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Sunday, April 15th

JD and Butcher boy jump into why they think the Spurs dont have enough firepower to make the Warriors uncomfortable. The boys examine Gregg Popovich and his off putting relationship with the media, is his time almost up in San Antonio. Monte Poole of NBCSN Bay Area joins 95.7 to talk Game 1 of the Dubs tittle defense. JD asks Monte how surprsing was Iguodala's Game 1 start.


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Our outlook they did a poor Lipitor the court and state and it's not been met yet. Respect and I I think they'll build as we get it in here I don't think PJ column and out regularly which it is poorly. Throughout the Paris Siri. About little big it's easy to dismiss the team. It's already in Canada out. Yeah and you look at looks like that's going to be deep 67 game series it's gonna be highly entertaining to listen and I 57 game KG and CFM an HD one. San Francisco the radio home for every single warriors playoff game it's John Dickinson and the butcher boy Joseph Shas key here on 95 set in the game we're joined. By Michael lead in BA senior writer for Yahoo! spore. It's Michael I'm looking at this Minnesota Timberwolves. Houston Rockets series and I think most NBA fans can go back to the nuggets knocking off. Back in 95 I think it wasn't Dikembe Mutombo and the warriors obviously with the we believe era. Does Minnesota have an opportunity. To take a pound of flesh out of Houston Rockets or is she should just gonna roll them like they did in the regular season. Pretty much throughout the rest of the week. Roll rock. So that treat and a seat as early given them much in the channel that they Minnesota. Accomplished and she and bill already just keep here out of big deal for the stretch. You know this organization and it. Missed the boat treatment. I'm 98 season and report keeping it in a row. And Alex earlier back in are able to do on something and it just databases to wait a lot under the and got a real latched into coated and have a story. Tradition on these tool belt at apple mean it would click the table style. On they used to get to the first round and going out early yet her her character her and it didn't have the most success. In the postseason with a chip will mainly because she would go lower seed. Ought to be it's a thirteen net happen to key here I think probably counts you know. Willie came out being pro Hedo all star talent we special player. Our outlook they did you know entity other also often countered well. I don't think that they get they get it edgy year and they're playing without money at this point because. You know their character up on teeing. But the rocket just so much better and hate to tell Cuba Cain they haven't stated that it don't surrender and they don't take it. A player like between the their they wanna do it. Though state they wanna keep it to be some ground and pound take as part is the undisputed and BP in my opinion. I don't feel. Let the tools give much. And Michael nobody played better with maybe the exception of a Philadelphia then the Utah Jazz did down the stretch it looked like they could be the three seed they wind up fifth. And they wind up playing Oklahoma City and it's kind of odd because Oklahoma City had their number especially in Oklahoma City. Over the years it's a place for the jazz just hand been able to win. How do you see that series shaken out and and for all the thunders issues throughout the year. They actually wound up the four seed with fewer wins than maybe anybody would have expected but maybe in the exact spot that people would have thought they would be. It is that people out that they might you know it is reporting it exceeded its territory you thought they'd be at the tops were beat you know Western Conference. But it just happened on the way any idea really I mean they've basilica there at. Eight look like (%expletive) (%expletive) out partying restrict this seat and that like a lottery and other stretch. And I level and consistently it really trying to slash I think this puritanical that in a matter what I do but just take it. You saw such a tree in a rabbit out there and at key is keeping it kind of did a good to have mark. And an eight. And they can retrieve your way out in Blatche and don't want to bet they'll wanna. Keep crying ill and security. In the jets will make it we gain they had to and they apt or nickel beer on the lashed out at the trips. Well they are trying to lay anybody anything easy in in a bit pressure the ball out front you know Ricky Rubio underrated to enter. On you know that yet edgy crowd at the trade deadline they got a lot of peace a lot of guys. We're just on that. But batter challenges them to make sure it. They don't ever cheat because they ask her. Can't count just ornery as Larry they're. On the beat authority to challenge so our pickle on city that we did go that they they they apps. It'll two. You know to pick Alex. All Georgian. In and obviously Russell Westbrook they're ready to BP but I would not reach a prodigy talks speakers and out because. They are tough there too much. Final question for Michael you wrote about the spurs. A couple of days ago and ill this they get the benefit of the doubt based on the brand and the name. Cole islanders still not ready to roll in the playoffs kind of twofold. The spurs aren't your older brother spurs anymore but the thinkable that Leonard has played his last game with San Antonio. So I assume that we're eight suspect it was it with thirteen inch today. On sort of makes you question what really is going on because the entity hurt and he doesn't want to play. He figured he wants to be around it got supported teammate. It is that you really awkward situation. I just don't want to discount. A picture. Ability persuade. In a change what we expect at the oak. But it last sort of orders last year he just expected it to popular apple art art is frustrating political. Tactic without being charted out. And now he thought he Egypt straight years until acted but it probably sat out little apt way to do a better. What do you better coach and it you know he's got to go out whether it peek out receive this year. Repeated so. I don't outlook published to a beach collateral. Just talked couple opted to go out. You know just what disperse that they had done to it that don't turn it took players don't expect it be distracted he would dictate. Go without. Right atop our player. That's because of the best that the burst putting it in. What they've done it. Are you right. It Eagles start the trust that this team scratch. It looked out out where they eat it picketed this year. Put out spot Beatrice. Ethnic everyone. Is sort of come under pressure it yet or out or any watch out anyway after national upper Petit you gotta wonder. But I do you think did you know I'll say it they're gonna sit out. A lot to keep it will look different. Michael great stuff and we really appreciate the time I know it's a busy time of year for EA know take care enough hopefully we'll see out here I'm in the in the conference finals of the finals. Absolutely on the short to look at that. Our Michael Lee joining us here on 95 cent gain NBA senior writer for Yahoo! Sports covering the NBA good stuff there's not just pepper around a little bit low warriors little. Look at some of the different series and story lines throughout the league he brought up some I have to bring up the Minnesota Timberwolves lack of playoff. Success and stuff as a lawyer fan. I vividly remember when KG got Sam I am to sell any got the trolls re well they actually went on a run and I was so envious. Of the Minnesota Timberwolves and now just a few years later flip the script and you know Minnesota's not even a blip on the radar in comparison to the dynasty at the war is bill. Out of war and this around and literally run there in the Indian into the ninety's and on into what 2004 of the last year they made the playoffs and actually ended another run to. This I covered the Sacramento Kings run nick is it right in Minnesota essentially they still make the playoffs a couple of more years but. The run with bought a and away amber and Brad Miller. And Peja Stojakovic that was the first year Brad Miller was there have kind of a crossover here they had Brad Miller and swat a and a seventh game in Minnesota where the timberwolves won that series that was the year that they've done Garnett won the MVP. And that ended the run Chris Webber had a three pointer at the buzzer. I desperation shot that went in and out than any quit either tied the game won it in game seven. And that was Ian Aaron Chris Webber was traded the next year and based only the playoffs are a couple years that. Now they are the team what's the longest playoff drought the tired after Minnesota with wood Minnesota. Getting into the postseason all right John Dickinson. The butcher boy Joseph chassis here and any size seven again we are with you until noon as we'll get you closer to. Ace baseball the days in their series finale against the Seattle Mariners. That Safeco Field Monty pool scheduled to join us coming up later in this hour and also Kerri Crowley he covers the giants. Are the giants. A tough weekend in San Diego all of a sudden he will join us in the 11 o'clock hour. Yet the giants' man they're just they're not a good place right now I think. I'm way more intrigued by the haze in their young players Chatman Olsen in what they can do market Ximian. Like they at least can hit the ball out of the yard Chris Davis is absolute monster the giants are just. There are maddening to watch right now there's soul not athletic Sony not young. I like what McCutcheon is done but he's still that like to fourteen. You know I mean it's that the pitching has over achieved and yet. They still look like a team that could lose 95 games. Pitching is over achieved they haven't hit. But they've been clutch. Not with runners in scoring position but went home runs as a couple of big home runs McCutcheon one of them panic yet another couple. That made them the pitching chill on the stand up the first couple games of the season. When you look at the giants so but it's already start to slip away he added all up and you look at this team in. Aegis you think they've played like a four and ten team or three in eleven team that record is six and eight they couldn't beat the Padres last year. It looked like maybe they were gonna fix that the first game they win that opener down their seven nothing but Downey drop the last two. And they're counting on a guy like Tyler BD. The youngster to get out there and and be a stopper. To avoid a losing three out of four to a Padres team that. Dominated the giants last year when the giants last night he keeps the giants are in. A little bit of trouble early on in net they are not a team as I've said that a couple of different times they're just not a team that gets the benefit of the doubt now. As far as its early. Now they don't get that. You lost a hundred games were reason last year got up yet 98 minutes and guide but the doctor signaled a hundred ice hit it the Dodgers are like one of the bottom three teams in the National League. I much more belief yeah I find I'm much more believe in the Dodgers and ID the giants because of their body of work because of the players they have still on their prime. I am I'm serious when I say this stadium I'm not trying to be mr. panicky or prisoner of the moment. I am not convinced that it Evan Longoria is a nationally flyer and what I mean is that. I think he has a very long swing I think he's an American League AL east type of the guy he's gonna swing with both butt cheeks but he's not gonna put the ball in play a whole are. I think he's on the downside of his career they got five years left on this deal like eighty some million dollars. I'm serious when I say this they should seriously consider. Putting together a package biting the bullet in getting rid of this guy like they they. I think it's ready I'm ready to concede that this was it was a swing and a miss and the giants need to cut their losses now. Well and unfortunately. It's difficult to do because this is a major McCutcheon who's going to be a free agent I mean Evan Longoria signed through two when he 22 now got zero trade value a now pal and analysts he can figure out. How could be a more productive player. And if he does that you would want to keep him because he's under contract yeah they're they're just they're stuck with Evan Longoria McCutcheon unfortunately. And is a guy if he plays well or fortunately depending upon you look at it if he plays well you probably could get something for him at the deadline. But winning teams are gonna want Andrew McCutcheon a candidate and MVP. The same cannot be said. Four Evan Longoria are John tickets in and the butcher boy Joshi ASCII with the here and I'm 57 the game Monty pool coming up. In the 10 o'clock Darrell reset some warriors we get into some giants conversation as well right here and I'm fascinated. Now. 5715. Hi John Dickinson and the put your wife Joshi ASCII here and I 57 the game is we are with you until noon we get closer to a's baseball. Coming up days in the Mariners at noon Rick tittle got the dugout chill four year. Coming up in Monte Poole will join us at about 1045 here on 95 cent in the game money of course covers. The warriors four in BC. Sports Bay Area warriors getting it done in game one over the San Antonio Spurs as they win it at ORACLE Arena 113 1092. And the warrior set he dominate defensive tone. From the jump really they checked every box and they answered every question. Yeah I agree and they did defensive effort was there JD and for me. When I saw the first quarter and the energy how they were double teaming how they are crashing the boards the ball movement. It would dollar in the starting lineup there was somebody thinks alike you you brought up at the beginning of the show. The check marks you know all the different questions that they had heading into this game and I felt like the just the personnel that San Antonio had. Presented an advantageous situation from the tip off and the warriors took full advantage we keep count how many good first quarters they've had in the last three months. On like two fingers. I mean haven't had a whole lot of great first quarters. To get Katy going. To get train ongoing and it's hard Q would you start nick young and quick cup in the pack and Barack which they did right lot of those games what any other thing is that you know we talk so much taste not saudis to play because he set good screens. Will click got a lot of open looks yesterday because the ball well many are running off screen so Jameel did his job and I just I liked the way. When they were running a high pick and roll the were whipping the ball around it wasn't just I so let me take my guy off the dribble they're selfless and I think that it would dollar starting really set that town. It did and he said a defense of tone JaVale McGee and his match up it was almost like somebody. You know got JaVale McGee in a room and he said look we're gonna start yeah yeah. All right we want you to bring energy and do everything you do the only thing you need to make sure you don't do is bite on pump phase deal. It was like oh that's the only it's like judge Ellis is the only thing that can Iraq then the half likely you're gonna reeker early in this game. What he's longer than LaMarcus Aldridge so I just have to go and jump on every little pump fake. Aldridge is game not that he is him but he's got a little Kevin McHale and on that he's trying to do the open under the pump fakes and stuff and I just felt like when we didn't buy in when JaVale didn't buy it. It played right into our hands he had to take a lot of fallen back fadeaway shots and when they pushed him off the block and and got him out of the key. He's so less effective. And I thought that the rest of these first played exactly the same way it should not only will soul in effective for them not that I expected it to be but he's a guy who's over the years is killed. War are still have a couple games one maybe two and a series if it's a four game series it's probably one of its sixteen series or seven game series it's probably too. But that's the difference between the guy playing at 25 and I doubt planted forty yeah it's the fact that. You can't do it game in game out yet and he used to be got a could do what game in game out and now it's. Well TED had a huge game last year in the playoffs against the warriors yeah but they didn't win that game and then he didn't do it again yes and that's eggs you know that's that they Amy for the spurs to beat. Competitive in this series. They need all ridge. And Patty Mills and Rudy. Gay and baby you'll Tony Parker and manage you know we all play well on the same game and win it. Now we'll see act a bit of putting way too much stock in the Patty Mills and Parker the same time. For me I would be playing desire to Amory more like they kept. 2001. Popovich would yank them. He talked to them for competitor to the lawyers would expose the clay on Patty Mills matchup and a desire to it would go back in there like. I just don't think they have a lot of answers like I think this is just. This is gonna be a get right series for the warriors to get their momentum their head right and a half the shots are falling in. And for the deep the defense aside the ball you couldn't have asked for a better opponent. Like they have the least amount of firepower can't make impact that right so so your defense is gonna look exponentially better so I just I love this matchup I think we're gonna sweep of. It's looking like it's headed that direction John tickets in the butcher boy Joshi askew here on 95 cent in the game. Bartok it's a more years with you at 8889579570. Triple 89579570. Are the warriors back for good. Any possible concern of a let down for the warriors in game two. We knew they were gonna be locked in for game one and this guy I felt they would be but. Because they were able to win it with such ease do they now fall into the trap of okay deemed too it's ho hum a little bit again it feels like the regular season to a certain extent at least the playoffs extension of it in that. Our oldest will be final got there or not play great beginning and figured out. What was it just seemed to me I heard Mike's human interviewing Klay Thompson in the post game on ABC and he was sand. We need fifteen more of these like he was very laser focused he said this game means absolutely nothing. And I need fifteen more these victories to get to where we need to get so I think that now. They can kind of see the end of the road I think their focus is can only get. More more clear I think they're gonna get more more honed in and dial things and you said that. Yeah I hear you they did but I think the opponent played played a lot and I'm interested to see. It disburse punched back in a real lack you know what is there. Reaction to that Mike can they can't can they sustain a wave of the spurs coming at them I don't even know the spurs have that in their arsenal. They don't you the only thing the spurs can do is. Make the game extremely ugly and slow and low scoring in trying to execute the warriors down the stretch. But if they do that the warriors are still going to have. Kevin Durant as the best player on the floor is a candidate can be shot maker and the great offense is gonna be great defense. And I distinct Randle make enough shots or dream on dream will make enough plays and oh by the way you still have Klay Thompson. Who may not be eleven for thirteen in game to him but he is a weapon that the San Antonio Spurs do not hand. Now and in defensively I I go back this all the time. LaMarcus Aldridge really can't guard anyone on the warriors when you play JaVale. But JaVale this is way more athletic than he has and he Eagles over to help on dream on a couple times on Katie when their penetrating into the lane and that's an easy Galileo project mail every single time. If he's not playing against JaVale like who is he really gonna guard he's not gonna come out on to the perimeter and guard dream on now's the other key thing that I really haven't touched on. I did a couple threes that's so big for him it opens up his dribble drive penetration it allows the defense to extend out toward the three point line. And then I have to honor him when he's not hitting that shot. That doesn't open up the other facets of his game. Well dream on hit a couple of threes two of six and Iguodala hit one as well so I think if you're the warriors you'll take. What's the reality show signs from those two as cnet's. I'm not a college found money necessarily but it and if you hit a couple of those the warriors are much more. Difficult to beat. When those two guys or make it some kind of an impact on the offensive side and look -- green had a tremendous all around game he took the shots that were there. Yes he finished five of thirteen overall. But the twelve points the eleven assists he garner had a triple double with eight boards or go back the one thing real quick. You mentioned Klay Thompson. Talking about needing to win fifteen more games he was asked if the warriors were trying to make a statement in game one and he had a great answer. Absolutely I mean we wanted to stay in the game two as well I mean. 39 this season Carl I know. We've kind of pollen in the playoffs. Though we know it sounds we are you know do we are we've been here before the postseason you know what it takes to win. So like I said before is laws are intensely and are no communication as us cars. Were really hard to beat and that's who we wanna do the rest this series. Intensity communique issued in attention to. Defense and energy was all there yak and Klay Thompson is so under appreciated. By the all marlin fan base JD I key to me just. He's such is silent assassin he's the glue guy he's such a great number two or I guess now ice technically a number three bit. He's just he's one of those guys I as a die hard work I so appreciate here's my question you JD because I don't think I've heard anyone say anything about this. Do you think there's anything more to it is good dollop. I need were not really sure what happened there it looked like he was kind of not. Hobbled but. I couldn't tell the got a Charlie horse or be twisted to mean what what was the prognosis there Steve Kurt did say it was a Charley horse -- Charlie is a sentiment. Easily can be pork through yeah went when he went flying in TVS stands. The first thing I thought I was I hope I gotta be kidding me easy getting getter well they'll begin daughter's hand. And the good news in the playoffs is. For game one game two it's only one day. But game two. To game three it's gonna be two days listen travel yes even game 3-D game four is gonna be two days in San Antonio so the warriors can get. A rest day after game two with some travel. A practice day and then played a game in the immediate arrest day era more low key film review day a practice day. And in your play in game four so that the setup of this. There's always a little gap here in the error in the first round somewhere whether it's between game one and game two. Two and three to warriors cases between two and three and three and four. There's always a gap somewhere in that first half of the series to the point if you in that series in four or five. And get yourself another break. It really isn't all that taxing physically in their point of time to recover. Now that's a that's a really good point and that's what the regular season so dramatically different. From the playoffs like when you have the older guys like Louis BC team is older case he's getting up there he he's older David West is older Shaun Livingston's older. This really plays in our hand. How soon he would sign it yesterday with county and guru on the policy was such a good job. But starting made such an astute point in who's talking about how Gregg Popovich. Was self aware and his team was outclassed and it's something that I can totally relate to and I don't I'm not publish is one of the greatest coaches of all time. But when you are any game whether it's high school level C wild whatever and you know the other team is just better new. There is say there is it weird concession you make as a coach you don't coached that game the same way you almost. Your frustrating you know that no matter what you do. The other teams just got two or three or 45 better players union. Well Gregg Popovich I think inherently leans that way to begin when the casinos in and Matt brings this up all the time next time Mets. Because he covered the Don Nelson warriors and you know wanna Popovich is mentors and he was on the warriors staff deal in the early 1990s are back and it there early the first Nellie round of the warriors. And you'll look at it and he. Nellie knows when a team doesn't happen and we can check out yes when there's nothing that he does that. That matters now and I think Gregg Popovich first grade coach is yet is. He has a little of that tie him and Matt brings that up and I think you see that. In the post game press conference for the gallery not that he comes in. And he's yuk it up talking about Gatorade knees slap it in about you know he's he's gone all right what are you wanna. And but he's laughing he's not really met it's all an act now and it's our first question for. It was me it happened because that's psychotic people in the room and didn't and that's a thing like last year pop of India. He would come down so fast. That the beat writers for the spurs. We wouldn't be able to get down into the press consulates and dedicate their don't mean to cut you off but look what explaining the etiquette like what's normal routine for other NBA coaches. In contrast is the playoffs it's different but usually coaches talk to their team and then come down in the press conference there's usually at least a ten minute. Ish window although the NBA because they have both teams in the same room half they try and they try and get it move in a little bit quicker and a but Popovich comes down last year I don't even think he was talking whose team I just think he was walking straight into the press conference interest and and so he comes down and last year the conference finals series. No San Antonio writer is even in the room. And it was all right what do you got in there was literally liking Chris Nelson was actually with because he was going to do the post game narrow path and I'm get an equipment hooked up in everything do to record on and all the stuff and he's like I what are you got. And it was similar to last year was like nobody really wants to ask a question and the regular beat writers that are around him all the time that would be asking quite asks are there gas so he answered one or two and I think I I'd. Asked a similar question last year like they want around you guys. I know he's gonna give me nothing specific like I don't basket I knew I mean you know. I mean I am I covered Gregg Popovich ten years ago when he would give visitor come and in the Sacramento last hurricane back in the day. Indeed it was the same kind of thinks he know you're gonna get the just have to keep him going yeah Intel eventually he says something. Interesting to somebody or at least until the other beat writers can get in there from the San Antonio aside that to have. Certain angles that they want a fit. But you just. You get the impression watching him that he knows his teams that should happen. This series totally so it's almost like and nothing matters now he gives yet he gives a vibe of you can ask me stuff but it doesn't matter I'm not gonna totally rip on my team and say we have no chance but I know we have no chance. And if you watch the game you should know that we are chances that so if you watch the game. In and you should know that we have no chance then why even ask me about it since the circular staying. That gets him out of the room within two minutes and then he's done with it. So that it's just it's it's just is that pin and I think it's. I don't think it's cute I figure I mean I think it's the he's kind of a fraud at the honesty in the end user in a way and not as a coach well in the way that he deals with it because it walked out of there would be. Laugh and joke I had and like I. I everything's great and were we going to dinner tonight and all of this that the other. So but just coming in could be coming to beat real all right Jesse and real is. For him is this sarcastic. Phony. That he puts on a. But it's it's tiring like I remember when we lost 72013 that's when I first. Realized like I cannot stand how he treats the sideline reporters I feel like he embarrasses them on a national. Level when they Alina during the in game interviews I think it's really condescending the martian and I don't like when people bully people. Whether he has a twinkle in desire not the difference between him and bella checked per sank because they are a lot of people comparing them in post game. Press conferences I feel like that actually Isabella jackets you don't Amy like I totally agree right and I at. I don't like the disingenuous. Nature of Popovich and I don't like when he talks down to people who are just doing their job like I I understand that there's this. Weird thing where a lot of people don't like the media. How I have way less respect for you as a man when you talk down to people in your just blatantly disrespectful whether he's having fun with it or not like. I just it's a bad luck. Look now so I'll give him some benefit of the doubt in that he is in some ways. Challenging the people that are in the room yet to ask something it isn't just completely generic. I got but at this hour but at the same time. What went wrong for your team you could rattle off a five different things right out of that yes that's an answer. Is you can be done in the same amount of time that taking four questions and saying. You watch a game mark this week they're way better than us sir. They'll. I did agree needs to grow for instance me and what do you want but yeah. Any kid that was actually good answer gas but it took him a couple of minutes did a warmup banana and then that was basically only thing he got there was a follow up. I'd ask you about Rudy Gay player awhile and then it was a follow up from one of the San Antonio guys that actually had made it down to that point. I believe was Jabari young and he's at that point he followed up and civil do you think you'll you'll start Rudy Gay airplay read my news I got on the game ended. Ten minutes ago Aaron Irene in there I. I it's too early to make any kind of decisions about. Tomorrow or the next game and it's pretty popular I don't get it but that's a totally. Valid I question. What. My biggest question for him his arrogance. Like he actually arrogance not just from him but. We've treated the spurs like they can do no wrong but if you look at their roster decisions over the last 234. Years. You know outside of the call our letter trade with Indiana which was a great trade like I. Giving Pocatello. And yet give me how this all three years 45 million. That was stupid not green backs on the scene is whether he's fit this system that culture like that's a really good wire. Thinking that Tony Parker and Ginobili still have stuff left in the tank like no clearly they didn't. Building the team around LaMarcus Aldridge that's not so now I understand. There are totally different team with cool while Leonard. But you are connecting with Cole are in having this whatever the issue is where it any other franchise the next the old warriors beat kings. We would be crucial find them for alienating their superstar and. And to be fair there is a case to be made. They won 47 games in Kauai Leonard played nine we have this roster yeah gaining during calendar so LaMarcus Aldridge Patty Mills you get the job they Murray. You know Gasol Rudy Gay Ginobili. Tony Parker all guys in the downside Burke cons. Is so bunch of those guys there's a case to be made if you look at it from. That perspective bubble pop which is a great coach I mean how many other for I don't if if you took those guys interim on the Phoenix Suns. What Earl Watson coach in the beginning of the year they might want 28 games and that's where they'll coli. But but also just take quietly quite aside I. I think you have to save that to be fair Nikolay does make them of course significantly better. And some of the veterans you mention any they signed just because they're trying to hang on and build something they're kind of and in a weird in between phase. Like I giants it's like we said yeah I it's like we said they of one young he's done it if it is a lie and the rest of it is yes the rest of it is basically like. The giant. Have you tried to hang on with a few guys that won championships that are clearly on the down the downside I think so I just. I do think you have to give some benefit of the doubt there but it's like you said earlier from a warriors perspective on this thing dispersed. Rain and gets your attention that they don't have an inning and in hey can make you pay that doesn't often cellar they got nothing in Hawaii often where do you. What is going on with collage like I feel like. We're not reporting this on the national level. Would the scrutiny that I've Billiton deserves like if this were LeBron. If this were staff curry if this were booed because insight. New insert superstar acts in to the coli situation I'd get a it's the spurs like you said they get a benefit of the doubt. This guy wasn't even on the bench like we don't even know where he is. Outlets CN break guys bullets we don't like the guys in New York may be what they're not really sure. Like I. I don't know man I don't is it this this feels like the end of the San Antonio run in this feels like that Bobby Cox series against the Atlanta Braves the giants where. This could be the end of pop. X yeah it cut. And we will see if he once did continued it to collect checks for a couple more years and he's earned the right to do that per share more power to them and is killed probably decide that it's time. When he decides that it's time and I think whenever he's earned that right I'm not a fan of his. I think you know I just like his I was not Popovich is actually a little overrated really going up until the thirteen fourteen around in his eyes I just thought their teams. Never really beat anybody he. That special that they war. Clearly battered and agreed I guess just cannot always had but I thought the way. That he coached in the two series against Miami the one that they lost in Seattle and that that they should've done in the one that they won in 2014. That kind of put the whole new Honda Vick thing because those guys run the downturn even and then and it was implementing Kauai with that group. And the ball move may and the ball movement offense in the way they played. So I I've changed my tune I think based on what I am always believed there of him I mean he was always the guided media was RA he took over and and taped it and got him down you know they go with David Robinson Sean Elliott and it could in end and made himself the coach yes exists I had got this potential. I get this twenty year generational player to go with the other generational player that's only gonna play for five more years yeah. And it would Dave Robinson and yeah. I'll make myself a legend right now I'm higher myself the afternoon to head coach self. I was kind of looked dead like OK yeah I never saw the genius. I tell it's a five years ago I don't expect glass cement. And aren't anywhere is an idealist and it is my job. Ged and we'll ask the be all to know but I think a lot of the fans for the warriors to the same way I like it we artists at like this is my question you. What would be good trait you associated his team's plane went. Being over achievers great defense okay great defense that's fair that's fair I think like we did a Phil Jackson it's triangle offense right knee and everyone knows I. He was even the inventor of the triangle offense and. The other thing you give him credit for two is winning with different style I agree and they were about Iraq post oriented team and early on topic and they're gonna run me off for now or five down and hit Duncan on the left block and he's gonna go to work they're gonna playoff and that and then they became an open. Flow being beautiful basketball move the gas off create. Kind of it seems like this search credit for that I mean look I'm not I'm not seeing the guys to joke he's one of the bass but here he's one of the best it just it. But I don't think it's this form lawless hit it that legendary. Hour here it's it's yeah it's a weird it's different because I silicon. He gets a lot of credit no class and you know I think a lot of it was he gets a lot of credit for being him. Where. I don't know that he could've been him. Had everything not worked out exactly the way it did in terms of heaven don't can be that guy that's the star and end in. I am not sure he would have changed. If he didn't pass that I agree I think he just would have been Joseph random retread coach. Adultery he try to bring in Jason Kidd and try to put Tony Parker on the bench. Tim Duncan wanted to go to the Orlando Magic one year remember they almost lost him early on in his career. At some point let's also acknowledged now. This system helps facilitate this but I think he'll have five maybe six hall of famers that he will have coached how many coaches can save act. Now not very many I mean David Robinson was as we glorified him Tim Duncan. I think I might rather have David Robinson over Tim Duncan I just don't think Tim Duncan. To not in play with a much better supporting cast around him and a better overall ownership group. But he had him Duckett obviously Parker and Ginobili fantastical why might be going. To the hall of fame one day you know we'll see how his career winds up but look he he's great there's no question but I also think. He can also be a jerk and can also be slightly overrated while still acknowledging that he's a great great great coached. And the one thing again to bring it back to the warriors say it all adds up to the fact that they drew the absolute perfect. First round opponent and and form a month we were talking about while Portland could be tough and now Portland trailing in their series to the pelicans and your start to wonder. You could the pelicans being more difficult opponent in the second round. Then. Even Portland I think BR JD acting they aren't I want any part of the Anthony Davis and and true holidays plane. Played believable all right now on both ends of the court Rondo is. You know ask fastest he's ever been in Finnish teen act of random uncle believable and Mirotic. He looks like he's unlock whatever we couldn't unlock in Chicago he's not only hitting shots he's got great passing game he complements what Anthony Davis is looking to do on the court. Spacing wise. I'm scared the pelicans. Our John Dickinson and the butcher boy Joshi asking here on 957 a game coming back. We will speak with Monty pool of in BC sports. Bay Area will get his take on game one end and start to look ahead toward game to. Right here and 95 cents McKay. Now yeah. Hi John Dickerson and the butcher boy Joshi asking here on honey I said the game with you until noon is the aids and the Mariners come up at noon with kittles got the dugout chill for it's a pleasure now to be joined by. Warriors insider for NBC sports Bay Area money pool joins us here and ID 57 again money how aria. Or are doing well how how surprised were used today. It would Ollie got the start at point guard because I'll tell you from the shop is that I've done. I dismissed it maybe foolishly that Quinn cook was just gonna start because Quinn cook Vince tartan. We are and I was surprised. Those people. I heard Terry let's stick with what you know we're comes to a outreach and then. Lately we've been doing the starting in the off select people awful like they have on Vick off the bench the first effort bare apartment with the first quarter. Oh. Yeah I thought okay what it does it restrict your wondered where well. If that that would be human rights brought up Andre Barrett didn't like you know it rate fixed. Obviously it worked you know they want simple would be that would have been an issue. There and he held the for everything went the first quarter so. You do it works but it worked. Money what did you think of the defense live. Just the mindset this strategy that they threw LaMarcus Aldridge slew double teaming him sometimes sometimes allowing JaVale. To play with them one on one mean they've really got him out of rhythm and kept him off of the offensive side of the ball on the off the glass excuse me. He evaluated or not than usual reporters pretty much when they played eighteen. It has one guy at their dominant scorer got two or three but one main guy that can virtue of the word Richard I get struck retention. They give you different looks spirit bears really one guy responsible for a person regarding our or our big man they beat your group. Reporter from look reporters regard yesterday to America. You know you've probably got guarding him and I ought to build on one got a 100 an advocate the bit to go coast out because. Got to be kind of jumpy. About you know outbreak. And miracle on gets very rocket went for the pump break. To report to undergo detailed as well and award mostly bought the shop so. I thought the rubber room tremendous drop their effort good dark and no place to premier. It different first half I mean you look at phenomenal well. I would expect it would start again you the most you don't think they're rotated starters. I had been mayor of America right now with the pale and markets work. Unless public equity it will I think opera start road game experience. I ya money I wanna just ask you about data mean really what can Gregg Popovich do you Rudy Gay played well. And that's that's almost the only move he has in the bag but the warriors can and exploit Rudy Gay and in different ways in particular. On the defense event. Yeah there are great up and blew out were about the beeper and any offer right. And I'm off and truly difficult thing you have to coordinator. You know what I wouldn't go on the perimeter. Big turnout there got to develop or cart in the paint. A guy that particular hole with a market you know he can do bear. And yesterday which you saw what do we have that second option that they needed told. Rudy came it Emeka god and that is okay. Voters in which he played well government such as you you look good. Troll article op argue that our preacher you're is that every argument you restart it where you already on an out because. A review would undergo a registered if not a desperate yesterday. After debt. You know I don't know in the worse or played expert our current this season and I believe. Every time. We're looking at different starting lineup. Amex go to thicker regain our they're going to our road right so until the content have been spoke. Aldridge and parity bill. Most of them are pretty constant by. Rommel the dramatic and different guy in your beer then. In early bird Burke chair and they started out the ball they started. Go to the Doctor Murray they've started. How nervous and so it's kind of a rotating cast around most art. I think I don't know the other route get on the way we can go. If he does star Rudy who do you do you think it'll be for Anderson he think it'll be for Patty Mills. Are we Bernard. You know I'd bet that might hear my. Appeared in it he's required to go credibly but Rudy or a real well they might get equipment reprint. You got her mouth they're. Epic probably thought it could easily could do aired in order to get him on speaker read particular to cut out of pick and roll well. I don't I don't. Released you have them. Anderson can't really guard Daryn well -- is a good defensive player but yesterday he was expected either. And so we're postured that you artist in her third pyramid it like look. There was trauma that they welcome that and I don't I think they were off or hurt the crowd got into it. The word go up to a good start when that happens it's really cupped the back on the thing. Money he championship pedigree of this team has got to. Other fitting question special over the last couple months and specifically for the top three players that are healthy Kevin Durant dram on. And Klay Thompson. And I thought all three of these guys really set the tone early in this game. And I guess my question do you is. You know we haven't really seen clay go off shooting and yes it was a really positive first sign do you think it was because of the mashups what Danny Green getting. You know early foul trouble having to come out Patty Mills avenue garden where do you think that may be starting to click it just the right time. You know I think first bought that I think correct or pretty well beat it. You know you're Greg gave here an airway what Beckett. The group about the value everything recovered nuclear play. You know where to go off. And even yesterday I got thirteen cotton with very efficient extra near the U perimeter there you got a couple of months though it per account and beat him. Like you know what to start that may be where are gonna happen. So I thought the first quarter click one got a bank. And that the way you have to play it goes sometimes guys get into a rut they weren't they were the ball actually play can be elected. You're into that that sort of rhythm where you want to get shot of a matter what and a Argus that you had a are we humorous picture you with Smart. And repeat in coming here to promote a gratitude. But sometime got a Paducah go gulf war there. And clear to bury what's phenomenal and I thought I'd click and be very green very green it would break the average sports actually Mercury. It I think if there's space a better one on one on ball under the very radiant. And when Murray got a thought supplement the midst of their per quarter and you could deflect brief follow them like two minutes. And that's because you're grabbing player he was holding clarion and direct result were. When Murray sat down I mean I click through for a re like market later and he went off so. Reported that really Smart. And it struck the right time didn't force any during. It was an. Monty pool our guests here on 95 set in the game one other question I had coming into this thing. Yesterday was could Steve Kerr actually. Juggle the rotation to a point where he could avoid having to play nick young and he did it. He avoided cabinet play Nicki on any meaningful minutes. A sent chilling nine guys in in the the main rotation and did it surprise you that the wave that they tinkered with think because they did things a little bit differently both on the starting line up. And with the rotation then they'd even been able to do in the regular season. Very wary prepare America over these these supplement not a bad throw man there's something about the death row and the boxer shorts audio work if you walk in into the arena. That tells me you might not be feel like plain and. That step up her. I'm not surprised. I think I mean. It made it clear that bit in what should establish should be into Britain. And nick great regard for their particular got it. Nick you big guy out there on defense there at most effective or repeat and one click Borger Michael. And it just welcome. You know the but he can't guard one on. Either. There are too slow for most guys that are battling player he. Go. Were not surprised to see it not play and go recruiting game coming out of here. It I think reputable continuing a series against her credit repair repair really. Put him out clear and not expect him get exploited and edit their apply the most thing but it's dispersed. They'll have to commute because the car might affect reports right now and they would go right ethnic though. A program now are ample supply that's not a bit but because Butler had a little bit for perfect market you're being physical with. Well I'll look up or continue a couple of other industry group OK would it ought to probably won a game. But you I would be part he does give some time there at some point because again he gonna go to prep let the very looks against the lethal he believes. Or and how much of Zaza not Plainview think was Steve Kerr in the coaching staff wanting to get the bomb blew knees feet wet maybe not the best match up but a guy like. Can violist played very well this year and I think the warriors may know they're gonna need him in other series so let's give them some playoff. Atmosphere testing initially. We are having their their come to that part of shrimping and and it would remote with critical because we're up come back clinical program what are what your. You know we come up with better to play either guard look at some point arc shooting guard particularly doctor wit so. Like near normal but Smart and a number of ways. Our thoughts with moving. Again you'd be you'd turn the minute. And he had thought if gift when market have a lot. In mark huge. And so we can only agree that he didn't do it well we believe that and embarrass themselves slope. Automatic formatting be like what you prefer reliable different. Marty. The big thing that I saw from that from the telecast. Was the obsession was showing staff curry behind the bench and is blog voice feature a cover up bomb and they also obviously the broadcast showed some of his pregame workouts. With the brace on the knee. He was kind of running through drills and whatnot. Is there any updates on staff curry I know he's gonna be reevaluated. In the next week or so so what's your feel are your gauge for where he's. That they're coupe premium if it. Leopard when the word that perhaps because expert marketing and what it. So you'll see is that all of that you respect mr. Ronald you have happening at all. They'll be a bigger shock and are preserving yesterday tiger I don't see it happening at all. My second round you'll be.