James Lofton

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 26th
NFL Hall of Famer joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the Zeke Elliot situation, expectations for Amari Cooper this season, and if the Raiders are favorites in the AFC West.

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He's all Famer an eight time pro bowler and you can catch him now as a host on Sirius XM radio. Follow him on Twitter at Lofton eighty it's James Lofton would Jolo in dibs. On 95 point seven game James thank you so much for your time this morning we greatly appreciated when you reach the end of July each summer do you ever get that itch. Yeah ever get that it's a for how much you miss the game to get back out there in training camp of those two days. It's funny or the last forty years my schedule has been up at these and I am well. It getting out beer and doing how you're out here talking about. All coach I think you're wrong you'd be remiss. I was we too insane did you know their run and routes steel practice in the quarterbacks Brodie you thinking you're still pretty in the face and slid a waste. I maybe. A. Partner partner in dictionary institute. Yet ready to talk about you can't let up a big supporter of the media and all so. A lot of fun you would gain unilateral. Interviewer player and all that old it it yet. Congratulations on that James that's awesome. Coach that is triggered an awesome PQB and always just a guy and continues to push boundaries and continue to grow in the sports world wheat I let you appreciate it let's talk about a team. You don't that close to you in dirty you've coached there you saw these guys play you would with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates. How good is sand eagle this year and how much you think this movie is going to hurt to LE LE chargers. Well I don't know all the walker. That. Coat and our audience. You know that it pack. Beat accurately and at that should be an app. That art and Whitner and any at all or. Yeah it went all. They aren't accurate. At the went a lot. They. Opened in the war border. My injury and critical war a war. Movement in her new book about the locker. It should be a wide open AFC west with the raiders and chiefs obviously sharing the title twelve and four last year cheese when the tiebreaker. How much our expectations can be weighing on those two teams which may help. LA the chargers and be able to come up this year. It is not on your Wheaties I know you are are being that we pick our people are. Re acting or the edit I mean you can't you see are not mean we're not reader that we need it yeah we talk about it at that he had better. But in order everything that all. If you agree on a quarterback. He can't get credit for being at being looked at Blake. He's. Or football a football. And Arctic the big like to eat not. The all. Ot. Lap I'm pretty good ol' ball up regret burial are. Hall of Famer James Lofton would Jolo and gives a 95 point seven game year three of a Mari Cooper's NFL career he's looked very good. Through the first two seasons summer projecting here three to be the big break out even bigger numbers perhaps 100 receptions. What do you see as the ceiling for a Marty Cooper this year. Well. Pretty sure it equipment a lot of respect that it will. Like the EMP a little bit more all of the net and the way late in their record I'm not a lot. Can maintain that metal ball so. Maybe that. Where you draw on what Coco junior at a couple go out and just all the don't want that ball mark looked like. Or her commitment at a popular in double in the mobile under it. Would you like it. All of you not at all what you gotta look out there. No question I totally know what you mean coach shook let's talk about also another part of this defense to to talk about the raiders that is. You know a guy you coach would communal and well. Why was he brought in in what will he give what would he bring to Ken Norton how he helped make this defense better that's John O'Donnell. Newark Eagles in the background in. You or your legal. Flatten it out there he want out. It's one I think it Jack Del Rio either grain or you get. There they're bringing it up now. That. Look at them think that their goal is schema. And are gonna be. Okay it would tweet it. Out. Like there. Now we're final. Re on all it is all the ball always. And when your altered. Our. We Bedard a lot about distractions on the show and heard particularly as a protect don't stop. Don't know you look at the numbers back. Order. Yes that's. Coyotes I senate talking about distractions not to distractions although you are. You should see a leader James of things he did I he does during the breaks and whatnot he's a constant distraction I'm trying to be professional career but. But I digest and he likes to say it. Easy Hugh Elliot the Dallas Cowboys how do you think this gets resolved then and what would you do if you were Jerry Jones as far as trying to reign as player and. Well. Well where he Elliott or an art being let go. And roll with it and you old bat. In the spotlight waited in the spot. Well. Well. When you're 22. Year old and you enjoy going out. Got a lot of people on. The tiger. And though. Air. That mock rock around the great leader. All part. Hall of Famer James Lofton would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven. The game the 49ers opened camp tomorrow rookies and veterans will report first year under general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan. Matt Ryan recently was quite critical of Cheney and play calling during the second have a Super Bowl. Saying it was taking too long to get the plays in from the sideline. It. About all that for a second shooting hands off that's what it requires. And what the 49ers currently have. How long do you see this team needing to get up to speed in terms of the right personnel for the coach's system. You certainly back pain that they will all. Pay. New York market and Al Thornton went out. And they are here and our girl at that they are not yet belt. And what a reporter that it. Like by your quiet. Or like yeah I hear it and let. Well I better it will take awhile. Take your let me be your leader or. Well well all we need. What we're all all year it would give the guy. You're you're looking at being able to do. Out yet it happened. Or even. Let's last question you you look around the league and you look at an aging Carson Palmer 37 years old you know I know he's gonna step up right. You look at it and you look who's an injury prone takes a lot of big shots. You don't eat on the earth guy. No but you look around in England does that make you say Galilee. Colin Capra and it is a guy is could should be in instilled me think he has a chance at being a backup in this league. The thing about being a RER. And that all what you call it art. War where you got it and Ali are important. Already in or are there any word geek quarterback but he while they're. In debt. What happened when you are being that they act or at. All our own little way. You don't do well. Yeah you don't usually. Like to create a look at it hit the ball. And you know I would outlaw the ankle. All the great but he. Real. Cheap app that. Will help. How I. Look at. That is tremendous stuff hall of Famer eight time pro bowler touch him is us on series XM radio on Twitter at Lofton eighty. And he's coming to CBS sports the smallest James Lofton. We Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven again thank you so much for your time James it was tremendous interview and hopefully we can do it again soon. I don't know your next week. Oh.