Hour 4 - Jo, Lo and Dibs - Mike Brown, Jimmy Garoppolo contract, Jason Kelce

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, February 9th

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I. Joseph Louis yeah. 19517. Love them well you. Turned it down and god I. I think you back on about Albemarle. And maybe LO VE LO de Lorenzo Levine and Manolo loss processor I wouldn't even relate quite so fast Kelly yeah. Okay yeah red hot third event and try and I'm tired all strong a deadly for Joseph Harlem all of France some don't catcher. New young I don't know I let my child and this is I do not want to be a member does that's a challenge please do not good and that's again. Be careful and right now is easier it toxic he knew it aligned with her and that's being anti titled is quite the taste it this is very rare look. It's this. We're losing his. I don't think lol lol I agree I don't believe he's anti child. I don't know made out there that. Hey if you're just joining us my apologies you probably are wondering what the hell's going on and that is an excellent question. Questions that all asked the guys like Don Dickinson at 915 and Mike Brown 2009 NBA coach of the year warriors associate head coach he's gonna join us at 930 now. Ticket window winners those who want to be tickets to see Def Leppard journey and foreigner when they're at AT&T park. Friday September 21 for the no initial push a program Dexter and Oakland Edgar in Livermore Allison Sam detailed congratulations to all of you. Maria in Alameda. One he would house baseball 150 our gift cards so congratulations to you as well we also have another chance for you win a trip to Hawaii coming up at 9:30 this morning. That is that. Conversation today. Focus on a variety of topics but the most important one is the deal that went down yesterday morning Jimmy grapple. Five years 137. Point five million dollars. That's an NFL record 27 point five million dollars a year that's an NFL record first three years ninety million guarantee. That's Metafile record and according to some reports guarantee that signing about 74 million dollars that is also an NFL record. With a gigantic contracts of this stature with a record breaking contracts however com. To an extent record breaking responsibilities. It's one thing to be traded here for a second round pick as a backup quarterback who's gonna jump into the system midway through the year it is another thing entirely to be the highest paid player in the National Football League. What are reasonable expectations. For Jimmy problem this year because we did the same thing to their car. Let him slide on a lot. He signed the deal and you Holden to a higher level of accountability same thing's gonna happy here so what should forty niner fans be reasonably expecting from this to this. And I'm emphasizing a reasonably because if you say twelve and four and a playoff when you're not being reasonable. This is a franchise that was a disaster. As recent as October 30 the day before they got Jimmy drop below. You'll win unless you were struggling you have one way and then hit five from Jimmy G so for me realistic expectations. Is nine and seven. And you take a step forward Jimmy G 3500 yards passing close to 4000 yards passing that's in these reasons. Bull outlawed group got to be looking at him today sand damn. Julian Edelman had a great tweet about how he wasn't when he knocks all that stuff but people stand up and they take notice when you reset the market. That's gonna make news or so inside that locker room you're going to be look connection EG new union thinking you are now officially there was an RD in case you are the leader of this team you've got to take it to the promised land. Should we be expecting a Pro Bowl caliber season here still are not and that doesn't mean Super Bowl on that doesn't necessarily mean playoffs some might do it's nine and seven I think that maybe get a teaching then I think the first thing allows many teams don't come in that locker room and complain when Jimmy G and on the fullback and I'm the guy and I understand he just got that contract besides among male couple bucks and taking us all out to get declare I knew that he's got. I'm 37 million goes he's ankle deep how. How you ever been in a locker room where a massive contract came down for anyone LT got 61 million dollars in recent was who has paid honeymoon. 11 guaranteed so what happens until it meant of course you always want to ask you. He took a couple of guys running backs and doesn't dinner and took care listen and idealized. He did you probably took them to dinner to know what he did he gave them off first and when he did start to get them off first round first class tickets anywhere they wanted to go in the country. So you borrow those guys that LT nice but not willing to let you fly international interest yes sorry so I wanted to Toronto I think ansari was international. And even they don't let that you guys are guilty you learn dollar collecting game it's just you know you get 61 million. I can see light to go you know Wichita. Might not necessarily and isn't anywhere in the world they want to joke that's that I you don't know sometimes I sometimes I. I can say things and I don't think about it first yeah. So important world anywhere in the anywhere in Arizona on me OK where the south West Coast and as long as you. You gonna get away fair yeah. Well and I don't. Around on the way the next many ways. Unity that any who was in the locker room first we still need instead of six. Bullying I believe in Jimmy gee I'd really did you mean gee that's exactly moving the maximum analysis it. I'm not blaming you don't have to play means good. Asked what could happen the little women nine and seven on Greenwood dibs on that number that he sees it. I'm saying that this team got better you do have pressure on eBay at the same since you take a whole team you guys go to dinner it's going to be teen Bonnie Byzantine that played together this eighteen year everywhere and an eighteenth they were dance and this is what coast to coast let them bring the box on the way did you feel you got guys are loving this guy you got the whole team listen in Iraq on the way to feel pursing need to do is the chemistry that bond and they wanna pick out what they thought. You don't hear how Shanahan and John Lynch and say look we got our guy but we got to pick up what we left up there ones we're not gonna sneak up on anyway. Everyone knows who the fans who talk 49ers. Are now knows laugh and I don't know a think there's a laughingstock of the national globally they know they got dvds so everyone is gonna flop so you'd think they callous Shanahan and John Lynch you don't let someone sneak up Vilma and like they don't know. No they understand what's at stake now this is. The statement contract no doubt everyone focuses on Jimmy getting paid what you have to spend some of your attention focusing on is the simple fact that. Matthew Stafford at 27 million dollars a year. Was the highest paid quarterback and highest paid player in the National Football League. I firmly believe that the niners. Had offered to drop below and Don 26 point nine right 26 point nine. I don't think they say now and then they look at that the only C damn right we're film pretty good about that. There's a reason the niners went past 27 million there's a reason they gave Barack below 27 point five they wanted to make a statement. Back. No question we get the highest paid quarterback in the game we had the highest paid player in the game we got money to spend son. And that's exactly what we're doing. Jimmy he's our guy we get a franchise quarterback we're gonna be printing money down here come next season concept of the ever niner fans how many people saw that deal go down yesterday that they themselves you know a lot. I'm backing on tickets back in on jerseys I wanna get down their game one in the sets them up with a privately did you go to Sunday at. Afternoon. We won showdown with Seattle. Or if you got Sunday Night Football open the season down there how many people are gonna start looking for tickets last year vs this year right because that's a primetime openers the second half that Monday night doubleheader AAA 9579570. Seriously there's going to be a lot of stuff and yeah. Hey you're beside you saw the last couple home games for the fans are starting to return not the finale in particular where the place looked three quarters full. As opposed to three quarters empty so the fans are coming back. I think if you followed team you knew this Jimmy G deal would get done but when you see the numbers and you know he's the highest paid guy now you think oh boy that's great. And it sends a message to the other free agents that. Not only of the 49ers opened for business but they're willing to pay top dollar for the best possible players they can bring in so. If your engine Orwell or future main Johnson the possible free agent targets in depth look at the 49ers and think well I spent a lot of Jimmy G. But they have a massive amount of cap room and they're willing to spend it you tell your age and make sure we make him part of. Our visit fifteen million dollars to think about it like this you could give Jimmy dropped blow fifty million of that contract and you're one sounds insane. But you give him fifteen million dollars in year one that's already well more than a third of that deal. Taking care. So salary cap wise moving forward you mean pretty good shape. In addition to that you would still be left with about 65. Million dollars to spend this year alone. I'm not saying you spend all of that but you set up nicely I think about if you're Atlanta right now. Look at this feeling is that's what I'll take thirty you know me Russell Wilson Seattle nine. Kirk cousins Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Russell Wilson by the time or copilot takes his first regular season sat next year he will not be in the top five highest paid players in NFL. Fact this deal's gonna look so good if he plays decent if he continues the trend from last year this deal's gonna look great in two years he won't even get top fifteen. Salary. The market consistently resets is simple economic. You're you're you're right you may be right but those teams you're talking about you now look at those teams Drew Brees on the team that salary strapped quo. Look at a lot of these teams and these quarterbacks that you're alluding to there not enough. They're not Cleveland Joseph they feel they drew wants to go to Cleveland I mean you think about these teams and he's quarterbacks that have these salaries they get ready. Be escalated its a tough situation so yeah they want Salem and yet they dared do. Or is it gonna be their team that's the beaches is that. That's a part of this has to be as well part of this has to be salt in the rest the National Football League tears in your own division if Arizona wants to make a play for Kirk cousins promised they now need to spend. In Seattle wants to make a play for Russell Wilson. And redo his deal how much they need to spend. There's a reason this deal probably gotten on this quickly number one lynch wants to send a message. We are capable of handling our business here thank you very much for anyone who doubted me when I came out of the broadcast Booth I like me now I'm way on a deal on draft day. And now I'm signing franchise quarterback and an. He's get it done and he's passing every single tax but more importantly this being done now. Resets how all these other quarterbacks need to go about their business if cousins comes first and gets 275. Who knows a problem gets that. I re setting it with Rob Lowe now cousins probably has an Ohio and then Ross and Ross love this burger and Roger what do you pay Aaron Rodgers GMs are so upset with the niners. I doubt they basically decimate elect you do doesn't mean I had motor oil that is just. I'll be home floor. Here's what you're doing knows what you're creating a self fulfilling prophecy because you repeatedly. Are accusing me of crop dusting you which I don't do. Now I'm going to have to do it. Don't act now and luckily it's on now you could tell your guy. Detroit got a career because he's creating this template where I'm a crop dusters so I have no recourse but does. So brace yourself over there like water. I I can't say I disagree with that approach if if that's the narrative you can find little muscle that you want him to smoke there's no even smoking down the hallway describe does it in just leave and if there's a reason they've asked us to leave this building. Dire radio station and everything we've asked to leave and go take a new building I don't like the implication but I. Jogging incident I'd advise them to get reporter joining Jolo and there's on 9570 game JD take this thing the mindset yesterday and there's a lot of news breaking left and right the NBA trade deadline is. Firing off and then all of a sudden. You need rob Lowe's contract news hits the wire what's the first thing that went to your mind we saw those numbers. Well the first thing I would do my mind was who while may add that they got it done that the the next thing was it's about what I expected honestly and may not I was doing shows live with our guy and that's I'd met back in December. And sort of setting the big guaranteed Marc Carroll right around the seventy to 75 million enemy to me it was just basic. Simple math I thought the overall number would be right up there what the highest paid guy in the NFL so it doesn't surprise me and I. That number but it did surprise me a little bit that there were. More a couple of more quarterbacks that got their deals done first. Just in an attempt on the rock below side to try and maybe get a little bit more money to try and be in the mix like you were talking about after the market got set a little bit. To get a little bit more just because. And you know he's going did go to the back into the deck now as far as. When he comes up again and if this guy wins thirteen games a couple of gears in a row. All of a sudden a contract's gonna start. Looking like a bargain if the 49ers are playoff team that looks like a Super Bowl contender within the next year to. All of a sudden that contract is a bargain so it it's a lot of money I think initially we all thought it was going to be. While that it you know might make you a little uncomfortable but when you start to look at the next couple years if he performs. They've got money to load up around him and that contract very quickly could turn into a bargain. Which you just set the 49ers up for years to come to to be right back on the map. And even if he doesn't perform he can still get thirty million Kirk cousins is out there and he's getting it close to that coming off a seven win season for the 49ers JD. Where they turn their attention now as far as looking at. The roster and players to keep our players to jettison Trenton brown knows the name. You've got high aid you've got to read which direction they go in your opinion. Well I think got he's got the quarterback you have to make sure that the offensive line is is up to speed and that means. Figuring out first and foremost what you're gonna do it right tackle figure out what you're gonna do your interior offensive line positions. He you've got a guy that you believe is the face of your franchise. Now you have to protect them and then beyond that. You gotta go get weapons forum when the forty diner still I think there are in that mold of can go get a number one type. Receiver can go get more tied in health can get a running game. And running back that works in conjunction with those sort of a re back vamp to retooled offensive line so I think. Derek great spot to it to shore up really everything clock on the offensive side but I think it starts up front. With protection and making sure that that's in line for drop below and also been able to have a balanced attack as far as running the football on the defensive side. It's corners it's cornerbacks this team needs corners. They need to another pass rusher they probably need in their whom another linebacker running mate for Ruben Foster so there still are a lot of holes to fill. As much as drop below May Day everything look like they're a lot closer. Then we all could have possibly anticipated. They've got the money to spend I think interior offensive line receiver help corners that's the top three spots where they're looking to go bill. Less in annual and how do you do that do you do that in free agency are you gonna do that in the trap are we getting get new draft John in Oregon and get in you know as far as free agent market because he you know he got two different. Two different brand. At least one and at the free agent market is going to be those veteran guys and in of course in the draft. Oh junger guys don't have money control all going to be a little more cheaper what what positions would you address the ones that you alluded to in free agency in which one in the draft. Well I think the first thing they're gonna do a minute the draft is gonna curled a free agents is gonna come before the draft obviously in the next month or so and I think they're gonna circle. Two or three guys that are world fitness in terms of free agency and a number of positions and they're gonna try and go for it. On those guys first knowing that they have the money and then you can fill in the gaps like I like to me you're not gonna sign a guard necessarily. Hey you know. I think it's free agency immediately that that's at the where you draft the guided you pick fit your system you Malden you work with them I think they will sign a free agent corner whether it's Jermaine Johnson whether I want to be in a guy like. Malcolm Butler. Will with his situation in the way things ended with the patriots I do you think he'll probably sign a corner turn and look to draft the corner. A running back is something to that I can see them look at more. A toward the draft as opposed to a free agency but they've got all the cards on the table they they're gonna have quality picks they've got a number of picks that they can package together. To trade if there's a guy that they really love and then they've gotten. More money than anybody to throw it at a free agent they are in a great position right now. To continue to reshape this roster with the number one need already fixed in Jimmy drop below. John Higgins and we Jolo in dibs on 95 cent in the game switching gears to Mowlds they're warriors nice win last night. Over the mavericks but there's still some concern about the team or the last couple weeks of play I mean I think we'd all agree. That we're probably a little spoiled and entitled as warrior fans given what they've done over the last three years the long term. And he continued technical foul accumulation of my dream mine green it do you think there's anything to worry about here Cleveland got splash yesterday could it be enough could Boston be enough what should threat level this season on the warriors winning the national. The national titles is the NBA title. And the national title while you're at it. They could probably do bolt honestly if anybody could but not. I think the cavs had no shot. Before what they did yesterday now I would give Obama a puncher chance to at least be competitive. In a series getting younger getting more athletic. You only keeping LeBron I think a little bit happier just by have been players around him that he doesn't wanna. That's what punch in the mouth. You know I do it in that locker room or on the floor. Any more so I think they've got a better shot Boston's a team to meet it still doesn't quite have enough fuel Houston's the team everybody's looking out for. But you know it's funny I asked Kevin Durant you noted it is last night the kind of game they can get you going and he kind of scoffed at that and said whoa you know not every game's going to be pretty. There's a lot of different styles that we can play. And and we can get wins and we do it ugly we can do it radiate as long as we do it and I think this team just needs to get to the break is Steve Kerr is mentioned. And hit the reset button and trying to build toward the playoffs the last month and a half of the season as far as the technicals go such a big deal. Bob Meyers a drastic. But yesterday to the team Steve Kerr addressed that in his pregame press conference and addressed into the team and even said hey I gotta be somebody. That needs to chill out I'm number two among coaches in the NBA in terms of technical fouls. I can run a little hot. In a similar fashion to Dray mind careened I've got to set more of a poised tone for the rested these guys. I think it's always a concern betrayed my green but he showed last year in the post season that he can tone it down after. Having issues with his temperament. And flagrant fouls in the light keep them out of a championship clincher in a year with a warriors one of not winning the title so I think he'll. He he deserves almost the benefit of the doubt I think going into this year as far as the playoffs. I'd be stunned if he doesn't miss a game though and he's got one more play with between now and what April 11 he's probably gonna wind upset now. Great call 957 game reporter John Dickinson joining us here on 95 cent in the game good stuff JD have a great weekend thank you for your time we'll catch you next week. Are you got it guys. Mike in San Francisco thanks a call on the program Mike your thoughts. Might drop off nobody else. Numbered to odd sort of forecast shut up Mike Weir okay did you read it to the last second appreciate the effort and I was real villains tribe much this wasn't really there was you've ever been on hold you nervous were. Luckily doughnuts like gosh you're really did you multiply militancy is a million dollar contract if you're so far the lines you're wrong you know unless feared a suspect I called them dog so I am talking on sports talk shows in weighed in on the airlines before. Your call and my. I doubt in Fresno just upset with the play calling and third quarter of Bulldog game. Known that the Lorenzo mile an hour to talk about third down late second and San Jose state. I'm I'm siren you're breaking up. Now I haven't I have called him before. Like guru doesn't gurus all stations all around the country. Dallas Pittsburgh all of that that was good does it all right so here's arena do. Mike Brown. 2009 NBA coach of the year is gonna join us to talk dobbs trade deadline and everything beyond at 930 at the same time. We are going to give you another opportunity to win a trip to Hawaii that's how we do around here Jolo debts. Let us against. Go low and kids continue. On 957. Big game. Got a chance to win a trip to Hawaii. It was dangerous things. On the hour attending keywords fly away it does that actually word. Fly away FL YUAWA. While all one word slyly at 95 Symbian dot com to qualify for four night stay at the royal line a resort in Khan a poly. Why you got fifteen minutes. To go to the website is not present in the game dot com and type in the keyword. Fly away. Paul might each weekday morning. At 818 and 930 right here we Jolo and his must be 21 or older to enter. Is that actually works fly away yes it is yes it is fly away is that it is a word I watch the birds fly away or a violent and then there's a song Joseph. Why I'm glad tomorrow I mean when this life is old Burke. Fly through. 20 minutes or so out of our parent I'm. All right let's just since that's enough. We're waiting on warrior associate head Coach Mike Brown might if you're out there. I really not a reader and please call so I took an embarrassing I guarantee cleared its own I dare tell us they must everyone. Well promote everyone just I don't hear discussing his church him Joseph what if I told you I knew exactly when during a mile Z is sixteenth technical. And oh yeah are you would do the schedule and it makes perfect sense dream wants to tax away from an automatic one game suspension. I believe it's inevitable that he will achieve. That marked 47 games to go to technicals. He'll get suspended if you look at the schedule you've got. The wizards on February 28. And then the hawks the next night and then the nets. You grew. Not so it yet tech sixteen against the wizards. Then you have an entire week plus soft because the next day or beat the hawks he would sick and then four days later you've got the next. The wizards guard better basketball team when you wanna beat the wizards then get tech against the hawks weren't very good then sit against the Mets great idea. But it's not gonna go that way because. As the wizards game is so competitive in whole or 86 non fifteen tax. He's getting it picked up a net gain and also you've got back to back cupcakes in the hawks in the nets. But the Gabi Ott is. Three off days between the hawks in the net so few warriors and you want arrest Fremont. Yeah I don't get jacked up against the wizards then he sits from the twentieth of February. All the way until the sixth of march that's nearly a whole week off to good theory if you know that one. The better than he called the draw. I yet that's what I was wrestling with in my mind if they can mellow triple G draw draw that you call that verses. This. I would almost have to say this is more impressive well you really only have three outcomes of boxing. I eight wins and I'd be wins or draw so taking the brawl while impressive this is actually calling your shot. Is calling you said this is saying this is went because we don't even know what technical fifteen scouting he's saying fifty is gonna happen sixteen happening in this game he's gonna be suspended for this one like I think that's more impressive to be honest with you. Seven games from now as is win that is because before the break yet the spurs tomorrow then you've got the sons and trailblazers then the all star break. You come out of that with the clippers the thunder again by the way. Back guy hearing Golden State. Then you've got the knicks that you get the wizards don't expose four games are pretty rapid succession and I think by the time you get to the end of the month that wizards game. That's when he picks up basically yeah what a light theory I really like that PI wish we get some I think I get some of the puts amounts on this. It would be offshore book of course so we of course we go aggressively at some odds on this alleged that theory Jamont sixteenth tech prop. How many games if you without getting attacked based on this logic I even have to go and does work it's very interesting to see how much restraint we need to see we can we ever see a lot lately and oh yes three games total break spurs at home songs at home and then act. Portland so if you survive that stretch he had the all star break maybe it's some time to decompress. Then you've got 123 games and tell that wizards damsel six games to get. Our tech. Before he gets number sixteen in that seventh game Penske auto sales dot Comtex like 95795. Kids might be right guys don't forget last year Bradley deal and remind green got ejected in fine for fighting last year Bradley deal of course of the Washington Wizards. Very nicely done. Perez does not and you don't really wanna admit it you guys are beating at the moment but. And did you did you crop does them on the way out absolutely not claims you crop dusted them of course seated senator sound yeah. Soledad and at the sound and the fury is I believe the book you know about this very thing. The sound is one thing anybody can make it sound was so well placed handed ones. Arm pit. Around a ten year old knows it and hundred revert to the two yards contentment until. You'll receive the mice full gas use those then there's no dusting at all I don't know look hopeful that to an onion. I mean that seems gas planet one who owns a gas is now it is time around. I think Uranus is thought process would is that Uranus would be the planet playing here it's just that's. That's why it's anything direct and there is Europe's Olelo pronounce things in series mispronouncing that exists now it's my that you had. We're professionals. You're gonna you know you can't stand that you need some about it none none Jones and weekends come in and just from the I. I've seen so you know what today is today is national. At it and this natural pizza and actually record. Talk about how is the fact it is a pretty competitive I give us and you'll. Every single day she talks about what national day it is and 99.9. Percent I could not care last month because a lot of rumors like mad. National. Well I can add that will ever know anybody I should hold it. No piece of paper today a dozen national too big day. Don't routed by. Yeah and now do full national and held on this truly sad no one national no one eat alone Monday. Com I'd prefer I you know what I prefer that I prefer to eat exiled former George yeah well let me have my let me have let me enjoy my meal. If I don't I don't see anything wrong with that I feel so down on you like do I don't nationally pillow they shore shore I'm OK with that. Thirtieth birthday by myself I flew down I got to the morning after I flew from Philadelphia. To Jacksonville. I got a rental car I drove to TPC sawgrass. I played sawgrass I went to Ruth Chris is I set the bar I knocked down a terrific dinner I'd bet on the sixers Beers on the birthday it's a one did you use carry a lot of Jews and I just made a wild men and no reason. Sixers played great. Got the car went home. Well the next morning played sawgrass again drove the airport flew home hold yeah six hours Firestone Sola yet no one else is gonna be able to do that the middle of the week in December. No less that I'm not ever ever wanna be don't. Somebody that was an amount accommodating it's my thirtieth this is how did you wanna jump in good if not boom. Ever cease to amaze me Joseph you know I was assuming that that's right and also. Because a lot of people out there even if you put it about that a lot of you won't have the courage you know that guy you thought I just encourage. They don't they want to. Don't let you know that you love and I'm sorted size all that courageous. Thank you I had eaten alone had serendipity in New York actually. Though their production energy that's sad now a lot of different job interview that's why. Want to Eminem he's at the barge he had table night at a table though that I that I know. Really bad I wanna try this plays out did everyone here is this lady gets that up on a date. Suddenly lower ramming. Interrupting everyone else is there. This they are just hanging out. Talking Naomi Fink and we're out there just an hour long time ago mantra since I wanna try that frozen contract that everybody talks about so I'll get on frozen hot chocolate oh it's delicious. And not an oxymoron. I just not even less than ever vision necessary at this point frozen hot chocolate my old all of Pena Pampers yes. It spicy cold tea. It. Our own guys did did I went to a stage of frozen hot shots. It frozen athletic goal look up serendipity of threat and look ahead what's our guys a lot. The frozen hot homeless in my browser. And it's a hot chocolate like aids aids the flavor of high chopper but it's a frozen drink so at that point it's just frozen chocolate pretty much but it has the hot chocolate flavor back. After national pizza issue. Specialty today and I wanted to ask this question. God deep dish in Chicago or New York style does any wind is this heated debate here because I know people get into this debate I wanted to throw it out being SOB today owns an admin and on it. New York style are so I think they'd Chicago. Pizza should be called something else just like the Arena Football League should be called football the fifty yard field called something else it's a is sort of saving yes it's completely tied to meet their two separate things but if you have me. Make your choice it's the thin style New York for me interest and I yeah I like to Chicago like that's like this you prefer Chicago over new York and owns a look at nice pack and then there's a place in in Alameda called star talents in great Al great big pizza like that you wanna try that caused deep ditch. But it's. They talk about fake pizza if they did the to open an a minus 500 then use the word sick there and describing why he likes. Does not the fashion code should put in the past performance and. It has he taken over to an hour winds and unassuming New York. Are you select to god I'm involved in all honesty but if I had the you don't wanna jump. I think I can't fatal like one Obama let go but if I had to lunch today in front of Chicago's south. Two out of three Eagles Chicago I find that's. I didn't think that was gonna happen to get me pizza today does he got up about it that's a pretty good pizza with a knife therefore does not pizza. And that therefore you can call your Chicago deep dish thing you goals pizza or every on GM's. Black. He then hang. Creative when they make those feeds in the process you go and a little while not easy sit down if they think you're not a regular and they do explain knew it's gonna take about 45 minute who's that you can afford if I miss and political win to get the wings or something that was not a Cal's homebody entertainment I'm aware of body on. Bully pulpit he knows he has. I sat there for now. Am I imagine he did he say it was good weather when it comes this joke we got a choice risky stands it was I was on solid. There's a little spells on you like that it got bad guys did a bill they suspect a thousand. Oh boy Jason Kelsey. Philadelphia Eagles sent her brother of Travis tells yesterday sold the show during his rule Eagles Tom championship parade. He was dressed in full mummers a tire which is something that takes place every year the mummers day parade in Philadelphia he was just like that he was riding bikes and doing the whole thing in any game the Data Co. gave a speech at the art museum in front -- cents. And the speed is about I think four app the five minutes we're narrowing it down to about a minute and its best minute because this is something that's being talked about everywhere Kelsey stealing the show. It's highlights and take a listen this is a Super Bowl speech. And Eagles energies and Kelsey. This isn't. Okay. Yeah. It's. That we do. Me. We can tackle and. UN FL. It's definitely yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I'll do again. Rich yeah yeah. I. Okay. Okay. And it is inevitable. I was called WW we would stone cold watts in the background. I would say this as great as that is. He's going through each player talking about you know what they're perceived flaw is if you get nailed with yo Vinny curry DC doesn't have that Jason Peter doesn't have it. I'd be cool at that but the specific wasn't. A little triple core. Always thought I could say that. It was pretty bad to lose it Ahmed Abdel did you see yeah late dot com. I'm PDs prejudice. It seemed like the really specific ones or who I know prizes by Janet by far best Super Bowl speech. Funny thing that looks I was just thinking about the mount Rushmore of championship parade it. Speeches quoted quote had the honor depends yes yes you know they're locally Gloria Mark Madsen with The Who let the dogs out remember when the lakers 10 my god yes yes very Judd are isn't always easy then that I was thinking night what with a Rushmore B yeah. And you have to put the Chelsea went on this is because. Not only because what he's dressed as a what he's doing night. The studied every time you told me about today's health malaria yellow stone cold thing you say something you never won't say why so one minute speech went 31 minutes universal lot and I'll icon and now. All right 2009 NBA coach of the year now mostly warriors associate head Coach Mike Brown makes his return to Jolo Indians on 95 cent in the game what's up coach nice win last night you guys feel and. Regardless if it's always good talking to win emotional actually up. After we jump what is it we look forward to a three how'd you wanna call it shall do it would force. Good performance particularly in that second half ever to breathe a little bit easier and including Steve are true I know Bob Myers talk to the team recently and Steve talk to the team about. Conferring with the officials too much and you were seen a couple games ago. Restraining Steve Kerr when he was getting out there and didn't see how tough is that for you we need you see the head coach. Being involved the officials how do you know windy go out and restrain and Wayne dude to stay back and let me. I don't feel they you know it's not it's always talk she's our leader. You don't ever want to gender you're rejected if you could help with her dog she chimes well it. Would not electrodes sure you heard what I make a statement turned up a crucial. State with a full head straight to the players what protector players and sometimes one ago. Yet though so if you're to try to run the ball with great. You know and edge as we go along. No I'll continue to read it. Oprah's ultimate quite sure actually that turnaround truck pledge your your back side I have got to figure out what approach. Local social group called a lot more players. It's no question goes no question how about we knew we we knew when you watch. I think the defense a guy my guy grind them from Fresno state. How is how was his response when the defense has been planned as well then last night you see it turn almost it is this guy I've been on pins and he'll the last couple games. You have noted it's borrowed up like she has a slew. It looked like he didn't eat. Both make me look bad he looked a twelve little stretch and can eventually sold competitive. And fiery and shawl that. Or at all they've been good for so long and all all vocal group of war that you know it's tough it's stopped when when you shoot struggle and and you know because we have veteran guys to play it a try to gain. As you know a lot of old school but no we don't we don't practice too much use if you would like because he's old school at age. In humility he watched. Just out there and true in this spot one of a little bit. But fortunately it worked at a thousand or ought to work longer work on all. In order to get it corrected so but if you doubly negative Varity try to find creative ways how to help us get back on track and resolute. Mike Brown joining Jolo Indians on 957 game though relatively quiet trade deadline for the Golden State Warriors but knowing that there's so much activity this time of year much like there is a Major League Baseball how much attention are you guys paying into it obviously you're going about your business but I have to imagine you're trying to keep an eye on the rest the league as well. There you know Bob Meyers and instead they eat you know you got over some. If you provisions require almost one they got a fantastic job whether through the draft or picking up love free agents. At the right time and change like they've always found the right church so. I'm sure they did you know they're they're cheaper and more than a cold silent everything going to lead get. And you know it's something bad is great trust because as coaches. They communicate well without specially which we. So we don't have to worry about fiction much we just can't let it happen and around all out of the way it's gonna do it. Patrick Nicolas asks to be sent to Santa Cruz for game or 202. To Kenny did his team in order to get his confidence back. First will this work and secondly is this an unprecedented move it that you senior dining NBA. Are you gonna have not been with the creative world player has asked her to go down but dodge I've I've heard of it before per guys down. Notre get a rhythm. Whether. It shooting lies or just won't give up and down on the court. So your body can get a custom tour. Going to get trapped for players if you did it church no doubt question did the level league tie the child. I think it's good at a young. You can't read a while they eat she always does he play caller in a lot of times of my bad. Going down to the GB will help him gauge competence because you know you gotta be the guy didn't go to Auburn. Take fifteen to twenty shock if need be and you beat that from time to time. Especially if you feel like you shrug and or did you copilot should make sure that the dark shot I think it's a positive that you once played watched or. Keep trying to find ways to give Israel a bottle for. Let's I don't know if you had an opportunity in a licensed game tape out of you guys watching right after you guys lately you know. The deal would drain mind to me look like that the ball came off his left shoulder and then whenever I bounced through it's it was it the left shoulder right in your opinion. Usually are we just furious series to date on which shoulder that all came off on the delay yeah I can't believe you bring in this I'm sorry I go to Galilee the lone little. What don't know all of our own I'll become a tired old beautiful I get an answer with. A look at contribute. As you know what side you come down on coach you're you're out you're compensatory packet you'll will rise about accordingly. Are. Well there are. But can't hit it bounced off the right left shoulder. Some are you aware that. They didn't meet our need ingenious way that rat my. Diplomatic by seven they gave coach we always appreciate your time have a great weekend look forward to doing it again soon. Congratulations go to ground I think you're good. Good stuff on home it is now I'm taking big poll question about you buy at age Dalian a lot of Chevrolet and a. I did today's gradually what's the Winter Olympics yes love the Olympics is some I'll keep an eye on the game's a bit no don't scared voter nanny plays in the game dot com to vote. And a piece of news that is just now breaking. OK Derek Holland had reportedly agreed to a minor league deal. That's thing for us tiny and guru are coming up next Marc spears at 1020 Carmen policy. At 11 AM for Hannah furlough for did some joke. Thanks for hanging out with a us all week everybody we really appreciate he's safe this weekend be Smart have a great time enjoy the outdoors and we'll see you back here 6 AM on Monday. Right here and if I submitted.