what's going on in LA now that we kind of know what's you know what the end game is at least for this season. As far as what that what the lakers are gonna do is that you think that's something that intrigues Timmy takes a look at or it's too is now. I like to hear about to have some fun and roll with what we've got. But that's right I think you like words news. Like spree lives like biblical home without Albie will divergent where he lives. And and yeah I think you also understand that going home. If not always what it's cracked up to be you know you'll simply felt that you would you would you grew up in April baldor. And a little bit and Ford and you know it at the saint Hewitt. I think clay likes to be a little bit removed. From from LA electricity can remember that whatever he wants. Got to play Portland the year. I think that's enough for him a few feet of lives spared Peter played here. I don't think he craved the spotlight to that would what were removing the LA if you were to go let's go lakers. Most I don't come to making that move from the warriors would be enormous amount that you want any part of it either. Money I don't mean to blind side you but our respect yet to the point to a follow you on Twitter and there's a lot going on in our country I don't have to tell you that. And there are a lot of times I'll follow your feet and you unlike a lot of people will speak out or just you know voice your concern over those so matters. And I say on that to say. Can you explain to me why you think when you look at the NFL and in and how. Divisive this and the main issue is in. And how other hand the more than that right now in the and the players are fighting the owners in the and you look at the NBA and I never thought as to why. Why is the NBA do when it right I guess is that just simply because they they're they let their players express themselves. How would you answer that question. I think the first remembers that about though that. That the players remain NBA elect partners. Within hours. I mean owners and by that Cuban player since that. Each player in the NBA basketball operations. They have a bigger slice of the decision making it would be like applies. They have a better relationship with the ownership that I believe it though you played them up almost two or sweaters. And that's where it starts you know you're her best puck well are you know what I describe your beer hourly. Hourly not barely during your Mets arguably belonged to belong to me owners. And I think that's where it starts the fact that you know so well you know like India guys that nobody hurt you Lleyton that well. First of all debate and opinion at all in India is that the NBA. And it has established that they are collective bargaining that this is not part of deal. Well yeah Google backing it and then that candidate to go be a change but it's it was something again the players were partnered that's part of that deal. They were they are told this is what you will do this will you be would this argue will be taped it'd do bishop didn't go out. Bit that's not what happened between the players stemming owners. Rip that are both sides got together and that was one of during a bit of cuts back. Years ago so. But that's a person thickening and yet. The NBA it's much more. Progressive in terms of groups. What the with the weight the most recent epic tackle. They're much more open about it and maybe they've done more drinks a chart you'll in the work. In their degree period in India ownership doesn't in new in decommissioned. What to do but you you understand why they're doing it you know earlier this and they're also. In the NBA you know a largely black lead. No they can't they can't do that and expect. Players. Took. Good to come up all the lines expect players that get along the program the players have to be apart the program and this go back and debate which started working with the commissioner. And they'd be I guess and Satan made them but coaches decision. To promote individuals. Millions of what that felt the lakers look. This league will about Michael Larry and then in the end and the magic and you know Malone Stockton ultimately it was about a player individual players. And that's what brought this week back from. Noble but the point where it's where it is now I mean you go back 3040 years and let the met where. We'll have the NBA title games are on tape delay it it would have been holed it from bill what part of read that insurgent spark that. Well in the resort. Part of that. Outpouring that that that what we have now is based on. The the fact that report promoting individual players and their goalies are still are talents so you know so days they don't do that. What do debt and so it's a more suppressed have been burned. You know you're told basically bet there's no need to be crawl rule wouldn't want to play by electoral actual Craig. You know that now in the sport of by any means within the year particular that you broke. It's a bit reveal where. Money is it you know I grew up I'm a big sports fan and football's a big part of my life watching it would my dad in now watch and it was we with my children. And you know I'm telling JD or whoever lists and you know I feel like I'm woke but you know MI out there in the community do and as much as I can't. No I could probably do more and I say that to say. If you have a friend or family member even your self. I've never remotely want Santa. You know this anthem issue I know what's so wrong in I feel sometime away but money come 1 o'clock 2 o'clock I'll watch it knows football games. Can you understand a person now did say ask announcing it on Twitter all the time and asset in my Seve he's saying that but I bits are probably watching the game. Can you understand how somebody can be so turned off with this whole issue whether or not watching the game. Absolutely and a lot of people aren't at the net that deliver right now you know your big start after change but. They buried next don't feel comfortable supporting the league. In watching the game supporting the leak. They're supporting McCain. And when eating in the Indian people talk about the ratings being down there and when. Be certain politicians look what the ratings being down and there's a problem. There are a lot of reasons whether Britain are now. OK it's not any one thing. Because I respect them as post. The programs not that not long ago there that's a mystery six people bulk weight and merit that people on both sides but. But there are people who will not watch. Because. That what they're cute and just when there are people who are determined to watch because that's their name. They're gonna watch it and they wanna watch it so it really is at a point now where. Via metro crime backed up into organized into the power of your approach the court in ourselves and you'd hardly ever see it came so. I mean he left all of our candidates have been sort of survey. When that survey distribute some research two years ago NFL ownership. And at that earning. Like 40% of the opportunity and if so what over eighty years old. I need to eat much at once you get it done what you get their power in their hands and realize that it's purely. That the players are not partners the players are taught to do what you blog where this part of that though. And it did that's still true I mean they're a lot of old owners still today and their you know you look at our. But did not give an opinion BA where Nokia and you're sold and every year notes into your soul when you see blood and yet profitable. But it's not that sentiment jumping NFL where. You all worsening themselves they have so much power. And over the direction of a lead they determine payments and that that's hard to people let go up and I think that's more than that you have to sort out. It's a different thing to deal with in terms of at the consumer. Does decide what you want wouldn't. And out of step that people tell me. That I don't want their own anymore. And that's why. Beaten while I I can't I don't want the way to deal with that you know that the Mets returning players and to the consumer. On the ballot and so I didn't know what in this they would look convictions are worried about. Money what do you think the in game is on top on this Ximian is there some kind of compromise and ides I I looked at at what. Came out as far as the dolphins in. And this policy that they were gonna implement other teams were gonna follow. And it just it it makes me shake my head how how tone deaf. It is stick to war or a point where we're still talking about people being suspended. Health for some kind of a protest what what is ultimately the in game bigger picture beyond. On an anthem protest beyond all of that but between that the league and its players. Well the first what you and I mean if it's hard is the reason why they're still in the they're different progressively further because it is so hard to give up all mighty power. You know when you're in charge you make a decision to dictate the direction. That's hard to back up what you've been doing laughter. Decades and decades and decades you're used to order certificate so we'll light for you Jerry Celtic you can effectively did not have to get back. And so. Terminated it may have to wait until the next what would look to. Department session. Can't end an terminate this this is that we got to be on the table become adults you know they got all the order. Almost that is when that is but you know it come up forward. This has been through because players. Via their varying degrees player of of war that's among the players but. In general. I think you're saying more more players and maybe what are gonna be healing are there will be put it in any way understanding that players have the right to do day. Image can be threatened with job loss a suspension everything like that that it's raw. So he's yet to get you almost to a place where look treated like individuals like men like part that's because with other that are slowly. And while the players know it's true. Or are never let given them Apollo the authority or just sort bet and so. A greater threat to conduct of the players that's really depict there if you know if they know they'll continue. And I in the last group but they willed person who would normally I'll be able to come together every group because. You know no protests works unless there's really concerted effort by the backed group. Do know boycott work unless there's solidarity there have those electric as time go upon it equals ripples that opened in Europe players in the NFL. Money final question for you were taco money pool of NBC sports Bay Area of the basketball question. With what DeMarcus Cousins and the warriors. Who do you think has the most to gain in this the warriors or the markets because I I kind of look at it both ways and that obviously the warriors. It scale it's not gonna be may be stale. But and they can win another championship but I also think of the this experience could be in some ways a career changing one for the markets and a good way. How do you reconcile both ends as far as what there is to gain. Well I mean I think they're much more from the markets began the rest of the way is partly to undergo this. With me. But it Mitch. That and the guys that we mean is detrimental and negative is that. You know you it's good to democracy couldn't have been a technical also they'll go in there and gobbling up individuals on the court would it be a policy or relates. You think of them may be getting an paper particularly critical of what maybe certain that there is an evolving you're wearing and go. I think of it as last year. In New Orleans. The park rebuilt their name in order and Ebert prepared though. I think the record for him in order for Sacramento out there. The men are an environment where we were wearing we haven't set you know everywhere the warriors but I don't. When you're of the situation where you Lou came up today record Damon. You know every every day to play your little things Lebanon is in Brooklyn says that where our people but where I'm a competitor. Where that's what you think that the warriors but what can be part because it would be a little. Bit sister Emma Boehner who oh a chance to rehab it limits. But I don't believe it and it just fully. What's what are their portrait on the police or your your ballpark. But I don't think he'd be older bare. That when people look at him and tremendous. This youth sports and you talk. Ultimately Bart. I don't think he had fair and bring in between out there what better place that the warriors. Who would know that you're gonna about you know Rick and we without. An effect that you want to come here. For part point three million dollar you know like like Kevin Durant when when would you prefer hamburger park what come here. Area type the word Haiti trip for a five million. And every poll here in eagle creek permit public record and go okay what that's already here are we expect that. Yeah great now you know and so that there for democracy different about you know and it will not play up to about them what. Mahdi great stuff always one of my favorite guys to talk to whether it's hoop or it's the NFL or it's just life in general. Always get a real good perspective it M wiest really appreciate the time and enjoy the rescue weekend thank you are are murdered her career all right body fool joining is Sarah busy that I set in the game Ali. Sprayed off fields. With money one of the best John Dickinson Darrell guru Johnson were rolled on here and any facet of the game. And they Saturday afternoon. John Dickinson derelict who drew Johnson. And facet of the game as we are with you until 4 o'clock almost gonna get guru in. On a weekend I liked to have for our spot like that 240 minutes would JD. Yeah and it's and it's it's did you get an opportunity to work with you as well it's it's kind of like good old days here. 95% of the day some some good fun combos 889579570. Triple 89579570. The phone lines are reopened his will be joined by Tim Flannery coming up at 230. And also at 330. It'll be John Rowe seek joining us were toxin baseball as we get closer to the gays end. The San Francisco Giants battle of the bay. The middle game of that series is it'll be Madison bomb garner on the mound against Trevor K hill and 56000. Expected. In the coliseum tonight for the 6051. Pitch NEA's make it move since Gerris Familia is coming over. From the New York Mets the a's bolstering what is already been. A damn good bullpen by getting you guys that that has closer experience at the highest level. And it looks like the days are taken up the millions. Contract I think that 13 million dollars that's a little. That's unlike Billy being. Well it's it's like Billy bean it did it might be unlike the owner I mean he's got other things that I'm sure did but I ride and made a big man and let's be honest. I mean let's beyond that shouldn't be a big deal. They defected Ali is your take on three million dollars in a straight should not not got to a deity I did it it is I'm not rickety but he did it it says it is. When I say that but it should not be a big deal for crying out I just hope they're not done up I like the deal lack of intelligence is strong point. And just like you said guys are gonna be available every game if you need them. But I just feel like there's parts that this club may be a bad. Tests there's something neat that we did I'm like I hope they're not guns when you have the lowest payroll in baseball. And you're willing to take on three million dollars. No I mean no that's on the bag new cougar on I mean yeah of course. Like wait that that's that that's a dividend from Iran is far as I'm concerned when you have a young team. And it pretty good manager that have battled their tails off to put themselves right in the middle of a playoff race as hot as any team in baseball. Before last night's game but I don't give me that the all three million. Standing ovation. You sure as heck better deep end at three million the rest of the way yet and we heard Billy tale a's fans that this team is aren't. You know they've earned the chance to hit to to give inhale it stay in mid it was their job. Billy's job is to go find a way to improve the club in here we are Saturday night. Did to we hear this trade and I'm just wondering too you. Asking you your opinion do you think they're done. I don't think they're done. I don't think they're done I I think they could look to adult a lefty reliever. To kind of balance things out I know they don't put as. Much of a premium on haven't a couple of lefties in their pen immediate and couple points this year they didn't have any lefties in there and Wen Wen spoke to was on the disabled list right now they have to. But. I think you could look to improve on the left side and other kind of situational guy. To go with booked there and I think you also could look at a mid range kind of a starting pitcher may second B Jake at the gram. For yelled I know that the at which it shouldn't be Jacob Graf the death if you lied Lydia. It shouldn't be to take a decry it should be a mid level guys JA happ you know somebody like that that left to throw into the rotation somebody that solid. But better. Than a guy like Brad handers. The really should even be making another start I hate to I mean I hate to be that guy bit. OK Il. He's not he's on the bumped an idol has been better than yeah but he's had his bumps and bruises and I do like it wouldn't Jackson the the a's their didn't I don't wanna say lucky JB but these guys drop a Foreman. You know the bad that they've had their careers. I'm just wondered how long that can last and if you did get to the promised land. If you tell me hey who's pitching game three it's K Il how confident would you legal one up against a club like Boston or New York or Seattle. Not. I wouldn't not great I wouldn't feel great about it but again it's it's not about. Match it up man for man. It's about just didn't Ian at this point that's that's where this team it's it's about Disney's move this team is an added that big big guy is. They're gonna help them match up man for manner on the way. You know that that's that's a puck come back from injury that's a loose Hart oh come on you know coming up make it his way through that through the miners you know that that's. That's where the pitching. Becomes. An asset on the starting side that they end their year away from that may you know maybe maybe a year and a half away from Boca. At this point now will the a's go out and trying to get a veteran starter because they're gonna wind up having a pretty good record at the end this year to Wear their little bit more prepared than they were committed. This season. I think they will do that in the offseason for sure they'll look to get kind of a rotation. Leader. The helmet they can hold Lamotte. Now whether it's a Kazmir tie clicked and the pastor Bartolo Cologne before that you know they'll they'll go get whoever that. Type of veteran is. That can be a leader at the top of the rotation for 2000 a night. Yeah and like you said I hate this I don't know. Why it happened I get logistics or whatnot but we're past the halfway point in this is a second game after the all star game. For many teams but. Billy knows if he's going forward or not. Right now if this moment and that's obvious by this trade. I'm just wondering. When do you try to pull the next trigger. You wanna do that as fast as you possibly can so you can give whoever you bring in inundated woo what's going on and agreeing gold. It as opposed you know who did the later you do with the less chance of electing gets it you know to get that time to jail for say. I need to do whenever you can do it and look the a's didn't even give up but a top. When he prospect you know according to some of the rankings I was I was read and during the last break to get a guy like Familia the the a's have lost a single game when leading after seven and that is while. So EU have a lost the game when leading after seven and you plug in another guy where you can go. You don't really you can go trivia go for too. Some games and Familia and tried it for one now familiar heat sets in turn really tear the last couple. I'll say last month JB I've seen him give it up you know. There are raw descent men like to where he's just you know can't find the strike zone but all closes. Go through with it the end of the day this bullpen is better. With this at one here's the thing you're not mean face familiar is not gonna be pitch in the ninth inning at least not. Initially he might ID EB pitch in the eighth it. This MIT pitch in the seventh inning and had to pitch in the sixth inning mystic about that. Think about that you played a close game as an open it's tough inning and any one home run. That flips the game you know you're down Iran and somebody hits two run shot down to submit to three run shot it it our games tied somebody. You know you review will rally string around you get a base hit. All of a sudden. Those 34 guys if you wanna count booked your from the left side or in the game. Your big trouble. We've seen the that the rays try to do it we seen the Indians doing a couple years ago. Where they they would have the stats come in early 67 dated it's like all my guys it or lose it. It you know we might need to just take this AL 'cause there's nothing we can do about it because they're filthy it did back into the bullpen so why did it. We'll see how works. When do you expect him to be in uniform JD. I'll probably die tomorrow. I mean Monday and the late at the latest and and the Acer Golan after the ball game Margo and Arlington. They got a four game set with the Rangers Watson and get a life on the one video watching the Rangers and Indians last night it was so hot. The ball was is jumping out the pork. VA scale weight did you go to Texas and I age I had the show yesterday Mikulski and for dame it's so I didn't make it out to the to the ballpark last night so yeah I went home I. They I get the team on one channel. And I had the mic at the mixed channel they'll last. So I had I had I had zip I had taxes so I do I look at Texas in in Cleveland I handle Louis Seattle. They are plain White Sox and I had I had that one on Arizona Colorado well for us in that one but two runs in that game city and I said it was keeping tabs in minutes if it is. If both of these teams right now. Our. Project at a minimum. To be in the race until the final week it cease and that's all you can ask. To be in the race that it added the final. You know help this text throughout the game that BA's blue. When tried in Ito gave it up they were down for nothing in the ninth that was the game they came back got the lead. It is he came on the clothes not yet they were behind it that is then warm windy that day were behind at the end of the seven I don't know enough yet exactly 94 in it was fort often in the ninth it would that it was a full body armor they had they had the lead after Canada. Pass. Yeah exactly they didn't have an out of cycle just got a deep down Ellis the W. Try and it's going to be. It's it's funny how. How things like how things tend to linger I. This one thing is a pet peeve because that's a I've seen a lot of that game. That gave it gets a blast your Big Three out of four are renowned for happened that night didn't blow that game to Charlie Morton one yeah well that game. Look at Huard and now. And he came back and goes that Jim Verlander. You were down and he came back. The beginning loss was berliners. The game they won was the Charlie Moore get the one they blew out what note. When Morton left the game the Astros were up three nothing. And then they got up to four with a day game they got up to four love I was gaming is one yet that yeah which Houston that was in housing NEA's want. Came back again when the Indians lost. Is that one or Verlander was for us tonight Verlander went six and it went to the ninth and then my god Luc Roy had yeah they begin or Lou Grant the area that's a game where nobody nobody will executives. Isn't won that game like six times though no doubt I think 813 out of Florida series. So I get courtside hollow one game and boy if they end up losing by one game you're gonna think about that. You can't be expected to sweep the freaky Houston Astros in a four game series on the rail the without Korea. Whether our Correia whether or out McCain and whether it out whoever you wanna talk about. It was an impressive. Winning week of baseball for the you know the I don't know gimme Dolly blew that game and tried and unreliable. And and this and that he had. Every. Speaking of every game I'm not gonna think I'll come out who were your prisoner of the moment. Last Saturday night I believe Bob garner picks to get to giants he's doing so well he looks like he's getting stronger he's going longer. But you radiologist others out here for the a's this an important game for them to go only to right after the break after being hot. I don't like it now know it's only two games but this a big game tonight for the athletic.