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Sunday, April 15th

JD and The Butcher boy talk game 1 of the playoffs for Golden State and the sneaky roster moves made by Steve Kerr. Also on tap was Javale McGee's great openning performance and how much of the Dubs play from this series can we expect to carry over in upcomming series. Michael Lee NBA Writer for Yahoo Sports calls in to discuss the playoffs so far and the 76ers exceeding expectations.


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Did DG DG dot. Constant dealers in downtown San Francisco our peace he's not behind seven. All right we'll welcome new Indians Sunday morning two hits John Dickinson and the butcher boy killed chassis with you for the next three hours here. And below put up the phone lines right off the bat at 8889579570. AAA 579570. A lot of warriors conversation today as Golden State. Seemingly checked off every possible box of every possible question mark you could have. In their game one victory over the San Antonio Spurs at ORACLE Arena yesterday. We got a great show four yeah Michael les gonna join us coming up in the 9 o'clock Armani pool. In the 10 o'clock Darryl talks in giants with Terry Crowley the Bay Area news group. In the 11 o'clock Arab butcher boy get to finally said you're just a little showed again literally. Right around the holidays and I have I'm excited to talk quarters what came asks yeah incredible game and you know there were some questions going into it yes who's gonna start at center Aaron. JaVale McGee gets the nod JaVale McGee is spectacular the first quarter pound line around make him play scoring thank you could make you case that he outplayed. LaMarcus salt per share completely and it's difficult matchup for Aldridge in the spurs obviously he Aldridge to play big against the warriors if they're gonna be able to hand in the game. Who how would Quinn cook fare as the starting point guard well guess what. Steve Kerr had a little trump card up his sleeve he said you know what we're not gonna start Cohen caught couldn't take the pressure off of him. And insert Andre Iguodala into the starting lineup in an attempt to. Set a defensive minded tone which is how the warriors are gonna have to play without Stefan curry they're gonna have to play just extraordinary. Consistent defense right from the did jump so I think. Steve Kerr didn't wanna give Greg pop the cheating he did X the season by having Quinn cook out on the floor he takes pressure off the Kuwaiti starts Iguodala. Would they care the warriors spent the last four to six weeks looking like they didn't care that was the silly one of course they were gonna look like our case care. But when you look at this game is the perfect opponent in May be the perfect bracket you know it is more of that later on yes but the warriors they had San Antonio stymied it looks like evil that Stefan curry this is going to be short series. Had no question. Having the gamesmanship to start Iguodala. And then you look at the men allocation he surely played like nineteen or twenty minutes I know they were blown out the fourth quarter. But quick cook got his 25 minutes it was just in a different way. The JaVale McGee thing was really impressive because. I think we all associate JaVale with clumsy NASA and not necessarily mean the highest I Q player he did not jump for any of the ball fakes that LaMarcus Aldridge. Was thrown at him and I thought that their scheme defensively on how they would. Sometimes. Double team LaMarcus Aldridge in the post sometimes they wouldn't send that second guy over. They just stayed they put a brilliant first quarter and I thought it set the tone for the entire game. The key for me was you are contesting shots GB contesting shots which I really hadn't seen them do over the last couple weeks. John Dick it's in the butcher boy Joshi asking with few until noon here on 95 cent in the game 8889579570. AAA. 9579570. Penske auto sales doc contacts line 95795. Did your thoughts on a game one victory. With the warriors taken on the San Antonio Spurs in and basically just do and everything. That we wondered if they could do over the course of the last couple weeks and I've been one that personally that's given the warriors. Probably more benefit of the doubt than anybody in terms of their board of I hate that term nineties and that they're they're not gay but I think the other part of this is they weren't healthy yes I think we forget. It sometimes. The way this warriors team looks. When they don't have Stefan curry but have the other three all stars yeah verses what they were at the end of the season when they didn't have Stefan curry. And they didn't have Klay Thompson. Ended in a dream on green for awhile. And Kevin Durant and by the time all those other players came back. There was nothing left to play for other than trying to build momentum but the reality is. You didn't have to start building now momentum until the data regular season ended with a couple practices leading up the Esther. Yeah that's a really good point the thing that I got. I took a big piece away from yesterday's game was ever since flip the switch right JD flipped to clinch another one of those terms I need me to I had my two black. When you are playing great defense the ball goes in the hoop OK now you have to take the ball out of bounds of the walk up the core so the pace of the game the flow your and that half court offense it's look uglier. When they're playing good defense yesterday they're getting stops they're getting out in transition and they are kicking the ball around he saw the assist numbers finally get up there. You saw the defense of rebounding. It's how many office tree doesn't they have. A handful at three yeah I mean I even at 338802. Chance points that's zero seats are not one time in the game the spurs get an offensive rebound and school that's crazy and the other thing is. I just look at the personnel the dispersed through a down. Like Patty Mills numerous times in this game in the first half was guarding Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant and but that's. That's that's an automatic victory even if those guys don't score it's gonna open things up for someone else so. I just think is the perfect opponent for them to get right does that make sense. No it absolutely is you just go up and on the Western Conference and he Minnesota would have been it more difficult opponent Oklahoma City you're Utah would have been a much more difficult yes opponent. The pelicans as they showed by go to to Portland and winning late last night having a big lead that they almost like support slip away. But they ended up winning in Portland to take a 10 lead as the six seed. Yet every other team that the warriors could have played in the first round would have been a more formidable opponent then he San Antonio Spurs their excellence he asked all their aerial. There are socialists. There's no way they can score with the warriors at all. But at the same time just defensively they're slower and all the and plotting a -- the warrior that the warriors have this group. Overmatched totally agree. We'll let Kyle Anderson played really good against us the last couple times you play them as it at some point. This guy's a Cinderella card is gonna turn into a pumpkin and any did Rudy Gay your guy who I know you loved it did to rip which is. Rightfully so he got his fifteen but he's not a good defense wouldn't you agree knowing Greg pop. Mitch from eBay to change and asked Danny put Rudy Gay out there to start the second half ass and I asked him about data and the post game press conference at city already played equally well for you yeah. And he said well he's one of the guys that actually makes the warriors defense they have actually yet he's one of the guys it's a threat to score they don't have a lot of guys. That are a threat to score the problem is. If you're gonna play Rudy Gay yes extended minutes moving forward mobile warriors are gonna pick him apart on the defense event because he can't guard anybody. I am watching this Arctic marine I like him as a planner but. You know he he's in over his head trying to guard Klay Thompson he was gravity was clutch and he was holding his call for a lot of fouls and down. I had I just go back to the personnel JD I don't like the spurs personnel to match up with the warriors the guy. I actually think she get a little more run for them if we're looking to make this a competitive series is. Birch rods or whatever Bert talk he can he's he's a little more athletic. Odds is more athletic hit three insane guy like Al soft certainly that's getting it gave back to back three years 45 million dollars and they let Jonathan Symonds go talk to Simmons gave the warriors fits. Yes he did exactly got it really missing in this match up. And like you should you go around the rest of that the Western Conference did you wanna play the pelicans he's looked really good right now. It worked out great for the warms it or got absolutely perfectly for the warriors you look at what Utah did to them. Although I was of the impression that you tonne Portland is a second round opponent. Is six and one half a dozen of another yet decided. Defensive oriented team that bothered the warriors but it worries also played and shorthanded. At times during the regular season Portland more of an offensive oriented team I kind of looked at them is similar. I thought maybe. Folks in the media made a little bit too much of Utah's. Force that they had it on the war yes I don't and I think the war is they're a better team that San Antonio grief and without question. But I I think the warriors kid can figure them out EL. Because they are gonna score at a higher rate but they do play elite level defense I mean Oklahoma City was a team that I don't think. Anybody wanna deceit because she would get Westbrook go on for boring you'd get Paul George you somebody that stepped up and played at a higher level. In the playoffs come following it that he'd no matter what you think give him a mean he's still somebody. That that has a track record in Vienna a positive player so upn now maligned. Anybody the warriors could have drawn. In the first round and I think even the second round when you look at Oklahoma City now and you tubby and on the other side of that bracket. The warriors got the perfect draw the perfect team. Tim mead figure it out yes is that's the thing yes the San Antonio brand edition set that I said yesterday and the NBA this week and I'm on worst warmup warriors wrap up. The spurs brand gets your attention yes especially if you're the warrior deaths because Steve Kerr has such a respect for Gregg Popovich. And what they've been able accomplish that the warriors organization I think wants to be the spurs well they want to in fifteen years look back and go wow we won. 567. Championships and there's this culture and it went from Stefan curry says. Whatever superstar isn't even in high school yet. You don't 1015 years from now that's on their team so I think they're such a respect level for the spurs on the warriors end. That they get your attention you know you're gonna have to play buttoned up yet so viewpoint buttoned up San Antonio doesn't have. Anywhere near the talent yet to actually beat yet even if you're not buttoned up all the way site this is the perfect opponent topical. It really as I keep going back to the personnel. There's a guy who killed us a few years ago but this year is done nothing against us we've really stifled him it's Patty Mills and he's got a spark plug if you watch the spurs. This guy he shoots the three he gets them in transition he's a really good player but for whatever reason we have figured him out and I keep call back I could not believe Tony Parker and Patty Mills out there. At the same time and you had Patty Mills guarding Klay Thompson I mean that's a victory for the warriors anyway you slice. Again and a match ups were were all screwed up and in terms of San Antonio and the way they wanted did to send to defend. Gregg Popovich how'd that work out. Did you watch again yes that would you say it. Didn't it didn't work very well. So will wolf they're varied role for five inches by Monday night Boone tell which umpire moved quicker. Then Tokyo and don't be so good. The month and that's what you got I'm seeking him pop I'd been long sick okay good so we're on the same page does. He's Graco expects that's notwithstanding but it's the way he treats people and I was listening I just feel. And how he was making a point well he's behind closed doors he's much nicer to everyone makes it worse in the saying it isn't she said I'm just I'm sick of narrowing down at the church of Popovich like I'm one of his disciples he's a great coach did some great things. But look at how human RC Buford constructed this team. It's a flawed flawed roster. And I can go up and down and pick why I don't like it but then he goes out and just to watch and giving condescending to the media I find it extremely disrespectful. Walks into the release joking around and then somebody Alaska question he'll tell Mac question stinks. Somebody else Alaska question he'll be short third personal answer ask a question so you know what that's actually really good question I'm gonna answer that get you guys good. All right see you later and now. That is your. Your typical. Gregg Popovich press conference right John tickets and the butcher boy Joshi ASCII we got a great show for you Michael lease gonna join us money pool also Kerri Crowley and your phone calls it 8889579570. Talked about the warriors win in game one here. I'm 957 again. You find soon. Just wanted to put our best offenses lineup of come from the beginning everything good the whole point of these games here early in this series is to reestablish our defense. Think you guys know over the last a month or so hard defense is enough to sub par so he can't win and asleep in class solution defend and they defended tonight we. Her best offensive group. Steve Kerr there John Dickinson and the butcher boy here and 95 cents in the game until noon taking your phone calls warriors get it done in game one of the NBA playoffs he beats burst. 113 92 and ORACLE Arena yesterday it was. A strong defense to start as Steve Kerr alluded to there 82817. Lead after one. And I think 23 possessions into the game. You could tell the warriors. It was just stifle. The spurs couldn't get a shot off yet and they were going to put their imprint on the game. Right away and show San Antonio show themselves. Show the rest of the league. That this game in this series and as far as they go in this playoff run is going to be very much different. From anything that we had seen in the regular season and especially the last 46 weeks of the regular season. Yeah I agree with that and I think the subtle nuances starting Iguodala. It's set the tone for passing that not that quick cooks not a good passer but he really does like to shoot and he's an aggressive player what his role yeah. Role when he's out there is not to really be the point guards so it's more they're gonna run things through to rant entering Ahman Green. And cook may get the ball position and make a play but usually it's going to be taking a shot because you're gonna be wide open exactly and then and then I thought that. It would dollar kind of facilitating the offense as well as train on how many times you trim or grab a rebound and they just push it down the court that's the vintage dream on. That I think all warrior fans embrace and love and then. To see them passing the ball making the extra pass to clay in the corner a few times early in that game and just don't eat. I mean stupid JaVale McGee he's just he's been driving me crazy all year but for whatever reason. How Kerr played it just right but he got the best out of JaVale McGee when I thought JaVale McGee was a lost cause earlier this year. He went from somebody that was in the on the trading block how this is I have a role on the playoff roster really look at the warriors big men and they've got. Six centers on the roster seven if you can't drain on green yeah and if you just look at it. Kabob looney look like he didn't have a spot on the roster and he's in the playoff rotation game one although he didn't play. That great yesterday but they're gonna need him there in other matchups actually think he's gonna play a lot ID two if they end up plane Houston Rockets you go back at the three head to head matchups in loonie was involved in in all of them playing significant minutes including opening night which. Kind of caught everybody off guard why's this got plan gives you didn't know fusing gonna. Make the team at least that was the kind of outsider perspective up at the warriors knew what they had once looney got healthy. And felt that they can have a role with him. Moving forward but you look at the senators JaVale McGee on the block to Vallone don't know what his role at the end they'll lose. Are the two guys that are getting the bulk of the minutes along with David West is always gonna play in the first playoff. Yeah and and and you don't even play Zaza all here you've played spots off. You don't nonstop and I just think that playing the matchups this is why the playoffs is so different in the regular season the regular season the mindset is different your pacing yourself. When you get to these types of seven game series you gotta play the match ups and for JaVale. Those athletic big guys just drive disperse craziness is while Oklahoma City a few years ago knock them off in the first round because. They can not defend these athletic bigs. But her from dream on green is that you know he drank bonds then I think toned down this year yes and really I think even toward the end of last year and it toned down a little bit. As far as really want you using dive the first couple years of this run you wanted to comment on everything everybody USA and if you brought him anything from anywhere. Any article any quote eighty sound bite if you took it the dream on green. He was ready to respond deaths Dre Andre had a more subtle response post game yesterday about the statement. But the warriors made in game one. We're chairmanship book slogan no we know what it takes to stop me here in order to win and you know we wanna get back to that regardless of whatever wants than a war is lost to her and I together. They can Wear on us they're not saying to me. Blase Blase Blase blah blah blah you know we know we're capable of and so you know there's been gays there we've blown dust series say it was Kevin. Myself you know we're going to have Roma so we want there's a place we won games are their coach you know so. Though we're profit is and I think a lot of people often forgot oh were can blow we know or got a soda. Did you forget what they were capable laugh com. I forget but I do think it was fair to question it a little bit I mean. There're there are dinged up they were hurt and they just the style of play it wasn't there and not that I expected them to because I know that when you play tough defense. It takes a physical tool in your body and they were already. A decimated squad so. I'll just say this I think it was fair to question them and now I feel foolish having done so what does that make sense why yeah. I that does make sense out emitted as poorly as they played a minute left you wander in without curry but again I just keep going back to the fact. But they're playing San Antonio yes I don't think it would be as easy if you were playing in any one of the other possible teams that could have been. Right there for. Yeah US sent got a tweet which I thought was really good in the middle of the game they are up only like nine points. Before whatever reason it wasn't comfortable nine point lead like I felt like knocked it Santonio was capable of putting on an offensive onslaught. But I think it gives a different opponent. A nine point lead isn't necessarily a safe fleet. People to get in the game if it. Ninth vs San Antonio feels like sixteen agreed a on sixteen feels like 32 year and I think that's something that. You'll curry not be out there are also in asset. Because curry woody hit two or 33 days and the nine would have been sixty if these deaths are eighteen and are in you wouldn't you would the game would have been where you think it shouldn't be eaten so I think to me when you look at it. The score isn't always getting the heat. Where the game is that app but I think that's where you almost have to take a step back. While this team doesn't have curry and be comfortable with that yeah that's just the fact that it's just not gonna look. It's easy gap and enact thought that they took. They closed out the first quarter a little poorly and then they closed out the second quarter really well on the had a nice comfortable lead and then early in the third quarter. You saw all the spurs kind of punch back and then boom boom boom warriors are back up fifteen like like that now and it pretty much drove away with the game from there on out. John Dick it's in the butcher boy Joseph Shas ski here and I 578 as we are with you until noon dated 89579570. AAA. 9579570. Took a lot of phone calls down the stretch of the season our warriors wrap up about. Gil is this team get a figure it out they're done they don't look like they can. It flip this wedge and the phrase it everybody likes to use it and drain my green. Basically saying let's say and that your little foolish if you believe that. Did you believe it. 79570. We can take your calls on that and are you convinced. That anything that happens in this series. Is an automatic carry over to the next series I wanna get to that point a minute the go ahead. I was just gonna say that I think I was very critical of Kevin Durant specifically because. You know for a guy that is a self proclaimed in the list car with Carrie champion and LeBron James. First or second best player in the world he really did play like yesterday and he was she was awesome it was it. This I'm gonna force the single player or Superman combat mode videogame style isolation flag. But he played within himself and still showed that when he wants to rip a rebound or play lead defense or just get to the rim at will nobody's gonna stop them. And look at this series. And eights. I do think there's something to question as to. How much of it how much of it translates down malign you how much of it did the LB because the spurs are such a unique opponent. To anybody else that the warriors could possibly play but the the one thing that I always came back to any time. We got to do a discussion about. The first round of the playoffs and can the warriors turn it on and listen that's my answer was always will court they can apply yeah. Because M and we didn't know was too murky to figure out for a month huge you literally could not do you was gonna come down to the last day of the year there's going to be a million scenarios that was 32 scenarios the final crazy two days there were sixteen scenarios the final day of the season. And it turned out San Antonio. But the one thing that I kept coming back he was well what's the path going to be easy get if you tell me you got to play Oklahoma City in the first round. And eighty Utah on the second round or Portland although so it changed with Portland. In the final couple weeks of the season and he can't call you think aides say he added they just hadn't been quite the same and actually wasn't surprised that they wound up losing half their opener last night. They almost needed a wake up call yeah like the pelicans were point a little bit better class B all. A week and a half. Actually wasn't surprised. That at the pelicans when they're won that game but now you look at their side of the bracket. It's just a it's wide open for the warriors to ease their way forward roles in this series and that next series. And yet look at sit Houston on the other that you say. Are you figured I didn't feel Minnesota. Less talented eighth seed and deal with Utah a team that can stifle you defensively or for Oklahoma City knocks out. Utah's well. And so. The other factor this. Joseph is Stefan curry coming back it's important and he was reevaluated yesterday you look at it and he did look good any look at on Friday when he's doing agility drills alike. They're gonna reevaluate him in a week they're gonna keep movie Steve persons not close to playing. The first round can start two weeks from yesterday that if both series and didn't less than seven games to the warriors series in the Metallica series. I did. We could be the position here word. It's not a total lock the Curry's ready to go I grew right at game one of that series it. Feels a little more and we get him contents the Washington Post on his on regularly here. And he said no you guys it's fine he makes he's he's going to be fine ready to go whenever. Game one of the next round at the warriors are being extra cautious to begin with just building in that time and to his return date. But I think the second round opponent is important as well because weather curry plays game one has to wait till game three of a second round series. You're gonna need to be able to figure things out in that series and have a little bit more margin for air than you would if you were fully healthy. No I agree with that the other part of this is. Whether it's the Palestinians or whether it's the trailblazers they're take a pound of flesh from each other in that series and I do think that there is something to be said for the attrition. The way Aaron terror. When curry does come back OK do you anticipate his knee getting better over time because I think this is the type of injury where. Eight might get to a certain extent but it's not gonna get better as he's playing 35 minutes on every other night now I you're right Idonije so. When he does come back we wanted to be the best we possibly can because it's only gonna stay at. Or get slightly worse like you let me know. I think you saw that two years ago this week he came back in yes he was rusty the first athletic game for Portland went off to the older sonic game. Essentially ended that series. Indiana's MVP award the next day but I think he did see. As the playoffs went on. That they knee injury didn't take it told. Gradually declined he couldn't separate from guys on the perimeter in its. I love Seth Curry I love everything he has but. I think it is fair to say slow play this and even look JD even if they go into the second round and they split one and one rank they split that the the first two games. You know. Figure out what I don't think you need to bring him back immediately and no matter what the scenario is not you're down 02 gap it's it's it's an emergency time but. And again the way they played yesterday I think they're crescendo in or their building momentum in the right direction and I still there are still flaws yesterday from the wars I don't think they played a perfect game do you. I think played pretty close to perfect game OK I really did look at yeah okay for further opponent and the situation. Andy quite tops it is efficient as he went eleven to thirteen five of six from three to rant 24 points seventeen shots we drink didn't hit the three. They turned it over fifteen times and those are the things you always look at. They made San Antonio one dimensional. They beat San Antonio on the boards they did the last second chance points. Did a total shot attempts were even I mean I'm not I. I look at it and I think that's about as good. As you could expect given the circumstances for the warriors in in game one I really do you think. That's attention I thought they played one of their best game since may be the Oklahoma City game in the regular CA that was really good game. But there are so defensive slips I would say like looney fouling the three point shooter Rudy Gay whether he'd get if you just can't do that's his first playoff into the appointment at this point that's the point at me I'm nitpicking here but I'm just Sam and I I. I still think that they can play. Awful game and I'm just look at it today it's Shaun Livingston I mean data were trail yes and what I also experienced. That it was that that was it wire to wire win a playoff game that you led by 28 United's I look at that is close to a perfect energy look at what they are also get a ton of points in the paint I felt like if they wanted to Dicky get to the remedies. But nobody wants San Antonio was stopping them from driving to the lane and nobody was marking the Jabil to give me they had Alley oop after Alley early on in that game itself. Yeah I. And I added that the key for me though is clay Thompson because. I sent it over and over he has had a 234 game stretch of great shooting where he's he's hot. He's no efficient. You know he's not press seemed like he really hasn't had that stretch so if he can at least come out of this series with 23 games under his belt of really efficient. You know high level shooting that's a huge huge plus for this warrior team. Now I would be and I think the other thing I wondered if Steve Kirk can actually get away with not playing Nick Young because they don't have. Are you think Kerry in an Indy fan now grilling out there he drives me crazy and they guy showed up to the game in boxers. Discussed at a bathroom he. That ridiculous Prius that did the tenth man. But what are you diligent and any played as much as you would expect it I thought the play where he jumped in it's it's two free throws and he jumps in after the first free drug saw the video right yes I mean he's ridiculous the guy. He frustrates me beyond belief he has no awareness of where he is on this roster but he's a fringe player act like. So I don't eager and thought I. I don't I wonder and given every thing going all the rotation could speaker actually you know I had gotten basically not plan at all in his. And he'd hit yes and no way to he tweaked it was impressive in Charlotte makes them look like a guy that was back a tea one thing that stood out and you mentioned this early on in the show. The fact it. It felt like Iguodala played 32 minutes and didn't he 123 minutes Livingston felt like he played more and he wound up. Under twenty which is about the limit that they want for him in a perfect world so they were able to balance the rotation. And because it turned into a blowout not have to play guys down the stretch but yet to rant under 320 dream on wonder 34 clay Wright at 35. And those guys didn't play obviously in at the end of the game. You look at the center minutes yet JaVale was sixteen. David West sixteen. They handled it and they thought they had you meet Steve Kerr is a brilliantly coached game I thought by him. Not in game necessarily and it doesn't that doesn't matter I guess mean. The preparation of Iguodala is gonna start chip sales gonna start this is what my rotation is gonna be. All of that I thought yesterday was just. Can't pass without the gamesmanship. Kind of wait on the Iguodala and it matters Ellis is curious if you. But and and I don't think it totally matters I mean that's one of those things that in the playoffs mean that that's fine no black bit I'll say this heated up the lie about it now is nobody asked him to fit because they are all but they're going to cook was gonna start he has thought it was still an NBA this week yeah it's was stunned Mets before the show. And the thought. Because we were talking about the center yet who's gonna start at center JaVale loony and honestly got one I really didn't now I don't mean I didn't have a good answer for that one. But. I thought it might be Pachulia even though my mind was saying it now can't be Pachulia and they've really got to got to wait for man's. But down the stretch and tried to find more options and by given other players an opportunity to play. But the thought crossed my mind what we were having the JaVale conversation. What if Quinn cook doesn't start in India because it looked like such a formality that he would because of how well he played down the stretch. But the reality is. They couldn't have Iguodala starting it in the season he's been playing too many minutes and a driving off so they legitimately came up with day. This is how we're gonna manage the ended the regular season planned. With the intent on OK good dollar's gonna start. In the playoffs dissent that defensive tone I thought the way they handled that was great and nobody again even asked about it. Because everybody assumed quick cook was just gonna plot great and start. Yeah and I think the empowerment of Quinn cook. Allowing him to get all those minutes with the starters and him build his confidence up because he's gonna be the odd man out getting open shots right they're gonna. Dictate coverage toward clay court Katie etc. But here with the second unit is actually probably strategically. A smarter play because he's gonna put the ball in the hoop he's shooter and I think. You're looking for scoring off the bench he talked about Nick Young that he get away from the again that's coming his role. But having Quinn cook more exact guy alongside Shaun Livingston and then. Setting the tone with passing the ball having he would go all out there I think it makes it more of a seat. A seamless transition I guess into the game and really who starts it's it's irrelevant right once you get into the flow of the game. I did I don't like you. It's irrelevant yesterday that they give me I think I think they needed it set a tone yesterday that's interest in. And usually your and your best players for the most part start and then maybe one position on position on the Florida where maybe got a guy that easier finishing line but that is probably how most teams operate an even a good policy guided typically does is star guests ladies among their closing line because they never really play true senator. At the end of the game while a lot of the time there so. I but I do think yesterday it mattered and I think. Steve Kirk showed you why mattered by eight Hui started and one of them but he didn't she didn't want it give I guess he didn't wanna give. Gregg Popovich. Something he can attack I agree and Eddie Quinn cook is something you can attack and I play in. The playoff game first tiny you're filling in for curry asked if he'd struggled defensively I think that's something you can attack. Plus the warriors this year one of the bug a boos as being. They're first quarter you know starts like how they come out and when you come out go up 2412 for 2410 whatever they were up early. Like that was very refreshing Dow's all warriors were we come out we believe someone. We haven't really had the benefit of the doubt Philip who'd been digging big holes in the first quarter of games in and trying to claw our way out of bitten. We're a better front runner team then I think we are a fight back team at least the way this rosters constructive right now without Currie. John tickets in the butcher boy Josh ask you with you until noon here on 957 game aided 89579570. Its AAA 9579570. Should we slow our roll it. In thinking that the warriors have it all figured out in one game I I think they've got it figured out. Definitely for this series which is going to allow them. To ease their way into the next series and get Stefan curry re acclimated. Also won't get into this with Michael week. Yahoo! Sports who's gonna join us coming up in about ten minutes. Maybe Portland isn't the most difficult and second round opponent to pelican showed me suck the life. I'm I'm really nervous about face in the pelicans if you were to get to that point. Jrue Holiday looks like totally revitalized man I mean his defensive effort late night game. This Maureen was awesome Rondo getting to the rim at ease Ronald been good for them. How I didn't think they can play together those who they really look good and then they've got a mirror TH I mean. Where is this come from the capacity could shoot he's such a good compliment next Anthony Davis and then of course mean the cherry on top everything Anthony davis' unbelievable. Anthony Davis is that he could not conceivable and a Alvin Gentry deserves a lot of credit to Korea's I didn't think. I didn't think it was gonna work with Davis and cousins and at the point we're DeMarcus Cousins. Went down it was working gases were on grass you make the playoffs has that been their team. And then he goes down and they asked that it. Rearrange everything on the fly and I had Mirotic do it. Rondo was it could signing I thought he was shot and done I really did add up he was done. He's been really good as a complementary player would with holiday. They're solid team and that team offensively they're impressing me they're better yeah into play at a high pace. In other there's more possessions. The alike yet. The tax line from the 95 made this point a little bit earlier pelicans defense is better than Portland's as the warriors fan I agree disguised Poland for the blazers he thinks of laser measuring easier opponent the blazers. Certainly an opponent that the warriors are more familiar way. Yes and they played on how many times and in the Pacific division and then the playoffs Newark pitch yesterday kind of look like the odd man out. For that offense I mean obviously game wasn't hitting shots I know. McCall hit late in that game he was not good throughout the majority of that game but it's Eddie Davis is on guard oval for them. And defensively they had on the office is valuable for what they had no answers for the defensive minded pelicans Alice. Really impressed at all to any blue lately. Thirteen point lead we'll look forward. It's the guy and the one thing that you not to make this too much about the pelicans that they they could be the warrior second round opponent the one thing if you watch them all year. Is they were the team that just played a crazy game jostling it was a scene had a three overtime games they were the team that. Would blow a lead they're the team that every game they play seemingly Anthony Davis would have an injury scares run to the locker already come back to bed two minutes later. He sell and everything would be okay so that their team that. They're just they're kind of a fun bunch they are to watch. And Ian Clark hitting that huge shot as a warrior fan I have a big spot in my heart for Ian Clark finishes games for that saw some to see him hit after that they need adapt bucket that went like. Five straight possessions without their turnover or no shot even. No shackled to the rim so. I was outpolled for the pelicans to be honesty I just love watching Anthony Davis maybe he's a future warrior. Maybe he is although. The pelicans actually shelling is a franchise that they could win around with a team that. Mean that I put their they were like 3630 ID team yeah it would coming into this season what I want more jobs on the line and I think any Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry does jobs are on the line Qatar and they concocted to different ways to make the playoffs this year because the First Lady were doing it was working again they lost an all star starter yeah. At the end of January and reworked it to a point where they. Made the playoffs made the playoffs with what 48 wins. And put themselves in a spot on our they have home court advantage in the series after stealing game one I think that's series though. Because of the up and down nature of the pelicans that's a series that now with the road team winning game one that set up for sure to be a 678. He reached and that's going back to be attrition and the pound of flesh. I think that those two teams are gonna take a tall on each other regardless of who comes out in that want what are the things Alvin Gentry. I don't think we give enough credit there's a ton of birdie and when you're coaching a superstar like Anthony Davis do you level of expectation from the coach. To get that guide to the next level get into the playoffs and like. I feel like Alvin Gentry was in a really difficult spot heading into this year. No he absolutely was our John tickets and the butcher boy Joshi asking with you here I 95 set in the game coming up. Michael Lee and Yahoo! Sports that covers the NBA senior writer for them get his take on the warriors and everything that happened. Yesterday day one of the NBA playoffs. Right here and I'm fascinated. In 97. Big game. I'm John Dickinson ND butcher boy Joshi asking here on 95 cent in the game. Since it's an absolute pleasure we get to our first guest on this Sunday morning and it's NBA senior writer for Yahoo! Sports. Michael Lee at mr. Michael Lee on Twitter and he joins us now on 957 again Michael thanks a lot for coming on the program. Our you shouldn't eat a duo well Michael I know you were covering the the Philadelphia Miami game laugh. Tonight just an impressive display in the second half in just an extension. For the sixers team of of the way that they have closed the season I mean they're as hot as anybody. And they don't even have the bigness and packed yet I mean that this the sky looks to be the limit for this team this season. Yeah I wouldn't even try to put a limit on this group at all because they've already exceeded expectations and where we thought they'd be we thought they had playoff talent. I only know that they were gonna be able to adjust to it in the she's now are sixteen game well industry in an add on another win last night. But it's just a group it is kind of like competent and you know that was lacking you know on the previous four years but it. On the got a lot of new you know that they can relate distrust the crowd that they look closely at the way. What's really coming through for around them and then in the first came in attendance. He keyword in the part of her laughter unity all the noses repeated that a particularly it being the only no success. You know that that you're here ready Papa bell and Ellie very personally it's a look that's where edit. At least in this seat in the last two guys who edit in the defeated in an OT nets that success at local rank carry themselves. What a group that you know what they're supposed to be here into we're pleased and been accumulating gain and they turnaround. It's a group that sees itself as. Deserving of everything there's that and it's getting. Well and Michael a look at it that the Eastern Conference bracket and in Toronto had a big run to it to end up the old winning their game one of the the first time they've done then they get that. You know off their back a little bit. But as I look at that Eastern Conference and it is is this thing set up what the wake Cleveland's count own Toronto is are we setting up for Cleveland Philly in the east final. All I mean it's all being you know continue waited in their own and I mean everybody's help feed it to be known backed. That's kind of leeway at eco. You know LeBron is clearly get. A bit of bulky man persona or everybody up and eat each at this psychological and into age though our entire. All of other start elite. We didn't in the conference. You know are at least well doubt Toronto on several times. And interrupted on the same. To despite everybody else and eight so on both Philadelphia at Beijing that's another stone age there. A lot of the constant tension and I guess city eat contaminated. But a lot of happiness and it's a good thing because it sort of permeate electoral. And an addict LA Torre and people not even playing basilica. You know for game on account opera match. To show and eat eat understand so much here. Any didn't really care what they actually beat the delete it because that would that match it really gets blown out he looked like a fool but they come out and they destroy any that point seven point. They look like a guided noted that he would cease Shane and is it degree and post where he basically mapped out a possible final run with didn't beat Miami they didn't interpreted nectar the next round English. Did you know in Cleveland in the coverage under the and hope they wore that day gave final. There's liquor debt and a lot of belief and an emperor branded collapsed they turned their competent. It's a lot of where they were out there and everybody has like already think green light. All the shooters at least it put the ball at slowing your way you want you to get it up quickly and aggressively. In a little at a person that beat it because you have to respect pay anybody I don't report last. It's gonna launch and lots quickly and we get I don't doubt that it Belinelli SpinRite does it it is goal one of those hot streak that you can't control. Michael would gun box celtics' starting up pretty soon we got the pacers cavaliers. To round out the east and we do the Bucs have a chance to take down the depleted Celtics with Gionta ASEAN. Do the pacers with Ole. Against LeBron James because it's hard to envision LeBron James going down to anybody in the east until actually. Potential. Well I mean I had a lot the first round gain gain that CEJ eight and 2012 so. Eddie. Who expected Kennedy to be in the playoffs let alone. Archie. They did. Thirteen it's already exceeding its they note that there their they had an opening to Lou they can play with a lot of freedom. And 8288 Cleveland it's this year I don't think people realize that we were used to it's it'll run to cut radius that Indiana has given them it. And they're gonna give them this that they read it that they know it the good they play our. They compete. And it got a lot of young guys there's just eager to prove the table law. Not because if you come within a little bit intensity he is there a chance so. I don't big unit though when the theory that can pick LeBron streak of first round without pain. Welcome it at some point because that is habitat spot deep group group that acute problems. On the other eight recchi. I hope that it you know walked he's gonna keep plot and what to urge a challenge. I'm one of the reasons quietly to the threat to inconsistent but so secret they have the talent on paper there really be up this special. But interest for whatever reason it just now working. They expletive Bret Stephens. It hadn't had a loaded roster who is an artist roster he's going to bet that other people maximize. Every player he put on the floor. And you'll see him play at a high level and even though they lost. I'm that Dmitry got a real they still have a lot of count it rocketed to have. Left to number three pick on their roster make public franchised. You know positions of the franchise player a repeat it to get to that look like. They're ready to really you know I'll take that next step in general strategies played. So while yet they don't have a lot of experience has that outlet experience of being in the lead role they're playing it. Bret Stephens is going to be attacked. It is not a waste their kids and it did outlook for Apple's been in the playoffs. An entire career. And no open up and and on like coming up pagan a situation like that so it much counted goal Milwaukee I have it is basilica sit there. But my competent and Brett Steven that's a really get out this round. Michael Lee our guest here on 957 game NBA senior writer for Yahoo! Sports. Michael out here on the West Coast. Then the conversation was K and the warriors flip the switch. San Antonio may have been the perfect opponent that we stick collide with spurs may have been the perfect opponent. For the warriors to flip the switch what what do you think of of the way that that they were able to do is men handle in and stifle the spurs in game one. Well it's about time you know aren't they did lawyers to look on troop. It courtesy of law like just a necessary evil look at it true. To make it to the playoffs and into the group that you don't make and try to make of course straight to educate I don't. Peace deal along the way Teresi error it dirt model and it ought to retrieve any any arrows. You know and all of these are jokes all over the place now trading note it literally written the feet and at any. These older I get punished preacher he's certainly a seat at the Tibetan perspective they've been thirteen could see Caroline she's been in gay history at create or oral. So they had better do they have off shear fact it is still of 68 which is. Promote these multi. Pretty magical treat. But I do think it they always know that they added you know. And it noted there Bennett and everybody at your haven't had a reason to bring in Ali out. And now there's no excuses so I think you're going to see a relief gage spoke goat they were routine you know throughout the course we play out. On without step curry and what to expect they'll be able to incorporate you know and it went very polite even donate look. Awful you know the last couple weeks in a lewd material that's seventy. I'm happy did we all know it they have a Shakira and nobody looked at in the Lee. And it when they donated that put their foot of floor. And gee you had to do to keep up. And drink my green let everybody know after the game two that they that they were still hold press found in any championship club that. That has the ultimate confidence in themselves so what do you think of that way they're draw played out maybe not necessarily San Antonio although I know you you wrote about San Antonio. Earlier this week. What do you think of Portland and the pelicans. As far as a potential second round opponent because for about a month I was think a man Portland might be able to do some things. I'm watching the game last night them unquestioned myself they can Michael could the pelicans actually be that the more difficult matchup for the warriors in that second round. You know the pelican died acreage. People just don't assume they just go away and that there would it be indebted. But it you know. Anthony Davis is a player I mean he's atop our players and people ever recognize the because he had a on this stage. Very often but he wanted to ask player McCain. And he would quail at the net and it you know he's into it. Out and all that to happen at CNET. Could not just monster numbers antique. And so many being that there any dirt on the beach at the bit to. But the most underrated player who probably should stop being referred to an underrated used to holiday. TK to peak because he played spoke at the lore. And I think people are now being reminded that it's all part in a forty wedge or it's sort of interpret it about him because you're so injured. And he never really had a chance the play editors you know at a deep level. But he started to impact of that. You know last year they had a really good chance that support that they chant that a lot but don't. Or ego hurt. At AT IR got to be definite date delete them so delicate arching you can get people where it failed in there very very needy going to be.