Inside The Bigs Hour 1 8-6-17

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 6th
In the opening hour of Inside The Bigs, Urban and Guru talked to Vince Cotroneo about the A’s vs Angels and the news around the MLB.

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All or how proud are out of welcome to inside the big time Michael Irvin alongside. Darrell the guru Johnson together were herbs into route. We got three hours of all ball talk Torre inside the bigs airs every Sunday more often than not it's nine to noon sometimes it's another time. During the day but today we are right on schedule. And we got our regulars both joining us as well you never know sometimes are pulled in different directions they can't show they can show this morning Vince control O'Neal. 91515. Minutes from now when the voices amaze baseball. Is gonna be talking with a Bob Melvin manager of the a's probably the only manager in big league ball. We'll do a radio show two hours before his game starts so we appreciate that of course means you Babbitt will be joining us. At 11 o'clock morning who were happy Sunday Tia happens and then the U I'm not dressed is Willie sooty Babbitt but -- would give you my all it doesn't matter which are wearing it's about what's inside the clothes it's what's inside the body. Nobody dresses as well she Babbitt yeah. You got a sweet you get three waves that you do does networks and was in his chair jet. Sweat shirt yeah right like Richard Todd and then I'm in my cowboy you look like taught him baseball wow. Yeah I adjusting how all of a sudden our gear seasonal right NFL training camps is open and all of a sudden we're aware of football stuff. On Sunday Dijjer. We've done enough cobalt talk we talked a bunch of full board yesterday guru and I were share in the air from noon to four. Yesterday and Abbott looking forward to the show in particular because last Sunday it was the last time we hadn't had a big of course in. On Monday started the Bay Bridge series or battle of the Bayer. What do you call that's one thing ordered askew is. I've heard battle of the bay I've heard Bay Bridge series. Now they do this once before the season starts right there and spring training they come back to Cali. And they have they have the series Dan that doesn't count and then they have to interleague series during the year is one of them battle of the bay in the other warrant. A bridge series or is it just you can call either one would ever know well. I call. It the Bay Bridge series and battle of the bay is when the raiders in niners Erica got you know as an enemy and battle of the basement perhaps woo let's just let me leave you. Won their two games. I was in my chair. Like Archie bunkers saying this team is young it's athletic it has power. And it's on the come up for the a's are gonna be. A team to be reckoned with here soon. And when the giants when their games. I'm like they're just reminded the a's whose daddy here in the Bay Area but this is just a fluke and they can turn it on when they want. The lights which has just been broke in the 2007. Teen season so those were my take aways and I feel like did giants. Is Baz it is nerves there or not that far from hit that reset button to compete just in the playoff daylight here seriously. And for the days. It was just young Dora braids and the two games they didn't win. I adding throw anything at the TV I just say this is not ghost that they showed you they put their best foot forward the day before when they got the win this is what happens with a young team but I think DA isn't Bob Melvin. Are any good position. Looking forward to next season. Don't be surprised at DA is around trying to compete for the AL west Tora while core. That's interest in conceived for me it was more of a microcosm of where where were looking at VA's in the giants were there where they stand and what their direction is. For me it felt more like an a series than it did a giant series now that sounds odd but from the a's perspective. It basically it told me they're exactly you I think they are there a team that has like you said their athletic they've got some power. The guts that they got a lot of youth they got a lot of energy. And so they're gonna beat some teams just on that even though they're not a complete team by any means but they're gonna beat some teams just because. They've got crazy talent they're not crazy town but they got a lot of talent. So when they won it's like okay. This this is VA's that we can look forward to in the future in those types against when they lost it was the same thing it's like okay they're young they have a lot to learn. As evidence of that here's these two losses to the giants right so this is routier's are in 2007. Team. They're exciting and have to keep you watching because they're fun to watch and they're gonna win some games. But because they're in the middle of a growing process that goes some games so they'll last couple games to the giants wears when I watched the giants so. So the gays are exactly what I thought there worked and in a weird way the same thing for the giants because. Coming out of that series elect I have no idea who these giants are. Okay they want a couple of games but it was against these young bucks you still have a lot to learn. You get up do you go overboard and give a lot of credit for that not really in the in the games that they lost to BA's. Like jab this is how bad the giants actually are does that make any sense knowledge that I came away from thinking. It just confirmed what. My feeling is about both teams who wears. BA's our team it's got some learn but there really aren't so onto something in the giants just don't I don't know what they are or where their ago. That there Webb felt about a lawyer. And if that's to the intrigue about. Or am I crazy to think that the San Francisco Giants did you know fast forward to two dozen big change for you by the way what you're seeing right now. Predictions. I just feel like a reset button. This team to compete I know you call me crazy and I think to quite ill blisters situation. Is gonna be a blessing in disguise. Them next year when he's part of your rotation. And I can opt out he's not right and they're probably they're gonna have a hard time unloading them because with his injuries. This year with the blistered no team is gonna give them what the giants feel like is value. You can still trade right even trade all the way and Joanna meetings and all that number I mean all this value it's not wavered nobody is gonna pick up that Johnny went out to be death salary it's not gonna happen. And if Johnny quid oh yes the option of opting out of his contract because of the type the year he's had. Nobody is gonna offer him more money out there than what this option is for the giants so you're right I think it is going to be a blessing in disguise equate it was good next year right now. An ethic he will be an. Perhaps I still can't believe you did such a dramatic 180 because up until now we've been thinking it especially when the giant said. We plan on contending next year we're not gonna do rebuild and I for one was looking at a going no you need to at least think about a mini rebuild because. It's not just left field where you need help you've gotten no power across the outfield you do look very old. I didn't realize that Brandon belt when he when he homered this week. Anyone down day before yesterday that scary that 69 dairy and I hate to say man and I don't jump on all over the place but. He's had multiple concussions and a similar nine year Serena mile an hour curve ball dropped him and he had concussions at University of Texas where I went. He's had concussions in the big leagues and as you know every concussion. Makes you more susceptible to concussions next time down so. Something like you hit the head that if you had no concussions in your life. Might not video concussion but if your Brandon belt you've had multiple in you take that seem to hit to the head you're gonna Dick and custard gonna get symptoms. Do you see a scenario where they shed and then. Could do that my lesson in this guy they might not have any choice. What that's what I'm saying arming these symptoms might linger for our look at just some large not some margin but Michael Morse steel baffling to me bangs heads turn that brawl between Bryce Harper deal knob that manhunt Nash yeah I mean. Mike Metheny the manager of the cardinals were news with the giants that he never go back concussion ended his career. That I'm not too thin road trip a raiders linebacker I'm not saying that's what's gonna happen but it's certainly a possibility. And do the giants have to consider that if you doesn't come back this year. The giants have to consider what are we gonna do first base in the offseason I think Purdue. There and that's something that the front office have to deal with when when it's time but when I look back just to the days. And you talk about the youth movement. If they would have got the play they're getting now from Roger Davis who's a veteran. I think we're talking about a different Oakland a.'s teen in regard to this day in the end. They've been led down by the leadoff position we saw rise they play is as soft. In the World Series but let's be honest serves he has not he was not the mailman this season he did not deliver right. And now all of a sudden you see the glimpses you see him stealing bases in utilizing that speed and how in fiction is for the rest of the line up toxic they are like where was this phase team. But I don't wanna just put it all rod. Then he left out they are in regard to delete opposition to worry that this team dale and Matt Joyce had to be the lead off hitter so who's a real rise today. And is he gonna get another shot with his a's team. I'm coming out of spring training went. We're gonna get it regardless he can't that would be another shot project Davis is your starting sooner fielder next year for their corners and then I'm gonna be disappointed while. Now that they've got to do better than that. And yeah I look at it McBride Jay is he's not to the point or your thinking he maybe should hang them up. Russia is on a good team Raj date is a fourth or fifth outfielder he's got the bench right. So I would like to think that the a's are going to be not a great team but a good team next year they're gonna take another step toward respectability I think 500. And better should be. Their goal next year I mean thought we talked before the season started. If the a's got to 500 this year it would be a phenomenal success they're not gonna get their what we OK it's still visible. Shirts fees of about Sosa's second while Carter no no on death so you've given yeah official that's that's mark the calendar the white flag and then finally given up on Latin wildcard. So I wanna hear what the audience thinks what. Did you learn. From the Bay Bridge series and the Penske out also stuck Comtex line. 95795. Says the first one came in in the morning guru is right battle of the bay. Is the 89 World Series. So it's come on guys validates 89 were answers specifically another Lawrence's Bay Bridge series was the World Series. Battle of the bay as any other time so now we've got tune completely opposite so we don't know. Oil and tiebreak for security gives college Tripoli at 9579. To 57 again we're going to be talking with Vince control Neal one of the voices raised baseball. In about four minutes so again the question to the audience. What did you learn if anything about either team in this series beat him since we can't decide what we're gonna call it. The a's play the giants in a home and home Portland series earlier this week what did you learn is there anything that surprised you anything that disappointed you. Did it feel like a rivalry I think it always feels like a rivalry to the fans don't know that the players are necessarily into it that's. That's what I took away two defense do you care who both teams. You know not buying for playoff spot but debate came out in an option of if in Oakland I felt that that that the stadium was electric. And in San Francisco and I sat back like. Baseball is beloved here in the Bay Area and I'm not telling you anything you don't know but I like to see there wasn't although not in first place when I gonna come out. You know it didn't go the other way they actually came out because it was act clash was about the it was about that day. Did I watch golf four games in its entirety who uses MVP of that series if you had to name one. Without looking at any numbers without having a look at the union members like who acquitted themselves as well as anybody I don't Fermi. I want to say Matt Chapman just because even in it he's I can't take my eyes off that kid now. Yeah he was good and I was I was probably. After he got called up. I was watching him. Closer than I watch any other player and now I don't watch him as closely because of party decided what he is he is a star. He is going to be I mean more so even think Christian oral Christian Auroio when he first came up third baseman for the giants. When he first came up he provide a little bit of a jolt. But there were times when he looked overmatched clearly because they had to bounce in the senate back to AAA Barry's got injury is welcome back on the baby that Williams then got slow hero but Matt Chapman I mean not only does he have the power bat that every team so desperately needs I mean he's going to be a 345 hitter. Career I think she's perfect five hitter I think down the road he's a guy that I think if you projection being a perfect five hitter but he's got deep. Like crazy man isn't much better defensive player that I suspected he's he's. He's the most exciting player on the team on on the field when those two teams get after. Now talk to me about do you want your star player to be a guy the complaint multiple positions or just one. I'm starting to think when I look at the Oakland a's and you always talk about a guy is so valuable to the team to worrying about Chad pointed out what work with. It will focus on one position or is that not what baseball's about now. Do you bring more when you could you know Jack of all trades master or none. I just look at these guys coming up and they can you know I know Melvin was that they can play here they are. I just like this is my opposition to our base Joseph Moore must second base I mean you know I will Clark on the first baseman. 05 light. Guys being able to play multiple. You know different positions let's us there is too much on the brain when we come defensively to take away from the profits. I don't know it's just I wanted to ask you. If you're the manager you like that he put up more open positions right and versatility is employer ability there's there's so few guys last night they can pull that off and still be considered great players like Ben Zobrist. Is a guy who complain all over this way to write any I know he's good guys right though he's using all stars utility guy guy he is greater he he's capable of greatness he's put it together enough to be on an all star team. Chad tender. I love them I like that he can play multiple positions and I think. You know he is surprised VA's the a's once upon a time we're not very high on tender at all and he it's he got called up you know. Let's talk to rent control your about it meant to draw O'Neal is one of the voices of a's baseball normally joins us at 930. This morning's gets them to do at 930 so gracious enough to check in with a as early morning mid tower at. Martin Michael welcome news Southern California. Too out there it's like hot. To be warmer that went on a plan like real rent that. Stop the presses Mike Trout is really really good. It. And today it might Trout this rap act. There's a rod everything wow that's a lot of giveaways. If it might try to beat appointment to Europe air. It's attorney who joins as you can follow him on Twitter at Vince baseball men's tour and I were just talking about young Chad tender and I was telling him that somebody. Kind of close to the situation I don't wanna say who was but. They told me that Chad banter has kind of exceeded. It's management's expectations they weren't high on that hi I'm Chad tender but he's so damn good he's forced their hand. What do what do you think this guy. I'd tiger he heard a thing about spring training in our current looking at a market signature stop a red I was getting reps. You benign. Darrell Munoz do the same thing and there's lender who's been a double play and eat it patted down his job and it felt like. Maybe he was a little bit short. Apparently an unsettling aren't they reps in the outfield and he told me elected interpreted that per year are burst when a campus on the not afraid of it and then suddenly circumstances present elders on the big league level in all would field. He hit a ball you know pretty far inaction and the ball player at at the best way to the oddity that it pretty high compliment I think for anybody at the party will use that kind of analogy because he just goes out there and he knows what to expect in a a opener baseball family dad. Played a minor leagues. That had them. Experience that it you see that in him in terms that his mindset and mental. Reparation and remain needs he's going to be pretty important back where this club that he eat he can via. Back out when the O line up at the guy that really gives depth to your line up. It provides them up but they will be under lock in what about the placement field and just to you that you attribute. Vince I know were in the aero social media and what Matt Joyce said you know he was totally wrong and I just wonder you watch in the game are you shocked now they've. You know when these players to have. He's back and forth which stands that is actually you know caught on tape or do we have sound too where they're didn't discipline for. Well not correct you know like you said. Today. Age of cell phone and don't videos and wanted to be that person. Actress somebody at a weak moment it's a net of people kind of relish which met at night early. Get a kick out of Matt made a very significant mistake. What he said even though. And crossed the line as well the comment that he made him. Battled so about it and you know and electric they've they've by it in the upper right to say anything they want which aren't they is that they have a right to salute. And it is supported and they're in performer take it over the line then have yourself on out did happen to negate their innate deeper darker and over. Exchange. Act and so on and try to. Capture any athlete. In enact at a moment it's really used it at that are quite would be for any professional athlete. Like a match that yesterday Kirk try to let that are current higher quality media. And elected I'm doing and I wanted. It numbered fortune you're right you make eager and that is my job and I were Gerhard attic. And then to have that kind of circumstance occur. Women at that spot and there's there's no getting around what he did was absolutely wrong and yet the question was swept inaccurate. And a hopefully everybody moves on and spit. Possible some some good about it Matt Joyce and certain amount of Brothers in the Bay Area. The bush years that have been Paterno he's one of the voices of a's baseball here on 95 cent in the game follow him on Twitter. Vince baseball Ventura and I were talking about the series interleague series Monday through Thursday at the home and home. You're gonna we're asking audience what did you learn during that series if anything it and for me it was too felt more. I was looking at the at things from H perspective more than the giants' perspective. And if you ask me what I learned about days it would be there exactly who I thought they were they're young they're exciting their athletic. They're talented. They're. The games that they won like OK that's VA's that's these days at their best the games they lost it's like well. They're young and so they're going to lose some games they're gonna make some mistakes. And so you kind of ride out those losses as being a product of being in the learning process where's the giants. Don't know if I learned anything I don't know I still don't know who the giants are it seemed like they don't know who the giants are because they're saying that they expect to contend next year. What did you see what's the biggest difference for you between those two teams. Beyond age you beyond the obvious. What the eight critical scene remains. You just just a way to thank you just mentioned about them. I think played out I mean the age of a long way to go nurse they they've got to learn each unique experiences. I play a product or crowd in front of an excess of 40000 or thereabouts. Should relish because of their playing. Good baseball like each and are hoping it will over the course of time. Get this crowd on a regular basis inaugural ball or the quote is waiting for giants series and that. That's an exciting time for your your page letter that I think. You see future with the aid they use the wonderment giant it seem to have gotten old. In a hurry which which can happen it seems a bit stole a lot of talent on that game are estimated to bring as well. You can't discount that I think is that you can't dispute mean. Important work they're going to be in the next eighteen months. Mediate at the average terms of possibility that they saw execute but possibilities and that or awaiting or at each and every day rights. Back at experience or young players in how they come through that out Hitler an app excel at a will determine that the eight back app right group movement court orders with a Rico situation. Variance between them future I haven't talked he says to trading deadline way down in sunny was. Went to New York what we atop somewhat the a's received back for Sonny gray. Well they are pretty adamant that they wanted a center fielder. And I know they want advocate a lorry on at a vote 08 all I'm excited that they they gamble on dust and dollar I'm excited that they took a gamble on. James two trillion there are risks absolutely with that. And talking with that never be strange app about dollar and injury. Which was grotesque when it app. Happen and as a Major League debut in late June but the other one because of the way the injury occurred at an impact injury. Did not split in the middle actually tore away the ball it was easier to attach. Literally that night at a go to surgery make it at. So moving sport the scent is that the recovery is going to be on course to be ready spring training that we would talk about how not surgery now almost like. You getting an oil change saturated O'Grady by percent. You dirty that situation reached some back European reactions and he's been in the low to mid ninety's which is upping that people are. Out of UCLA so I think there Kurt by an adamant Taylor has been outstanding. The age. I think by Wednesday September next year. One dollar dirty added it shut Cabrera of the Major League season is probably knock on the door AAA. Eckert co unit pitching somewhere hopefully pitching effectively and that's the other way to the eight were where last place. Static originally got that and get and the kind of all of a jump start rebuilding process. And Bosnia outplayed that it didn't come together until the morning straight yet so. Be it worked hard on that and may need that I I think. And if you're looking at eighty. Urinate and had a really hurt an acre and I think that's true that it would get yankees what do you make you'll Spain in any year. Act it would make your data mapped out Sony original without weight or doubt about it. Vince you think the fact that Alonso didn't get traded is that means the days. Have him in the plans for next year because if if you didn't get treated like I gotta I gotta believe they feel like they weren't offered what. They deserve fer younger. Maybe I'm not sure that you know that at ease the plant given you know that it on a believable year an all star opportunity units home town and you know etiquette citizen in that regard but at that panel. And this in the radiated moving forward. Battle and dig out and get an opportunity that course in is. That is the big force on the air now at Hickory street where to leadership at that to happen organically with a young guys. Order you have notes some veteran and that that and he's the right way and I think that the debate. Yarder by me the reality is Michael yankees used nine tempers may not or are now one up. So they know that they had they had and they're on what originated like. Not it was a pit work from. Mark respect more were sitting let him better short porch in right field lusty bad. You would have thought he would have been a perfect opportunity for them but they that it happened and then. I'm not sure there's another opportunity. Right now or injury this year 300 up looking white up where they. Chip Lowery like it needs and it may have an opportunity out. Right they may get the that the non waiver trade deadline as the July 31 deadline but make no mistake. Some trades can and will happen up and self I believe if you if you're on the roster by September by August 31 you you're eligible for postseason play correct. Inside the organization metric even got that partly due out like what happened. That are public help what it would it is corroborated shooting to call that out Tutu midway September. But he result opened postseason. Gotcha all right Vince thank you so much free time and I and I know this is this is pushing it asking you do it tweet the scheduling come on extra early we really do appreciate. Our events take care that's been to Trujillo one of the voices raised baseball right here on 95 to seven the game hey that in 1997. Giants. Were celebrated yesterday it AT&T park. That team lost in the National League division series why they being celebrated if you like it did conspiracy theory. But now we've got one Palmer she's due route. Instead bigs not to touch him again. Welcome back inside the bigs that's a highlight from the 1997. Giants season courtesy of I'm Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson get a word in guru welcome back inside the bigs we do this every Sunday morning. Usually it's nine to noon sometimes it's other times throughout the day this morning. Three hours all baseball we talk about the a's were the flagship station of his baseball 957 again. Our studios earned downtown San Francisco just a few blocks from AT&T park so of course we talk giants as well we talk the league at large. Good for ball about the ball's coming up soon as is killers and Kooks. You guys all know how to play that we encourage audience participation. You can participate by either calling AAA 9579570. You can hit this up on the our Penske auto sales dot com tech side. 95795. And on Twitter he is at triple. So the giants do group yesterday celebrated and honored the 1997. Giants warning your anniversary right. That team lost in the division series so. On the long list of great teams of giants wore I don't know necessarily where they rank there were obviously a good team. They made the playoffs you have to win the division back in that at that time had aren't so determined champion. And the giants do if if anything they err on the side of over celebrating I'm not saying there's anything wrong with what they did at all. Because I like what they do and they seem to be taking a page from their book. This year and starting to celebrate more of their past but the giants have always embrace their past in the embraced that 97 team. Yesterday and if you're a skeptic. And I'm I'm playing the role of a skeptic here. And didn't know what's so special about it ninety's about a team lost in the division series really do they deserve. A celebration. Joining here why I think they did it I would love to I think what they're doing you know what happened in 1996. Day were stinky. Terrible. Terrible they were in last place. In the very next year they're the worst team in baseball and 96 I don't doubt that stacks up statistically I forget the records I'm sure I can look editors familial. Let us know on the text and worst to first one of the worst teams in baseball in 96. In 97. Division champions made the playoffs what are the 2017. Giants sterile. The worst yet one of the worst teams in baseball. And they pap plans on content. In 28 team is just the giants organization. Subtly reminding. This team pay the can be done are reminding the fans it can be done and don't give up on us because it's happened recently. This twenty years recently I don't know but here it is in the flesh this is a team. It went from last place the year before to first place don't give up on us this can be done what are things that can spears. I see a work in but we know in Major League sports Major League Baseball. This had to be this date had to be allocated in designated for that team before the seas along Daria so from that then why can't. We'll look at Missouri area and nothing but I think the message. Was probably given to those guys who had a comeback before its last night and the park was electorate right lot of that to me had to do with the big boy bet big bell Canada. But. I think if the giants subconsciously those players look at that team I know the hit I know they know the history of what what happened the year before why they are not. And I'm one of those guys right now who the doesn't matter but I'm on that train. It thinks the giants are gonna be right back in playoff contention next year. Given 96 giant were 68 and nine or sixty. To about where these giants are gonna finish up right. Hopefully they're gonna finish that they're gonna play a little bit better ball. Down the stretch and is pandas present part of that I don't know you just said you felt like tennis presents yesterday that no doubt. Yeah there was a there was a buzz in the stadium I was at the house at a party and people were around the TV is if the giants mattered who grew at a house party it was a fun this out to Francesca going to Colorado State's ovals are going away party. Yeah the rams. But to. I'm telling yeah you look around in if he can man third base and the company in the next season. Pinched hit homers showed he still has popped I think people are right enough pants too soon blaming him a lot for things I think are out of his control if bill can get past. You know his problems he had issues with key Guerrero he had issues before you know didn't hit in the head yet but if that rectify itself. Buster Posey proper. Mad Obama. A healthy man bomb quite a would know blister is blocking your guy bounce backs and remarking Moore can't all the sudden forgot how to do it myself that if my life depended on one here. And I can pick a Major League Baseball pitcher I had to face. He would be one Matt Moore. Guys are so. Currently on the zone because you're comfortable or bad it's just it's like your debts when you do you know stuff in the driveway. I think I don't know what their theory is or their for their their mindset in the giants' bullpen with the pitching coach but to start brushing hitters back. I hitters are too comfortable distance giant step destined to take away I out in the a's hitters were like they were taken BP when it was working. On brought somebody back. Ahead do something to take ownership of that instant I'm telling you man I really believe that has a lot to do with the giants pitcher walls. OK so you think the Jack I'm all over this morning help me out none are now I'm fascinated by governor bill Carr this thing published presence gave the giant jolt it gave the crowded jolt I think it maybe the crowd gave the other giants Agile but I don't know that. I don't know the Buster Posey was extra fired up yesterday because Pablo is there you know and I'm saying when he pitted Foreman of the almanac that's crazy I'd Bruce tall as mayor touted I didn't appreciate that game and you utility I didn't see it happen a lot. All the way to the disk and idiot I'll have you with that you can tell it was like Bob moment after already hit the double right and I go why is he coming back. Impose becomes subject to do a double play run scores. But Bruce you robbed him of that moment that's career he's to me. Apollo made an. Area and a growing hair on runs scored relatively routine playwright. Yeah I can see where it the very least the crowd got Joost oversee intend to back which is a little bit surprising because look clearly all is forgiven. For what Pablo did when he signed with a Red Sox right he went out with a ball barrels blazing I mean he fired off on the giants and the the only people he was gonna miss. War was at Hunter Pence and Bruce Koji. And if you read between the lines of the quotes that the giants gave when they found out Pablo was coming back. It was if you read between the lines it was kind of like yeah this doesn't fire me up and all but I'm gonna say the right thing because I'm a good giant. Like most of the players said hey I'm offer whatever is gonna help us win ball games that's not saying I'm excited problems back. That's just you that's me a question I have to answer because if I don't. You're gonna write that I've declined to comment and that means it's open to interpretation interpretation. Will mostly be he's not happy about panda so you think of something that's kind of noncommittal so to speak something from the Kevin Costner bull Durham handbook and I lasers used right. I'm all for anything that helps us win games so you're not bash and Pablo but you're not exactly saying I'm doing back flips over power. We'll return. Smile weekly edition a doctor feel okay. Now had this team in women. He wouldn't be here but the front office and in the message to the players we don't give a damn about none of this preschool stuff. We are hemorrhaging and we need help this guy. We're gonna do it in we don't care what ramifications happen in the clubhouse you roaming can work it out. 'cause he wouldn't be year head to head they thought they were worried about what to Crawford in the polls he's taken and how it's gonna play out in the class. Other public to you. Looks like a ballplayer he looked like you look like an ownership there is in better shape and I'll ask some Red Sox put on the wind was being key can rake. So there's really no limit I disagree well you tell me when he hit those three home runs in the World Series he was he was skinny like you he was in any US. Skinny but he wasn't fat Pablo at that point when he gets the fat Pablo he can't get around on certain pitches he can't meet these he's got a quick bat just naturally. When he stat that that slows down just enough to where especially the inside pick pitch he can't open those hips the way you need to and pull those hands and you get to the inside pitch because when he pulls his hands and knees that Pablo. Those hands get stopped from going too far and by the got so he's added that the observation but he's not he's not fat panda now know he's not and he's obviously look at any time publish career has been. This may be overly dramatic but in jeopardy. She gets you find religion he gets in shape and many start raking I think with a full offseason. To get himself in tape is peaking especially peaking come back to the giants. I don't know if that's gonna happen because Christian royal should be the third baseman every single day next year. Biden is Celtic they're planning on contending. And it shouldn't be Arroyo it should be a guy like pop art that's flat that's that's how we're gonna find out if the giants really believe. In a Pablo be Christian Arroyo's see if they're truly contending team. In 28 team are everything alive who were can be labeled. One of two ways one of those two ways were good for ball and pass for ball Michael Irvin he's Darryl Johnson Irving who grew inside the big 95 point seven we did. During this came in that. On the Penske auto sales Doug Comtex climate top of the show we were asking the audience and we continue to ask the audience. Which can weigh in at Tripoli 9579257. Thank you for joining us Syrian side to bigs emerged he's good route the task text line says the coliseum wasn't even full on Tuesday night for the Bay Bridge series. I learned. These teams are so Blase blah that people won't even come out to the ballpark. You feel about that. Well I don't know others bigger ones that where there are that the Collison and we have to pretend they were allowed and that's what number I'm great with the current. But with the it was energy and electric. In the pebble places right yeah yeah I mean I I felt like it was the best in you. Some people say oh you can't feel what the yard feels like if you're watching all I disagree that completely. But you could feel watching these games that there was little extra juice and there was a buzz all yards it all on one assays playoff type atmosphere but. No matter where these teams are in the standings. This matters to the fair and of both teams and that's reflected in the energy that comes out of the crowd and I'd like to think that that elevates the play on the field there isn't baseball player and an athlete alive. At the highest level of sport will say the crowd doesn't have an impact on their energy level during the games now if you alternate professional. You'd like to think if UT let's say your earnings for. You would like to think that. Matt Chapman gives the exact same effort when there's 38000. Stands as he does when there's 3000 in the stands right but. You'd like to think that that's probably not the reality I'll bet you there are some players that when there's no crowd whatsoever particularly veteran players. That are just like I. I hate having to manufacture my energy remember my doctor told me that in his one season with the a's he actually honest is the day as long my yacht he will not. You view a phony cancer he's just honesty. Take it or leave it and he was the he says the Jews and -- on. He was here on asking right now knowing in in of course you would say no I would say no I don't I was in Australia. I'm not a lot of our line. I'm I like you. I'm glass half full watch other people until they give me reason not to release its witnessed it where it but the doctor did say he's like anybody that tells you small crowd doesn't bomb amount. Except their energy a little bit they're lying to you anyway it is time to play our favorite game in mind. It's time for. Outstanding toward bad. You say yeah. Here's Michael her dad. Are you guys all know how to play it. Please give is color shoes with a text if you have a good football or a bad for ball everything in life not just baseball not just forge. They can also be real life. Do urge you got a bad for ball example from real life. How about your group were scraped from yesterday well that I thought when you are seeing at that that's pretty good bad for ball. Remember what you do regret was just what part of it was the New England Patriots are beginning. Tickets to the AFC championship to the sea and as great area and watch that while it was a gripe is I wanna I wanna route for that fan base. They include. Eight tickets for the AFC championship. And do you know what has to go right for your season but they just take it for Hayward didn't they are. We are the pats doesn't matter who's in the helmet. Is long as Brady and Belichick or part we give to the dance in that just blew me away. As the kids say they're sending out AFC title tickets like a boss now they know right all right so let's get to baseball. Klay Thompson thrown out the first pitch. That in today's game now. I'd get this sense it giants fans probably think that's bad for ball. Probably the executive Craig Thompson creek Thompson is he's our properties the day and were the big Brothers in the area when it comes to baseball the giants. There's probably some giant slash warriors fans that are bomb at Klay Thompson. Whereas I say it's good for ball because first off he can't root for the giants his brother plays for the Dodgers. And he said as much that I mean that alone means you cannot if you keep your family first always right I say that all the time. Their only first Finley for fame member Ali went out the boss I'd say in one of my employees would come say hey is it okay if I leave a little bit early. Tomorrow my daughter and had to stop them. Stop you just mentioned your daughter apparently first go do you need to do right so clay Thompson. Seems like this and I'm sure the giants fans are upset about it. But they're upset about everything right now because they're gonna win the World Series and giants printer spoiled I guess they think patient when the World Series. Every year I've no problem with a bit do we have some sound Klay Thompson turned out the first pitch I hear it's interesting sound. Just wanna get out there if you were the Major League feels like a prayer hoping at this every year it's a lot of fun. Would you think it was formed a decision thought it was great and he was he was demonstrative before like he knew he is about the dollar Roger Clements strike which he did but they don't like your brightest in the family you read that the major leagues but we seem fifties and we seem you don't macho guys go out there on the clock at two year old right throw the ball more clay only or her job was happy man. I was happy I was worried like here we go another what I have my opinion now let me accolade in the list him blow and be hauled that man rat rare hacking and fired a strike please tell me GE's views on your list of terrible first pitches did you see him. Now about Adam malware on now on damages. It was terrible. I mean and you do the least athletic looking now. I've Sanders easy I'm not disappointed because for whatever reason I assume that. Right now around wood good and then wrapped in him fighting I just a couple of debates I expected he would be good athlete and some people to execute Sunnis no good that we just because you didn't throw good pitch. It was that it wasn't a good pitch it's hit he looked I mean it was fish out of water I don't appear. There's makers to do anything in other than with cold it was crazy it was new didn't really don't know what does the formally was fifty feet and you know I work he was in the parking lot before you went out there because it's so numerous. It would be bad so he took one of his one of his lackeys. And was practicing in the parking lot. That's what I saw a clip of it slowly I'm about somebody screwed up on YouTube. Got a look during the break GE EZ color as baby won't work on that one huh. And was elbow just it just looked like he was an accomplished is horrible it looked like you look like me throwing right handed right that's anomalous chatter they let me ads are easy to live that's not body are pleased to there's a video circulating. Bit clearly an a's been put together where they're asking a bunch of giants fans. What was the name of this ballpark before it was AT&T. And a bunch of fans similar baton. Candlestick. You know so their answer they're the wrong answer right and then they shown a picture of Barry Bonds who is this new. Wu news. Nodded their own every single answer was wrong and like brutally wrong. Okay. Clearly that's a propaganda piece put together. By an a's fan because you can edit you don't find out is that maybe they asked 25 people what was his ball park before was AT&T park. And maybe Tony for Brohm or twenty of them got it right. But you dismiss that you edited that out you took the five people the butchered it and put it up to make giants fans look bad. Idea why they did it and a's fan to type of clip that your gonna watch over and over and over and laugh fat but I just felt like look you you know outage you can get creative with editing. And make anybody look bad YouTube and that's why some athletes. That's why a lot of athletes really like the players Tribune that website by Derek Jeter because it's their words. Unfiltered unedited. Where's this video is clearly heavily edited. For ace fancy get a kick out of it for firming up I was back from yet and it's almost like a give and you're shown up to the yard because you know your history. And to sit there and make your either it you know your fans that kind of goofy. I didn't like. Jack for ball Jacob do ground I don't think either of us are gonna call this bad for ball so it's just call what is ticket to the ground. The Mets pitcher became the first miniature just. First Mets pitcher to steal a base in nine years I didn't get to see it I got to look at just to see that wig flown in the wind is he stealing bases. It's good from all right or are you detected sesno don't have your pitch steal bases their anger William the Mets are in this images of the classic if he did give her tore something wow but the fact that. You know he didn't say come off limits. On the statue give me my jacket defected he would even run. Good for ball all right did you see the cubs in the Diamondbacks bullpen haven't dance off during a rain delay was whacked it is bad. Along and it's not in this is illegal and I. Every Corning is all that I'm saying you found it fun. But for the they did the kids in the inner city this is doing nothing to bring them to the game we're gonna this it was a wire act we're gonna pick this up again a little bit later but just a real where Arabs what it was is look you and I've been saying. All all year baseball needs to be more colorful they we need more characters. Back in the day everybody got a loose clubhouse played dominoes and AAA and you know I. When we disagree heavily will continue to do that hammer she's guru 957 against.