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Friday, February 16th

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On picked Tyree. Irene. Didn't wanna play with the alpha dog because in Cleveland I guess he thought he was a beta cat. Yes I got a ring but that's not enough I want to be that guy. Any bailed. Now they're on the same team they will be pretty cool to see them. Back on the same page again if they are. And then of course KD vs the warriors. And it'll be in another all star game whether for warriors on the flourishes this time it'll be three against one. Because of course can LeBron take Kevin Durant and all came up against. Staff who picked playing Andre to beyond team's staff. And it'll be fun to see them go out it. I'll also keep this in mind too for the dunk contest. By the way you're listening 957 again KG MZF one FM in HD one San Francisco. As we enter the last hour ever for this studio. Why no one carriers are fine. The high flyers on the dunk contest. And listen Viktor Earl deep ball I mean course like oh my gosh that's who the pacers god that's what she got. For the likes of Paul George and the guy turned himself into all star. Been fantastic. He's and that we know he can dive Larry Nance junior. Back I can fly. But really I think the main storyline. For the dunk contest is around a couple of rookies. And the aforementioned guys have played tonight and not and the rising stars game. Donovan Mitchell. And Dennis Smith junior. If you go on NBA dot com. They've done highlight reels of the dunks these guys have done this year. And we'll see how gimmicky they are to me I just wanna CO hook Mitchell rod Barksdale jump over a ten speed on a playground do 360. I'd love to see a JR rider east bay funk Don I don't need somebody to blow out candles on the way out. Or try to dunk to at the same time I know some people say get rid of the dunk contest I'm not one of those guys. I think it'll be I think it'll be fun. And then the three point competition. Everyone knows play can shoot. I think people know Bradley deal can shoot. But the guy you gotta think. For me the dark horse is Wayne Ellington. Wayne Ellington to me sounds like get an RB star back in the day low I had some anyway and Wayne Ellington homes. Wayne Ellington is probably the least known participant. But he's what they heat. This guy is a three point machine only four players in the NBA have knocked down more three pointers and Wayne Ellington. James Harden Paul George. And Klay Thompson. That's debt. Cell Wayne Ellington and keep. Keep your eyes out for that guy I think you'll recall I think the thing is also. I wanna see more from beyond us. And had a cool bull the Greek free. It's it's funny how works in the NBA because it was all about the you know brown. Oh my gosh look at this tall guy Woody's ball handling skills and then be honest comes in LA where they are talking about the number 54. But it's not as much and then the next guy going to be after the mostly. That's the beauty of sports. But I think in a during last year he made his all star game debut made all sorts of ridiculous plays every you dunked over staff. But this time the guys he was dug in around. Instead of dunking on Currie now he's into playing with Terry. I'm gonna look for some cool Alley oops. My favorite play in the last year All Star Games would be that curry behind the back Ali you talk hardened coming down the lane that got me out of my seat. But I can also tell you last year's all star game. This was such a dud number curry literally laid down on the hardwood. He laid down. On the hardwood. Edit was walled O'Dowd and docked. You go down and down. Now will go down a dark and it got boring after awhile. I I don't I think there's still gonna see a lot of that. Are they gonna CD flagrant Sar hack A Shaq in this game. But I do think it'll be a little bit more competitive. Just just a little bit more competitive. That's all that's all I want. Armed. Skills challenge as the third you're in a row that big men have been invited. And the skills challenge and you wouldn't know it unless you remember that they've come away victorious the last two times in 2016 it was Karl RT Townsend took home the trophy. And last year as Chris stops parsing yes. And of course unfortunately his season has ruined what that knee injury. By big men in the league they're count non joined beads NN Andre Drummond. Al Horford Lori mark an end. Thus if they can now do some with the skills game any other things do. They geely is gonna have their slam dunk competition. And that will be Sunday before the actual game because the dunk competition for departure and the LB on Saturday tomorrow. And then Sunday before the game will be the G league formerly the deal they now share the of course because it's the Gatorade glee but it's a developmental league you know. But last year if you look at the dunk competition. It was sick. It was really. Really sick. Com I love that and Daschle as they said the fact of the matter of because the way they've done that. It just looks at just looks a whole lot better I'll go to the fault lines AAA 9579570. Pence got to sell stock contacts and I'm 5795. As I'll be honest with the as he was leaving today I ask this person they should call up tonight. Annie has Eric pop the producer of the afternoon alive and raider football. This is our last night in fact we're on less than an hour laughter what are some of the memories that you take away from these studios. Rick challenged him being coached and old ones go to a program. What you got man. Was so my favorite Marines lets me. There's been many a time where I've bored out to eight games and tell you told me regarded the only. They're going to these are 2015. Word is blocked by one run every night. And whether it was extra innings or whatever at this stage so passionate night. Imagine if Taiwan had to sleep almost all of the hard ground which you are sitting under encouraged getting over right now. So. I asked whether that's you know many a time did that and the good times like. You know and everybody's just been on this. You know why did you spend the night there. Good sport but don't you know. It's not about. You can't you can't they each had. No reports in order to remotely. I see. Sell it that what what what happened to the the couches whether it was Zach on a what did you see about one of the couches. Usually they will be locked the doors to the carriages doors that would be occupying them but. Arabs and sometimes you just. You know we worked at a later he gets you drunk the night before he attacks started. At the studio or in the green room where he used to work in his wake up on over and not do a show. By the way and I said that knowing cares whose except us on the Penske got to sell stock contacts I 95795. Before away just said studio. Should moody you know. A it would get derive. Now what do you think of the new studio. He went over there it's kind of fancy a little too fancy for you and I'm Rick but no we'll get adjusted. And it's nice. Oh pilgrims. All right and finally for those who. Are looking forward to two next week's afternoon delight seniority the yet have you already bought some fascinating guest. I won't be reportedly confirmed by our vacations so. Whatever they're the polar producer as planned he's good for them. All right so we take away from the ball used to sleep right here. On the targeted studio. We need to Rick quite pretty yet. She called the cold ground. And just in general everything you you had a blast it and the thing is. No one wants to hear about how you got to stay till after midnight for the people who want to get into broadcasting that I wanna hear about how much she had the. The trouble badness don't do it. All right hey enjoy your trip Derek actually call. Rick we a couple of bars and childish Gambino booklet. And probably not. Courage. I had and because there's too much wiring and it. I'm hoping. It cleared up a little bit don't want nor Russia was giving you what you rickety. All right thanks for the call Derek. I appreciate the stare Pablo we went karaoke and I passed saying. Summer camp by childish Gambino I think everybody. Kind of their jaws hit the ground when I did that flawlessly and that every word. Then again. West at about twelve rap songs I think we urge. Onto the mental and only the know saw dirty white boy. Are the first time you play though less than out like who is that you know like it's you. I know again I'm sure that is me dirty white boy it. Why did I say dirty white boy thought but that's my favorite moment. In the history of here. 510. Says. Rick your moving into. Broadway in New York known brought Lance Harris is in fact tomorrow and make sure we start playing old. Makes allowed posse is on Broadway me into temptation and and home away from home. And yes somebody else by the fact that when herbs and five. Did the warrior post game. And as I said well and 957 game when we were courting the warriors we said. If you come over to us we will love you like you've never been loved and we stayed true to that when they won the title. We did a Tony for our post game show. 24 hours. And when I was asked direct. You wanna do 3 AM to 6 AM for the warriors championship I say no to that. We used to leave. I came and I did a Michael Irvin and I think the crazy thing is is that the lines or led. The whole time. I thought it was going to be may be. Our raccoon and a math head but as actual. People call then and by the way the Bleacher Report is reporting that the giants have come to terms what Tony Watson. In the bullpen does a great addition to the giants opened let's say how many years and how much do we get a terms have not been released. Here's the thing to everyone the way it works now as everyone on Twitter already knows. How many years it was. We know we'll do we'll find out but says it appears that acorn the Bleacher Report Tony Watson slotting and to that anyone aware or is a lefty than ever since Tommy Lopez are actually know last year Bobby Lopez you're asking. Or that guy is one more segment all laughed but the rest cyanide. And the rest of the studio ConAgra chilly night if I seventy yet. Now back to the original show on 957. Big game. Thank you so much that I welcome back to. I shall take until 11 o'clock the rest of the way Maryland loved how do you participate in the sultry lying AAA 9579570. The Penske out of cells doc Comtex finest 95795. As I mentioned dumb after this segment this'll be the last one ever in this building remove an orderly and the next building over there on battery and Broadway and we bring in now John Dickinson of course he does everything for us she's down in LA for all star weekend. And the foray into that JD was the kind of middle bid. Missed all jig and melancholy here and I told the story of you and I do and I I show on Christmas morning morning eleven. Is there something. Story aired when I think about these studios and all the time I mean you've been here all time since Monty and gives that show. But what any memories that come to mind. Well it's just it's just that really it Rick it's the fact that yeah I was did one of the originals honestly it was Chris Townsend and and mommy and then I think I was fifth circuit judge they hired as far as guys that work. Actually around it is talent Demi far before afar before they were they renovated everything remember that the board out east to sit in the studio. And face us and and the producer was behind it behind guess the city or even facing the produce certain. If you were the that that profit you can have your back to them. Yeah that's pretty wildly when you think about it yet you AME gosh 2011. And now yeah at a show on Christmas of 2011 that was some. That mouse then candidate that I and we we did that show because no one loves us. A brighter we we now almost as opposed to say live local everybody else is doing reruns I think that was a the fact that exactly now is and that is what good the data locked out ended. Yes good title and Alamo remember passing the the clippers. Give more lined up to get autographs outside the same Regis on the way here and I thought man Christmas morning. It's like 8 o'clock in the morning it's it's freezing outside. That's when you know you really want an autograph aren't. Let's take a look at the game dole bush take a look at that at the all star weekend we have the rising stars tonight. And I'm looking at the slam dunk competition and I know Ole deep on Nance can fly out of the building but for me. I'll look at a couple of Roche and Donovan Mitchell. And Dennis Smith junior I think it's going to be between those two what do you think. Yeah I think Iraq right on the money and Donovan Mitchell showed off a little bit in the rising stars shackle bench tonight and he has incredible leaping ability. And a whole heck of a lot of flare it to go with it and and it did Dennis Smith at the end of that game. Nearly brought the house down Greg a game that are done that I think would it. Have probably won on the dunk contest. Had he made it and of course completed it tomorrow nights and I think you're right on the money when it comes to it to those two. Dennis Smith is probably the guy that would be my favorite I I think he's built for. He's built for a dunk contest. Sounds kind of funny but it just deals he'll have the ability to creativity. The athletic schism to study the raw power that you need. To be able to it to cram one down so I think if I don't when he can I put Dennis Smith slightly ahead at Donovan Mitchell but Mitchell. Has an incredible amount of explosiveness. And and he's he's more of oh lead for I think where. Smith has a combination of just of power. And just aggression. To go with says that the youth youthful leaping abilities I would actually agree the I would put those two guys says the very top of the listen and I'll probably lean Smith's. They you know what's funny back in the day when it was you know Jordan and and and Dominique Wilkins and the stars now on the stars alike and we got the point and I think it was on Brent Barry one wearing a sweat jacket people like they really need to hear rid of that I'm glad they didn't get rid of that but for you. How much of that. Do you wanna see something. New and creative and then jump over a VW and blow a lot of candle on the way are how much you just wanna see guys take off from the top of the key in and just keep it simple. You know for me it's more the latter I wanna see guys actually make their dogs I don't think we ran into this you know years seemed like it was 23 years. It may be as many as five you know your stretch of where you know leave they'd have they put the guys on the clock and they'd have a certain amount of attempts to hit. It did get it done down and and they spent so much time being creative her at no problem. That half the time they would even make it dunks it would come down to the one player that actually would make his dunk. You know our idea he gets a 45 and moves off at the facts to back out policy has going for. I wanna see guys go on for fifties but I wanna see. In Jordan and Dominique Wilkins and in those guys in in the Vince Carter. You know it at the arena in Oakland there. After it was renovated in 2000 wanna see guys make their dogs I wanna see just powerful aggressive. Dunks. And yet I you know that the candle was cool and jumping over that he had an ad to prop the minimum I'm not opposed to it. But if you're gonna practice it practice it well executed aquatic I don't wanna see. Five missed dunks. And two maid dunks you know around I wanna see guys actually because there's nothing like that roar and and you I've witnessed it last year in New Orleans and and and sure will be on full display. Here in Los Angeles tomorrow night there's nothing like that they'll build up then and all the flashbulbs popping. And a moment where you were here. Waiting for somebody to it to go up for a don't connect contest and then eight ratings out if if step up and everybody goes on top. And it young instantly it's AO it it would appreciate you think wow I would have been tremendous and it actually got down. Portola John Dickerson JD is down in LA and the three point competition. We know clay can shoot obviously around these parts and and Bradley deal of wall we have heard maybe he'll have a chance to be. Member of Washington that all remember in this contest but. I said Dina keep it juvenile for Wayne Ellington because he's not really a household name but only Harden. Play Currie and Paul George have more threes. He's the fifth most prolific in the league eating any place for the heat target set out here we don't hear a lot about a much what are they about Wayne ellington's chances. If he's really smooth and you know idea it Klay Thompson I think this is built for it. You know just that they catch and shoot and he catches the ball in the perfect position did just rapid fire he's almost like a robot Ellington is a really smooth. And might take him a little bit longer to it to get the to get a shot up. So no I I think you'll heir Gordon you can't sleep on him I mean he he was simply that I actually didn't think was was well suited. Yeah the three point shoot out. And Eric Gordon just you know he stole the show last year. But in New Orleans in a building knew that he used to play you know with so. That the pelicans franchise there so I and my money is count on clay in and I hate it. I hate to build pick the local guy or beat Canada homer but I just I feel like playing. At Staples Center. You know down in LA you know staff was kind of joking around a dated you know clay didn't hasn't practiced at all he's just gonna show up in just fire away. It just did it kind of feels like today it might be played here and I'll tell you I'd mention this open earlier bet. You know they have all the community and and charity events to go on now now on Fridays that's really where you get your opportunity and it have a player availability and it's a clay Thompson was it was planned with junior NBA. Knows junior NBA case it's cliff tops of working out with a bunch of kids in. And he's guard nick did knock on the ball OK if you don't they feel hounding him defensively. And then the kid just it in a moment of classic clay where he just. He kind of loses focus that kids. Sees an opening in just. Beats him off the dribble and for a wide open layup braces in misses it NEC clay get the rebound. Dribble it back out you know put up a practice shot any air balls that it's just a spectacle but not with. It's just that that that childlike joy and I in the zone that that they Klay Thompson is in. I still feels like this is a clay year to me as far as the three point shoot out there without staff they're ready to compete with yeah. And I didn't believe me people around here I hope you're right on before the game on Sunday that the geely is gonna have a slammed I can and last year. Of course you know Dili but. If you look at what they did last year this it's pretty amazing but I mean you'll be you'll be in the building ego like maybe take a peek at the the geely competition. That's cool unless I think it's it's so when. You're always he get there and it feels like a big event and then sometimes there isn't. Sometimes there isn't a whole lot going on you know in the lead up on Sundays he's all star weekends yet it almost feels like. The game itself is a little bit and that anti climactic can it and it sudden death something going on there is is very cool. But now I yeah I'll check it out and not look up check anything out although I I do I'll be honest I didn't check out the celebrity game that does celebrity gala is actually where I drama I'm either. I went to the rising stars game Mitt innocent fun young Lucy Liu is. It was fun to watch him you guys were not allowed the defense there's a tremendous shooting a couple of the Sacramento guard says for the world team not bode Donna bitch. Both done though Donna mentioned in buddy yield balls knock him down a bunch from from deep involved Donovan Jackson won the MVP of that game. So it was fun to see those guys get some run knows the yeah. I I enjoy the whole weekend. Or I draw the line no celebrity game ring connect since it everybody has their limit. And for me that's that I testing don't even know I don't don't even put me down for credential for that forgive me and everything else in at all. I'll shoot video we'll talk about it live reports and get audio home Purdue and NBA this week from here tomorrow. All that that celebrity games right draw a line. But not only that nothing makes me feel more old because I have never heard any of those celebrities. I mean seriously how I have no idea who know they are are more questions for JD. I mentioned wall is out. DeMarcus Cousins is out Kevin Love is out increase stops parsing guesses out when you say out of all the guys that aren't there we we probably missed part of thing Assange. Yelled at DeMarcus Cousins have a terrific season in if you remember at last year you know something always happens that for DeMarcus Cousins. Right around the all star break in his career he got traded during big team last year. From Sacramento to New Orleans with the game in New Orleans. He played in two minutes I remember Steve Kirby and asked about you know why Eddie play so little and and you know was that plan was there something going on an 88 clearly. It won't. We found out what the answer was with him. Being shipped out during the game there he's had their coaches. Now fired. Is during the middle of the year coaches that thought we're gonna get fireworks fired where he's got that he'd be asked about that the media day. A city officer games never been. Funds for DeMarcus Cousins and he's really had a terrific year. So that's that's one guys for Meehan and he was. Voted to be a starter. On the squad and I think cast you know that that's why McKenna sticks out for me. And it intersected a devastating injury and injury that leaves him. You know in a position where you really don't know what kind of a player that he's going to be an opposing guesses injuries is just as devastating but it. Poor's Hingis has youth on his side richt enough for me cousins I think it says. Allen hits home because the pelicans were really good shape tipped to make the playoffs and he was gonna get into the playoffs talking about cousins for the first time in in his career. Had that happen and so he goes down. And now looks like you know there coin flip they they've they've righted the ship a little bit in the last week or so but I think it's so going to be tough for them to wind a Macon itself I'm gonna miss bogey cousins after. You know I am having a couple years there where he. He he had a rough all star break. You know it's funny while you're saying that I just looked at the headline the stars though the all star celebrity game work somebody named Kwan Mo and then meet. I have no do you know who quad ball or dead meat is. I have I have heard of them but again that that wasn't I mean literally I think I'm the only guy here if you look at his credential. Did you they've got to Kurt and nearly got the credentials and it got late there's what I. That mine. Right now there's 123 there's nine different like things on the credential like gadgets and their skits and this it says they are public little initials. And I think I'm the only one that hasn't won blank. I I would I had everybody has Somalian I need is you felon and you tell yet we're gonna go to got everything even if nobody really knows everything. But I I now explain feels pretty game. I think we know that the the intrigue of a LeBron pick and Tyree and of course Katie playing against the three warriors we also know. If it means anything or not the winners get a hundred K. The losers get 25000. I don't think we're gonna see hack A Shaq flagrant fouls but I do think it's gonna be more competitive don't you think. I agree media I I think that the way they split up the teams I think will help it. You know just did the basketball fan in me I know warriors fans are probably open at all for warriors want it together and they they made Russell Westbrook play with a McGann like it did last year. That's the fourth it'll get what I need in just beat tormented by it. As west Burke you know just kept. Hogging the ball and score on and will but no I I actually thought it would have been fun if if the two had been split if you had had like maybe Korean. Carrying clay dream on didn't and Iran you know some some kind of combination of the two split. Among the different teams but I do think it's it's gonna be fun I mean I side. Just look at the draft. Haven't LeBron end up with a rant. Which makes the whole thing go but then curry gets yon scary gets its hardened. It was cool to see DeMarcus Cousins on that none that team LeBron as well as Westbrook. And then today we yet we found out. What Al Horford and LaMarcus Aldridge it was reported any Chris tainted VS PA and got it leaked out that those two guys were actually the last six holes so Horford and in LaMarcus Aldridge. The last two picks may be there at the least flashy. Of the group. Among all the all stars. Finally JD I'm just talking about the war as you mentioned tomorrow I had to do in the area this week he'll be down there Stein will be in our new studios. I'm Steve Kerr who kept talking about a trip to Hawaii kept talking about the last couple weeks a they were tired I know members of the media said hey I went to China and I'm still tired from that any got the plane they are not listening coach your selves. I want Imus I think sometimes incurs. Who want us like he would tell you you look fat in those jeans I mean I love that is honest but I mean sometimes I think maybe the players listen too much and think. A we are tired. Yeah I think they've created they've created a lot of their own excuses this year I think Sony they were talking about being tired. Gone back to training camp you know what may. You know was such a short training camp right now everything started three days early in the and they were going to China. In the season was going to start a week early and then they they had to. A couple of long road trips early on in the season so. No I I think you know eat Kerr talked about the dog days safe they can go away as he's known to do an early January and it just seemed like. From the moment that Stefan curry came back. The warriors that they just know they have that margin for error. Order you know one big runs can win in the game even if they play relatively poorly otherwise and I think what they found is that one big run has been harder to Muster. Than it has been in the last few years have they found themselves down at some games and and they can't quite dig dig themselves. Out of a hole or when they do. They the team justice is turned ugly as all get out the book before they're actually able to do it. And it's it's like that makes a bad habits frankly it's it's that no knowing that you're the most talented team knowing he had this great margin for error. And just not playing no not play in the way you have to play because. You're so good you know you can win anyway and I think that's the one thing. They did that the warriors are gonna try to eradicate here. As they come back from from the all star break with what 24 games to go this is just get. Okay now now it's go time for much as maybe they had a built in excuse the last six weeks Rick. Now the one thing they've all said is okay now it's go time so. It if it winds up not being true. In the next two weeks out of the break then I think we've got some real problems in addition the fact that hey the rockets are already half game ahead of what that tiebreaker. Great stuff as always from John Dickinson make sure to follow him on Twitter at JD John Dickinson thank you time JD and I look forward to your show at 9 AM get some rounds will also will hear you on the Airways soon. Sounds good and Rick cut close it out in style is only you can their dad and that building in the final twenty minutes or so I'm all right thanks JD. As shady down there and not move us on LA's. And dumb on the Penske out of cells doc contacts on 95795. The 51 now. Rick I'm listening with my homey. And we're wondering are you guys are moving to. Liars the thing the guy who wrote studio shoot videos actually right. Because it's something that and it's not gonna affect anybody listening they're not gonna notice at organist be on the same place on the dial. One on nine boy nine and the fans that now we're still going to be 9570 and it's just that I five has been long stalled Jake you know we've been here in just about seven entire years. I've been here since since since it started and just asking the listeners out there especially now it's 1037. Some of your favorite moments some of your favorite people. Over the years now. My producer Whitley. And engineer west's. They say we have audio of the greatest caller. In the seven year history. Of 957 again they say this. As the greatest caller was someone calling in to Chris Townsend. After the raiders lost to the chargers let's have a listen. Partly that's got to chip it'll Livermore chip welcome to 95 point seven again. I assure me don't vote I'd alienated. A lot. Aren't out I can no I don't want to talk. But I call it art that again because. You don't ever try to sort Earl ray. It is a low how it reconciled with McCain by. Are calling encoder transport million. Well the I've gotten back had treatment on on on our main ought to pick up my computer garner. The sort. I can't I around she's there with me. That's called a commercial. That was pretty good. I think that was the commercial. I was like it was never like mountain my ex. Engraved on all I was dread I does that in the area of the vote lead having done it. Yeah you know what all of our sponsors please give them by your custom. Right now on the warriors listening in Texas a and defended the you do a little know warrior for a little more well are your goals. I'm a guy named egos can't believe I don't know who clawed though is I'm so sorry I know who Daddy Yankee is does that count. I guess not. 650 wire you guys moving. Because the man told us to. ESPN and ESPN. And dirt com we used via spin back or neck Entercom has purchased CBS. Tory minority there CBS bill and this is the way it works lol I am a whole word. The 40 wait I love how your degenerate gamblers. Not many but thanks to that I I've figured out what I was very very young. That gambling does not pay. Not even as fight crime. Ever notice in Vegas have you ever flown into Vegas she looked out the window. And you see a million construction cranes. That's because new casinos are being billed as fast as they can build them. He has everyone who flies then. Everyone except one woman from Champaign Illinois who hits a 50000 dollar slot machine does a blood curdling scream until goes down your spine. She goes home with a check everybody else goes home pour. That's why there about it. Break love talking to you Ed root beer flowed day Tony stepped on my toes. While don't get mad at him you know how crowded it is a repair for flowed day. 408 loved bead T let uncle pounding. And by the way you think about all the that the people ought to be on the air here. Not counting the ones that are here now. But back in the day first starting off Sports Radio 957. And then knowing that they had gotten the rights to 957 the fan 957 to score and and a 57 game that went on the last one. The first drive time show is Brandon Tierney air Davis French here in the DT. Us to my son. He Ricky had you don't you don't you all right Rickie a eager to see iriki AE. He's doing great. National radio Tiki Barber and Eric Davis. Former 49 or worked for the NFL network for awhile. John one very good guy still in the biz drew offer to offer when he came in just about natural talent. He was all I was like. It was all our little brotherly love that guy I just natural. Pure talent that I mean he just he is. Journal offered to me. At his age. And more natural talent and his aides and anyone I've ever met radian I really believe that. Whiting and cry and small when did the rise guys in the beginning so many great bids jock birdie of the word of the day all that stuff. They brought in Rick blue column memory hammered Butte Kern ideally here. Aubrey Huff was here for awhile Sean O'Connell Sean calls a good guy Chad doing a gentleman he was the head of the end the number one chair for flight 957 that was when Joan mile. Ever gonna melt off. They said lots of Germans are blah Holloman middle half inch die months. Those guys were friends before during and after they were here. My little off one. I love working when Mike. Hilarious guy former Stanford. Center. We have a college show for awhile that. Dana Stubblefield was working on that drew Olson. Really nice guy and drew Olson out of Piedmont high. And UCLA also play in the NFL Scott Reese guy Reese was here for a while Brody result member on Brody and that drew Crawford in the NHL rush we seven NHL show. And we never really had a one hour outside of when the sharks played the kings are out our game and we lies. Our Roxy and I did a three hour pregame show that was so fun to just talk hockey for three hours. Him onto my our that's two. That's your JD was talking about. Monty. Henry look for one of my favorite people just outstanding guy. JT the brick was here for almost a year recently. Guys who had cops are cops feel like Joseph crossed the line Jason page document said he came and they. The second generation of a lucky break. Also meatball sub. My apologies to how I met him he seemed like a really nice guy I can't remember his real name but he won by meatball sub and never forgot it it's a great nickname by the way. Try clarity out of Stanford he did. Days and dash. Furry ear. Giggling Kennedy loved him still part of the raider broadcast Scott Jackson way back in the day that did you do shows on him he was through Skype. And three radios RTs sot I'd also Santiago. All you guys as well. Your favorite memories feel free to text and Arctic halt. Get in on the tax line Penske and so stuck into our son not 5795. Or call the triple A 957957. And about just play by play. Obviously the highlight would be the warriors becoming world champions here the first share thereon 957 again. And it wasn't in this studio about work in the parade I was. Right on the corner there are with. Chrysler like cathedral were grand. Turns on a lake. Around the I should say what's that Thomas sold Berkeley way we'll lay Marron. Alice fantastic to be Lou you know without the home of the warriors. Days playoff years doing pre imposed. And we'll bring you a's baseball we got games coming up not this week in the week after this weekend after this from spring training and those three playoff years taking calls calls him back in the day well into the nine those long nights at the coliseum lots of fun. Our number one time there wasn't any studios but when he is one they had division are popping champagne and we're supposed to go that ESPN Sunday night baseball. And I Abbas says he Aric. Wrapping up in twenty minutes and audio I said we just won the division and they're not even gonna get to me can invent shall be down there with the champagne. He's like oh you're right tell you what I'll come down and produced. A skinny guy in there let's get so dire and Roxy and I we did. What she's sweet at a show last than ours and it was fine and actually several lol or a little awards ceremony here. And that one show the air that was a lot of fun back then so that was fun com. The greatest moment in the history of the San Jose Sharks Jonas damme scores overtime goal their first ever Stanley Cup. Game victory appetite I was at the tank at the time dog piling people. But that aired on our eyes because at that time our sister station K fox they called downers and asking and we were taken the call as well right here. That came over our airwaves. I remember when we first went on. We wanted to hear Ralph Barbieri had been fired after his long gig at the am station. And he was gonna come on end and sort of give his. Side of the story. And always how fondness for around because when I graduated college in the late eighties he got me an interview I didn't know me from out Amman also was because he was a USF guy and houses Saint Mary's got that. Yeah I mean interview at that station management and and a working in TV for ten years but. I always like that but anyway. Ralph came on. Any good Larry hi this. I. Literally like that. You try to get out of bed because he couldn't pocket and we had pumped it up so much he went through that. And the only the only thing that didn't work there was that they had tyranny and Davis do it and they didn't know him from a met the man in the moon. But that was that was the number one shell that was our drive time guys saw as I know why they did it but it should've been bitten the press or day and or mean it's an entirely gives internal because that we know Rolf we should listen to Ralph and our whole lives. Especially me and Dan from the Bay Area when that's he should've done but anyway that was. That was a big deal. At the time. We've. I had a have I told the story earlier but somebody's text me wanna hear it again I had this producer and I'm not gonna say who was. Because it's not a nice story but the guy came in. You know last very well. But he came in and he said sir I'll give you any gas she wants served just tell me sir you know need to tell me sir you know I'm not Eisenhower. But yeah let's get some good guest none and now now any guest you want any guest. I go well yeah let's you know enough yeah I think you understand. You don't know my black book. You don't know my experience you don't know how successful I've been and other markets I can get you any guest you want for your show tomorrow. And I said okay how much can stay learn Rickey Henderson he has done. I know what agents it's and it's done consider it done. I guess so you're gonna call them or I managed Don are booked they are booked just know that okay for a fact just know that they're booked. I was like wow this guy is either super confident grader he's a giant jackass. So I came in the next day he was kind of sit in the corner. You know banging away a computer. And I said hey guys and synergy get the snake in Ricky and no response. I go hey did you get the steady dose those guys blow email me my. Learned. (%expletive) oh my gosh. And it's no and considered and. 510 says stop reminiscing. Is 957 ending this is the last time on there and they're getting mad now. They get really mad. We're under a new studio that's our just reminiscing about the new studio it's 1049. All I wanna Knoll right now what's happening. Oh what's happening is we got just a couple minutes after she saw wanna get in Tripoli 9579570. Pence got so stuck on tariffs on 95795. 707. And Tony thirteen I was a giants fan I lost my house and didn't have a TV after that all I have as my clock radio that only played FM. I came across many 57 Greg Papa was energy and Ryland Ryan Vogel song I've been listening every day since. I look forward to hearing the familiar voices every day that made me smile. That's very nice. The 650. I remember coming out there are because my girlfriend won the 5000 dollars cash. That's cool I got to meek is Acker. Tony and stymie they were. All so cool all three we're all he got a money again today. This getting. What's up was that man Zacharias and a lot of people. I sine quo although Quayle though quad loan. Isn't had a drink that's guava. Squad bridges. Wave though. Didn't where's JT the brick. The best call was when this is from far right when sweet Lou canal would call into Chad. Jolo about was. Great. From the 530 love you Rick but pop is the man. Morrissey and Amanda. I'm bidder in the green book. Or she's the man thank you for that. A couple more attacks here. I said we're doing program tomorrow and is said studios studio this is just for us I understand that. We also at a guy here. We no longer works from the market this is an early days. And he stole stuff out of the fridge and got fired we actually had cameras. And around fossils like if Annan paying their food bandit was. And it's one thing if you're stealing food that's hermetically sealed. By age that's still really. Dirty and your chancellor if you're gonna still somebody's food out of your own fridge one your teammates. But he was still the food outlets have beaten. I'm Carly is a half eaten burrito. Rap backup and then tin foil and then in the back of the fridge for a week. And I like it kind of was where you on the USS Jeanette that was trapped in the ice in the North Pole. What I remember reading that book and then when they. Think back on the ice and they started marching south and they figured after a month there are even there or more north than ever because the ice was going north only come on guys survive they survive they went. And the native peoples there. Offered and what they have which was. A bowl. Of raw whale blubber and a bowl of blood death. That guy would keep that out of the fridge for you think about the little. I think he can think about the little cameras that are in there to find the food bandit. For a late says this is salmon Fremont. Just glad to have a station that plays the raiders BA's and the warriors is very very awesome. For the five yes I agree. Do you wanna ask me about Ralph as the Ralph memory. I don't know why did Ralph get fired I don't know I got massive station. My best memory from the 51 though was when they played it might be flying in on Jolo and did its best day ever. That's very cool I've done as well. Aren't as they said more were moving out of these studios knowing cares but us. We're gonna have ignored the the picks building can't tell expo is called here in town if you're in the know it's the picks building. And that's tomorrow JD you just are gonna really nice connection when JD Dunne elect Obama's tiny from nine to noon with the NBA this week guru and I will be in the student news studios. From my twelve to noon. So we will talk to you there and as I did get by here I'm gonna be like Charles Haley and urinate on this now all I'm gonna smash everything. Now but we will cleanse that. And get out the the incense and down in the holy water and plans that we'll see tomorrow I'll be on a new and check me out 957 again.