Inside The Bigs Final Hour 7-16-17

Mychael Urban
Sunday, July 16th

In the final hour of Inside The Bigs, Mychal Urban and Guru continued to break down the trade of Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson to the Nationals and spoke with A's Analyst for NBCSCA, former Oakland A, and MLB Scout, Shooty Babitt. 


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Ball or not are not are not welcome in our number three of inside the big thank you for joining us Michael Irvin along side. Darryl Johnson together we are herbs and guru. Again one last hour at 1130 make sure you don't miss it Judy Babbitt. He's an analyst on is telecast for NBC sports California. He's gonna join us we're gonna get his immediate reaction on the trade that just went down a little less than an hour ago was first reported. By Ken Rosenthal has since been confirmed its official. The dominoes have started to fall for the Oakland days. Is much excitement is they're generating where they're youth movement. And guys like Matt Chapman and Franklin Barreto. You knew this was coming a's fans and what is your reaction Ryan Madson he got home Sean Doolittle he golf. They're both heading to Dusty Baker Washington Nationals who are. Just bullpen or in the worst way the ball to any area I think it's not like electable for five point three if you one of the reasons their bullpen has struggled. Is they gave young man named Blake trying him. Who's drafted in 2011 by the a's they gave Blake tried and shot. He'd lost the job and about a week he's got a five point 73 era and at 320 batting average against. He's one of the guys who PH got in return the other two are rookie ball and that single voice of their baby baby baby baby prospects. I'm seeing your reactions on the Penske auto sales dot com text line and that Tripoli I'm 579. To 570. You're either pissed because. You get pissed for nearly as do this even though they do it every single year. Or you're like whatever I like these kids and still go to the game today Vicky in the for a way is she representative of those types of callers. Where you guru as as as a lifelong vary resident. So I'm assuming your lifelong Barea baseball fan you've seen the way the a's do business separate yourself take off your sports talk radio hat. Just as an Oakland a's fan are you look. I don't care I mean this is gonna happen when we focus on these young kids because they make me feel good are or. Are you on the other side of the sentencing you know and I'm pissed I'm done with the. I'm tired it's the latter it's the latter because so much. Excitement in buzz is going wrong going around this team rightfully so when you talk about every day players. So my eyes are open right now our herbs because I'm looking for the big blow. And the big blow to me is I will really be disappointed. Are you that you were I'll be upset. If somehow Alonso the Big Three on calling them Lowery are sunny Euro moved in a singular term. Is it if I can't believe your Bruce Lowry Emma. Hi Tammy and nonprofit likes some team so team can use a guy the give it to eighty to 300 place and sound defense. Going for pin I believe he's got Zobrist light won't do that to get one right and in Israel light right now which are right. But still I am not gonna say on condition to the point to where I'm upset no I'm still focused you steal six and a half. Bush is something else another domino still six and a half what are you about that he's got WC 22 while Clark. This controlling your nickname do you QW see like second wildcard he's mocking you by the way he says that he had to Hamilton drives the ball it did in 2012. Not core act. Not possible that they both called as a possible let's listen in on the phone app at work and my other job and I'll never forget in the I don't know I'm instead as a possible one of them was doing TV at the time in the other one was doing radio that the ball cut the call. That's why the way apropos of nothing can we please play came core racks and walk off home I call again I think gave Ryan who need it right now. Left field Bradley Serena being filled the pool. Alonso six's the difference in the three who is Smart and hit the deep right center field. The game five yet. Then there and go unnoticed at the coliseum. Fifth time a murder Gurode and I'm showing you right now it's not a visual medium but you get to see a fifth time I've had big ask goosebumps listening McCain core I make that call. That's fires outlook and that's that's and that's why we led the show before we'd obviously we knew we didn't know that these trades were gonna go down but we led the show. With the days in the excitement that they're generating the show has nothing to do this does not diminish. Anyway the reason we've led the show with a's baseball today. A's baseball to me overall as a positive is this a negative day. Who knows what's gonna happen in the game today the game matters does it now if they have a lead going into the seventh inning. They may blow it because they don't have too little and Madson then you can make a direct correlation say damn that kind of sucked. But in the meantime. We you do it was can be Garnett then I imagine was under con I'm just I'm holding out hope that Yonder is not gonna hold out hope that Sonny's not gone now. All evidence is to the contrary. All evidence and reserves you're an idiot for taken Sonny's gonna stick around for picking understood mr. ground but. Yeah I mean I'm not afraid to sit I'm very much an idiot in many many aspects of my life in May be this is one of them. But I'm still pumped up about a's baseball the trade doesn't change now I. Two in that's wrong use an exciting when you talk about the current state of the Oakland a's it's it's fantastic. And this is not a death blow for this season are dim even wave in the white flag like some of Mitch in on the tech's wind. I just know if they make some other moves are being redundant. You've got to get something that substance in return or not I want him it's some record convinced that he says Sony's been scouted forbidden. He's been scouted for awhile now and you'll know this more so than nine. How long does an actual scout need to see a certain pitcher or player before you say you know what. We we can go with what we got we got enough footage I'm just curious like why is any steal millions doubted if you've been there you got four or five Abbie how long does it go home for you do you know well we got enough footage or no. So here's the answer if you're thinking about trading for a guy you stay with him until you actually execute a trade because what if you bail on him a week before the trades made he makes one more start his velocity dipped by seven miles an hour how can you missed it. Not sure you're gonna hear about it that is velocity dipped but you still need to see your eyes in actually to me. It's it's an encouraging sign that actually eyeballs do matter in this sport because when money ball first came out it was going to be all about being calendars in the stat. Got to do matter these days let's go back to the phone lines Lotta people wanna win a lot of people been very patient let's go to Eric in Fremont Eric you're on inside the bigs what's up front. They have gone guys you know Morgan at. At like eight Twitter and alt fan equipment to the people on net you know they they don't understand the business of baseball that these straight out could be great guys like a lot bill Lowery joint. David that tax burden Casilla they're not going to be a part of winning a game we got a minor league system that got guys that won titles. We got a young core authority in the majors we just got to the top ten now prospect. We need to build on that we you know we can't just talk from emotion we got to realize how the business to baseball works is straight good for business are good for ball. I thank you very much I'll call Erica appreciated strong point I want to go to the Penske out of so stuck Comtex I'm banned from the currency from Tony in Seattle I love this text. Pace trance and 71 and I'm happy with a straight just to get Doolittle off our payroll you'll fall apart soon and be untreatable. Crappy contract he had to Tony and Seattle. You know what I was on the Bay Bridge when the news broke that they had signed do little to multiyear extension. And you know I told you earlier. In the show that when there's excitement building in a moment in the game and I'm listening to pull over I'd pull over 'cause I'm not sure I cannot all right. I almost pulled over when I heard this deal because. The a's don't sign guys to multiyear deals and when I heard this I'm like okay Doolittle coming off a strong she's an oil like him great personality but. I really didn't understand why would you make that move then. Mean that's why out of all these guys that we had a feeling we're going to be tradable. That's the one guy that I wanted them to move because I agree with Tony in Seattle I thought that was a bad deal to begin with him a ticket looks worse every year every time he goes on the DO. Yeah as it's received in the last two callers back to your point did you know you can count on do little he's seen his best day he was eventually gonna be her people were tired of it. And you got him off the books so. Julio got interesting name AAA. Tripling I'm 579 to 570 interesting name here and a scholar Jordan jump shot in San Francisco to JJ I don't. And my dad called anyone and a. Voices opinions are hearing on assignment jumped on him signed. OK Simon put your dad on what's up dead. Our dad not here to go to different or going somewhere else. I don't blogging about it. You would cap yet Sean Doolittle is no longer an Oakland a unit likely changed and right matching to get jealous I but we're happy he's gone to arm and some recall and earlier I think you guys double edged you know it's true but it. It is that the debt is broken. Either you don't need anybody Simon jump shot and less you're trying to win and since the days are clearly not trying to win I would argue that they don't need Sean Doolittle. Or Ryan Madson. Absolutely but at home and Hendrick finish last night and I'm pretty sure they didn't give have been Ryan's. They had good outings. All right Dick for the phone call Simon jump shot those that your students calling on behalf of his dad and his dad. Was nowhere to be found let's get the bad taste of that out of her mouth and go right back to the fallen through Adam. And since he wrote about it here on inside the bigs. Yamana you know. I'm one of those guys who would rather see the young guys come and play and get keyed in for the next you're two or Morgan. Let me let me stop you there at a nominal a little to continue I'm going Kanye and Taylor Swift on your and a lot to finish. But why are you OK with it you're one of those days fans it's been conditioned. To expect this to be okay with a correct. I'm not disagreeing what the fact that that's with the organization has done. What I'm saying is. You look at the keyword or category now we're not going to win the division and wild cart that's just what I'm OK with trading shots worse I don't know. And he that sat there written it would it would get those arms without giving up a guy who you know really are reasonably close prospect. And two guys the other and we got sick and angry. The record for awhile here in we don't really know what's gonna happen and so what it makes me more nervous about it. We have an opportunity right now religion takes an organization for the next couple years Alando Lowery. That you are dentistry is so until port I'm most concerned about that stated he announced that the players armor front office right now that's my concern. All right thank you for the phone call and that echoes the sentiment of one of the textures he says I'm not necessarily disappointed. In the trade. I'm disappointed because I've lost faith in that case front office. To get anything good in return for these guys they're given. Riley in that's why you gotta open yourself up to give this the the VA is time to fix is that unfair in a way no no because the past is the past it happened it's real villains are felons. And if we look at the track record I won't bring up the name says it is Donaldson that her in school or Don are gonna bring up financially it's slipped. But that her a lot of people or so is right for these people to hold onto those battles scorers and all Kapalua company can do is move forward like day all our. But hopefully with some sound. Trades it if they do happen moving forward because that's all you got. Okay let me play devil's advocate here okay art for some Hillary let me let me read text. And this is agreeing review history doesn't hurt us like they were said it's not the Cessna strayed. When we're in first place young prospects are unknown but the a's weren't going anywhere this year get younger in game more assets another wants is for years is fair and a's fans have made the excuse that the use wow talk much talk for a living for years we step off for a follow Obama call for new ball he seemed. Who. But I digress. Thompson clearly there for years jays fans have made the excuses that those trades. Have to be made. Doolittle is another example of Billy Payne is dare partly handicap I have no idea where that came from but any mention Derek Burton. There's a favorable mention to me. Just. Don't trade Sonny gray don't trade Yonder Alonso. I'm gonna hang onto that my ship it note like crazy I get that. It's gonna happen right they're gonna trade and what do you think about the announcement of the trade the timing before and he. I don't motivate the un and the do I did pay attention to that I whatsoever they really don't if they did then they wouldn't of traded Mark Mulder is out backing out of my garage. About to take my two little girls and my wife and my grandmother. On a Christmas light tour of the neighborhood. All of this at that our talent or the ball or I'm still a little bit better but some people turn around like the one caller alluded to. It was so let's that would this news that he was on his way to that no you're being you're coming to the game to support the exciting. Young Oakland that does anybody go to an a's game to watch Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson and now. But I think it probably do go to watch younger Alonso and son Greg how that they do. Debt that you get you can you can probably get a decent return for Yonder Alonso. The Yankees have a good system and he is tailor made for the yeah. I wouldn't be surprised to see them packaged together go to yankees. Starter to look at it that happened you better get a gang of damn near made big league ready prospects. I don't know I don't know the yankees' system well enough to know if they've got that let's go let's go to Lee in Concord leave here on inside to big foods that putrid. OK but I don't do it because they're get losing their revenue sharing. And they're worried about the pay the twelve million left on maps and contract in the fifteen years. On two and also it's it has a little nervous salary dumping yen would sit down for you can't judds prospects that are that depth reporting used on the road. From comment up in this business six intent. Prospect of an organization means to. There's like 300 other guys in top tens of other organizations. That may or may not make it. So you can't get these guys that are early in their development at this point. All right thank you for the phone call eight Oscar he makes a good point and I just told you that these two young guys the the a's got back or considered. Top ten prospects for the Washington Nationals so. The bed he's not gonna be delivered tomorrow or the next day you do it did did do were not pregnant. So it's gonna take some time for these guys to grow in the and we can look back and say you know what. The days made a hell of a trade so right now everybody just relax take a deep breath be happy and blessed to 26 and a half back. And people than forty keep pushing and disaster and that in their six and halfback who like to walk. All the sick or turn that's right got to Munich for a reason to doesn't feel good control you know no less an authority than Vince coach Romeo. Is mocking you for hanging on to the user six now back to recycle our personal god bless you guru mark and we like Jean Luc. He was mocking me like tuna market got together but it Denmark. Let's let's turn to page just to limit again if you missed it the a's have traded Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson to the Washington Nationals. For three people you know almost nothing about. The big leaguer of the hall if you wanna call it a hall is Blake trial and he got a shot at closing for the nationals. Failed miserably yes a five point 73 area which has contributed to the nationals bullpen area five point 32 which is why. They want Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson Dusty Baker love Dusty Baker would like to see him get a ring wanna see Bryce Harper in the World Series of do little Madson can help them get there. Great but trying to end is not gonna make it different for these Oakland a's. What are currently not in Europe what they're trying to and gets to the Bay Area new scenery. Different pressure dates have happened two outs sports all major sport that did he has this stuff they trust medium. I'm talking about the psychological. Aspect of this if he comes out here you know what there's less pressure here and Oakland. He finds who he deep deep deep inside of himself. And did you like did is recklessly he wasn't that great with the cubs. Turned it around I'm just saying what if this happened with these young man what would we BCA cowboy in the days are great they took a chance that there's a possibility of debt that's all I'm saying so we need to hold on. He's Daryl Johnston you also know ms. guru Vince petroleum knows about two W I did outside of the wild card spot so what you're sand. Is your looking forward to the David Blake trying to incomes in. Where the days leading 322 in the ninth inning of their American League wild card game he can come up that formula that's a sandwich with it can be while yes that's the dream gurus like area. Give it to me he's not old enough to where. It's done is set in stone what he's going to be spectacular that you would see that general quick. I'm fine in a parallel with the Oakland a's fans in the Golden State warrior fans before the warriors righted the ship. MI wrong to say that we can just look at the dead did the dynasty did is right now I am. The warriors were the laughing stock in the I had to change it up. And maybe the razor where were watching that happen because the lawyers out here's the biggest difference the lawyers were not known throughout NBA as the team that would developed remarkable talent and then get rid of it is Susie got really good. That's what the original four they're known as a feeder system for the rest of our dad in Major League Baseball all right yes but the that wars was worse and bring amassed about when that they couldn't draft. Popular. Draw him so different and I told you so different but my point is that the end result. They stand in her lap and stuff for whatever reason. Greg and Blair says I get trading relievers salary dumps but if you're expecting to compete in a couple years why do you dumped a controllable assets like Sonny gray. Logic doesn't compute I'm win them I'm Sonny gray is done. The only thing that would you know maybe there's some credence to the to the whispers out there that the a's don't think he can stay healthy that's the kind of rumor by the way that you float when you know you're about to trade a very popular guy moves going to be imply that that and that you did your work in this here I told you I was gonna go devil's advocate a little bit earlier and I got sidetracked it happens a lot shocker. Again this is devil's advocate okay I'm seeing everybody understands what devil's advocate means right I'm intentionally taking. A contrarian stance that I might not necessarily believe in devil's advocate C make sure your member that. OK guru and and this question goes out to its offensive. Other than Dave Chappell. Let's take the last seven years of being the chick the last ten years on the rest. Everything you know about the a's what they do how they go about their business other than Dave gavel. Opening up office hours. And talking to the fans. And implementing hash tag rooted in Oakland. What's different. I would argue nothing in today tells me nothing broke out there there's something different and why the communication. From the front office. Of the affair. For that duration did you just me right it definitely take I'd sit out there and Dave there's nothing that guys isn't. You've done other than Dave Campbell talking with Angela has opened an office hours I got to what's different Datsyuk. All right. Let's go to Mitch Mitch has been waiting for able he's our guy. He has I'm Mitt Mitchell have a take on the news and we will stock drop published in mobile launchers get a reaction to this trade again Ryan Madson John do little to the national for three people. We know nothing about. What's going on Mitch. Earlier guys. Alicia that might have been a lot of talent when you are open and used aim is in the congress and I kicked in and it kicked out the local rates. They've been treating it as plated vehicle agreed upon. Joseph Rooney may eject and Catfish Hunter. Viable and any key positions on an agreement that meant. That is crew aid arm this man who went commission do it that's for the for the pain and inner city. Commissioner you mean the commissioner baseball or did you dismiss speaking you're talking about Dave Campbell. A commission doesn't give it to air about the Harris they don't care about the Oakland and they did in the days would have any stadium already how long we've been talk of how long has the Commissioner of Baseball gone back ten years ago when Bud Selig first. They're excited for gas with the blue ribbon panel. There was no blue ribbon panel didn't do me a little ribbon panel. Majority got a policy and all that's the reason your whole mall this time. Issue and of course the commission noted and initially. I grow I remembered to frequent member Akron Dayton or you know Q&A. GO Syracuse in the pot Pablo and Miki. Had it not been against the contract. Easily she explained well some property in an important. But a Houston news and he's in screen and a in the community. And unity day. A claim. We and it's a shame because you got a hell of a talent in these kind of guided thanks for the phone call Mitch I appreciate that's Mitch in New Jersey. I like Pablo Sandoval I don't like some things that he's done and the way he. Basically buried the giants with a with some verbal bombs on his way out saying that her parents is the only guy he's gonna minister was opposed are remembered by. You know he did some dumb immature things while he was here and clearly he's got a weight problem that means you need to get a hold on there way T. Let me to write nice very logged under I'm telling you do it. If you pick up publish them all right now are you gotta do is pay the pro rated Major League minimum my question is what do you have balloons all again you know I mean there they're gonna try to get unions back on the field. The outfield but that no other that they want. And maybe used to coming out now that they want it they wanna showcase ilk are the best way to showcase him his third base I like him as a third I don't care if the giants were a good team I'd be happy I'd be looking forward in Nunez coming back healthy. Because I do like him think he's probably the best. One of the best overall athletes on the team. But when you've got a team and so on uninteresting uninspiring. Boring that's the worst thing you can be if you're a bad baseball team. The days by many measures are bad baseball team but they're not boring their interest in their exciting. The giants are bad baseball team and their boring and they're non interest in policy and about would change. Least some of that and wreckage aegis of the back story about how you were just on that you're about out delete from the panda perspective your do your hometown team Guizhou a flyer you come back resurrected. In the in the team which we think of some due to this year is a fluke and they start to compete next year he's been active terror. Be a beautiful story I feel like he's he's almost our own that to. Give me one more biggie smalls one more chance. It's been an English fans who have the stupid and hats in their closet one more chance to Wear me you know you and I are both glass half full guy as absolutely we are optimists. And I'm gonna choose to look at this a's trade. From the optimist is optimistic standpoint I mean aren't you really missing anything when you miss in those two. Relievers I don't know let's Assam in those little bit more about baseball than. The two of us combined Judy Babbitt joins us every single week what does he think. About the deal I am herbs he is guru this is inside the bigs on 957 McCain. And yeah. Ethanol. We. Or maybe hear that song you know what's come and I know what's coming I hope you know what's coming comes every week. Let him about this time it always comes with a smile and a little bit of that. In its step bit I'm talking about like an inanimate object it's a human being it's one or favorite human beings. It is shoot he batted shooting the a's have finally started trading off. Some of their valuable pieces surprise disappointment what's going through your head when you hear about this deal it's and Sean Doolittle. And Ryan Madson on their way to the nation's capital. Well first book good morning. Jews who rule big herbs. Mock her court will park and thank you haven't checked out it's over no happy I didn't hear that yet point eight. Do we were just talking about it it's just doctor I don't know. Hilarious we were just talking about that off beer like yeah we both got those problems. Manning them wrong what happened one voluntary. Ban it ought to know you know what you asked of Crocker promote not only know. Ross then we got to take a bottle of that sector. Our doctor has say this and did you have to tone down the road. Where are pointed at my life out there on the on the chopper by any way. I think it's fantastic for everybody involved I mean are noted trip to pay better armed. Look down because they you know what term do little mic to that organization and the type of person that and his wife are not a thing they would do it in the community I'm in Atlanta Khatami cartridges and its people. And we have to talk about him being an all star in the incredible cold appreciate it. When you. That then it was inevitable that got that could help a lot of club and what better place. Wouldn't go I mean even though they're not com art division in Europe Americans have not struggled computer typical port to catch. On the watched national bookmarks are in good baker eating correctly wouldn't quote to appear. So we'll look realistic game. Can help him quote the game and make you guys so. I think the good trait all parties. On Washington and they're. But not in there were expecting him to be involved but they are you know it has prospects Marquardt who not. Operate and make a move. The voice he hears that issued you Babbitt joins us every week here. Inside the bigs were talking about the trade that just went down the a's are sending relievers Ryan Madson and so on do little to dusty Baker's. Bullpen or Washington Nationals may have the washing to all's I'm sorry the nationals have sent in return. Two prospects it's left the Hayes whose lives Pardo who is that rookie ball. And third baseman Sheldon noisy he has that single way. Blake tried and you've drafted by the a's in 2011. He was given a shot at closing for the nationals. Lost that job pretty quickly five point 73 area how much do you know about any of these guys shooting should she got a by the way is a big leagues got that far ask him about these prospects what do you know shooting what can you tell. So I mean more just trying to amend an intriguing felony. When he's somewhat international kind of caught a lot of well carpet weren't made off on the starter. National party movement Colbert currently keeps it was a relief I mean that the scalp that you may have not been paying as close attention that you should have. Because you're always dream and think about what he's got to be at the Major League level and he can't accept that the Major League level but I won't be coal. He would be able to a pretty much cruel to their world would give them back for a guy who's got a pretty nice repertoire. Adaptability to close I mean to really or start in the matter which one hand he. Excellent Major League level and I hope. Pennies its. Hoping they're on the configured outlook not much history with the other two. Sugiyama. You know I'm a believer marked as Ximian and I know we struggle and a tad bit when you look at the average. You know got her miss some time. But we have somebody call up in just proposed the idea of the possibility and I thought it was ludicrous but after I got the ticket I'm wondering. To me this would cry stimulus confidence. Is somehow the age where Dan Hayes were to approach him. And see if you know he would be in arrested in and in going to that outfield and I feel like all the resource is they put indium already. That the that there would be no way that can manifest right. Why would you do that. It is my question I can see when he was really struggling. Didn't seem Mikey was going to be pretty eager not one of them have a reputation as well in north marked the nine years ago. But the one thing about you know it's. Who work epic on parallel with any one that actually going out. There's no one on the door. That could pick up away from them in the Waxman to keep it. Defensively there is no concern at all if England don't they operate on especially. Are you concerned with the person who has issues may come out and that the guys back a lot sooner than he probably should have to its credit you know. Understand where is right now on his career collapsed they want to do to somebody come in here and take your job. Let all the people that are caught it about movement and I'll feel. You know it bothers me. So much when they're the first thing that you hear about what it would look and I'll feel. I mean it has worked his tail off topic who what anybody. Game position he hit 27 bombs last year I mean c'mon you know we get on his count there. In five months. Look at the body of work community here reevaluated. Someone. Better at that position that it took to the position batted in mark an omelet but it killed it. That it we can. I think the person threw it out shooting again were talked when she Babbitt he's an analyst Kirk NBC sports California he's also a Major League scout also formally Major League player. I'm the person that suggested that today I mean just libretto in at shortstop but I've heard from a number of people that Barreto. Project to being a second baseman long term or are you thinking along those same lines. In my humble in professional opinion. I think that we're gonna have the most success is that second. Game of perhaps normal prepare. Actually at the start working a lot differently when he plays. Shortstop. You have to challenges. He's somewhat and didn't sign it. Outrage is not. I'm going to be conducive to the speed. At that level and so. You want it it was an opportunity to succeed. In that position or not punish problem thank you a chance in all start on second base. So you've got to position here yet while it won't be out here each year not sooner in the department. Look right in the second. Soon if if you're walking up to the ballpark and you're you're a fan of this phase team and I'm far from homer. Forget the standings I'm excited how watch exciting brand of baseball you got the youngsters. DN you know advertised they come up and don't disappoint you you know you see the growing pains but I don't think in the a's are billed in some thin. What do if you're days die hard fans and you gotta be somewhat happy coming up to the ballpark today to watch this team play Cora. Oh what the real these fans are excited because they have in the one Adam jumped up and way. Think it's gotten out a state right here at the pool for the team and watched the clock you know when you start feeling. Week I don't wanna say we do because they don't use network but mr. it is going back and reassess and being. Trying to instapundit. Brought that group together to prompt the basically the same time you know what I like to see that progression now look at met Shatner. A commoner here in Seattle. Right before all operate and they were accurate bowling in the weight track lots challenged that or challenge that book that he which struggled well. Export is not an all star break and come back. That killed them about it it makes. From I just meant that understand what he's trying to do so. Golden pond in an advocate now are you looking at Chapman meant he Maxwell in their. In the boat rental you've got a nucleus in the course of treatment later tumbled a chance to be carried now argue that some. Real consistent contributor to global two you've got up and be excited. Yeah that's kind of the point and I've been making it if you're excited about the a's in any way. It's not because you're excited about Sean Doolittle Ryan Madson so this trade shouldn't change the way you feel shooting we've run out of time we do it always goes too fast but. Before you bounce you always give us either a life lesson or fashion tip what's it going to be this week. Current and yet so. Either the corner and I couldn't gotta hurt and talk about it won't make the world a better place and making great looking couple technicals or yard. And replace it with a target not for re wasting paper and bottles and it is. And net people drive and other people neighborhood or trash and street in the corner at CNET. Nice neighborhood and moaned and deal with on reached. What we can camp out all that we teach children. The benefit. In appreciation for not and government. It's really terrible sequels spoke to things like that trying to cute so picture you do what they think it's okay shall let you review of books about it. My favorite teacher of all time Elden Earnhardt Kenyatta junior college went on such an epic rant against littering. I was eighteen years old at the time I've not littered sixth thank you for two out of that point home shooting them every time and I hope you have a beautiful rescue cement my friend. It's already been a great sound banks got a great. Armaments shooting she's the best America. You never know where he's deliberate is his real it is it's O Israel and I love that messes that he just gave we've got some more messages to impart upon new we have. Only one more segment together guru. It goes by away too fast retrieval is coming in I believe for the a's. Dugout show and I've got a two week winning streak where I've not called with the giants Doug Otto gets it's the a's dugout Shelby you know we haven't done yet. Killers in Kooks Michael Pineda just might be on that listing you know what they're big guys in Major League Baseball. Dumb enough to think that he can DM somebody on Twitter and blast them and it's not gonna get public. Hear about this summer she's can root this is into debates unmanned five point seven day. Now back inside the DAX 195 point 790. Here's Michael herb did. Welcome back to inside the big sigh of Michael Irvin is Darryl Johnson together we urge him guru every Sunday we get together for three hours and talk baseball days giants the lead that a large. They tune in Monday from nine in new understandably from the mornings with a Jolo on debs. Checks in live from the Joseph Morgan celebrity golf invitational. Presented by summit bank foundation proceeds from the event or established the David. A student at bishop O'Dowd high school in east Oakland if you're just joining us. Shame on you for one thing we've been at it for two hours and 45 minutes where view then. Church. Not a good enough to excuse this is church if your baseball fan. And we just said one of our pastors shooting Babbitt talking about the trade betrayed betrayed the first trade. The sign that business is officially the a's are officially open for business. We knew. Guys were going to be on the move. Now today word comes out about halfway through the show Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle or moving in the same deal there moving east they're moving to dusty Baker's. Washington Nationals who've been terrible in the bullpen this year the bowl penny error rate is in the low fives. The a's got in return three people that we don't know a whole lot about Blake trying to end he was drafted by the a's in 2011. Thus far this year in the Big Easy got five point 73 year rays allowing a three Tony batting average against. He was given an opportunity to be their closer. Didn't work out so well they also got a couple prospects left hander Hayes whose clothes are so he's in baby baby baby baby rookie ball. And at third baseman Greg last name Sheldon no easy he is at single a ball we are gauging interactions which. I think the best way to characterize his guru would be. There in one of two camps one is a test because the a's do this and shame on me for continuing to follow them and continuing to get hurt by this. The other side seems to be like whenever they always do this I knew it was coming. I'm not hurt by it. Doolittle and Madson on the reason I'm going to the park today I'm go to the park today for Matt Chapman. Dan and tender and I like that Burrell I know that stop product that's romance that's that's where your idea. Where you're also looking at the wild card standings in their six and have tracked the signal could be five and half will wake up tomorrow while. I don't know about that. To be then that would mean they want and every single came ahead of them all what don't you did. It's one team did she needs to lose. Also we've we've got two top prospect. From them and I'm not that he beat former. Miller said to be top prospects yes. And that but the guy Trenton ER no system to the four force is so. We got we got we. It bars before the as a party goes he's not the quote material that could have adequate response but I think. In the Indy reliever position that the youth you to a locked he got the opportunity to because I think we've got to do it and they'll be. Reliever but I mean that the excuse it PRD's it's been shut out because. Because I didn't belong in closer. Spot in these national vehicle or. Belida they put him there and. George if this should this trade is really about right now what they got in return it's more about. What's your visceral reaction. To hearing that look we all suspected. The days to trade a lot of their tradable assets and now we know it's in fact going to happen so how do we not assume the Yonder Alonso and sunny greater next up the door. I'd say that he it is there actually up there by force and great goes. I just thought he'd because. We we got to three years on him. Stopping to produce very well we need that veteran. In the rotation. I think he's a particular spot very well he's leading goes. Those young starters. In and I don't even treating him off but it's our dialogue because that. I don't know amenity that guy is doing really well and we can get a lot. I'm arrived in the eighties and almost eight years. I would look to see who we can give back where Yonder Alonso I mean I'm just. They Georgia and look I hope you're right that they're not gonna deal Sonny gray if they treat everybody but sunny great yes I'd be happy meant thanks for the phone call George. I appreciated. It's as she took Penske auto still stuck contacts and again I'm 5795. Michael this was to lift this looks different than the past the a's. Always had journeyman cast offs are oh geez who outperformed cheap contract with good pitching now looks like we're going with the Astros youth model. The question is can they find how high caliber. Young talent that's from Fred in the town I like it and that's not always been the case that we are healthy way to look at boring that's for Canseco McGwire Ricci did do that it was just doesn't Walt Weiss had Steinbach it was dads everywhere. Unless let's go wrap up the phone calls section of the program Sean is in free much on your and into the bigs who torment. There. Betrayed. It's to their top ten prospect and trying and trying and nasty it's our own command that are that it entered. Of the period in nineteen your old one of their top prospect on part of the picture. That's higher upside here I think it's another partner that's the trade deadline. And so ideologue and well all creatures that they are are are going into next year with a decent popular products here. All right or glass half full guys here thank you for the phone call Sean. We have not done killers in Kooks to Rupp. All to get to a few of the more American play the pre produced open or anything but I gotta give Charlie black and some love Graham for the longest time. I just kept waiting for OK this is another guy has put a big numbers disease with the Iraqis know he's put a big numbers confused as sick talent. He's got 320. People say about a dozen dollar derby he was in the home run derby he's a leadoff guy had a nice beer you see it in three to stop it with the beards everybody please stop it. Would be bad for ball. I'm should appear to don't jump the shark I'm done with the beards all right the only mayor Richard has the beard the women are dig in the big Rick Ross I'm what you come peach fuzz face but the beards are in their pocket grow one I can't I would have won the only beard like right now is Dallas Braden to beard because he complements it with one of the strangest most beautiful mobs you've ever seen on the top. Of anybody's head but anyway leadoff man Charlie Blackmon. Hit 320 with twenty bombs in 62. RBIs she is on my killer the list also. Cody Ballinger. The first cycle last night. And didn't finish it with a home run it was at a Tripoli finished it with. Either way. He finished it with a triple which is the most difficult to get some people say no matter your saga but somebody mentioned I believe it was Lucas our producer who's York. All those young guys on the Dodgers they had the exact same swing Roy Hobbs. Are all rolling are looking at launch angle and they want cherish victory here on whatever it is. They just keep churning network easier person to discuss if Peterson he's got also wanna put Morgan Freeman on my list of killers and it's got nothing to do with baseball but it's because. He said. He's not down with the word homophobia. He said it's not if you're not afraid. Your an a hole and I disliked act kudos to you Morgan Freeman on my list of Kooks Alex Bergman. Of the Houston Astros organization. Somebody tweeted that he should be traded he followed that Tweeter he DM that Tweeter and absolutely savaged them. Did he really think that Tweeter wasn't gonna go screen shot and send it out to the world and now we finally did you spend there are quieter. Italy's latest winner on a dumb ass when she do but what is her and say it really before seeing whatever it is what I think before seeing. He said well I see at the end of the year. They're generally a sweet screen shot wound this is what he rolled back to a fan I forgot I shouldn't give fleas on the net sector of society that time of day while we may be should trade Juba frat boys don't get traded. He said he. AM it's that maybe they should package Bregman for Chris Sale. And why oh why would you DM that you've got to know unless you're. Absolute jackass that's it that's gonna go public and stability here support talk about thin skin and you can simulate course yeah those veins and that is really really you have to call York. Very very bad for ball I also got to give props to Erin judge. When you're calling him the new face of baseball eyes that pump your brakes just a little bit but. Damn that guy isn't what he did in the home run derby. She now is my official king of the home run derby used to be Josh Hamilton for what he did at Yankee Stadium. Being down. Needing to hit 23 homers in the first round to advance and doing it. Sure auditor interest rates of about this you know I'm a big analogy got. I'm common judge Bill Russell and on call on Stanton. Kareem Abdul Jabbar bit MLB. Aren't there. We don't have a whole lot of time for gratitude thank you for my wonderful wife for allowed me to pursue my passion and you give thanks to your failing and I think the radio station. Preparing us together I'm having a good old time thank you shoot week and events thank you for the listeners who called in and sexton. Thank you Alex thank you to Lucas terrific job and take you to return because we're about to pass the to talk to him. For a little bit of aids dug out Sho bomber herbs he's you were this is 957 the game.