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Friday, December 8th
Margot Robbie nails it as Tonya Harding in the biopic "I, Tonya," which is being released on December 8th. Anna Kagarakis reviews the film for an episode of The Film Buff and talks about the LA premiere.

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Welcome to the film but everywhere and and it had yankees showed that combines the sports world wit the entertainment world and this week I'm reviewing the movie I Tonya. It was a lack that was heard around the world Tonya Harding will always be linked the attack on fellow Olympics figure skater. Nancy cared for the 1994 Olympics. L Harding denies being directly involved with the assault. She's still down two men. As the villain. Nancy took on the silver. While hardy was banned for life from US Figure Skating Association. Now I Tonya is the latest film that chronicles her rise and fall. How is it the glut in Napa Valley film festival which by the way. Is such an amazing festival if you ever go out there I'd really recommend if you're into films I just wanna go to Napa for the week or weekend. Check at the Napa Valley film festival happens in November. Beautiful location beautiful setting and it was especially great this year. Following the north bay fires the residents in the area really want people to know that. Napa still there. The area or pilot that was over at the uptown theater. Not affected by the fires in town but surrounding areas were definitely affected. They want people to realize and Napa is still there. They rely and the tourism to please come on down the Napa enjoy a delicious meal which by the way got its if you've never been there. Found on a fluke with my husband went to go get them in after the movie. And the food is phenomenal I had some amazing England Mary chicken sandwich delicious milk shake amazing so but it got got gut check out. Nap. A great film festival so I'd Tonya and me. Was this than they did an amazing job putting this again talking about the cast for. This he had already been awarded the best ensemble award at Hollywood film awards. There is a great chemistry among this cast he had Allison Janney who. If you love the show mom like I do she is a very talented actress and she knocks Abbott park with look as Levine playing Tonya harding's of one Goldman. Margot Robbie is known for doing suicides Clyde. And the other films that she did an amazing job at Tonya Harding and Sebastian Stan he plays Bucky Barnes in the latest Captain America movies. He's also in the martians are a great actor in his own right Islam does a great job playing typically even mustache down to a tee let's go back thousands and what do you think about her character the one word that comes up in my mind is destructive. There's so much Oscar buzz right now surrounding Allison Janney and it is well desert Jenny delivers a marvelous performance. Everything she does in this. The way she speaks lines to the miniscule facial tics and gestures. She really created an amazing character. That's how about preparing for this world. They actually little that she could base of on the off. Because you know Tonya Harding is you know who Jeff Gillooly it is Stephen Rogers a screenwriter. Had actually interviewed Tonya and Jeff. And cut it to know who they were so he got to see Dan in real life and toxin and seeded mannerisms but. They could chat download on. And Allison do any news you said that Tonya really wasn't interested in knowing where her mother wasn't dating care so Alison had to base this character. On very little in emotion base it on the little television an amusing out of her and on the words from Jeff and Tonya. Of from the injuries that Steven Rogers did. That's all the information they had a look on an house and also a little bit creative license. There she created a woman that you despise. And you could really understand what. Made Tonya the woman she is today and where her troubles came round. In another interview allison's at that she met cognac at the premiere this week in LA and Connie says she did such a wonderful job portraying her mother. Which honesty makes me so sad after seeing this movie. She was despicable and abuses. And you really feel sorry for Tonya heart Allison Janney said that she felt sorry for Tonya so at the Oscars right around the corner. I haven't seen anybody else I don't know who's up yet but she should be nominated 100% and potentially win because in this role she did such a phenomenal job. I Margot Robbie she also actually produced the movie along with her husband on the act. And the question she asked is how do you make people forget. The person they thought they knew. While she did it Tonya Harding was one of the most despised women. In modern American history. Many as a member where we were that day. When Nancy carriage in was clubs in the knee. And Tonya. Will always be associated with that whether or not she knew about the hit on Nancy care again you really feel sorry for her while also second guessing her motives. One of my favorite acting moments. Mark Goss was. Was acting the part where she didn't say anything it. Actually seeking watch trailers. It's when Tonya is putting on her face and putting on her make up before getting on the ice getting ready to perform while trying to keep it together while the news is or while. The world is crashing around that are. She did Sany. But she said so much by announcing an eating. Obviously a big part of the movie is Tonya Harding is one of the greatest ice skaters in American history she was the woman. The first American woman to complete the triple Axel in international competition. No matter how you feel about Tonya Harding. She's a damned ice skater. It was mark at least Keating on life. Well actually difficult to recreate. What Tonya Harding did on the ice. I'm Margo did take ski lessons she took lessons for five months he activate ice hockey when she was younger but there is a difference when it comes to playing ice hockey. Versed in figure skating but she had practiced for months taking lessons five days a week for a couple hours today. She did a phenomenal job out there but. What are actually doing triple axles. And how hard to find somebody to do a triple axle. Well apparently at the time they're only two women who could actually perform the triple Axel and they are preparing for the Olympics so. They could and actually bring these figure skaters in to recreate that scenes of activities in CGI for that. The director for the film was Craig Gillespie he's an Australian director known for the movies Lars and the real girl and Disney's million dollar arm. And so you meet with a different point of views. I love had Gillespie used the breaking of the fourth wall is special moment that being really need a little humor. The sit atop Fiona was beautiful music added to the feature was not distracting at all. And for one of the biggest ways I measure the success. Of direction editing is actually the pace. The movies a hundred in nineteen minutes. And in those almost two hours. I was not ported all I was at the judgment seat I didn't have a moment wars are acting in about what immunity tomorrow. I never got out of the film I was focused on this film and entertain the entire time and that's and it's very difficult to another reason why what makes him at least oh. So good eats a well written screenplay Steven Rogers went mentioned before he's actually now for romantic comedies. The rockets really compelled to write the script and tell Harding story. After he watched ESPN's documentary the price of gold. So once he watched that he want to know more about the story want to know more about the truth well he don't come away with the truth after watching this movie. It makes you second guess everything he knew everything watching. About Tonya Harding or the film but I have my own way of measuring success of films. And keeping in the realm of sports at terrible movie Yemeni give it a strike out you've got to signal your W triple your home run and Grand Slam. I gave this movie ace solid homer very good job entertain the entire time so. This movie is a solid home run I recommend watching it at a film premiere in LA at the Egyptian theater both Robbie and Harding. Where on the red carpet together they join the rest of the cast and a source told ET. That Robby actually ran back onto the red carpet just take photos with Tonya who actually teared up when she saw mart. In fact the premiere party also posed for pictures without any. And Sebastian Stan. And here's a fun evening Gianni wore a red dress with gold embellishment and she told Entertainment Tonight she whines wrinkled to the premiere. Wit her dress. Since Harding never got a gold medal at the Olympics. I think this movie actually changed many points that you especially when it came to cast and they were all smiles and all hugging. When it came in meeting Tonya Harding. Logic that I time for yourself. Released nationwide. On December 8 in new York and LA with a platform rollout that will continue into January but that's it out today. I hope you enjoyed my review of the movie I Tonya go Odyssey I really recommend going that's in the movies getting your bucket of popcorn. And in doing nicely.