Hour 3 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs pose a question - would you rather win the Silver or Bronze medal in the Olympics?

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, February 23rd

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss whether they would win a Silver or Bronze medal in the Olympics. Then they're joined by Warriors TV Analyst, Garry St. Jean as well as Co-host of Sportsnation, Marcellus Wiley.


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June 20 on Gaza bogeys gonna join us in studio in about an hour and wall all talked trauma innings and at around 945. Thirteen million near for an offensive guard. The beauty of this. Is the niners destruction the deal similar to how they structure Jennings deal now they can give the maybe twenty million in the first year the giants' only have about 23 million total salary cap space. Would you be willing to do something like that for this guy is he that important or would you consider the prospects of a pass rusher or a corner to be more of a priority. Like we going to deal with this especially you talk about the giants is another suited and needs an offer to guard but Doug month's salary cap and how much money they have. You know when their poll and Johnson have as much as that is the niners so. Without a doubt now you can look at that thirteen million take that we can be around eleven million if we do right because we can give him. They didn't you know twenty million upfront president's signing bonus or a lot of teams aren't going to do that Ford offered to guard they might give him twelve or thirteen million. A year but his boldest does that mean that much this won't be as much so bird in the hand is better in two and a bush so when you look at a four or five year deal. More often to guard indecent about about 6364. Million bucks now you didn't sixty or 59 but you're getting twenty have a guaranteed. I'm look at it and I can look at say well should I do it that way because my night give that extra five it's gone I think offered to linemen think a little different they understand. You don't they were in the trenches they understand the the vet knew lots of the game but they also understand that they are not like the prima Donna's like the quarterbacks receivers and almost at. They don't care about necessarily be an ice paid they wanna make sure that they get that security so you look at it like that since the niners can. Do that and put a lot more pressure on the market like they did allies Jimmy gee what they're able to do. I think that would move the niners and serve them well to blaster nor would it give them the bigger bonus joke and now was based in these low low or at eleven or twelve million dollars is that if trying to reset the market at fourteen or thirteen or fourteen million bucks because a lot of teams aren't going to be able to structure the way that the niners can't and I think teaching day and a half. That will shift. That they will shift the big onus on the other teams that try to say can we compete with the niners and I don't think they can't because of the cap numbers so. I think the niners are in great situation if they won nor would the way they constructionist contract is a blow everyone else out of the water. Strong uptick if you give them twenty million in year one you can spread out 45 million over the remaining four. That's a battle led then plus per year run and that's donny's value of the top ten offense aren't. And it's a reasonable hit for a guy who's only twenty. Six years old teacher right up until age 31 or so and then you can washing hands them if it's no good moving forward but it's a great situation Ambien because he's a bill the football team. I don't want to pay attention number one get the quarterback. Look at the Cleveland Browns more importantly look at Houston Texans over the length of their entire existence. How far the Houston Texans going in the playoffs ever it never been in an AFC championship game they've been around damn near twenty years never been an AFC championship game. Very rarely make any serious noise in the post season why. One of the main reasons have to Houston Texans ever had a quarterback. Get rid of the Shawn Watson because he played this last year looked great we love nobody got hurt so outside of that scenario. What else is ever quite match shop with David Carr right they've never had a quarterback but you know what they have had. All came receiver Andre Johnson got they've had some good running backs that have come through they've had good offensive lines Chester Pitts was held an offensive lineman. And they had some top notch defenses but they never get it done because they don't have a quarterback. If you get a quarterback in good franchise quarterback you contend almost every year Aaron Rodgers is one of the game's greats. Every year he's able to take a very average Ross there and put them into considerable contention now whether or not they win the Super Bowl bets on the rest of the roster. But Rogers when healthy is good enough every single year to get you re eighty every single year Drew Brees for years was carrying an awful defense and the playoffs. Every single year so you get the quarterback the niners RD did that. Step to protect the quarterback if your insurance policy by boat you buy a house by car you buy insurance. Buy insurance protect the quarterback looked at the Indianapolis Colts made in insure their quarterback their quarterback may never play again then number three. Final rule. Rush the quarterback get yourself and we pass rush who knows if the markets warrants from the Dallas Cowboys makes it on in the market he's reporting he wants seventeen million dollars a year. And a long term deal the cowboys say he's not going anywhere they will use the franchise if they have to but that's gonna be 79 here gonna cost a pretty penny. Get the quarterback protect the quarterback rushed the quarterback if you have those three elements you were going to be in very good shape and if you've got two of the. Reed in if you bring an engine nor well you likely have two of the three Ellison now. You can maybe hedge your way toward getting the third and icy hedged by saying if you get strong secondary help all of sudden your pass rush by default. Becomes better so even if you can't bring in somebody on the order of to Marcus Lawrence from Dallas or find the next Khalil Mac to common really wrecked the game with. If you improve your secondary your pass rush by deep fault. It's going to be better you bring in the guard you were able to protect your quarterback better you or you have your franchise quarterback so to meet. This is the only free agent move that is a must move for the four. Niners Antonio in Oakland thank you for the phone call Antonio your thoughts on this discussion. Oh yes and Norway you gotta do their interior car because I mean you know we were facing you know things are from there the rams. To be tackles with minor threat and Teradata Teradata domestic and and you know you don't want back our it to collapse and ultimately guards our problem almost as important to tackle because you don't want to market to collapse at least it. You don't have great tackle sometimes in the step you know a lot Umbria like. He's so great to that's one of the reasons. But you know like and also that's when extols. And it folder it played excellent. Can a player rhetorically agree particular are often the client and I are great options aren't really important got to protect and investment Angela. All the injuries but remember landing he didn't hit. You know and you know Russell wasn't a bigger picture you know you don't want that happened to grow up mostly at the protector and risk. Did that insurance detect Geico you know since it's. Smart enough. Andrew Geico nor are we got a final. It's pretty and it's not a good phone call banks Antonio there is a report this is I believe from Matt barrows of the Sacramento bee but the Boston Globe I'm seeing first reported this the forty niners and the raiders will hold a coin flip in Indianapolis on. Friday march 2. One week from today is the coin flip page to determine which team will pick ninth in the upcoming NFL draft which team will pick ten. I am installing the niners are they minus 130 favorite would anyone like to take that action if I can get plus 130 and a sigh yes but I plus 110 feet and why exactly when he sat line has just. On earth offers it. Offers like that 120 set lines it's fair to coin toss your lame more minus 130 I gotta go against you in this one dominant take the raiders plus 110. Sorry stated value college fund is gonna be online app sales and prevailed learns what it she said aligned to who's gonna call heads or tails would Steve you know. It would they do that they'd be leaving that all set every prop imaginable for this I well. Here's my one concern. Are we gonna get to see it. Are beginning get to know any of the details ores are just gonna be a report by the way the niners on the talks okay what they won the toss who was there represented and I tires what do they call what came up take me through it got to make the call to get killing the call that he does. I think it's up probably we gonna be assigned to corn is assigned sides so will be a raider face on the outside our and a nine or face on the other that way nobody gets the quote. Advantage of making the call tonight to have that created your exodus and the kind of money to have an increase I believe it's being milled right now joke a treacherous corner I think. Half it will be flown flown via Air Force One to come by and indeed it's gonna go to the hall of Famer gonna keep that right get going it's gonna be. It's gonna definitely be trying to be cool put the hall of fame is as an exhibit if I'd like Evian and the when he should get the call. Or maybe we can just use the coin when the two teams playing Levi's later this year so instead of living heads tails in week eleven whenever they can get schedule out bring that caught in that. I think barrels put his peace and sag B dot com for into the program that it would be televised via. In some form so we need an exact time that I was down comment that I that I can have. What he's gonna cause gonna tell how many days has it been since he called you today and call him and he and Holler back. Anomaly to meet him again so tomorrow. It's on the street bullies you know this is very very you should call the beach line and air your grievances on lynch. The very valid point I think I'm gonna do that you can contend for May be number two in the trash talk barrel power rankings my would be one you know we want it easy to come on every day stop just stop. You don't wanna put yourself in that sounds a lot of stayed out. The only get a few Qaeda and your game. You gonna call a lot as an opportunity late September to go it's a big league pitching but for right now sun I don't think your way. I said when he yeah he did did. He is yeah load it on hand gets a little isn't this baby and Ryan in Santa Clara out Ryan thanks for the phone call your thoughts on the 49ers free agency period. You have some on the prospect of you know well I like that name but I've been a lifelong forty niner fan. And how would be Berry shocked debate when it bit you know back type bread. It opposite guard have been tense since early nineties then based on what I see and actually believe that they would read it's been a first round pick on guard vs opening. Up thirteen million dollar a year regardless you got to take consideration in the big took a great trip brown. Thumb Margie is good where. I don't know about Alan Gerry can you might get a pay and I don't think it when it's gonna end up breaking the bank he's you know he's got a rule any any performed well role very well. Position we get that out there but that's not gonna be fifteen million dollar your play quarterback Trent Brown's gonna probably be about. Ten million yes and the reason why you're not gonna sit and wait in the draft is because Jimmy Jean played too darn well down the stretch in your loss to draft position. I'd even taking five or six. You could have taken quite Nelson from Notre Dame I think he's going to beyond coached by the time he hit a nine or ten pending the coin flip. And what's gonna be use out over in San Francisco Albert thank you for the phone call your thoughts. Tom one love it don't go right. And here's an outlet who can look tonight at stake you know Arnold that you're meant bumping you know what they have whatever you watch. Guys that being you know in you guys know me know how low well into. Clubs are you breaking up their robber out main thing senate. The light and yet another individual is gonna try to talk trash and then choked on the big stage and with also in pop a dot all due respect nobody gives large diamond describe. How the roll yeah I'm afraid that value may have mistaken as with another program perhaps during the football are they that country's entry. Not make it real hard time over at NBC sports Mary and must be their coach of the kids think you know it pays scenario word if this is. Inning got back from. Yeah I think your thoughts and a minute blocks and today. I haven't figured out who HR isn't here yet yet I have lots of questions I need to skin side down the hall left to lessen the right elevator up and then three more doors down fairly pleased with the puzzle. Lazier. Nice to find anything couch are. Which so concludes the sweetest segment of the program now it's gonna start getting real gritty next we got warriors to get to reject NIC NG got a million things coming up plus. One of the final two chances to win a trip to Hawaii right after the break to London's iPods. Ivan what I wanted to ask this question all day because for some reason I saw debate break out and last I thought it was fascinating. Would you rather if you are an Olympic athlete you had one event annually will be going to the Olympics one time and you do metal but you don't win goal. Would you rather win the silver or the bronze silver without a doubt and silver is second place you're there you're that close to winning. You got some also ran bronze medalist use silver medalist in silver. But I you in a second there and it's it's better in order here's why I ask here's Alaska. Either way you're not winning goal this joke so for the rest of your life. What would you rather battle with the fact that you were bronze which is nice you can battle with that because your entire life you're gonna say I'm medal at the Olympics. And I mean there were two people that beat me right you're not gonna be that far off from going if you silver. The rest your life you also did not win the gold medal just like the bronze guys. But your entire life you're gonna think about the distance between you and the gold medal winner fraction of the second. A yard in the I app on whatever it may be you'll be stuck with that for the rest of your life. Bronze I feel like. While we all know silver is better. Bronze I think emotionally and mentally you would be able to carry that with you for the rest of your life with a lot more ease than you would that silver medal. I think every time you look at that silver. Your first thought is how close you were goal whatever the discs this it's like to younger and exit three inches in the shot hood or if it was a hundredth of a second in the 200 meters. Whatever it may be yeah your that's why I think I would rather take bronze I'd be content with that because you have to come become content with the fact. You didn't win. You're absolutely right when you talk about you can be more content with the way your lane and out. But it shows you that you are you when it champion. Because. I I get it one yard all the time we guys we make fun of you guys talk about it but it's like you just think how close I almost would Zaher. If you could change your fate I mean you look at buffalo before super bulls in win. I like who wants iPad married to someone from there she hates talking about that. No one likes talking about being that close they don't but he meant it when you're third or fourth there fifth whatever it's like. You weren't even in that he when it says she wouldn't wanna get a person on the fourth of it you still get a metal your third. It's I would rather be so over the last but I think that might be I'd rather be brought. Insult. Thirtieth and it's about individual vs team if it's an individual of bad visual that yes individual event I much rather get the silver if it's a team event maybe it's the bronze because. You have to win the bronze medal game like in the hockey tournament if you get the silver you lost the final I Canadian women's hockey team. You lost in a shoot out you got the silver but if you get bronze pennies you won your last game you won the bronze so when a team sport. I think it's bronze but individual I still rather have the silver I don't know what that. I was actually didn't say just let the exact same thing I'd rather if it's in the odd taste misappropriation I'm not take this issue yet because I'm a mind reader knows. Well I granny out on I have yes on your payments on the way in 817 society's spun and took it. That's the biggest thing when it comes to a team sport the difference is you if you lose the the gold not a guy to lose in the gold medal or you're winning the bronze. So rather even and the team and when I know that I'm competing for the championship individual or whatever. It's the higher you could be what's the toughest moment of your professional career like outside of injuries. Tag team lose and it's doable you know why. I was in his losing that wildcard into the jets because you knew that if there's nothing else there's nothing else you can get third immune even if it's a team sport and individual news took. Third you know that you couldn't there's two places more than two could have reached you could have you know that meets the pinnacle. With in no matter what your whether it's individual our team when you're getting it's when you're right there you're like wow I I lose so close. And there's nothing else there's nothing else there's no higher than goal so but you didn't get gold you were actually one yard short and you played sixteen years when I asked here as a disappointment moment you immediately went to the silver medal moment of your career. That was the first thing you went. You carry that you're gonna carry that the rest your life do you think about that one yard you know exactly like Dyson came up short he ran the route shortly broken off right and I ran the right route he's in touchdown UN yet. So the fact you carry that with you what would you rather just to browse. Now that way he'd be you would not ever I know he's in but I toll understand I totally understand you don't want to middle aspect of it I I totally get you there. But just the fact that you know that you could hand in new would have what you did I know. And I am not to make it extraordinarily personal I am just going back hypothetical uses a few inches shorten the shot. That's this hypothetical what he does who shot up to the out Russian Olympian. The female she wore sweat shirt to the Olympics it says I don't do doping she just got puckered up. Yesterday there was via curling could for that crow and I was actually Russia it's lets anyone under the impression that such as Russia is just cheating and everything. There's he's cheating at everything. You lost the Cold War regrouped just regroup for a few centuries they have coach they won the Tony sixteen election here Nina. I have talked about Russian patriots. But I'd say yeah I. Those responding to your reaction when Aniston curler and yes he gives you an advantage on now. The ability to have the endurance in the strength this week you probably sweep ID were doping and help is Carla but I doubt on metal taken away. She game. Yeah tough tough B for the Russians there by the wind above letter she RR IR that concludes the Olympic portion of the program thank you all very much for tuning in two with. This day in the olympiad. Are Jolo and Gibbs Gary C gene coming up in five minutes putting a fire Adam first question out of the gate regarding the first quarter. It's gonna be what do you think of JaVale as a starter and it. Does this mean at the end for Zaza Pachulia as senator because there's a lot of talk now about when Jordan bell gets healthy. That he will be the new starting center on this team so for saint. And it's something that I indicated earlier this week I'd I'd been mentioned this very theme of do we need to replace the stop sign the starting lineup and so my question for same will be. Is this it resolves signed Kenny be effective as the back up. Big for you yes I had along those lines how good and what's what is the still prevail. In of crunch time comes playoffs is bill already how much the game change in condition on rookie still play at the level that you are the crescent scene playing spice in playoff time to say he's not ready to come back for three weeks say there's about ten games left in the regular season when he's ready to get back on the court how much are you gonna be willing to trust him come playoff time. Planning because you're not asking for thirty minutes you're not even asking for twenties and you've seen with Steve Kerr doesn't his center rotation it's the starter gets seven. And in the back of gets five and may actually the back of its five to seven depending on how it goes and then. And a ten minute mark of the second quarter it's David West and you know easy to get six or seven. Maybe eight and then you need to go dream on a senator or you come back with the starter in the second quarter. Third quarter it will be JaVale Jordan whoever starts for six minutes and then at that point you Eagles odds are Weston you also have dream on so for me. It doesn't really matter. Who starts in that first quarter as long as they play with a more energy and last night was JaVale. You saw that very thing they played Lawrence fired on defense with JaVale on the floor even though he's not a great defender. And you play more of Ohio for temple with with. With with. He would that would bailed out with when you have a development because of bill comply. He can jump you can you could go all the balls up he's gonna go out there and put it down you can move around to a lot of things and in fast break the guy can run and get out in transition. So he does bring some elements of the game did side that does it. Size does Morley got it comes out more the pick and roll stuff that he can do so I'd say it's hard screens he doesn't that blood a fundamental things that. To build it he doesn't done but you talking about just getting up and down the court playing with a lot more. Energy and run an up and down and moving a lot more to tell me he's a guy. You got some really strong minutes from Andrei would dollar last night you got some great minutes and David west's last night he was four for four and fifteen minutes less last Monday was four for 43 boards two assists a steal a block. One valleys closely when he's out there. He's not racking up enough minutes to come anywhere near consideration for six man. But I'll tell you what if there's a team banquet at the end of the season there's got to be and a war you can create that he's gonna end up landing because he has been a one of the most efficiently. Legal players on this Ross for the season. Mean you look at his battle with father time Joni you check his basketball card you see how long he's been a league in your member. His days in college as a great player Xavier in his early days in New Orleans that is an excellent basketball players still able to do it at this late age. And you watch him is grappling with father time he's holding him at bay saying no father time. I'm to get my fifteen minutes. I'm gonna shoot make able shots I'm gonna play aggressively on both ends of the floor. What a breath of fresh air he's been for the steam and as we think about. The bench getting shorter in the playoffs it's really going to be. Livings then Iguodala and west the Big Three off the bench the three wise men as Greg Papa is calling them. This bench will go as far as those three can take him. What do you make him for Saturday night Oklahoma City is going to be in town tip time is gonna be 5:30 PM right here on 95 cent in the game coverage will begin with warriors warmup act for Pia. All right okay she's come to town they were in Sacramento last night 107107. The kings looked like they'd hit a shot ratcheted back at the buzzer to tie it and send it to overtime. And then Westbrook put the miracle to win it regulation 110107 Jack of what are expected around. But you know I think the biggest thing Jolie's is dealt and play. I think when you look at bail and if bill doesn't play because one thing did one thing that thundered as well they rebound. They're physical team and they rebound well one at a better rebounding teams in the league. If not this game's going to be very very close -- and so you know you have bills guy whose physical and run into a lot of things to then I think it's it's it turns the tide more for. That for the dubs but. If he doesn't play Disco and get this is going to be a great match of these two teams they don't like each other they go added and you've got to give that you've got to give the thundered edge par three about. For those on the. Text line asking for the Hawaii keyword it is explore you still have a few more minutes to get to 957 game dot com and type in the keyword explore. Speaking of explorers freshly back from Hawaii. You catch him on warrior pre imposed NBC sports Bay Area Gary seen Jeanne we Jolo Indians on 957 the game. Welcome back saint how the islands Chia. Well our fellows know I got the word. Explorer so I wanna know right go back again. It's a you have a few minutes that night I sit in the game dot com and enter the keyword although I do believe all employees. Are prohibited from winning so I apologize in advance if you happen to be the guy that comes out on top. That's my bed before Hussein hang in there you'll get a next time an hour. We're doing well especially after watching last night's game it was nice to see the warriors after lengthy stretch thereof. A little bit of Malays in the first quarter they cannot fire last night. Yeah you know I look good speed had to say post gave me sit don't just step in the right direction meaning they came out right. I don't know. The dramatic change but getting media and parents. I got the Big Three. Really got space to operate. Change sides of the floor and they perimeter shot and I thought that was picked to lead of the game as the game went on to. You had to get the clippers credit much much better team and they didn't have maybe Bradley out there. And Beverly so you're looking at fifteen minutes you know repeat that. Lou is that there's a couple of superstars. Then yet they've got a bright future so it it took a heck of an effort after it was really clicked and but I like the energy and the focus of the defense and but sometimes great offense. Negates good defense and you know we look. They've made some tough shots too but it's a great way to new guys were cut united. Saturday's going to be a great game. That there should have been there when Westbrook comes in here it's just it's kinda like the game. He's so difficult to guard he gets all opposing crowds on him because he's such an electric Ferris say date they made the switch from Zaza to JaVale McGee. At center and even those halls of the better defender. It seemed like the warriors defense and that first quarter was a more rejuvenated effort is that just because. Of what JaVale brings for my chemistry standpoint or was it just an effort thing on defense. You know guys every every what are your big had a little bit different. If you guys were talking about bell and what are your strength justice which in the pick and roll that he invoked into the NBA. Can't or have your peaks unpredictable election in the middle of the floor to be able to cover above the free throw line in. And could protect the small with the Ed and I drive doesn't have credibility he's good he can come north but he can't go to south and we Pete because this quickness and length can move up there and really couldn't tell shots didn't give switch or an. Help until the guard on the ball recovers. So it's good it's subtle change but I liked it and then. You bring back the vertical game with a what does that mean that means that got. There's opportunities for the long pass we needed dribble penetration out of there. Trek series would train ride as the ball and it penetrates and their big off both bikini helps that Latin player and that's. You guys know you can see it and everybody's faces when when that happens it's it's our shot of energy to keep everybody really like that it lighten everybody up. Salem what do you love about David West some of the entire doubles that he brings to the team this prestigious dubs offense and defense what does it what he loved about the guy. Well he could be. What if they could tight end there are I. It hasn't been badly. I I just I love him I don't like can I love him and keep an identity for this speed you're not mess around with the warriors in the paint. If you do you're gonna answer to him. I don't know who was last night. But these big old and parole and death. He kind of got caught with a may be available to the chest or whatever in the young solid start pocket. And death mistake you know he's young players don't we talk and David West because that he's gonna take him it is. He's building in North Carolina where he's got a parking studio and he's got a tip of Alia says. I'm gonna tell you guys I don't like how intelligent guy he's just been. Some this year and every aspect of the key. Leadership in the locker rule professionalism. Can't decide on the floor low post threat to peace offensive rebounder passer from the elbow so you're gonna I don't know how well he'd go. We got plenty of time saying Iraq enroll. We didn't play semi Kenny Chesney tickets in about eleven minutes maybe we can now have a chance when some of those. All of index. Good news but that's pretty cool things he did you know that the I don't know eight trip at least maybe I can. That carries a gene we Jolo and dibs on 9570 game almost two quietly last night. Klay Thompson became the tenth warrior in franchise history to hit the 101000 point mark. It just it it it came and it went into double play fashion there is an acknowledgment that we all kind of moved on much like to treat life. I mean how good did that tanned look last night I think that's the guy who enjoyed the break the most. But but but you don't like clay is either until it copes. First thing he got to get enough recognition for his defense for him we're Reid said this about three weeks ago and it played possibly could hit a hot day. Pet connect I'd rather have an all defensive. Team. That extend his resume. That would in this kind of brings it every day he doesn't need that big hugs and pats on the back he loves to play. He loved his teammates tend. Speak purchased it can't say enough good about it at that point he would pocket an. Out of the gate as he gets seventeen quit. And you know that's kept opponent. The clippers decided to switch all particular Rolex insult for a while the warriors would pick Kevin down on the post because he had a small doubt they're. And then later became without they would switch in Jordan. Offer would double wide screen up top ten on the steps and you know I I I think Jordan has had an act of the year and but didn't kick them while their guards step curry didn't. He had a special special night last night because when you look at his stats pop but I think when we're talking about this what he did last night at. Maybe would have been good shooting performances ever. It was incredible the way he was lighting it up and Austin rivers kept going to underneath that double screen which shot. I would advice ain't going on your screen was deaf curry inside of say 65 or seventy feet. Expect at all seen this yet it will click OK you know what KYPE is familiar disease your personnel and in the end you know what. When you put it up by the white pork in the locker room record over the screen everything involvement stepped curry. And the guy keeps going underneath any knocked down eight threes. That this this of coaching guys you know sort of right for me I didn't understand that that was that was a mistake on their part and he made a. Salem when you look over at the rockets and see what they did bring him in Joseph Johnson. What are what what what is this team about is did you they have what it takes now everyone saw the money this team. Or they can be able to push to duds they look like this start to rear their head up a look at they've sort of play a little chemistry and got this thing roll it. They really do it may also brought in right now lose the draft pick of the warriors years ago an ice pick and roll player that backed up capella. The Joseph Johnson created tons of experience in big time character in the locker room in the game can get just shot if you need it. When I look at their team. Might get Tony it is just two weeks ago made a big change for me. He's starting Tucker the power forward. Who also could be a tight end on the most football. So they bench didn't get some body Anderson gonna come up to ditch because. You know the Reuters reported Gallinari left straight people at a guy like Anderson because he could shoot which got to make him pay the price and the defense event. So we talk the red hair and cappella and and reset the front lines and all defense now you bring in Chris Paul he can defend. Hard and we know that's not a priority of his game they've got some other guys coming off the bench they can defend and oh by the way. They played team that nobody else place it's just the way it is an editor for lots of news to sweep all. Or we're gonna make we're gonna make layups and there's no midrange game they're not heighten its from anybody. They really look like they enjoy playing which got Big Brother you get two stars who just. Make it happen. In all and Harden so yeah my respect for them has gone up but. Thank you don't want old school. Big guys and that he may not say it I want to have home court I think that's big however all the way through. Because their first round who don't we might play the clippers. The second round. Three place six and eight straight days now today dispersed could get these without letter. So we could play in the sixteenth let that be better for a good evidently the fourth prize winner which likely is going to be okay seat. So you know I certainly desperate they can about all the stuff sort of say it. Yeah let's keep winning here will let's win let's win tomorrow and then go back next release three. Against. New York Washington and Atlanta let let's get a roll in here and that this good could our schedule. The rest of the way guys there's a lot better than Houston's we we did a segment on that other pregame show. And that it it's really. Noticeable so what we got to keep doing our job here. Saint what are your thoughts about commissioner Adam silver's comments during the NBA all star break in which she said the league was considering the idea are revamping the playoff structure you'd still have. The eight best from the fans in the past from the west making it once you're there the playoff teams would be seeded one through sixteen. Well there's pros and cons I would think everybody would be more locked in and not taken based offered tried to get positioning for the playoffs. The downside of it I'd give you an example. First round Portland to have to play Miami. In the meantime. The warriors are playing in the king's. That it that it is not fair to protect travel is brutal. And you know we used to have 232. Then we went back to 22111. You know way back when we played two out of three series I can remember but at the travel premiere is that it's a big stumbling block. Conceptually I liked it could hit puts all of the puts you right in the pecking order that kind of thing. Good debate to have I don't think we'll have a real soon and the other thing I think they were debating you guys saw would have been like a plane and it's kind of like you know my son greatest coaching with Marley and me to take time so there's ten teams and what happens is. Ten placed seventh and eighth place starting to get the last two spots to get eight teams. That's something that they're contemplating with a weak again. I don't see that happen real soon either but you don't want to you've got to really give Adams over a pat on the back he's willing to listen. And he's willing to to make change I think he's done a great great job. I think the players have a lot of respect for him because he's he tells them to securely. And and I love what they did with the all star game I think that all went off really really well. The NBA isn't real good place and it it's just there's just kind of nice that we get the best team in the NBA. He's the say they want Gary saint Jean in Jolo and dibs on 957 the game bank saint have a great weekend looks sort of unity and soon. Yeah happy Friday to you as well tip time thunder at warriors tomorrow night 5:30 PM right here on 957 game. Supposed to do BJB I'll read for saint. July dad's glimmer all the warrior information thanks to JBL headphones the officials out of the Golden State Warriors and we were just joined by exchanging. What accounts. House. Think about this for a second when you talk about changes to the NBA. The playoff structure palm last year adding more rest. Things of that nature and hand check being removed. It seems as if by and large in the NBA suggested change people are generally excited about it they're generally four. When Major League Baseball suggests a change like the ninth inning situation we talked about yesterday. Everyone is wildly opposed to. And when the NFL suggested change. You have 42 idiots arguing 42 different points tying it up in court for four years to the point where no one ever cares. To raising world the same people all the same analysts are all the same fans weighing in on three different sports it they propose a change in the NBA. People love the idea. Or at least they tend to be more open to accept it for MLB never willing to change anything to stuck in the roots and for the NFL it's always a mess and it. Comparison I think for baseball's because of the traditions of baseball and our precious rule bucks a you don't ever want to change anything. Football they're talking out of both sides of their mouth. We want players to be safer. Yet we don't really have that much of a focus on player safety otherwise helmet to helmet hits would be for game suspensions are the entire season if you really want to clean up. Vontae is perfect would not be on the field. Quite frankly and Ndamukong Suh guy installed dominant player so. They just they're talking out of both sides of their rule book so to speak basketball they see someone needs to be fixed. And they fix it tired of flopping. Let's put rules in to prevent flopping and even though they don't find people as much as they used to flopping seems to be down in the NBA since they addressed to change. It's good point it's good point. The age thing being with. The NFL the NFL as is essentially just become big tobacco. But what they are they make a harmful product and they tell you over and over again it's not harmful that that's their big thing and they spend a ton of money. To tell you it's not harmful or to get you to look in another direction hey Dolan had a cigarette. The table on it in the camel cool very cool camel interest you cartoonish somewhere in reform don't. See but the camels hiding. That's what the NFL is right now everyone knows is dangerous because his brain damage. People die younger because of it and you know as a result you have a lot of individuals who. Maybe come across is a bit more. Orbit less adjusted then you might see in other sports although I'm an agency with comparison rate is what's being late arrest rate per capita or lead to trouble rate per capita. Do you think the NFL has more issues I think it's below actually I saw some stats were the NFL per capita arrest rate is lower than that of general society. No I mean vs Indiana mommy so I think you'd be hired vs I kind crippled vs decidedly slow orbiting other sports. I believe it is higher yet coach. Just. Our guys to Oprah probably two than that of spectrum that I think unifil though. Thank you said Joseph it is it physical type of sport and that's just the world we live in the mean look at him in May look at box and look at the sports of people like why it's in the you know they. They love people love the action and it's it's crazy I don't think it's gonna change it again in May keep putting these rules in place but I don't think they'll retreat. All right Marcellus well is come up in just a second but first we have five pairs of tickets to see Kenny Chesney with Old Dominion when they play shoreline amphitheater on Wednesday June 20 on the free CL runs Thursday of next week march 1 from 10 AM to 10 PM using the code word. Summertime all one word summertime tickets go on sale Friday march 2 at 10 AM at live nation dot com that's live nation dot com. First five callers. Get the tickets triple 8957957. First five callers wind he Kenny Chesney tickets AAA 9579570. All right. Always drank conversation with this guy ten year NFL veteran pass rusher 2001 troll boy you can check him out now on ESPN sports nation and as co host of afternoons with Marcellus and Farnham on 710 ESPN in Los Angeles Marcellus Wiley making his return to Jolo in dibs on 957 the game lets up Marcellus LR yeah. Bomb or great men are brought me to the right. Kurt you're aware. Is there a little. Active guard TJ for any. Cool. Download jacket and a great guy but different Crowell and I was used but just. That's after. Incredible Marcellus you're a man and so many talents and partly why we brought you on is obviously to talk clippers and warriors because we love you Cooper takes but also. To share with you how much we loved. Your reaction to the Blake Griffin trade and in fact we loved so much has become part of the fabric of our show I wanna play it for you again disagree also on nick at. A viewer reaction was Sean Farnham Tellme just how emotional you were when you heard the news about the lakers and here's exactly how you sounded a couple weeks ago. Didn't kill has gone down. That's how fast this is all but. Blake Griffin is gone. The minimum. Since the incredible the bar so we have played that over and over again we love it. Order. And got a yeah. Yeah I mean we've we've got a full array we will play your. And whenever we have that aren't so recent some of it's crazy we got a drop off pool stick. It's here you you make our every single day every single day let's say some crazy did did we. So it's gonna say Marcellus thank you from almost all of you begin that rant was an unbelievable ran. All Largo where to have on our tribute to chalk mark Lester. And a trigger in cricket are happy up Omar ready to dole. The principal there it. Jury where the Laker game or your calms down eight. Eddie got bass player it is that are due to grow up right. Sure got a player. But. True genius that you should rot or. They're not only. It urged Ricky who. Treat. Asia. There are eager to go looking at it I. Ask. It sparked it you know he's more peace now it's been here come in like. Are you. Talk more pinnacle Largo mayor though they saw a better here. I swear I took a that I could we should said you like thirteen cents everytime we play one of these jobs but to be a millionaire by the end of the week is we absolutely love that. Oreo people aren't. How I operate. Marcellus Wiley would Jolo designed 957 the game right now the state of basketball Los Angeles with clippers are one game out of the playoff spot they're trailing oral and pelicans. They got a record thirty and 27 the lakers 23 in 34. There eight games out of a playoff spot but come next year what do you think. Professional basketball in Los Angeles is gonna look like because it looks is that both the clippers and the lakers are gonna have when he cash and plenty of room for some big time talent. Yet people. Are really glad that big created or two. And it. Worked well. They're here for our Blake ripped it had to leave here I think. Constructed the court worst I have no chance that when he spoke little championship. Series and they're not contender. I'm really crude. They are everywhere. They can't reshuffle that we can do. Toward forward I think the lakers player is a little more than it. A little bit. Equipment or because they have court they have Carl. And of course our pro ball shall. Those three guys in the inner peace. Put you know group that would apply. Pretty accurate or create. Next year so. You put bill series Koppel what they're young core looked like. Record is special to air a little bit. In the west got to go goat Billy and now it got a little bit. But they don't thirteen jockey to revision as best we could. That and a Coke or years you may have got that suited their real computers. So you know I did a lot of you drops when I dropped this or Katie you know he's a guy you look what he's done for the dubs it's got a place in LA. You look at Jerry West he's one who brought Katie two Golden State talked a minute no one thought that this would ever happen. Could you see Katie opted out and LeBron and then in Paul George being the in those three guys being in LA after the season. Little mayor I mean it could wrap this would likely not to have. Well. Argument that you should go to Saturday by low aerial. Where you didn't. Play like a lot of guy. Or an op. Are playing a gig or. LA doubt pull this out but that's OK it is going to be. Kevin. Has struck a I don't know why keep bridge into Washington I'm not going holes out of Berkeley he went colts are here and heavily at all. A clear case of pure and every other guy in the UK. And relate. It. Can't brutal. Or struggled guide critic here they are all. If they did it that. Should. Have been chipped it. And Bally drug there were ordered the baker wrote these trinity and all of but I became a ban on. And they're. Lost their lives so you can't bear lake we. Attacked a lower their expectations to you individually. And it took the team look at all these. It before hi. There aren't they are today. It's been crushing you know. In the truck that had been aware of what it so well what KP but it really put a marker back on purity. We're gonna work I don't. Expect. It to you or chip. Alonso ball and a first round pick to the Phoenix Suns for Devin Booker who says now. When the work or broker. Its old one may just acquired they just acquired in the Cleveland trade. Our job. You know I don't know I auto loan Emma Booker a renewed. We didn't know what they're Booker but aren't so block well it is the difference between being good at being great. There be rock. I. Durable. Like yeah. Bet you an organization. They're not. Can't. Parker got a dark. Well big steel are apparently well apparently. We're gonna walk like. Him you don't shoot it do you control. I beat you wanna keep the inner pain doubt you can show our troops forward owed it they're trying to create with the lakers have allowed spiritual war. These poor. Pop. Got it could be an idiot box all respond just because you're going to be a great player and go to a lot of the cool. Yeah on ten I don't how that 2001 Pro Bowl. Not ESPN sports nation and is co host of afternoons with Marsalis and Farnham. On 710 ESPN and LA Marcellus Wiley would Jolo and dibs on 957 the game. Always a pleasure Marcellus have a great weekend thank you for your time looks bored to do an idiot judges in the middle. And Jennifer. In the middle. But. I'm black lung. Would you go and cool. Congratulations to the winners of the Kenny I buy tickets Brad just big tour. Salvador awesome won the tickets he Kenny Chesney let me ask you this is we talk about the lakers which team. For which sport is the most important to be gut like the when you look at the value of your product. Right if you're the big if you're basically obviously are better business when the Yankees argued team. Which team is the most important for its lead to be good like who needs to be good for the teen driver who benefits the most from this team. Being real great. Question coach I would say the patriots would be one the lakers would be one and the Yankees from the first the first three I thought of it it lifts everyone else up when the Yankees are good. It's good for everybody when the patriots are good as much as MD neo material Tom Brady. When Mary Jane it's better for everybody I think the lakers are beyond that seamless I. Though the lakers and you when you talk what's so time you think about the lakers like Becky said box office is different it's a difference when the lakers are good. LA it's buzz and it's something about that or and you got two teams there in its crazy got the lakers and the other team even though that the routine does seem to be better. Something about lakers man here's the thing with that the lakers have sunk for years ratings are up 17% this year business is booming. I don't think the lakers to make that case and having the NFL's been fantastic without Brady and the patriots look no further than when Peyton Manning was an. I think when you really boil it down it's not even a team. I think the most important is one guiding its LeBron James. I really do if LeBron James is team was twenty games out of playoff contention right now how exciting with the NBA be as we work our way to on the stretch. Like twenty games out not a first twenty games out of a playoff spot. Yeah see LeBron wrecked Disney at the beginning of the seas of I. And how great with the season it would be a scary I can tell you without a doubt it wouldn't be as great let's ask when Azubuike next he's gonna join us in studio Jolo and did not present in the game.