James Smitty Smith joins us for all things McGregor/Mayweather

J.T. The Brick
Friday, May 19th

JT is joined by James Smitty Smith (Boxing Analyst) to talk about McGregor/Mayweather now that McGregor's half of the negotiation is done.


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The Macgregor side is done from start to work on the Mayweather side now who's also the flu didn't lose. I'm not saying the fight will happen but. I got once I'd done now it's time to work on the other you know we can come to a deal. With the with payment Mayweather. What's gonna happen with the rules big box of balls could be straight up boxing. Now back to changing the break on 95 point seven. I was Dana lied on inside the MBA on TNT so Dana is out in front of this. Wanna bring and one of my premier boxing analyst James Minnie Smith. From in this corner TV inch ready this is getting close for Dana to go out there and say he has that side done. With Connor what are you believe that means because. We don't Connor is not gonna make what Floyd's gonna make. So does Dana really have. Or Dana White. Lloyd is. That. That fight. Boy it really concerned about the business I didn't know it and I'd. The squared were were real business and it'll be a relic of late comparable. The largest payday at its career so the only ones that boy it's gonna eat out and number mine. That he watched debate and you have been missed and indeed grow at at almost wrote it. It the year with boxing. You're out of time Maureen and mine yet a pain you and mine. Yeah week collapsed at the idea that go outside how many albums. Every thing that he is going to work on it going to be. Typical work day it's just the same way. Nature made the world. More money that we need for a cold one right so let's simply. Let war happens weight but via optics and back there's also thing in mind like you know well beyond short time Willie. How will the hate will you be handled the business end out I'd have a lot of back. Pretty much handle he would beat at this point what the typical he's going to be. Everything like watching a local machinations. Arab action out. James Ray Smith our guests about love about this fight when it happens is the promotion because again you just mentioned the comfort. Of Floyd to beat Connor and not let congregate near on in congress gonna try to land. One big shot as he won't be able to land three or 46 does he just doesn't had to do what he's not a boxer he's never fought a fighter like Floyd but. I think Floyd we'll get on the private jets I think we'll go around the world because of Floyd's Smart. Like the Pacquiao deal he understands the size and the caught of the paper views of this isn't something you agree to terms you think Floyd's gonna actually go out there and worked it hard and really try to promote. This is this one saw it ever help. You shared belief in god thank god as your stick out at you now. Again speaking your opponent up career. Make the most money epic career. An end his career I. Am with the promotion because karma breaker. Hello and then made Iger Utah. You know you have a rank amateur night an amateur fights choir but boy oh boy when it comes from mark and not out. He has not believe. And so that's going to be 188. We've got a boxing fan. We got EM MA and we're gonna how all how all the sports world and curiosity seekers it will shatter. That many Pacquiao fight numbers with lord it biopic it is just where Alex is a bad. And it it I break all week out like it up you've got to meet crowd and everybody. Is got out and albeit to see that in 99 dollar. Nine dollar paper view at least. Germany's our gas such many boxing as many as we wrap this up what I also think is really important is the canal low. Triple G five is the test flight that you when I've been waiting for for a long time we've talked about it. For years on my show and then we have Andre Ward fighting global athlete can have this one on the back and how important is the venue. And the date for this fight able Jerry wanted in Dallas it could be a global fight. You have to Abbott in Vegas because all the gamblers in the Wales wanna comment about the fight. Yeah but don't predict how will air at 10 o'clock on next week that may be beat out all album but I think I. LO. And Aaron triple do you look at your bank yet I don't Jerry's Powell when it would be quite right you know as well like you. There's something about. Dollars. All I think it'll be the key mobile reader that's my opinion. I out so they're finally fight minor league by bite I'd like OG. I reward collapsed Bible were called lab. On Libya. They eat your fight not easy you can get it gets to be like oh well. But a guy like Andre who at that rate art where Ralph you know twelfth India I how. Much trouble with cold let described then lapsed by about some great stop. Errol Spansion killed. At a 47 o'clock on next week that it may impolite like. I'm here in that Dana's working hard on this as we speak. Trying to get in front of Floyd trying to get in front of my mean literally today and the days upcoming here do they make this fight quickly here in the next couple weeks. The boy eat out negated by his state is probably. Figure out what's going on with Al oh. It'll be I think it's gonna happen at all it's gonna happen at all. It'll be some time in the ball. I would. Need at least at least a ninety day when go to church to really promote this one. Are awaiting I want to because again exploits wants albeit McGregor tickets ate eight. And it's not woken war McGregor and then I'd wait. Thanks very good talking about how are you coming James many Smith that's many boxing.