Hour 3 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Joe Thomas' comments on Richard Sherman

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, March 13th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Joe Thomas' response to Richard Sherman's contract. Then they speak with Host of the Greg Papa Show, Greg Papa. 


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Chirp or the movement if it's a movement by all means but if you're worried about getting paid. So what are we see yesterday we saw Steve Kerr down at Newark memorial high school here in the Bay Area shout out Newark. As they had a rally against guns so Steve took his own personal time and did like you say Joseph. NBA players use their platform that they use it. A week from the court. They don't do it while there in their uniform at work you are listening to many five set in the game KG MZFNNHT. One San Francisco if you are just joining the program. Good morning and welcome we have got an action packed show for you today Greg popping is coming up in about thirty minutes at 830. And we've got not one but two more opportunities. For you to win a thousand dollars those are coming up at 810 and at 910. However the news of the hour is as follows. Weston rich Burke. A center guard hybrid formerly of the New York Giants. Has agreed to terms with the San Francisco 49ers on a five year deal according to Adam show after of ESPN. Now rich berg is a former second round pick out of Colorado State 63298. Pounds here's that's this gets interest. That is clearly. More interest in paying thirteen point three million per year for injured nor while the top are on the market. But they did have a need for an interior offensive lineman that's where rich berg comes in the play. We're not sure if he's being brought in to place senator like he did in New York which should mean Daniel Kilgore moves to guard or. Kilgore remains at center and Richards brought in the play guard. Either way the team has a lot of positional flexibility. However the one concern which were played in just four games last season. Quite terrible through his first three years but played in just four games last year due to concussion concerns. I would imagine if you're John Lynch in the niners' you've had a very detailed conversation with the west and rich berg. About how he feels that those concussions and what its future looks like because remember. There's always the possibility for another Chris Borland situation you sign a guy he comes in any sort to read the health reports he studies CT a little bit he says you know what. Hayworth. Yeah absolutely so this is something we're gonna see what happens what transpires and I see the details of this contract. I think it's anywhere between five to know five to eight million dollars a year. And be shocked with anything more than that. You got indicted serviceable you look at what's going on with the with the tackle and with the guard position but the sense of 49ers. In -- Stanford's knee injury last year wasn't able to play so now you be that went down and got more debt so now you have at least competition and got taken this mine and he could play guard or center so I think did you look at it the niners say look let's upgrade this offer to mind. Now you still have your draft picks you can continue to build the death right now Sims is a 49 immediate and that's what rich birds are hoping and bring to the. It's an interesting report at a New York talking about his concussions last year this according to a giant source where rich berg was ready be cleared. For the October 22 game and according to multiple sources he was informed. He was not get a return as the starting center undrafted Brett Jones was considered the better option. They were saying that rich berg. Had a weight problems he was too bloodied and his inability to move defensive tackles and a power running game. Was an issue so it sounds like he was getting over his concussion issues but the team wanted to go to different direction so he was deactivated. Not only for the concussions but maybe he wasn't having up to their run game is so he kind of fell out of favor so. That's probably one thing that John Lynch in the player discussed what exactly happened after week five that led to not play. Let's say it's five times 45 times five. Five year deal maybe it's 25 million dollar in total maybe it's thirty I can't see it being a whole lot more given the concussion concerns and the fact that. Nor wells making thirteen point three and Josh Satan and just impure out they're getting set to probably make them. Just under that. How would you rather of had normal would you rather going all the way and broke in the bank or what Aaron out I would have Joseph. Because you know that you would had a guy that solid you knew that you they had a guy for the next five years it's with your organizations which are mentioned which counts in a that's going to be would Jimmy G. You knew that one position not only Woody's barring injuries you got better. So now you can look at deposition and say we are solidifying our our offer to line. Now you could look even in the draft you know later on in the first round or second round you know often attacked because you're gonna have to address that either now. Our next year you need to get another tackle that's just a way this game is going so I would have gotten more world because I understand what I'm getting. A guy they can run but a guy that can pass bought in weeded and I'm glad you brought that up. About no rich Burke here's a guy does not a great man block or so because he's I ally so that's why Shanahan these guys are look at it's in okay. We can go stretch this guy he can reach guys because he's quick. But as far as being at the point of attack. It's showing right now this guy may not be as physical as you want so it's just interesting that they went out and got some depth though. They went on that's a debt and need to be addressed because in the draft Joseph you might not be able to get the guys that you want to as well. From the 916 on the Penske auto sales dot com Tex why should we be concerned the niners are bringing in free agents with injury histories. Finishing question. Richard Sherman coming off the Achilles western rich berg the latest signing coming off a concussion problem is that a concern. I don't think so and then you look at the individual details of both and chairman. With the Achilles injury looks to be back by July which is fine and he had a procedure. On the other ankle to help offset and somewhat prevent a possible Achilles injury German you've seen that he's durable player this is just one injury. As for rich berg it sounds more as you start to peel it back that. He just fell out of favor with new York and certainly questions about his weight at guard and I think the 49ers. Siena as a guy who could moving in place senator is your little light. At guard at. Then you can play senator at 209 years finding Kilgore 308. Maybe move kill laurel over to left guard Maurice played before you put rich berg in it senator and also in the weight not an issue so I'm not too concerned John about the injuries and here play. And you alluded to this guy's pretty Smart and you talked about he can help but Jimmy G with the calls and that's what you want so you're right you have a guy that can place in or make some of the calls in now move you know. Move move Kilgore out the gore so you have some situations and gives you do some more flexibility in and would just Garnett coming back next year so you're looking at this team is in OK if Josh Harding comes back healthy incomes bag bigger stronger. Now he's built more competition so. Got to see what happens Kurtz. I would say this. We've heard we've lord the phrase actions speak louder than words right. All right so let's look at the 49ers actions what are the 49ers telling us based on their free agent actions. Let's danger nor while they were linked to him they clearly had an interest but what ended up happening too rich for their life. Jermaine Johnson they were linked to help. We're not sure that's gonna go but they were also went on a key toll when the dust settled ended up with a Richard Sherman on a very team friendly deal what does that actually tell us they re just did. In the top name guys but they settled for a cheaper deal. I think there's a message here the niners understand who the top talent as they understand where they have concerns. Does that genius to figure it out we've been pointed out for months so they kick the tires on these guys but they're not willing to go all the way to break the bank they'd rather. Yeah free agency take cheaper less productive options why. While it was kinda nice place. Having me. Cash available to signed Jimmy Rob Lowe was not yeah I mean what's he getting 3540 million paid in his first year. That's nice it's nice having 67 million spills it out there now it's nice knowing that the forest Buckner if he continues playing the way. And he's been playing the last couple years. That guy's gonna make fifteen million year he's going to be pro bowler he is going to wrecked shop Solomon Thomas what does he develops. The 49ers aren't just thinking. About right now that's what stupid teams do when it comes to free agency. Take a look at Kansas City does anyone think it's a Smart move to give Sammy Watkins sixty million dollars a year ago people will keep telling you well you know. He showed a lot more when he had a quarterback last season. He made some plays he has an injury history and your paying a one million less than Antonio. How does that make any sense it makes not. It's a bad financial deal. The bears are getting it Alan Robinson sixteen million Ericsson fourteen million year. Why. Because they desperately missed and Kevin White they miss letting all shunned Jeffrey go and now they're gonna overpay in the market. Bad business desperation business that's what's happening right there Kansas City is making a panic move as is Chicago without Robinson. It wide receivers that kind of money freeagent so it never works out. And and the rams for all the genius that everyone says the rams are for their deals got to lead and Marcus Peter's they're going to be nasty. This a really smarty look at what they're doing they're going for. Does anyone remember what they gave up for Sammy Watkins last year knowing that they we get the guy for one year before he's a free agent they give up the second round pick. And a quarterback EJ Gaines who they could have desperately used. Heading into free agency. They would've had to make the looser Peterson Talib but they gave up more assets they get those guys. Because they gave up gains to buffalo in the second round pick for a wide receiver who couldn't even help them win a playoff game. And now he's gone. Don't go giving up all your assets like that for no reason whatsoever. So today while looks like other teen's spending crazy money are getting better remember that everyone's so Ono and the niners don't have a tonic cash in on the instead. Racing down the hill and signing the first freeagent EC for big money. You walk down the hill and you sigh animal and that's kind of where the niners are and finish charging down low and I know you see Iran Golan. I'm sure the niners would have liked to have Alan Robinson but at 42 million. No thanks you don't need to run down the hill and cyanide guy stroll down let the market shake out and he would you can get for a better price. Case in point. He's local. And maybe he steps up this year. How the here are some signing mark out. Decent amount of money for a guy who. Wasn't really on the field last year. Maybe comes back issuing plays a big role but now you see in free agency there are certain positions target. And there are certain positions you don't you do not overpay for wide receivers in free agency Mike Wallace is on line one. Saturday twelve K predate national task contest here's your chance to win a thousand dollars tax code word bolts. 272881. BO LT bolt is 72881. Message and data rates apply. Greg pop at 830 and all the latest on free agency next Jolo and Atlanta constantly get chills going to its continue. On 957. Big game. The news is breaking fast and it's breaking furious welcome to the program Greg hop then thirteen minutes. Be legal tampering period. NFL free agency 2018 is under way so all these deals you're hearing about. They are agreed to in principle that they can become official tomorrow. Wednesday. At 1 PM Pacific. When the start of the official. League year begins its. The latest from Adam chapter of ES PM former lions defensive tackle. Big name on the program a loading not. Has signed or intense designing one year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. That's according to. I'm show after and Chris mortenson of ESPN's here's where we stand today. If you're just joining the program free agent wide receiver Alan Robinson is headed to Chicago won a three year 42 million dollar deal. Sammy Watkins free agent wide receiver is headed to Kansas City. On a three year 48 million dollar deal. Linebacker Anthony hit since warmly of the Dallas Cowboys is headed to Kansas City home make about nine million per year. In June Nora well one of the prize free agents in this year's draft class in this year's free agent class as its anchor. Five years 66 point five million dollars to join the Jacksonville Jaguars. No secret about what actual plans on doing next year they are going to run early and they are going to run off the polluting not add to the Eagles. Sixteen into the Denver Broncos. Kirk cousins is in the mix with. Three teams right now that jets the vikings. And the cardinals and Drew Brees is back to New Orleans on a two year fifty million dollar deal. You can see everything you hoped it would become a hook up. Like for you watching this having played the game to just see this kind of cash thrown around. Compared to what you see in baseball and what you see in basketball league you're just sitting there taking it all in this morning. The game is continuing to change for the for the better for the players. It is just it's just into C and I imagine a member sitting down with guys like Ricky Jackson and guys Sammy meals and it now on all these great players back and David Von Johnson and and they were like me and you were diesel mud good you guys got it. And now I'm looking at these guys in the C alum now fast forward you know been out seven years and see what now for the market's gone. And how they're paying these guys you know with. So I did seem to three games five games guys in this whole seasons in their they're paying them just give them king's ransom. And it's good but I'm just like wow how this game continues to change in how. Business is boom and it he is on your lines because you're you're paying guys jolt on strictly potential. Veterans lot at lax rookies that did so many things are just born on UC would just happened here. Nothing wrong with the Pittsburgh gets paid you know. Whatever it amounted to even a five year deal guy talking about western rich berg formally of the New York Giants right agreed to terms with the San Francisco 49ers and a five year deal five year deal. And he's been concussion. He said he was light. All the different things that goal whipping like well for me this look at it and it's like wow this is this is good times for guys that are playing sports because they're paying money. They're good and money big money. You know who's full of crap. The Green Bay Packers. YO. I got to they've got new management but your team don't you own part of a team like I haven't yeah I got a sliver of that yeah I don't upset as an Olympic thing as one of the millions of ours I got very upset with the way we're doing our bit. And I think it through again. I said this time with Tommy and in this program you have one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game on your roster. He's coming off a career in which. Or you're coming off of a career from Brett Favre which is one of the greatest quarterbacks has ever played the game. You're gonna walk away with two Super Bowls in forty years of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers that might be that much thirty years you're probably gonna get thirty years at a Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Cornmeal NFL. Can take thirty years of hall of fame quarterback play and come away with who's Super Bowls I'm not saying you need eight. But you should have more you should be in the Super Bowl more than you war. They don't spend money free agency they have a policy. Can spend they're gonna build through the draft. When you make the playoffs every damn year and you're picking at 26 every year building through the draft isn't the only way you can go about your business. My understanding is the playoffs this past year they're wasting Aaron Rodgers town. So what happened this offseason Ted Thompson finally got bumped out of the way it is Ted Thompson doesn't to a very good job people will say he does because they drafted Aaron Rodgers. But Aaron Rodgers is the ultimate deodorant he covers up the stink that is the rest that organization just like Andrew Luck covers up the stink that is the Indianapolis Colts. You take those two out of the equation you see the trash that they really are. It stinks it's a landfill. Green Bay said under their new management the new guys that got promoted we're gonna spend this year were bought out in the free agency we're gonna make some moves. When you lack. Haven't heard their name wants that I couldn't do anything. And then they're gonna go 10611 and five next year maybe win a playoff game and get bounced and you're gonna waste another year of Aaron Rodgers. I need to business. You know when the free agency and spent a ton of money you don't spend none. I think it's just it truly baffling to me that some of these teams just don't get it. But Green Bay the fans love it till they're gonna sell out every year whether the know whether whether it. It's made a Super Bowl not because they have a system in I want to go Green Bay you're right. This is eight absolute waste of talent Aaron Rodgers you think about what he's been able to do. With lackluster talent it's absolutely amazing. Even when Brett Favre was playing. They went on made one big free agent splash in what do they and it went in who was a guy Reggie White you saw what he was able to do they couldn't block him in the Super Bowl but. I think this team it has under cheap special and you got these have a quarterback that has transcended to gain. I wanna address this because it's all over the text line raider fans on the text line and Twitter wondering why we're not talking about the team very simple. You have an enemy. When I suppose talk about. I'd look to address it I understand the frustration we're talking a lot about the niners because the niners brought in Richard Sherman the liners made another move today. And brought in western rich berg darling to a lot of other nations. Fans love to talk about you just you team to a that's not entirely true mum market king took BP with a football helmet on coach I did see that it's hilarious so yeah they are doing some things to say that the raiders aren't doing anything I think is not wrong in your analyze it just to address it we do hear you on the tax like we do hear you on Twitter. It's just. I mean Annika you'll just meant we mentioned yesterday Sean Smith but Smith is on his way to jail yes mentioning yes we did yeah. So so they got that your later update for the day I mean something happens. To which will Jumbo it really be happy to coordinate and like you say the Packers did anybody. Now not linked to not rumored in visits Kirk cousins is not coming in for a visit which should be much of a surprise having their car but. We're following the news as it happens around the league. They gotta do something now this this rivalry is moving to a crescendo yet the coin toss yet the initiative grew to end the niners out they're checking boxes. Yeah I mean I'm just talent yet. You gotta do something. I'm just got this up then yeah I'm surprised they haven't done in a market on Mondays tackled free agent tackle because they're haters need they they need to now I'm done I think. And defensively there's a lot of things they could be doing and there's a lot of guys out there did. Richard Sherman took a ton of heat yesterday from Joseph Thomas Cleveland brown left tackle for negotiating his own contract. Com here's the exact quote on Twitter. You really feel bad for Richard Sherman and this is clearly a case of ego getting in the way of his pocketbook he got absolutely crushed on this contract while working as his own age. Agree or disagree. I totally disagree with the statement and it's interesting when when you look at you hear certain guys go out there and players talked at all he got crest no. Naimi guy that's got the enemy even if he doesn't play great he's going to be between eight to nine million dollars this year. In this guy this coming off of the ruptured Achilles tendon. I mean this is a quarterback isn't the guy a position that you got an order and pretty fast. Right snow flash you got to build a rugby and football it's about Miller Ron Mexico when you're playing corner and the receivers that are out there all the different things you gotta be able to do in the niners he gave this guy I think it's a pretty good deal and the great thing about it it's a one year deal. So fans have to look at it I'm surprised it you know on his podcast he talked about this is a one year deal with it I couldn't make. Top cornerback position money thirteen million which would be put them when guys pay cornerbacks in the early days don't. About another players' money coach you don't talk about another man's money or another woman's money you leave that stuff alone and if you're Joseph Thomas. You don't know what it's like to come back from injury because you've only missed one game you're entire career getter for the first time his 101000 something snapped street. And did so you don't know what it's like to walk in Richard Sherman she used to try to come back from injuries that you shouldn't speak on it. Michael Silver joined us earlier he made an interesting point that when a player represents himself he'll start to hear rumblings from around. Different pockets of the country different pockets of the NFL talking about what a horrible deal it is. What's the likelihood that the agents are trying to drive that message because they don't want their business to dry out. I went out and out until they they're talking miss getting that out there war I was this somebody did this day if I would have took care Minnesota made to make sure he had this guarantee. Right now which is permanently getting great job when you look at what's going on what to what you expect from him. We expect this got to come back and play well and if he plays well he's gonna make thirteen million he can make up the thirteen or twelve or thirteen million bucks so. I think that the deal was great it's it was favorable for the niners because this guy's coming off entry he until we haven't seen morale any anthem played a game and over the corner will be Dornan a year timing gets on a feel so. This deal is I think it's great for both sides and now it's a sermon he believes himself sort of puts on May prove to make a deal so I don't think it's a bad deal at all if it was a bad deal. The raiders would of offered a dollar more right the Seahawks would have offered a dollar more the lions would of offered a dollar mark because those were all teams every interest in his services news flash. During the negotiations. Sherman would step out of the room and call these teams to check in with them. They would call him the check it. The niners know was part of the business. They were sitting at the table with them but Richard is going to negotiate his brand his business so at times and this is all in Peter king's story from Monday Morning Quarterback yesterday. Talking about Richard would step out chicken with teams let him know what's going on. In her report Maltby every single one John Schneider in Seattle. Reggie McKenzie in Oakland and whoever the hell's in charge in Detroit they also the same thing at a bit too rich for our blood. So if it's such a bad deal why would those preteens who registered them offer another dollar. If it's a terrible deal I'd be all that you know what we'll give you another two million in incentives. Put 500000 on top Zelda four different sentence but when you take that. So that's Joseph Thomas podcast expert now with his hot cakes and at the very least. The more people who are calling Sherman out on this you got to figure he's gonna be real hungry to prove mall wrongly asked play 90% of the snaps and to make the problem and you know he's. The chip on shoulder guy as far as how much he wants to get back in Seattle and how he plays of that chip on the shoulder. I'm not talking the small potato chips you get in the bag begin with a sandwich I'm talking about the biggest chip in the biggest bag of chips he get it costs go. The bag of chips that never got smashed below other pallets when you are now thinking you region and you grab that largest chip in the bag. That's the chip he has on his shoulder and you want that thing to stay there through the 49ers because he will play with a chip on his shoulder. From Ian Rapoport of the NFL network Trey Burton former Philadelphia Eagles tight end who was one of the main components of the Phillies special trick play. That resulted in the nick pulls touchdown against the patriots in the Super Bowl is signing with the Chicago Bears for years. 32. Million dollars. And you that was linked to the San Francisco 49ers as well. Burton's kind of a gimmick type player he plays a little tight end he plays a little fullback he can move around he played some quarterback early in his career which is why can throw the ball. Four years 32 million dollars. I got business is good I mean here's a guy that's cleaner. You know fullback and you know H back move guy got complacent tidy and I'm not big enough to play the point of attack so still got four years 32 million dollars that's a premium kind of contract for guide its interest in four guided doesn't necessarily is it to four record to tidy. The Greg Papa reporting brought you by July he construction companies celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence Greg Papa joining us here. On 95 cent in the game. Good morning pop as you sift through the free agent landscape through the first two days of the legal tampering period any surprises as to what shaken down so far. Now I would say but he surprised that may be Andrew no well no well go to Jacksonville. Would be the first movie together that I certainly identified as the 49ers I think they need to upgrade at guard especially what. Rob hello slighted sides seemed earlier pressured and they get actually got a quarter by the literally did that was Kilgore I thought. No well liked are the best guy out there right close. If that was more of a power blocker than its own locker because. What have you seen he's that good a player like everybody in the NFL audio is gonna go to New York Giants and they've got a man. But then we got the report yesterday that niners. We're in the next to get up and he ultimately wound up going to Jacksonville. Which is kind of surprising so. I think they have to hope quick Nelson the Notre Dame guard drops on what we'll drop all the way to nine especially with. Denver. Interestingly get increased kingdom. Which I'm very happy about Kiki just a marginal played good player but he's not a he's not a franchise quarterback and a semi Lockett go under. Kansas City this morning was interest. And now pop the niners this morning have said they're gonna sign Weston rich berg to guard center combo. Out of New York so perhaps he comes as San resist Tony becomes a Saturn Kilgore. Would move over to that guard position. You mention Clinton Nelson in the draft DC the likelihood being mayor that he could slide in the available for the niners and nine even though they just picked up west of Redford this morning. Yeah I got a little study which urgency here which were question bridge Bergen former giant see exactly. Who he is and what he has just in Q all those who guided could be available with them coming off an injury I don't know what Nelson does Peter get to actually. Just you know looking attic quickly and I've looked at the shuttle players in the top ten I think you may be the second best. Player and the draft behind Strickland Berkeley. Well I don't know guards don't don't typically. Go that high. It just doesn't happen you know you look at the history of football. In the great job and I didn't quite go that. Art gallery in less sensitive to bring his name well like nobody was drafted as a jackal. It was she was supposed to be the photos I tackles for years and years and years here he's going to yeah. Yeah he went number Q behind Eli Manning I think in between Eli and Larry FitzGerald. He wants eventually converted to it guard could never put speak to play. Tackle what he was strapped to tackle who spoke to B twelve your tackle who didn't turn out that way but an event at Nelson that critical player. But typically guards don't go that high but I think Denver. Not a base I think solidified that that they think what you're kind of yup I John Elway could get chased you know. If it's not a huge deal they could still be in and play for a quarterback tried. It's isn't just incompetent that Travis always shifting to different. You know it forces say they've grown don't wrap their mind back in the first round and now also there may be Iran Ambac to get drafted first the quarterback position is a unique quarterback but now. You know they might not be god it's worthy of that first certain top 23 pixel. It's just interest in dynamics I talked to professor yesterday talk mark Richards terminals asking me out what is this guy wanted to bring you news team. In Galena he said the most and he was most impressed with. Is he received an award in couldn't phoning any call Richard sermon because he wanted him to present and what does imagine Novartis Richard Sherman as a person. Hard to say I made obviously quite. Opted. Combative with the media but each march there's no he's Smart guy he's opinionated. Jimmy's very Bay Area edition obviously was very Seattle. Niner fans are gonna have to you know deal worked everything he did to them and have on the Turkey on the fifty yard line and you know Crabtree can mediocre receiver all that. But beyond that. I think he will provide some leadership that a young secondary low heat but beyond adding that he's helping. And I think that's why is contractor is low and everybody's written him. For what he got a whole what do what do you aren't Schneider offer. What you did he offered you know three million dollar essentially got three million dollars a when they start training camp that they can just you know you'd like to get the children not to get the true and they they they walk away. Signing of a three million dollar check just or just all of them in the off season. I doubt anybody. Offered more because he's coming off a severe injury one achilles' surgery the other bone spurs in the cleanup that's difficult. For a guy his age but if he's healthy. He is the ultimate technician applying. Covers three fail corner and he is state of the art in the span. Forever and ever he just does not get beat over the top but the long arms and as change of direction. Very impressively for a guy besides. You come back and drive on the ball so it's just a matter hell but he is available but football player he's bad for a long long drive but he perfectly. Fit the ski and they want a lot. Greg Bobbitt joining us here on 957. The game do you see the raiders get involved with a innings flashy in the next 24 hours or so lower if anything it's just gonna be may be some minor roster type moves. Well I think they're gonna they're gonna be imply they're they're commercial truck that burst of color and they could. You know finally getting her shots met I don't know why it took so long I think it may have met this situation with the legal. Entanglement he's involved in helping nourish. Where they may beat it wanna do it so there was some resolution he pled guilty so I don't know that was tried to that they cleared up a lot of money there. Also according Marshall who possibly cleared off the lot they can get more I'd like to see and reactive Paul Richardson the guy that I think. Really could fit now that. It's got to wide receivers on many people's fortunately Watkins and Al Robinson and god I think Paul Richards should use arguably better player. You can get a lot cheaper in the former Seattle Seahawks are I think without question we're going to be imply just that makes. They may do some more are cutting of salary before they they jump into it tomorrow but they're they're active they're they're talking right now. Greg popping here on 957 the game running back why is it Marshawn Lynch get a return to the teen pop what have you heard about the future that position. That's being determined as we speak he's got to say roster a small. Amount of money coming and it by the weekend. A million dollars that they can they could pay that doesn't change course later but. Just a lot of balls in the air obviously got a draft coming up in April yet should appreciate what you're you're running backs or not. I available later they're kind of chip two little but that status not yet but the term. But what will you do with his mood in the room policies he would have with the management do you think the niners gonna get it back in the in the hunt for a linebacker because who Foster me go undergo significant amount of suspension time. Yeah I'd I honestly think Barack oil as a really good player I'd say that I think he I think he may be ultimately a better middle linebacker and Ruben fostered could play who would Foster also linebacker. Assuming Malcolm's bit low comes back healthy I think they're fine it would be like Errol. Malcolm and oil and and ride out. What's gonna go Robert Foster I know you guys opened foster's gonna get sixty change we overly doll you have no idea of knowing. I but I I don't think they've got to be a major player. In in free agency or the draft but they elected position you'll want to upgrade that the one guy we like Errol. I think has been I think under achiever doesn't really slash a whole lot on the edge markets that they. They've got to look at the medical right now he can back up to bad injury but they they bought in the previous offseason with the intent that he would. Kind of man up on back subsided they know that they're players that do that much they play more that you know you don't occur retreat treated foreigners own. But optimistic kind of guy to get the situation where you could in theory that great added leash he's far better than what they happen to your question I think. I think graphical browser with a good football player I know they tried to sign him and I think they're gonna do. What are these you know lol money guaranteed deals they've shot a lot of guys the shattered us when tackle. Cassius marsh. They've been active mark he's good when I think so we'll put him on the list and signed him as well. Before you go did you see this video of Klay Thompson dancing. At step Curry's thirtieth birthday party and then slipping and falling in tweaking his ankle a bit. You know on top with a hand injury. What happened or Nazis. Adversely it's it was a slip and fall they're all have a good time he bounces back up he keeps dancing but according to Anthony Slater you know he's probable for tomorrow night's game and the ankles not a 100% they're not saying it's anything serious you know nothing to Warner completely damaged but a bit banged up from us a bit on the dance floor. What was zero Ager I can go to dancing was trying to do there. Earlier. Away from those let those birthday party stacks and shelves please call stacking shelves. But he's average level look at the video of Sheila dangle it's that he's not the end double worried about it stepped Curry's ankle it's just happening way way way too much and I think there's a major concern that this is. And a lot of politicking time but it just happens repeatedly. It's happening and that should happen to the rock. Some April mayor Joan like there's there's this 73 and nine year could screw the whole thing out. They probably don't need to worry about the rockets is much is the national media is making it out he shut him down until the NBA finals now. You're viewed what do yeah huh. I thought we jello. 95% of the game. Unbelievable. These guys are millionaires pretty early in the morning to troll like my man jumped more and violence that. I is the best thanks for joining us via. You want to solve after that I think maybe senate that I. I should've done until next season no doubt know dot com level of concern right now the clay thing look. We could make a big deal of it and you did do a little light trolling with the now wait a minute the plaza right on the corner he should be dancing and you shouldn't be getting caught on video with that it could look bad. Look you said it time and time again dinghies and this morning. You're young you've got money. If you're entitled to have a good time. Be reasonable sometimes you fall down it happens people make mountains out of mole hills fans are fanatics that's how works Richard Sherman his jerseys are being burn industry. They cut him. And they're burning jerseys why don't they burned Josh managers right or Pete Carroll jerseys they burden the player jerseys setup that we need to make much genetically. Upon the makes an excellent point level of concern regarding steps ankle it's happens once this year that's one thing but knowing he's got an injury history of that. And now it happening what this is the third time this year. Wear you out on that. It's a 3.2 five G on a scale of one to five which is a lot more conservative than you should be I'm. Not quite three point 14 which of course tomorrow is pi day as animal talent size and stealing their material and advanced. Amid a three and a quarter Joseph because the recurrence. The recurrence factor even if you shut him down for two or three weeks and I don't think he's gonna play. For any time soon as he sits out the Laker game but whenever you bring him back. You get immediately have that concern. The recurrence of the injury the re injury I'm a sprained ankle. Is high. And lest she go out for weeks and months in advance and she really do shut it down until next year which obviously they won't. At that point his ankle would be healthy enough to where I wouldn't be that concerned that as it is now. I'm concerned what do you do do you trotted out there tomorrow night is seeking goad you wait a week do you wait two weeks. No matter how you slice is it's going to be criticized the longer you wait the narrative will be he's got to get into rhythm he's got to get into a flop the quicker you bring them back the narratives may have ARIAD is ball. I'm sorry for that hey this. TV did you get that ball room and Dan you have an act thought I had. On that he was not there I'm watching the presser as we're talking and he takes that hat off and I know that's got the beard people beard. Yeah Aimee thinning doesn't zip code guy I'm going to I lean years Condoleezza walking back the 25 mil I'm gone 245. Robby gets out that on the billboard. Don't do that governor Urlacher he's fine he's got paper product left Chicago thank online he left Chicago he was there he had the Urlacher billboards. Oscar get it was quick so I know Jeff Schwartz. Who played with Westin rich berg in New York for the giants he's gonna join us about three minutes he just got out of the jam he's gonna give you break down. On the newest member of the San Francisco 49ers. What do you do though staff we talked about this last week I sent to we've asked them everyone said no I was wrong they played at least heart. Doesn't mean it was right or wrong but what do you do now now we're we get arrest them because of the rest of now it kind of seems counterproductive to the idea that last week he can arrest them because not yet. It's it's it's interesting entry in perspective how you look at it because he played. The but the one game innocent the Mets and he played well against the Mets rather he was they wouldn't stay healthy and in the following. Gaming you don't steps out of bounds in you know only comes down I guess some. Phantom button in in these out. Someone immediately saw this guy his ankles are weak and this is a time now and you do have to be you have to be mindful of that what's going on you you're looking at Hayward trying to in the championship. I'm on the side of the mean getting bids came with rest and this week in and starting back maybe to even when they play San Antonio are the game. And Atlantic tell when march 23 that's my date because you've got three and four nights starting tomorrow at the lakers. You get the lakers and then second Phoenix back to back you don't need him for the lakers sack or Phoenix even if you try and like heck to still get the number one seed you should know the beat those three teams without staff curry then you go to San Antonio on the nineteenth. I would hold about their because after that you've got three more off days before Atlanta plenty of time to still find your rhythm. This way you give them an extra ten days from today to get the ankle back better and we'll know a lot more today with a team goes to practice. Whether or not he's out there with the club or whether or not they're still hold the amount of personally. I would wait until March 23 when Atlanta comes to oracle. Anybody see what's going on with the spurs right now. It you are out of the playoffs at the current moment like out how they are out they are the tendency. Right now the rough and rather tied with the clippers the jazz and the nuggets are all sixteen back but they lose all the tie breakers every single one. I don't know why they'd be arrested requirement back so they can getting get an eighteen yet rule yeah and I didn't do anything when it and why would cool why being a rush to get back at the same manager you know so that he can rush back in. Risk re injury just so they can get Rick roll in the first round of the playoffs. The pace something and com. This isn't my previous years were you when have to worry about when you're stars in the opening rounds every year of this title run of this dynasty to the worries have put together first round hasn't mattered they crush the world is three seasons ago to seize the rockets were banged up they rolled through them lash today rolled through Portland. This year. I mean right now you're looking at the jazz the nuggets the spurs the clippers to team rules are all sitting right there. At first round matchup that's probably going five. On the it's going to be clean sweep you and I did any of them below who said the team that faces the fewest games will win the series between the rockets in the warriors depending on. Who has the tougher road in those first two series when you ultimately do face Houston assuming that they both make it that far. It could come down to who's been more taxed as opposed to the other team all right he is an eight year NFL veteran spent a lot of time with the New York football giants you can catch him now as a radio host on ESPN. Serious extends brand new pac twelve network. He's also the author of eat my hunch report cards Jeff Schwartz joining Joseph blow it dead on 957 game. Jeff first and foremost we really appreciate you joining us. On such short notice niner fans are just now learning about Weston rich berg the team has agreed to terms with on a five year deal. What can you tell us about west and he missed the budget games last year due to a concussion you're one of his teammates what are niner fans get it. Well mr. but you investor investor looking to improve Jorge Camara or you were healthy and great player about a week so populism and though we talked about it by Julia if you are streamed out three weeks. Here about a week left to get ready was kind of ready to roll with the homeowners are. Obviously you'll get a player you can't do it in about seventeen to sort of what you want him to reserve your furniture or at least but lesser wouldn't do that. Notorious 68 partly greater injury than our feet and try to assault for the giant than what I mean I I. Quite there Adrian is admirable what. We're archer jaw model revised Doria and you know Lester what you're wrong you're evil and spiritual offers to anybody go back to or drifting which I know the long while ago. You're healthy heart for work on what year is different tactics that are. I think he fits exactly what you gonna want to do we can reach blog guy. These are field general out there he knows exactly what's happening argue all we GO protection whatever they. They are very busy get your in the air and you're you're nobody about. If there's really no big deal org odd. It is. Our money right so that you know we just part of it is the mayor art to be a battle somewhere but I think short upgrade or popular Republican anyways so. Oh a board position. I don't know what the questioner. What about scheme fit as far as what Kyle Shanahan likes to do offensively and what Weston rich verdict can give you mobility certainly. Part of it reach blocking of center. Because you can. Sure yeah yeah. Also are you you're governor Bob Barker still sharing it was oil outside go to Weston a little lighter side serious errors. Are you get a lot of outside go to war they call Colo state. Are you wouldn't get here you go up that footage and go back to watch. Majority belt but George blunt true she's been under one back power there were one back in Saito. All the alignment they are overworked you if you torture doing it matures you'll. Image actually for college PC actually all the ought to share more to do it better be reminded me not. You're not a big player now I don't particular color definitely Al Arab leader but it a lot of good young out Matt don't be you do. Well and all particular route Mark Teixeira had. Our equivalent any area wherever. You're helping assure they'll not dole bill scored on each attribute a virtual you put. But if you do look they picked out there. Are often. Former NFL offensive lineman he played with Westin rich berg in New York Jeff Schwartz joining us on 957 game let's let the player is he in the locker room what type of guy easy easy easy intelligent player we have some giant fans in the building that say he's known as being one of those heavy type offensive lineman. Yeah I mean if you didn't even old school. Don't diplomacy yet he's tough physical if you look if you love football and I think that you can play this game. I think he cared not were you very much for the duke but if you love the game of football I train with them or a lawsuit on Arizona where where. We'll all bellies which mature crowd to your old formula like no no Twitter and social media. Do what you're Derek or Opel Armitage a very great with the culture would almost want to go to. As you're looking at some of these contracts that are being handed out and injured nor wells' contract is estimated to be eight figures in Josh is still out there. Likely to get eight figures as well. What does the market shape up. Four senators people of that ilk is it lower than the big guard money or is it about comparable to what guards should be getting. Well no you're the old campaigner for the left tackle which is quoted as saying but I think it will go with the game and yours is what every western deal and at the end. Probably coastal Al back a couple years ago a little nine million a year. Yeah I think there's there's so much of this are now. On defense of Gator quarterback. Through the middle field economical. We see you whatever dole. What you what you can do it he'd tackle. And there's more personnel on bat in hand and that's why you put a price for garden centers of continue to go up because they you know. The middle pocketed so important two key for him. But balled up so quickly Valdez to that. That you you have. You'll tackle the maybe god is good to kind of get by a little bit you can do it inside and left. It left where you don't pay it. You come out of college cowardice nor is ready they used to be well it's a lot and so it's it's different I can't so I was embarrassed. You know what he opened our order throughout the senator you're the best seller distorts patent and billion price. From Ohio State. So what do you do give overdraft senator. You're dropping got a runaway who might be on previous start the year so you're going to get a senator remote every year could be trapped goes up I'm a person who's. Terribly worried about this idea that level get over paid a mean that the Japan with the market dictates and it and go look I was sort of free agent now and I don't want either fortunately I was a game about how put it may be reluctant and so. Do we know it's different you know there's. Eight year NFL veteran offensive lineman he played with the west didn't rich berg in New York injection now on ESPN and Sirius XM Jeff Schwartz joining us here on 95. Send in the game Jeff we really appreciated thanks for joining us on such short notice. Or no Kroger that you. Thank you very much. But yeah. Excellent well I'll get the tax line 51 out that's from them on some smaller Kona Judith. Originally apparently lied about you know. A tolerable it's it is very case they don't joining us on such short notice if from the text 90 original. Go mom aren't allowed to take away their number one and reach for exhibit coming to place senator. This is interesting because we heard a lot from drop below leak in the year about how much he enjoyed working with Daniel Kilgore about how great the Saturday annual Kilgore wise. Wolf we're experts gonna come in the place senator that's a new relationship drop below two warships out to guard. And then what are you looking at the other guard position lake and Tomlinson and I gonna bring Brack Brandon fosse so Josh will guard Nat Lotta options a lot of versatility. It. It dozens of president always sort of Santana and less and less saying we're talking about assay here's a guy in place inner. Talk about our guys like me come on be inning guy it's like now I can scoop block he's got a lot of blocks you can pull around you want your sin and be able to move and be able to get out on the perimeter block. NN I think that this is a good good move when you talk a month just for this in a position. This is some interest in C would all the moving parts and offer to climb The Sims is a four and Imus who's gonna stand up and who's gonna step up from where the greens gonna rise is it just from Garnett as he. Is he gonna step up he's gonna he's just going to be. Brady go that's that against. Well that's it's in the united against and I would lean your direction Joseph if I was going to make a bad but that's a mean the most fascinating part of all this because you've seen what Lincoln Tomlinson is and he's a six or seven. Offensive lineman. Bosco Beatles they're not the answer. But it's Joshua Garnett. He used to pick on him he looks so good Stanford yet Trent balky use tobacco to also organizational Dick joke now. They cannot concluded that he can use the pick on a dead but you know these new guys commend their new seems new systems they're trying to get something that Eric Armstead that is been lost. Ole I'm sure reason nice young kid but that has been lost city right to expose your baby yeah. If not if the current time getting interviewed every other ways he's going to be looking rich burning look at just comment well these guys have similar similar type of body types. But not necessarily 300 pounders McKinney do they can get our run. What is this what is is coach Shanahan wants to do he wants guys go to get on permanent meant. In act and to agree though but if you're not stout in the middle because it is. Started turning to a three step five step drop in the quarterback does need to step in part got a beast arm in the middle as well so. I don't know necessarily these all the answers could you do wanna be solid in the middle because now quarterbacks a quick and when he hit the ball either hand so you wanna be stuck there are so to me I just wanna be would get out the training camp watched these guys play seeing what's seeing what he would not touch. You allege she had a falling out he doesn't return calls he's not gonna have you and I. A lot of banned list man. I guess you'll pay no mind. It's airport to watch except the foot and a I don't need to talk to Germans to be able to see the guys play I mean I'm Sharon I can get around the game long enough to be able to bite we talent. And so I just kind of wanna see which guys got to step up and and we all do. You keep mentioning an interesting point regarding the size of the linemen they're going for a lighter style offense line in the raiders conversely. VA thick offensive line and everyone's like 330 on that line. Yeah a couple guys on this line that are under 300 right okay so why what's the designed for that why would the coach design a system where he wanted lighter quicker align is that more passing gamers have more running game. It's a little bit of both when you look at pars when he had the raiders those happened guys are down blog guys guys that can man block meaning is straight out. Gonna create space our guys trying to block out warning them their defense alignment is in okay we're gonna move created nine a scrimmage. They're not going to be guys is going to be like right now the perimeter you don't CP in an all those guys now on the perimeter that the you know kind of that you block it means work. The guard blocks down the sinner you block scoop surrounding those around. You went those guys now they're gonna move around the perimeter in now the red and backing get alum age so the niners are going with that type of vitamin that can get out and move and stretch the field the raiders have the bigger lineman. They wanna be more mono a mono in the it would create new space. There are more than down blocking me animated. The niners want the quick guys Pickens school block so they can take half of may and the court. Punches the senate got its in the month techniques now to gore now the senate able to scoop around that in get around a block the edge guy. Blog guys out in space now you can get those guys on the ground. The raiders have more to do it holy dip from blocking schemes itself. The question would become. What's the ideal running back that fits behind this table offensive line remember we senator earlier actions speak louder than words so let's take the minors actions and let's try to understand which direction they're headed. Is it possible you could take a sequel on Barkley. And put him behind the so line and dominate. If he falls a few spots would you be willing to trade up to acquire AAA 9579570. That's coming up next Jolo and did not if I suddenly get. Your.