Inside The Bigs Hour 1 7-16-17

Mychael Urban
Sunday, July 16th

In the opening hour of Inside The Bigs, Mychael Urban and Guru  talked to Oakland Athletics play by play broadcaster Vince Cotroneo and gave what's Good For Ball and Bad For Ball. 


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The whole round around and around. Is carried over Ohio Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson together or Irving guru welcoming and inside the bigs happy Sunday T go or you don't vote I'm fired up ready to go and I'm feeling like days let's wash it off did you have I know you had your Union City reunion in your like Obama there the conquering hero and I had to get checks from you about what it. What a wonderful person you are and how everybody loves guru. I loved you were too by the way but did you happen to be near a radio or television. When Chris Davis was a combatant in the bottom of the ninth in the garage. In my dad's office there and recently as is office we are sitting there. And we watched it and I didn't think it was gonna have enough like Chris Davis you know a Smart guy. And it happened I'm like some happening here. How good was that I was in my car listen to the radio in something about look I love the visual watching the game that's always cool but. Something about a walk off because. You hear the hear the crack of the bat. And you don't see where it's don't like when you're watching on TV you see the swings in the trajectory of the ball you're like that's out and you struggle and that's what if your fan of that team. On the radio you hear the crack of the bat you just hear the anticipation in the announcers voice in the building the building you don't know they're singled back back at the ball. I mean it just it could very well and with the heat leaps and makes a catch you know you don't know what's happened obviously the ball went out can cork went nets I'm sure we got. A cold front is straight up into the pool. But once those fixes the difference in the three zeros and on and hit it. A lot of evidence that they. Go unnoticed at the coliseum. Barger you look at my left arm I'm old enough where were you shouldn't. Signature about future of wind chill bumps man I can do more and treasure and how pumped up as he got that's what. That's what I love about that because you look at the standings and in a noble given your fantasy about the while Gardner a little bit later our report lucky we wanted to bomb. But look you look at the standings and it's only called a lost season but it's not a season you know jam packed with. Exciting thrilling moment and it's not something that every look of veteran broadcaster. A knock on these guy's old but you know can't second any younger I'm sure he'd love. Called games for a playoff team contending team would you ask you to what I had to run right but I'm sure you'd like to do it again before he's done and look nobody's guaranteed tomorrow even know how much time he has left. But in in a season where. They're really going nowhere unless you're drew ruin you think damage to the wildcard. It's just so cold here the excitement in Kim's voice that Vince is going to be joining us at 91550 trillion won the voices of a's baseball here and I'm 57 game. It and he's. I don't know what 1015 years younger than than can probably. You can hear the excitement and Vince's voice. Almost every damning Vince is just like kidney came to our earliest everytime I hear him on the air. Can is more measured in his tones but when something like this happens and he goes nuts like that. You can't tell me that the days are not an exciting watch these days and I hope the rest of the Bay Area it is is not missing out on this because. If you just look at the standings when you try to make your decision to wanna watch this Mays baseball or not. Probably -- ago. Listen the tone in Kim's voice when that just happened this team worth watching I mean we talk about it being a bad year in Bay Area baseball. On the giants side of things yet this is bad it's nothing but bad mad bomb comes back to it pretty well not lights up which is okay they still find a way to lose the game. Sunny great pitches well on Friday night the talkies you've probably gonna get traded well it's enjoy a sunny while we got him the next day yesterday. It's all about Chapman with a couple bombs in a double. Many got Chris Davis Chris Davis is one guy that's getting things done for the a's that we don't know that we don't think it's on the trade block. It's it's a good time to be image Fran is not all bad and bear baseball. Yeah and I even think it's better than how you just put it because. You've had the a's fans have had things delayed for two like to Guerrero those. The Chapman's the Ryan and he leak so that gets the juices going when things in the standings are you know you can drop 45 in a row you still have that. Here come the young guys kind of feel and that's what it is to me that's the anthem to this year is. Addition of the Oakland raises the next guy up the young studs it would be here and about are finally here. And I gotta tell yet. You lick it did seem keen and I wanna get greedy because from a local level we were blessed to have the announcers we do here in the Beyer column also I mayors almost all sports but those two in particular. And hear that call it took me back to Josh Hamilton in 2012. We drop the ball come in the day game at the coliseum. And Kim had that same ages rose bombs. And my point to you is. I think this a season. Is delightful in the sense that you're getting to see the future. Mark Kissimmee and seems like he's a veteran he's really not if you look at his birth certificate but it works. And we know management led by camel. Is not Melanie being. But I. I don't think this is like the movie Major League to where they back into something. And that something is an opportunity. In post season play just by the team going out there aren't handling their business are I know you get mad your blood pressure raises when I say there are only six and have backed a walk or forget it but if they continue to just focus. And play good sound baseball. The rest will take care of itself and I'm having a premonition right now it in a month we're going to be doing a show on a beautiful Sunday morning and it's gonna be three. You'll be hop in on our DR ride. And these this season could culminate in possibly what they set out to do. Make the post season and if it's right here. Dude I thought I was an optimist you are bigger optimist and I am gonna come to the a's look to whether or not their three and a half back in a month from now somehow. Against all odds it's it's what DA's have turned this into their season if you asked me if the season got shut down right now. Gays have a successful season I guess we absolutely. Because we got to see we got to identify a whole bunch of guys you're gonna be part of the future now. The thought is okay these guys were just coming up this year they're supposed to be a ballpark announcement little you know later this year kava promised that if that doesn't happen board what. The Vietnamese backed out there. Real quick if you wanna join the conversation Tripoli 9579257. If you wanna Texas 95795. But to Penske auto sales to come to excellent. If you wanna hit guru or myself on Twitter. I am at bigger sport she is at triple. Guru again the phone number we'd much prefer to talk to you AAA 9579257. If we don't get a ballpark announcement. This year from Dave Campbell. Has everything all the goodwill he's built up. I Don is done that it is evaporate try. Are rising up the person I've just got to throw that out Kazaa I would imagine a lot of people within the organization lists in this and just let you know mr. cattle. Please don't let us down you you've got so many people on your side now I don't think you -- they won't because his is they're Smart they're Smart and now they'll come up something. Acute for the fans to hold on to. But the idea is that you've got guys like Chapman and Barreto and tender and all these young guys clearly excited about and Brian Healey. All these guys are excited about they are going to be while right now they're getting their feet wet. They're gonna go through some inevitable ups and downs I mean before yesterday Chapman should she came back from the infection was at 174. All right reverses that hurt you with a couple bombs are a Cy Young award winner Corey Cooper. By the way it may be the most anonymous Cy Young winner in the appellate judges missed are now do we know anything about quickly over out of anyone the Tony for two hit shutout gets lost in his beard he's a hell of a pitcher but I don't know anything about him it's it's kind of weird Tom. Sic thing the Dallas tackle I don't know anything about that I either held a pitcher that's all I know about. Which goes back to what I'm forcing the game needs more color needs more personality need to have need to figure out. How to connect the fans will be superstars a guy with a talent like Corey Cooper I should know more about it. I love baseball passionate about my job is senator around baseball and I don't know much about court goober. But what do these earlier on very small part what if he personally is just a reserved guy. Did you sip from a baseball reactive we're look it's it's a losing. Not being able to market that guy to where he's a household name is that which is almost like it's a waste. But if he's one of those I don't wanna be a front of the camera I answer your questions come on reserved I'm not all out in front which ignites a dance and in the videos. It is that okay. Or you're looking at a from a baseball perspective you need to market just hours bitter angry about being out in front of the camera. I agree I veered off course there are a little bit but when I was getting too is these young guys that we're all excited about. The thought is that when the new stadium does come. They're all gonna have what 34 years under their belt in the big leagues and Randy they're gonna be she's into big leaguers and if if they continue to progress the way we've seen them if they deliver on the promise that we're seeing then. They're going to be contending team as long as they make the right moves around those guys they are going to be contending team when Mets stadium opens. So why wouldn't you get behind them right now I mean there's always talk about the a's for entry investment in baseball. They have a very small fan base but it's insanely passionate it's insanely loyal. If you're out there right now and in your. You're kind of on attached giants or days. Until this year you're gonna lean towards the giants because that's where the for earners go to the giants have the beautiful ballpark they have the three rings. In the past decade you're gonna go there. But if you're undecided if you're just hypothetically your move into the Bay Area or. Your kid who just turned ten and you're just now starting pay attention to baseball basketball and football as young athletes. You can attach yourself to Obama touching myself to these days as a young uninteresting the a's the giants at their old and boring to me right now yeah. And chicks dig the long ball so if you're into that you're gonna get them off more times often enough about watching the days as opposed to the giants. And I'm with you it is just an exciting brand of baseball to where the giants just have it to the right now to me it just reeks of oh I'm going to the job. Just going to the motions. And that's not a good dating one roster down and watched John baseball because I used to in Juliet in now it's just like. Watching guys to Brady and go into work like. Work all star break the John's look like it's due to how many games we have left. Let's just this was a bright hit the reset let's come back and eighteen bid Tom it's it's yeah. We're talking about the differences between the giants in the a's a Michael Irvin he's Darryl Johnson to get there were herbs into route please join the conversation if you'd like AAA 957. 95 sent me the Penske auto sales dot context line. Is 95795. We've got a great lineup of guests has always been to try neo is gonna join us just a little bit earlier than normal in fact he's gonna join us in just a few minutes here. Don't go anywhere we are not taking a break as you may recall from listening to him so to bigs all season long pick for doing that. The first segment of every hour. Is about 25 minutes or we can get more baseball talk so this is gonna join us a little bit earlier than normal shoe to Babbitt of course always joins us at 1130. And we're going to be talking to I believe Doug Miller And Shawn Estes who does analyst work for NBC sports. Area on the giants side of things host look over on the giants side of things real quick before we get two events two were mad bomb came back yesterday. A lot of people wonder why they brought back so quickly you think we are talking yesterday we don't all sports show here on 957 again. You you you felt like they should to shut him down for the year. And I understand why they brought him back there one or at least know these healthy because if he goes out yesterday. Annie has to shut it down after a 1231. In the announcement the press box as medicine Bob Gardner's been removed from the game was shoulder stiffness. Then your freaking out oh my god he's not right he did rushed back but apparently he didn't rush back he was fine he through seven innings yesterday. How much. If if if the giants continue to slide in the standings. Do you think they'll shut Matt bummed out in a month or so I do. But I got to come in you because you've made me do it 360 or one lady who yesterday because you say it's about muscle memory with man don't. I went into yesterday's outing about numbers what was it going to be what was the stat when it was over and you told me. Guru. He has to pitch in the road to condition that or so getting ready for next year starts right now or he's gonna put too much pressure on it later I just can't go for that 200 client was driving home to where I sat down and locked in and watched him. It wasn't about numbers but he was average and I guess just from a giant prospective benefit if fans it was good to see mad Obama there but yet it resulted. In the loss. Like he was when he was healthy everything results of the law through the giants VA's on the other hand identical score last night to the giants game although the result was quite different the a's get a walk off home run. From Chris Davis maybe The Beatles bigger story is the two home runs the first two home runs. From Matt Chapman the stud young third baseman. Malvo off Cy Young award winner. What an exciting game in here to talk about it good control nearly one of the voices of a's baseball here on 957 again. Ventures are your favorite victory of the year. It's pretty close pretty close Michael corn and obviously a dollar. We're doing real well man good to hear your voice block call or. You know for the effect at La carte. That there are nice I I just I actually begged him before the show benched him not to go there any insisted. Canada area that. So Matt Chapman he in Hebrew struggling after he came back from from the meat infection. It's obviously it's kind of cleared up but you've met 174. I think. Going into yesterday. Look these young guys are gonna have their ups and downs but before you came on Vince for talking about that's. If you ended the season right now for the a's they wouldn't have Welker spot number one number two I would deem the season a success. About you. Well I agree Michael because you're trying to identify. The nets are people that that you can latch onto. A at CNET. Got a glimpse at Colorado were under an opportunity so bad guy. And certainly matchup you mean every player for the team and and wind see how the young pitchers. But there's been together Hungary in their epic right now please elect made it cool it. And it's fun to watch and there are a bunch a guys they have won together. For years in the minor league system so. A lot polite. I think you would notice that while that. You can make a case that is that not developed a position player on all. Rapid and about substance Eric Chavez. And watching law. Matt Chapman is embarking on I think it extremely encouraging and multiple gold gloves. Exports all's said and done how each swing the bat. Q model we saw a little bit of what we saw beating up throwing and has tremendous power. And it for me actually out on the air said that check point. Because of the struggle that he showed he collapsed jaw he's a much nobody is really struggled and get used. To head out. He taught the club and other areas that would effectively score on the while it tripled and wore some really perched. Speaking of encouraged when you watched any great pitcher release myself. I'm encouraged Vince and I'm just wondering. You know you're with the team every day do you get a sense that Sonny could remain here after the trading deadline or do you think. You know somebody's who's gonna come with a package to Wear the a's can't resist. I mean honestly are I have no idea that the conversation at two years ago which Sony when he was currently inside and about it and you know beginning of laps he's got the great start and and the injured for a note that belongs season sunny and and and took them a lot come back this year look there's a question and scouts have watched them for weeks now talking. Probably eight or nine starts where there are clubs that have been at those gains and try to continue to do that diligent. Maybe that conversation PH opera's. But the reality is he's not a control two more years there is no urgency. On the east side to move them now it they are awkward and kind of tactic to talk about trying to let. The White Sox got parking lot when they got the cups apple one which prospect. In the top thirty. I support that comes away and I'm sure that is that bulletin that and the pull trigger. It would be frustrating in the second half of the C watts who's being kidded him about outside. Just because money out there there's no question. Eve morning give CA's chancellor and he has proven that he would. Clear there were allowed the injuries blasters pitching like the great pretty close to 2000 to keep it. Bush years got a good future you know he's one of the voices Bay's baseball here on 957 the game you can follow him on Twitter Vince baseball I Michael Irvin. Joy in the studio with me courses Gerald Johnson to get there were herbs into Rupp. Vince let me read off some names of guys that we've heard are on the trade block our might be moved by the a's Yonder Alonso of course Sonny gray. Ryan Madson Santiago Casilla is name I have not heard I'm a little bit puzzled by that and Sean Doolittle. Have you heard spots Santiago to see his name thrown out and if not why do you think that is. I haven't heard it yes but it's been reported you know he's like Ryan that inhabit the year on the deal. They've both had close successfully in the past that's why it would certainly be an interest from a team like the nationals are out there and help. I'm not surprised that you would mention that name and Egypt are read in other one. You can play multiple positions he's he's an independent look at years he's moving around offensively is quality ads in years. But in regard a lot don't you think the actual pit PAE 888. Eight first baseman this year. And that not at least to the point of inquiring about a lot enabled a bit Il for whatever reason so. That's the only bit. Meet me outside. What you need to first baseman in the elements are there but it all went out our sunny great. That's those surprised that there's a lot of clubs out there are a lot of a lot of people a lot of the experts from the outside of the net BA's is probably the did not want seen that that has quote unquote try to pieces the clubs need to take them over the top. That's when you look at Matt Joyce Lee in the off. Is that a by product of rod. I just don't let you know I would never second guess Melvin he just doesn't seem like a lead off hitter to me. Well that's SharePoint and it certainly Raj date bumpers senate under 300 speaks to that I had called Matt George acted that'll be up at the that it. That's not a position that he really relish or they're the challenge sometimes for players to beat the first guy out. Whatever reason it looked uncomfortable. Cut it off the field. Sensibly and got a rating it put on gains or start the game. But it took that credit has not presented for uttered in June as the and he has eaten at the ball parties are some pitches and from me. He is not a very good job and that spot apps that somebody that they true. Lead operator yet at initially the open and make side right say replace the other at. And really need those things work out to the way to the original. The events forget about the numbers just just know. Give us the eyeball test. Marcus Ximian what are you seeing anything wrong or that guy is he good to go I just. I don't know when I'll watch him I I just again I try not to get caught up in the numbers it's hard not to. I know he hasn't he's missed a lot of time. But do you think he's right do you think he's good in their head do you think he's good physically. I I guess I do all those things I will say this. No matter whether today's flat stage shortstop replace shortstop BA somebody out our ten years. For me he's not an instinctual. Player at the position he. He's not a player and you watch went door or Correia and swear it just comes naturally and it's never come naturally market. Add to its credit we don't know is precedent by arts and make itself or an idiot. Can't I was somebody that can make a decision about markets Simien and I'm not but this is just guys talking. I would consider moving markets await the infield and putting someplace strikes that are eagle. And get somebody held that position. And take advantage of markets is that. Ticket back into letting him relaxed. At his catch the ball in the year in the outfield and let amputated to be decried a operative force that he shot outside the last year. That big a debate. It's we've run out of time and I appreciate your time I got to hustle off to. To a previous engagement enjoy the rest your Sunday meant good times listen and you guys call these game through these youngsters and excitement in your voice is evident. And I appreciated that a lot but watch and I hope it continues. I've been sick care manager of the rescued Sunday that's been controlling or you can follow him on Twitter advanced baseball. Blown away by a semi and that was a great question but that's what you get from him on as he's been out for a while if something looks up. Highly off I mean I'm a big fan of his because I know bit. I mean think about how many people doubted his future as a major leaguer. He came over here he struggled with a glove so badly I mean he was Rudolph had his own coach who was Washington right I mean I had to bring in like that the shortstop whisper basically. To get Ximian right and thanks to hard work which is what's always gonna draw me to somebody. If you bust your ass to get something done I got were spend more. No matter what level you get yourself to threw that hard work even if you don't get better if I see you put in the work and I got mad respect for. I'm mad respect for market Ximian but when I watch it now. I just. I don't know is is just some that seems slightly off and then as he often does. It's kind of hit the nail on the head he just he doesn't strike me is in stinks. Where are we anything better now that's a position to where. You need to be instinctual you know you that Lynn doors and then just have to be natural hobby I have to cut that bought the notre pick initial work it it's it's a big. Of responsibility. And do you think it's been kind of forced. I don't know if it's I don't think it's been forced its. I don't know now be put it that way maybe it has been a little barrier didn't have a little bit. Didn't have answered shortstop last year widely in I he had he did good for himself last year you did but right now the numbers aren't on his side we'd always being gone broken wrist but. It's interesting you say that. But for a guy bit. One of the announcers who watches him play every day since he's not instinctual. You wanna guy like that Satterfield has been suggested I mean. I guess every every position in baseball you could say that you have to rely on instincts are certain degree so it's impossible. Rude to say he doesn't fit their because he's not an instinctual ball where the bottom line is. You look at the level of work the market Ximian is put him. I certainly wouldn't put it past him. You can market Ximian work hard enough to become a possible big league center fielder. I don't have any doubt but he could he's a good enough athlete. I mean whether or not he's an instinctual athlete. He's a blessed. Physical and he's improved dot com fame that need to so Metzenbaum garner is back with a San Francisco Giants he got back on the mound after the dirt bike accident Colorado. In April his first appearance mad bombers back his stuff his back his velocity is damn near back. But the giants Mo Jo is now back who can bring him back is there a guy out there it just might. I say there is a Michael Irvin he's Joseph Johnson to get the word from guru inside the big done five submitted. Welcome back inside the big John-Michael Irvin with Darryl Johnson you know this is urging her route thank you for joining us three hours of all ball every Sunday a's giants. Major League Baseball alar we haven't even gotten into. Home run derby or the all star game that's coming up very shortly but before we get into the giants' side of things. But we're pumped up about the case gurus little bit too pumped up about there. The ambient six and a half back in the wild card and even Vick is tease you about it now that's about love about it I get it doesn't deter you in anyway it's. Your enthusiasm shot like I appreciate that. And somebody on the Penske auto sales dot com text line by the racist. I love gurus have glass half last fall optimism. But even they think. I know nice way to. No he's not breathing you're nuts is what they're seeing go to any web site click on stand. And until they stopped counting learn the wave all her and if that's mathematically eliminated. And not on your call I appreciate that I appreciate that you went five in a row they can get within three games. Just went five. At that every other teams got to lose games out there so many teams are of them on a different day all right all right I'm not I'm I get back into the top pop that off that plane is gonna start popping out of my head again but you know. This is why it's a better show with the two of us as opposed to just me flapping my gums for three hours before we get into the giants' side of things if you wanna follow me on Twitter. Bigger sports he is at tripled the guru you don't just get sports. On my feet I mean you don't just get sports on barrels. Either although we are sports announcers broadcasters sports talk radio host. Whatever you wanna caused by something that I've kind of introduced on my timeline. And it has nothing to do would baseball but I find it highly amusing and apparently some other people do to. It's game that I now call Hart hearts hash tag Kirk darts. What I do is. Whether or not I'm going just four bottle Gatorade for my dehydrated daughter. Or for a pineapple Formica pineapple crazed other daughter. Or just go on getting some groceries he my point is even if it's for a can of cat food I will use a grocery cart why. Because when I walk out of the store. I go about thirty feet away from the lineup of the carts federal stacked together. NIC if I can throw it and make it land softly in there and videotape all of them and I like to provide color commentary. And it cracks me up and I'm figuring if it cracks me up in my cracks mother people up so I've been posting these. And I've been asking people you know he'd be assigned a passion to do you hope people catch on to people have caught on now. And they posted recently and one of them just posted and I appreciate this it's that. Dat rat kid DA TRE TK ID 34 minutes ago they posted a Thomas Simi. And they nailed it it's nice one now what I love is the first one to post a cart card game. It was an awful throw and they missed it big time but they're posted and anyway because I post my misses in my mixing just figured to music. In one way or another my vision for the rescue group is eventually this had nothing to do with a baseball under the gun I'm listening you like really you want that tendon and spot okay you talk about grocery cart took it. That you shared. And I just glad they are the cart that now I know the cartridge my vision he did is made on the excellent for McCargo and that's fine gee I'm really hurt. Somebody give Easter tritium crying over what I just saw the video from the one the just posted. I was captivated writes I got to do mine to us and Tia Mike Mike and my vision my dream is to have a YouTube channel dedicated. A cart darts and I wanna get cart darts videos from Bolivia from year ago way Guantanamo. Going just Slovak economy from true. From France I wanna make this a global thing a phenomenon hash tag carton art police. Join me in movement are now organ actually talk about your world are just not Obama's back. They still lost madam pitch well they still lost their mode Joseph is gone I mean did it even exist in Tony seventeen I don't know but it's gone. Publish and a ball on the other hand is out there and if there's one thing publish and ball has whether it's a good swing a big belly. You Ime. Despised public symbol for the way he went out and I wasn't a big fan of either I thought he was either taken too bad advice you're not thinking. Before he sent. You know the verbal send button Big Papi gotten as it but there's been talk in whispers and of course is natural they do the but the Red Sox designated him for assignment two and a half years. Induced fab five your contract no pun intended but the fact contract price. Why not bring him back if you can get for the pro rated minimum. It's not like you've got an every day third base look at Christian or oil was here a sinner and I don't to a Christian or should be playing third base every day the rest of the year. Let him learn trial by fire. What what are her to bring published in a while back I know he's not the answer there that may be coming back to familiar environment would. Would spark Kim at the very least. It would make the giants. Moderately interest in their so not interesting right now it's they're boring me and if published in the mix they're not boring me because Pablo is bear what do you think of it. You can't fall from the floor. This season gone. The giants need to do their due diligence in bringing this guy baton he was your heart and soul. And if you're uncomfortable in don't like where you're at. Do something about it the show the fan base it's your turn over every rock to get this changed it could you imagine the story. A panda bear come back resurrected his career and in the giants say you know what last year was a fluke. We got our our heart and soul back. Because I thought our guys are royal was Matt Williams this decade it he's got some things don't work I still think years ago you will eventually he's not helping right now. Go Butte and this needs to have. Seriously I'd love for somebody call and say urged here's why you don't get panda. Triple 89579257. You've got absolutely nothing to lose if if you sign him. You can you sign into the pro rated Major League minimum which is peanuts for the giants it's the Red Sox that are left told the back. Did anybody get better at their home park in panda he knew how to use that park. His advantage I don't think that happened in Fenway you see this short porch and yet I think he was thrown off he was out of his element I'm just saying he knows how to heat here AT&T and look our and our. I want to be really clear I'm not saying panda is the answer to what ails the giants I'm not saying that you bring pending and and all of a sudden team will start playing better I'm saying strictly from. Again and entertainment standpoint and am I interested in this club is their reason for me to tune in you bring pinned back. I've got one more reason that I had yesterday to tune in and that brings a grand total 201. I have no reason to watch the giants and let's mad bombers on the mound right now Buster Posey. I'm sorry but he's just easily at twelve homers buster is a phenomenal player he's having a great year but does buster while you this year beyond this no I'm telling you know Dunlop is buster an exciting player to you. Though he's not he's a great player but he's not an exciting player to me the other stuff thing. There's nothing other worldly a product of his mind what you are in the Mike Trout is not much personality and we talked a bit earlier about baseball needs to figure out a way to market these guys. But there is something exciting about watching my truck because my jump over a wall and rob a home run that was gonna go into the fourth row Buster Posey is just. Consistent steady excellence in and I appreciate that about him let's go to phone lines real quick. Only this man went to bump the warrior is in Texas what's up where have you Sunday Tia. Or get out. I'll just let it. I'll. Let all the yeah. One. Question. Do you know that lawyer. OK but to order listen to what you just said I say how do you know that music because it was printed you know better than that. I. This data every opportunity. To get partners. In an audible. Op I'm. There's no. This problem and it really get a peek pictures didn't get that strong. You'll and you couldn't. Or short. And bring it to Google and Boland. And eight. Eight image and enjoy. The American people. Now. Part. But. There are you're one oak barrel but not east peace bit. The ADB. I'm the fourth fifth outfielder. Yeah. Sure it. I'm on. Being at war there are a bit outfielder. It up any working in July and shake. Shake. Yeah I look at the job. And a it would it would get this war. In ninety. Million. Nice thank you very much cooler we appreciate it. Somebody cut that out we got that its narrative I love him he's ever drop that the warrior that he thought was haven't yet real quick Joyce. I just don't like him there are just thinker Ricky Henderson in the Niagara table setters and enjoys the good ballplayer but it is is just mismatch when I look at today's lineup choices. And here's the problem with the movement Barreto whose shortstop everybody I know it's in said the games is Barreto is going to be second base and you are up its second that he is charged got to get that flowery thing. But the orders right I mean you Marcus Simmons arm will definitely play in center field I mean there's no money is abundantly would want to do that again given the amount of work he put into turn himself into a possible shortstop with the big league level I've no doubt that he be billed to make himself a possible saw Elvis and we be against it like what they fail. You invest all that Indian. I'll break my wrist got back now you want me that I'm just saying does he have a choice in there we had good enough to have a tourist not really I mean I think he's gonna do what are plus everything we know about mark assuming character he seems like kind of got us into wording being okay. I'll run out there. Lets do Marcus Unionist everything in life can be labeled. One of two ways that would be good for ball. Bad for ball Arsenio Hall might find his way into GOP BFB this week. The home run derby the all star game and once again the one thing. That I see on every single television screen when I watch every single Major League Baseball game. That makes me wanna strangle every guy who does it. Michael Irvin he's Darryl Johnson urban guru inside to big 95 point seven the gang. Welcome back inside the big guy Michael urban alongside Darryl Johnson together you know says herbs and guru. Feel free to join the conversation by dialing. Tripoli and I'm 57. Nine to five sent me the Penske auto sales dot com text line as successful as well that's 95. 795 he can hit us on Twitter we both follower time lines throughout the program which today is nine to noon. That's her preferred time slot just get that Sunday off to a good good day here is at triple. I am at big herb sports apparently Trevor in the 510 is not a big fan of art art because in the span of two minutes and 28 seconds he sent us three text. Don't start this cart arch crap again. Second text it's not funny. They're text pictures record arts Emmy exclamation points five you know you're serious guru when you drop five exclamation yet and he sent those to you not me. Not known on this this sort of that Penske auto sales will. Because they're close to convince her of the sheriff came in behind her time you know time and it's. You know time and it's going to hit sent. Time for. Outstanding school of bad through. You say yeah. Here's Michael her dad I. Blue literally everything in life on Jimmy labeled one of two ways time. And yes I am using the word literally correctly as opposed to 95% of the teenage. Population. But given up cigarette you got your kids soon. Kids misused literally all the time. Bill like I'm literally dying. This is so funny and literally dying millionaire literally dying the misuse and although it's grown ups too is an epidemic it's an epidemic wow I didn't know it was that serious. Everything in my can be labeled one of two is good for ball or bad for ball. I do group we often give real life examples we stick to baseball. But it is literally everything like Camille Little one of two ways you have a non baseball among sports. That's for ball example for the audience give it to us Arsenio Hall. Item on the show Arsenio Hall is that the ball Dolly was its army tees. But it was okay for broadly and Jack you which about yet I mean that the media sought to do the misses are not and and and and now hold on hold on. In the green room before the show viewers in. He was brutal being I don't wanna sit on the there is Arsenio might be listening to ninety fives and game when oh sort of very nevertheless there are now. The other black guy come on all of us try that out down. A little kids. Now Arsenio was. I I can say doubles no I was just waiting for differ materially one of them bad. People laugh and I just was. I don't out I think I thought I was in fifteen years ago maybe. And I thought he was just coming he just doesn't topics but he go in too deep on the topics it was like PC was to the tape warming aren't animals are but I. Laughter doesn't want to share but it Arsenio Hall stint of shows Democrat announced that the ball ought to be good for ball -- tip I got to watch us they realize theater Giuliani warning defiant ones the documentary on Jimmy Ivey and Dr. Dre it's on HBO. Four part series unbelievable whether or not you like chip opera Jimmy I've been here. Nine Inch Nails Maryland man and why it's great anything outside just the story or the way did you just I don't know nothing about the way business gets done in the record business and this like warts and all it shows you everything shows you like you think you know. How this stuff happens you think you know that how how good doctor drew is that what he does. You don't hiring Jimmy I've been talking about listening to the chronic for the first time and he didn't know him pop didn't like wrapped in was into it all had nothing. No opinion about it he lit the very first time there was some of the chronic he said. This sounds better than every. Literally every single thing it's out there lots on a clear it's better he said this guy's genius so anyway that's that's how it goes look let's go to baseball the 27 team. Major League Baseball all star game two we're good for ball about the ball. Good for ball OK there are a little bit surprised by that because you had some bad things. Say about it explained yet decides she'll that it has the circus aspect element of it but that actual game. The guys when a baseball playing baseball wine I'm just focused on that was good for ball. It's what I wanted him predicted before the game started it didn't disappoint. Gave us extra. Every time a young stood take him out the bull he and that's the beautiful thing about all star game it was a stood you dog guy it was hard difficult for the batters that made adjustments. I loved it. And I would've loved it more. Had these are just not been in town but it was I give it OK but I wanted to put it on the list because I know you have some things to say about it now baseball here's what I think happened. Fox took a lot of wrist during the telecast to Sam fox who think those are the ones who went to Major League Baseball that we're gonna implement these is he did. I should have said fox and major regret I think they're pretty you know their partners and so I don't think fox does anything with a telecast without Major League Baseball signing off on a and a Major League Baseball want something implemented to the telecast. The fox hadn't been considering. You can bet it's gonna be in the telecast because MLB's got a lot of power so. What they did well here's here's my take on what they didn't why did it. Four since 2003. The sham. And travesty. That was home field advantage going to the winning team in the all star game was a black eye for baseball in my opinion. Personal views were ridiculous I mean every year that it came up I mean I. There isn't it it's so far beyond bad for ball it's just there was mood crisper ball. The home field advantage in the world certain that I've said enough. Here's what they wanted to do we're not doing home field advantage anymore. It it doesn't count now it's back to being what it should have been all along an exhibition game. Look if if you can't let the fans at the starters. And not call what it is it's an. Exhibition game because sometimes advanced. Urges can pick their their their favorite guy whether he's having a good year not. For example cal Ripken junior he got in the all star game when he (%expletive) about 200 I got no problem that because it's the only time on the sports calendar that fan has a voice. Anyway they're an exhibition game against me at the Major League Baseball. Decided where to go back to making an exhibition game and in case you didn't know. We're gonna throw out all the bells bells and whistles were gonna have a rod on the infield interview guys between innings we're gonna have a player who's actually in the outfield. During the game Mike dup interviewing him we're gonna order to allow there to be a picture taken with a batter and the home plate umpire because we think the millennial like that. They were just shoving it down our throat it doesn't count anymore it's all about fun we're trying to add to your fun now did they swing and miss with some of it. Yeah absolutely but did they hit was some of it beat you yourself said you kind of like they router may be just like to shooters are sucked in by. I don't think it was all bad I think it was all well intended. Yeah and that was strong I just wonder when you say it was a travesty defected to all star game was for home field advantage. Was the biggest disappointment in that just to the team that actually had more wins in the World Series and didn't get home field advantage. Butte is outside of that I can't think of too many drawbacks from having the best. From the league from the of the two leagues. Go and Abby let me give some very quiet its stake which was home field to win digitally. Actually missed that. Let me give you a hypothetical that perfectly explains my stance on the American League team that makes it to the World Series 100. And it's. 1212. Games in the world sit there in the regular season. The nationally representative in the World Series one. 86 games in the regular season but they got hot they made it to the World Series well because some guy on the team that came in fifth place. Don't walk off homer in that year's all star game for the National League that nationally team gets home field in the World Series that's not fair. The whole point of baseball being it's a marathon not a sprint we hear that all the time. Reward. Reward the people that got through the America I think the most you're right I'm done this that 62 they got it right. Tried at the homer under be good for Ballmer about just do for ball great for ball why I just needs he needs. You put baseball on a different light I know people dig baseball home run it's simple I mean he didn't die home run the essence of the home run and what it takes. Op. You know not just one swing a few swings in a row. To me just shed baseball and a whole different light to the view were our the average baseball fan is a lot of work. Do went into that stamina. And it was great to see. Now I think day they got it right finally giving tree in the form the format as much as they can and they finally. Got it right all right what bothers me every time I watch a baseball game and happened to protect the beards enough when the beards the bears have jumped the shark. The a's pitchers are now W beard growing contest and even Steven Vogt from Milwaukee text Amerigroup Texas and we'll tell you guys don't you agree Morgan's parents. It is bad for ball. All right DA is most exciting team in baseball now that's gone a little bit too far but hey. There's a whole lot to be excited about a couple of things you might not have considered I'm Michael Irvin he's Gerald Johnson urgent to remain 57 game.