Jack Del Rio

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, July 25th
Raiders Head Coach joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss Gareon Conley & Obi Melifonwu's contract negotiations, his expectations for Marshawn Lynch, and the importance of signing guys like Derek Carr and Gabe Jackson. 

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Very happy to welcome in the head coach of York Oakland raiders' Jack Del Rio we Joseph lo and did. On 95 point seven the game Coach Del Rio thank you for your time this morning camps under way but how does urged Egypt. There's good morning. It didn't go wrestle and now. Role important. So as you bring the rookies into camp it's a year with a lot of expectations you've got your franchise quarterback under contract beast mode on the rosters well what's going to be the opening message to the team when you get them all together later in the week. I think the biggest problems. There's two recognized. You know hide or discussions over. Our expectations. Previews and ranks. Whether or not going tomorrow and three years it will cut all. All boys and all have very little to do. With who we are what. Our focus will be on understand what it is. In understanding the processes that we will become really good football team and so that can be met. And at work. It's a can do two more in post about that just step process what is the biggest difference and peony possessing coach which you medical duke. From a coordinator to head coach in keeping everyone together. Yeah I think I think you know when your position coach you just concentrate on your relief. You know how does that affect my group. When you become a coordinator working with a side of the ball becomes more well. Just that you know what speaker might side of the ball it would head coaches is everybody. You know work it every day and every one. And having everybody really understand that. You know that things that are really great. That you wanna accomplish in this league come when people understand what it is the sacrifice each other in the if there's something greater than yourself up there in on the so we understand that. That concept. Doing what's best. Yeah and then you're the best individually you can be. You know doing your role on that and then you can do great. Coach Gary Connolly LB nullify and who yet to be signed and with the rookies already reporting are they starting to get to the point where they're gonna fall behind or is it really. Not until next week when the heavy work starts getting put in that they'll need to be in place. Well you know that. What does that the rules and infrastructure are stressed that it is not great concern now currently ranked. At least these issues involved shortly and they'll and they'll love note to orbit so you know it's normal situation years ago. Now in when low and I were out there that. Old dog old or older issues. Issues all we're glad apple can't indices elect. Both the it was structures in place now we expect these it was all shortly and and W can work him. Head coach Jack Del Rio we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven. The game so as it pertains to Gary and Conley and his situation the organization is confident that he will be in camp sometime in the very near future. I'm really not changed from the way we feel about it and we understand the process under way and go. You know what is when he finished a process that we've built confident about the about the decision we made in the person that we. Coach you know back and earned a nine on seven didn't matter it every day in pads now on the game he's changed. Can you see everyone talks about the raiders and you understand that as the head man. People was to perception vs reality reality is hated defense line kind of struggled nets necessarily was wanted to work worst teams. Gave up over when he soar sixty plays with twenty yards or more. When you're looking and then he saved everywhere in the sale CNA the greatest closer in a Super Bowl. How do you let guys and it's team and coaches in your staff know. Recession vs reality and you never as good as everyone think you are you never that is bad as everyone think York. Yeah it the way we look yeah we acknowledge that we we know we we've got a good team. We know we comply with the anybody. We know we're good at all replaces the end up you know that the how do you rank on last year's. And how that project going forward is. It more for fantasy leagues and what we're doing shall. You know more workers work go to. Two at all obviously there have been some subtraction lecturer user addition and subtraction huge change. The team a little bit we don't like we've we've strengthened to come even if it works out about it started and in all bases. A lot of work due to Butte disrupt become the kind of team that we are gonna become. One of the new players obviously Marshawn Lynch do you envision it to be somewhat of a committee at running back or is he coming in with the idea of he'll be the featured back in May be looking to get 200 plus carries this year. Well you know we'll we'll see how how many carries and then what the plan is on the economy. We just we just love it happened definitely add a guy like Maher responded that's a great passion for franchise. He's obviously a big physical runner in the wrong attitude. And soul you know we know can help our game. Our. But the bigger as we edited the player like we do all are at him come in Butte teammate. You know little letter and expressed and so you know will will will determine the role. Based on the Olympic. Team and we'll ask him to break and then we'll go and you know when Erica opposite here worry about. I mean I don't probably premature important like anarchy projections and things that we're not gonna get in America. Certainly glad that. Coach do you enjoy following market to hang on social media as much we'd. Have a. You know what I I love you man. It longer believe the lack of momentum builds library. Do you go to whooping on the field he had a lot of on and off the field with the social media that are available. Oh you know everybody is a little different markets keen he walks by his own drama that day we love you we love him but that he did tell us she gave him a stern talking to after that flag incident. I. You are beauty he heard me. I don't glass I don't know whether I arrived police a lot of them do more you talk Tivo we shaken your boots and a guy disciple Jim Warren. This guy that had been around at think you could attest it is. Oh god don't you know what is he boring and you feel about you know what is he going to help with the defense and just to structure kind of what is his role what do you expect from him and. Beyond your prediction. It is all the good people hurt him he's very very good communicated via a lot of knowledge. They have don't come in and work what is in the deepest step throughout yuppies. Very beneficial. You know John this is that don't completely. What you what you will do is basically. He'll be over the top of the secondary. Are you happen to have an extra set of W can't provide input to Kenny and in. You know I just don't happen to good strong coat and a lot of experience. Willow. Will bring ideas to our third down packages that don't. The biggest thing is that he's. You know he's gonna make sure the back and his can function properly. One can't battle in many fans are gonna have their eye on his middle linebacker Andy can't. Obviously say who the front runner is but what type of player are you looking at that critical spot on defense. Well look we've got we've got them some young guys that are excited about the opportunity to compete year. You know pick. I think that we'll just let them compete live workshop you know it would draft of the young man. Mark hill. And we do and we and we got got a couple got attorney Michael region. So you know little little little grumpy. Little to work field. Popular. When I look at. Football. You know I think we've strike zone route or oh and in many many positions and maybe haven't. Yet early round pick in that position yet that. Obviously. Look from another internal battery bank but we've got some young guys second run. And and and they're determined to learn and apply them so let them compete and and we're gonna grow bigger and that's not. You know you got a couple who brought you halftime you get a free agent and pay a lot of money over to develop the guys right now over welcome development though it will continue to. To monitor what's out there as well about how aggressive adequately appreciated and it. Could sell real how's everything going with Carl Joseph the rookie battled some injuries last season but housing look at right now in terms of health then dies expected role for the upcoming year. Yeah I mean every week we drafted him with the news dynamic. Football player to impact kind of player. Daily. He had a little bit of let me that he had to work last year you know him we knew he was going to be take the time to get back at full strength. I think he went through last last year got some experience. Got to play a little bit as good things you compare to better take that experience had a really strong all season. In really good communicating. Really good and working hard and not just elect he's pulling it out to be here all you don't get it all set there hours locker compete. Coach you've played for some great teams you coats and great teams you've been around this lead. You know everyone talks about how to quarterback driven league you're triggerman assigned. And now on the clock starts in you know every year this free agents are people going to be trying to pluck your guys. How do you have do you do with that had he not understand it pull Bogle and tea Fed's much your hot in minutes can be years were you down. Is that Wendell mound guys understand how distant dynamics of the game and in how do you keep them you don't focus on the task at hand. No no question we're really really pleased well. They have their signs. And know that we. The premium position of the premiere positions signed up and we have a real capable air great leader great young men. So talented. Top. All things to look shall work super happy. And also getting a guy like you gave Jackson album. And gave in and know fortified front that Frontline you know that can protect their local. March taught the little children or and so. You know Brooke I know better these young player. What we wanted to attack each year you know like you like I did like you don't know which you know fifteen more winnable. The normal weight do her. You know Tom Brady Belgrade or who's gonna turn forty your system. Yeah and you know he's racked up a lot titles along the way so. In opera. No dare we don't want yoga is effort and you know biggest thing is just improved as football and be ready to go compete. You know it breaks our standards and brings our processes and let's go to work and us. You know when you have deposition that you know you can check out boxer to replace starter. Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio we Jolo and dibs on 95. Point seven a game coach we know you're busy man thank you very much for your time this morning we greatly appreciate it. Best of luck in camp and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. Yeah I will do you guys get up here you know we got up and so. The rookies Google this week and what better reporting. On Friday 20 look sporty yet. Sounds great coach thank you very much again good luck this week. Here.