Hour 3 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs get stories from Lo's experiences in Free Agency

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, March 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss the breaking news that Ndamukong Suh will not return to the Dolphins roster next season. Then they're joined former NFL doctor, Dr. David Chao as well as 13-year NFL Veteran & former 49ers DB, Eric Davis. 


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What god go I got to go the niners raiders won. What we shall not your yellow the raiders were talking nobody got up and I didn't Debra about it or not. And then you've got him going over the Vegas maybe you brave boy good everybody want them. Let's leave dat bitter hate and about the war they yell about what they wish they could add in the bay and they never accomplished it. Villagers are killing young quarterback. But they get old they are based don't speak. Come on back and say whoa look at art and I just gotta say send a low level you're. Well done. Well played wait up take him into submission gathers honey you do about that I get you up tick someone it's pretty much over Delaware radio where the uptake and hope to be better next one of the of those moral combat finishing moves finish how did you do your thing and and it's it's it's done Cox all right actually I didn't respond. In fact. Crazy by the way when you like ripping guy's head off an annual like take his head you know like a boy in all this. Let's level violence when he came out the ninety's that was one of those who this Kinsley pushing boundaries and now it's rated. Yeah and don't cat and the nice take but he's governmental take it they don't want in the morning. App after app. But all man to be just joining us welcome to the program it's great to have you in today. Our cup overflow with with kind tent as Richard Sherman is the newest member of the San Francisco 49ers. You drive it around you don't hear the particulars of the deal this is what you need to understand it. If Sherman plays at an absolutely. Elite all pro level and stays extraordinarily healthy over the next three seasons. The niners will get my three year 39 point five million dollar contract. But that means everything you could possibly hope for and more it means all pro production and it means health. If however chairman can't get healthy. He doesn't play at a high level this is essentially a one year deal worth maybe 67 million dollars. Very low risk very high reward for both sides of the equation Sherman is betting on himself. The niners are betting on Sherman but they've got fail safes in place. Everyone's hopefully coming away happy. You gotta ask yourself this in the wake of any move a team ever makes its fundamental question. Is the team better today with Richard Sherman then they were prior to signing Richard Sherman. Sometimes. That answer is and as easy as you would back. For example when the Miami Dolphins signed Obama can sue you could ask that question. Susan beast. But the contract a contract put them in a position where this year it's cap number was about 26 million dollars that's a quarterback camp number. According to Jeff Darlington is covered Miami for years the dolphins are gonna release dollar consume. So maybe the team wasn't better off having Simon because they didn't get the hang out of them let's be honest the immediately tried to make him. AE what do to damper and it blew up in their faces. Houses still shake down four and the other question. Which game are you more interest in seeing Sherman vs Crabtree niners raiders or Sherman's first game. Against his old team the Seattle Seahawks AAA 9579570. Rock central coast banks of the phone call rabbits up. You know I love this with a sermon I mean first overall I think any thought he'd forty niner fans that are bad about him coming to the niners are looking that it's wrong. They need to think about all the trash talking brought against the niners now he's putting that against. This behof on our team and anybody that's coming up an Achilles that is willing to bet on themselves to the dangers Matt. I wanna beat Seattle 49ers week one Sunday night and I wanna play that we need to run and I. Oh. Little spicy ego alone and I am I gonna say now is that there are no combat and Sherman's healthy I want that game we won Sunday night I think it's the ultimate. Measuring stick game for the niners if this is going to be a season in which you legitimately challenge for the playoffs why not come out of the gates with a statement game. Come right out of the gates against the former king of the division. I get a that they did when last year but they may divisional titles in fourteen years to Super Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl win you take them out week one that's swagger game. That statement. You put that in Seattle I think that would be exciting if you get the twelfth man involved and then chairman told how really get out there what if we really are gonna wanna make this aim marquee attraction for not just us but for the whole country. Then you put that in Seattle it's Richard Sherman homecoming. Now is it that rivalry game and like you said. If you are as afford and a team are gonna be ready to grab the ring. And assert yourself as the favorites in the NFC west then you go to Seattle week one which Richard Sherman and red and gold. And you beat the Seahawks he was aggressive and is married to see immediate Russell's. I do mean these guys winning into the practice. It is a guided big hate each other they've been so brash one and one and I would love to accurately to see this do you think. Does it this Seattle now. I'll have to change all of their vocabulary. They're checks at the line of scrimmage Sherman would be able to dump all of that on the niner defense when he not Pickens dump some of the good guys don't. You're playing defense and offense you don't like he asked me all the defense calls that charge you guys feel old. I mean you're you're so caught on dual and you know we that's called they're not actually no one knows what that means that was the we don't lie sometimes it was a dummy calls sometimes it was. You never know and I think with there'll babble beyond and Seattle would probably get new verbiage anyway right with a new offensive coordinator and now a new players command. Because you think you really had time to refresh the old the old verbiage he Ctrl+Alt+Del. They Ctrl+Alt+Del out offenses are fresh I'll say this I'd rather have the week one game Sunday night in Santa Clara. Didn't drop on the niners the edge beat them. And then later in the season in the rematch is probably December is Seattle has a lousy year when you have to go up there won't be prime time the fans don't pack it in yet what the candidates may got to. I'm glad I was asked to coach go up there and you can beat him you don't have to worry about all the crowd noise they'll be weak at that point they'll be get ready to look towards spring training there's too much and growing and you yeah I imagine too much doorway his soft they the only real spicy yeah noted that as you know what I wanna total candor a lot game one in Seattle and immediately fly to LA and take on the rams no cupcakes of the Oslo takes Oslo Norway takes a lot of what Jimmy due to be successful. Or could have a easy all season we're in this totaled out of looks like a ball over night and I'm really. Monta some of Linden did he says I didn't take my eyes off that goes down I know it. It's not like sun went down three months and our elected via the Hanford no. I think more and we'll give you time to think about it me and I I can't. Now what's going on what are your thoughts. Good morning guys who look. The bad that no brainer Mike opera not much if there's enough by concerned. The bill but certainly could that they either you know I mean. Rather much foreigners are that the art. Because they went. Where you're. And now the arts are. Yeah it would. Aggressively had a bloodied Ramon remind your immune their dues I was thinking I was way out of line then go ahead and applicable now it's it's look. Both so that's what makes it a great topic because on one side there's you Matt call there's the idea of forget about the raiders. The best path to the playoffs is through the division. And Seahawks have been kicking dirt in our face for years so it be nice to hand Max and payback right now that's the once steady squeeze the other side is. Once every four years and it's the last time these two are gonna get together. This is it like the last time around in the raider stunk and the niners were at the end of the horrible irony completely checked out and I game. This is shinning rooted night. This is drop below Carson you've both got marquee coaches you both have franchise quarterbacks you have to Sherman Crabtree rivalry you get the natural feature a broad Marshawn Lynch vs Richard Sherman incredible that happened when lynch goes run and it Sherman have that you'll look sure not shy to tackle guys either he's the best tackling corner in the game. Then. You throw in the element that Oakland. Should I say the raiders are leaving this is the last time they're gonna get together as did San Francisco I mean this is the finale. That's why I I've already started the back channeling we've got to get an event together for that day but that's got to go out there there has got to be an event no question. That's who the last five has incurred to for the last five matches between you two are gone overtime. Niners and raiders game really a yeah to go back to 2002. Niners beat the raiders in overtime 2000. The raiders beat the niners in overtime Oakland leads the series seven to six. It's an incredible rivalry that only comes every four years that's why I'm even more excited for this one. Then the Seattle game and rationales I got an apologist and they both show up no matter what it. Even when they are down they both showed up territory. That's gonna be quite detailed. Giving the NFL Stetson is like let's go ahead make this your standard Sunday afternoon game because we don't want true encouraged. Fourteen straight hours of drinking. It's possible and be disappoint your game down at Levi's and I think it'd be a perfect fit for Thanksgiving third game on Thanksgiving. Yeah everyone out here giant south and speaks to the essence of Thanksgiving. Like that game we give thanks to having to pro football teams and like you say the last time these two teams will meet. As Bay Area rivals we give thanks for that coach I can't. I can't have that turn off the doorway and let's go Broncos. I'll just go like I've I've been able to successfully avoid trips to the East Coast of Thanksgiving for almost five years now. It's it that's it I'm jammed up and out. Out more out of excuses out of pregnancies and try to get her pregnant just to avoid the trip this year there's literally the number one reason for trying to have another kid awesome don't have to go east for Thanksgiving. And if that happens. I don't know if that's good enough I don't like and called eighty year old grandmother be like can't make it the Florida. Greater niners is Thursday night sorry. That's not gonna fly you can do what we did one year which is just moved Thanksgiving nobody says it has to be the fourth Thursday in November you can move it up actually. Everyone does will actually everyone but you what did you coach you just move that thing you say you know what grandma. Love the but we're moving up a week in its NN. You know it's be better for you to be better for me 'cause I know the all star weeks out July 17. Turkey works this doesn't tell you can't get her to collide people around with the. Are you you're ought to hold stay on hold we're getting to all of your calls right now. It's time for the twelve K pretty national cash contest is your chance to win a thousand bucks tax code word look. 272881. As in good luck luck the seven to 81 message and data rates apply. Richard Sherman niner fans can you put Turkey on the fifty behind it and embrace. The former seahawk. Also what would you rather see. The niners and the raiders where the niners and the Seahawks in that first game German please cancel team. Triple 89579 about seventy Jolo and did not if I have in the game show Boeing did continue. On 957. Big game. About four months ago. We suggested the idea of the San Francisco 49ers. Landing on the NFL's hard knocks program on HBO. Triggered a firestorm of commentary. Bay Area when not whether or not it was the right move whether or not you wanna see your team on hard knocks to the point where you organization was asked. About the topic. Said that it wanna be on. Natural don't want you on that program very invasive. And a lot of front office executives and coaches don't like the idea of televising to the world a very private moment when you have to cut a young player so for that guy. It's an emotional moment and while it makes for great theater. Lot of teams don't wanna welcome mat it. If the niners are trying to keep themselves awful hard knocks they are doing it really awful shot at her because they are an unbelievably compelling story. A drop below Sherman the Rubin Foster drama. Lynch York Shanahan. Silicon Valley special election really is this the final push the Stanford connection. You name it out how. How is this team do to avoid getting on hard not. There are not in my opinion even though some reports are that there are already back channeling it to the league office is saying I know that were compelling and we've got multiple star alliance but. Please keep your pick someone else please oh please of please. Paid by the way Cleveland looking pretty exciting. Tyrod Taylor you might wanna feature him Jarvis Landry pretty exciting free agent or trade acquisition really got something cut in the any the year and clip Antonio Baltimore you're always looking to skew east and you know. Yeah much more Easter in the Baltimore so nothing controversial until flat as a Gary's pretty exciting I think try as they might. When the announcement I made whenever that comes in it's going to be the 49ers that might beat Jack heads. Biggest contribution. To the organization this year outside of signing all these guys. If you're glitch and you really don't be on this you got to pull jets had given what kind of odd capital do we have with the league office what do we do to get out of this honestly. The raiders can't get out of these international games I 'cause they got the lead backing the move to Vegas the raiders have been given so much it's tough to say now. The niners looked chipped in they apply like UN at the sit there and totally off the slot. You wanna give us an unfavorable spot to open the season are you wanna put this in a tough travel situation we will take. We will take it will we do not want hard knocks there's a way to sound as another TF cousins signs would Denver Drew Brees goes to Denver the Broncos are eligible. NB a good team that would being in being exciting but I don't think it's still matches what the 49ers could present as far as the story lines and plus when you start to look at visuals. And you do that show you've gotten visuals of the ocean and you get the mountains here in the Bay Area so many different things and and plus. You can see a whole episode devoted digests Jimmy G about talent you know take nothing away from the facility followed Jimmy gee around for a day there's an episode right. There I think that there's there's two teams running on the TC would get it in the niners beat by head and shoulders as they should be one. But then a second team him no we left and about a blue book would be Cleveland. Because an ever want to know if people watch this to say why are they so free in dysfunctional I'd want to feel better about myself. And it it and it probably you really slow down even more like wow prepared that slow let me factors of this stuff out there forget about these normally you watch it on these trains like the Minnesota get really did your diplomats say they're gonna make it not crazy fanatic four hours left on the strip Oslo. You know what do you two point oriented guy coming out shovel in the porno or read you got up off the track gets up there yeah but here's the question and that's not at all distracting so thank you very much. CNET doing live video of a man watching a video on tape this is why don't you start your finish I'll miss them by Kamerion prayer that's oh by the way I've got a great idea for black mayor episode thank you for reminding you welcome it's gonna be on the podcast that we released here in the near future we're gonna do our own black mere episodes. I got one I get bigger it's really cut it's one of those things right woke up and a sweat at 1 AM a half and I put my. Just dump all the notes into it and then just move on. Look at it this morning it looks a good idea in holds up even after 1 am generally they don't yeah I believe it or not they generally do now this one looks pretty good grammatical mistakes aside I have passed since the massive tax. Com. All right the conversation we were having about Richard Sherman and the 49ers. When a variety of different directions we do what are your view you as to whether or not as a niner fan you can get. Away from Turkey on the fifty you can get away from what Sherman did to you for years as a member of the Seahawks he can fully embrace him as a member of Euro. Tripoli 9579570. That we asked. What game that you could only pick one you would choose to watch niners raiders. The final installment war the first nine or seahawk after all those years of the Seahawks kicking dirt in your face. A little payback is in order. Richard Sherman Russell Wilson. Piece that'll match Sunday night week one just saying an NFL just an opponent out there but now it gets even spicier. We told you this was coming a couple of weeks ago but now it's official Jeff Darlington. Quote the play in this sport Madonna come sued to be released as early as today as the dolphins continue their attempt any culture change. A plan that has purged arguably Miami's three most talented players within the last year. I G I eight. The running back mystery the Philadelphia and dom Jarvis landed a wide receiver traded last week to the Cleveland Browns. Darlington continues. A lot riding on 2018. And now there's this. Madonna comes sue posting a video on Twitter at 5:25. AM saying rising grind. And at the end of the video stayed tuned there could be some exciting news going on. What's exciting is where he's located. Why is he working out in Seattle who rule this is a team that prides itself on defense. That's going through a purge of expensive talent. And is scheduled to lose Sheldon Richardson the defensive line in the acquired from the jets early last year. They need some help on the interior defense line. Is it possible that just a couple days after Richard Sherman lands with San Francisco the Seahawks Q how corner by signing Ndamukong Suh is. Likely and I think he's a good fit for that defense they're gonna need guys up front certainly in. His contract so monster that the dolphins had to release him for cap purposes but he's still productive player. He's still a guy who. Will command the double team in the interior so if you have more room because Seattle clearly is get rid of salary. You have to find some defense of peace and exit would be great to Seattle. May have worn this guy Dojo with the going to be a fresh start like Richard Sherman going to be fresh deal yeah he's not gonna be out there with a 26 million dollar cap number like he had this season true but it's gonna be when you dig anyway to defeat we're told fifteen he's that guy out there not fifteen. Fifteen is reserved for the high end defensive players he's no longer one of the knows that he can make plays but if you look at his numbers he can get fifteen million. Pagan fifteen million. Broke the top of my head I'd say he might get something in the eight to ten maybe he aims for some high impact early. Any deal that's maybe 23 years like Kirk cousins rush triumph for this three year deal so he can reenter the market and get another paid right. What it's done cousin's gonna make like 900 million dollars knock it never go up. Setting here there at the moment. He might go for something like that which would give you front loaded the I don't know I'm gonna pay more than ten million a year guys like him. They're older now but it's is that team that's why they get a team like. Cleveland's gonna we're paid for a guy like that they are so yeah. Exaggerated way Danny Shelton I mean if he's in Seattle Seattle wants and they're gonna get that's rule number one with these free agent visits. If you get the first meeting and you love the guy you don't let him out that door because he leaves. You're not gonna get him back someone else's denoble. That's how it works Sherman was meeting with the niners raiders were calling the lions were calling Seattle was calling all wanted to keep checking it. The niners know if they let him out that door things could change Sherman knows he left the deal might change because the niners have to move on they started to leave to leave nixed the deal so he ended up with the rams they moved to Sherman Sherman didn't work out. Your puck moving on the train Johnson or someone else yes and you you have to live because of players are gonna do it may understandably he loyal viewer a loyal also know what's slow in this whole console polar deal so. That definitely when the players leave the door the next John and stickam bones on the next guy. You hope that guy's gonna be there but did it it has to change so it just got me interest and see what happens with this free agency you're up to right winds they've created open apps acts opens but right now there's a lot of bad bill deals are getting done because you don't want this law gift come Wednesday yet for those of you whom may not be familiar with the details here's how works today is the start of the legal tampering period. That begins at about thirty minutes at 9 AM. What that means that agents. Who represent free agents are allowed to start negotiating with other teams so for example Navarro Bowman. He's aging can start negotiating with other teams at 9 AM however. However the players can't meet with the teams and nothing can be finalized until Wednesday at 1 PM Pacific. Wednesday at 1 PM Pacific is the official start. Of free agency that is when the deals can start getting done although most of these deals are kind of Marty Don yeah and then they just announced some at that time. That's fine and it's the legal tampering starts today even though other players have been I'm sure in contact with teams aids may contact with teams so that when 9 o'clock hits. You're gonna have these reports within minutes of deals that. Are in place or the details are in place no way those contracts that worked out in two or three minutes all these deals have been worked out over the weekend. And before and into today and end illegal tampering period beginning. If you put sit next to DeForest Buckner Solomon Thomas Eric Armstead you got a formidable defensive line but you've also got to figure the raiders make a phone call and Ndamukong Suh. They need help in the middle they may don't have atomic cash if they're gonna make one with splashy move they can probably make exactly one slashing movement that's it. Would you want the one splashy move would you want three or four moves it may be fortified million per year pop. Yeah Evelyn meantime the raiders I Guinness who they named what their defensive line do the last couple years so not much up front of course she got a clue met who's that boy don't we understand. Pass rusher lead pass rusher but you'll get to sue in nice to have the number nine pick you still have traffic you can continue to grow broke in he gets in deep from free agents week with the you know. That second tier free does that build your team without a doubt Republican ago Alexio Mohammed Fremont. Your thoughts on the Richard Sherman signing welcome to the program bad. Yeah. And China and out of that big game the Thanksgiving game and no way I can't accept Bridget certainly. Helped what is that all all golf claps. But like that's about it is I'll keep it under short leash if he starts dropping off like he didn't Seattle yelling at the coordinators and like calling other people mediocre. Then I want him out. Good I think the niners got a good bike in the spot in the locker room they're young motivated. And the coaches have a good vibe they are young and motivated. And I don't want any sort of cancer I don't want any sort of like disruption in that locker room. Appreciate that phone call. Appreciate evolve and a lot of people have raised that question. Whether or not this guy's gonna be a problem Richard Sherman in the locker room they cite what happened in Seattle fighting with the offensive coordinator Darrel bevel on the sidelines. Stories. Of him calling out Russell Wilson a practice you see that being a concern. I don't and you look at the two different locker rooms Pete Carroll is known for his players first approach and his players first mentality to where. The locker room was much more of an atmosphere that sort of thing. Could be engendered cal Shanahan while looser than his father famously. He still. I think we'll have enough control in the locker room of the young locker room there Richard Sherman is not get openly call him out her call out Jimmy G. Things in Seattle had reached a certain point ever since that goal line decision to throw instead of run and to think that Richard Sherman was the only defensive player. Really against dale battled offensive coordinator. You'd be wrong and Dave softy Mahler join us last week. He said it was really Pete Carroll who made that call so as much as Sherman now the defensive players might have been mad at Babel and the fans wanna babble out who's now gone a bad things fall apart in a number of different ways not only. Richard Sherman calling out Russell Wilson. Doctor David challenge just a few minutes to break down the effects of an Achilles injury LA you know what the timeline looks like we've also got a conversation with EV. Eric Davis is gonna join a city 45 in the right after that. We're going to release our second installment. Of the Bay Area sports talk polar power rankings also known as base star loathe the thought process of Sherman being an issue in the locker room you think that's really legitimate concern. I think it has to be Joseph I think we talked about a last week that this is a thing to me here's a guy we understand it. Went on silent until they were when we run this play you can't have that and I think that the Dow was. You've got to realize what caused that this Richard Sherman lean on to that wasn't necessarily cancer. Until dating give Marshawn Lynch the ball and who's so many guys on men's team that they lost. But yet it had to be concern and that's why Shannon cal Shanahan spent four hours a dinner I wasn't about talk in numbers because that's not what he does cal Santa does not talk in numbers with players. He's taught him he's talking game plan he's our relationship. He's talking character he wants to know his players that he's signing especially if you go after a high price or hide you by team guy like Sherman. In free agency even always better years are behind him. He still hasn't or about and you need to know that man because a guy like that can't have a sphere of influence in your locker room. And that's why cal Shanahan his wife went out to dinner he wanted to get to know the mayor not about the money the money had to be more would John Lynch those guys so he had to give John the blessings or say look. Let's proceed with this guy. He answered questions I understand what's going on now you guys need to get this done so when I doubt it was that it was it had to be at the forefront. Of what before they signed. Taser a San Jose as his welcome of the program what do you think of the signing. And they're gonna have really been. The red and arrogant that we're gonna get better again and then the air in my book that you're not been noted again. I don't think that the biggest problem though debate probably their old gold Indian deep. I. I believe I think you'd you'd get a beat bit and that event but what it can't connect yeah I think because you're not end up moving in that battle paying them money cars. We'll explain that to me and I'm not I'm not here argue there are a lot of guys who make that point that think it's fool's gold that think he'll be quote exposed. What would make you think that give me one or two good reasons. Our number one they experience in the NFL the matador on the album you Daryn Bender well I mean he hasn't grown much yet it did Wednesday there. By an actual audio toward the end of the union and everybody was guardian moto upper thirties you know there and even the game but nobody would really contender. Jacksonville Tennessee were both contenders. Are they what are you. Yeah I I sold those two playoff teams go to the playoffs and then eventually lose Tennessee right away and out Tennessee what gives yes yeah. Well I didn't say exactly what that Nancy Tim it's your game and was about one may AFC championship game if the didn't. They had some adult diapers on oh really handle those mistakes late in the game Yahoo! in San Francisco motorboat in Jacksonville tip. Would say that I'm willing to listen to that argument a lot of people keep bringing up the same argument Jimmy drop Los fool's gold he's gonna get exposed. No one has a good reason why I'm willing to accept it more in entertainment book what's the reason. Don't tell me late in the season they didn't play anybody in Jacksonville. It'll look like a thousand yards of offense against one of the league's best defense is placed Tennessee. And you guys know how loved it. He needed a real world people are both still not Ortiz and that Al. And he thought they think they got they got him. They actually got hot is not the educated we just apples gold Jimmy gee I was hopeful. I think the big thing you're gonna see in the one box and yes Jackson knows how does he respond to adversity multiple interceptions early game getting his Dowell wrong in a ball game. How does he play injured how they play under true adverse situations you'll see that this year the one thing give me your argument you can call up and use it against me. I'll still be. The deep ball. That's where his game is lacking the people look at the route concepts look at the passing tree look at is accuracy at every level. Everything he's done so far has been above average except the deep ball he's not accurate with the deep ball so you call up and you wanna use that that's legitimate. But other than that there's not gonna happen at schedule being weak at the end. Now that's a lot of teams fold up shop in that spot. They played very well in the putting its good teams. We'll jump back into it will take more phone calls right now he's a good friend of the program spent seventeen years in the NFL is ahead team doctor. You catch him now is sports medical analyst on serious sex and he also does tremendous analysis on Twitter at pro football doc. Back to David Chao would Jolo in bids on 957 the game what's up doc how aren't up. I don't graduate W guys. Not a whole lot we were hoping you could shed some insight into Richard Sherman and the timeline that a thirty year old cornerback could be facing. With this Achilles injury how long does it typically take in could he be ready for the start of training camp. I let age has much to do with the injury itself but it would area actually rupture. But leader and November so that gives him you know it's going to be ready from wind and I anticipate city. Would be edited entries that you worry about because of the quarterback he could back don't change direction would be explosive. But you don't get back six months hardliner get them back out there. Eleven but you know 1011 part life and that and that usually bodes pretty well the outlook the other second procedure. Duck what's the surgery like is it replacement situation create a new Achilles energy use deal with life without an Achilles and how does that affect. Your rehab in your ability to have a full range of motion. Well below. Hello already to motion that it isn't it true repair the Turkish literally tear. And they're all stripped of their literally broke slash don't back together. Been eating the deal which is why are you likely saw today glue dirt crutches urgently the first six weeks but usually by. You three months he's getting around pretty good and certainly about six months really Europe. Ruddy a changing direction. So that's why they should be okay and at second surgery error on the other side. If anything is probably did need to decrease the chips the rupture on the other side. Well you know wherever we had Carlos Polk and he you know we're practices of them heard that thing pop like a shotgun and then go up you know didn't seem Nike came back a 100%. Page then you talk about a corner it's hidden in an and it cuts. Does it does certain guys feel different and what's the chance of me and didn't you know being able to still be is as effective in and out of the cuts as as he was once words. Purcell Oklahoma bullet load that he would say hello many friends criticized Putin's friend Carlos both conservative bad surgery us. By the way your view that the kids are the only two I would always go to that would let anybody had as it let's go we went straight from the field to the surgery in my I love you you're the best in the war. Clip that opening bell. There from low. Now I don't need it no question bet that it did it takes time to recover but would be eleven months should be able to recover. And the technology in terms of what you can do appear peace that so those things do and answered prayer as improved. You know it clearly the 49ers doctors examined him or sign in or not. So I knew him or whatever about thirty million or they're you know first year money or whatever it is. Every boat every player gets physical liberty as a free agent so there are no restrictions and I'm quite sure they equity group won't pull biblical on am. Look at the art reports city where he was that in terms of the recovery. But for the Asia made the final decision. Former NFL doctor doctor David shout here or not if I seventy game dark challenge seems like more and more players in the NFL and the NBA are sustaining Achilles injuries now. Why do you think that is an Achilles injuries appear to be on the rise. Well you know as as big and strong he is. Colonial is his Achilles tendon really isn't any bigger bigger than mine and told the other question is because player to get bigger faster stronger. You know you're Chile's tendon and quite honestly still don't really get any bigger sticker. Stronger better so that you keep planting the bigger bigger treat them the same sized pot. You know he goes cease he would potentially now. Doc risks are re aggravation once this surgery is completed I you've done great work that I've read on numerous occasions talking about ACL injuries and the rest of the other neat how does it work coming back from an Achilles what's the risk of re aggravating or possibly injuring the other one if you're trying to compensate. Well I'd you know I was trying to be popular enough on the other stories. And when Richard Sherman did enter the Phillies I don't believe. That he can do with a Thursday game really statistically otherwise he'd he'd been that it had been bothering him several we. Or that. But I did point out that the when you have this sort of tell the guys who can't cede any. At least a higher chance of rupture and when you have someone inside it's higher chance of the other start. Which is why is. Recently reported second surgery or beliefs and can feel like Twitter are miter the article that I wrote that that was done. Almost prophylactically. I eat. To prevent rupture on the other side to treat a bone spur that miserably to treat tendinitis flesh partial chatting to depleted. To get it tequila healthy and that if anything should decrease the chance of rupture on the other side. Check him out on Twitter he does fascinating real time analysis of key injuries taking place in all sports the Twitter handles at pro football doc. He spent seventeen years in the NFL as a head team doctor. You can catch him now is sports medical analyst on Sirius XM. Doctor David Chao joining us on 95 cent in the game doc is always we appreciate the time to the family said hello hopefully we can do against them. It. Oh got you out what are what he thinks of those feet he via the work up close and personal those for years he's he did he has problem he would have to do a lot of things with Monty he wasn't afraid tuchman feed your man you. Now he enjoyed it OK so. I don't know if he enjoyed it. I'm sure he went to medical school for nine years thing I can't wait to get my hands on those old catcher's mitts. Merely give speed which I thought about all. You call Toronto last week you nailed it against Houston. Don't you feel like you wish he would have some on the line there a year I kind of code red in the first podcasts and they're doing just it was the whip cream and have our first podcast Wednesday. I lost I lost and that we you guys never ended up settling out of it now we didn't we do comedy do you view he still called he still cold but yet there was no bet you. Ultimately Joseph the reward for me is knowing that I'm right I don't need DC for a humiliated or scalded by hot chicken out leaflets you know to compile by anyways let's stop the couple hours ago which you do know chocolate pie neither aisles yeah I actually came up with a solution lies Washington this week. Only way out of town I came over the solution you guys keep coming to blows on these bats well we can never actually hammered down a wager I'd I figured out. Have you heard of the slat that. Yes OK you don't slap at it now I do the loser. The loser the slap bet. Will get just slap in the face really hard like one time or you can negotiate multiple sites here's the kicker though we wouldn't do that you guys. For you guys we would do a hug that. The loser has to give the winner really nice hug. How long manhunt. I will call it a few seconds is known to be too invasive because the foot that that the pies in the phase that was too much he's leaving how about a hug back. Where low he's I don't change the meat he's come around and around. You right now bring in giving to god you did lose that bet. Barrett as there it is. A ton rigs lethal weapon five right here actually it's always sunny do lethal weapon five this is with the weapons sex with the weapons six ladies and gentlemen. Let us I don't beyond that I hope that you're seeing though was hurt no one's ideally I know when I was already a little slow down. Over you to another how. Hug. And if you lose a bet I'm gonna teach you. I don't I don't name is definitely a yeah watch enough nor yeah did you even put that up. That slow accept some some saying that. We got Eric Davis going to be just a few minutes we had to do the updated base our rankings everyone ready for Wii two is really. Touch very nice. All right there were some changes to the Bay Area sports talk audience rankings AKA based. Sue starting with the number five position. In the number five position it's Napa. Down from three last week Napa is now fifth still maintaining a top five spot. But there were some searchers last week met with Kim strong but didn't come strong enough to hold position three still a top guy. Number four. They were listed as others receiving votes last week number four this week Hayward. Hayward has jumped up to the number four position or did is we like to refer to adhere to stack the stack had a very strong week. As did number three another new entry to the program Fremont. Fremont has been making waves. Over the last week Fremont came strong in the paint today as well. They have gone from others receiving votes to number three months the and not coach not a good understandable build the mosque number five Napa number four Hayward number three Fremont number so last week was saying oaks day. This week it is Oakland Oakland hasn't lost the number one position and fallen to number two. Still strong. But when you come in number one. You have a title to defend in last week Oakland was MIA Monday and Tuesday came strong Wednesday we. Thursday we're not gonna do a major reshuffling we still believe in Oakland as the top three contender. But they cannot be number one that belongs to San Jose. San Jose with a population of just over a million has been very strong very consistent from the beginning. Day in and day out even today as we begin week three of the announces San Jose multiple calls multiple takes some of which were spicy stuff. Number five Napa at number four Hayward at number three Fremont number two Oakland. Number one San Jose in the base star sports talk audience rankings others receiving vote. You'll notice the city got knocked out San Francisco still there they were four last week. It was shaking his shaky weeks so they're trying to get back into it Campbell was fifth last week there are others receiving votes the lay out. No Lotto and Maria and all in others receiving votes are there right there last five out. Or first five hit. Everywhere you look at it take you go from mountain job do those rankings and eat it if you with the music behind afraid you should begin to accept the duke job. Could it ever thought about how fortunate. Your life has become with me and it. Gives a meaning get the border to get remove again. Your taken brazen and a playoff and can you give Joseph an inch he'll take a Golden State tomorrow. I've handled them. Are paid the man shot of America on America to sell it up from two go to their rights and other operatives of Oakland's down from one we're not gonna do look we're not gonna be very hot Tiki with like most power rankings were teams are shuffled. Every five minutes because everyone just wants page views were not doing we're keeping these legit. But Samuel is day. It's just been an onslaught. An Oakland was a bit lacking yes we do it's tough to let in the number one position would San Jose's come and an art there or we'll see how it plays. For the rest for San Francisco they drop off completely map the slid a little bit. Fremont the stack. Cholesterol surprise does not using no hound now but no sound no linkage you geniuses in Lancaster. That is just so we're really united yeah just the tip college though you get. What are you wanna state of the union a multi tiered applause he's OK he doesn't have he gives hotly gives his list Ole. They're going they're both undefeated to the media and their old one no mean really he got. I didn't complain now that's how works he natural that I do you think he's a Super Bowl champion. An all pro quarterback who spent thirteen years in the league ladies and gentlemen Eric Davis joining Jolo in dibs on 957 game ED good morning. How are. Okay trying to get my card here what you guys just woke BO at that. Less spicy takes here his bicycle expo will will call it despite the but I. They were like what did they get the news on Saturday about Richard Sherman becoming the 49 is a number 25. In the red and gold it looked quite good in the past that it not. Well I mean you obviously don't quote me on Twitter because the hole it that is always start putting out that he. Possibly going to hit boot it BO world which is it exactly where to change it do or are honestly it will. Should've been the first or no industry they shouldn't know what the media. A lot of people that you were complaining about that but that's it we should've been done. But the moment I saw that I just sort of sit in a little bit that saying go. That you know where 25 board at number what it up with a not a not a bad saying you think about it. So. I I've been on I've been on that bandwagon or while you that you've got to get more play makers that second period you have an opportunity to get worn. Our Atlantic journal or whatever they. And they did for a guy who's coming off Achilles tendon surgery and he likely won't be close to a 100% till July how much does that concern you Eric. Having played the position knowing that he's gonna become an in office surgery of this nature. Well I'm looking at the guy who do it in Oakland who haven't surgery and a level playing at all. Colbert let's just say direct pedicure come back he's thirty now he and I think you're left that this is to secure our belief don't you just now heating. Probably. Of the crime of his career so that it injuries they're so let's say you get 75%. Of richter sure. What 35% of Richard's serve if he comes back if that's what you have that probably better at 85% of the quarter and a leak right. So you still come out old copy of your peacock back in he's able to play the game. Close to the way he was playing the game looked ready to say he's back at that level. If you can do those orange peel have upgraded the position and you look at the big corners bet that the niners have right now they got the young guys that have that. I have a similar body eco. They're going to get. And intelligence. And that group that they that they don't necessarily have they're gonna get a couple of them that wrote in orbit they'll necessarily have. They're gonna get. A guy that certain leadership and championship level of play your spell idiot that wrote there a make everybody better. I don't think it's a good oh. Yeah I was gonna go there you just started going on the next question is gonna ask. You alluded to what they're getting on the field we understand that but off the field is that the things you think these is going to bring the toughness the film study. How much it wouldn't help the coaches with someone other things in your pick your professional opinion that that term is gonna bring to this organization. Well they're they're the thing I mean it you know the knock on where the Sloan was that wasn't there. Big big player big guy but after they'll not dispel this guy but he you know tall lanky but he bluntly. A willing Packard reported that will not go you know they eat it at certain book or older their. It will be vocal coaches to. And an error or order the table well you're virtual world do their record low milk or coaxed just to say it. But when you have that coat sitting next do you would you beat him actually wrote on his body Iraq now would be you know. Handling his business assert away from real perspective from practiced prospective mineral game they. You got clear certain weight it seemed to ring the younger guys belong to that level. Because you understand that that spent their. And there are certain standard regardless of what sport of Spain and great feel about a while Richard sherbet Democrats because he was ordered Tokyo color color. You have to accept the fact it understand it and know. That is true and say he'd play the game at a certain level with low this seat. The 49ers secondary player and I think he's going to be bringing that Andy's going to rub off that permeate the road. Several champ Eric Davis joining us here on 95 cent in the game. A bit of a contentious relationship towards the end in Seattle we saw what happened on the sidelines and Darrel bevel in the one game and there reports that eighteen Russell Wilson used to get into it a bit at practice. Some of the fans are concerned that. Sherman could take a great locker room in San Francisco and create a problem within do you see that being a concern over is the past the past in Seattle. Com what's great about the locker room and order and they're the go. You did get bigger great locker room from a great locker overload it went right there. OK so bad luck group hasn't been so great lately. So you need to get it any players in their own. Beckett helped you make it a great locker room so. Forget that he because for war. Whatever read literally the world may have been in you're not necessarily going to get along with everyone won't change but it you have a Coca respect doing the work you're getting the job done. There and that's all anyone ever care about our lack of Archie late but it all like what we all have a common cold that we worked to war. Now a lot of that and understand the right team and the locker room that Hal. Believe you beyond the great locker room understand that this Yellow Sea hawks were built on peace the speakers had to abort the eclipse where the players that. That we're reacting unity of that organization and that go pick championship are marker that they have out there. So those guys were the warned that set the standard. When offensively you're not scoring points you're not doing anything you're going to kill orbit other questions or beat. What type locker room it's. Established for the forty better as they move forward and start winning because if you're if you're with the raven. Where and when it greed and our rate would repair it would called out their office. But if you're playing war. If you're playing for the colts and you have patent grant their you can call well be off that boat all about the locker room but let our call but they great locker room are not worried about which industry double locker room. But the what are quitting OK but don't get caught up at bat and it is darker short stuff then they're up go. Yeah especially when you look at the defensive coordinator Robert Salah who obviously vouch for him from their time together. In Seattle how much of that do you think is becoming the identity of affording better defense trying to create. Though not necessarily a locker room they had Seattle but that image of a tough defense. Well wouldn't that fit your traffic about look at your general manager and quick about the way he was raised in football think about. Aren't as tight kings played for in the way he warns raining he had hurt a lot that he could beat for the have to play a certain way. And have an have a certain mind that it could assert strike certain quarter fear into the hear. Opponents for YouTube consistently win and that's what they're gonna believe and that's what they're gonna try to where it would that would because quarter later and so in your tank. Thinking about that you'd look at the other quarter. And they try to get Ricky. Okay yeah Mac com I'm not over but either OK if you can bear but they're trying to keep plate maker tough guy. That also. Eat Christian at what they do consistently. Play at a high level. And I think maybe police BQB dark so that's the thing about it being you look back to use throughout the locker room you multiply our. You want to play hard. We're and that's the thing about it is it you don't have to write all what kind of late game with quiet in completely blamed that rightly. What. You have to have guys that go aren't all the their district aren't that aren't saying this is what we have to do. And we're gonna get it done no matter what and then I'd I think that's what they're trying to degrade their. Eat you know using the owner you know gives a shift money for them to buy whatever he wants to put in just do whatever bitter he's going to create. So an henin. They did they went out to dinner for four hours whom in Sherman how much was that. Doing with what did you think was accomplished in their was that this the defining moment that they wanted to get that done you think before or dinner what do you think transpired over the time. A world. You don't you'd be new camera chairman I'm sure that was sort shall actual conversation right there picnic but you gotta be real. About what idiot that you ought to do. I think a lot of it also had to do with no. Number I'd epic which are in every conversation I had that there would have had a lot to do with the good correction of the organization. Our repeated that position and I would leave their cars they're as freeagent. And going to would seem that the Carolina peppers that did have the governor was of course seven or teen just keep going but it are that there are ever talk with the older are all the GO talk with the coach. And it it my whole deal is what I. What the organization about what were you trying to do. What what what your ultimate goal. And how were you planning on beating that tell me you're cooped up. And I'm sure sure what was all about his great credit right Carol. Good guy aren't bit aren't. Hurt him under the gain yardage they have been sitting around try to create what are you guys trying to do. A particular got a lot of places to play football. What you wanna go would you wanna go to a place that has a similar model bit to what more cut that to being around every day or like yourself crazy. And eat at an age where her that's what you look for. And are pretty. Keep founder art but there are being multiple sides of that table bed. The blue group allowed them to meet the middle and I am glad it is because I think to start. The fans eager to vote be a good thing for the next few years political. Super Bowl champ an all pro quarterback spent thirteen years and National Football League Eric Davis who Jolo and then some 957 game. Edie we always appreciate your time thanks so much swing in my affordability against them. Very no problem Adam Gore to finish my coffee now you keep giving your spice they. I can't. That we give personally guarantee T thanks Eric. Some music place. According to Ian Rapoport the NFL network as well as Michael kielty and the Oakland Raiders have released cornerback Shawn Smith. According to sources he was do an eight point 25. Million dollar salary. In 2018. Smith who turns 31 years old in July was that the raiders for two seasons recording grand total of four interceptions. He appeared in fourteen games last year started eight. In hindsight a bit of a swing and MS that'll happen in time to time yes it will and it wouldn't have been so bad last year had gearing Conley even able to contribute or overly mellow fond of that matter their top two draft takes neither one of whom release on the field but now. Doors open for you young Gary on your second chance that a rookie year and now they need you more than ever. Freed up about eight million bucks you think this means the raiders are gonna make a real strong push for remained Johnson remember. Remember it was supposed to be the raiders and the niners going after Jermaine Johnson. Then the niners went out there and acquired Richard Sherman maybe just on the market maybe they aren't meant that should clear the path. For the British and what I ought to question the going to be in a mark for cornerback in that there admin Margaret for a good cornerback so that definitely might be that guy in this rate of niner fans who look now and say. Well that Richard Sherman deal isn't that bad because that's eight million in sermons make him less now than he does your calls in your thoughts next triple A 9579 if I seventy Jolo and there's not a concept in the game.