Inside The Bigs Final Segment 8-6-17

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 6th
In the final segment, Urban and Guru spoke with A's Analyst for NBCSCA, former Oakland A, and MLB Scout, Shooty Babitt.

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No do overs sometimes I forget more on the air when we come back from the break with this particular son who's just such an easy vibe to it I can letter arrived all away our duty to and it pitched Judy perfectly shooting Babin joins us every single week here. Inside the big Z is the best friend of the program typically. It's at 1130 that we have a little bit earlier scheduled today so of course he adjusted his schedule so I thank you Judy I welcome you shooting. And you don't get into into the captain turned the ball the other and don't fantastic. Florida. I'm walk what my own two feet well nobody helped me go off. Pretty hawked the complaint on anything bigger. Yeah and you get to that baseball is your life you get paid to do something you're passionate about. Very few of us are blessed enough to be able to do that let's get right into some baseball I see the DA's farm system. Has moved up they used to be consistently ranked in the top three. They were not in the top three there were not in the top ten I don't think Intel. The Sonny gray trade now all of a sudden they're ranked number six I'm sure the rankings will vary depending on who's giving their ranks but everybody agrees they got a decent little hall. From the New York Yankees so what are your thoughts on that trade did they get value. In return for Sonny gray. Well probably so it will you know in the dollars and I'm in time of the year thank you do everything you can say money. Next year on upgrading your core. A big deal that made it portrayed it on try to keep my pops. We can't anything that happened that our expert depending on who that players who bit chain is. You know you grow the liberty U pretty much to take with the Oakland cute. Look at your alarm though you haven't been this year but he mandate on that your his career. But it value probably more to get to another ballclub in idiots were the eight. And you look at the court the club that. You know they're pretty much pop and it's a little bit because they're pretty happy pop group cuter in haven't felt that the minor league level at each level he will. And that they're bringing back growth the long slow ugly from people drop out. Repeal it more alleged recall. Recruiting right now so anything it and not think he should. I captured it like to get a significant chunk it they can't but I think maybe I ought to bring someone else or may not be able. Age and because they really enjoy watching call until this year and have a great breakout year but I'm they'll get a chance to watch and more than there will be western. Well and that's what's so great about paid for it. A stamp on a 120 games they're still. A lot of significant rate all that so it would be fun to watch. Syria always a pleasure my man. You played the game. We saw when Matt Joyce in we know was wrong. And I just wanna get your perspective. Argued are shocked in this new era now with the social media. That the conversations. Are you know disagreements like dad or just right there at the fans disposable for all to hear now days. Yeah. Economic aren't good because. And opium in the media. Eager careful what you say. Because of some term no matter what you going to and someone not learn early on. And I charred more people on how worn. Al or raise beer and pretty much rain but we don't you were on we get Sean W coterie. About where you're pull all the way to article ought idol. It's apparent. Not like the award goes on the field. At proper. Make me react in a way to. To art or art compliment. Out here. Think that they can say anything silent and not to separate content court. Other people are held accountable when Nate Q when they re. You know how grown. And and may not be right. Some people can relate to me out those old you know in start by somebody you. Noah because not chew. Up. That is currently an interview with congress on it you can get real heart area. Hurt by EPO. Dot com. And then lied and keep it up like a well. On repercussions and hearing on the compare money. Cart who are great people lie because he acted like. Nine are in hot water at Oak Creek and apple cart. You're gonna. That's unfortunate that a situation like this comes up because. Most of the vibe surrounding the Oakland has been largely positive and to have this thrown out and it's so out of character from what I understand I don't know Matt Joyce you know from Adam but. I've talked to a number of people since this went down. And I've yet to talk to somebody who doesn't have nothing but great things to say about this guy so for him all the sudden have this you know this black mark on his ledger. It's just unfortunate so let's move on from that let's move on to something positive I felt like. Interleague series between the giants in the a's look to fans always get into it. It it is a legit rivalry in while it may not be as big a deal to the players is that fans. There's definitely some added Jews we had Bob Melvin on the program and a bit earlier he says oh yeah you can you can feel that if it's it's definitely it pumps guys up a little bit the crowd dollars. It when the crowd into it the players are going to be more intuit whose journey specific take away for you from that series I mean for me it was just. This is exactly who the a's are they're young they're exciting they're talented. They're gonna win some games just based off that young talent but they got a lot to learn. So they're gonna lose a couple of games so that seemed very much in character with these days I don't know what to make of the giants these days. What did you what did you take out that interleague series. About staying in 500 who like each of the public public it its sister. Which is right it it's not want to write about it but it. We won we lost two. Two great irony when you're captain currently expect that are about it. Nicotine the panel on lap to get excited. You talk about himself caught up on that ballclub that it appointed as on both side that they are. Become accustomed to having winning came at a good jolt of energy it is a little bit. It's been a year what opened that great article and do it Arctic Arabs who expect prop you'll see on the the rate in their in a little different. And looked more like all the little part. You know out of it a habit you've ever appeared go up where our people enable us are here in a. Shooting when you look at arise. You know what ownership and management have seen him not do from the beginning of the season. To where they would look at him differently going to the next season or do you think this might pretty much beat it form. Well you're not electable runner up in the summer search it is a human being irradiated. And he's a pleasure be around. Out there and the only orbit it turned her and she'll prospect that Europe's. How Maryland this situation. Like that to impact Internet speed is not on the patent it impacts you have no doubt. Struggle. He hadn't been constructed and has gone out straight up that job. Brought it. It job Roger figures though you know it current accurate quote like and then at that body art. I think about it naturally work a lot spotted. Available he can do so many. Packer game. Late in the game America. Here considered on the air when there are swearing he hit the ball real lot right now on. To a lot. A lot of lot ought not got one. Or more cook out return to the game that quite differently now. And sure and pull the rug because they're different and they're really good oh cricket you. Bush cheers that issued you Babbitt he joins us every Sunday here inside the bigs on Michael Irvin alongside Darrell the guru Johnson. Shooting Matt Chapman the more I watch him the more I'm just blown away by the guy I didn't realize. He was as good as he is defensively maybe it's just because the games that I've seen him play Diaz and been challenged defensively but recently began to have watched. I'm seeing him make divers he's making over the shoulder catches he's flashing a bit of a gun over there on the hot corner. Is is this a future gold glove winner over there. Altman yeah at all hold to actually do so now. A young player c'mon you know when chart to compare somebody on art. Actually in you'll say who you regard it and couldn't go but I'm by. Public why gold content on it don't. Fight. I'm not go out there matched wall lean because it walks like. Kind of god in a letter and that enabled Blake arranged through out. I thought it double play there at the college turned wheat cocoa which article well that aren't that you. Oh yeah that happened lightning quick. Incredible our god to let you know. You meant that the fire rocked an animal out. On May yet have been making the air and all star you know that board practicing an opportunity to meet him laps with Rick ought to. And you're talking pop you'd hit a Mickey that's been well who understand it. I think nor. Around or I'd edit it there and it was shipped out of pressure ever like you're an. Acute. Like the person you don't know. Because it won't get a return to it. Surely I'm curious what's the goal for the rest of the season for the the for the young athletics. And how much. In a ball player actually change the mindset of what's the you know then the manager and ownership looks at their play when there rat them. Well I'd should open with the land of opportunity. Anybody in particular beer hall all of my humble and shake art on the field all the I mean there's a lot of things happened and Oakland and go look up. Young player and it's it's it. That's what you can have a great career already acknowledge the park opened. Got a chance he'd be you got caught in an accurate the main goal right now just learning how to win and stop giving away. I think late negate it in some stakes in more debacle that they can't expect beat your young group at the there may lead lap not come here. I think you have to wait and have them learn how to read and are now when it got. Beat pretty much look up to appear and matchup and it's partly. You know this chair. Or all it is not so. The panic in the normally read the success of the whole Lotta competition on the roster. We are in great in run. Should you five to rank they youngsters on the days that I enjoy watching the most Chatman would be number one. Number two for me is Chad under in Tulsa about as much as you know about and tell us about I'm not not passive not necessarily the skill set we see it. But what kind of guy is he what kind of future does he have is he someone that you can have that should be part of the court that the age rebuild around. Well he wore shorts. That's what got think that they were taken about being beaten that guy internal. Pregnant rattle him on the same. Look like he's gonna be your second baseman mark in the in my opinion that's taken their jobs and got to choke hold on Bart a superdome become a ticket from. But I. Approach will tender. Capability. In the air on the field you know the report they're not want me in the leak epic got released here. On the belt in particular. They are the wait in line. Okay here you can play off at unimportant it anywhere on and work out. I think you're very valuable. That they are skill set like there and order in the court you couldn't government nickname Arctic to bet ever. And when we talked about it utility like all the I'd check it out match. Feel that are below. Shoot you with Sonny gray gun is that to Roland Samoan. My nine the ace of this staff. I don't think you can ignore it in one. I think to earn out you know eighties pop on the and even not. Written or terror but call me order. A such as well in. Oh god. Law and go on the record baseball. Cap that stopped. Apps. We do now eat it can't afford to. All right it's the time when we ash you need to give us one of two things either they fashion tip because he's investors member. A the various sports media maybe the best dressed person in the Bay Area or he gives us. A life lessons and an ally pleasant he's also very positive person which he gave it or what you gonna give us is we shoot. What Michael because. You out in the an opportunity to play on the he compartment could hear it to reach me come out the third group are great arm that summer. An intern who you. I'm Hala and both of them tremendous job teaching your children. The value. Thank you please excuse me it shut up or you're cute like it. Obama. Arch all over but not if they aren't in that you understand. We're two concentration. Don't know. Oh not. At you'd knock at the current year round grow well and yelled chop and. Congress. Added added money. Should eat in. On it and understand. What well. You're not sure what you want and excuse me wants some sweet. What. He worked in the well and home of the news world well. Grip on the door chow. Are. And work around. It. I will chart the law we have a group and fairly in coral well we. I love it man it's always spot demeanor right my daughter's the used to always always always just walk up it didn't matter. If we're having a conversation with someone else it just jump in without saying excuse me. We broke them of that habit and I have to give you partial credit for that thanks for your time Judy thanks realize residents enjoy the rest your week your brother. On a career. Did you like that aren't our junior prepared that she too bad that won the friends of the program he joins us here in says Biggs. Every single week. We all we have less than three hours this week normally it's three hours of all baseball talk but because there's a slightly different schedule down. As the days are playing a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Orange County near the airport and also mirrored Disneyland but nowhere near Los Angeles to. Is Rick tittle didn't tell us what I'm pretty sure it was Rick tittle but not a time that's four times now in an instant thing. 44 times. I believe he's the one that said it and if not then I'm just gonna make a story in two artillery total return. He's my new Derrick bird under part under par and can we get Jay Cutler signed with the dolphins off my board please. I'm just sick of looking at a. Funny how strange is that you are about to go into a new. In bitch her out of your life you never caught the gaming alive and now you're back quarterback in the dolphins in south speak to you think that was like maybe a leveraged play on his part oh no not at all I just. They need him and now I feel like AJ he's better than what they had. It because he's got everything he could make every throw is just in now is familiar with gays who. Watch out but I'd be happy I don't know autonomy as we know you are too much. Cowboys doing by the we should be expected in this suspension. And any time this week. And they're not gonna make the playoffs because they wanna hall of fame game. How can you know Darren whoever wins the hole very I'm not snobs and just laughs. How about this is get back to baseball since we are instead bigs and thank you for joining us we've. We've got some time still to go over a couple of things when we were doing killers and Kooks I didn't get a chance to squeeze this in but it absolutely has to be mentioned. The Tampa Bay Rays rookie lefty reliever. Jose Oliver auto. Guber are you familiar with what an immaculate innings call it's a relatively new term in new label denoting an immaculate inning is for a pitcher. I don't for a animals say no okay. It's nine pitches. Restrict stand right you can't do better than that as the pitcher now for me as a pitcher. Well they say you can do better than that he met I never knew then let me tell you what's better than that. Three pitch inning. Pop up pop up close to. It's going there right that's that's to me is the imagine that is six pitches but they say. This is the immaculate inning but what's even more impressive about this. So obviously he went just three guys out on trees on three pitches each got two more impressive part of it is that. He struck out Travis Shaw. With a changeup. He struck out he's use Aguilar. With a curve ball. He struck out her and impressed. With three straight fastballs. That is some serious. Work in wanted to what are we doing here I mean OK it's not the first time that's ever happened and they know he's only the fourth rookie pitcher ever to have an immaculate didn't know I did too but seriously. Flashing your entire repertoire OK I'm not I'm not only getting get through this and only nine pitches into a three strikeouts. But I'm gonna make some variety nominated somebody with a change somebody with a curve somebody with a found he's got a repertoire descent league that's pretty sick man. Have to reiterate the trade and make sure everybody knows in case they missed it Yonder Alonso BA's lone all star this year is no longer remember. Of the young and upcoming athletics he has been shipped to Seattle. In the Mariners have a disk you're the man mariners are like. They're buyers because all of a sudden since the second half and maybe a little bit before that but. They're playing good baseball I've I didn't Romans again now I didn't think there are gonna have a chance to make in the post season at all coming all star break but. But clearly they feel like to have a chance and they feel like your honor may be that piece of pushes them over the top let me ask you this. Do you think this is the new Yonder Alonso urge you think this is just a career year and we're seeing. We're seeing Yonder Alonso that we're not concede next year learning year. I feel like this is the new Alonso because when you look at that day's lineup even have a lot of protection he did a lot of what he's doing because of his god given talent and I think substance clicked. And we'll see what he does in playoff baseball here which Seattle trying to buy four playoff spot but I believe it's all he emerged I don't believe this is a fluke. Yeah and Bob mentioned that he didn't make some mechanical changes in he didn't say exactly what the mechanical changes our power baskets but we have to assume that speaking of labels and in new phrases in the baseball lexicon we're launching goal. It velocity. Throwing downhill. I kind of understand Ringo or football and basketball and they say you know running downhill like Russell Westbrook accountancy you know he had gotten an audience that I get that. When they say pitcher throws downhill every pitcher throws downhill he's on a hill you can't. You cannot downhill during the Richard downs and our site silly. And what's silly is when it's your like. And I'm not commit these are on the right so I'm not taken shots at these guys but by long time well established baseball writers. That I grew up like is as a young writer I looked up to these guys right and I still do. As I can relevant Rosenthal. And Tim Kurtz in desecrate it around forever heavyweights where I hear them drop an exit velocity and a lot of say that though you know I guess I'm disliked out of state rally in users will be used. Tim Kurtz in every receipt of how small is though he's very small you can ball and he's first in rapidly EU he would shocked Hewitt. What he likes that didn't have a clip of him bush knows our. For a funny very I thought you'd appreciate that tinker too can ball he can hit from like point. These guys watches the NBA because he was versed on he was going in on Kobe. House like okay teacher is your world baby don't just say I'm baseball he's got a little bit game I'm looking through the glass and I'm seeing. A face I have not seen in a good long time. One of the favorites of the program young nick it had a boy my wife for the next he's handsome pretty boy nick is at the Munich and and that pretty well why are resuming that to these are my. And you had a comment on Mack I got a comment on my haircut the other day but you gotta hide tiger likely to get the hang tightly with my black barber no I didn't in and I wish I had because they would know how to do the fade right. Soon as I walked in like there's this one woman at the place I go to great clips right it's like fifteen bucks sixteen bucks. While on them. In this case Matt from all in this case I jobless pay for the he didn't faded it's like I look like speaker be the mop better Sesame Street or something like that. Seriously I look like a fourteen year old because he's got a little metal Jackie cut to me had some bad look I'm not have a fifteen dollars and Augusta at the haircut game up and pay a thirty out there now on the streets. Well if this one woman and would just I need to get her name and book. Appointment strictly with her father isn't too. Attitudes I'm thankful for you everybody behind the glass great job especially Tommy called it a bang up job our producer. Where this rundown thinking in my family for let me do what I love to do. I love you guys I'll see you guys soon do were you got some some Penske report are sort of thank you and everybody else in here at the team in routine for you know really rubbing off on ritual that's my fifth remnants original sat next audio dugout show on 95 point seven a game.