Hour 3 - Rick Tittle - Vern Glenn, Memories

The Chris Townsend Show
Friday, February 16th

Rick Tittle filling in for Towny talks to Vern Glenn about all Bay Area teams, and then gives his favorite memories from the old studio as we leave for new studios.


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And are any time guys appreciate it. I check on her lose that turn out. A level and a name like that kind of lit announcement of the Asian names like Connors don't put. I think like you know the the occupier for the lightning fast all they can only that's only cavalier. There you go say hi my name is bulbs worth doing and is thus far they come oh yay woo who. Are back to the Penske so I'm by the way top of the hour you're listening now if I some of the game KG MZ I've found in HD 17 Cisco. Let's on the tax line here as they say we have two hours left. Burn Glenn's gotta come in and about twenty minutes John Dickinson. Time never heard at said send more money than two hours left in the studio. Then now. Weren't moving forward to the K guys building over on non battery and Broadway so we've been this kind of saying if you're just joining us downtown San who're some nearer. Favorites. Over the years. Our on the air hair. Maybe some of your more favorite moments. I'll above to hear from you wherever you are. I mentioned the people who used to work here. Brandon Tierney Eric Davis John lungs your half firm. Why the police and Mark Pryor learned. I'm Rick do you care Robert half. You look at O'Connell Chad doing Haberman a middle cough Mike McLaughlin drew Olson Scott Reese forty Brazil. I Henry look burden him onto my our JT the brick Jason page Iraqi descent. Back her eye and Joseph Castellano Troy clarity. Dana Stubblefield. Lincoln Kennedy. Scott Jackson and pretty are tease you to Zaragoza Brennan Santiago. And meatball sub. We do we still manoa Hillman. Somebody out there knows that. C'mon somebody remembers his neck. He's a nice guy and those are guys who used to work here. Man what a list those of his or one woman on the analysts man so access station. Access. Just kidding but the fact. Some your favorite moments of some of those players now players. On the tax on this is from the 323 which I think is Neptune. But some. It says. Every one and 957 game helped me through a broken marriage. Then grad school then and a divorce. Because of the sports camaraderie. And shenanigans. Keep on rocking in the new digs cheers Cody. That's not our Cody isn't. Not a different Cody. Matt does that mess as mad as the name O'Malley was mabus said was he also Matt the other gun I made a full name. You admitted he'd also listen right now on my apologies to him. But I tell you what that's a good nickname if you remember meatball sub. I like that. Because we're gonna speak to mr. Obama coming apparent about between ministerial the last burned land now summit to remember. Is you find yourself. In the Los Angeles area and this weekend in fact it'll be tomorrow. It'll be from noon to two at the Puente hills mall. In the city of industry. Rookie sensation Alonso ball only having an autograph session. And what it says on the flyer you'll autograph. Any item. Mode but I don't know but says he'll autograph any I am not just collapse. Ever played against sound you can Wear flats total our heels or my drew a truck. Yes. Anything's he'll autograph. For a 199 dollars. But no pictures. No cell fees. And no personal position. Just his name. MIP ever see in Willie Mae is greatest player ever ever she is not a graph worse autograph ever it's just a a horizontal line. Seriously. It's like in the arena medieval days and people there right and acts. You know why does that give these Willie freaking maize that's why. It's just may be a little bit of account like convicts Iran and then illegally straight line. I guess that's kind of contradictory to him an oxymoron but it's just a straight line so that's a you're gonna get. So he'll America hi Alonzo how can you make this out to my kids Farrell NH Gavin dvd and why and play whack now old. Sorry no inscriptions. Is the deal. How can you prove. That's authentic. Well they'll be someone there are from Beckett. In fact he's called me back yet witness. Authenticate her not making this up and you have to give him ten box. He will all fat evil authenticated. Cannot get all parents you can't tell you all below him. Photo op no. Ought inscriptions. Personalization. No. But an autograph any item. And then back it witness I think aback and I think a little magazines though baseball cards. But you got to give him ten dollars so it's 209 dollars. And I was wondering just talk to somebody about this I said I there's going to be a lying and my friends so that I gonna be a line no one's gonna Dion. You know whether they aren't because Alonso ball. Is not just a good basketball player he's a celebrity. And I actually like Alonso ball I think there's nothing about Alonso ball that screams. You know jackass. Personally. I have no problem with him. He seems like OK guy to me. On I remember I have my syndicated Sean Panama when he uses senior high scorer and Ivan route honest the McDonald's all Americans and over the years fifteen years on that show and I have these guys on and always go you know your college what's the plan how long you gonna stand and there was always guys would say. Well you know I was really concerned about academics are skewed my relationship Earl is like my professors some body gonna be a lottery pick and I'll talk to my agency were we stand. While Alonso Obama shown it was a scene here. He said one and done. I are really decided that he has Daschle plan. Allied and honestly Utah UCLA to one and done and we all knew it anyway so why not. Why not be the wanna be honest about it. But the thing is he is a celebrity ignited sable so's KD so staff so as LeBron. Alonso ball because of his dad and the FaceBook show and everything else and all the drama. And by the way when when when Lavar ball who I'd. When I interviewed them all I talked about was implant for the London monarchs because I want you know I went to one of those games back in the day in Wembley Stadium. And that's all I wanna talk about it was a tight end for them for five minutes. But when they're almost card dashing in ask. And that's why people will pay 209. Dollars. Someone just. Chimed in I would not even give Asus that much money. Well let's see what he says when you get to the pearly gates. I can I get him to sign a toaster aren't pretty good. Stating only. And by the way whenever back I says something about occur and even bring it up anymore. Yeah. A 510 says Rick Alonzo ball is charging 200 dollars for an autograph this weekend is. I got fed announcement on the high in no way. All right last I get written him. This is the thing. He is a celebrity. And I think what they are afraid of or via an altercation Libor and Pam Anderson. The remember than. Morales went in the Pam Anderson and of course Sasha baron Cohen and it was arranged but a lot of people only the security of neo. And then they got out the traditional bags through it or hers had he wanted to marry air I don't think then tackled in the parking lot. I don't think it's going to be bore out for a fifth floor and so ball. Bites. It's just you know what they're doing this. Because people will mail I mean people do it and by the way speaking of the mail. If you wanted. To mail something and you get it signed. You had to get it to them by Valentine's Day on the fourteenth so if you miss that it's too late. Well you how do included Shaq for a 199. Dollars or 209 if you wanted to and authenticated. Here's what I think about those authentication zone. Because. Based upon a hologram. Like right on though the baseball card or the baseball batter in the batting gloves whatever. And we got to the point where it's like now I'm surreal said if somebody signs of baseball card you've ruined it it's not meant anymore. So sometimes they come of those authentication cards have a hologram on that they're like little credit cards. And then it's like sitting there next to like I have way as I Ken stabler signed greater helmet and has a little credit card I don't know I. It says is his signature. Let I have no intention whatever of ever selling it. I had this is one of these things were Alonso ball. Is mean now it's it's funny the planning off hah hah but he laughing all the way to the bank and the other thing about Lamar. Because in the beginning. Beatles set even though he's a blow hard a jackass Elise he cares about his sons and some fathers don't even care about essentially got you got a little bit of love that way. And furlongs though I know problematic for even on. The Angelo who went to China and did some patty staffed and a country where they don't put up with such things and and the president got involved and he's like where's my think you. And and UCLA said mold you guys are suspended indefinitely we'll let you know and boulevard actually given said securities dropping out of school. And we're sending him to Lithuania. I can even understand now by the way and by early two other kids got suspended for the rest the year. The thing that I think it's heartbreaking. And criminal event in many polls Le Mal allowed a junior high school I Chino Hills. Problem Milo guess why you're getting on the plane being a professional basketball in Vilnius Lithuania. As soon hide what he's saying Vilnius Lithuania one of the Baltic States. Former Soviet state of Lithuania. In all. Sabonis Kurt and I says Marshall onus now that I don't now so what about my palm now I knocked on any problem. What about UCLA I thought I was gonna Wear powder blue I thought I was gonna play a Pauly and I was gonna. You know it would be a Bruin. No. Alonso got to do it you have that you don't. That is that is harsh. Sixteen year old kid. Where's McDonald's. We there is this fish monger. Worst 7-Eleven and go see the pepper woman. I mean how many times like oh he'll be well received here what about the two guys that are no longer on the team because of the ball Brothers. Now I go back to salt mine in Utah at my job. I'm 957. Again. Now back to the original gel on 957. Big game. Thanks so much Churchill would do our final show here on these studios taking until 11 o'clock JD John Dickinson we'll check in from all star weekend in Los Angeles. In about a now are but it's great shock to the Bay Area legend himself heard Glen with CBS five then. Burn I would say you know tomorrow morning or I'm doing a show or hadn't already are building that I was gonna say hi all your snacks because you know sports cable or all just a bunch of big fat amoral Phyllis dean's lead. He Europe on the fifth floor I think Brian Sell on the second you're going to be OK then. They failed refining that you still have to check your backyard yet Clarence. Do I do get to the fourth or fifth floor finally you guys to come and odor are building have been waiting. Spoke to be very exposed. We've we've been delayed. So I'm hitting eight chip besides better yet. I ELY. I am I word on either side of that building it's only fitting that I work in the middle America and I saw Dennis O'Donnell after days media day. And he's like are you guys come and overt emotion like he was worried but now I get healthy it'll be a welcome thing around. Great idea and we try it revives oh inside operation Ivy League best snacks on the second floor in the kitchen. I noticed that there's like some sort of robotic camera that's like an honor system mean you pay what I amber it's like the International Space Station to get shot. A I cup captain that's right so I guess when you're when your role there are candy every cheap rate we're really. Sergeant. Don't argue and I applaud you. Are you know why we always are I always think about the first thing I think that is what you know mr. involvement. All the things you used to do correct me if I'm wrong didn't you one time. Get on. I'm in it was a rodeo was and above blocking and a ball barking all horse what was it. Baguette 1990 tried media bull riding champion thank you very much yet these they get to these were older. All the media as far as like the by a bag bull that states go to these these these young of course that is now that. Oh right Vegas and they have way to go he'd be all a little older but still. Get to tear factor initiation climbed on in it and strapped dead so to speak gab he would get back there whole bunch of things. And then everyday out there we have. Well we'll get an air mix it up and just work that was Stanford linebacker Korea have all gone by that was that was quite a funny it's very it's been recognized security guy that does the run of seven to two orders. If you look at my in my character never really come I was mr. incontinent. How does not as popular. And of course I always I always bring out that you called Frank Robinson coach and did you ever run into some now and then. No I haven't seen it for awhile but I I'm sure would come up again it is issue to make the rounds. Come comes spring training which is where I am destined not to the next. Five days of first flight out tomorrow. The giants two days to BA's and that's been an ML the last data. Gary Williams missed the first floor and then get them out of there. By now we know that the valley of the sun is a fantastic place stood. To hang now but he thing about all the sports you've covered in and maybe gone Dylan nine our raider game in the medal winner bogeys today. Now they hear thirty plus years in the bigs. You know on the big time broadcasting what was maybe the biggest cesspool you ever visited. And eighty cents or what yeah on the town. Well. I I didn't have a great time at Detroit's. I error by the way this is gonna turn into a hash tag an old friend. Or. Reaction I get it in Mexico City was the last play so well our play out due to get me out of here man two. It was real you know it was really eat it if you it was it was it was big in it was crowded and and it was just there's there's there's there's a Roma that would not go away and interstate picked. Blanket. Of a local small but yeah all right you just just deal. We we really do what I think shareware try to site more than five minutes America why get used port do it but. Jimmy eat eat you combat bat where Azteca stadium. That has no elevator edit that is the most non media friendly complex ever been and and it just that I I couldn't get mad at their bad enough. Eric Gregg obviously and that the raiders' locker room is like an up hill 300 yard. Oh yeah oh yeah you will walk and you will like it and and and knocking it close to anything. The good news that the depressed archer mile high in the air it takes forever to get down to where the raider locker room has pitcher ever to get duke. Where the coaches every era when the AG is just he just was. Poorly planned from the get go yet the F probably keep on African wanna keep spreading their brand. That's OK I get it. I enjoyed distaff. I just have no desire to get back there again. Hi I'm sorry I'm leading you down this negative path yes speaking. Aroma. The Turkey chili what they try and have her eye is still making that. I've made that for fat it's funny should mention that admit that's a bowl Sunday. Yeah yeah I'd be edited visited the chilly blast like college. Yes what I what I served up the beyond staff of the sports department. Spiked with quote we're cornbread. Now Chile the last has nothing do a monsoon as a revenge doesn't. Not out does not come back going you know it is the position just packed full of the last. Well what a lot of veggies a lot of spices. Edited it'll immediately gets your attention right away. No doubt doubt you'd expect. So I think you know use your confident enough I know you put the recipe online for mean I'm just not good at cooking and if I did that make something good in the back in my mind it's the old you know Groucho Marx I don't belong to a club that I saw like me is remember I was sure that I made at. It can't be that good a year now at the point realize hey I made it I know what I'm doing and this is gold. Now don't evaluate make it to me I got you know I have. I got three knucklehead and a house or what went to college now so I react and make it but it didn't stick around law which which also remarkable good caught. Be realistic here ever law because of the molester and a need it as best you could get it you delegate that. I hear you might rebel fighters that. Courage stolen burn the land CBS five. I thought this would but Lamar combines the other day in and he's got us beat he's he's going into this fortieth year but you think about. The days of of the videotape and and one inch a three hour reels and all listen may be of recording a game on film and having to develop led. And now the mood like in the end studio cameramen has gone into some kid on a remote. What do you think outside of going from tape to digital. Has been the biggest change that you've seen in television broadcast. Well I mean trust somebody industry during March right I mean it really slipped. Well we won't we've gotten digital I mean we you'd beat you so much more with less staff has passed away used to date. And Ed and just well look at me having tomorrow I'm I'm I'm going after Arizona pulled beer by myself. Reporter talent. Shooter editor producer right amber you you you just you you're you're you're Utah Arkansas right on the air. And there's no there's no sound man there's no cameraman. There's there's there's no better now get your YouTube you can actually get an act. And better way of life and local TV today you didn't buy into what we get rejected but he rejected Yost ticker reverend law. I think that's been that bad they just say 888 gigantic. Impact that plus the Internet as just killed us because no longer idiot. Have to wait around on farms are what new Purina what happened that we get on the air and it said it's just insisted that destroyers and aunt and local TV Rick socially important thing. Your audience True Blue sports fan audience right you get it it's the ESPN watching and big time sport I bet that is your listing an audience in global Levy pre KPX. We don't have really have. A sports audience I mean it's it's. It's our our our fans are art standard art dealership. Are. Carjacked or camps are for try to better way to say that. Well. Think people would it nontraditional sports fans. In her fifties. Who or who only hope on the other side of of of the baby boomer audience that actually watch it. We can't we can't get we can't get the kids watch it anymore they're watching YouTube or something else. An NN PR kid hear your view of the play of the sport or order a huge sports fan you're watching something else you watch and an ESPN. Or ER. You know watch something and listening to a 95 so and again. That's an X but that but that's that's the one thing I tell kids that. And Ed are all these PDs classrooms in three days now you've you've got to know who your audience there's. If you if I got earlier by Eric K picked regulate and I went to the beat that to break down the very poor defense I lose my audience. So I say so I have to I actor Y it because I I I realize. Your group watching the senate the dumbed down but I got to make it more. It entertaining. And and more more made morbid entertainment hey look at this highlight. Then. This is really really why these guys won or lost a game. Does that make you cents. Yeah I think the thing that that I don't consider myself an old man but the thing that makes me I think some the most elderly. As when I say the only way the only way you can see NFL highlights was halftime during Monday Night Football. And I'll tell you I'd leave a raider game I'd see agreed touchdown catch by cliff branch or Freddie Lenicov and I think I hope they show that tomorrow night. Does it not eating get on your phone I mean that's a lot better but these kids today they don't appreciate us. Out now that this debate maybe don't have as they they do not have a sense that history notes it appears that now and that. And a better is it a better soldier did you log in at fifteen seconds or helical. I let's talk about yeah. We're total of the burn the land at cape PX five KP IX five let's talk about some of the teams share what you know though the warriors and Austria four in the and they got they got back on the horse and then. Hers like out and I don't listening to me you coach your cells and were tired and then we thank god everything's back to normal on the and they lose. To Portland but I think we're so spoiled now especially even those of us like me who sat through forty years of losing. That we really need and says her lover would say shut the hell out because we really don't we really trying to complain about in the grand scheme of things. Dead there's a lot of there's there's a lot of games a lot of the market that wish that they were in our legacy our you know our good with the Bay Area sports fan position. Do you value it may all those years with the warriors did make the playoffs where they just they they they were just give and take it away. We we will all remember those text but that might my kid they have no pointer reckons that my kids are 1817 inch and fourteen and had no idea. They did they just such a thing it's always been this way. That's yeah that's well you know what he ended up you are that I am enjoying what I'm seeing now this article lawyers yet in my view of the board. And then they're mathematically cannot bit been leaking oil could just finish in this this all star break. If that's okay Mayweather Percy eight seconds. Tutu to the lawyers in the Houston Rockets when it comes when what what it's all sat down the Western Conference and and and what happened there but in the bottom line is this. Can dictated to the rocker cal announced to beat the warriors board games out of a seven game series yes now. And that's and and and that's the way I know that's what we got to stick around and say. And you're so right because you know curls they were tired and that China trip sucked out of us and we know we're in three straight finals. But the fact that Houston is legit. I wish as a fan. They weren't I wish we could I say we as a lawyer found just Waltz to the finals and here's the other side of that. Because Houston is legit. I'm weighing more interested in watching so all that's what I think is where I don't want them to have a real rival. But the fact that they do as much more intriguing to me. Techies make each really report accusing image in my CI. We're going to get out of here Rick the so that I. I I hear people just well you know what really just happens that a bullet went all the it's a debt swaps lack of but that. That yeah yeah you break off the rockets or wherever I mean I don't care I mean they get cute kids. Giveaways. Or reason really to really what I shall so so great on late April oh let's see what happens. All right now I have you this is what I do with the local anchor like you and all the knowledge I ask you question embodies it seems there's little warrior one let's talk about. The gyros may now all they this is a team that wasn't like the Astros and cubs that decided to lose. So they can get world titles is a routine that has very little ambition that says that we when we went really is really lose. They had a top five payroll they were humiliated. That they look like Joseph out of belies candlestick just fill us in 98 games so they went out. They got three at bats there all the old lovers say they they brought say BN backed him to be more involved. Do you think this is enough. And I think they're now at least a 500 team I'm not gonna say because there's three other playoff teams in that division but I think what they wanted more than anything else is not to have another lost summer. Where people actually decided to not show a lot. Somewhere along the line. There was a mandate. Delivered by. They shareholders those sort of or ownership. That say look at we we shell out millions of dollars speak to keep this franchise. Breathing to breathe life until it weird not. Could be had in ninety loss season and get. Now here's the money cute the budget go out to do something about it. Anything had to go bring in Brian it's taken off the stabbing train and you bring him bad. But but bottom line if if if it's good that does getting better and I went to pull my money out. I bet it picnic very animated hit it's happened to the giant Abbott the corporate world peace goes out. So yes if the judge but there's a bit about it yet again at on paper. But you know everybody else molest them surely joint statement that they've improved so. I would feel rider in Vegas what 818 games with a giant this year I think circus sucked sucked into that affect. So are I hate you to do do I think that giant to gonna make a way out there maybe not. But but here here's what happens what do what do we then bought it when 82 patriots say what 85 games and they don't make it then what. Putting for the oldest team in the league. I hear that the only thing I'm glad it. It but you know what Rick gets its I'd I'd rather be talking about this and have been talking about life or death stuff. There. Are more yeah or talking about you know. Send a mall at third in Williamson in love then I mean this is the small matter. Yeah well I McCain picked negatives and that thousand mile who waited to talk about. How happy problem Santa Wallis I mean they they they I'm out there he gave in and get out and and ambiguous and human interest stories and and it gets you moving pictures are Kate takes that's why have there. The Oakland days let's talk about them for a second because. On the one hand it's going to be a lot of fun the fiftieth anniversary of that Kelly green Jersey Friday nights you have two young guy's name out on the infield corners will be worth the price of admission you have Katie eagle on forty. And I hundred the rotation. Leaves a lot to be desired at this point so we know the gays are not going to be a playoff team unless something very bizarre happens but. The Peralta site they made the announcement they were I guess misled by the person in charge there they were shocked it didn't happen when I didn't have a house afraid they're gonna go to Portland or Montreal or Vegas. Where do we stand right now with this season which I think it will be. A fun season they go to you with all the things I mentioned but the back of my mind I want to see a shovel on the ground somewhere around here pretty soon. Yeah I'd like to see NATO combat and I I think in the big picture got a BA so what will be around. A lot longer than people think an attic are out of the a's are going. Anywhere and I epic would open will do is say they receive a franchise Beckett. Back in at least gate gate give an 81 home dates of entertainment. Vs a team that plays eight or maybe ten games here. In in that coliseum. I think at. BA is gonna do and I was still they had baby daughter had just put up money. To edit to go out of five guys that that there are young and hungry enough. I want an opportunity to play every day and that's what they provide and when they and what and when they get so big and so valuable. The riverbed that they have been traded away the so so they can get more prospects of state that they keep afloat. And that and that's what they do I mean that's how they operate in that dislodged if it by and large they've paid for somehow win. Stay healthy and up that MMA policies and great finish just gravy. They're that bad bad bad as how. That that's really how they've made they've role in getting it in a franchise that operates. We're staying. Small market mentality. And an end and perhaps. Perhaps if they do get into a new stadium. Then they will mortgage a little better future to keep scared strategic there are guys spoke to match that they take off. Did you keep them in the uniform per prologue time but until that happens. Bill bill bulky phone right around here they are they all star break can become buyers or sellers. Iron let's hope they called on them they say they're gonna change let's let's hope they stay true to cut more questions for her going Qaeda X five. The niners the drop below. Honeymoon when's the last five games signs the contract. Twinkle in his thigh and then we have the room in Foster situation and now this might sound harsh view Burma people talking about. You know let's let's worry about the young man first well. That's for people who love him for social workers for clergymen for psychologist if you John Lynch. I don't want him to worry about the young man could John Lynch is trying to win football games so all what happens that would Foster because he's too good to. Take how I. Or is he. I think. If everything. We're reading about his true. Every and I'm sure they'll do their due they're going to do dealers find out. Everything. That happened. But but but if it all comes out where where where it is all true. They gonna have to get rid of them in this meet too. Movement they just they just they just gonna have to because. He can't at that at that point. It is an abouts. OK and we you know fine and six games and get him back here now we're talking about. Violence against women and nobody must be attacked so that I mean it is it is the hot button issue out there. So my post to subsidy had a day effort bloody month said that at some point men are are or will be. Gates pro life. Duration. Ground. But that's just pretty broad brush but it but that well Whipple was proven. It's it's. Pay. Its its bid it's sad but but but but example an example would have to be made. If if all of that is true and factual and help opens up all hope all of it as an tendon that then we move forward. But. But it it it what what what a terrible terrible situation. Within the span of 48 hours of resigning drop below. That that the 49ers ran. Let's talk about the greater your file question. Vern. Jon Gruden is back. At a press conference there's not many people I was there and act that can command a room and in making key. All these raider legends and the whole bearing the media does he now out of his hand they guy is about as charismatic. As against but now talking Turkey sea bass is gone Emerson has gone then Casey's RD pick them up bomb wondered about Crabtree and his dad thinks. I don't see a Marshawn Lynch marriage when Jon Gruden who what do you think about. Gruden common back in and some of these older guys led the lynch is the Crabtree is the Bruce Irvin says says he gonna come and you think and and just got these guys as we know he's gonna how personnel decisions not gonna just be all Reggie. Well I I think John. I can't determine you know he's he's already talked about how. She's going to have to adjust as a coach when he was here before. Against these players now will be beat that the union has strengthened that so much you only get these guys. X amount of hours a week he gave it became target guys now. He's really is being a bit of a pony just talk sharper sharpened in strategy only you can do it now just like you are talking right now we can't do that now legally. So estimate certainly it would make the most of the time they're betting cats now and and and he's he says he's been. I mean he's he's just been grinding and census the day he took the job I think he had maybe one day off because Horry. GE he enjoyed some family time. And that's. He's just getting just probably realizing right now regret that that the the my way or highway thing isn't as simple as a as as this sounds. And and he's going to have to go mayor and galvanize reenergize. Its sub somebody's. Twos and threes they're on the roster Bennett they'll look at you you're gonna have to step up. Because you know injuries gonna play a factor and and and these guys are present so yeah they're gonna be dotted and M and Z. Get your your numbers like gonna have to come up I think he's going to be all about back that building its franchise. Built building that the gap. That'd be because get reliable at depth a lot when injuries happen. And you know John Jackie talk anybody into anything he talked we have to have a Turkey had. Glad that that's that that story in itself. Star. Well this was 2001. Are we just had our second kid. John Ed recently had his third. He had just been selected as people magazine's one and one of the fifty most beautiful people who are really headquarters are getting is. Just take on it. Regularly in edited I was real flattering thing banged up football coach wanted to see a fifty most beautiful people are People Magazine. Click on data were talking before cameras keep role in a about you know there are kids. Yes again I am Electric's accountants between me and channel and Arnold just we just had you know second plan and just Q did you actually get to MySpace like playing rabbits and it namely sent off. I cutie got it out of straight. And it that three so much better until we we upgraded its rating ever but yeah hey they didn't reported paint me as well. And he backed by tied. I think I think that would make a gavel that I was ready I'll bailout. And today it did in they have not too long after that. We got preferred get. So also it Souza we've got three sides expect sag I told John liked that story. But on on on on the day of his press got its judiciary should be left when he a judge god has that way about it. And you and your name your son John Ryan. Now not just don't judge us. It we would have a code and we had Vick wears guys that green Jake. While lesson learned. They said dead thirty years you no doubt that in this business you have to survive you have thrived and that we really appreciate all the the local us stories and then knowledge or to follow burn on that Twitter on vertical and watch them. On that CBS KPX five men and most CEO run batteries everybody. Yeah man. Yet they had not not be an elevator when Isaiah. All right thanks a lot. They're great burn the land lines are open on the other side AAA not by 79570. Pence got to sell stock come to actually 95795. Yeah last I show or don't eleven. What are some of your favorite moments in the last seven years. Are gold medal you don't call in and armor to look come on back 957 again. Go 195 point seven new. And I love this album as a kid. I was a kid like these bands everybody would Wear like the same. Tuxedos with ruffles and then how hormones and they do little dance everybody had big smiles. And then it turned into people of frowns and it hats unless they catch me you know I I don't know I kind of change we got more and ground music kids would say. John they cancel Jonas attend Tawny until that time working on down here 11 o'clock we are going to leave these studios for him or her. And the cool thing is. On the trash this place like Motley Crue trashes the hotel room like Jeremy Roenick trash the Olympic village in Nagano. I am breaking everything. The most find out recruit removing those things learn. And I can bring anything but as we out. Take a look back. The married dawns down memory lying his a low rise so worry about some of your favorites are moments that happen here over the years. From 707. You're going to the second floor in your new studios okay so another cold voice guy will say broadcasting live at the bottom of the San Francisco skyline 957 nickname yes. That's exactly what he's gonna say. At least is not the first floor. Well we're moving on down. To is the second blow our. Now we can jump back to survive hack yeah I'm moving on now my doesn't retention. 4015 today Lowe said digest instead of digress. A souvenir in my confront you sometimes you gonna slip up. Other forget. I was doing at his post game and I said death slash let's start AJ Griffin CRA. Is a 46 say. And a guy attacks and end. It's a 469. And get that idiot off where he doesn't understand baseball he doesn't understand the days he doesn't understand the universe. You know what I've been exposed. Thank you got me. From the 51 now. I'll allow Rick when gray got emotional and Al died that. Was a pretty unforgettable shift. I was coming in the day before raider game. And it was really kind of and and I'll say nothing day because every Tom on the air it's so important. Stop everything. But I'm just gonna make IRA you will shift and we found out that Alan console and I've before. And so all we knew that Greg was in Houston. And so we immediately started taxing him. And he wasn't texting back and we've you know he's probably very emotional right now. So we tax and a few others we got Matt Millen on. I energy and Matt melon and all of a sudden in the middle of the segment gray just called. And yeah he was weeping and he he cried on the air it was. Our forget that I I am and was very very sound in and really goes to show you as I said before no one how's the relationship will I'll like Greg did. You know team team moves very very important figure egg and that's why when you when you talk raider football. Back guy is the source. Is he is absolutely the source when Allen called him after the season. And Greg let's say far and coach every year. I I'll never called you or me and asked me if I asked us what we should do. From the parents got to sell stock context and I'm 57 I if I don't get me wrong. I love low I love did is I love all of you know I know this is all out of love. Not gonna bring something up and embarrasses anyone never let time I got messed his pants that I didn't happen. Triple A 9579570. In all star weekend bad the are rising stars game. And I was looking at the Tony participants. And I was trying to think in my mind ranking them. About where they are and how much of a household name they are need to be. And I think we can all agree. But maybe not enjoy MB did. Probably the the one guy and who's an all star starter. Foot putt at eight a rising star many guys 24 and eleven every night. But I look at some of these young guys Donovan Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell would be a household name if you played from the knicks for the lakers but he plays in Salt Lake City. The guy scores twenty points a game three and a half rebounds three and a half assist. I look it's Dan Simmons. Sixteen and eight and seven assists Jason Tatum went. The Celtics. Danny Ainge can do no wrong right now even when Hayward does his ankle. They about him as a rookie given you thirteen and a half five. And others and others Jalen Murray with the nuggets. And a very good season under the radar really come into his own the past few months. General dropping thirty on any given night. Kid from cal Jalen brown. Not this perfect player but has really got. A lot of those minutes Hayward was gonna get. And you know 40% from behind the argued in a pleasant surprise for them. Brand name and I think Brandon Ingram led the jury is kind of still out on what kind of player he is going to be com. But he's a pretty good scorer and you can plug in and the most starting lineups I think in the NBA and he's actually played very well complain when when Alonso was a narrow and I think we're kind of seeing a play making ability that we didn't really know that he had. Dario SR which may be and overlook. Member. And then this whole process with the sixers. But he's been great this year fifteen and seven with three assists. Very solved for young player pal who's not also of the lakers I think he's. Blacks development in some areas but I think he's also proven. That he's at very least date. A guy you can bring off the bench for some instant offense. I'm very good playmaker. He just needs to start DNA it up and and his ceiling is an arrives. Dennis Smith junior LeBron said Dodd next you should have taken him who thought who then. You had. The jagged turn where hound you and Kelly he knocked. But it's it's I know sometimes and a Smith junior frustrates Rick Carlisle because he's it inefficient on some nights but. The guy has ability to changing game I think he just really needs to work on his. Slot selection and too many turnovers but this is a franchise point guard. At a lot of teams look for not as important as a quarterback but almost and the mavericks found their guy Lori market. I some play immersed in March Madness and there were times where he seemed a little deer in the headlights and so when Chicago in the trade to bring a man I've got. I think he's gonna take awhile. While you really been the biggest surprise for the baby bulls well apologies Tarlow anticipate. He's done what everybody thought he could do and that is chewed. But he's also rebounding he's given you a rebounds a game as well. Not bad and Darren fox. He's really. The best thing that ever happened the day Erin fox was George Hill getting traded away and the best thing that ever happened to George Hill is getting traded to the cavs but what they're saying too is okay. You know top pick lottery pick this is your team that they shooting is not a lead but they said he's young he's a young guy. Still working on it. Chris Dunn was Chicago he's getting a lot more playing time lately he's not a great shooter. He can tee it up a little bit and look it I love bowl Don both Donna that's. What they can the kings. Oh Vick by the way is like saying sun sol. Bulldog Bulldog bitch is like saying. Peter Peterson. Parred John Johnson. But since he's been starting in stark he's showing that he's also pretty good shooter got a nice stroke 40% from three as well. Nice little passer. And it 25 years of age. You can't wanna see the improvement at that point and you're seeing it now finally. Dumont has some bonus that I played tonight. From the pacers. And last year. With the thunder he shot two threes one now he's taking this game inside the arc amid much more comfortable. Very towns are low post scorer for the pacers. And his value would skyrocket. If he could exchanges arrange buddy healed. With the kings he played tonight he came over in but he cousins still live New Orleans. And at the time. You have. Didn't believe that gravity they say. He's like staff Currie. No he's not they're different kind of guy but he's been asked to be a bad score for most of the season. He makes over her 23 pointers a game issues about 43%. There's still some big questions about the rest of his game but if he can shoot like that he's going to be in the league. John Collins from the hawks not just the barnes' San Francisco he's a stat machine when he's in the game. Is a very active rebound herb can finish around the rim. He's beginning to stretch out his range I think beyond the three point line which kind of adds to the intrigue and his offensive game. He's also pretty good shot blockers well. That's kind of his worry hangs his hat on defense. Is not really good at blocking out coupled that more guys territory and Waller prince. From the hawks. He showed some offensive flash is last season. I don't think he's really taken a step forward this year. He's basically the same guy who was last year gives you about twelve on for a night. And then two other guys still on Brooks look a grid is. Oh what a fantastic score in college but it's been a struggle for him so far. Hoisting up threes EnerNOC going down. By you know a consistent rotation player he's still young he's a rising star. And then you get frank to Regina born in Belgium brought up in the Al SaaS straws morgue. Play and then and New York actually got to see the knicks in the summer play out Brooklyn. And that game reminded me of watching warrior basketball or New Year's winner as the Montego comings days man that was a bad and ugly game to watch. And it's surely did to judge to routine as a player right now but he has shown flashes this does is he shooting as atrocious. Sell I would probably think out of the Tony guys I would rank him the bottom out of all these. Don't tell out in the next so get all mad again. Bell last awful start flashing on you. By this weekend. This all star weekend the whole playground concept of the game on Sunday team LeBron vs teams staff. That is the most intriguing thing for obvious reasons yes.