Ira Winderman

NBA This Week
Saturday, August 12th

John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz are joined by Ira Winderman (Miami Sun Sentinel) to discuss the drama in Cleveland, on LeBron being one of the best teammates on and off the court, and then a deep dive on this upcoming Miami Heat team. 


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Ledger to be joined by Cairo wonderment of the Miami sun sentinel he joins us NBA this week on daddy 57 game one of the best in the business Ira. Thanks for coming on the show. My pleasure mad JD. I figure that in order to get to a waiting position. You have to talk to some and already there. I thought for a bad it is no doubt about it and what edits and were doing that debt free deep in speaking do you not the other way around there there's no question about that. Ira I want to start just dead with LeBron James and in the big offseason story and and you covered LeBron. You know the dissension in Cleveland carrier moving wants out. Where does that leave it this cavs team and where does that leave LeBron with a one year on his contract because we've discussed this at length. The last few weeks the cavs are really tough spot because we don't see how they can get better. If they trade carrier ring but if they don't trade carrier ring. They're season may be a loss before even begins. Well it'll hit that thing and again and I'm covering this from a distance from the city that law LeBron wanted to he would back to Cleveland. My entire question is it when LeBron left Miami we all at the beautifully and later. In Sports Illustrated piece all the bronco back talk about community. You gave at alliance northeast Ohio acrid. It would be wonderful. Way to. Return. But that's what it's all about white LeBron thing right now I had never going to lead the cavaliers. I am committed his team to this franchise to this city to its region. So for all the people sort of giving archive re what do you mean you want out the opening team. The question is what about why we're he'd had you know the tweeted it I believe that Jamar property unit looking for a game I've got to be back. Hold it LA in a little while told that this question definitely a possibility so to me is does not start with Kyle reed. Backing it up or early July it was talk about it internally in cute as can be cut down today. Bryant staying there is LeBron leaving court you can not have stability without knowing whether your killer is still place. They want if they want to leave Cleveland right now we beat the cavaliers look like. Without LeBron James that's the part I don't do it. Go to meet Bryant had no right to say anything or in patently aggressive too we are up two weeks. About Dublin leaving but we don't know what he's doing and I think that's what all players collect your contract in other words out there you can have a direct credit. He never lied permit led the Oklahoma City fans he made it clear at the end this seat and I'll decide. What Bryant did that at the end of Miami did edit the and the first on the Cleveland. I think that's all the cavaliers lead lead me to blogging on here for the rest of my career Cleveland would get players Cleveland key player. And a bunch more player will be committed to be included trade possibly requiring. Ira you covered LeBron when he was in Miami is here good teammate. On that wicket where he would. Beat best on court he made locker room teammate you can have with Al quite yet. You know the old tired. Does a player big and other player better. LeBron because every one better he makes it team better he get you to be in the eighth final briefing will be done for the last seven years. But outside of the locker room away from bad. There is big shadow you know why Michael kept that chatter out it would definitely typical brick Scottie Pippen as we saw over the years. We talked acting coach albeit that they're teammates how difficult it was for them. We've seen great player punch other teammate because the issue beyond basketball Michael Jordan and keep her for example. Think that happened over the years though it abruptly teammate. He is that as possible on court teammate I believe you could have been pretty NBA he that magic Johnson and old players. Off the court. I picked it kind of changed somewhat diet with social media I think it's a little bit difficult could be in that shadow it to realize you'll never. Or it could be a leading man what you play with LeBron James. I wonder about our guest here on 957 a game for the Miami sun sentinel all that being said Ira. What the heck DA do you feel the Cleveland Cavaliers and given the way that this situation is between. LeBron and carry regardless of you wanna blame or whose whose fault how do you fix it if you of the caps. He picked it up tickets and fix our broken situation I think it is a wonderful opportunities that have sort of reconnect at desperately needed LeBron James might Lee. So wait I can get retreat for high regular thing that is the key to continue quit this year reservation ticket for Oakland and idled. And also for a future it could be a win win situation I might be doing that I think for for example if these. Can get that trade with its. Eric Bledsoe at Josh Jackson any future first round there were like you're doing it you get. Plug and play Pete for Eric Bledsoe I think you guys would agree it's likely Eric Bledsoe on the cat that I re Irving. Can't the poppy they'll play off Ebert in east OK I can keep the belt visible from the regular season began. But I think you'd like that would be planning for Democrats warriors spinal update if LeBron leaves you have a job to accent and a future first round pick it built for the. The future so I think. You can sort of QB camp wasted opportunity. Like Colby Altman and the dual front office of the cavaliers that they get wiped up but a win win situation. Five Italy where you get that would put the ball and fight its rate we also can call for yourself. For the future. Don't you made it sound more optimistic than John or I have made it sound in the last three or four weeks we try to think it sets. It's almost like a catch 22 of Kyle Reese days they're not going to be. As buttoned up and they're not gonna have the chemistry either gonna needed to even compete with the warriors and maybe not the Celtics. And then the question is if they moved Tyreke. How can they be as good. You might be right plates so could probably still a deal on that team would get into the finals what would they be any more equipped to be the warriors this particular year do you think. Is anyone going to be quipped I mean look I'm not I'm not calling it that's like EP factor. Is that the war you'd get beat deep way. And they get it like he'd he'd and they get the additional pieces. To reload you know you want the coaches I spoke to a total elitist about all dynastic politics do you want that collectors ticket. You guys remember the first time around with a cavalier at that injuries when Kevin Love was injured would tightly with the haggard committed the cavaliers. So all you want to do at the cats for the Celtics or nobody would ease. They get that tea in case something goes out with the warriors for it looked great. Think they have I hit the warriors are such as sort of complementary team. That people equally weights or you'd take it step away or even he DPP to wait. That street dramatically dramatically changes. That means that have no peace is to wait at duke played what the entire sees it at that have. They came to the bit that they're series. That the ball which you try to beat up like when love and I we were injured so might delegate count meet these warriors are going to be point help he's quick he's been. Fully healthy to a playoff. Of course know what beating them but we've seen enough at least see it all sport that's why they're still are some people this very moment. Bidding on Connor McGregor. I that's. A path that's great. Ira I think Kyra wonderment our guest here in ninety presently game Ira. Oh what's next what what's the state of the Miami Heat right now and and what's next for them because and we keep waiting for them that. To add another star it seems like they're always in the mix to try but it they have been able to do it. Obviously since the Big Three was was broken up in the Prague last stint in the sad situation obviously with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade's own there what's next for the heat. That made it at the what did you make it there I mean that's what people say that he could get keeping bickered Dick Gordon Hayward became a sort. The quick spot situation how light this team. Thank god present itself and he's moved on moved out to LA probably will never play again that's all well and good as far as grit his health. But the heat never had. The athletes to compete. A quarter to a third of their salary cap which tied up but a player who effectively for three years could not contribute in big games at this remote that Miami Heat. So for the first time BER hole and they are going to be its active media expert made in the Indy this year. And it came without an all star will play with a department called dark compete at each topic final conference semifinal level. It reminds me. Be a little bit of what the hawks were a couple years back if you remember though that Paul Byrd yelling and get Teague but yet. And the big question bird in the Eastern Conference final. I think that's what this heat team could be more at that. The money is back on the cap in not treatable he did it hit ten million dollar contract. Where perky aren't leaders and at ten million dollar deal for Elliott clinic at a twelve million dollar deal McCain got it decided. Have to say it is Stewart got the created we get into we don't we get Hayward or Rico now that it's state we have built component. That's what you need to retreat entity in the NBA. It's OK twelve million dollar piece suit that he convicted back to get back in the game I think. Up slightly beside their players as early December that he ticket freedom. They can move around that people try to develop. That's where they are right up there quietly re at ending. Because don't paint the VA has gone through you have the last three years of great spot with literally sort of a league penalty a up operating at only 55% of the cap. Ira you said Rea sending an I totally agree we view. Could you make the case though that last year. The heat almost skip this step because they over achieved in when that happens. It kind of puts in a tough spot because how do you then get to the next level if you did a little more the previous years can you thought she would do. Isn't that kinda hanging over the that they heat or do they think they can. You know take the next step in with six or ordinance. I think it had a players who had most. Improved player years leaders became a real think Tank Johnson Mike Scott who got the security and I'd go but you know at all decided he'd like. Like look menial upon alternately dictating play into ways. Being the score Eagles scored with a partner is the winters to win one game to Washington and so what do they take the next step a lot of player under Pat Riley in order Spoelstra. Indicate development program. Had taken the next step and it is some help and feeding into oblivion. This pipe he held on to the guy but leaving the could be the next step that's what they are they hold it together remember over the second. Happily it heated. Thirty the lifted second best record in the NBA so what you've already the dirty little for the second half a Lebanon thirty over the first half. 4141. In the game people wanted to see who they are I don't think that he would it be defeated. It had been much at stake in the first month is defeated. Equipment that ball back it was going to be you pain you went for mediocrity. Argue but it continue with that these people table. Step thirty and eleven might be revealed but he'll look at the east we want really cracked up as upbeat and except for the Celtics and attacked. Could picking talent for the conference final that means. Certainly it like it that went to the bottom Chicago literally took a step back. Luckily he's holding on hoping that by resigning the pocket like I'll read it could be I know a lot of talk about Washington. But my question is it when you get John Wall and Bradley peel it Otto Porter maximum contract is there anyone in the end he. To call vote 8883. So I think he he is why opened for the taking. For a team that can play eight I looked continued victory tickets sort of built on where they are. How much does this say or I should put it this way. How big was last season for Erik Spoelstra I mean it's obvious the cereal he may have done his greatest coaching job. Boy. I have always felt this guy is one of the best coaches in the NBA I just I love his demeanor. Andy as he showed an ability do it in essence be able to coach. Any kind of roster he's given. He is a developmental coach who look at the best out of your players that he was one of these traitors to this art. It'll guide you've heard over the years I can grow regardless. Physically meet player and a player the whole bunch of guys around the league. That's where Spoelstra is this team believes cellblock in development that were everywhere else it legal these topics there. The people looked at every player in the law of late. From a not quite right coming that. Security has the credentials to championships four in the final kicking teams that aren't nearly good enough depleted but no one expected him. Could be he had that. Even demeanor I put up there I mean not up there at high end with pop. But sort of in that group opposed to I thought it fascinating elect these in LA went according to Mike and told me he did a terrific job but the rockets. So optic down over his career in the very places he'd been weathered it. You know what it is he actively in Phoenix New York or LA places like that. Eric bolt upright it look at Spoelstra and every day well equaled the crappy feet and I think you'll look at Eric alternate date he maximize what he had now. Do people think he failed court needed to win four championships to the Big Three and old he went to locate the kilowatt. It could be. On a level coaching staff like the eating well and blocked the BA finals one time so they're not is good enough for the cavs aren't good enough. If you look at that level that you or forty B lead level. Why you don't see eleven and thirty and in thirty and eleven ever I mean it just you don't see too picky don't seat to Debbie usually teams quit adds that. You know the the first site eleven and thirty throughout half yeah. That could get technical lead out there in the Bay Area with a point that record one team leader at and a lot of Milwaukee epic that we are in the western road trip that Whitney started at eleven and thirty. And if I remember at the university at their disposal to practice he'd be copied the working. And Eric's old protecting were coming together we can find it you know what these days. Do you think that he would you bring that nine goofy is the last let's talk he's been reported for example James Johnson dealer William. It bill which one would head out and which ones were crap out. They partly real light team got a good. Not so good and they found the art that's what they brought the quarterback I think this year. It's been what practical to breaking it by except at eight different players. The Olympic teams could be most at risk for a rough start. You don't like app you don't know who they are the eagle the second half but he's been found out who they are now they have that justice Whipple that mishap defeated. Now they get the first round pick and at a bio. They what you want about Kelly Olympic but he. Really in between Pete that the player in Erik Spoelstra is traditional style so yeah I conceded he continued for home court the first round of the playoffs. Ira final question for you what do you think it Chris Paul with James Harden and the rockets. I think what I'd let you know all these big routine these great players find away. 888 source subsidies until the double it if you brought in other great player to play with Chris Paul. And he would sort of ripple that it we saw that a little bit beyond it. Quickly quickly that was a great chemistry I want to be the and I want to be demand. This is quit going out of its way to tell the clipper dot opting out but I wanna go to Q did it he can make it work. Think we're afraid to come together. Beat Dwayne wade and LeBron James thank you get guys who want to play with each other. I can get all the oh we were contaminated BA beat quick pick right coming at a time TP perfect example it here he'd do what he was stepping into he. They needed his laid. I think Chris Paul they definitely I think James Harden Spain and Italy and I think they'll be fine sequestered I cat. He did Carmelo added they are also immediately third. All dominant player picked we'd work when guys stepped aside Chris spot stepped aside he with the third wheel he made up wanted to quickly but can't block stepped. Site to the degree I think Barkley content to let these it was remarkable. With his guilt that what he'd give with the warriors I am series of Carmelo goat there. Might that be want to witty guy who will defer that sort of curious about. Ira thanks a lot for the time and we really appreciate it left to do it again down the line. People that get a lot of regret regret it imprint that verified. You standing you can always be out before Tim bon Temps. You know what I thought so I get it and they want to put it typical guy have a debit credit and that in Bosnia. Guys thanks Ira Clark the great opera Brooke wedeman joining us here. I 957 against the Miami sun sent them.