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Sunday, April 15th

Kerry Crowley of the Bay Area News Group checs in from San Diego with the latest on the San Fransisco Giants. Kerry breaks down the new look bullpen and how they are trying to find their groove. Mr. Crowley also details when the Giants might begin to call up some of their younger talent ie Mac Williamson and Steven Duggar. 


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Happily. And depend upon when it's dark now Mike the Portland aren't new World Series go seven. What record color slightly below what but I think you are broke through payment he station Qatar last night every year. And and that means that these economic start diplomatic. Quote I think that will be ready by then got two more weeks. Delegate and abruptly two more weeks and I think I perchlorate looking at a guy who who people would go. Typically when exact you'd be three week evaluation. What we get your yesterday okay one more week he'll be look at it yeah. And at that point. If you would want in the beer support has been no setbacks there where they wouldn't want to be where they want to beat. He will Bibby can produce some some light about actual basketball real. People are moving in the contact drills insult younger career imported during record round two weeks there. If not game one and game. And money I just I guess a follow up this way and I and I agree on that the pelicans blazers series at that looks like a series that they could go seven. If that read I can again it is. What steps really be ready if that series started two weeks from yesterday because the move out date the deal with both of those series end in less than seven the move but they could be. That's Saturday which is nearly two weeks from yesterday and I don't know I kind of seems like that might be. A few days too soon and indeed we might be more likely game three may be an effort in the first track if it starts scattered. But I agree I agree that that on where you name it. If the pelican grim and where it goes seven and it won't be what date because that game that you're gonna go expend a lump all the way out. But. It is it and I think may first or second is there who dropped a bit start carper record crowds. You have ever think that it again yet he's not ready for game boy. I would definitely be ready for game three. But I don't think you'll see. In blot on America restriction effort because it is ready you're ready it was not that important. My great stuff and we really appreciate it ten now wolf wolf seed Marat there. Oh yes sir it would be here no record for a minute. Our mind take care or might Paul joining us here in 95 cent in the game you're listening to ninety fives in the game KG and CFM an HD one. San Francisco the radio home. For every single warriors. Playoff game mark thanks a money pool when you guys were listing the Nick Young attributes in what he does well and what he doesn't that do well. I was thinking man this would make it MVP caliber player for the Big Three weeks. You know I agree on he he may he may find his way there and it's probably more suited there when I saw him walking and with the outfit he had on JB like because I've. Look I'm not trying to braille on the guy but I did have very disappointed that they brought a man but very disappointed all year. I just. He's just knew that mean he's actually Mattie know your role on the team what do you do and he knows his role that clout. I'm is my being to harsh likes to have a good time now I 88 if it rubs me the wrong way to. It does especially given the years at the warriors have had I put that out there I do think it. Harmless and not malicious. That's the one thing I will say I I don't think he's intentionally. Thinking and okay I'll get back. Act this way button. And and had to be a detriment I think one of the reasons he comes to the warriors because he goes he can act that way and it really doesn't impact anything that's a good point but how to. I hear. How does your other teammates though you know I don't think I think they think it's NAFTA I think they'll laugh like us I think his teammates like him to be honest I think his teammates are the ones that. Were pushing management to assign a guy like nick and adding management and even a coaching staff. Needed some convincing. To bring a guy like Nick Young into the fold. But I think the players like have been somebody around today. What do all the pressure and then just Ed Jeanne and everything that goes with the warriors right now I think they wanted somebody. Day can help lighten the mood that I really do believe that I think the players pushed for have a guy like Nicky and I think they like him I do see a guy that. I think c'mon man it's the playoffs I'm that was my that's a matter exactly the playoffs yes you may have to play Steve Kerr. He juggled everything Iran where he didn't have the point meaningful minutes and yesterday and I wondered if he'd be eight capable to do that but I do is still. I just don't. I just thought it was a a bad luck I it's a guy who looks like you know camp shown up I just woke up out of then yeah it's an early game and I got enough if. My question deal. If and when McCaw is ready ego. Who's the odd manner. Like do you pseudo McCaw immediately do you slow play in the call I used you're gonna slow Plame a cause. Exponentially even into it and I know I saw pat McCaw and he's supposed to speak with the media day he might speak today year army housing tomorrow. But he's he's walked in hobbled when he Stiller. A he's not close at one and I know they sent out that the thing that's you know he's going to be reevaluated and Cameron was three we apple Jack victory a victory so I mean he's. I don't think you can count on pat McCall being inactive. Contributor that's not to say he won't this you're looking at a right now on April 15. Pat what caused not going to be somebody that you think you can get this when he minutes in the conference final the final don't don't you look at it as can pat McCaw beat. 100% healthy. Ready to roll for training camp to start and if aiding else he heels up that he can contribute before then that's a bone. M I really feel for this young guy they. They brought him in that last year in those finals he played really good defense on the perimeter. He has a social starts of the year he hurts his dressed the hurts the ankle I think he wasn't in the back. He's just had such a negative year. I feel for the guy and then to have basically in his life flash before him for you know we did know who's gonna get paralyzed when he was lying on the ground. I just I feel bad for the guy around and I hope he can rebound does that really have high hopes for him heading into this year I feel like bring it is someone like Nick Young. Is part of the contributing factor to why. McCaw hasn't taken that next step I think gets a fair point. Mean I think that's absolutely a fair point and I look I would've brought JaVale McGee back now. Judging just based on yesterday that would have been. I don't think it would have been a decision word anybody would have been saying while the warriors really needed JaVale McGee yeah yesterday if asked by. Maria JaVale McGee back case. Paid off in this game one of the playoffs all stand down on that take it but my point was. You have so many different players that played a position and thank you relates to McCaw Nick Young yes well. That you want though you want the younger players that you have to grow into roles you want damion Jones to grow into a JaVale McGee role. You want and not that there are exactly the same kind of players know they really aren't either now you want pat makati growing to a Nick Young role but the reality is that the warriors is. That. The way they arrest people the way they're cautious with the injury has a way they go through the regular season. They really do need 1213. Players that can play in because. It's just there's just so many games in so many minutes and they wanna make sure he would dollar Livingston don't exceed a certain amount so you almost need a couple more rotation capable players. Then another team would get these point Erick would dollars in their Livingston's. 26 minutes again. And that's one of the frustrations I see from the warrior fan base is why why have any of these young guys develop it's like you eat. Guys to develop have to play through mistakes and when your team this good. It's hard to get those extended minutes and opportunities because that's why it there on bad teams predominately because. They're gonna be able to play heavy heavy minutes let me coming through this year I mean I think he's been a revelation and I. I don't know who or how they can configure the roster to keep him financially on this team but I think he's got to stay on this team next year. That's gonna be a tricky dynamic financially for the warriors how to go about doing it I mean I think the warriors. They kept the band together as far as Iguodala yes living standards in an and to grant wasn't alone anywhere and I don't think the rants going anywhere and sue this offseason in either although the report that he's gonna opt out and in that. Well well it isn't news at what you think of that. It is news eights for a formality like I have no problem that being reported and it is news was the tiny. The timing was a little strange to me in meets hill but I don't know all the time the timing between wind. Let's sacred saints who reported it was told and when Chris saints decided to report good point. That's Italy that may be something that he was told three weeks ago for all we know and he decided OK now's the time that I'm gonna drop it now. And that's that would be at a point where. It's going to media appeared to be something that it's not that's just part of the gap yeah that's just part of the media game. IE and trying to create buzz around news but I think it's absolutely news. And it's absolutely worth reporting. Because he had somebody. Tell him and about something and and it was told him as or shorten as opposed to speculation like it may have been a formality for a conclusion that we all thought yes of course I can opt out there but he actually had some did he say and do him he is going to opt outs of that that is news and credited to Chris saints for Denton. Yeah I think the thing the monitor for me throughout these playoffs is. No matter how we finish this season whether it's with a championship or without a championship I think. I think a lot of careers and career arcs and how this roster is constructed next year is gonna be dictated. By how this year tenants I think you know old. Does he Iguodala come back the song live is to come back does let me come back you know I was one of the people same volume Clark's gonna get a big pay day. He sat there and sat there sat there I think you only got. One year deal teams used up all their money the year the year before there was as much money to go around there and there is giving a lot of money to go around. This offseason as far as is other teams go there's very very few teams that have a significant amount. Of cap space to spend so once that yes once the big time guys go in free agency and signed. Depending upon where they go there could be some guys have really wanna get paid that pastor look get a Sacramento for example his team that's gonna have. Mormons and another team. So does that mean you know a team like that could get in the mix for a high level guy maybe not that they may be a team that. A guided isn't worth a high level. Yes contract goes to get a high level guy ready deal and that can obviously get you in trouble as warriors fans definitely now. Over the all over the decades before too late to took off what. I would be curious is to see. You know the have been very very lucky they they struck deals and advantageous situations for collect. For your name on those guys took less than what their market value was. You get Kevin Durant to take a little ass off the top it clearly assigned staff Currie when the ankles were an issue when you had an unbelievable deal will now. We still somewhere down the line you're gonna have to pay Currie. They just gave net 200 million they're gonna hopefully. Give terrain gets somewhere in that neighborhood that's a lot of allocation to just two guys not the ghetto worth it. It just makes it much more trickier to fill in the spots around them. To tie up to the Nick Young conversation down the tech slide from the 95 minutes ago when although we don't like it. I'm 99% sure none of his teammates have a problem with nick arriving at the game in a robe and slippers yesterday probably and I would. 99%. Agree with that. 100% agree with apps I don't think anybody has I mean. I think it it gets kind of laugh that may be a little viral. In the what are you deal exactly but. With a laugh yeah and not was. Because I think a lot of the players again no. He's probably not play analysts routes Juanita that's that's he's getting he's got Yankee candle that. Yeah act 12420. With twenty seconds ago we might check command. You know believe she didn't bring the Rasheed Wallace does need to be dealt. Wrapped around his has his his shoulder our John Dickinson and the butcher boy Joseph Shas ski with you until noon here on 95 cent against. In 9170. Yeah. John Dickinson and the butcher boy Egyptian asking. With Jeter and on five separate game sockets and doves warriors get a gun anti mortem for San Antonio won thirteen 92 the final game to. Is tomorrow night so quick turnaround warriors with practice this afternoon shootaround tomorrow. And then now our coverage begins at 6 o'clock tomorrow with warriors warmup. And in warriors wrap up following the game a 730 tip for game two and then a couple of days in between game two. And game three and the warriors dispersed as they will shift. To San Antonio JD what do you think. The spurs could do in game two that would give fits to the warriors. Nothing there's nothing no adjustments I don't think so either. Give them sits idle I'd stick the F the play better muck up the game defensively make it really really really ugly tan. It's hard to do that no win your the other part of if you're disperse saying one we need to do better yeah if you're asking that question from the spurs point of view it's got to have another scoring threat on the floor so you can't say. Aren't gritty days gonna start indoor play more and and also say you're gonna really muck up the game and get ugly those two things you can't yeah you can't do that. So. I just I think they're in a really tough spot I mean man it. Manage you know always a guy maybe he has that the 28 point gain not maybe LaMarcus Aldridge. Really takes it to JaVale McGee adding that's the one thing you know me speaker did say. Details gonna start in two so I think maybe you figure out a different way to trying to attack JaVale McGee yeah I think eighty some post screens and get. The markets the ball deep in the post writer Ernie the rim zest or is most effective when he can do is politics and I also think he got to put somebody that. Will drive that JaVale the point that Heidi it's an ill slash entity that becomes heard again. I don't know stand I mean he's he can handle it now he would be gritty guys got a fantastic. In BA body felt like you look at one of the day you think it wow yeah that's Kevin Durant gas plays three years they only stronger yet as to rant can be a little. A little weenie and why is such a bad defender in the US Burton ceasing really have a good feel for the player to get effort. It's effort that's just hit a dozen wannabe he just wants to. House wants to he's never. Really fulfilled his potential as a player and lead and it's his team he likes to play offense he's. He's a pretty skilled player and he's generally made the most of his game on the offensive side either because he's ever agreed shooter consistently totally he's very skilled he's got a good handle is got a great body. He's the guy in the warriors looked him in the offseason last year did a guy that actually think. Could be a future warrior and a bench role will we I really view is even and if he wants to take a veteran Dennis. Four go and play for the warriors and trying to win a championship I wouldn't surprise me off that somebody has put the warriors. I don't know if they're gonna have to trade Livingston. And game one shows you why you wouldn't want treated when dollar share buy it. I think even if they keep those guys. And to rant comes back in everything at that point you've only got minimum contract yes and and your veteran mid level. Minimum contracts so who who will take a minimum deal David West took one JaVale McGee to want to mean that that's really the only. Options you have. Could you get created view that could he get. A guardian could you get a Garrett Temple to do that that's intriguing young Garrett temple's a guy needs complaint just down the road he's. Owed eight million dollars next year his option. So but he can opt out and there's some thought. Maybe a guy like Garrett Temple when opt out because he wants to go to a contender or get a multi year deal. He doesn't get as much next year is the eight that maybe he gets a couple years down online editor in the five range sell you look at him on the veteran mid level kind of a guy only he's a minimum player but is he got it would take your five point three yes as opposed to your eight if he gave it to a much safer three years like will Barton as it got intrigues me to somebody who can but he's getting a lot do you think he's getting a lot yes yes I I feel like he's will Barton is the exact guy we are talking about in the last segment it may not get. The big time TS going after him but he's got a final at Sacramento team that'll give them an idea million a hundred million. Do we need that slash and that's. For as great as the warriors are I didn't think that's why jordin bell intrigue so many people and I think the cause well. Is athletic slasher skies they can finish out the rim like we're great shooting team but we do need those guys checking cut. And move without the ball I can get out and run and I think as Iguodala slowly started to get older ended Cherie athletically. They've needed that that kind of push off the bench and that's that one piece that I would say. I'd like to see them acquire. I and I think Phil I just you almost need. And it's kind of silly nor talk about the offseason and that if they let you look at the way this season played out and if you think the warriors slogged through the regular season this year. If they win the championship again. What's gonna look like next year and again at a good point that's a conversation for June and July and also great point but I mean. It looked bad a lot yet they still won 58 games. But I think you know if David West wants to come back the worse it gladly have him he was really good fifth best player on the team they're gonna have to. Figure out JaVale I think that roster spots different and they're gonna needed different Pachulia next here. And I think if they keep Livingston and Iguodala. They need Iguodala and Livingston insurance. Yes it to meet they almost need another player like Livingston Garrett Temple. Is the type of players and this is similar to us and does a lot of things well he's also really highly respected and he's a VP of the players association dues ease of a lot of new and he's a really. Highly respected kind of a guy in in league circles. As well so I think he fits in that mold but again get down to knock it down the line to July yeah. And free agency but that's the kind of guided if you could get him on a load he wants to win a championship you that you'll also need a guy it's almost it would all insurance you have NASA you're Rudy Gay tax gas so. And again and yet the filth Lauren what do you do with the young players how old he really wanna get I mean those are all questions for the offseason as you start to look at but it wouldn't surprise me. If the warriors came back next year width. You'd yeah Philip peculiar spot. You have before all stars. Maybe David West decides he wants this day I help you still have Jordan bell. And then you have. Iguodala and somebody like him now. Livingston and somebody like him. Quinn cook him a name you'd start to figure out is it Lou need. Is it. You know who who well in my Kong you know what do you do there so I think that's that you start to construct the roster. And you may have to deal one of those guys. Living senator would knowledge is to make all the money. Do you think at any point this year in the post season. Kerr will in an important part of the game or just looking for something different would tap damion Jones over Zaza. I don't think he would do in the plan I don't either of these trusted him enough or I don't think he's built up that equity. Now and I think they really tried to give him some run accident and to see what they've gotten some equity is capable of skinny little more on his plate yeah I know is so. I don't think so. I do think. He showed date I make a lot of people were starting to unfairly think he was just this debt it would since this could play and it's like he can't. You can't really do that with this team now because if you look in this is something I was thinking about last night I'm watching the pelicans game and Ian Clark on skis finish in the game over the pelicans yes if you go around the lead. And all guys that the warriors either had or had interest it pays more and we just go around the league. The warriors when they like the young players that these kids are all productive player yet they've got a good job developing all I'd get a blank Edmund was somebody. Seems like the there're. A Harley guys throughout the week that the warriors either had or why eight. That our productive NBA players have to give up on somebody. That you think can't play we will release a perfect example and he looked like he dynamic the. Yeah I I had no hopes for looney I thought he was. It was good setup they hips would ruin them but when you look at the way the game's played now he's a really good pick general defender. And I think in isolation against a smaller guy when you go up against may be a Portland or Houston someone that runs more of that. That I sell up top offense. I think he can play those kinds of series I think you're right they got his feet wet yesterday by allowing him to you know go out there play meaningful minutes in a playoff game. Houston is the one series radical he's gonna play a lot and may even be the starting center. In in the conference finals so think about that one button if your war NC think about that one of that series. Comes to fruition. And will see I mean I think you'll Pachulia if the warriors like Portland I think Juli is gonna play against Dirk Chia but he'll be the starter. And I think they probably told the Juliet act like K we played Portland. Now the data they haven't they don't wanna get into our heads that it actually can breed the room and now yeah now if you're playing in the pelicans may have that he Avis. Then it's clearly going to be somebody different for playing the rockets it may be. Somebody even completely different from a. Could you play JaVale McGee against the pelicans. You could now cac is just inches and it's. AD is unguarded warming no matter what team we're talking about so it's. It's interesting to see how we would match up against them and I wouldn't rule out Jordan Belle plane I their own blue lighting Jordan bellows has lost some of the trust yeah I think that two of the coaching staff there's injuries to involve he's had kind of an off year. I did look Eddie Jordan bell at some point could be. A finishing player for the warriors with the other four all stars with some regularity. But I just I'm not sure he's gonna have to regain trust and continued growth where I feel like ever since he hurt his ankle most recently he's just lost so much confidence. And he he doesn't know where he's going on the court at times because before that. When he came back from the the more recent or exceeds even more extended ankle injury. He was so hot she was Duncan with a left hand that it comes back from the more recent one and he's just. He's not simpler. Now he hasn't been in and again I just yet never wanna. Rule a guy Allen Eddie Jordan Dell you said hey would. Is there going to be a time where damion Jones gets tap and hand of usually are or all the cities in the rotation. I would say noted Amy Jones but I don't think it's out of all possibility for Jordan now I agree I think there will be a time where Jordan delegates in there and and is productive I think that's another series where. The Houston series acts he's intriguing enact series because Pachulia is not gonna play in that series at all now. And you could make a case just ailment he's not gonna planet series at all. And I think you can also make the case they'd. David west's. I think you'll still get his time but you could make a case that they even David West always he always gets his time and against it in the top of the second top of the fourth quarters. You could make a case that maybe he doesn't play as much yet and I guess the rockets. The pace of the game is gonna dictate that more than anything as well because you did these guys get windier especially JaVale McGee. He's got the ask me issue we all know David West is really old even though he's been very effective this year. And the thing that. I love that Jordan bill does give me is a level of physics Cali. That a lot of the other guys don't keep view like I love c'mon only plays the game the right way. He's got the physical specimen isn't get up over the rim the way Jordan bell doesn't isn't getting to people that chest. The way Jordan build. Our let's switch gears and talk some baseball we head down to San Diego. And Kerri Crowley in the Bay Area news group beat writer covering the San Francisco Giants joined says Kerry thanks a lot for coming on the program. Yeah of course you know any time ragged column from San Diego are. The facility has her little little jealous that situation. Always jealous of San Diego there's no doubt it's it's a top maybe three city for me in all the country. I absolutely this team six and eight are they hanging on by a thread or they start to let go of the rope caring. Well you know hang around let Brad might be generous and they're basically they Diego Padres lose this series lead today is incredibly important game. And that opened intact the last two days or so and Tyler PD this guy one career Major League starter. And all of a sudden that judge or a situation where they can be heading to Arizona. I guess the first place even extreme that they lose that series that to be separate games back of first place. Well they haven't hit to begin the season really the only reason they're not. A much worse team has some late inning heroics to get them back to back one not than wins he get McCutcheon when a couple of clutch walk off hits a mean this team. Already. We could be talking about it really get no way from a man and then may be performing it four in ten or 311 kind of a level overall. But what's been good days and what's been bad if from your eyes so far two weeks since. Well last night there was sign that the good was going to the ballot that would Longoria if it was actually make that call Bob Austin Jackson getting the two out RBIs singled out government needed to China but. Really that's what the battle for the first few weeks that he's not of those guys have been standout hitter that's that giant. Acquired in the speed starting pitcher was very solid especially wouldn't consider who was out of the rotation of all the sudden. Those guys are struggling guilt by the sixth inning and now. You'll really rely on open where the three best pitchers might be totally Watson nursed Johnson and lit more alarmed and have opened and flipped upside down. And you know he really there's not much you can held on at this point there's still got what it was published. Kerry won the big frustration spurred giants fans was that during the off season. We were told we're gonna be younger we're gonna get more athletic and yet for whatever reason. I'm watching one of the least athletic giants teams I think in my lifetime. And there was a play last night were Jill panic got a triple army hustled and out and he got thrown out. From deep right field ought to caught off in the infield. What point does this teen start to tinker with the 25 man roster and put some younger more athletic players onto the 25 man roster. But I think he could start to happen within the next two weeks citrix we don't eat you know substantial improvements to apple why not them. There's going to have to be some untrained is when you consider the guys will play well at triple a Sacramento Matt Williamson is a whole lot younger than anyone else. But he's fourteen for 25. Home runs. And right now that what the giants beat their lineup they need power you to track guy he didn't you know move on the they have to make certainly need that. And then you wait until Stephen diaper get to govern and all of a sudden. He can become an up to an Austin later in another guy that probably are younger and faster itself. They're they're you know talent laden that June draft and make the farm system good well they've got the second overall pick in each round but. The judge could be making changes in the near future. Kerri Crowley our guest here on 957 game covers the giants for the Bay Area news group and Kerry to question is always if somebody's gonna come up who's gonna get sent out. Out because this team didn't go young in the off season at least as far as the position players go. If Matt Williams since coming up. What's the move because they've got McCutcheon out there they've still got Austin Jackson Hunter Pence has played left field for the most part. What is the move if they do decide to go younger in the outfield. You know it's it's impossible to say right now that's probably going to take an injury or that and telling someone hey you got. You know this issue you're going to be out for ten days tiger slayer while you're in the batting cage well we give this guy a law and so it really depends on. Who is hot and cold the moment it's someone you know is battling any. You know injury at at least sort of level whether it's you know going to affect them. Per day or cheap or ten days I wouldn't I wouldn't think that they would hesitate to put some on the disabled list just to seat. What Matt Williams and give the white. Kerry philosophically. Do you see the giants looking to change your approach at the plate because I'm looking at a team. That is just racking up the strike outs whether it's underpants Longoria McCutcheon. Brandon belt we these guys are all on pace for a 15075. Plus. Strikeouts this year. Kim they continue to operate this way or does something have to change with their approaches at the plate. You know in the first eleven or twelve games this feedback and and that they were really going out trying to at every at bat trying to win at bats early and that didn't serve that well they they work tracing pictures that they probably shouldn't. And it what am producing ones. And then over the past few days we've seen to be a lot more patient at a late we've seen them really trying to get starters pitch counts up. We've seen these guys leg off curveball at that outsiders no could just they were facing early in the you're home it's. That different approach but it happened put used to put result. And so it's really hard at it right now. What they're going to ultimately look like and I think as a team as a group they are still looking war. What about that approach might beat when you've got a lineup that's really force a PlayStation station based off. Kerry you mention the bullpen Indian flipped upside down I think they figured Watson was going to be a major part of that as far as being in a setup guy. Strickland because of the injury in my Lance and was gonna take over closer he looked good until we gave up the home run. To Goldschmidt in the game than the giants eventually won morons and Johnson. They have been nice stories but I look at even a game like last night. What Holland unable to go deep in the game they were a right hander short. Sam Dyson has been terrible. I look at the way this team was constructed and yet they didn't know they were going to be without it other top three starters but it. They probably could help themselves they'd added one more veteran reliever right handed guy in that mix. Yet they really cut out but they were depending on Sam Dyson may stop Mark Williams was gonna be fine after that surgery. It was supposed to fix everything in September and now what decay and so now you're looking at the pulpit where. You do you're lucky that guys like pier shops and restaurant to have that sort stand out early because if they haven't you're looking achievement. Not six and eight you're looking at eighteen that's really foreign editor Fareed eleven. And they eat you know you just hope if you're the giant that Barack adopting an app does break out equal the dice and come around the job boat which. Could look like the picture that he what this spring training in the quarry cure. Keep the ball down because. You know over the last few days the jets haven't exactly seem applicable credit. Kerry hat you just brought up that the team could be like three and eleven right now and I guess my question do you lose if they continue to struggle for this month. Would they be looking to unload Evan Longoria because she's owed a lot of money. He's got a lot of years left and I don't know if you necessarily fits in the National League long term. You know would they be willing to bite the bullet and get less in return for Evan Longoria then they paid on the front end. You know they'll wait that it would happen necessarily having no way that it would happen for him I got inside virtually toward each deal. Then you'll really have to ride that out and make sure that. You know they're not acting very thing they're gonna give him every opportunity I I think if they struggle. You could pick the teams start to look for trade opportunities or it McCutcheon a gene that July. It hit contracts apathy over the speed but they are counted among according to be that long term third baseman and they have to write that. Kerry did he get the sense then that the club feels a sense of urgency because in you've covered baseball and I've covered baseball. You're fourteen games into the season it's six and eight were talking about eight today's a big game. But anytime you walk into a club asking start thrown out around you immediately are met with wade admitted it to April 14. It's a six month season worked two weeks plus intuit. Does this team understand that they don't have the benefit of the doubt that maybe they had during the championship Beers or maybe a team that was. A playoff team a year ago would have to figure it out this team has to prove that they're good sooner than other teams. I can to a certain degree they absolutely realized that like I think that's gonna you know coming to the spotlight. When they go to Arizona or face the Diamondbacks about the matchup that will spoke stopped because. The cutbacks are crushing right now there won't go away with a actually left in the first two weeks but seeing him. If you call 78 gave it back. That doesn't say a whole lot about your first few weeks at the scene of them so. Compensated to 160 games played that things will come together everyone will pitch every little bit but. Well what would you start getting high like that. It it's going to affect you and in every little way. Interrogator ask about Jeff's a margin as well. You know giants were talking like you is close to a return. He gave up six runs pitch in for San Jose last night gave up a Grand Slam oh what do you think. The plan is for so margin I mean it's he and can you ever really count on him being fully healthy because you know he's the kind of guy Cary. They he's gonna try and pitched through it because he knows the team needs him. Well that's that's the real pop up are we going to eject a mark on Thursday night in Arizona. Or will he be pitching for the Sacramento River cat that's something that we don't know we'll find out the ballpark today. Because you'll the first 61 pitches against. Stockton ports when he gave up six rounds increase including career slam he wasn't shock that commander leading walk with you guys so. Does your number three starter need another recaps are to ensure that that at a it's fine and that is not try to compensate Bernie bag when installing that you like you let this spring training and so. It's really a tossup right now because the team could certainly use the better presents to extradite him back yet the same time is the market ready to delve. I don't know I think they maybe per boat she got in an area. Kerry the organization has a philosophy where they don't really bash their own guys. That they try to stay as classy as possible but when you watched the telecast the broadcasts. Yeah you can't help but get this feeling. That there are some animosity amongst the guys announced in the game and Brandon bell like I'm starting to see some frustration. Do you feel that same frustration from the organization. Because this is another guy they gave a ton of money to. And I know his numbers have looked good this year he's actually given them really good at bats. But it's a split I. It's a position on the field that there are expected a lot of premium power from. And they're just not getting the output that they're looking for is their frustration in the organization in that clubhouse with Brandel. I think it any frustration with staff from. Cautious to strike per ads and we've certainly seen that in the past few days Brandon belt you haven't been attacking what he strikes may be haven't got the call. But he's looking for at a certain point you have to protect strikes so. And so. At the end of spring training we saw prospect. Who was playing well and he had a chance to make between Eddie took too many strike 30. Lead. That kind of doomed him playing in his route to make the Major League team. And we're in a belt. Right yes he was out against the lefty history he hadn't played every single day like you would expect a Major League first base and to do. Against righty and lefty regardless of the match out. I think that some of that could have a bad. That two strike approach that the character worried about. Kerry great stuff ma'am we appreciate it bullets knocked it down the line in enjoy. You rest your stay in San Diego and then on to Arizona and and back the Southern California media giants to the angels next weekend. We have that you'll get a touting what that becomes. Thanks scary thought it. Kerri Crowley joining us here on 957 game Bay Area news group covers the San Francisco Giants Greg Popovich. With the quote of the series so far coming at the spurs media availability. Earlier this morning regarding co why Lander won't get to that in just a moment but. Six today. The lesson giants are up against it I mean they really are and I know it's you know people out there listen think and that's laughable. Six and eight it's April 15. But the reality is this team has to prove that they are good quick lead and night because if they don't. The giants find themselves in a very similar position. To the one they were in last year. Yeah and and when you go up against the Padres today. You'll have gone up against pretty much everyone in the division outside a Colorado in the Arizona in the very next series in their red hot. And there's a lot of teams to leap in this division and eight east are the Dodgers I think there in last place of the third worst team internationally I have. So much more faith that the Dodgers are gonna turnaround. Then the giants will this first month is absolutely crucial to maintain float. And there's this assumption that went but Lerner comes back you know months down the line that they'll be in the position like. They might be all said and done by the time he comes back. Now they have to survive. Until he can come back and that to me means hang right at 500 yet Casey. 810 games under 500. And think that you're going to be good enough to make the playoffs because at that point you're talking about. Eight or nine games over just to get back to 500 and then you've got to play probably twelve to fourteen to sixteen over from there to be a playoff team maybe more depending upon how it all shakes out. I just don't see this team being capable at all of being. One eat it twenty to 24 games over 500 from. The middle of June until the end of the season. And I agree with that man even if you are about 500 and you're looking to make a deal like John they traded away. Any little bit of prospects they already had to acquire Longoria and McCutcheon the cupboard is as bears it can possibly be. My biggest frustration as. They went into the year before the Butler injury sane is a sense of urgency. To have Bob garner pitched three times in the first nine days which I agree with but then on the back end. They certainly don't scholarship roster spots to the blog pills in the Gorky ease. And and it's just know we're just gonna ride out Hunter Pence and you know Matt Williams asked to go back I'm not even the huge Matt Williamson fan but. Match at a broke camp with these teen. He at least provide something that these other guys off the bench don't he could run you. But if he breaks camp with the team then that means he's got to play and I don't think they intended for Matt Williams today to be a bench player and they didn't intend for Hunter Pence to be bench went to meet. Those messages will you may not agree with them or at least consistent high do you think the urgency of now means. Matt Williamson takes a seat because knack Williamson has done anything at the Major League level consistently now you know any short flashes I've met acquaintance now again like I was done with chair park I'll meet Sarah Parker was done all of your park was actually probably done last year debts and they decided they are gonna make him their platoon left fielder to start the season that was an epic fail. If you look at. Urgency. And veterans in bomb burners gonna pitch three the first nine that all adds up to exactly Gregor blocked Owen and Austin Jackson and Gorky Hernandez being on the roster really guys sale but they're very redundant parts and that's the part right so no I mean Gorky is right handed Marcos left and zero pence is your starting left fielder I thought. From the moment. They added McCutcheon and and then they added Jackson when they had those two guys I thought well they're definitely gonna give Hunter Pence one more shot even build a meted out light. They were going to you they made out from the end of last season when your parents wasn't going to get another shot like the organ but you can get three outfielders. He could only get to really want and a half if you consider Jackson a a platoon player. But it's a start Daryn a spot where. They can't panic. Because they've. Put themselves in a position where they have a veteran rock like if you just look at their post he's not go anywhere belts a go anywhere. Crawford is not going anywhere panics not go anywhere while gore is not going anywhere. McCutcheon is not going anywhere Jackson slash wacko platoon isn't going anywhere in west darker comes up. Daughter's not really lighten it up now down in Sacramento AAA so he's not coming up yet. And in Hunter Pence is the guy in left field could Mac Williamson gets some run there eventually yeah I think at some point he will. But. The giants have put themselves in a spot where they are a veteran. They're a veteran team so if you're gonna do that you have to give the veterans at least a couple of months. To figure out whether they've got it or not you can't start Willy Nilly say in. All right now we got to play the young guys you have to have some patience. With it and that patients may prove to be an eight year losing team again. You know war that's that's the catch 22 and my frustration. Long time giants fan is their unwillingness. To let a young player come up of plaque they did it with the infield five years ago but they haven't done it at all like. You brought in Jackson he told me who's gonna be the fourth outfielder Doug was playing really good then once that you said to him you're not gonna break camp with the team. You saw he's he's played drop off predict precipitously. The thing that frustrates me is he did this is additional royal where they didn't bring them up they didn't break camp with them he had a so so minor league star Aaron Hill Barrera all these random guys and had no long term same power. Were played at the big league level and then you Yo-Yo Christian Arroyo back and forth and he never really does floating anywhere and it's just. It's maddening it's maddening thing you at least one young guy who can get on base and at least provide some spark to the slowest team and really. Why they need to got to come up that can act that they're confident in its gonna come up and play well yeah that's true and see and that's the thing I say everybody wants a team to go young. But if you go beyond the guy's got to be able to come up and play like they can't have Matt Williamson come up and go oh for fifteen. With no homer EO I would nothing and nuance they can't have that but it's not like pence is light it up. Right but pence is there it is the guy like that's not. You're at the we you're a veteran team that says you're trying to make the playoffs that doesn't mean two weeks into the season you say yeah our whatnot. Not what is it like lighten up. Let's see what the kids got an early Nike and gap by by you know standards is what 27 am Tony Cindy Adams up like that but. So I get. The frustration level out the aegis you've got it once you say you're going to be a veteran team. You have to stick weighted it and I'll be honest I I still think long haul that the bigger problems are. Savard just yet either is coming back and not be in good or not coming back in your rotation is in very deep. It's a lack of bullpen and what the biggest waited. Played above maybe your talent level and is to have a really good bullpen yes well the giants because they got up against the the pack. Paxton didn't wanna keep add relievers Tony Watson posted that Tony often. He's been great he's figuring that what you needed was a right handed velocity and he hit the satellite and actual off the end zone Watson another you got that there and Strickland and then. And alliance and if my Lance it was healthy and then Dyson is either not around or he's a back in guy any a couple of young guys. Then you're okay agree and that's what cost him last night and that's what's actually gonna cost them a lot. We'll do that because they just passed the place so perfect the question so like last night is a perfect example of that. You morons that vote she didn't get to the fifth yeah. It was scary for the sixtieth nobody pitched the seventh Watson in Strickland we're gonna go only naive nobody for the seventh gear it's got to go back out there he gets banged around. And if you have that one guy and he comes in gives you scoreless inning you probably win that game five or 64 whenever it's Howard's opinion. Good real quick about two minutes left out. We get to this out why do you know I was gonna say that the giants are down to nothing they put up four runs. This has been the story of the year the very next inning they can't get that shut down inning Derek Holland has to come out. And get out she can't let them you don't get up bases loaded situation he put himself up against the wall is very frustrated. All right so Gregg Popovich who spurs had their media availability in downtown San Francisco today in between game one and two of the series that the warriors. And Gregg Popovich was asked. Any chance co YE a winner returns to the team during the series and this VHF McDonnell the San Antonio express news he's their beat writer. Popovich is quote. You'll have to ask Hawaii in his group. That question. While there are people he put the whole thing on blast that was a Phil Jackson posse quote it's not on us how we cleared and applying. We'll ask him and ask his group I think it's the last time he's played for the spurs I think it's it's the writing on the wall he's gone. ID I NH you're absolutely right I think he's gone and in again Popovich also saying hey what we'd we'd love to have him back. We wish we had a he doesn't wanna play. Crazy I never thought that the great Popovich would have discontent within his own locker room these guys any locker he's in the crazy it is crazy and it just goes to show you it's just it's not. It's not your father spurs it's natural to brother and sister spurs now it's just not. Now it right it's just absolutely not the case so the warriors look to continue their success. In deemed too. But at ORACLE Arena coverage beginning at 6 o'clock out at oracle for reform of Chris Townsend and Matt Stein Mets and derelict route Johnson all have that for yet. Then Tim royal beat by tomorrow at seven and Tim royal have the call for yet. Right here in 95 cent in the game keep it locked here all day long we got you covered and it's also going to be. How many aunt's ninety and who ruined and I'll join them once they get down from the press conference got about ten seconds hey. Really good show today I cannot wait for game two. Warriors are gonna sweep them. Absolutely all right we appreciate you for listening and not ace Doug national coming up next Rupert title money fascinating.