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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Ian Eagle (NFL Announcer for CBS) for a recap of Week 1 and preview of Week 2.


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Let's bring united go to the college game on TV is TV. For the New York Jets it's amazing they're such in in New York City team and if you look at the personality that's a great personnel on and the defense aside but the offensive side. I'm looking at the depth chart and I you know I guess are now arriving Anderson and Garrett who the hell are these getting settled in the column but that the. I'd say Wesley walker relentlessly. Millionaire Calgary yeah. Popped you want nailed it on the net when you start working on your chart you get ready to be games. There's a certain expectation level you've been around the league for a long time that. Some of these names are autumn. Mean there are some rookies some undrafted free agents but normally in the pretty good handle on personnel around the league. Did that help when the jets do not have the kind of roster that you have grown accustomed to being around in so long as you have. Are there. Right now at the bottom of the barrel critical player for player on 53 man rosters. Faith in me at the worst roster in the NFL Indianapolis Mike leader with. And look lecture Erik Dekker of seeing him on mine and mine too deep here you know look at for nickname golden Darrelle Revis and governor prior David Ayers and Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson. I can go on and so in any other sport you're so great at basketball we know we know that four letter word exists tank. In the NFL I don't know high you do it because you know guys get hurt anyone what do you do there. But all I'm reading about the New York papers is Sam Arnold nobody's talking about chats without. So just where where that yet said philosophically. With their football team and they're slashing their payroll. And you don't just just laughing off you know 68 really good football players I. Yet it completely hit the reset button and you're right it doesn't often happen in the NFL because let's face it. Guys are not playing for three years from their playing for two days no guarantees in the NFL can't help player about a way. We're thinking about nature trap so. Take it easy today at work that way there's there's a Mac truck coming at 200 miles per hour. You can't wait Witter out on the field and for the majority of the guys on this roster. They're not worried about 201820192020. They're worried about two days. Making sure they're lightly in tact that's why usually ranking doesn't work on. When you have a roster that just can't compete quarterback position Josh account Greek god and you know Greg. Wonderful. Now that vehicle and if you want to be your coach. Albeit coaching my coach in NFL. One day he's thirty years old he has not won a lot genes is distorting quarterback in the NFL he got very legal. Received an action because they're trying to see heavier in Burke stepped forward neither did it not to win the starting job. And they're asking Josh McCown to direct it's out with guys that just got to the team you've mentioned it. And alike should currently. And curse and we will high he's got on the roster in the season may log is your ladies in the crease he's got picked up all of weavers it's a tall order right now for the game. Yeah we love Josh exactly big Cheshire on the show in a short show tomorrow after a's baseball in Boston though we got a full show from elevate. Friday from the home of the raiders and it would Cheshire authority either fly and a funny so. I'll try to work it up but Josh is a great guy idealism town will be in town to a caller with a great dance outside CBS TV. And he knows the jets so well from work and their pre season games the last several years and he joins us setting up and let it pop and bunting that if I point seven a game. We don't we don't Josh we know we seasoned veteran guys are very capable player the other two guys Hackett Bergen Teddy. I don't know as well but do you think either guy. Is good enough to start in win in the NFL line. I don't and actually a lot of them petty it is competitors likeable he's now in the needing you could see like maybe Preston. Pre draft conversations. They used a fourth round pick on them I think it was a flyer applying. A backup quarterback and I think he can beat. Showed that in the pre season he can run the up and sufficiently. I don't think he can ever be an equity store in the NFL. Achtenberg there's not a lot to go on inactive all sixteen games last season cult of Richard year. Pre season this year they spoon first game against Tennessee look at which in and down it was don't fall it was to the flat. They were just testing it out the beginning of the West Coast and in salt they hand in the key to the car for the second preceding game in Detroit. He can't move the team in fact they're moving in the wrong direction sacks while bolts. Third game against the giants saying he'll want him to do well they're giving him chances. You just can't do it he's not accelerated. To do it at this stage I wanna say that he can't play quarterback in here felt meaty meaty can hang around. A long career that rumble we've seen right now. No they're gonna take a quarterback in the 2008 and there's no doubt in my mind and sand Arnold that it's Joshua roads and if it's Lamar Jackson agents and Josh Allen one of those names is gonna pop up and the name could be on their court on track to wreck it. Eyeing the shirt quiche on Johnson Laveranues Coles wing crew bed written. Vinny Testaverde champion Terry sugar about walker drugstores and play Sunday and if if if I think that. With that org guys you played the highlight leading into the conversation that was their only pre season highlight. That was it deserves it is certain it. Jerry we dug I watched every snap a tie their lot over the bottle and it was a perfect that was like your first series of the year consistency. Iron it was then you know look it's funny Greg been around so long that we understand how were pictures. With no note in a pretty long I know enough. Obama offset that effect. So you've got a quarterback like Eric cordless and you get an impact player of the net and be threats in Khalil Mac. The next year and now he's stored to put the pieces around them. Mari Cooper I'm not gonna go through the litany of moves wreck you can make the fat the blueprint now. In this week the jets are going to try to follow that blueprint. The difference is that the readers around the guy. In the second round if they didn't have to be knocked over the head. To take them they believed in him he let him grow through the pain and ten losses distort the career that still believed when you meet them. You've seen the price since you seem to Robert touch you can seem like someone in the organization Jeanette and you know that the guys trust me the worry about that result. That's the guy. The jets at. On that that's art which really tough in this league there's a reason why they hadn't been a consistent winner but it passed historic reflecting deep down organizationally. They note that. House tar balls filler right now I mean that you talk about Luke McCown there just a terrorist is we being in a situation where there are already looking for the franchise quarterback even though these. Only we're only one game minutes we seventeen any troubles. Couple years ago seemed to have this franchise on the open up and now seems like he's gonna be actually won't be able to conceive this too fresh in which they do get a top five traffic. You know guys I don't know the exact dynamic I've tried to do that to get the bottom of the I'd be in tight lipped and rightfully so maybe they'll know. I don't know if they're tied to that yet attacked in the Aegean polls that it coach holt was actually hired or act which normally doesn't happen in the cell. Talk about days literally days or hours between the two hires. I'm not sure if this it is. He mentality. The organization has passed down from the top let's reset which we shuffle it in the tech is just following through. Warrick he convinced them that's what had to do and that ice him a couple of years similar to Reggie McKenzie. People were getting a little antsy after years three and start producing some results here for five. Here we are in years six and everybody thinks he's done a great job so again it. I understand. I just don't know where polls it's in that he's on board or she's it's going to be axed because. The record is what it says it is you can avoid that goes on your personal record and he he could be a wonder to win team and smoke clears your. You know the voice she's been broadcasting for years and years and years decades. And longer than. A legal inched. From CBS TV audience out this weekend at work with a Great Dane fats and the raiders and jets he knows the jets well in San. Covering of the pre season. What you do what your broadcast of freezing in there for Sunday. There was one note he had against Josh account I guess I knew it when he mr. Nader years ago but all these years later it's still true did you say. And he's been in the NFL what fifteen years object to the or two draft ten different teams. He's had a different offensive coordinator ever. Is that incredible that actually use the kind of situations. And then when I when I stumbled upon that note. I have a double check their historical from the years two years the yes. Every single year that it or to do. And it's not a that you're on a different team every year banks and yours together a team. Still which as a coordinator so he knew what he is selling for six million dollars guaranteed he's got another clause in the contract. It gives him another 125000. Dollars for every story makes. And when it's all said and done. He's not going to be historic sixteen games which is not a up and they have to see if petty or amber and handle the bright lights. But he's gonna make a nice living and get another chance to start no other team is gonna get them that opportunity. I hear back in sunny California this weekend I was watching your your broadcast last week and you and integrate jab the culture just in disarray but wanna ask you about the rams obviously the united you have faced them coming up. A week from tomorrow on the short week after the go to Seattle. And your thoughts improvement we saw the pre season game in Oakland just amazingly better Sammy Watkins is there and chopped early running hard. Hired. Way I mean the rams and the culture disarray as we said. At the rams could be that much better based on what you what you saw you also had him in a pre season in the fight for LA and they played the chargers. It looked like that one's ugly. Out there this event that brawl. Yeah much better supporting cast they put off in the position succeed when you're at any law and due at Robert Wood she's wrapped Cooper cup. You're trapped shareholder Everett. What you improved beyond principle I would Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan. And yeah hire an opulent coach on the pay Bristol this is your job make him into a player let's find out that he can play. And I think they have a nice thing going hired other. People on the coaching staff that can work with Jared down with Warren apples and got in through a war with young quarterbacks. Or better there's no doubt about it it might be a little bit of fools gold because Indianapolis. It is really in shambles right now even with what I'm not sure the colts beat jury that. But the rams are better and that was clearly a better team and and as we said earlier when you start putting these charts together. And start writing down the names of players in background I knew just from that process this team would improve pace at. Credible players on their roster and last year it was a real struggle for them they put out the opposition lost seven straight games it was at all. And opulence of line no running game. And a lame duck head coach it's a different. Bite there no doubt we've met with them. I think it's very positive and they feel as if they got at least the makings of something now similar to what the raiders sold a couple of years ago when when things start to turn like. He's way that you guys would would get a kick Adam can meet them he's got. All sorts of energy he's gruden asked in the way he goes about his business and it's resonating with the players. Game much of the weapons and obviously a signing Robert Edwards the former bill making the trade. To get them in other former bill Sammy Watkins wrote with Cooper cup this repeatedly sought in the pre season opener how goody is that Atlantis and your broadcast on the bus tried the airport where he would fly out of Nashville. And did did did stop saying that that Cooper cup is gonna catch 99. Deep passes this year and reclamation Nike. 9090. And that you did not stutter did not Paula she didn't beat me like Korean afterwards like hey let's socio people react to that he believes it. He is so high on this young guy and I was blown away to you talked to the coaches you talk golf. They today he is not a rookie he doesn't act like a rookie he doesn't think like the rookie. And you know he played like a rookie and that that's something like the target from watching that game the other day practice as well. He's got something about it carries and shall we get from weight he believes. That. He's going to be an impact player and those numbers that he put a college people weren't weighted based on the competition. This guy he doesn't hear anybody's going up against you might live up to what parents but not 98 it's gonna be because he's going to be in the vicinity. Icahn agreed to post poster on the back in for a touchdown and like five minutes after about said that he dropped the ball so I thought maybe 89. You market to death at the ideal. Joseph legacies in stature raiders jets on Sunday he was in LA. Last week for the rams demolition the colts just one thought on Andrew Luck from the talk of the cold people do you have any sense of Wayne. Andrew Luck is gonna come back. You know complete mystery and I'm not sure they you know trip down I was in a very difficult position to new GM. They didn't fire base because he had years left on his contract that bank if it came down at that. And Irsay didn't want him like he could get fired during the season he's. Wonderful guy and on the plate for respects them. I just don't think he's in a position to two win games and succeed and they're trying to reshuffle the deck. They don't have a strong supporting Castro locked the shoulders surgeries stole. A little bit. Fuzzy as to what the process is going to be talking to some people it. Seemed like they were under the impression. That by August 1 he would start rolling. It didn't. He has to practice. At all I don't know peace even soft tossing this point out from week to be acknowledged there. I think in Guatemala populist historic because that would have meant six weeks and I'm not sure they wanted to come out publicly. And admit that it was going to be six weeks it may be close to that number. By the time they could figure this thing out I just didn't get a good feeling from the top of the people that we did that outlook is coming back intention. It's a sad situation over there Ryan in it in Indianapolis and I think about a player who was on him a beer for so long Frank Gore. I'm sure he doesn't want it in his career like this mean he's you know he's going to be in the top five when the salsa and done in. In all time rushing yards I mean how did you meet with them last week blows his vibe like on the Tina looks like it may not win two to 32 or three games aren't. Now that we didn't meet with frank I was pretty blown away when I was doing the crap we are key years. And where he's eventually going to be because Trent doesn't come to mind when you start thinking about top five rushers all time. But you're right he's going to be bigger keys climbing the list like he's on eighteen. Is not available on the ball. Certainly it's couple things in there and Arctic might just Michiko percent at this point you know it was just picked up. I told seeing it was just not ready for prime time and it's interesting and here. Now that position in particular. The raiders went through so many quarterbacks through the years. The backup quarterback position in the NFL oftentimes. You war. In better. Sheet for your career if you don't have to play. If you don't have to expose. What your ability oblivious to the rest of Leach got told inadequately Angela which he'll. I didn't get to snap pictures apple being in the back all year Hollywood and the again next year or another team would pick them to do in a elsewhere and they thought about it got app in the quarterback room to better handle pay him one point five million tobacco market. Now that you actually see that failed. I don't know anybody would sign. He would have been better off not getting the start and banking four more years in the NFL as opposed to his career possibly being old at the end of the season. Because teams look around and say. We don't wanna play. It's part like that would that. So I find it really intriguing in the NFL how that worked some guys can step in. And at least manage the game and others that just can't do it. With Frank Gore debt situation at some point there'll particularly younger. Back while we get an opportunity this team. Went over to retreat games there they don't want to seem younger and. When he went there is trying fifteen years people thought he was finishing these two Super Eagles they look just heard menacing eat at over thirteen thousand yards rushing. In his. Thirteen thousand workers and I have ever brought to the first time and it any just a freshman campus and Q which grades. Arrow and later. I grew up listening. You know when the governor and many candidates out Friday Saturday. Come and try and meet with the raiders middle of the downtrodden look toward to a. We're over actually our show from Alameda friends who actually really. In the for. Travel now well thank you guys are I the united thanks and I think about the roaming.