Hour 3 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs preview the Bay Bridge series

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 11th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Sportsnation's Marcellus Wiley. Then they preview the Bay Bridge series and whether there is more pressure on the A's or Giants. 

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With the assault it's got to be mentally trip people I meet pistachios. Or Allman CNBC jerky leads all in all over the place he does possession or shells. How about a sandwich made entirely of pistachio shells. Are up that would be very good easy to digest know what I don't know what it's the shelves may be were missing out and the best part like they say. The help is part of the potato with the skin why don't you make a sandwich. Completely comprised of pistachio shells. That maybe I'll do something out out out outside the box and Robinson span. Spam you know me how to get somewhere a fried spam sandwich because I've always talked about. The fried spam you guys never probably had that and it in people people who don't spam in that. It's really good so I could be spam and handled it with cement. Honing on that we can meet meet we mega spam sent. Let's turn it over to. An expert in the field hopefully he can help us out first off you are listening to about seven game KG MZFN any HD 18 radio dot com station good morning welcome to the program joining us now on the phone former NFL all pro pass rusher. Marcellus Wiley returning to Jolo a dibs on that 57 the game. Marcellus first and foremost as always thank you for your time so all the tweet recently that you were going to be moving on from ESPN until we get some more details about. Where will be able to fight Jameer we're happy for you congratulations on the career move. There have been appreciated regards to go in there and in the media have been on the score of eleven years. Bitter debate being worked his team and quote to show. Revealed show. Are you in LA and did it excite dark blue or you're a different pitcher our our. Yeah. Any contract talks so therefore I can't play that we would it'd. But it doesn't feel that it occurred. You got the bird though probably happen in the next we true well. Yeah at the market yet in this Friday that it that the pictures are probably does better. That's incredible and congratulations and we hope to still be able to hockey here on 957 game we have a little bit of news of our opponent is around our own Lorenzo Neal. I expand which is I don't know if you know the brand it's a great boutiques sandwich shop the opening up a new one in Fresno they wanna name a sandwich after our very own. Lorenzo Neal Marshall what kind of a sandwich should low O'Neal have it if it's gonna be named after what sort of ingredients they do you think about the great Lorenzo Neal. Ultimately it worked well and I honored to construct recruit and they're. You know what whatever maybe give that money may or may not give money you make it. Very important work. Great where you're at a party at which Oprah you. Worker and I are regular not be part oh well it all our beat. But I caught. Should it. I thought that is barely got to know you I very. Have the field. In their IP or move or low real that would put out double B a big big seller what there are part of their. A couple are reluctant to edit like. That would group but I don't want in or. Don't do it a couple of your vote at all these people work their back. I I totally agree Mets are some it's got to be affordable to fullback position wasn't you know silly you make the big money so let's have got to be hardy healthy. Good and you don't going to be healthy but it. A good. Meaty salad but that's about it. And so did its dear dirty you know you love the clippers an idea fell out when Chris Paul was gone and all the different guys it left your your team. How do you feel about the king come into the west the west. While bear got. Is it that went there who are we have a great credit card. What are our power you look like him what are issued order would bet a leader. I want our surely don't pop. About it. Would be on the play at all that it we did well with that model are we yeah. Well a lot of our eurocard group later got our order we have they're they're they're out there are on the but real proud you're real or that they're not go there to show. All about it. They're adaptable for our. Make sure that they could pick good people are you could have. You like they're part of quit. It. Looked like a little boy you're prepping it in the heat beat expecting that it could all be crude oil though. You know the Walla where it will go goofy. We're going to be it your -- you what our goal they Wear or I'll put that duplicate it or are there because deduct all year. They get quote it figured. Marcellus Wiley joining us here. On 95 cent in the game. There's this narrative that what the warriors have done is bad for basketball and it's not competitive that everyone knows. How it's gonna end next year granted they are the prohibitive favorites but. Doesn't that just kind of feel and you know this working in the media just like we do we're trying to come up with contents we wanted to be engaging we wanted to be entertaining. There are people saying they had 0% chance to win and that they're all over basketball yet they'll talk about them every single day. Isn't that sort of hit it hypocritical in the sense that if they're so bad for basketball why would you be leading your show with them you see what I'm saying. All. Oh crap now we don't polar rock. In order to really go pay it back purity bill at great book what. They NBA. Has always been. All about our. Stroke back kick that beat. The ball so that it that you keep true let her eighty were so it. You get to that nightly news or little it is the lakers spurt. That we go stay where Ron is that are all bit. It. Although part echo state where it's always been a reality. Or trot out there at Bay Area. Horry. You could trouble brought down a copy. Through work. Better. We know yet you say bowl is in great aunt. Great they're out her QB. Will all they're cute how. Can it be bill that we're here at the British aren't like them may. Go low and try to not stop from happening Carter and we broke our I bet you a theory that people or read that they have a looked up and Gary. React. Ball short cart weekly complete doc. We need to go liar who are out there could be dominate all. I will they were all the good at. Bat bogey. It got. Dark goes joke you right character are you go. You mentioned Goliath and eventually David will be able to spite the Phyllis Steen some team will be able to hurl that stone and bring this dynasty down. Which team in the association right now is the most likely to hurl that stone and bring down the mighty Goliath. Yeah our I don't speak your goal. True. I beat you got to cope with being a big gonna be a little fire. Well you look for on the team can result so. They call attack fort pack which is built. And talk about it could speak about the Golden State. Contract situation comes up next year ever overall but goalie. Process Laker game. We only played a part in what he's still limit the third fiddle they're debuted at our ability to load it. You know take a bigger credit. I can Kirkuk. I don't think it hurt her back a lot you like what I have to take that already. Out there. Moved to court over popularity. Better show. It took it straight up to a reader went the other way around a tree where. These are a lot of criticism that he could beat it without that. You never know how to play Peco is that it Arctic maybe they aren't six or could you let. It. Did law that lawmakers. It's bad get bigger acquired next year would be in New York or all product opera are out they had. Yeah a lot of it is a player like Becker. Koppel you can read it through that and Tibet border area. I would say the lakers. Triggered stepped back right now all these. Art ought to be in there. Today and it and regroup and try to pick a corporal Arctic that they're back or court. Epileptic I eat well Billy goat and true to go to. Worried about all of it all. At that they expect it. We're able carried it back or fall open. All right the record straight to New. York our partner got in trouble. Former NFL all pro pass rusher he's one of our favorites on the program the great Marcellus Wiley joining Jolo and its on 9570 Marcellus is always. Thank you for your time congratulations on a tremendous run it ESPN and we are very excited for the announcement. On where you're gonna land next we know it's gonna be great for yeah that's a lot man. Are. Appreciated and it picked up. Is that an amateur or. And it's what is it that you and sandwich hold. The record report. That's that's your job Arizona we're. Yeah and we don't have all day and it and those two and of course. Which is our personal favorite. Aren't there about Eric thanks Marcellus they have stood. I mean he seriously continues to give to this program through his dropper in London we have quietly and Alex and I can obviously say it out lab we have an idea where he's gonna end up he he has had. Remarkable media career so far and it's only getting. Brighter he's very talented at what he does awesome to have him on today I got a bit of breaking news this is a bit of departure from sportsman hang with me the Hollywood reporter. The Joker origin movie is officially a go at Warner Bros. Joaquin Phoenix recently finalized his deal to star as the arch nemesis a bat. Man shooting set to begin September in New York. The origin story of the Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix and in initial thoughts in her I'm in totally in on the now you. Yeah. And he's walking in Spain are. Gonna at the walk the line Johnny Cash got it nailed it. Net that's his that's his wheel house. Bet man. Joker and even Johnny Cash he didn't get it done engadget got a little. You know I'd like him in that I just think that's his I don't see this guy been super. So art. Good thing is going to Joker. Developer whose idol and I just announced at its priorities I think it is just that it was initial gut reaction yet I think is your reaction when event. You're an extra innings you know get a movie that he's saying here is that my dad just a little bit. I'm out bullpen. And we've got to get to regarding the Bay Bridge series Mike and Tony's comments a certain TV show that's. Set to star are set to be released soon that. A bunch of people in this room may or may not have protection for its Joseph blow and did here at ninety fives and game. Chill blowing its continue its on 957. Big game. But Stuart Little compare and contrast shall we eat let's do it against the Tampa Bay Rays back in May. Olson and hit a home run that traveled 475. The two key stats that everyone wants to talk about now when it comes to based on home runs exit below the exit velocity the speed at which the ball comes off the back. Olson's home run came off the bat at a 112. Point seven mile an hour the launch angle 28 point eight degree. I compare that with last night's walk off. Looks Bregman total distance traveled. Six feet. Exit deal out. For Olson it was a 112 mile an hour for pregnant it was 58. I am for launch angle Matt Olson 28 point eight degrees. Alex break men minus sixteen point of course you can hurt you ask. Yeah Astros walk off against the a's last that a bizarre ending to that game. But the ninth was awesome down for nothing they rallied they take the lead in the eleven Stephen Scott he hits yet another home run that's four straight games with a homer. The a's had a chance they ultimately fall but they still won seventeen of their last 22. They've put themselves in a position to make some noise during the second half. Last night that was why I haven't seen anything like that along time now grant grizzly has a piece on SB nation breaking down just. How improbable and is he talks about the odds of other player hitting a ball foul then count having it go fair the odds of the catcher picking up the ball and dropping it and then the odds of that same catcher throwing off the player's helmet. And he theorizes that the next time this will happen again in baseball will be 101000 years from now. They put on just how improbable all three things work. Mentally. I'm trying to figure out if he'd rather bounce back today coming off that loss or if it would have just been better to lose in ninth inning. Right it may be get one run in the rally loose for one it's a guy where in Houston. Defending champs were against Verlander no harm no foul here which the plane well let's come back tomorrow we'll try to get the Astros but to come all the way back. To take the lead in the eleventh to have all that emotion flowing and then to lose like that. In the bottom of the eleventh that's got to be difficult to overcome this morning you're waking up in your probably still thinking about that to an extent of the pros and get past it. But you think there'd be some lingering effects something like this. It did there could be possibly but I think that when you look at this I rather be in that situation could you were so close we get so far you had an opportunity you know that. Polly could garner got a double play he makes a tag got president you know run the next face she Mimi may be imports of double play because a guy. Maybe east hole in that first second because he thinks the ball's gonna go found its fair. So you you have an opportunity. To win that game you fought like hell have you fought like heck to get back in the game Ida tonight in the envoy Hayden in and take the lead. Yeah is going to be lingering. Know you're disappointed yes but you wanna know that you can compete and that's with aids into and they competing it was a team that won the World Series last year. In you're known how you can beat that team so. Ever the diplomat. A's giants this weekend Bay Bridge series starts Friday the a's rotation for the series. Appears to be out. As Friday will feature Edwin Jackson's Saturday Brett Anderson Sunday show on an idea for the giants it's a different story entirely as the list is an out now Johnny Credo expected to go to AA against Montgomery for the cubs the giants find themselves as a very small. Minus 102 minus 103 favorite this is basically a chicken game for the giants in the cubs. Big advantage for the giants they won't be off tomorrow and and they will host the a's starting Friday the gays have to play the Astros today and tomorrow. And enable travel all the way back to the Bay Area and start Jackson on Friday gets the giants. We don't know what's gonna be against O Eric Rodriguez is coming up on garner is gonna be available Saturday or Sunday it looks like he might go Sunday it's and I have. How do you wanna play that is do you want just the margin pitching in this series or would you rather get eighty Suarez in their because you could effectively go Rodriguez Friday. But Gartner Saturday Suarez Sunday and you can get your pictures your three best pitchers at the moment lined up for one in your biggest series of the season. And I think that's a margin match up against the ace because the a's are so good hitting fastballs probably doesn't suit him. Very much but I think you're gonna see some Margie in there and I think the decision comes down to. Whether or not you lots more as or Rodriguez. To miss a start before the all star break did you want just some margin at. To be common when you come out of the breaks he wanna give him another start in my opinion. To try to get him back closer to his rhythm in his routine. If massive bomb garner. Is able to block in heading into the break. Then you want that as well also for me. As you look to protect young arms as well it's Rodriguez or swore as. Who you're likely to skip and I think just because the way the turns go they might leave it as it is and go with Derek Rodriguez. And then throw some margin on the Saturday and give bomb garner the Sunday start. Before the all star break because unlike most years but garner doesn't have to worry about staying fresh for the all star game because he won't be pitching and it in the Midsummer Classic hate. I hate that because the two best pitchers on the giants' roster right now are Derek Rodriguez and Randy Suarez and I think about it Bob learner but at. At the moment those two have been lights out. Over the last few starts they have been incendiary I would not want to break that up for just some Marcia. We know what Justin marks is going to do and I think there's got to be even more pressure on this guy now because Derek Holland showed up last night a big spot and picks up freaking gem for this team but they couldn't generate a single run of support. So you're not gonna win. But you've got two young guys pitching really well on very cheap contracts. Bob garner you know we don't would have equate those healthy you know you're going with him presumably an eighteen million years Smart he gets that that spot oh where's the leash. At what point DC you know what may be were better serve this guy in the bullpen because you've got some other guys who've been performing at a relatively. I official leash is relatively short but. The least have to include this next start because you wanna see. What you have and think about. In terms of the trade deadline I don't know some argue is going to be that much of a piece that you can move but. You have to see what you have with him ahead of the trade deadline if Samardo is able to go on pitch. Three or four times before the all star before the trade deadline and pitch well. And let's just say the giants fall a little bit out of the race but some are just so at least thrown well he might be at peace that you can actually. Get rid of ahead of the deadline even though the contract is unwieldy a team that's desperate for starting pitcher might look at some margin and say. Heck he's back he's locked in a will take them off your hands if you don't thrown out there that's not even an option forty. That's Sina I give I don't pitching a go another direction and after that not just that I try to I try to do whatever I can get for Smart. What you've seen enough he seemed this guy is sticking to that and means that he's been inconsistent. Yet you know he means on even when he's on he's not great. Even when he's on so you look at you look at some margin Lucas body of work why why necessarily it's you can pitch and hopefully that he's gonna do better. Are in you pitch in hopefully he doesn't do worse and there's a chance that he can even continue not to pitch well great so. Why even put it putting money you know pretty nimble and whatever you wanna do but Alex Calatrava I would arrow out of go to another direction I try to trade. Com. Is confirmed. That Ken Giles was screaming at AG hints last night because he's trying to claim he was just yelling get off to fix but did you see this last thing the exchange Giles blows it the ninth. And it takes out his manager AG hinge comes up to yank them and apparently here it is on tape. Hinge yelling at his own manager the manager of the World Series champion Astros. Expletive you man. The first word arriving with. Plus mom where's he get off well an absolute bomb that might be the worst trade in baseball history. When the Phillies sent that on the Houston for that ball mark Appel who never even made it up to the bigs and and just went ahead retired it was just two teams trading recycling for trash that's about once. And then it all got mixed up anyway and ended up in a landfill. And now we can't use plastic straws anymore to really bring it well and I have really bring it full circle might skip to have you do is on the way for me it is halftime but I think collectively went without dash out much market Powell on Barry did. And they'll south Stanford eccentric shot about these these terrible yeah like he was absolutely terrible in the pro days appear on this terrible trade but let's take over all right. Number one pick overall big the first ever number one pick overall who didn't ever make it to the shell. Don't see it happen all the time it happens and Purdue atop the Big Three sports he's in heaven Basque one does solid. Well you know he's you eat you saw a guy it includes a call the white you know Dwight Howard here's a guy get trait among them out it's a it's a traits sometimes he's organization these teams like okay. We we both know where yet you help us well you it's a watched both these guys knew what number one I'm scared to other ones glad of it. Can't buy the web paper bags and he just union make it happen you do it both teams went. So many swings and missed yes absolutely so many baseball like debt because soul walking you're dealing with like an eighteen year old and basketball to an extent you might only get a guy who's got one year of college football you have so much tape out there does surprise me time and time again you find guys that I can never even make up until like seven months of rigorous capping mechanism but it's football it's different because it's sometimes you look at guys in the the mention of how he wasn't college. He thought he was the next best. Veterans is slice Rick coming out Xena freed three dozen eggs pushing cars. Brett Butler I mean dude. You call Bob Boswell the body was a big east Oklahoma and people down. Help comes all of these pieces of look it's here now so if it's crazy. Should although Alabama running backs are you look I'll tell some days it dominate you that you've got to be able to scout I've. And saying that for years when you run behind the best offensive line in football you are going to look a bit better than you probably all art that needs to be taking into account. After five years Mark Ingram got it going Derrick Henry is bad. But so many of these guys come out from bad at that don't make it Eddie lacy complete on I ninety yelled and can't get it going and the list goes on and on and the kid what to rake in Miami people are predicting him to be a fantasy sleeper this just think it's pick your school used to be have a lot of running backs like that this do you know why so many people swung and missed on Penn State prospects Liza. Back in the day when Joseph Paterno was in charge there was only one day a year NFL scouts were allowed to con man and evaluate talent now generally scouts will swing and op I new it's gotten used to work for the Seahawks he actually is like the number two and Indianapolis now name's Ed dot he's terrific at what does. Ed was based at Texas and he's to scout from Louisiana. All the way up to like Minnesota and then over a little bit silly Notre Dame was in his wheel house and he would make multiple visits all the schools in his region each year. He's tell me about this I was fascinated by which it you know. You got a limited budget so you would drive all the way up to Minnesota. But did you would fly back and then you would rent a car drive opera you would fly up and then drive back because you had to find creative ways to make the budget work this thing is. You show biz school at Notre Dame they say yep in the film room you can sit there and evaluate the tape. And then maybe get an opportunity to speak with a player watched the practice depending on how schools do it they all do it differently. Paterno Penn State had one day here only one. Were scouts were allowed to comment. So every single stout in the business was fighting over limited works based. In limited time to evaluate these guys so don't ever got a good look at him no one ever had a chance to really do the thorough Pratt. So then they go out they drop the Courtney Brown's and the law are Arrington and the Kurdish penises of the world and overdraft these dudes and and they never ended up working out. That was one of the deposit Penn State you had such a limited scouting window for those players. You could truly get to know on so you were either rolling the dice that they could be awesome why you pass or rolling the dice that you take them and they would bust out that was the big problem. While it's great that and that unless a little bit yeah that's one room they they give for enlightening me that. Because you you see it but in new York new this combination start off with how so many times these people bus and in certain sports. This is interesting because. Is sometimes you see it and all these sports that sometimes who dismiss SEC and allowed basketball IDC dimpled ball sit in every sport it's just. It says sometimes he BI. I eyes may be Eli. And it's all spin off of the eye Ken Giles AG hinged dead dispute from yesterday's game where Giles. Who was traded for around for mark Appel. Went off on as on managers that that's kind of how we spun down that rabbit hole of of number one picks overall movement have been struggling buddy do what Giles if he's gonna say that to the manager what you do that's it team where every single person on that team played a big role in their World Series last year. Except for Giles tiles was like untouchable in the crucial moments because everyone knows he can't handle it. Now a lot of this is on the Astros because they continued to turn it over to. Am in the big spot but at some point what are you gonna do with this guy because you are loaded with talent. You've got a great record you've got another great shot at winning a World Series. And then you got this guy on the mound screaming at the manager he blows the game and any screams at the manager proponent out. I think frustrated like debut in rookie you never know until they're there's a sucker out there read born every day so it does he have any value of the you know and you see they're seventeen. There are some teams that probably say I'll trade for him so just be interest in the see what they do if you got a guy scheme at the manager like he said just wanna. You know the mic just won a title like. Today we should beat I think you look blue. You make in four point six innings coming on his second arbitration year coming up so it's a very good contract if you were able to find a team that could take a closer you know a team like. Minnesota are may be ascend into a team like Pittsburgh team that is more likely than not to bow out of the race eventually but might think therein for right now. Pittsburgh now. But there are a regular tour three years removed from 98 win season you see how fast second fall on the moon when you operate a small margins like they do because an artist and it's out of money you have a very. Finite window think about the Houston Rockets. Now they don't operate on the same margins but they made. One all in push the poker table they decided we are either going to win this hand early and we're gonna have the chips to be able to make a run at the tournament or we're gonna bust out. They pushed all in on Chris Paul and I'm not talking about this year talking about last year when they acquired. Because they clearly made a promise to him about giving him a big time contract the biggest problem. With playing for the clippers was that they let him know he was not getting that Max deal so the engineer that trade where wink wink hush hush all that collusion was involved. In which he would opt in with the clippers but then they would end up moving him to Houston. You're only going to do that is if you have a promise if you have a promise on the back and that you're going to be taking care. So he's in says we think we can get past Golden State. If we can bring Chris Paul to the next based on what we have of what we're doing we can win this is the guy. Will make that promise Sebring and it. And he only plays and fifty plus games and he gets hurt. But you are a better team with him and you showed that in the Western Conference finals to the tune of three games three games out of five. And then he gets hurt which you know you gotta understand that's coming that's what he does. Whose 67 and now you're on the outs of that promise and then you go out and he's not that it lasts and a given him forty million a year you lose the reason you could lose capella. You go outside Carmelo Anthony and this is where your act. This team had a window. Of climbing year. That's it and they did a nice job put that team together Daryl Morey is a pretty Smart mind but he pushes chips and Andy give themselves a one year window and that's it. I don't think anyone would tell you. That they're gonna come back and make serious noise next season think about that number one team from the regular season. Game seven of the Western Conference finals they lose they lose to a dynasty you don't get beat by Toronto they lose to a dynasty. With the best record and the MVP award. And no one's in on next don't even rockets fans and they're trying to believe that they'll be a contender and they probably hope the warriors might sustain an injury that gets them past but no one in Houston believes that the better team. And that's into the wind up. That's why you gotta be Smart with the money and nice Carolina links. Two Carmelo had cloud and it that's not to say that that's as low as it gets but you've got a guy in Carmelo is likely get bought out and Houston has holes in the roster and there aren't a lot of great free agents still. Out there are looking for work so I you start to look at your options Carmelo Anthony might be one of the best. Options for you bring in men on the middle I'll learn minimum the veteran minimum deal whenever it is. But that's not the kind of peace it's gonna replace Trevor Ariza. A reason the guy who didn't shut down Kevin Durant but guarded him very well even if you replace him with Carmelo Anthony defensively it's a massive step down. And when you talk about small margins. Tom however strobe Bleacher Report could spread of the program used to be at ESPN. One of the best basketball minds out there has this great piece it's a video series he put in the research going back to 1992. When Dominique Wilkins ruptured his Achilles. And he found nineteen instances of Achilles ruptures in the NBA since 1992. He wanted to tracked that to see what the average return time boys date of surgery until return on the court. Where do you land to. Actually have the audio a top gun fire that away. Today's big number is nine point eight. Does the average number of months that it takes for NBA players to recover from a ruptured Achilles tendon. The injuries net warriors center DeMarcus Cousins suffered last season the question on everyone's mind. Bullied and be back best guess here is November 17. How do we know. Well who's got huge comes in just researched and the Achilles tear in the NBA since 1992. This guy. Going all the way back to Dominique Wilkins I analyzed nineteen instances of the killings ruptures and how long it took for guys to return to the court. And what did we find him. Good news for the warriors and not so great news for the rest of the NBA that's who he can be back in time for the season opener. Looking at the six players who had surgery around the same time on the calendars though he did in January. Three were ready for opening night including Rudy Gay last year. So nine point eight months in order to come back. Now like Tom says the surgery takes place January 27 nine point eight months puts in that November 17 that would be early. Imagine that happening for a second. But he's ready to go. November 17 totally missed about a month sees an imagined he comes back traditional baby does got 25 and thirteen like last year. But he plays a significant plays a solid role. He ends up showing everyone that the warriors once again got a steal and that this guy's had it for a Max deal. Bogey the rant clay drama between those four how many Max contracts at the worries about. Because a bogey throws his name into the ring as someone that warriors fans all of a sudden start love and remember the consistently linked to Anthony Davis and it buys into the culture. John cal Perry. His coach at Kentucky told assistant a lot of peoples of this. Everywhere bogeys gone where it's been a good stable system with good players he hasn't been a problem. New Orleans he wasn't a problem Kentucky wasn't a problem but it Sacramento is a major issue because it was a disk functional franchise. Perhaps. He ends up being a really great teammate here. Where do you end up going to contracts. You're probably not gonna have to tax deals they hand out alongside step hurts. If bogey comes back and he buys in and it's in east 1000%. And he's. He's not being bogey not being crazy into most things it Katy stepped in and hum. Shoot you Dre moms expendable. And always say not YouTube community can go out scored twenty and thirteen. Aid in the big boat he can shoot he can dribble he can to a lot of different things used to have a dominant presence inside. And you still got a physical player you've still got a guy with attitude you've got a guy would toughness. If they can. Get this gotta reprogram and really buying into basketball into one of the right way. My god joke this guy's a monster he's one of the better big men in the league. He Inky dual at all he can shoot dribble to do a lot of things if he told he buys it you couldn't. I'm Tonya. I take bogey over over Drake at how the bush get a 100%. And he's and he's bought and add. He's big thank you talk about yeah I'd say it's a great year he enjoys the culture he turns out to be the model teammate because remember has book ever got into any trouble all the court. If he's some horrible human being he's is rumored to be a guy with a temper that hat. Happens to be a bad teammate according to certain stories that are out there that's the rap it's not as if he's nothing get a rest every now and in fact he's. In net tightening in the community of Sacramento we are talking to San naymick you and I low over his summer league in Vegas and he was given us some stories and of all the things that he has done for the people Sacramento. That never show up and in the newspapers in the blogs because. He does it the right way not for the attention but just to be altruistic. To your point well I would take dream on green. Over DeMarcus Cousins particularly for for one at the basketball IQ there may not be a smarter player in the association and Jamont green. For children among the better defender and for three's a better ball handlers those much of bogey can get you twenty intended. Or even better when he's healthy for me dream on all purpose game since this way your team more self push came to shove in your scenario for Max contracts. For me DeMarcus Cousins is gonna go elsewhere if he rehab his body and places Wellesley that he can't. So you would take easily be in the Draper and we will grade clay stepped in Katy you take that form over cousins if he's on the present yes I would also assuming. That you get to keep three of the four I just mention right remember you've already got staff on his Max deal. Bogey KD clay straight month all are gonna be up either this year or next your dream on in two years everybody else this year. You get to be able to get three of those orders. That's also the challenge you might get to Katie might come back in the media make a deal with clay and the dream on goes he let clay go and get him out back and billions to go. The idea that you even get three. Might be far fetched you might have to make a choice between two of those sports a pair up with step. He still haven't. Outstanding victory but if they all eventually want Macs conscious you gotta figure book he's gonna wanna cash and he might take a little bit less but he's gonna wanna cash and bonds homered and not be age didn't taking a pay cut I don't know of plays at big pay cut you might be down to choosing two of those four. Mean you're going to be into the repeated attacks and so every dollar you spend over the over the salary cap he'll be spending 67 maybe eight times that much unjust taxes alone so. We always talk about how late in Vancouver have spared no expense to build this team and they've done a great job of that but I see it into the read Peter taxes here. Over the the the cap three or four years he did that read Peter and you have to pay may be hundreds of millions of taxes like oh Casey was fate. And he saw and you her review her with Klay Thompson mr. Thompson said. He knows my son and we are born to. Look at the free agent market they said they wanna see they wanna come back he's Obama I wanna be a warrior for life he led one of unaware. But he said to be pretty much said he would be foolish for them not to look at the open market. In the open market is 4050000060. Million dollars 506070. Million dollars more. I don't care what he's making an endorsement the guys out. And you can we all know that and that's just it's not anything can be and selfish is just number wanna bes from south of business is business it would. Understandable. I think about everything we're talking about and then when you think about that narrative that's out there and at the warriors are bad for the NBA and that the NBA's broke. I want to read something and we're not it's been a lot of time on this because we've got to get back to the sandwich conversation and we also might have a little TV news we need to break into second. About some auditions that may or may not teach they are loving it and it except you know are going based on that yesterday but. People are worried about the NBA being broken and worried about whether or not the warriors are bad for business here are the top. Five stories that have surfaced out of the NFL over the last two days easier top five stories. Number one it just happened Pacman Jones in a fight at an airport with an airport employee caught on tape. Punches thrown cuts a woman injured her hand in a fight an airport employee story number one story number two. Former NFL quarterback Brandon Browner charged with the attempted murder. Story number three. LeSean McCoy. Need I say anything more on that one story number four Panthers owner Jerry Richardson who sold the team but as part of the sale. Says the statue of him and two Panthers that's outside the stadium which is a monument to shoot breast must remain. You cannot take the statue down. And story number five Michael Bidwell the owner of the Arizona Cardinals telling NFL players you cannot talk about politics. While in the same breath talking about how much he loves the new Supreme Court nominee Cavanaugh. Now. I'm not getting into any of these stories we're not gonna go ahead break any of them down we're not taking any positions here the point is. This is how ridiculous that argument is that the warriors are bad for basketball and the warriors are ruining the sport. I'd dynasty. That people loved watching while buying the jerseys for the love talking about he's ruining the sport but those right there are your top five stories of the NFL over the last two days that's. Probably not good for your league when you've got attempted murder and that the horrific details of the LeSean McCoy situation whenever that is if you thought about your top five NBA story lines for the last few days. Summer league going great with record attendance LeBron James signs a deal in Los Angeles DeMarcus Cousins looked to rehab and Golden State. You can go all the way to train young loan you were talking about on this morning. How good young trailer looks for the Atlanta Hawks the NBA does a great job of having positive story lines in testimony to the players for the most part. And obviously there are far fewer players in the NBA and our football and so percentage wise. I think you can make a case that the NBA's only slightly more well behaved but. To your point. Those are irrefutable the top five stories right now from the NFL and it's all that. Have you seen the statue of Jerry Richardson outside of his building just your description of I could see him with a two Panthers it just sees it as soon as he's he's it's a full body snatched. Elie you know the one Shaq got outside staples Rees turned on the rim that Redding looks boss right right right. Jerry's its full size life sized statue what he's pointing off into the distance and on each side he's playing my pants are ready to attack. And it's like get a load of this oh my god. And the other. I missed her hash tag me to move meant to be exceeding caption in his head right dare Jake DelHomme looked into. It I don't know. Ali like opponent to get your your assume you're you're not doing meaning tactical team you have dual meaning you're signing object okay the Panthers go get it. The judge gigolo in his career and didn't mean for him to be about that joke but yet not the what was billed for awesome but you know it's someone's got to. It's gonna be the bulls I felt a little problem well Roland it actually it's Richard's army or maybe he's pointed a distance than halo pac man's skin and another fight I would say this only had polio feature packed in so EA EA could be a victim about false obligation to see it but I thought his track record. Business track integrity unit cozy thorough either with the right out and becomes over the top with a right any looks like Nolan Ryan don't fastball from 1977 EU rings pretty hard apparently the employee though cracks. From what I had a city employee guiding put a laceration on its face impact and gamble to peace in the little shove and of course when the guys on the ground again gamble free for all of Atlanta and down or big big in my little slip I don't know how the judges ruled that it ain't around no you don't slip through those airports not exactly HBO boxing coverage you have multiple camera give you multiple looks it's you know a bit of as a prude film. But now I'm. Pacman Jones and the last tend not to uprising and a first round wait for all the details to come out we don't have to conclusions that Pacman Jones and as this airport Fleischer he kind of strange. Analysts video out huge news huge news I got sent this tweet off the other day remember when it. We told you don't Douglas is about moon base eight it was we thought it was a movie but it was actually hit TV show. Mo was auditioning for located in any had a script from a scene. And asked me if I could help him read minds one as we need to film it didn't send it in there so we didn't it actually pretty funny. And do we have it to put the people are right so this is being. Well it's that did the TV show called moon base eight Lowe is a former athlete. Headed to the moon and I am some. Slack be that you encounter along the way to listen to audition tape. He would look we got these little quarter the deal browse and check it out. Water ahead. Barbara I don't know if she's here. Well the problem courtroom don't speak easy time it will here. Goldberg. I want. The Tata power. Now. Make their coach is get it it really needed a few takes slave in the law I told you can go ahead of it racing I had to pick up to the team this the awesome but it didn't end up working Ali didn't it didn't end up working out and we all make jokes that this is some crazy movie it turns out. Outs this is eight TV series it's coming out I saw this just think Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live wrote it and is starring in it. John C. Reilly is and it we have to tell my pictures and a tough competition here's the description. A group of mediocre astronauts living in a NASA test environment vibe but it seems to be selected to go to them. Actually that easy to see that picture arts that are like yeah hilarious but what happened was. Well and I ran those lines sending him that they apparently dug through it like a little bit of it but they wanted load to do some more. So they had load to the same scene. I wasn't around to help I think they wanted someone better to work with them so they could see his range with a better act. Act now realize that has been true and and I completely understood that no personal. Shot I have no training in theater I thought you know but they were looking for another notch guys. Someone who can take a Lowe's performance to the next levels so low an hour Purdue Cody a shot a video to send in the next morning after that happened take a listen to that audition. Hey does wanna keep in the loop we've little issue with the water tank rockets goodness Erica. Water. It department no I don't insist that. Cuba he's just being here. I know I just. To go over yet it's moreover. You know nothing about it. Then yeah knows my name now. But I credible though it is our rover also good because also I don't know that you can I. I. Okay John C. Reilly beat that I. I'll drag it. Adds incredible I could I just thought that that was just disappear I don't you on the show that overall movement on and then sure enough. I'm looking at this picture. If it's got a lot of this is if they keep he's just a lot of hype surrounding an X episodes apparently that they'd put it together they haven't thought about yet yes OK episode original commented I am very aged eighty cinema more Joseph there's nobody there last week at their blow we'd we'd like you these guys so sit at any of them to read at Brigham. This rate that will put on the show I want to rouge is short you really want to get that's not why is it it was a shark part is church. Well separated script read these. Who's up or Margarita this morning in the guys like this at 9 o'clock in the morning. It's time. You always make birds in a cop out I. Broke out at us these. But the young young gal you know and it's it's it's so. There what's what what do you remember that David peace we juvenile for. God now I dated Sydney the main PC you said just so did you sense you two sentences and they said read this on tape and send it back get one -- be dead by a pool and in just kind of you know sure often all the different stuff and just kind of school they wanna see big hell yeah yeah so it's HC. In just a ban may be asking. It probably was some resiliency of the twins and even some cockamamie script didn't. Show about a host. This big Hollywood budget item a napping at a number yeah I think about it and Belinelli. Now we're really onto a road Friday Europe you on the cusp of the great acting career it all star. It all started when I miss audition. Joseph Smith what you wanna do choose what you wanna do. Any ET you know he's he does his part then come back like. They don't do this man and not about you. Think about the kids being OJ thank about the kids broke. To optimize our newest hot hot. Yeah. Yeah. A years so enjoyable. Outlet locations where were fantastic because you actually actually what did you put the camera on the front of the car and then you've got behind the wheel and potentially you were driving and you were doing right. I did that a couple of its great and I was before I joined France one of my favorite favorite vignettes from the old days is that you get is breaking down his great. Audition now while were addicts. I did began to allow. Ike sandwiches I reached out to low yesterday they are opening. And Ike's location in Fresno and he wants the name assailants after boy the reds O'Neal's cell we are putting it out. To the people. Giving you an opportunity to name the sandwiched. And also come up with creative ideas for the sandwich that might be using if one or both Jews were hitting it Fresno state bull law applicable helmet. Gibbs is gonna sign it actually to win. At as a thank you for all the hard work that was put in that was never in my plan that at this morning and I'm really starting to round up of devalued the helmet like he's kind of you know guy who played zero snaps the ball. There have been so we're taking ideas. High in Lake Arrowhead pride thanks for the phone call your thoughts on the name or the sandwich that's up. And good morning that it taking my call anyway. I will take a helmet I wish it on hold for an hour anything and identity. Is priceless. Goran start with a K five just like it that earlier going to be kept setting up pull towards blood work that week's NATO led it to cut the Cheney's. Then we're gonna go to full court back in part mandolin and he'll look all that you know now what degree do. And our final one is going to be LT lover and that (%expletive) salado lettuce and tomato. How I stand strongly. I was guys presented time too easy any doubt kindly guerra and to play out how to combine that with year. Position fullback yeah. And your love of Britain's baby's got full back can't. But a full practice got full back and then from the air you get some sort of barbecue slash ripped Cox you're you're rich and get. Joseph I think I'm doing primary you know. The prime rib sandwich. You know still have some pair projectile spice and our company. Dig about her and I still feeling. And then I would do you know kind of how. You can get kind of the big container. In in and kind of maybe put in the mail in an economy that as a spray it to its healthy hearty similar to prime rib with a little. Hey yeah like a little ground detained in Edmonton it's hard to be a big with too little Mayo a Hillary is off potato. Because we're really just talking about how subprime rent now. I'm not a it's really coming up but how the bright a great salad with yes and that's that's great permits it. The artist I think I think there's in bound Damon Bruce is sandwich is a thinly sliced Reebok. Hundreds obviously different I. Don't know why I looked at you for that of all they've got. Sarah I generally have put it last night may fences damaged now what do you have I had a little salmon. Sick but again we went ahead. A state dinner after the ideally around summer league game back. And did had a great pieces and you are nice did we talk and he always cooks. Meat beef pork he doesn't matter they just won't need it so he'd know that it took it to be dead carrying a view and I itself lasts until they actually a couple of appreciate you're a man without self. In his department though cooking dinners one weighing get a couple of chips around the house or maybe you can you go to Reno on afford a golf trip. Part of a yeah cook the meals neo vacuum your car yeah the only thing is now. You know B and adults yeah. Act like grown about fifty years old for crying out loud are right good stuff indeed Alex Pavel this is gonna join us to talk giants at 930 we've got more to get to with sandwich ideas will be taking all your calls you wanna hang on we will get to those that Jolo in this year on 95 cent in the game.