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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 26th
NFL analyst for CBS Sports, formally NFL Network, Jason La Confora, previews the NFL season with Bonta & Guru on the Greg Papa Show!

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Let's talk to Jason Parker for us nationals NFL writer for CBS sports dot com has been covering this league for a long long time we welcome and Jason here on the Greg Papa shall would dare to glory Johnson about it who are maybe five point seven game and just jump in our conversation a list starting with AC west IDC this deep this division. Plank out here Jason I mean the chargers are tough. Chronicles are tough to chiefs are right there and of course the raiders have all these expectations opera operation Minnesota IDC that it is checking out Jason. I think the leaders in the that team that decision I got up on the question. They'll always be better I'd like what they continue to do that you addressed that. On the strong. Couple chips changed on the that lingers or all of matching it in ops we thirteen. You'd better better time in the beauty of having. A young franchise quarterbacks so. I think it's being. And then you know the sheets and food and under angry at and that's what went in the year. Don't know that to get over the opt outs and Alex let's we'll probably be in this are sort of policies in. Emery got shortened our quarterbacks are a little actual like start to win that job by. You've got to secure locks still especially early part of this even in the chargers are wildcard. That account. Base you know he hurt you don't hear the same positions of Maryland law applies. But I think that decent chance to be true then it. What may turn out because that's okay. Absorption in the league and boats. Philip Rivers you know he's made it fair share. On the order close of certain extent. Instill that play. And very intriguing team commit acts that may surprise some people. Although Britain tactic will be better last year if they can avoid. The car wreck and injuries. That really gets them back. And that cost at my record job. On with you there must was shipped over to watch general quickly and our director piece just couple days ago about Kirk cousins and the fiasco that contract situation is kind of died in an. The guide us was really going on every can we believe Bruce Allen that they were sticky three million dollars guaranteed and he we want him here or. Or is Kirk cousins in a right here to just sit back and take this franchise tag and who's to blame here about the situation. Well look into an amendment to the mosque. In their system in their organizations. To some. Opportunities for years to extend. And it hasn't happened I mean it's a reminder if you include. 24 are making this year which means full guarantee. It's gonna get his paycheck every week. You know got signing extensions usually the key actors how much additional money thank you you're not. The power already. Art. You know the contract act itself. Actually it was it's in January I think it was. Shoddy and our personnel and their daughter formal warmer people die. Our and it Taylor back again and now it you know secured under that by the brain fart Kirk cousins in January. Commit their guy or. Could very well. Our third year over there in its count revealed that the aren't these dark choice should pray you would. Just let me for a short term compared to restrict its nineteen. Repeat will not let you know all the cultures universe. And that should be doing now. Jason were home of the Oakland Raiders here on 95 point seven the game and expectations are through the roof. Hey Gerri on Connelly is yet to be signed are you are shocked it to where we're at in this process. Look at a time Gaidar sign right away in in that age given the way it should be it works. Surprise because their lecture the only legitimate pulled out. Also the last couple years before that and initiate. I can't really remember anybody see how how well actionable. It continues to go at that. In short order. You know adult actors and the saint. Now to become a situation like lecture syndicate. It's possible that. But it's work in order to talk about it. Multiple weeks and confidence of the truth and trying to show that insure and inevitable hamster and your cat lenders and others. Small tissue injury in any problems but right now I think it's an. It is an ideal though it did not anything that got him back and. Tinsel Wacom Ford joins us here immigrant pop shoulder to guru Johnson Vontae hill here among five point seven a game. In those re your piece earlier today about. The white old school super scout GMs aren't endangered species in NFL we've seen. Some genes get fired here people for training camp the chiefs are six weeks ago at a course last week to Carolina Panthers it's gonna dive in which she wanted to relay there about the super scout possibly dying and NFL. Well actually just the idea that you can just trying to beat rock and and Euro saying final here answers in settlement. And just be you know who burst out and end you know you're gonna make tire situation. You're gonna watch more children buy outs. Not. Not really. Holding water with which the owners and mourn the interpersonal dynamics politics and making the oxygen on each week. Connecting the connective tissue between football operations in the marketing side. Being willing to engage sponsors are speaking the owner language looking at our. Being its seat you know try out having those sort of communications management skills. That is now become much more I think what they're looking for they want somebody who. When you step on the team plane took them extra light you know you represent them and it sort of look did. Yeah player on each and all that matters which you pay twelve urged outs to do that as well so. When you look at a gentleman who can dooms it favors were medio old with his locker room. Oh what other people in the opposite. That has a lot to build why he's not there anymore and Taylor want to go another direction. John Dorsey much more personable. And affable ordered go. Board how will Wear Smart shirt and shorts and he would. It's what I've just been in the business side guy who really came back Green Bay Packers outs and sores who'll. Of valuation with which is very much being out doing the work senior Arturo it. Not necessarily that you be that Leo. Get people together and now. You look at what happened in Indianapolis supplying great. He clashed repeatedly with coaches and people on the option he was it what in opposite experience by a lot of little college out here. Forty dot staying with Dublin Ireland and buffalo really trying to get along. It just bring some gaps and you look at who's replacing them. All the time it's young. Clean cut strategy Q slot type guys you guys have won there John Lynch to. Speaking their language in there and connect with voters and who do. Different sort of communication skills and the old school for all agree. But our first analytics and studying different ways in more modern sort of problem solving. Still hear it then just what you seal itself. Now that's interesting Jason because we do see guys in this 49ers front office guy like Prague marathi have a lot of clout within that organization have a lot of say so and accordingly according to John Lynch arrived Marat he was a guy who made a deal to trade up to Chicago Bears when it. Bears triggered a from Mitchell too risky once spot and congress fall back on sponsoring Solomon Thomas so you think there's gonna be a trend of more guys like John Lynch not necessarily coming straight out of broadcast Booth. But guys who play guys who have that slot that's swagger that not a business look. And guys who can not only relate to owners put maybe we'll players too because that's I think what John Lynch and I'm noticing here Jason Teddy can relate to players really really well. You don't want your GM to be a distraction in the locker room and you know we saw a few years back. In Chicago. And and blowing up we we exceeded in both hello we saw certainly in Indianapolis. He gulf war. GM's job security could be a topic of conversation in your locker you don't want. You know him to have difficulty getting along with coaches are getting along with people on the business side. The building and actually they're just looking for some different attributes in the sub conscious of etiquette these. These owners but you look at Brandon being in the wreck beat these guys can get suspended those jobs. It would Kansas City. Ed and buffalo respectively you look at a Chris Ballard. Who replaced. I'm buying drinks in Indianapolis young sharp's moot I someone who's been in. In the opted for six or seven years now have been on the roads to out and know how to play the game understands interpersonal dynamics that all that it carries a lot of weight. Jason Wacom for CBS sports dot com NFL national writer Vicky so much time are you in the middle of a rainstorm or some dinner you all the. We now but I am and it. Red. You attorney can cause grander hi Jason drive safely thanks for coming on Saturday. Where it is a lock for CBS sports dot com nationally and at the right.