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Tuesday, September 12th

Howard Balzer joins Chris Towsend and Mychael Urban to break down everything that happenned in Week 1 of the NFL.


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Well now joining us we have Michael Irvin lists and I raise one of my all time favorites in all the years covering the end math now he is go to his website balls or football dot com. You can bomb on Twitter. At age balls are 721. Power it has been awhile but the football season has started and it's great to have you on my show again. Great to be review oh enjoy. Well I think about the start of the season I mean the way it started out the way Kansas City UN and an. Handled the patriots are now hearing go. Argo or the patriots done is we've are we cried and easy Tom Brady get dole. I mean so many different things happen on week one what are your biggest takeaways from the first week of the NFL season. Old generally I think that the biggest thing is that. And it's not that surprising. When you go into week one. And the teams really what you think about it you know they haven't been all that much. There's basically no contact and football anymore. Troop contact until you can be yen. And so it's not that surprising not that they get off a rocky start but when you have all of the combined forces. Of not that much time in pat. Questionable offensive line. With a lot of teams someplace is questionable quarterback. And some of the offense that we saw. What it's pretty dreadful. And so that that's the thing a lot of sacks in a lot of a lot of it's a lot of teams. Have a lot of problems on their offensive lines and against that among those two of those points. That I'm that I touched on. It is you know is what it would lead to that obviously yeah outline. In the Sunnis and that'll all. And it looked pretty good on offense but he's a numbers game that were competitive the number teams that. Couldn't even score in double digits you know hope that trend doesn't continue otherwise you could end up. I with a little Lotto. In some respect on watchable football. Howard when you look across the league after we won anything that jumped out at you as. A unit or a team or a player that exceeding your expectations now that. I'm assuming the raiders defense would fall into that category for him but what else around only surprised in a positive sense. Yeah the other raiders defense did that surprise we probably that was released last year there were a lot of questions about it. They're going into this game but the they did a pretty good job against which would put everyone thought would be a pretty good up and they shut down the run. Which was which was you know pretty impressive. And and that's another thing you know in the pre season has something it ran the ball well obviously but the crease he's running backs. Never get the ball. And so he can't make third downs in not sustaining drive. And all the sudden it's hard to run the football but I'll play a team that I'm really I'm wondering about going forward. Is Jackson though because here was a situation where they go to confuse the but all the emotion with the Texans are coming back coming for the home game and all the talk about how they wanted to make the can't crown and give them three hours on Sunday afternoon at all the pit stop. It happened there and they just lady you Jack and lying propped up sensibly the optical line was awful if they don't have their left tackle Duane Brown who's gonna hold out. All summer and they gave up ten sacks and I knew that Jack would outward defense. Was pretty good. But they just came away at that team and then on the flip side it Jack likely that we're able to do what they could do. Be competitive and that were on the football with a rookie running back letter Florida and so bleak portals. Isn't forced to do too much. And so that was a winning recipe for that that in on that game. But you know movie off occurred at the big and I bought fiscal it and I'm very entry a lot of the run the young running backs. Around the league and we saw a lot of really strong performances. I believe it's supposed to be easy. Not about running. But it was booked out and cook Monday night for Minnesota obviously Kansas City would Kareem on on Thursday warned that the Christian McCaffrey and that you're number. But it agreed combination of running and receiving. In the campers went so you know weeks we saw some really really good young running backs. And I think that that some of armored medical team fortunes other teams Tennessee. How are balls or with a Syrian interest thousands shown at a five point seven a game and Howard last week cam Inman who is a long time beat writer for the 49ers. Will was talking to us about offensive lines and how often an online play and the money that's put in the offensive line is just different. Everything used to be frat built from the inside out. But it's harder than ever to judge these college lineman is everybody is counseling and spread it. And they're constantly in pass protection. Even their runs are all coming out of shotgun. Where is offensive line played today verses where it used to be and that used to be your number one strain. Oh my goodness it's it's it. It's a far cry from what used to be and and cam was right on and that's the beginning of that with the guys a lot of guys that come to the NFL. On prepared so that's a part of it then they get to the end. And especially that virtue in your a lot of people playing young guys. And when the company and it felt you know they don't have a lot apartment pads after they have the whole you know get ready for the draft and then they have OTAs and gloom. There in mini camp. And and then. You have. Not a lot of time really for those guys to work together because you're a coach when their when week. In the media about the optical line in the off because they well Rick we get that. Now they're not the impact you know hardly at all. Collecting data backs them it's hard to keep a lot together because of you know about continuity because guys leaving. Create NC there's injuries. On the ball kind of thing. But I'll tell you. I think one part that it. Is that coaches. With what the rosters the way they are now coaches they don't keep that many opera for the linemen. On their roster and sold and the only two games a lot on seven guy. Is seven guys active maybe eight at most but usually set and so that'll let you get an injury now. With with the lack of depth that there is not not to mention from the starting line with the lack of depth a lot of times. It was one guy goes down instead of being able to another guy that spot on country move. You know it makes were three changes at all when you do that and guys are playing together they're not comfortable with the other they don't have that chemistry. And as a you to back on it seems so we could spend an entire Chicago. You know talking about offensive line like in the league all the reasons why it is what it is but. You know about almost things are contributing factors. Gliders are probably a look at Nicole a little cold got blown out and Andrew Luck wasn't there and certainly without a part of that. But they're offensive line right now is the shambles with some injuries and they they didn't even know could be starting. In the middle last week excellent response well and they lost the rookies that are out rook Yassir Ryan Kelly rookie last year beat her out. Excited and they were they were starting on the free agent. At center so you have been like back on Europe at the line. Very difficult to maintain any continuity. On offense against these athletics at the fences that are that are out there. Yes Howard in in a strange way it might have been a good thing and Andrew Luck was not playing behind that offensive line. This weekend pale a lot of fans in the Bay Area not just fans I heard some actual national analysts some writers. Predicting. A level of success for the San Francisco 49ers this year that I just did not think responsible we actually had somebody. A national guy predicting nine victories for the Ford owners this year now where that optimism comes from other then. The name value of John Lynch in count sharing and success. In Atlanta I'm not quite sure but it seem like some a lot of people expected. Pretty quick fix which. If you've been paying attention this is not a quick fix. At all that being said. They did not perform well on Sunday is this a harbinger of the struggles. That come or do you think things can get. You know get better relatively quickly. Well I don't know relatively quickly because it still comes down personnel in the late. And I'll say to anyone who predicted nine wins for the team. Just look at what happened at the when Kyle cent in the first year when he went for the falcons now it wasn't that goes you're the operative coordinator. And they had Matt line. The quarterback think he's a little better forty four quarterbacks but who you know at wide receiver Nikita pat better than any receiver. 49ers roster took a little bit. And they won eighteen of their first year. And as the patent was with Shanahan the offensive coordinator and so there's a certain amount of time to take I think every. Little bit. And at a pivotal the crime here has dementia and opposite the court. And Brian that rhyme or at quarterback but he's Brian Hoyer and the only late going to be successful. It would players around. And right now it's just not there on top ten and we sought scored three points. On Sunday so I don't pick going to be quick fix I don't think chatting intimately and think it will be equipped and they understand it. You can't say that much because then they had they been all you monopoly not confidence he played a little bit competent game. But he'd Downey knows it's going to beat. Option and it may take time to get the right pieces for the top of and for the team. To really show improvement IP they can be better certainly it would land than they were here. But nine wins that lecturing. Do you think it'll be a lot like always always Pete Carroll and John Snyder starting in 2002 and where Howard they made more moves transactions. Guys and guys out than anybody in the league. By far in Italy finally got the right guys you think that's what we're gonna see in Santa Clara. Beyond local beat that number changes that could it out in terms. You know getting the guys on rosters that that they feel that they can win with. At some point you can't do that as much because he'd do you do need continuity in the sleek to be able to win as we're talking earlier but. Yet that there's there's there's there there will be more changes in what one of the yet but obviously I I I actually let their retirement readers among talked about. Until you let. Let the first Saturday to an end in September. But people call final cut on anybody look how many roster changes their pin to cut the degree. No such thing in the final cut. Inept in the NFL. So yeah there's going to be changes and they and they know it. Like exit deep down they realize you know what they're up against and he does hope to be competitive but. And so what stewed about staying healthy and not not that that they lost Foster and so those are gonna happen but I. I think in time. Yet to be patient political bands art agent nobody station everywhere want this you know that's winning. What need to happen right away and sometimes he spoil it. The other team could want to lock you get that now wire something that those starter out quickly and everything that they think should happen there well. It happens very rarely. And yet at the look at those as being like that out liars and different that not happen every bottom line in this league. They're the a lot of teams are close and so some teams are going to be good actually in actual order coming in sports. And and it's gonna take it could take a year to for the 49ers really I think. At the pieces together whether truly consistent and competitive team. Howard could you explain to the fans what a massive jump it is going from coordinator. To head coach I I've talked some friends of mine who weren't necessarily. You know huge football fairs and to quote can't be that big radio you got a lot of responsibilities a coordinator you just have to deal with the media Mars head coach it's a lot more involved in it. Then that commute can you put it in layman's terms for the fence at that. You know it's okay it. At every thing that happens with the team everything. Every little problem every little thing well coordinators in this egotism on everything you're about stuff that lands on the head coach's desk. But everything. Lands on his desk on the field off the field different issues here different issues there and yeah enemy immediately as a part of it. But it premiered yet a thing it's hard to explain I've never been in there you don't know everything everything about it. But the way to explain what it's like is every every guy becomes a head coach. Talked to every other coach maybe not every other than a lot of people you know in the lead and they all talked about there. The adjustment what it's going to be like all all what's different about it they all talk all the coaches about it and yet every one. To a man or then say no matter what they call will be on the prepared before it really want and at what you experienced that as liberal and you just don't know. And back back back essentially at. And it even harder. When you. You know head coach who's also essentially running the opposite. And bad then your allegiances are split because your your. Our argument that go to the whole scene yeah if you are but you're also took an responsible. Two minutes responsible for about that and that that's typical around like it's a little. Adamant department. And then he became the CEO of the entire company now buckle everyone and yet you still remain. The department and that other you know 11 department and company. That Ethiopia would do the job. That well I tactic would be affected the channel and so that's what happened in the situation. You know. Owner GM they hire coached mainly because. There they are great coordinators. Offensively. Or defensively. And so I wanted to do that with the team. And so it's tough peep hole and so many different directions it's why I've advocated I've said that many times and John Mark bought up about it. I I think more special teams coaches should be considered. To be head coach because those are guys. That deal with a mere at a different players opt cents. Defense guys are common in coming out every time starter is injured someone for some back. Back up mood to be a starter and then special teams guy at. Go to the pact with somebody else ought street. That may exceed basically everything. That goes on the team and I and I and done a marvelous special teams coach I think on those guys should be considered more. The job and then they're not they're not going to be responsible for one side of the ball I'm waiting. For the first coach to really think are right general manager owner rights they. Really go outside of the box and going that direction I think. Higher pick the right guy I think he'd be making sometimes better short. Howard great stuff as always we appreciate avenue on the program have a great night we'll talk to you as soon. Anytime guy. Guys who enjoy it daycare.