Interview with Bonnie-Jill Laflin

Franco & Kags Podcast
Friday, June 9th

She was the first female scout for the NBA and is the newest cast-member on VH1's Basketball Wives, Bonnie-Jill Laflin joins Gianna and Anna to talk about her upcoming event with the Navy Seals and Giants, her charity Hounds for Heroes and her work in Sports. 


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957 game Franken on tags I'm G out of Franco and I manic again Aggies and it join us right now is why not for now Bonnie I actually on got a chance to me UN worker QID the afternoons at Damon Burris. Yeah I WR. We were actually working at a time that you're at how. I think it was pretty good aren't developmentally. I that was so much time and end at an expert to be conceivable you haven't missed one gosh since I think it was 95 right. When Alec cheerleader for the niners and we've Karen on Ron Amadon Jerry Wright JoAnne. That's a great what great experience go to all the so what's your favorite symbol to go to all these years. I'll have to be wiggly line and I was there on the sidelines in the lead at eight. It makes complete sense there. All experience like you know you what you're aid Dallas. Dallas Cowboys cheerleader your also. With the 49ers gold rush also with the warriors also your NB cheerleader of the year what was that experience like being a cheerleader for those great teams. I loved it from me and my you know cheering in the NBA he has slower re able to really being committed to accurate accurate and you know I was there during that he and eating that was fine and then went on to the niners and the Al cowboy and not been. It by cheering and tabloid because it is the cheerleader now out there and I'm. I'm real different in my experience the attacking. And Bay Area native. Right here from San Francisco. I'm all relax you can model that are on like in Concord area and yeah anchor and of course orient and actually he'll love going to be at the end of the committee and on the plane and you can gain then I you know I'm only a giant game and lawyers are niners are on an ally. Make a point to come back to the Bay Area on my grandmother Khatami's I don't commit. I can understand that so what do you think this year's NBA finals. Where have I know I obviously am sure you watch the game last night. I think I am I could not that I feel like I played that that is that you. After sir you're really got an act of guy that happened when that I actually cutting down on and then after that at like quarter and we get unbelievable and to the captain we are down I mean like in that Wear you down and see in LeBron saying he would it saw it. Both mentally and physically and you could tell that to eat on the base locked up the court and I really think they're get ago. Where Google Berkeley you're expecting him cap they're gonna get it done at last night and I think they're just got out now. Yeah I completely agree with you 100% in wars kind of got to them mental block of game three. And I just destroying the cavaliers at this point right now a year very well versed when it comes to the NBA. I you're actually the NBA's first female scout with the lakers he started back in 2005. Yet and I would I would from the floor and actually covering the team hockey yet and affiliate here and I you know get will be able to. You're used what I you know what it's like yelled out hired and the car accident that hey you know you. And you know the track authentic breakdown of these games you know quietly tried outing and I get a free year without pay. And then they look like scatter report and pac twelve big twelve and then finally you like your deal on the other you're. Sports. Honor. You know daddy's girl and I began speaking with and with that there for time honored. And you know something I'm going to. Start at a are not yet locked into really break down you know. It's a little kid and my dad you know like that you try and act that was he'll hit it right now it's funny I would. You hear so much about you now layered investigating. How accurate and forty call again ideally. You know and watching minor league based on equipment normal from the girl and eventually and you wanted to make it you know eight actual career. So yeah it really dream big and work hard. So coming into such a male dominated industry especially that time to your coming in as the first female scout for the league. How hard was it when he first came in while some of via the difficulties he had overcome. Many meantime you are now being seen on a male dominated world never injured a lot of scrutiny nearly under microscopes that every hoping he'd do it. You know kind of yes. Looked upon as how it can be negative she's not gonna know. It can't be attractive and all who. In note board and be intelligent all these things I've really had to prove my now. I'm I'm again and you luckily I had in shock that controller who Laker concur reinvent that hit it over in nick. They get the timing with the lake that we took me under their wing religious initiative wrote that you know beat you look at tech expert on the way out. And you with a pre draft camp I wouldn't. Glad to have my hair pulled not trying to walk like a guy called in the lines that we're doing and that I don't know how to land it in Munich now can be eager people are an elite. Look at you because your email that is being here and eventually. You know you're prepared to see your credibility out of time against you know. Oh port and you are right after I'm glad I'm here you know actually the vehicle they'll you'll be accepted you you know kind of public. That's awesome and I and I think sometimes people forget that. You know there's a huge female fan base of women love sports as well it's not just for sit next her husbands and boyfriends. Watching the game that we you know maybe we were introduced to it I was introduced him by my dad as well let. Other than that I mean I tip I I ran with it and I love it I mean and I think people tend to forget how big a female fan base is when it comes to sports. Definitely I love it and worked in my seats you actually ending note asking chief and I think some people think like that call me in the with. Went blank there had been in there and look at my phone and eat popcorn or election. You go to these games you see how knowledgeable. At the UB milk scandal are and I get a lot at Atlanta to see how. You know. We literally breaking sport. You know I love to as a whole idea of when he first went out these that you put the slats on a pitcher hair up. Eight and realizing you don't have to do that can you talk about the idea you can combine beauty and brains when it comes in this industry. And you'd just be you like to send. You get it and I think I can really the trying to be so light you know I Latin word except in that by Boyd well that. You know I. Looking back and yet from the silly but you know he Lauren I think there is. That stare at fifteen that are attractive aren't knowledgeable a credible. And more you know more talented and I really think that now there's so many women that have the upper back and shown. You know that you can combine all of that these are that you now have a you know in the bring that back. You know I'm gonna need to mention name entry and they don't talk about so that kind of -- at times but you know we all have to correct it together and I'm very. Good about hiring a that we in my you know the work you do it I wouldn't pushing an act out speak for all of us and I think it's great to see how many women out there more that actually are working in sports and. Manson that no we agree percent it's all about helping each other sometimes get female interns in here and it's ego. Not that it would help all interns but it's nice is an okay like you know it like add a little bit of extra advice and to some meant for ships that they and we can't take many weeks of the kind of an Jack. Exactly and I get so many females that you know. Tweet me back to me and I hate hate you give me. Kind of bite her can you help me with dancer that and I only time you know whether I know I don't know time and you know call them because people help me along the way. I didn't get to where that I'm all I got yet or not you get people that helped me a while and not help you know that collector can get it. Absolutely well outside your sports career you also had a very physique her adding model and actress most recently basketball widespread. Yeah why not yet on the reality on the floor and you in decades after I had a picture and you know. Stated that he hear about you know act well I liked you on that and I'm not a why we're gonna wanna be. It's and that to me and wanted to bring in email all that actually was in back. All that and named -- and it you know they really change means that they want to bring it you know you actually within about a world kind of hit it different demographic threat but you know there either. Ex wives or wives or whatever. Actually. Where the girl that you actually have a job and pay my bill and you know like that at the end though. You know I'm actually getting people and women are thinking my god that you are going to act like Otto Kerner you know watching. Being dealt with the outlook. Could be and you know what could it be you know how can edit it here we're like you sacrifice. Having hidden you know American everything because here we are getting independent and I'm not gonna lie to in the shadow. If you use that platform can hire you know other women last using it as you know vehicle cute show he's like my charity work in. Try to get people it will help what I'm doing that and it well. Let's talk related charity worker actually working with a great program. Hounds in heroes you talk about Alan. Yet at my nonprofit that started in 2000 lacked and I want you combined actions which it. The military. An animal welfare and like targeted. And we Kramer and figure out like how we can help better and you know even more and that we rescue. Dog shelter and we are them up was wounded warriors that are upstream from the CBI PT convenient in the aggregate hyper battered and dogs and their unit at it really help and then that we keep that market in a different you know and now we're doing secret they're each. He looked at Texas where wrapped it about 26 were important and slaughter and I can now particularly warrior even disabled children now Iraq courses and at that very therapeutic as well. Here's the thing about a Bonnie jealous people need to know if I add filing on answer Graham and no joked that she's not just promoting the charity you're actually out there with the animals with the veterans and read your very involved. Yeah I kind of you know. It's nice to be able to you can really hear him be the common ground or be really you know there and take action and you know really he's stepping up nightly vehicle give money I think it's great that you actually and how I'm gonna. You know I really loved being with these battery and hearing their story that cannot continuous territory including Iraq and Afghanistan. Travel the world court. Men and women in uniform and I just wanna make sure that you know we weren't gonna happen when they're out war in the back and you know I didn't want to make sure that their. Taking care when I'm back after you know in Europe and suddenly let pocket and then. You know my announcement on instantly that I felt I can go on an. My action. Actually re leading and I completely agree that animals are so therapeutic my dad had a stroke last year and one at things that helps him was he went have a dog that would come in the hospital and help them out and actually in the works of trying to convince my mom to get a document house tours announced Jesper. Extra therapy that I think it's actually wonderful that you didn't have program. Yeah I think you know every window like you said even people who. Don't have that your physical mental disabilities. In looking at their unit when you couple are backing your dog like that failure like everything that can't get like like forget it but it. No I Leavitt about ninety little dogs Oscar Meyer. Yeah I guess names I think that we dogs are just little rescues went Chinese Crested mini Pincher me and then the ambulance they -- puke they're just it is the sweetest things that. A little have a three world and you know our older dot Oscars kind of sales to be noted that a lot with him and you know we're just trying to make him happy and comfortable he's variables. But it's really eat elliptical learning lesson for children as well and I just watch me sun interact with him and how we get tally as little doctor kitten text him and act like that dynamic while he's learning to love he's burning compassion he's learning. About EL a skill a veterinarian says so I mean Asia's pats are still uneasy in neighboring summit to people and families. I'll definitely not like you know same thing at the sport that I had no it will rather Molly didn't like little round I learned actually he and you know respect for all creatures you know at a very young agent that's why I'm still I am and you know my daily that you know. Very you know they really wanted to make sure that I did you know we're actually in Wimbledon now that's why. Begin I don't eat animal let out early on our people out there you know. I suspect that I need to be a boy accidentally. Now you have a great event coming up here in San Francisco with the sabres go giants. With the Navy SEALs when is the event and hat how does it go down. Yet that called seal our day in. I'm popular. Land hunter Strickland strike and many of them are involved mr. Appel. It would it'd be leave go out and he's become the offer day and keeping your backpack and you track and keeping everything. You you acquire weapons you I'll optical quirk is the everything and it's the only view her entire day and Natalie back here the navy seal foundation which war on pollen. And peeled and they leave it to retardation. Really great you're doing but I'm. You're given back so where to begin on Monday and they attacked and now back to encourage more people view. Look at night and laugh and any more compelling. In the ninth annual at Hewlett arm on their the government back here it. That's Jimmy Dean running XI that's I would actually when dale. These economic times and I don't even know electronic Latin I don't complete the court that the yanks can't read you know epidemic like Alec item are. Animal like. It is. Yet at all competitive level at a time and I need to beat them. I don't have any need to know. Exactly. Oh. And let me now is NET TD SL I am about seven months pregnant right NASDAQ are there any events and I can do it. We are what are on in our men and all have our current perfect WB. IG on American and am I right in his ads if not we'll definitely filming. You aren't at. That sense of easy. Well I took thank you so much for joining us today if anyone wants to get more information about your chair C counts heroes an about the upcoming event how did it fine. Yet he is counting heroes dot com is my security that they weren't. The opening period of veteran needs are not related notes and then he'll forget it you feel great day are port. Her fake and next time here in San Francisco would love to have you and Steve. Thank you so much money great time and I thank you yeah him. I was bunny tail off on Franken tags and 957 doves radio dubs radio here we go out my gas that would be amazing to do it at events I QG not if I was in seven months. Pregnant right now I would be doing all those events I love that stuff he its principal in the thing is man I mean Navy SEALs are such heroes. And he's a hard it so hard they go through so much just become a navy seal and not just physically but mentally. It just the opportunity to sound and just taking Q and just kind of see what they go through it and that's it it's great to see the giants get involved and isn't by Childress at the sweetest people amazing it amazing absolutely wonderful you look at her she's beautiful she's Smart. And she knows what she's talking about you can hear it in her voice seeking aid. And when you watch her on her shows in which he's done in the past she's yeah it was a really great at two meter oversee global fifteen hopefully shall Poppins ish is different Damon re sell got better and we definitely have to get her an RA more to come on frank thank XTT in 957 to gain dot com.