Hour 3 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss changes that need to be made to the NBA Draft Lottery

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, May 16th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss whether the Draft lottery needs to be changed. Then they speak with Warriors PxP voice, Tim Roye. 


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You have a chance of winning the tickets to game three Sunday night with that being said you're 8 o'clock our starts right now. We wanna game last night so it's not like we're gonna sit here and change of color we have to look at everything it's determine if we need to make some adjustments which we. Probably lower got there I saw so we didn't know it then that's what we do best tournament since there's an Obama who fled. No really we don't and my golf as a whole really hasn't placement. Bruce you. He wasn't going into its. The president tried to introduce. So that's good offensively. And we do know Losman did okay. Chris candlelight. We do not really good. It's. In new York new ball. Team on television they've lost everything but you do. Those little change what you got to do better. Under the program it is great to have you in this morning's Kimberly at 830 Stu Jackson at nine there. That's begin this segment the following question. Guess the player. Speaking about basketball I love it gets the player eleven points. Five rebounds nine assists four steals as this from last night. Or just in just in general took the follow ups it was a very sensible exercise dream I agree player reminder in college. Can you give me his first and last name John and Bob. I'm willing to attend an attorney general and I'll assess. The answer that question I'm very simple question what kind of an abstract now pile of love materials that coach I. Apparently I'm wrong came under surveys I don't say it on eleven points. Five rebounds nine assists four steals we think enough. During a migraine you're thinking of the dream dream version from Boston his name is mark is Smart and he played a monster game and thirty. Last night 107 tonight before. That question was specifically tailored coming off a warrior segment to lead you down that path YE. Do you think teens need to find themselves a dream on green in a market Smart because we kick this around before the show. Someone who can do a little bit everything. But bring that nasty to the table Smart straighten nasty last night Mac game and I'm not necessarily talking about dunks or rebounds. He brought an intensity to that game. That's straight shot Cleveland not LBJ but sure Cleveland. Won't bring the listeners and on this lake if you would have mallet intimidation more. I'm not really sure what the best term is to use for guys like dream on and Marcus Smart but we were trying to go around the NBA we could. Find a lot of guys right who bring that level of toughness fearlessness. Intensity. And all the around production to the table. Yet it's a skill on both ends of the court it's in India fatigue able desire to go out there and compete. And you saw last night when JR Smith. Push his team in the back who's the first guy and the scene it was market Smart going jaw to jaw and you remember his days in Oklahoma State. When he got into it with fancy was pushing fans he was getting in fights with a opponents he's been fiery in feisty. The whole way through his his career so those two definitely would go on the mound. And then it's harder to find guys that the first guy thought of as Andre Drummond a Detroit. He's not necessarily. That much of of a talker. Or confrontation guy he is top five million fouls committed. So you're different idea who's not afraid to commit a foul not afraid to commit flagrant a guy who get a technical may deal makes it up but also as a productive play. Do you think we NBA should be seeking out got more guys like this because you look grab market Smart is never going to be. Eight Max player most likely straight month probably never going to be a Max player they can be handsomely rewarded. But they just probably don't bring the box more element to the table for back at the month. They bring a lot. Lot of intangibles to quarterly market Smart and a huge part of that game last night he came off the bad inning there's a guy that I think it has those qualities he has the you know he continues to grow. In he's in the right system now he's physical he tough you can come actually and scores well. Is cousins I think if you give him under control a good one B he's physical and put the ball and who. He doesn't make him play defense when he wants to so. And he's an intimidator one of the most under rated moments from game one of the warriors rockets series was went to Fremont picked up that technical. The one thing warrior fans miss in that equation because they're blind. The wind and is that there's a study that we've talked about this on the show before there's this study that was done not too long ago to prove how our brains in our eyes can mislead us. You'll tell someone to count how many penguins' you see in this 152 clip and you watch this clip and you'll be counting all these penguins doing all this. And then the last you know mommy I would did you count someone might say I saw fourteen and fourteen you're right. What do you think of the grill. Personally talk about real yeah no I was kind penguin I've seen these. And you go back and watch because now you're told about the gorilla and there's a gorilla just standing in the middle of the frame waving is are you walk through waves and waves and continues market there you don't even treat. Your brain completely misses it became so focused on the penguins' you don't see the guerrilla. So once your brain is told to go back and look you end up noticing. Week as warrior fans might not notice is a first as we were so focused not too much get attached. Don't keep talking you're getting thrown out this is going to be a mass. How many times do you see a guy in the NBA do what Harding did in reaction. To what reminded. Pardon immediately looked to the rest of title tale. Immediately go back and watch out like there are due to the NBA that the second you put hands on it like that in any sport in any walk of life they're coming right back catch. At the very least they're gonna get your faces are barking because they know the rest of the squad's gonna arrive break it up and it's all just tap tap tap into apartment but I adapt. Right that's it. Last night or two nights when this happened party and didn't take a step toward straight month at all and then immediately look to wrestler putting you know Reagan Dukakis. Did you did she resisted the me. That's all you need to know that technical. That was a good investment. I hit at 1053 the first quarter I thought he was insane and lost his dam mine messages instead message sent cart came out was knocking down shots but. The rest that rockets team wanted nothing to do with that Harden especially. Look at the very least you would figure. If this is game want the year you're gonna take down the juggernaut at the very least. You would have thought hard when I got up there's sort of barking because you don't what happens Jamont there's anything else you start out of the game. A win for you right for your team they'd show up in separate every act again in three needs. You really have the united squad. Then the next trip down you have Nene come into the game and Nene delivers a hard foul on Kevin to rant or Trevor resent. Does whichever reason does which is. Accidentally Charley horse staff curry or me Klay Thompson and head like he did the that last year the year before there'd be some sort of retribution if it wasn't in the moment a reason runs over and get to dream on space or something instead it was Jamont pushes hard no way by the throat. Pardon complains to the wrath he's teed up and everyone moves up and there's a toughness and. The difference the biggest difference to media's. Dray mind we know has started a lot of bytes are being involved in a lot of different things scuffles. And every single time. Whether it's Livingston whether it's KP whether it's death Kirkland. They come to a it was a rescue good bad are in different. There's warriors around go watch that clip again there was warriors coming to get their boy. That's when you know your loved and that's how you know who's respected by their team didn't have to be the most prolific score. That have to be to guide its names and hit by. But instead grunt instead guy that you know that's going to be the junkyard dog it's gonna be there for you good bad and different and that's what they come to his eight. You didn't see that it. You didn't see that our wars all the goons were all the guys no matter what here's a guy hard did that wrong war was his teammates were with his guys are safe. Don't touch RM BP. Don't tell it's arguably right now the best score in the leak. Or there. Great point great point Christian Tracy Chris welcome to the. Program what are. I are you wanted to take on what you're talking about or on it Indonesia it blew it I it's a ball and Joseph I totally. Agree with you in the fact that I think they should and I think it because of oil down to one pertinent our players. The bulldogs keep her curse you intelligent of the college. And not. Try to change a game plan and then play I think it kind of arrogant and not. Move away from that depend earned in the game by debris guys like you did pre game one and I think it showed in game one. Intelligent he would be LL art and get it and you don't art and do it they. But the fact that you knew that it would get to be hit it pretty much dug into the rhythm. Let him get that equated three point shot let them get. Judge wondered data and really you credit the prize. Did download did not but I I don't believe in Indy two games aren't nearly inaudible required thank you got. Think he's Smart phone call a really Smart Tracy to the top debased our spoiler alert Tracy. Overtaking Pittsburgh well that's even better than taking pot even more of a spoiler alert Tracy doesn't qualify so they do now. You can go ahead as much as I love river runs and lathrop that's outside the 99 Bay Area million dollar myself for half price but. They don't count the C star rankings they're not part of the ninth time Bay Area to respond Chris. And he is good phone call just look no further look no further than the regular season win the UC Iraqi team with the best record in the association. And yet they need completed the fewest passes in the entire NBA so. You're not gonna go 82 games winning 65 by the way and suddenly abandon what got in there you gonna dance with the date. You brought and maybe the date doesn't fit the two Chilean that they're all with. You're still litter there and you gotta go with what you have you can't just. Also but run motion. And you're gonna sit there and run double screens that understand basketball this is Joseph a little bit more is where you come out they did to day lives in Boston and you live in Baltimore and you drive up to see the date but she turns out to be getting someone else turned out it was Vermont if you're gonna take a shot. I alien. Three geographically accurate especially your side of the contract for God's sakes fort. Bar on New Hampshire the hell's the difference is at present all beautiful in the fall through and miles by the fact that. I don't need gas and my rental all you know what I had just also seconded that call is great first part. Steve Kerr praise I'm not talking to occur right now I'm not. I'm not I'm not but I'm. Occurs phone calls right. Now he may or may not have called but I'm not taken it NM and explain that why. Next Jolo and heads with Tim Roye on deck that Tyson again chills going did continue. On 9570. Game. If we're gonna harass the how to beat the bogey from last year we got to address this in Chicago take the warriors plus one and a half not that we all won on that opponents. Strength and thank you I read I read that whole story of a gambling this morning and I. So I guess now I'm allowed. I announced my my picks for the week. Stay away from Boston tomorrow you didn't really got to be careful almost game twos it's our. You had read the book you troll troll me I got one wrong but attacked her how about it. Now the last major elements and I he bounces back is went out the rejoins telling the song and unite the lawyers the bounced back after Steve took canal last night. It's funny because Twitter for me has taken on something completely different over the last year. Because of the funeral takes all the chaos that is the show when you're watching sports at night. The interaction with the listeners has become all whole new frontier. Of like social media action I'd love it. There's so much I dislike about social media because the negativity. And and so much hatred that spews on there well when. You have a moment. For example yesterday and this one stings a bit that you got some rights on a cot you as well or both said the brown wouldn't get to what 25 points last night two point 7% and yet. The run went nuclear. Immediately. My feet just fills up with all these undertaker means can't wait to you very close to tomorrow you you also said the cavs would lose you got plenty right this isn't the highlight but something you've got wrong that people love it. I get I do not and I get. I extended to hemming times and ethical you've been impaired yes I am Saturday night. It that they love gets it. I'll stop but all of its I'm Sharon I know he won't stop but it's always in the can't hit my. Okay what was the first thing that I said. I see it that they're gonna lose the game. That came in the and I just went out on you know an accurate tape and then here comes a funeral desk in Minot city would score 127 he squirrel but least. Boasts 2 I am they hit head to head they cancel each other outright so there's no. Jose pulling the point that is slowly winning isn't isn't you and I thought I opened with that the idea is front Italian. Bring you don't know brilliant I don't you know OK I'm remembering an in home quickly OK quickly. You guys say OK curse the exodus and how would it won't look so I got that so my guess but what about you guys this funeral to. Might I got four yesterday. Three to poor. I mean. Three of the four well I was on a funeral Don four times for all the different listeners asked people can't be in their cars for hours a day now not all Julia. OK or do it yourself so if your name's dip our YouTube may skip. What that if it doesn't last all you guys miss to a different takes that you guys who went out the meat. Let's drill take why now why did we change it all of a sudden now that won't want to put in a minute what am I. I don't know you've been on a two week vacation or not. The show has continued to go on different kind of natives and what was it karma total sabbaticals karma of the old blue owner. Blue collection and it. Nine and here I had an experience you guys its nominal let them understand here early young G perspective. Quite frankly. Joseph is making a point about social media point is this thank you get a look at keep it in his hand it is for another ninety seconds I was leading to the funeral everybody everybody it was just ninety seconds away. Because the conclusion of the anecdote was that I told everyone associate last night. Tune in today yeah Kurz got a funeral comment. But. And thank god we have great this is like big Josie out thank god he lets you know. No funerals for Kurds gained. No funerals. That may great cents. That's mid level radio just parroting everything rival Lowe's low is right it's that this. Market I'm just trying to get a marquis is that a good thing they do in the peca this thing go out email joke Disney's deep real and you. And then I deal emailed him back so now we're trying to get back to the double the rich aren't regardless fall. A lot to get to I don't know what are Ralitsa we cannot go like. Three we just self utilizing today because this much tightened so funeral on shall not be located in China and he feels I'll begin I think I. I have floor. Nice to admit this will win the lottery last night. He could hit the rest in peace March Madness for guys have been playing here. I also said the cavs to win last night. Really us. Inexplicably I said the sixers did not have a lottery pick really. I am almost positive there's a fourth one but I can't remember so whatever it is rigs. Thought we were gonna read bury your lawyers won't be underdogs take I think that's what it was because they're they're real underdog being and so we're talking about now that it was only for game one. That's just reckless radio again but it up to the segment where amber is gonna belly out seven minutes you just need to get drill any funerals you have to address oh yeah. I I am for I'm afraid that I thought Cleveland in game juice I guess that's too risk. So it's not guessed it industry excuse me interrupt or I will continue as I didn't realize my takes so sorry I guess I'm being forced to serialized by lottery. Hot take. Because that one. Was wrong as well also looks good input Atlanta my Atlanta wins the lottery hot Jane I spent a lot of time and Alan. Researched it for hours and I would definitely should rid us. They're in the NBA NBA draft logo down right to. Most of dumbest yellow looks at Phoenix that was he was out on that avatar and again yeah packed up for those who don't know the went out on a limb with the Houston in game. One may room favorite pay anyway. Would you care to share read like oh. I'd sit LeBron was scored 27 you know didn't. But I don't think that Demi get a rest in peace again just just just gets. You're not allowed to argue whether or not the body should be buried it's it's a rule you you buried or cremated. You dump it in the East River in New York whenever you just keep doing my lord I get sick and it's a massacre in here yet it was you know it's ugly stuff but we started in his eggs yesterday we can actually. Work on this we just came up within a seat of our pants like most things and of the show is called tomorrow's funerals today we're forced to make. Predictions are things we have not researched like the lottery we just started picking random teams in the next it will come in generalize and if need be. So that's percent gamecube picks are still to come mortars rockets I'm sure will be several do it with his game that I. You can one and half. It's not rocket giving a point now rockets favored again. May and it's I think everything that I look at as far as researching trends tells me that the rockets should win this game I think the record is. That's fourteen and 23 the game one winner so they only went 38% of the time. The game one winner is fourteen inch when he dream game two on the round the roads are good numbers yet so. You look at a 62% chance that the rockets will win but then you start to really look at the match up and you think. Can Houston really do what needs to be done enough to be Golden State probably not. Nonetheless I'm taking music. Which there is nothing worse. Nothing in spoke all sports spending. And wagering against the warriors and then watching them just broaden. A mock on the opposition yeah I'm not realize that a few times over the last few years and virtual well there quite a few times it worked out as well but. The times it doesn't work out. Clay he'll have a twenty point quarter and it's just like oh. I've I kind of forgot how they do that all the time yet there's nothing worse than being on the other end. Could you seen in you know what's coming and yet. There you are. I don't know what to make tonight's game is up to two the money is coming in on he's in his mind as to which we knew aren't out there we won that only when we said the new one promoter ballroom we've we've got we got the Delis you. That was only your peck. A touchy when it came with me but anyway it's moved it's good to ask for coming up that funeral just get all your predictions from last five years. Yes. That's right nobody hates a funeral were some O'Neal. No one more I Will Ferrell loves them a chance to final Brad Bryant's team. Let's name them and letting pressures I don't know I don't test grind that's what you do you I care. So glad you're so great and what it's not often that America that's why I'm I'm I'm relative ducks. I'm afraid take the points out. Oops I can't match against this for your singing music generally at three minutes let's open up to the phones Floyd at Oakland will start there what's up Floyd hey Dylan. JR are great they are well a couple of mechanic can't I think that. Current spate PR. A little underrated or higher or are in the first quarter or aren't cut side by talk players they look like I. Porter right orders. And whether you are at. Our economic couldn't be here. I am let's wait and Annika cherry suck my bat. You talk about which player should do what it well well another player about they they messed up just big picture card. So they bent out the job on out at all and they kind of bat you know rustic oak at. I just wonder what some other piece like the orders have been other great child and coach to wit that went curt out to order. That's good question Floyd and thanks for the phone call I think to question the ability to. Juggled the egos is is made easier by the fact that these guys don't have massive egos united dealing with. For superstars who all need to be taking care of individually. Everyone's down for the team now what could another coach in gender that same atmosphere. Fortunately we ought to find that out analysis question. Good question I don't think tie Lou could come in and create the atmosphere that Steve Kerr has helped to create. Anti looks old so who said that when I out there watching it oh my god he looks. Old daddy he's getting beat up a little bit over done over the course of the season it's been tough the bronze coaching the team. What's the stress point what was your point is when you win it's LeBron the greatest of all time and when you lose he's got to go up their answer the question. Some of the Bronx Zoo in both interviews. Do it for seven figures a year every looks beyond. It's the greater travesty is in the world you take all he annual aids accordingly. And he's not complain about the paycheck it's a good point remains Reagan appointed to do looks like he's old rundown Mike San Jose Mike what's going on. I'm a much thinks stick micro guys burst off that is right about you can't change drop in the middle and removable playoff series. When you're totally out sort of what you would do. But the second thing is I wonder why JR Smith wasn't thrown around the game effort men deployed while some so called flagrant one. And then right after that he got another technical for fighting with the with Smart that was to tactician but now. Well thanks Mike for the phone calls actually two different categories the first ones they flagrant foul on the technical foul you need to checks or to flag grins. The two things are in separate categories they don't combined for an ejection but. I thought the push in the back warranted a flagrant two immediately he should have been ejected at that. When automatically and a nerd heavies know that often asked how do you not know that off yeah. I don't now. I got other things ideal if all you know what all jokes aside the we have birthday today probably do my son Keon John amount as we before we get. So 815 today and it's sad day it's good ones will Stanley dinner later in. He's locked in in on the final three weeks of school so this is always an in our house my the sons' birthdays in four weeks. We hit this point yet Mother's Day. Via both kids birthday you know Summers here are checked out my Father's Day yeah well thankfully. I got an adult crowd it's like you know. Yeah dad's birthday it's you know fifteen it's you know all of his fifteen birthdays so far. It might be top five it's not as big as ten certainly not as big as number one. One I mean once you get his first early accidental burning day or the first that the celebration because there is the date of birth yeah that would probably be power at one I would think that should be on everyone's mount Rushmore of days of their life so we'll take that out just of days where you celebrate. Your birth on the year the year celebration I think one. You're fifteen uttered a fifteen makes the rush like you get your permit. Usually DNA half fifteen half so he's getting ready for that the big year from. Yeah I want to ask them if its on the Rushmore. They got out and it's giving you conversations with the dignity and that's what I need any conversation yeah. Tell the segmented because it begins with funerals ends with birthdays circle of life that's how the show works or cooler time of life I was with a I. That's my kids would know get a result he's about this stuff haven't seen it let's bring in our backs won the Golden State Warriors Tim Roy joining us here on 9570. Game Tim good morning for Houston how are you doing down there. I'm doing great idea zone today. It's always a moving target with this show it's a tough answer it's that's a yeah any time we ask that you never know what you gonna get. So will just say we're doing well and we thank you for asking. Game one game one went eight according to plan everyone's still pretty good about game two DC's Steve Kurt trotting out the Hamptons five start this game as well. Wild thing get more than likely yes because of the fact that the base you only get the mob to. A decent start that could have been disasters there at the beginning of game one but they guy held the course and and Dayton what they want to do but you know I I I think. It really did that starting line up. Get their best defense of group out there and I think that the key to that hole. Whole equation is what they start the game with a very sound. And a very good that the best defense immediately so that. That immediately is one of reasons why we keep doing it it's just unfortunate further for the big supporters cap that it's worked out dissuade in this particular postseason. Yeah and they haven't gotten a lot of burned Zaza and JaVale both the DNPs in game one Mike did Tony was asked whether or not. He would look to do less ice goes on offense and he said basically. A leopard can't change its spots what does Houston need to do in your opinion to improve their offensive efficiency in game two. I I I it would yeah I'm not a big fan of iso but they have two of the best guys in the in the late doing attitude and so. You might get Tony knows more about his game that I give back obviously but the I. I think they need to move the ball that more is there to get better I think the lawyers need to move the ball a bit more and they played really well. But that was the first game in the postseason where they threw less than 300 passes. And still won the game. And I don't know if you can. As good as he has he Katie was special the other night he was locked him and he was getting shot over. You know Tucker or if they switched Chris Paul he he put. Capella back on his heels and not caliber him. That that's really really give but I don't know if you really want bank on that. For every game in this series so I expect the lawyers to try to move the ball the better in game two as well. Resilient so why is this team able to you. Come out and every third quarter seems as if in able to dominate or. In polls there will what makes this Eckstein so special that regards. I think it's combination of of knowing who they're playing. And having a good idea what the other team wants to do and then combine it with firepower. And Ian. The third quarter Laxman as deadly game one. The lawyers would get it stopped immediately get the ball out and go why they do that while they know the rockets are not big transition defense they were 23 the week. It transition defense this year as to what happened. They give a little careless that Klay Thompson comes right down the middle floor trailing out fast break any wide open for a three. Date they don't pick up as quickly as they should the war is not down a quick shot. And all the sudden it just seven to two run. And applied point leaders in the young ballot and pointedly. And so. If their attention to detail on their firepower that's. To meet at that cute things which combine it. Two to look at that third quarter end and I think that's when they they take away I got what's called time on the broadcast they take away the police and the other team to see it they're body language. The rockets even though they were still in the game. Truly didn't believe. I think that they were gonna come back and when that game. The great Tim Roye joining us from Houston here on 95 cent in the game what did you think about cult come on the Lebanese performance in game 123 minutes. He finds himself on James Harden he finds himself on Chris Paul that was without quite shadow of doubt the biggest game of his career to this point. I we thought he performed quite admirably what do you think. I thought he was great I put in my lonely island. And end that DL they they. Both Paul Harden scored overcome violently. Collected again Kelly easy looks and they get over on. One maybe two. Mean he made them work for every basket and the other part about it was the other camp trying to get to him. And and so. If the lawyers excluded the ability not switched at the beginning of the of the offense for Houston. Then they had to go back and re screened at it and now the shot clock it down and out down yes they got a twelve pretend. It's a whole different deal that went you know it it's it's 44 the reason the only wrote that book about Mike and Tony in the side Jack vocals great books seven seconds or Alaska is that the numbers prove you get shots off early in the clock. Usually open looks and they're more likely to go win. The farther you go down on the shot clock the harder it is to score there's no question about that and the political Vallone. The rockets had to work harder to score the other night. Do you think that the rockets will count her come on of these excellent defense and finally defending without fouling he did not commit a foul in game one. Might the rockets try to come back that instead of looney island going with packets of bon. The good they can do that to try to get about the game. DI think debt that but I think that that's the only way then. You're convinced he can't happen I think the rockets took significant they can do what they want to abandon their isolation game. Get a deal they want to buy games is a really good team you know I would I would base price of the warriors won tonight I wouldn't be shocked at rock won tonight I take it this is that it's a really good team and they've they've the other 165 games. Because they're really good. And so. I don't picky start data until you're at a point in this series where you go sweetie it is cap floor. What's the answer. For KP what can the rockets do to slow him down. Boy I don't know if you ever since you know that little that new World Series and he came back and the country amounts to excel on the what chart of the he's just had a different. People at different look guys faced stern he's just he's just all business out there. And you know he had that shot he can't get too. So I I don't know if if they haven't and it's all they have a player that long enough and good enough. To bother him not a Telus pretty good but you know direct can take him off the dribble and you know Tucker good defender. You know you go about 6465. TDs got you right over the top of him he can't get bother you are the only way to guard and regular rocket to get. Right up bottom is like dispersed try to do with a smaller defender get right upon. Don't get many airspace and the whole hole dead heat turned the ball over misses but. But once he gets it up top want to get into that the other shooters pocket there and it starts to go up. It's you can't get too you know your your best bet is just hopefully bothering him and hope it goes in and out. That was a betting man I would bet you watched that game last night Boston Celtics and cavs. How long and what kind of what did you see about that team to say wow this Boston team even without thirteen superstars. They look like they're a pretty good team. On that. I think we have once looked I think where they were two really good player I'm I'm not reappointment to superstars that just yet but. But I would say this bomb. I think very keen that is. That first well I think. They it and that it industry we've all kind of under rated how good those guys are. Proud of really good at. And they're going to be really good for her years. Boston's got Boston at the chance next year have like a three or maybe for first tropics again. We edit all status back that deal they give that Burkle. They're gonna be really really good for a long time. And they're tied in defensively. They believe what they're doing. And we're just. Up athletically. I think there's so much quicker. And longer than an. Then cavaliers it's going to be a hard series Cleveland they have to get their home court established that right away so. Timmy could take that coffee need to lying on. No that's OK I've got. Like light gives got a fairly stuff going on here daughter's flight back from college and so you know I got to keep keep keep tabs that. I don't play fantastic pattern is clear go out. What is your school Learjet that she's she's really. Go getter good student and I'd like it's worth every penny but I am really not sure. Can we called an education sensation yet to call her. Up as. Before we let you go the NBA lottery was last night Phoenix ends up with the number one pick and we're not gonna get into too much of a breakdown would you like this process for determining the first fourteen picks do you like the way this process works pretty big maybe can be improved upon. Well I think that next year they're gonna try to it for a little bit that there top three teams all have 14%. Chance of of winning the first peck. Seoul unlike this year when the sun's. In it and got the yield the highest dot because they have the worst record so you'll hopefully they'll be held. Take away the incentive to be really really bad. That there's still going to be that incentive because. Let's face it. It is the LB really alleged other some certain market out there. That can attract a freeagent there are certain market out there. That went Kevin Durant was free agent that would that would not be they were those markets were not being considered in Seoul. Their way to build in the draft. And so so I again it's hard equation will be the impact players are racked up of the draft. And that's where you get it now chipped it to be good for a long time and soul you know we've got out of the warriors and nearly 2000 certainly 2000 are there mid 2000 the the deal when you're 3844. You're actually getting attacked your Yelp it's your yelled Denver right to choose to between you know they were. Almost good enough to be a playoff team right there right to the final day but. Now what they're drafting right in the middle of the NBA draft an amateur they get a fine a player that may push them over the top there. They hopefully they will for their sake but that they may not fight back guys go to it's a really hard equation. I don't know there's a perfect answer to it they're trying to keep teams from from going up the tank group that it's it's really. It's a tough call that it really really tough call you know some of the best teams in the league got bigger by doing that. And instability yup your general manager. USA OK I may take some heat for this and Little League doesn't like me doing this but it may be the best ranked French. So that it I don't I'd that's one I just want to have another 1000 reasons why I I really told wanna beat each element. He's the voice of the Golden State Warriors he'll be on the call in Houston tonight game to tip time 6 PM right here on 957 the game. Tim Roy joining us on 95 cent in the game thank you Tim enjoyed Houston we look forward to having you back in the bag. Our guys village should be fun tonight and hopefully we'll look at this going take. 530 with a pregame Jim Barnett alongside him and it did Syria happy birthday to the did the delete him. Thank you very much Tim and welcome home to your daughter from all of us. I'm man the ball a balance. Well loved there a lot of hate this morning was nice to have a brief moment we're human kiddies enjoy the fact they both have have had to families joke so that was. And I got an education sensation and there are so whatever happened at all. And a feel good about I don't ridiculed behind the glass but I felt good about it doesn't get any time you were dead and it's catering guy Steve that was coming out nailed it. Keep limits and keep lived our families every single line of questioning. For me to Tim Ryan once you're you're you hit him with a little bit everything tech slang claims that you actually answered a question and then ask it known that I don't I'm excited is wrong geo eye and out of line. Yes. And lieutenant Tim and here's a guy who has a cleft war colossal amount of knowledge he's been around the game. And that's why wouldn't remiss if I didn't talk about Boston because. He says I think he said the same thing that I alluded to they're long they play great defense they won't back down. And their team it's going to be very formidable so I just wanted to make sure that is out there wanted to get some other people to. It is 222 apple the same type of words that I was speaking let me yeah. Let me get this out it is there any team in the NBA that isn't long. Now that strap sees it I'm I'm watching the lottery last night Jay bill this is giving his top ten guys every single guy was long. So how does that distinguish you from anyone who short. What if if you look at Cleveland the guys that they have you have LeBron. But they do you think about the different guys and have their they normally have long guys JR Smith's not long denied they don't have Kevin Love long. Kevin Kevin is not he's. He's pretty long pretty long until about wingspan vs height ratio Portland's team it's not very long either deemed nor CJ you'd consider to be. Long Ronald at those two guys. I'm not rest of the guys. Yeah all day long Meyers Leonard not very longest ever read it mean or not long part of that along team. So this is like every hear this term from everyone in the buildup to the draft got everybody's long don't look long guy. I raised the it is it's it's it's less like every guide Phyllis I don't look don't get me wrong but every guy's long. It's I that your case it's like any fell ten years ago when you talked about a guy's hit so he's got great hips he's got a great turn that it flipped the hips as quiet ride it's ready it's all catch crazy staff that that people rely on. When you haven't really seen a player that extensively. You talk about his length. If you don't really know what he has to offer and I'm not saying it's about bellas. And he's one of the net Telesis and taskmaster and then it's just that's one of like this got it what would you keep signaling. Let's discuss and address this what is he signaling back there Ali's music G Chad self turner Mike. Nice guy Steve. What is so important that there is just you know we're gonna bring it's it what's so important top ten pick my Obama eight foot wingspan staff curry six foot wingspan length is like real. So I guess six feet wingspan we shorten my Obama eight feet that's unreal tournament. Nice and I intelligible Bob. OK so he's on what coach is that it's it to recap Mo Bombay is long very long. If his name to Obama why are we starting with whether or not he's launch and Lisa are on the name is that the name pretty awesome. Pretty good name that's what I just anyone against the name Obama is an engineer might be in adjusting to coming here now. That I might do is give a six. I'm ready for our known on all now listing an about the black mama you know and needing to mama mama gonna like his name like my golf what does that blah. But. Eight for I mean that's it right how we solve that problem from Obama I think the only way to solve this promise for me to get off. Says that those that's why say that Boston's going to give. Give the wrong. Just because here's the thing staffs not as long we talk about clay clay gonna have huge knock on stuff. Can ship as well that can shoot yeah but he's not long but here's here's what you that's why they gonna have a hard time defending even clay if you're gonna see certain match judge Joseph because it affect these guys. And that meant that the wings Mandarin their moment like that they're gonna give did they give you fits. Really did Houston get. Longer before game two tonight now. Now I see. A notable are you going with what were you go and a week we talked about I mean did we I'm not letting a source from here to the rest of the playoffs I'm not betting against the only question is if I bet on. There will be no bats aren't any team that's playing against the warriors it's just. Why coach why someone might do it I got it. Houston's play tonight. Thank you for the tip I appreciate that Ted I will not be following under said tip but I appreciate it suffered fatal and show your on the warriors plus the two day if I've got to make a play for tonight warriors plus two whether or not I. Actually follow through on. I can tell you right now I will not be playing Houston there is zero chance at least. Zero checked. I mean if all four of gold explorers are ruled out and the lines he sure has been short plates used. Barring an act it's gold seater bus from moving forward there will be there will be no well why. This why what's the why regularly accused yeah why wouldn't label us at this point now I know the engines are turned on you know they were turn up for the most part against San Antonio New Orleans. What you knew the pitfall is there. I don't know if there's of people coming in this series because here's the kicker you get up 30 in the series it fours at home wanna go back to Houston I think get on the plane. Fly go through all that other garbage you just wanna get it over with and removal totally agree I. Which is why tonight it feels like it's Houston's last stand and that's why I'm taken to Houston Rockets and given the two. And again this is nothing to do is illegal gambling or money in this has to do only with. Will this take B funeral lies so for that sake I'll go with Houston I think it's Houston's last stand. They shoot it better the better at the rim they will lead virtually start to finish in a very tight ball game but I think Houston wins and even the series at a game apiece. Is did I hater triple 899 cents and 9570 is did Haiti on the warriors right now or is this a pair take our total 1899 I supported in his near fifth. Years of life this is my lone team so to have the courage and to have the ability to step outside of fan boy dumb. And actually. Break down a game and put himself vulnerable and their right or wrong scenario. That's worth far more to me than anything that would come by a validation breakdown. I never heard anything about who's longer who has the long advantage whether or not Seth Curry shortness in order to stop bringing the Tony four year old board up on I would tell you exactly. The reasons why it because of the length. Luke we're shard of bomb Lou today the prince prince who grew Sharjah say as he's so now. Back in his home country Trevor resent PJ Tucker these are players who can play better and they are longer more aggressive defenders if they played better. Click capella able to get more lobs more Alley hoops at the rim is Alley hoop that's always and a show you know that since went. Since I joined nineteen months ago on our very own Lorenzo Neal who Alley. Now I don't think so coach and not actually might be. As six to ten and Allen who tallied vote tally hope. Now that's now I'm not I will not I don't like it. I'm nuts. I'm not a man walked out to the streets say that are you nuts about him being nuts he's doing his thing. And that's his friend not copping your cities if you hope is shortening your Q do you live that life. And he's the spotlight which is why as a nod to my brother from another mother I said Allie who it is it's not on what not. Also the more integrated nodded and the minute I can't you feel as if it's a show support his not at your Alley hoop. Yes I do thank you love this entire show is built we don't hear about it. And I'm sure I am the you aligning with one another this is just this is noble you're out of blurted out there is a matter why I wanted to get ready. Mean did movie and at that though there will be read and no looks economy without meat championing all of his unique words or phrases this is nice this is likely vote well. Like when both guys are eighty and had prostate issues. That's that's that's what this is this is nice I got no issue. I guess my only and are you you have your issue earlier you couldn't get back into the sea side Abkhazia preoccupied a year all the walking in the door running out right here in some sort of hurried a hot take the world into submission like a professional I finished my business I washed my hands I made me way back into the studio and I'd commenced the segment on time. I stared at your seat you were nowhere to be found. You're blaming me for the for your prostate is that is that or was having undergone quite when I was saying you Josh and startled me upon my entry now what are you taking at bats and playing you've. Dale to make it back in time yeah. He has been quick to point out I don't think he's ever really giving you much of it of any leeway there pay the under its 652 did you make a decision and I'm. It gives an opportunity and I had to let in Vietnam's article does not I I don't watch dot at least on our hands are way isn't it. Though she were there courtside. You don't know what was going on their son he knows a lot about it. Yeah eighty deaths admitted they're thinking of my advice and no I've been in there. Couple times you think you guys talk about this your little they didn't like dinner let's get the act is gonna Billick nobody's. Well she and look who's back from the flow rat. His back from the flow small NB a the next couple days there should be Sunnis powder after one day at work to do that come Monday. You know rigorous what are you need to I don't. I'll be eleven are brought it and then we'll jump back in the words dissect two people work in this town on Monday. My wife can't figure this out she has the news on in the morning every day and she always sees the traffic and she sends me pictures of the bridge every Monday. Two camping is up people in California don't work on Mondays and that they were on Friday's either you never remember this and no one was coupled is on Friday. Do people not work on Mondays there's a video game. Well there's a telecommuting. Culture here were people who work from home mainly on Friday's. Monday's to a lesser extent also. In this Bay Area because there are so many universities and colleges traffic is heavier in the fall than it is in the spring fewer students in the spring. More Traficant also when you start to get the may June July you're gonna see lighter traffic is we need in this summer traffic pattern that's just Europe. He traffic update on the gates. And down thanks south I'm George Rask back deal. Do we have BI Yani laurel thing we might as well do that here while erratic. It for those who don't know about this. You're inevitably gonna end up wasting about ten minutes electronic today so might as well be with us Tom couple years ago there was this dress that. Found its way onto the Internet and depending on. How your brain is wired I don't know. Some people sought as a blue dress other people sought as a gold dress. And it was all the rage this conversation it was just so all fascinating we had to talk about it forever but now. Note there is this piece of audio that's out there that it's the same word being said four times in a row. But people are hearing it differently some people hear this word is laurel. Other people like. The englishman nice guy Stephen here as Johnny. Plight of the people. Laurel. Yeah laurels in. Laurel. Do you laurels. What did everyone here laurel. This time are Laura offer prime lol OK I heard laurel as well but you're telling me back nice guy you heard Johnny. I heard yet. You're here and yeah anything anymore they are going next glossy hair grainy. How actually I heard any earlier today when I first heard it. The very first time at seven laurels or whatever it is it's eighty any and is in Loral Loral laurel and then I heard again and it was all laurels. There isn't a single human being on the planet surprised that you heard bulk. I know I don't know what that person is surprised that you heard about now that's more people here one or the other you somehow her but I did hear about how is that possible. Well I wish I knew I am not. You know I'm I'm not. An audio text so I can't tell you what it is about the pitches but I'm not the only one if you got to twenty it's the other people have heard different. Different take than it. Let's play it one more time for society. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay is everyone's still hearing laurel there's a saying it again a friend and you're hearing half and half. I'm hearing the first half of what we're Leno or Giuliani excuse me want it to look it's laurel the whole time and I believe did. Crack different rummaging not let Ernie our own narrative here not only here or otherwise. Okay now we will get to that overrunning a time do you have the other version where you manipulate Lee pitched okay now some of you change the pitch here's the exact same thing latest version. Yeah. This is not the same idea about what several hearing that he ever tearing yen yeah claiming that this is now what it well I mean what was manipulated back there the pitch yet. I didn't know that means. I have to do and yeah. Any it was. The first time you heard when you hurt taking any they change the Dayton and well a little tainted that's all that happened because it is it's crazy I heard nanny that time. All four thank you you should eating here. Laurel Miami. Playing in laurel and Laura yeah. Know Laura nannies and well I heard it's not yard and settle shone known now. I'm glad we got to the bottom of literally not again did you stay very quiet in that corner as the somebody who were both the idea is we're out of time I cannot run out of time Stu Jackson at 930 your calls were your preview coming up next July and his iphones in the game.