Jason Cole

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, July 17th

NFL Reporter for Bleacher Report joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the news regarding Ezekiel Elliot, the 49ers possibly acquiring Kirk Cousins after this season, and how this rookie QB class will pan out. 


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His name is Jason Cole and he is an NFL insiders slash reporter for Bleacher Report follow him on Twitter at. Jason Cole be all or he's joining Jolo and did was on 95 point seven the game Jason good morning and thank you for your time what's our best. 1 PM today that's the deadline for the Washington Redskins and Kirk cousins to come to terms on a new deal for the quarterback do you see that happening. I've number one steely damned and black countless hours of the morning and will to line with real treat sleep we definitely someone or power. Number two Kirk cousins no appeal would. By the fact. Do you call and I hear you baby. Merely another. I probably go to low looks pretty happy right now sighed he sighed with the on everything. So they don't. If they don't get something done by one that means cousins is gonna play under the franchise tag at a cost of 23 point nine million dollars with a third franchise tag next year costing 34 million dollars. DC cousins back in Washington. Now present them there have been useful to it is Tuesday. In the countdown to him because in the market and mortar approach to walk because. Look you can gamble on insults well because you made ninety million those pluses guarantees twenties report on Churchill put it together at four dollars. He's got enough money to. To keep that for what frightened basically to children and children's children stuff for one production commands that money. So. He came consider that a warplanes have been reasonably big contract. And more importantly I can do it at a place that I really wanna be. Because Washington Pickler that there are all in they have. Because the Nazis took us so far. Well not fine and the long term deal but they have not committed to them in any way issues before so they're making their intentions clear or their lack. A trusted and Kirk cousins clear by not paying the going rate. He can afford to wait and then go to retain that really doesn't believe him and have total coached. Culture and shop it maybe some other place where he really trusting environment the other thing is that you can look at it. Yeah I don't forget this is Scott McClintock a lot. You know a couple months ago. And they can't bring the end. Anybody else to report from outside who has been kind of reputation. They came to maintain the status quo. People running the organization who wasn't running in the organization. Before. Scott McClellan got there. Who drafted Robert Griffin the third over Kirk cousins who believe they're Robert Butler Portland perk. And didn't build enough well. Via the quarterback position whether it was caused or equipment to make you can't get enough that's the proper quality. If you look at it going. To what we humans are often. Go to like truck before. And that's where I think he's a sense of about it. Jason Cole Bleacher Report joining us here and I five point seven games are spitting and hand a year hanging to dry and the 49ers obviously with his relationship with cal Shanahan. But will the niner has been a position to make the most of a veteran quarterback Kurt with a roster still be a few years away. Now I think the bill. When. Think of Africa and so we looked at me puppies were two way. The mentally you're government forward to compete. With a couple of them because. League that dominated by young players. All the established players to do so fast and lose and you know in Britain over food you can change laughter over real quickly in the league. And there's the bottom line quarterbacks pure. Which would mean that that make up the you know for for some people on the left after you get back the guys that you believe it. Fits in pursuit of apple with the culture and election and forced but we could have talked about it. And without. Mike really loves. He will love Kirk he was he fits in to check with them extremely well. Say when you think about the rookie class. Lots and see what's going on he wants in you have with Chicago Bears they chanted we get the name to miss it to be his commitment to see what are. Kansas City so in your opinion. Who was going to rise or who's going to be thrust into position to have more success this year if you had to group their class. Well I would bet on additional blocks and probably most. From the characters stamp. That the cues on for a lot of adversity you know you know historic grown up in Gainesville Georgia. You know look poor. Do you know talked about remember about diversity of kind of things were canceled. A country can now. The general that had to work really hard to. To you know get a habitats in the hall. We went to a lot of struggle and I want people have to deal with struggle you know what does that. You know growing up were some kind of subjective ultimately took they have to overcome you'd have to step. Authorities have the character. He's. In difficult situations maintain importance. So I would if you can go back and others some you know some downsides of the accuracy issues you know plan out that spread the it took that he was recorded back to and so all. The guy who I think could have been dark personal Tuesday as well because the cow in effect. For but. David Webb has his. Workaholic nature to him. In a little gentler kind of it is I mean because I want to tell them what would happen within. Getting there with them to retrieve. That put up the good fight I mean I know the people well not that athletic. Almost independence. To me he's got a perfect situation was behind the line for years. Watch regular works and I know the kids work ethic and everything backwards and forwards. And ask them questions and so to me detective who. Our victim the role of the small wager that in a few years he's going to be oh Tuesday later. NFL reporter for Bleacher Report Jason Cole when Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game sticking with in the quarterback class. Patrick my homes the chiefs gave up quite a bit. To move up for him in the first round of this past draft so the writing on the wall for Alex met my question is this. Why not move to more homes sooner rather than later and try to trade Smith who's on a very friendly contract seeking get something back for him rather than just cutting him releasing him at the end of the year. Overall the variety that put the bigger problem there again I talked about the four little bit already but. Four of the top five Portland instructors spring quarter. At the college Bradley now. Is really bad teaching quarterbacks were things they do so again I felt in other words. You know when you put placed upon flash cards. And give everybody is looking over their. The quarterback not have been doing this united and giving in the huddle ultimately you can you can speak to this. Better than packet the packet in the huddle and say the play but one thing it accurately that the two. And it would play completely other do too much trouble like that actually go to war. For that trust me you guys. What that point convicted executed at bat after bad. Game to log in with enough time for a reason that it is seventeen and eighteen seconds on the clock through its affection and look at the defense that. Update your other plans to call in the huddle. That's off okay now we're gonna change I got audible navigate the display and I don't think that it came in with confidence because. Football players. Smell all. Lack of confidence. In a heartbeat if you don't think that you can execute which are about to say or you know at least make it look good. All of that you you'll lose their confidence heartbeat and tell me what that happens. That's all these things that have nothing to do what is. Do you throw the ball well and accurate. Talbot decision making at all about leadership and that part of that do not get talked. Spread offenses. And so. To make that jump from saying OK Alex Smith who we know he's got bigger looked. Let's dump him now what you have a competitive team to a kid who never done it goes back. If it's typically committee right now so almost maybe talented. The particular art try to do two things to try to compete right now and lays the foundation for the next recorder. Jason Cole Bleacher Report here and I five point seven the game a bit and is developing overnight Ezekiel Elliott getting involved in a late night incident at a Dallas bar the third it. Incident for Ezekiel Elliott in. A short time in the NFL how swift do you think the NFL act to. Suspend him for the previous incident but also keeping this one in mind. Well I have a suspect that yet so different than over a year. In the process the incident that happened withdrawal from four of them. The draft you're 2016. They've been very. Oh board of where pictures that give that one right after the this year the duplicates Specter over that issue. Talk about that last week now what happens with this month. Of that delay the decision to pick yet all the information on the excellent and that makes. One big decision on all of these incidents reported that make decisions the first one of them that come back with this one but if you have a wolf that this. People of bell. Won't say it publicly. The privately they've been very worried about what is. What is it supported. Life expectancies. You know. And that's because he's the guy who like to have a good time. Multiple ways and that is not mr. Odinga whose the most control over his life. That Craig. Control. But his sudden stardom. All receive the police I think we've hit hit at their beliefs that it will feed it with him. That he can do whatever he walked and you can NeuStar. He's gonna make this happen. And that's a dangerous quality and so. I think that the cowboys. Our segment on okay hopefully we have fighters active but it might be short. Jason Cole NFL reporter for Bleacher Report follow him on Twitter at Jason Cole BR we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game Jason. Thank you for your time this morning it's greatly appreciated have a great week. It.