James Cowser

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, September 25th

Chris Townsend and Daryle “The Guru” Johnson fill in for Greg and Bonta and are joined by James Cowser (Raiders Linebacker) to discuss the tough Week 3 loss against the Redskins, anthem protests, and what it’s like working with Khalil Mack every day.


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We have James cows are out at. -- allies there's a question I need to ask you James hazard variety by Geico fifteen minutes can save you 15% more on car insurance visit us like I don't doubt Tommy call 180947. Auto also by driven by premier Nissan of San Jose we make it easy on line. At premier Nissan dot com James Kelly joins us here on the football are 95 point seven game Chris Townsend barely do root Johnson James great to talk to you again. Where Dylan good and I don't know what that sly look it was like three guys coming home but I don't think you guys were really disappointed the way that game went on Sunday Night Football in our nation's capital. So frustrating you know like I ultimately did not wait a minute hold it back. There for a reporting good morning it well it got to do what you Ludwick that. James you know they always talk about okay that game was a speaker didn't go the way you guys want there we're not gonna watch film. Are you the top the guy that wants to watch that film resist this one you forget. Dollar above it you can't go board without learning from what you do is look at the bit that statement edited out. Much better at I think as embarrassing but did you have bought it. What was weird about it is obviously it's gonna be different for you is employer knew you had a good game but. The team just didn't look right you guys were never in rhythm he didn't look like yourselves. Why do you think the team was just so awesome this game which is a big game Sunday Night Football. I think that's what we're really had a bigger political about what did this what did he do this game that was pepper club yet fight at sea or the whole game is a big. It's hard as laborers first buck I give credit the red did they care about this great game whether they voted the Godzilla. But it received a really big beat them look at what we did wrong and how we get thick and look forward. James take us through what they lied for you to do your job on those two plays where you refer you were recovered the fumble you see it on the ground. You don't wanna get too excited. But I mean to me that's a skill to be overdo it down their come up with the ball and you did it twice like twice last night take its threw that out process. Drain the I think the first thing it apart. In my head I can't follow wide open and out they get us doubt that a lot but our government can't have bet the ball park. Plugged about it put out got a call last thing it does not have urged the third of one Torre made a heck of a hit sleight of all it can't vote for me five product. The show and I got that would have kind of happy that I can help Latino call it but you know it excited about the best part. Talk about your teammates James Hauser joins us here on 95 point seven a game. Tell us what it was like you guys were talking about an anthem protest about everybody staying in the locker room obviously with the way to kick off in the coin flip was gonna go it couldn't have been just take us through the discussions. And what was going on there in the raiders' locker room. They're not. Motivated thing was we are talking about how can we eat how we show we're doing as a team as a unit. Together I felt like the big thick rough or the so that. No matter what we did in this in this game in life we're gonna do it together I think about that a lot of defense or bet. No matter what. We can't we can be upset about things. We hear it not happy about where can do all we can expect that all we can express it in unity and we expression to get a group at how. Things are gonna change it up but that makes sense. Now it does when you see a guy like a little mad perform. I mean do you do you sit there with a middle notepad like man this guy's one of the you know the greatest going in the game how you learn from a guy like a little matched. That's funny actually had an eagle archer we are talking accredit that date that the because started getting some some reps there too. And he says each enemy has doubled the best part about the position so well that not expect him to say like oh you can be played perhaps its total reckless. It says we're learning from the best for the business. And that really true like it's incredible just watching him day in and day out what he does and he could pick up on these little things you know. Recalculate how did you notice what that guy is that a pack and head off a home. Luck played new legal or evolved as I'm a very similarly toward would come out solidarity that hole a little intricacies or lucky to have. Yeah percolate in front of us. I don't know how you officiating MIT it seems like she's held on every single play like. There can be a flag coming out I guys got to be very tough for rafters you've got to really that he's being held on every play it's just what lady actually throw the flag vs the place you now. I think Beck different but he got help yesterday. This reaction have you looked so funny that cut into the audit into play like Def and happen. But exactly what happened about Abu right and everyplace they get doubled Gaby did held in fact against. The jet luckily you can so what had a very bad they are all of them but it didn't matter. And that's a clear when you're that good like people have to do whatever they can and hopefully the rescue began quick. I got to ask you one more about talking about the protesters there were people I also do the pre and post game show we've had beyond a few times always great to have you on and and you know last night there are people who are wondering did all this talk about pro testing and putting energy into it did affect the team's play on the field I just want you to address that so. When it when when raider fans call us up and ask we have the answer. I'd I personally don't think so. You know I mean we live our life with the spotlight with different people actually if million different question her pain about everything. Initiative a little bit edgy but that was kind of a big thing that we talked about what we talk about. It was what are we gonna do. What the side now for that we can't focus public and if I mean but we have our ballclub that no matter what happens the game of the most important essentially you have to give credit. Has the Redskins for what they did then. You know we had the work or go but I don't think it was a distraction like that. Now the schedule doesn't get any easier you got the division rival Broncos coming up this Sunday but I I think you may be a good thing. The two guys get the chance to go won your division foes to get rid of this bitter taste in your mouth. Yeah I I agree did get the comeback a little more familiar territory donated the other you're gonna be high. We we know the Broncos had do we know we have a very game and we know we had her farewell because. No one likes to hit in the mouth like we did yesterday. So you know it's gonna be good is that they're gonna be a lot older had to get ready go on a football player bar. Now as sort talking about don't get to victory in Denver BM three and one James always appreciate the time be well and have a good game on Sunday. I. Likely had to say it when you learn from the asks him does that stand seal and I'm telling you right now. They're probably all just like him go on what the hell happened.