Jason Whitlock

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, May 9th
Co-Host of Speak For Yourself on FS1 joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the NBA Playoffs, Colin Kaepernick possibly being blackballed by the NFL, and Joe Mixon being drafted to the Bengals. 

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Jason whitlock co host of speak for yourself on FS one TV. On Twitter at which clocked Jason in anywhere you can find his writing it has some of the best. You'll come across in the business he's joining Jolo Indians on 95 point seven again what's it like how aria. Thank you for joining us. Let's jump right into warrior basketball one thing I was trying to figure out. Covering the team here in the Bay Area but seeing a lot of friends from the East Coast over the weekend in Vegas icon or in an informal poll IDC about this team to rant. I enlarge the response was negative which caught me off guard act I but the team was exciting enough to the point where people liked him and I'm certain realized he'd become villains. And it's different. Opinions for different players and as to why stepped curry though why do you think so many people dislike him. While I wasn't aware of people dislike that crap that you raise that go along grow. You know. That I think that people don't like the fact that there's such overwhelming favorite. And that the regular season would count boring and irrelevant. And five I think people don't like the fact that gold basically letter you know sweeping their way to the NBA finals but. I think people like secretary you know he fixed some you know ball in the role little bit but I think overall people like step very. Output you know an overwhelming. Favorite bit has built also retain. There's there's going to be pushed back to that put you know. I don't leave. I don't see the Golden State Warriors as real bill. What about resentment for Kevin Durant which we've heard some from you know people across the country. Is that founded resentment or is that again just people trying to hate on the overwhelming favorites in the super team. I don't think that's who we're seeing the rain has kind of run its course. And the players. Grouping together and give it easy. I don't think sports fans would expect that. I don't actually. I'd like you're not part of what people have been truly about war it is decency and famous footballer David exports. It is clear to Yemen put it the other team and blah blah blah. And and that seems to be taken away from. Professional basketball because the players are putting teams together the organization. You though doesn't matter. And and you know you'd bet the players that seem to be completely with particular LeBron James completely control of their brands. And I don't think people like that. They want their elected. There's you know. Often these strategies put together by executives. That are you know painstakingly put together and you invested Mateen you invest in players. Next thing you know you develop a dream of mine green but no one insult comic. I think people respect them like that that's all been part of you know what has made sports great entertainment and on the lot. Some of that being taken away and so you know local that you built a little resentment because. You're paying in his can't ever make in black ball the National Football League and if so easy complaint is his career over. Especially seeing guys likes and shares giving jobs and all these backup quarterbacks are in the week. Well I actually. That's a little bit of an oversimplification. And we need to go look. And he would marked saying to assign full. And that Colin captivate if you will decide for that or to demand higher than met so I'll rules say it says about the wind though. I think. Anybody. Objectively with city Jay Cutler has had a better career than Colin captivate. And I think most people objectively would say Jay Cutler is a better quarterback in college captivate even now they color believe. I grew up with a dude named Jeff George. Are more talented. Than Colin Capra in the quarter. He got run oh lead before his talent was all dried up because when general manager the coaches decide. Maybe you know this guy really doesn't help us win these at night they'd be bout but the backup quarterback. But does he really helped us win this seat contribute. To live all in culture and all live environmental about locker room every coat. It's tribe if that was when they reached the conclusion that Mel bay COLT. It's hard to get it particularly when your salary demands are delusional. And soul. I think people that a couple of groups with the fact. Colin -- to play football because he was good that. I don't think it's a game he'd love. And if you look at his social media profile if you look at activities he's involved about not to. He's more into this social justice lawyers. That he is playing football. And I'm not not do that that's great deal with the consequences of that if they're paying you millions of dollars each of its one. Are at it certainly if it's 101520. Million they want you to be all little football and your social justice work to wait till at all you know waving all these away after your careers over. Well you know I don't think Colleen Applegate. Is being black ball out that you deal with the reality the full. Jason whitlock would Jolo Indians about a five point seven game what did you think about the bad angles and their selection of Joseph mix in the running back and Oklahoma in the second round. All the Louis got one year left of his contract needs to win it and and so he took the best player on the board. And you know I'm someone that they did obviously genomics and maybe reprehensible state. And then the court system dealt with him I'd he believes there. You know city about a year Google mobile blows a formal policy and so out which will lead in the second game and I don't really have a problem with. The NFL also went back to them in the second round. Is that the right move for the being Google's given you only have to climb back about it perfect stroke will pack in the old old look. On and off the field issues. Maybe not but in terms of Joseph victory in the second period. I don't have a problem and hope he goes well. With the help Tuesday that a problem oh he's got the lesson. He's humble and becomes group. O role model citizen symptomatic. I think we echo those sentiments here Joseph makes of course of Bay Area kid did Jason went like joining us are not a 57 game do you think it's a little hypocritical though that the league is. Willing to allow. Joseph mix in and tie retail and others who have had violent incidents in the league. While continuing to keep out those who've used recreational drugs. A home. To keep Al what do we mean you. My guy like Josh Gordon who just recreational Lee repeatedly has violated the marijuana provision of the players. Contract and yet he's unable to play but you have other players who have been involved in violent acts against women and their ushered right in the second round it seems. To meet Jason a little hypocritical. Well again I don't there's some big some mistakes I've made one other jobs that I don't wanna be held it gives me. On the current job I have. And so until May have made a mistake is that 1819 year old and participated in the reprehensible crime. I don't he paid the price for that in the court system. And city about a year of football. I don't know looking NFL. Should automatically. Actively DM. You know I could maybe be talked him of that but I just don't feel that the Malaga. Got toward me and I thought at that rule literally bell. With their drug policy you know quality and he can't stay within the old rules any he'd give you expanded that on court. We'll give you an argument as soft want to hear that this'll be. I just I just relax grass you like every controversial question. Drastic I'd rather have predicted. A big big about this it if you look at what's or with the doves and what that has the site has a crash course a collision for the children's. Now if you look at this super team there was says it does has a super team and Kati and all the things that they have the weapons. If LeBron in some way to win that this series if there if that happens in the meat if he wins that series. Where does that put him well of course the bronze legacy what does it do for. I've been put it in the conversation with Michael sort. In a real way. And not just in an aspiration away if he does it quietly. If he beat this you know Golden State team. He's the and now we can does have the conversations. Where do you rank him where Michael Jordan. I don't know bobbled the goal there. With Michael Jordan but I am not going to Arjun. Are called the one crazy if they say he has as do better than Michael Jordan it's legitimate case. You know if he somehow get picked fifth title. With all the MVP award that E'Twaun. You know I can really see how people make that argument. Now the thing that I think people on the other side Google favorite Jordan which I might be close to give I don't respect. Well as. This whole super teams deal I'm going got to Miami they would buy oxen and the way he. And almost guilty titles that way I don't really respect that. So. I thought Jordan had a harder. And it will be really hard for me to. Ever moved away from Georgia being integrated while. Will lots final question for you what did you think a decent golf Friday night. Pop bottle rate outposts in short the only it is fifteen minutes. But I thought it was great you know look I'm not APC person and he certainly crosses the peace eagle. Put your those retreat glad I was at the that in the first role I gather that equipment is so. Their critics though and so that was. Web easier for the year but right now here. I enjoy he's got a good McDonald's material. I've been telling people to Caitlin Examiner's. Bill would revenues by the way out of bounds but it was a letter. Could not not welcome Jason whitlock FS one would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game it's always a pleasure attached nobody thank you Jason for your time. Oh.