Hour 3 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Host of Inside the NBA, Ernie Johnson

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 19th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Host of the Afternoon Delight, Greg Papa as well as Host on TNT's Inside the NBA, Ernie Johnson. 


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Time to make sure it was a 100% because his team's needed them his team's wanna dom they had to have them on the court you gotta play through the pain to go where he is now. He is an eight never fully healed and beat. Cost himself tens of millions of dollars in the process. So every now and again it's helpful. To put a little bit of perspective in the play with some of these guys because everyone's had their quite got to go out there play for his team this is unbelievable spoiled entitled pro athletes now. Isiah Thomas monopoly for his team. And he still paying for I agree. I report. The Greg hopper reported brought to you by July construction company celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence. The great Greg Papa joining us here on 957 game. Pop as always it's a pleasure. We start on a bit of a somber note the passing of Gregg Popovich is wife. Yesterday at the age of 67 she had battled an illness they had been married for four decades. It is a sad story it is an emotional story it's very difficult to try to relate this to basketball but. I mean you're close to Popovich do you think he will coach tonight. I don't know we're gonna find out of about an hour the spurs you're gonna have there there's sure around. About sixty minutes shall find out. Aaron Maybin each picture well this about the entire time that I newer. She had a a any disease the same disease that took Barbara Bush's slight CO PD. Scioscia. But she was such a kind woman out RC Buford the spurs general manager. If history has lied about her she was Smart you had to be Smart to hang with pop she was witty. Well read obviously. But from my perspective she was just so kind. My deal with the spurs you know I. It was the fall of 97 I just they're doing the raiders games and I thought I was coming back for the warriors season that year and ending or. Early in the football season we we couldn't get to together on a contract so. I think they got is gonna work basketball and all that year and then. You know about a three weeks before the season started. Nellie called me and pop called me and I want to go to San Antonio. The point is dispersed family really opened up their arms to me in my family like you know the team because I was coming from out of town. And pops wife mrs. puppets at Calder really took my family and my wife loved her she would have many functions that are. Home with the with the other wives and she treated our family just like one of the players so she really was a special person remembered. Being involved in a few functions with her directly with a tip off launch and they had a big gala silver and black fund raiser in the spring which I MC both of them for pop than. So we got close to his wife and now. She wasn't around a lot because she she did battle this cell lung disease CO PD. For her for many years we I thought she'd gotten better. But so ME in his first pop this is this is gonna be hard on him obviously they were extremely close. Furlong time marriage for forty years and I just my first reaction was what he coached a game how we handle it and then beyond that how does this impact. How much longer coaches. I kind of thought you know he's going to be a team USA Olympic coach and 22 wanna cut thought after that. He would hang it up and go home. Spent time mothers with his wife and kids and grandkids but now. You don't know what he's gonna do you know maybe there's avoid in his life now home that'll just continue to coach and they go break Don Nelson's record that. It's a sad day for this first family I mean pop. Pop runs that place with a iron fist but says the woman behind it always was Popovich Greg probably here on 957. The game no easy way to transition onto the court but keep you look at game three in UC JaVale McGee with a possible thigh bruise on his own whether or not he'll go still yet to be determined. Did the spurs have a punches chance in this game three Greg knowing that their backs are clearly against the wall they loses one. Yeah they're gonna come out hard and they played physically and that's one thing pop always demands of his teams did uses them bring me that debt nasty units Fisichella the united Herm you know getting after them and they did and they they played about as those that comply the first they just don't have enough but at home. They're gonna have the energy of the crowd they've been a whole different home chambers who wrote chain this year at 33 native home for 227 on the road. They just stayed they've they've played different style of home. And you have to wonder about the emotion in the building with the news of of pop's white passing yesterday and will he be able to coach if he can't coach the in game adjustments will be a little bit different. As far as JaVale. I just watching that game back. This morning trying to see where he hit the left quad and it's funny if you're watching. Looking for something it's like every single play Medicare is left caught out after like fear that apple here that apple it. But it just kind of explain to me why his movement skill at times. In the game was not very good not nearly as good as it was in game number one there was a player were I looked at very early in the game and Aldridge posted them on that for down. In the left block where he did collide Aldridge ended June veils left quad left thigh area so may have happened there may have been later. He was diving all over the floor in the third quarter so. If he can't go I think I think Zaza will start. An actress starred David West and if you wanna keep that rotation strong with a west start in the second and fourth quarter he could bring in combined looney. Behind get the other guys are just too young right now they have no confidence in George bell and damion Jones is just too raw. You're not gonna play and so. If if if this left quad contusion for JaVale is so severe that he can't go or is limited he sees movement skills not there I think. Suss out we'll start which led more entry to the home environment their because. At about the merit of manslaughter but they don't they don't like Zaza Pachulia much of Texas. Popular votes in Teddy K eighties squirrel and twelve. Would you be sick to see in this team probably would lose. AB's balancing writers say that easily could have played twelve minutes they'll be only if it was horrible and he's got to score more actual knowledge and various specific question here yes I got to cherish it. Result in a rep like this do meal time you you love me I'm yes sir I do OK it's still. Bit of it is the reason I say that because if you watched last night. Impresses with the rockets when their James Harden will point instilled when. Well I mean if you. I think the reason that that that they brought in Chris Paul is nights like that we're James Harden. Is gonna have nights especially in a playoff series were teams can build a wall behind him. Where he's not going to help score 44 points every single game and then you know you have the second option which is Chris Paul and yet to primary. Ball handlers constantly in the pick and roll that was Terrell Maurice philosophy yes that the warriors could easily do that. I think it's harder without staff at that you know clay could give you a big game and every. That that there might begin his pocket scored twelve because Kevin Durant could fall out of bed and catch twenty. He should stay steady sect kind of score because he's so smooth the and he's become a hanging around the warriors just a much better outside shooter. So directs you to give you warning OJ on an off night and had a big night he's gonna give you forty but. If he scored only twelve of the game affect our memory getting games earlier this year last year. Where I didn't have big scoring games and in a staff would go off so when you have. The quality of the story in scoring of Acadia clay and the staff. They yes I think in theory you could have a game where you win with Kevin Durant scoring on a twelve points and I think that's the very reason. You know the other side of it I think the big reason why the lorries brought in Kevin Durant is because of Stephanie injury off which won sixteen yes you want them to play together. But in the in the event that staff can play that you go to the Kevin Durant what do we have a game they take stuff away your staff is just really off on the three ball. He scores only twelve anger directed get your a high thirties game to win or place so yeah I mean in certain games that's gonna happen. And I think being out the the adjustment would be. You know do you slide more coverage to Paulson since hardened. Is off that you know game but they are hard it's always going to be the number one guy and the white board going into every single game to start start a stop him because he is the key. To their attack but that's the very reason lol why you a lot get a guy like Chris Paul. Yeah and that's what dismay at the point is James Harden Massa looked and he scores more than Katie averaged more so that was is pretty big what they were still we will win to him by twenty. So I just thought that was pretty fast and. It is fascinating and then you know the other side of the series. Is you know what the other side of it is Carol Anthony towns which is beyond me right. Why they don't feed him the vice I think it's all changed since Jimmy butler's come back. I think butler's just monopolizing the ball too much he says he's a good offensive player but he's not as strong obviously as Carl Anthony charge or even Andrew wicked strength is his offense and hell I'm ever few weeks ago apparently tells Clifford 56. Pig pig shot I think he should get 56 touches. Every game but I will say I think that is say a poorly coached offensive team tips is a really good defense of coached. But offensively sometimes you're wondering Blake in match secure should what are they exactly trying to accomplish here. Pop before we let you go we're up against it a bit NFL schedule comes out today at 5 o'clock where do you think the optimal spot is for the raiders at niner game I don't I don't know if you guys are fixating on that game. I don't know to be honest and I think you know for me would be sometime in October I don't want it to be the opener ever a lot of people should they wanted to be the open I wanted to be a much of bill. And that everything every eye in the Bay Area rather to get into it put a reality. The niners are in the NFC west the raiders in the AFC west is not that it's not the huge game. We're gonna make it out in the Bay Area it's just you know it's less than any you know I create a game against what are your division opponents so it's not that big. But. I mean I ideally. Since the game is going to be an in Santa Clara I think the raiders would like it to be may be coming out of the bye. Week when they go to London and in October I think you know look at have to go to the East Coast to start that trip before they go play. Seattle and London may be a play off the bye week to forty niners. Over the air but it's you know we're gonna make a big. Denver in the chargers way more before where they play. Finally cashed. It's it's it's as far as the Coachella. You're baccalaureate I honestly I don't I don't even wanna watch the NFL this year it's it's it's a complete plan now I'm not even interest in the sport and you're only getting the only game you don't watch all year the raiders niners I'm done with that I'm just gonna I'm gonna go watch fall baseball in Scottsdale Bob should just keep watching LeBron that's almost too good freer jokes -- -- NFL play Kevin at the raiders and I can't Gregg probably Joba did not knighted by seven the game thank you pop daycare. And yeah it. I don't care about the game but here's twelve minutes of analysis act act passes like I'm a couple things that need to be addressed from that interview on number one. And that's for you now I know my phone rang it's only I'll take you gladly unbelievably disrespectful. Yeah it happens you know it happens and number two also here's a note. Let me let me and it's you miss a big spot earlier he can't it's too late it's. Sacha limitations I let him with a big an eye on him earlier and heating get a flag if you can't get each other like this in the US open and noted that narrative is still in violation oh. The narrative out there meeting so hard on porn Lorenzo that I did a lot there's a lot of times and I don't throw the flag because he's still flag I don't know what happens. Yeah sad and it takes line revolves on. Shockingly the flying things were being too hard on you today the army I think it's appropriate. Way to look at the thickest skin and show you view it's anybody literal definition. I did put her like you used Patrick Cox. If we threw a flag every time there need to be a flag thrown Vista before I was a whistles coach who we both know a little good through good I think I got a question for you yes. I am fascinated by this I don't mean this in it and it. It's it's only gonna composites Bob Baer. Where do some of these questions come when you opened quit if Kevin Durant only scores twelve Mike why. There has possibly come from what makes you picked twelfth. These kids think because what I'm Psycho on time. I. May be a fight and a the other side here our children to experiment and the chill blowing teams continue. On 9570. Game. Any conversation with warrior. In regards to the 28 team playoffs has to at some point involved. Portland slash New Orleans. And of course used to. And while the rockets got off to a slow start last night against the timberwolves ended up throttling Minnesota. Pawlenty pounds lost out there Charles Barkley for as much nonsense is he bites you on a regular basis. He had it dead right on towns at the end of that game. He needs to get his butt in the gym this summer and he needs to work on his offense because this series is exposing him. In a big big way he's consistently at a position. He doesn't wanna play in the low post even though he's a big man he loved shoot the three which is great but. Stick to what works right. You're not going to be Seth Curry if the empty walls are gonna focus on you is the premier three point shooter in this series. And you're gonna need to knock those down UA when it commercially they'll get down well. At some of those. Those dudes in foul trouble. It's shocking to watch but pardon got off to a very slow start last night. And you had the idea that if that happened with KD. -- market the warriors who could they overcome. And that's what were your transit to look at in NB objective understand hopefully steps come back but if you you don't have step think about that. If you had Katie only gets you twelve in have that bad of a shooting night. Could this team wind yeah. But it was a way to Houston was able to do what other guys and how well they still play defense to still win by twenty. People gotta look at this and say well if this happens to a Katie because James Harden is their Katie. James Harden and what Katie is James Hart is with Steffi is on this team this guy's a one who leads the league in scoring. So when you look at that type of performance that you've got to the rockets. If this happens to the warriors. How do they had an affair but gets competition. Like if they're planning the next round are around after that. Parton has to do so much beyond the floated this without having last week the idea of putting Kevin Durant on him defensively. At points in the series should they meet the Western Conference finals it's fascinating because when you saw hard struggling last night. Even though the team eventually picked it up around him. They dug themselves into a big hole. Minnesota could handle. Offensively they're a mess Jimmy Butler. Isn't doing enough for not taking enough shots because he's hurt him Jimmy Butler is not gonna get to the line more not gonna drive more not anything which is not a win. You have Jimmy Butler because he's a star xxx star user Mike Starr rent the warriors will not allow you to get back into that game. So you got a tire hard about it every possible turn because Harden is their premier three point man but he's also their premier creator. That's toxic. And it he's got to chase someone on the other end of the floor. That's good attacks and as well when you're thinking about a seven game series. By the end of that series. That's what it pays dividends similar to what you see in baseball you're gonna go seven in the World Series but you can get to the other team's bullpen early in that series. They are gonna be out of gas by the end case in point when Cleveland in the cubs when against each other two years ago. That was system. Battle of attrition war of attrition who had enough left in the tank to win that series. Did don't you think you all the DC Houston can they played the in your opinion do I think they're pretty good defensive team. And even better than people give them credit OK I think that's what you're yet that I think that's a pretty fair statement right I think. Without imam would say that defense that they can present is much from lessons so depending on what uniting come back from his shoulder issue. Their defense doesn't scare me when you talk about pardoning Paul even when you go to Gordon on the bench they don't have a lot of elite defenders outside of the Obama tackle. Which would you guys both agree that double cross and you count and we heard McCain say get down to pulls big picture budget I don't of the Apollo I got to spend more time now they seven feet tall for trial out so who do we have that we can put down in the post. That's against Houston that brings that type of bravado we don't need that. No less then we don't need I we got premium three point shooting. And they don't have that's an initially Teague way too much sex that's a point I'm trying to make when we're sitting here when you wanna dismissed because he's talking about the guys injured purple you don't need that type of guy against the cubs great great point so that's the difference. And you really need from her defenders and you need somebody mailed a guard Kevin Durant and Lucas charter bond moute would be a guy who yeah. That's his that's his name's Matt I apologize for use in the men's well I I. I. And you know what is called mood today but that would be selling them short of that mocked him and let alone moved Rashard on mbah a moute but I digest has been like this in this program. He's a guy who you'd put on Kevin Durant and if you look it. Paul or Harden or Gordon these guys are getting guard Katie Gerald Green of the guys you probably will put on him to radio tells him. So it doesn't really matter to me about whether or not click Capello is out there as far as stopping Katie goes is he will be guarding calendar. You used the word in the last response slow scared out and about how you were scared about what does it scare you and I stumbled across something last night that concerns. We need to spend a little bit more time living in the moment. Focusing on this year with this team and not talking about where players are going to be in the future what's gonna happen at chase Saturn beyond. Do you have any idea how scary the NBA is going to look next he's. Do you have any idea the ramifications of what the warriors are gonna be facing next year. You need to close this season outs you need to win this title you need to grab three and four because quite frankly you talk IE I don't know. What the future holds and it's not enough colonial. Case in point. Here's who's had it for free agency next year and you know a lot of these guys love to talk and team up. LeBron James. Cole why Leonard can be traded. Hold George. Chris Paul. Bogey cousins. Just to name a few those guys will all be on the open market. In addition the following teams are definitely on the rise. Philadelphia. The lakers. The pelicans. That nuggets that jazz this Celtics will get Gordon Hayward and Tyreke Irving back. Houston probably isn't going anywhere they're going to be one of the better teams then. Think about a couple scenarios. What does LeBron signed with Houston. What a cool why Leonard and Paul George both ended up for the lakers. I imagine that what if LeBron and Paul George went to the lakers inquire ended up in Boston or Philadelphia. The case in point is appreciate what you have when you have so Lofton. We especially myself it's actually get caught looking ahead what's gonna happen which chastened or what are you into this Claire what are you gonna do with this what's gonna have a Republicans forget about tonight's game. Today my entire approach is to enjoy Thursday. Studied the schedule release of five turn on the warriors at 630 had the baseball games on the iPad the other TVs. And just enjoy what happens today because I'm start to look around at some of these teams the jazz are no joke. The nuggets are going to be better what all the free agents that are gonna be surfacing up there next year there are some very lethal combinations at the warriors might have to get by case in point. This could be the final year that they win a title. And I'm not saying that to troll or to get people upset but when you watch these games on a regular basis and you see what could be happening in the future. It's not gonna get any easier man it really isn't very. May have already won their last title Houston's no slouch in you mentioned the teams in the east Toronto Philadelphia to Cleveland new noses you know emerged. The lawyers may not win the title this year your window may already be closed. Before you know it we saw with the San Francisco Giants where you won three in five years even necessarily think you're gonna win it. Every other year but you thought you could at least. Prolong the excellence and still be a competitive play out well over you and think the last one man it was over in the second half of Tony sixteen showed you that in fact it may be over his from the second have a choice sixteen. Through today. It's been a dreadful it's been a dreadful organization as far as performing. On the field so to your point about this warrior team. Yeah I enjoy every second of it enjoy game three in San Antonio hope they win it if not come back tomorrow and try to enjoy that. They've got the our replay of the U tall OKC game up on TV. I'm great back and forth did you see oh Casey's Big Three in the fourth quarter last night from Ross. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony pretty dominant O for fourteen in the fourth quarter against the jazz last night a grand total of two point. I'll take it up I think Paul George is the best player on the thunder. I think he's the best player on the thunder I think they would go further or have more success with him as their star than with Russell Westbrook this guy it's. It's just the same old story with him he takes so many bad shots late in games he has no idea how to work with anybody. Mess on their riddle ever all the men had another nice game last night I thought they misused them in the Cleveland game the he's young he's got to have him out there. The men are that second half but you see him foul trouble now. You see it I mean the guy has excellent box scores but I don't see him ever winning anything. He he he takes over the wrong times he'd get two guys at a rhythm you saw that I am with you man driving kick. I think kick your suction explosives or just drive to the bucket and see what happens the idea that lately these games and he he was taking some really. Really bad shots last night I think people get confused between his exciting play and they consider it great play. And it's just it's not I mean the proof is in the pudding and this is held a series but you don't plays any team they say don't beat you or your so they should be up to well yup. I'll tell you the one thing that worries me from a warrior perspective I love the drawl when it first came out. Now it looks like of New Orleans wraps Portland in a hurry. The warriors are gonna and the deal with fresh legs whereas. The rockets if they rat Minnesota NRA this thing's gonna go six right now you know you call Casey's got six written all over it at this point. Possibly seven do you call Houston going to be a great spot taking on who's ever beaten to a pulp coming out of the series saws guy can win this series you think so aha dislike dislike that. I like that and I think that one's gone down the wire and I still think did the Portland series has a greater chance of going seven than it does of being asleep. I don't think Portland goes in New Orleans and loses both of those games to the pelicans. They're gonna get at least one I would say this series is a better chance of going the distance than they do having an engine for I just also the pelicans are linked to morrow. Three time Emmy winning host of TNT's inside the NBA the great Ernie Johnson joining us here on 9570. Game good morning Ernie thank you for your time how ardea. I do agree yourself that you at all. We're doing very well and again thank you so much for coming on it's always a pleasure to speak with you up will begin a bit on a somber note. I thought you guys did a tremendous job last night on the coverage handling the passing. Of Gregg Popovich his wife especially when you came on the air and clarified that Alley will force had in fact talk to LeBron James before she asked LeBron that question. You probably shouldn't have had to do that but I'm I'm guessing you saw the reaction on social media and felt the need to back up your colleague. There were what our question. And I. What were where are an awful we you know we achieved what stage. Had written out there and what managers Saturday and and they were kind of not related issues would. What are being asked that question. We wanted to. Clearer than go and make it make it crystal clear that Alan did with. Border group reporter dog she in this situation like that and match. If you're gonna throw a question like that or but there's usually it is a reaction to it. Digital alarm sort of we're going. More volatile relationship to look Greg our virtual of mutual respect they have won another show here she's. She had told him before him look here's the situation what they're awful but you wanna you wanna make a comment at peace at all awkward so. Look how that all perch are not part of what's important that we should educate everybody Paul challenge will be a street she did the right way. And and abortion shouldn't judge it looked on with a probable. And it's great that you guys who brought that development to light for people who are overreacting but the question I have is are we putting these athletes in. Positions that are too difficult day in not only in this instance I'm not putting this on out of the forest but in general. We have sideline reporter is in play by play people we always seem to wanna get. The instant reaction is it sometimes unfair to put athletes in a position like that to have to react in real time even though he had a little bit of a heads up. Our creator of renewable are easily could have should know their spiritual emotional for rewritten art or thought about it now we wouldn't upon. The notion of who looked harder and revenue but we'll post the video literate so that they hear you know. It in defensive valley and and sort of was in total broad call and make it he wanted to talk about it in the city you would and so. And so. It receded as it did. And again the situation. Verizon which. Rocket ship Jordan Clarkson there are two reasons. Forty point game and he was being talked to the question never comes. It noted that this is one of those situations where LeBron James Stewart and our conference. Figure this or. And as is Greg Popovich. So. Here's what your situation on Google or would you like to talk about it concern is yes you and an effigy would show. I don't think it was abortion Cheryl looked quicker that's at a later on about. What's that in its editorial that not the case which was a special incidents what with a guy like LeBron talking about like. And before we get to him basketball and things that are on took place on the court more question and I really. Are you did a great job of sin appeared guys. And Shaq he talked about you know Papa and the issues which which can kind of elaborate on that and you probably get in their ear people say wrapping got to go to commercial but. You gotta tell the listeners what what she actually should ship in what happened with he didn't choose from Popovic. I mean I can't advocate corporate story chapter and first but I know that you have a third in a time. Hutus and structure that the military got out of military got an economist relationship from there have been. Yeah they got this huge program. From Paul in your dish jacket at an early age it. I think all the guys have you know their kicks on so like it when it happens he. And look at and an edge that and we sat on the air last part of what what I see this kind of a situation occur under 35 years. Have three grandchildren and what I look at our wars and there are forty years and Harris. Couple of grandchildren and this image. Quick to them like show where she and Kevin Harlan the other day a little message you got from square and all of these for the before one of the games and the like she should that's one of the true joys of getting older and and it being a Korean appeared as watching them grow Walken. And ensured that with your wife can do you know regardless of theirs isn't as good and now it it was about. I don't know about you certainly would my mind what essentially you know are looking at this hour's you know he's got a golden solution although that's and so. And so all the things we shape all of you know with good wishes and prayers remain. Exit at the very popular and so it certainly portals into Washington where we hadn't had to do that question. There Christian do we hear that we covered. The great Ernie Johnson would Jolo and gives here on 9570 game. Do you think the possibility exists that if Kenny gets the knicks job he will hire Charles to be one of his assistance. But but but what if you thought it was going to be all seriously you know if I think. It. You know are almost like computer to watch that request inundated. It's. Not yeah it would note regarding Mercury the sort of so waters so what's the way to cure period our New York so are you hearing in the language. Tax cut not that we don't we're just read the same stuff that everyone else is reading where I don't really look at the pride as I like the idea Charles trying to instruct the young players out there while now we always had so much fun watching him on TV I grew up at the time I grew up in Philadelphia the time Charles was playing with the sixers so he's always been out of a favorite of mine. And watching Monday just the idea hit me Kenny working on as a coaching staff together is fascinating and. Let us until we do that or tools. What I what I what I try to get to shoot an odd and I think all of our guys are eminently qualified for any job that any NBA team would would want to hire the globe because they all have great basketball aren't. But what were rude awakening here in order has been foreclosed because look. We worked Thursday night during the regular season and here we work a locker what are all just about every night for. I mean that's in the that's a job that comes with a lot of hours so that if you're going to be head coach results like that and so yeah. I just don't know you you could you really can't get much better job than we all backward you know shall. It but you're really sweet offer ship away from the get us. Without a doubt I mean we in the media have that some of the cushy jobs that are out there Ernie Johnson here on 957 game as we look down a game three in San Antonio. The spurs have enough to make a last stand in the series and steely gamers this really just a fait accompli of the warriors gone through and asleep. Radar it it so. If such a long shot just two or. Cannot be swept. Mired in ma am convinced that if you're in order to sort of doubt about it I mean it's just. There are certain that sort of trying to. Tried to would be to go all the breaking even those there are being. And they just can't matchup and and so. No I think that it should I think it's discuss we've written all over but. Again if you. You know you go into that building in San Antonio and they will be ready to go editor's note and there's all kind of audit and that being from from sir that the number. You know if you let your guard down and Richard are shorter Chauncey Zuckerman and yet you it made a huge lead but our ticket all the state. It appears that element here that's the one not that and that's sinister about it because our local option in series that are just by team purple drink. Are you with your best against our best and that's certainly not the case mr. But it would would you find out about Houston last night's question when a guy who's most most prolific scorer in the game needs it. James Harden only scoring twelve in still able to win by twenty or what kind of Madonna they show you. Well I mean it this would play an outlet who who won a series so I mean. Look like minister or. And I think there's not a good year and it's great to see him back in the play all. And they got a nice little positions but it's like. Now that is if it. This is an older one of those series just. They'll get it over with and see what happens next. Houston's got enough weapons that would argue those cheaper dirtier word every word or question right you know let's. You know Capello the recent innovation. You know they shoot the three ball well enough that if you're gonna record a struggle on the field and all the guys could pick up the slack. But I've already. For those want to move on and on their hearts and kind of an could be. Watching Minnesota senators with the number lawyers who. We don't have playoff experience and this is. Been kind of the bureau of light kind of looked to be practical at the the server would be able to go to school alumnus and a good look back on there word format because he's been totally chickened out pictures. Three time Emmy winning host of TNT's inside the NBA the great Ernie Johnson joining us here on 957. The game Ernie we always appreciate the time keep up the great work will be watched him. Perry don't call it work and I appreciate you having me on guys so. Couple wonderful weekend if you want to change. You've got to Ernie thank you so much. Or couple of announcements and to be my chest because I'm very excited about a story that's coming up in a moment. First and foremost Gregg Popovich will not coach tonight the report has come out I believe it's from Michael writes who covers the team. Ot the assistance and I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing this correctly but each core Messina. He tore Messina from Italy he's been an assist that would dispersants 2014. He's one of Italy's famed national basketball coaches he will be taking over for the spurs tonight there will be no Gregg Popovich on the sidelines. Secondarily. Kevin Correia has been named two times 100 most influential people in the world. Top honor and it's impressive very impressive. And now from Kevin Clark of the ringer dot com. Reporting that the Cleveland brown. Of taking not one but two quarterbacks with their top and number four overall pick. You all laugh you'll set I was still. Bit I was crazy that it was asinine that I should be fired and yet here we are once again bringing up the fact. That they are at least investigating the idea which at the very least is something you should do. Consider all your options if it's not the best option you don't need to do it doesn't make it right or wrong but the idea. The very idea that you shouldn't even consider it is just listen yes someone get me a browns Jersey I'm rooting for Cleveland that's it now you're onboard. So yeah so now they're Smart people. Not even gonna. At our go ahead. What do you do attract a pro line if you walked I didn't have a very I think that was actually very nicely played. It sounds crazy. But imagine the situation. What's the downside they boast ball ball bust out. I mean that's where you've been for ten years for fifteen year. When we talked about the other day Joseph it was Agassi didn't wouldn't happen as you said hey what I was calling you know wasn't directed it and I know at a reasonable discourse between each other right I was director for the tech high. I am getting in and and we GL ER. But I don't watch and not have and I listen to it it. You could you could have two quarterbacks and they can be great nine you've got trade value all those other things. I do say when you have eighteen the way that organizations are the gonna kick it around with a gonna say got. We need impact players that can help us play right now in that be just another roster spot that that's why they don't think about it in that type of. True the cluttered at the respectful counter to that is. They have needed impact players for twenty years so for twenty years they have needed impact players maybe this is the time you try something that. To slow now believe it at that we're not gonna talk rap brown football here looks at me. We're market number four for crying yes we have bigger things to worry a browns like a basketball game tonight. In San Antonio against spurts. Right now. If we've got to do the gun and head situation. Are you laying in the four. The warriors cover Madieu I would lay before yes even though I had the spurs winning both home games initially right now where we dangerously. Close to something you don't wanna be dangerously dangerously close to go. Silence is what you can't think of ask me question Ian at least extended a courtesy to shut your mouth while I answer questions very hook it cannot. Are we a we could hear or Clare that's just did instead is using when mr. Neil shot at glory and so I'd like to apologize I don't know what he's doing but I would like to that's right. On behalf of all Billy's everywhere apology not accepted because that's how we do it might fail to hold grudges we keep impersonal to the great race anyway I digest. Even though I sent. Initially had the spurs to win both home games as we sit here today. With the pop and it does not get a coach and his spurs team having played other good to have and still having that not be even close to good enough. In this moment I think the lawyers a win by four points though none of my head which is the way you laid it out yet I would take the boys and let the point. I have to say things like that to get predictions that of people otherwise it's just a whole bunch of well you know the confidence that. So does everyone had to tell all gonna move through this show from here on out every single time questions asked just assume you've got to answer. There is no dancing you fancy phone or long live the plague and it's okay it's a plate and assuming you don't get conditioned to have you gotten your head for Tony hours a week Bryant becomes a longer threatened right because you're so used to it. Protect its water got it if you don't answer eight strong stream of water will be shut three year year pool cleaning out and then you bright ear infection you have to put drops in every night that's brutal and that would suck. Swimmers there's no joke detaining. I haven't heard yeah. Well that's what I. Clinically well that's just that's what now what resonated of everything for two hours and 45 minutes I'll have to Ivan more than. He really got. Written article yeah yeah. I. You got your next all of well he's done well for me right now yeah. It is it's. This thing. Oh my guess somewhat gonna let him alone. So I wanted it right here. You're sitting on eight nuclear warhead that will destroy the entire planet unless you make a prediction you don't even at your right you just have to make a prediction but if you don't the bombs going off in the world can incidental Jill I think it's you know that I haven't been on the fence at all to deceive you of course very buttoned up you guys asked me to be Pacific as it you take the points every single time every exit you more corrected told you guys in Dublin motorboat home. I've said this you edit it quite a few motor boat it's bringing my. I get it Biden stood by it. Told you this team is too slow. They're too old they rely on a 41 year old got forty year old guy and he's one of the best players on their team you can't beat the doves with a three all stars Syria and of course lay the points. The injury report that came out yes it was a bit fascinating David West is on. Which is great news he's tough JaVale McGee is now. JaVale McGee's banged up these little I don't think he's going to be out he's eight you know watch out he's had a huge series huge series node node until jokes he dedicated serious. You know he's not as tough as last week no hint of some of these guys and they called it's awfully yet. Regardless he's having a huge series you have to respect the modes. Everyone credible he's he's he's got the most right now genetics of respect for guys that attitude. While the demand. Pinpoint and a good point as Monday called on soft. And that'll slow. That's you know that's it's a difficult night at the well or afternoon so you guys this week guy's gonna stay here you catch a one billion that is the that's good guys at his place. OK but I agree to be Arabs and ivory tower of the doha. I wrote. Yeah it's more yeah. Guys this is totally inappropriate you talked about what's gonna happen I told you guys the dubs gonna cover they've covered every single game in one gets. In the old almost a dubbed the will lose hope I. I keep it real I'd keep one another I don't speedy guys his. Oh they're gonna win because probably drove it opens this James got to go see. Obviously are right really back. Reel it back then and now EC you get to give yourself a heart attack easy. So the it's perhaps. The out of San Jose Sharks clean sweep and get a list. Free bets in Vegas if you've been on the golden knights stations casinos. Station casinos which red rock as a part of dips and your big fan China red rug right out on the street it is. Awesome stations casinos are offering a promotion if you are a boarding pass member which I am. Shut out stations I'd better get this thing in the mail them not be doing when it but. If your boarding pass member which is the card program you are going to get the promotion in the mail. I believe the date for this is April 23. April 23 if you go to a station casino and you swipe in the kiosk. You are gonna get a reward they do all these reward programs for locals it's fantastic he's local casinos. When you swipe you are gonna be given a voucher anywhere worth a five dollar bet with 250. Dollar Matt. On the nights to win at all and if they do. You're gonna get paid out on 41 shots so viewing it will would be considered the jackpot on the slight and you're gonna get it 250 dollar ticket for free. On the golden knights to win the Stanley Cup. And you can cash in and afford one odds to pay a thousand bucks but at worst case scenario you're gonna get a free five dollar bet on him. And if they would only get twenty bucks you know risk free bets are all supporting cast members if you show up on April 23. That's all you have to do but at the sharks in the next round both teams of swept I mean this is. Series shut up cut Tomas turtle last night with a game winning goal Mark Jones made the top ten for a save he had last night which was just exceptional it's a 21 win. If you're the ducks. Yes went back and I. That's working deputies keep quacking like I always you know crash and. A melt all the ice and in Southern California you got two teams and you got to sweep Hewitt only eight. All ice rinks must be melted Malcolm vote meet motor. This this Vegas San Jose game has little added intrigue because of the pro football teams associated with a each. Hockey team you've got the raiders tweeting over the top of golden knights basically saying. Here's the good luck charm go golden knights and then you've got the sharks. Having the door open which is a great honor for soundly sharks by the niners head coach Kyle Shanahan at which point. The 49ers came over the top of a shark Swedes are you get a little niner reader rivalry. On ice it's actually gonna make for a great tag team match at summer slam opt here's Kyle Shanahan and the audio last night as he's opening up the door to locker room starts OK. Very good. I don't what I would. Like to do thrown in there yeah I don't open up the door for games next season there there. Went through these scores a goal I do my originality and act act act and the most of our let me ask you though is that a bad form on the but the raiders on Twitter. Is that the conversation not taken shots at anybody to think about I guess he's still here. And with the golden knights sending out a tweet not to long ago about it all begins now the raiders tweed over the top that with a little good luck shamrock bad look. This obviously creates an issue because the sharks everybody else what enemy you're in the Bay Area you also have a team in the playoffs so. Shani opens the doors last night down at the tank they win the game. Afterwards I believe there's a tweet from the sharks saying how nice it is to be affiliated with the bay area's football team. Out there I do Bay Area football season the sharks specifically referred to the niners as the mayor is football team so yes shots fired. Obviously. He view the raiders you know you wanna. Have love with your new community coming up but let alone writers is that without. That and the saddest at a kitchen let lose you know let don't make it didn't just stay at the kitchen. You don't need to say anything I think this was a bad move bad PR this is work mr. Davis with owner should be like who did it was at that. What what do you what do you could well. I'm serious clean house sub par social media card tyrants to fired off 13 senior political veteran TV calling for hire an agent Brian. It is it's your brand it's a bad look you've been here for all these years and all said. Because you leaving the anyone at tweeted another routine you don't do that you still you still married. What are you doing there. You know you're implying that the organization is is this pleased with them and over and if you're displeased with that what do you do in social media. You've deleted immediately if you're just please that'd so. To say that mr. Davis should step in and discipline as employees always there's really probably got a promotion code remains a plumber. If it's big it's a big middle finger to the Bay Area really insist yet another middle finger on you ran a talent and to take. To take this opportunity. To support the sharks rival the team and they're gonna face to televise every. Disrespectful sound and ever the politicians that they are the giants in the warriors and everyone came flying out on social media last night to congratulate the sharks on this week we see you just look at and everybody else about the blood the water but intended and jump right in it was we we love sharks congratulations. Go get them this next round. Can we needed this is going to be eat my god this this place living here. Is the bats like nowhere else with a little rivalry is is a lot for fighting to separate thing that takes weeks. Petty at times it's it's. It's fascinating. And you know what if you don't read it too seriously because let's be honest in the grand scheme of life were coming off this story about Gregg Popovich and his wife passed away yesterday. And yet a football team sending out tweets putting hockey team in another city. It just stupid it's worth a laughed and whatever else fires back. Also worth a laugh and if every side in the equation can understand that overall kinda have been a good time here yeah. Everyone can get along and move on its web certain parties get really upset about the mistreatment. And the perception and and all that where it's like look look look look. Beautiful outside. Have you seen how light stays late night now. Lights coming up earlier can be outside we give kids it's sports. Relax and enjoy sharks are cook and the niners are kokin. The golden knights are competing bid for their golden knights over hockey it is a great great great Soria might be the story of the year in professional sports yet because it's hockey. Raiders got their business done they should be happy. A's won yesterday in fourteen inning shot up to David Bruce show. There was one that you decked out to vacation Damon I can't the vacation make she thought that form though and also the de Sunderland last night. Let's go to a winners in the playoffs tonight. That's what we have to complain about we don't have anything to complain out there who will do it in the nine hour I'll just say for now. And if you do out of me if you can hit us on the deep fly at any time for 15403. 8588. Sharks fan who thinks we don't talk about your team well. Here it is of yielding it's enough hitters on the baseline 4154038. Fighting. And we can make things make it the love line. Maybe the color and. Everyone shares of the month we we promote some positive ones you talk about love and out. I want to get out. After a commitment to break I want to do so some months but these two social aspect for the time is of the program though some of the greatest player that's Wacom plant. Do we have each and every now a stretch now stretched. Extra cash you know I actually. Here's how this worked Barnett coming up next. Then we will talk about that because I have a couple adjusting angles and my current mine you know trap door and you look at shall. I need to break down again. Dominica 54 seconds bill so just and he got to feed your meter doesn't mean yeah. You know. You know push the break back let's see how yeah. Are you break this house this implement when you do things like that suitably. Peru and they're around. There are only two breaks on this program you you'd wanna hit. One is to feed the meter and others Friday the last segment you want that last segment on Friday like most people would you want us to be razor sharp on that out. And that you even want us to deciding who likes time I do. I do you'll learn that you're in the middle of some tepid or lukewarm Tay can lead at 611 you just steamrolled Guerrero and the it's so funny and make it about. Time what we talked about earlier didn't we start to choked on my putting the time and investment in the when you have those moments don't wanna get out and do that. There's reason meters your family. You said Friday on the Friday I'll amount of her chair and our officially over so now you it's really give up against the here on 95 cent in the game.