Hour 3 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to talk Warriors Championship Parade

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, June 13th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss whether Lebron could land in LA. Then they continue to share their experiences on the Championship float and speak with Warriors PxP voice, Tim Roye.

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Well well not really. But period look and go ahead and then if you. Because that those two it and not just because of the lakers in the and in the ducks also the coaching that's that you gotta realize a student in the pew when you have. Lou all mean you have Steve Kerr. I mean this could be forgot about that sort like fantastic if you think about that this could be unbelievable could be a I definitely. The game and every woman went to see any could be arrival that his starts. Instantly Chile and so that would be dug watching the game would it not anywhere else could LeBron land that could make it more compelling for the warriors has again. You need arrival and the only rival out there at the moment is LeBron James possibly Houston if fact it's broken up a little bit. If they slow. On him in Houston as is it that team stays comprises a Disney through LeBron and there then that would be. I guess second only to the lakers as it was George Chris Paul and LeBron and LA that would trump in my mind the only thing that would trump LeBron going to Houston. About the ultra. Let me interrupt via SaaS summit on the meaning of an emotional or allows a comp. List any issues you're listening to that by seventy KG M the F emanates you and Gigi and he's at and TV radio home of the Tony eighteen NBA champions good morning. And welcome to the program about a half hour ago we promised to take calls we continue granting so we shall take some calls but first Chris Broussard will join us in about an hour to sort through the latest with Kevin to rant. And the possible contract options he will have with the wolves or warriors stand Aimee at 930. We read the parade yesterday we had a fantastic time for those of you we met for those of you we spoke to took pictures with for those that Lorenzo Neal pointed that screen that. It I was a good time dyslexia out there and if not. So let's turn it over Robert San Jose de Robert thanks to the phone call what's going on. Out of ticketed if Katie were to leave and go to a way. Would it makes sense for the warriors to wait a year and try to are in. Is why it lettered as a region I think that was it would be great that would right now. Interesting point let's kick that around what would you do in the one year intermediary. Can't squander years so if Katie were to leave. The idea of why letter becoming a free agent a year very enticing. What did you this year. You have to do something gauger right there is no one year intermediary aid situation and if Katie lets you know that he's leaving. You immediately you're out there combing free agency and trades to bring somebody in. There is no period Regan to say well. Well this go with the three we have and will start Jordan bell and we'll throw in JaVale and bloody good doll off the bench now you gotta go I get somebody immediately. And you worry about coli when he's available. Let me ask you something what's hotter. Right now. And I don't mean this exact moment because the answer would be obvious but over the course of the year. Is it the NBA. Offseason free agency period the Major League Baseball offseason free agency period or NFL free agency. Writes a process goes three for a moment think about how exciting you get when free agency opens the NFL think about. What the NBA's gonna be like in a couple weeks big about baseball which is the most exciting of all the off seasons. Right now it's it's got to be. Even though a football guy and non Levitt steered me argue played it's it's about India did. I think the NBA all right and it's hotter than the NFL Aussie right now and yet even know he will not occur this exact moment what about. I'm talking about if you look at. This past in NFL off some ten X I looked at it even know yet Kirk cousins certain guys you sit okay what's gonna happen here Alex Smith and illustrate. This right now is that bigger than LeBron James arguably the greatest player that ever play in it's it's it's it's a simple Mel. It's a passel in the NFL I didn't even if you go back to lash at the idea how to read being traded a couple of years before that Kevin Durant free agency I NBA offseason is huge it is the best in the offseason. No I still stick with the NFL and it does all 32 teams have a hand in what goes on at an all 32 teams have player movement we are talking about. Big major marquee names and singular story lines. In the NFL it's you know what the colts get a do a tackle and buffaloes in the new quarterback in Cleveland zoo in this. It's much more of huge thing we all 32 genes involved. I think one thing that's hurting the NFL is legal that legal tampering window. Because nothing become official until Wednesday but they all start agreeing on Monday so everyone's kinda like oh okay we're getting this guy but it's not official yet it's something changed there's too well she bought back 56 years when that didn't exist. And free agency just opened. And news just started flowing those first 48 hours run like anything in sports but now the build up your going to have with NBA free agency. You gotta say this year is going to be Hugh if it is it is in the NFL I guess it's Smart treat because so many more players I get that. But the NBA star the star power that they have with the players is different did you know get to see those guys have faces so NFL it gives the stock market so many different teams are being able to be touched and affected by the bug free agency. John than San Francisco great to hear from you Jonathan what's going on. Say good morning guys briefing and they know you're not going to eighty competing and quick step and then there's god he'd be optimal because. Well lol are you you don't Don know what you don't know who failed car you put mourned little small guy what would they. All of the big guys told Kirk. The numbers really are trying to get through it you know that there is. Going to be what appellate gonna drop a non. I know what got a good friend of mine who wouldn't know it that it will reportedly in word tablet we're seeing. You wouldn't really need out there in game one of these button. So golden gate clean on the room to go up he quit it and rap game and I think he was going to go. I couldn't get through when you've got you've got that he didn't know that their. Charm and thank you John wow. Acxiom sounds like a phone call in hindsight I would have liked to have taken if you could go back in time and we met John in person that he could go back in time and you get that nugget. Does that affect you as a gambler. If he comes on the air and ground and ice and he says I got a friend of the four seasons and saw LeBron James his hand is wrapped in ice. Would you have bought into that and information. You got to. If you if he trusted the source secure getting in front. Of course you have to trust that color with that much ground to tosses we'd like to send this front cost quite a bet. That this is in deep throat and the Washington Post back in these attendees are what we think it. I would include border Boris Diaw right that was army. I'm. I'm pleased that a member owner Sheila again get a look at all of your own show that's just yes it's just history. The industry it's so far reporting it would have cast iron and I. I'm probably taken as George he's probably saying that as he's finishing that call I may or may not be bringing up a couple web sites. And may or may not be looking at some particular numbers. And I wonder how. Taken as work just ruined. He did that light up my Karl Malone and I always delivered the that was accept up to mayor in Oakland to bear what's going on thanks evoke call. More. I'd. Got a goal of Lowell put it took them smoke. The golden gate area where. You want to LeBron and it's great odds I'll watch a lot Katie. YouTube thing. I don't think it would happen because you certainly want to be like they're going to want to be number one pick. You can't be great guys go or look brought the group. They've been where it is not going to be good OK he'll be good look brought. So there in the QB in the shadow and they have a goat I have to go low this is normal but it. What got you bit Beckett gave it gave you is that Acadia Westbrook yeah. He could win and Victor joy at the Warner let another oil and probably what we been on a super game sort of well or became to alert people are Westbrook ardent advocate gesture and it came to order. Other all of our. Pretty jelled together I thought being bitten people are it will go all the way and they'll they know that they have something special though play together. Masters and to there. There and win when Stefan claim those guys in the go Mark Jackson went in and win. How much is Steve Kerr when you look at sometimes systems you put skirt and guys in certain systems don't they sometime flourish and have a better though they sometimes play better when you look at systems. So when you say they would all due respect when you look at Westbrook here's a guy that's had other two all stars on this team. And you can't change instilled in performing they didn't get to playoffs is monitored and best Big Three you put together what happened there in Oklahoma. Katie left because of certain things in certain situations has won here he is on a good team that shares the ball there unselfish and understand that and I I do I get that. But sometimes you played guys just don't get it and I think Westbrook is one of those guys with all due respect but he. I'm. Oh. All I gotta weigh in on something you said you were gonna ask a question and then you just rented for two minutes. Mentioned that that was an actually questions that to me I don't know how you're going to answer. That question that audio for. Another question reform because it's a bit this system okay that's older voters rank you cigarette gonna go from where build a ten. If it to different coaching them the difference just a pivotal player itself quite a span of wayward so. How would work very Kevin Durant you're demanding you want chairmanships he couldn't live Internet giant is adding that the warriors go to law school abroad the last two years. We go to law on the left out of remark out but it goes to you what the auto generated a lot of J. D. Drew well not gonna let it. It is not that because we follow apple Apple's record supermodel robot boy. Acadia great quip well thank with a look at everything he can. To bring him in superstars who want to come together it all depends on the eagle and the clear that you bring together. Agree appreciate phone call. Or the segment URL as you do just that but Greg thank you very much leave you with this one and two. Can never joined forces. That's how it works in the world one and two can never play together they can never worked together they can never do anything together except face each other. That's what makes them wanting to. One can team up with 31 can team up with for two can team up with 345 however you wanna do it but you can't put one and two together. You cannot as much as people love the idea a LeBron calling TV why would Katie even pick up that call you're just gonna go help LeBron changed toward. That's it you get to become best supporting actor in the bronze movie in LeBron quest to become the greatest actor of all time. That is not one guy who wants to be number one would. Now works one and two can never worked together because one will just make to his assist. And it's the greatest assist in the world it's on assistant that will eventually be fractured exact. We'll take more calls Tripoli 9579570. We have also got to kick around Dray mind vs Tristan Thompson if you did not hear what drama had to say yesterday it was. Awesome Jolo and its defense and the chill blowing did continue. On 9570. Game. Take another. Hopes its signature of your. You could have whatever you do it's you can have whatever you guys can. You could have whatever you'd lie. If you could have whatever you like. I forgot how into that song you can guess. And allow access these songs. You've got to have a bed that you. Yeah I know I prefer the original version yet. Everything we always nobody went those you back they are doing Cody are producers nice game Stevens do an update and that I do agree I. I don't know the interns back today to mail did this you know and now I'm just gonna step all people but the crickets then. Mounted like let me sell off tees that you don't like to try addicts. I just from the bottom yeah. You darn round about twenty years old looney as the overall still here you have this kind of -- out of the box sent out your right now we're here you got here with us going to push today at the moment. Hello and nice and post that and thought sorry nice guy Steven who's still in the studio for someone arteries and giving me a look are you unhappy with the contents you told me to stay. I am getting to back up okay that's how hosting work yeah just wait even you can get these we'll get to that. Did you think we were going to eat at such important segment with billions of listeners to figure out we got there and you're right the keyword when we're. Go to the update work your way down to a big vocabulary that into the flow thawra. Or plethora plethora platoon born on what you Laura this isn't this is the Caribbean Caribbean whenever I think that that fat ass clown car. A little spice now and I start Miller get behind them like a little bit of spice but none of time and accuracy fact. He's got a little Joseph DiMaggio streak right now and instead of hits its hit list what I. It championships at great hangover I'm Stephen Lampard yap. I'm at a again. Let's go ahead fire wow it's a championships at great hangover I'm Stephen Langford. Now hold a lot so quickly the blue track what do we get wrong they did go back to back. Today not so play now do you have that knowledge of championships at great hang up and I. I. Joked yeah. No I might have decided that hero to those early got the grammar on its back to back championship ship okay I'll allow it if if it's scripted. You're a (%expletive) like that to be scripted because of not it was a good. And that's not yeah. Script and it was a mistake date date date I am sorry do I heard the I'm sorry did that happen at 630 I have a different script for each hour on. Yeah you don't pass her as material. I'm just saying that he should championships at great hangover I even went Ryan has started now updates. I don't know why it's a different script three I had to chevys and hang over on Steve Langford crimes that you and I are now whatever shots he'd like for you guy. Usually apple not happy. What it will do what it's gonna for sure that I just adults kids on the float you guys look great sign on TV Joseph when will he look like best friends did I did not see you. You wearing a beanie. Now that we're not re not learning hang Assad the beanie in the morning was when and how are you weren't down on the flow and low how did you Wear black shirt and in the hot sun like that. Much has a black and of people they would actually shirtless so that's racial. Crowds of like our country shirt that was like so I want to. I didn't I don't black yeah. Adams and do you subscribe in the heat there is a lot of people of color would lecture tone to. Would you survive and he knows what it this is where you're really gonna have to develop and I'm gonna handle because Phil and politics of racial you have to be very. This'll just please explain to everyone and looking to team need I mean you were black I am simply asking well. Right did you fare in the heat. And I do it is we know that you're still have not answered that question I think you're my hero he went all the took a five hour nap he was not find him. I play for the ravens black uniform. Play for the saints black uniforms are correct I don't I don't I think that's I don't let a big heart. Our guys guys Steven here revealed that they'll be here I don't know I don't know what his schedule says what you do you know what it's it's if you cut let me give you better be ready this young man is really starting to evolve. I remember really very first update I'd say so now. Committed here spike and did a nice guy Stephen verses this feels like it could be a thing he's got on the outside as I ever use it for you decide we bids. Against the younger that just feels like bowling. That's just all that is huge jump begin we did in going all live on young. Word -- who's just trying to make his way it was great material it was that do elect this year and by you got a jump on. And then once you came back to like to defend a young man. But I think yeah you're right the ship ship because of the good that so I came. And to aid. Slide beat up built up I didn't I was on both sides and a total turnaround shot unintentional. Also that's correct you slang and you definitely slowing in just a matter from what. Whoa. LeBron. You know one of the country. I let it always goes back yet I wanted to ask you know what the prayed yes let's do this for minute. Awesome. Awesome experience just you guys have done it before it was the first time I got a chance to be a part of something like that. I have never. Ever in my life. Seen that many people in one place fat happy. That's the last image for me just be uttered joy you are going down the street on this float and everywhere you look at people smiling. It was people smiling everywhere. I remember what I thought was the most. Joyous moment I was ever part of was dispersed Super Bowl I covered when the saints beat the colts now the saints into going nuts that you still have the loser call the rise. That are working their way out of the building. This yes it was remarkable. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more joyous. Of course they hate B can't. People screaming out troll lens O'Neal some of the best stopped holding up the crying LeBron heads but this for you though if this are you. Awesome that's right loved those those girls are members of the billions because they get it they know they can talk trash with their boys get it to get on the street to mix it up with everybody it's a good thing. And to see everybody's shoulder to shoulder whether it's young white brown Asia India didn't matter you know everyone's a part of the same group and its detonation and that's why. This team does something that knowing the team in the Bay Area can do and that's basically. Unify everyone has not eighties giants not niners raiders it's the warriors and if you've been in the Bay Area for a long time. You know then agony and the anguish she suffered through as a fan and if you're new to the Bay Area and you've got in on this great run. You know what a great run as the players are likeable the front office is doing great job when they're available and the fan base is unified. How did the wrapped hand bit go over for Zynga rapture Hanley at times yes you were waving at people from the flowed out of that flag if you played pretty well I shot I felt really good about it yeah it was the last thing we talked about. On the air how we should we should mock LeBron with the state blue bandage and so I got some painter's tape that you put up when you paint your windows that was the pain doesn't get on your windows you trim. Thanks for the explanation look a lot of people didn't see it show until we do here. And it hit like this it might feel a little inside you bring the outside people into the flight took our blue route to an end during pauses in the trailer showing the crowd. Screaming out such things as I broke my hand I punched a black boy. And I was. Oftentimes like there isn't that sad to hear over and over. Other times I'll just point in my hand and then doing the in the imagine bring to try and and in doing it a punch punch punch you realize as you go through a ninety minute rate it might feel like you're doing the same thing that this is a new audience yet every three feet it's a new audience or you could very easily the same material I think that it probably forty times and I told the more I look at what point. One of the staff Mike your party attire this but it it is my guess again everyone on the trading on the float who's dealing with this just understand that this is a new audience and a few feet its new people in Beirut. Yeah he's got it and only weeks five cents and are over here even the balloon to pop the balloons they didn't get to get JFK 813 cents to. Arm. Poplar that's an artist. While four out of war yet because only the four balloons that pop in Oakland yesterday who has been in an advertisement pop and acting that scared because I think and you know he. Heart that was I'd love sitting next holes. The top yearlong everytime you pop the of course I would see you are next to me screaming and popping balloons. What the human being would jump and no go ahead up when Ray Lewis at full speed but god forbid a balloon pop near didn't know with a balloon and a coach. I guess we're in Oakland coaches you know who. Okay now at. On. A bad rap you're wrong comments like that. Although it was a beautiful place yesterday of course he's able what you know ramps and even more which he fired guns in there it's not a big deal what are you guys actually just walk around the streets the were more firing guns in the air how you shall fourth of July and I don't wayward and that this guy is still of gunfire. Seriously people I'd like really for the July. You know army firecracker Sony's launch seven equipment guys didn't didn't know. Okay you know we're with Hillary go as we should have I was getting easy transition makes a what you're saying how to build everything yes sealing everything up. Now let's terror everything out. So I Zaza David West JaVale McGee on recast me c'mon loony all headed for free agency. Yesterday. I believe and even before that we had Steve Curwood Zach Lowe. Our exact look you don't know who he is he might be the best basketball writer on the plane. The dude knows the game in and out he has a tremendous podcast called low post. And he gets great gas case in point Steve Kerr joined recently to talk about the roster at what's gonna happen next season take us. We're gonna have to be creative I think we'll have a younger roster Q you know we a lot of that this year I think you'll see more youth and energy. To help us get through all that I think there'll be. Maybe a different. Sort of responsibility. From our our top six guys you know although the four all stars put Condrey and Sean that's a Korver team and then we may have a couple of other vets returning but we may not we don't know it's it's going to be there's going to be a lot of roster change which I think will help because young guys trying to. Fight for everything in their careers generally bring a lot of energy and that's that could be very important force. They bring a lot of energy they don't bring a lot of Hennessey did anyone see Jordan bell run out of Tennessee. Actually you've been in a pre before stacked the thing with Tennessee now shout out the great people of Oakland. Logistics and hope I get better people vocal who brought him more Hennessey did so much until mean your point a to do him as he was trying to get me to give us some bomb old towns and I appreciate you I was quite and everything I was so powered drunk at the front of that trade yesterday. There are moments resident myself this girl for you did and Uga grad to be elected or not just protect it. I feel like Kate Winslet the front of the Titanic EU that's in my Netflix goo that no holding nearly instantly reminds us Ari why are we worried and we had a couple bits back and forth. This guy everywhere we cheer than you try to bring the rubbing up and then they get up is is a whole thing I loved to ease into this absolutely exists. He was just in not used to seeing. We were you given the power John group artist you appoint and everyone and it was I. I'm glad. This would be my guess the only thing isn't it doesn't end the owner hasn't really better days in your life you with this is not the pinnacle someone posted a photo on Twitter or bust and an end narron you know we're all kind of look at the distance and you see lo wood is index finger out points somebody out I got citizenship. I didn't look to you could do. This is the which you do privileged week once a week we bring it now brown I don't know we'll get is that a bad many people to show up but we try. And you know like there'd be IT on the side. You know Bibby on the six and I had an uneven and it's slowed with just a recording of I'm Stephen I heard over and over and let's turn it over to wireless cards yesterday's breaks the voice of your Golden State Warriors Timberlake joining us here on 95 cent in the game Tim. Yesterday it was definitely a magical experience you have the best possible advice when we spoke before that things started you said. Just be ready for when that. Parade. When that float makes the first turn and you see all those people. And drink it in I. I eat. I listen to what you said I focused on that and when it happened I I couldn't believe what I was watching it was unbelievable there's confetti. Falling from the sky there are people hanging out of windows off balconies. That was it remarkable experience what you think yesterday's parade. You know it's it's it's. Did just as good as the other two I mean just as an amazing. Fan base week out and just to look out salespeople. And to see the joy on their faces is it's just it's the ticket right there just that to get out I have every year because. Those people are so so I'll loyal to the lawyers there. And they're so enthusiastic about it and just Corey watching almost people have so much fun did you think the format. Actually worked better for the people where there was no end of parade celebration where people could congregate instead it. The players kind of got out and mingled and a higher level do you think that that was an upgrade or just something complete different. Well I think it's it's. It's it's it's did a good way of doing it because of this point Gelb last year. It and Alice on the 957. Full last year and we got done and how slow the MC's. For the rally. The hand but to but but we were done early you know we were we got through the parade pretty quickly and we were but the front of the parade and so I think what they didn't what was to have people sitting out the year you know for an hour and a half of the silent waiting you know for something happened I think they want to find a better way. So people could enjoy kids committed. You know interact with the with the players in. And have a good time in so I think. Yelled that part of it I think they did did really well and I think the fans love it when those guys go off the bus that's what you heard the huge roars. You know when I was behind TDs. Bust by few cars it and every time he got off the bus you could just hear it it was just you know roar going up the crowd so I think they really enjoy that part of it. No questions and who remains in. Tim you've been here for well in this market. How the public how the picture this Childress to I saw. Given the tibia but only again as I do get mold that you were busy you were busy Tim I'm never too busy freedom you know he'll demand so I was like yes give me that little look unique this. Donna does like me let's get it do you picture doesn't do it justice and it was more like a photo shoot. The outlook. I'm Taylor. Opera I don't know about now or do this for it into the gives aggregate legged. After examining and oh did too long while that could happen any move all the legal. I'm ready and take your shot. Oh he did here in this market pro while being so it was good the way I enjoyed my pitchers that I gotta stay and you know state. Active even ever awhile you've seen on the good the bad and the ugly when you watch his teams and times is kind of surreal to see with this team has been able to accomplish. It it's in yet it does cereals to give word it's it's it's very you just look around my goodness you know illegal don't just. Cool look at the last four years and look at their records regular season and post season and just take that it. It's remarkable. You know there hasn't been any media blow up in terms of you know team. Say no we're not gonna do this we're gonna have you know break this thing up and tried to. Try to save some money don't they dished it just keeps moving in and it's it's it again I keep seeing it all the time it's a remarkable run and am. Hopefully it doesn't end for another couple years because it's it's just too much fun. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors joining Jolo Indians here on 95 cent in the game are let's get into a little bit of business that the teams can immediately went. Over the next few weeks opt in terms of free agency slightly Zaza David West JaVale McGee on recast me c'mon looney. All headed for the open market. Do you see the team finding a way in which they can bring any of those guys back main reason I ask those six players added up to just sixteen point six billion. Of the payroll last year so they were already unbelievably cheap. Yeah I I think there's a bit they'll be heard a different roster next year I think they need to go into a little bit of a different direction that got to keep. It would core four is is what it's all about basically aunt aunt so. They do have some younger players in the contract did you have a couple of veterans of the contract so. A but I I think they're probably gonna go a little bit different direction I think they needed to fight the shooter coming off the bench. You know much like what they have their first couple years they had either Barbosa or most states to come off the bench may be lighted up for a little bit. But and I also think we saw something this year. That. And I'm just curious to see how it's gonna play out bad. I think you early in the year win. Jordan they'll start to play. You know what what do we know honestly no honestly becomes he brings this energy you know. And to me I think. I think that's what this team will need to get through the regular season is youthful energy and I think it showed last year that that. That this the veterans on the team you know who were better reading the calendars in the young guys who were trying to prove themselves. I think new you know what was going on December January and so. So I am I just think we may see a bigger roles for younger players you know may be more for pat a call or for Jordan bell. You know if they add another younger player this year either a free agent or. A draft pick. You know something like that to give them that little blue will boost to get through the regular season so I I do think we'll see it a different roster. Next year not only because of you know financial reasons but also because of this just did you know he he's. I think it did does need a little bit of it a tweak I think it Neitzel bit of it to be killing younger. And younger and more energetic particularly early in the season Tim Ryan and I 570 game Quinn cook is kind of the prototypical player they be looking for somebody come in a on that to a deal and eventually earned his spot. On the big club does he ever I shot do you think it too good to get step up and get deeper in the rotation this upcoming year. Sure sure yes he's you know he's under contract so he's no longer to a guy. Bomb so he has a contract for next year and so yeah I think he's got a chance to get some minutes I think he's going to have to find. You go away. To stay on the floor. Defensively. I think that's one thing he needs to I think if he can do that by being. You know diving to put some pressure on the ball and you know kind of make the point guard you'll work a lot harder than what he wants to do. And I think that that could be something he could do next year kind of get himself some more minutes. And but yet he could shoot he knows that the system now a ya I think he's got a chance to have to play some play some more minutes am also. In doing so he takes some pressure off of Shaun Livingston. It did appear to benefit to him had owned for men and here and to compare and contrast to film and he. In looney wow how would you compare those two went in and ultimately who's a guy you bring back. Between Lillian who. McGee GE. Led policy that that that's that's a tough one that's a real tough one because they both give you something different and again I you know. Yet I'm not speaking out of turn here but they're both free agents so they really also depends what the markets compare. You know you may not have a choice with the either want to you know there's a chance either one book that both guys to go and get some. Somalia at the warriors simply can't pay some or else so. I think that. That decision I think will be determined by the market. Not not necessarily who you like a little bit better I think both of those guys will. We'll test the waters it they should yelled at the EPO you know that's that's it's a short window sure they operated. So if they got chastity to you know take care of their families then I think they have to do it. How do you see this scenario with Kevin Durant playing out do you think during its gonna lean short term maybe give himself an option to get back out there on the open market a couple of years may be a wanted one or is this the moment Marie says look. I'm gonna be thirty I've battled some injuries in my past its time to cash in on the fully guaranteed deal this is where I wanna be forever any lien as to which way he may be thinking. I don't I really you know I don't I don't talk to guys about their deals are they like outsider I have no clue as to what he's thinking about. The one thing I do ability he loves. Being in the situation in the having a chance to win and he he loves that he's part of this it. He's been able to shine on the NBA's biggest stage two years Cairo and I think he loves that because I think it it gives him that that. You know like yeah this is this is why I have to all the hard work you know it's funny. Walking into. Practice before game four and misses way before the rest of the teams there and whose agent Katie he's there to get shots. You know he'd be puts it so much work that's why he's so efficient so I I think he loves. He loves this situation right now that he's there and I think that I think he'll do whatever. Is is is good for this situation right now and also like but I think you know obviously I think he's gonna leave himself or. Again another window for him to to get that one you know Max deal before he leaves. Tim Roy the voice of the Golden State Warriors joining Jolo Indians here on 95. Seven the game did it was awesome seeing out there yesterday it's been great talking with the all year I'm sure you're headed on some much needed R&R so. I'm not sure the next time we'll get a chance to speak but we do look forward to it and thanks for everything this year why look forward to you guys extensive extensive coverage of us some relief. That's no joke we're trying to get them to send this to las veg out of their last thought and it was incredible I broke down in the pru like fashion every. Dribble from Patrick macaw in there eco. Pedal I think I do think that I think the guys need to be with the lawyers in Vegas and so all I I get it wasn't about covering the warriors earning an analysis can go to games yet they're going to actually play. Guys you have to learn how to sell this stuff guys plus if I could wish I was there are organs drop Santana wow like Diana and I don't look into a lot of awesome awesome did you guys this is so much fun I have so much for the guys each week and I appreciate you guys put them put me. It's just it adds something I look forward to each week. We could not have pushed dubbed country to the next level that you tend to play the controlled thank you so much. It was that it was a good day to get name I think its stock again that is a significant feedback off that from your fans so there's billions of mouth there. It I got today yesterday you know. You just on their time street is that car would stop slip up on. Too crazy. Our Zain. Would hang him from the windows. Idol and an appointee do you get do you do you mess around a little bit we do like the English waved it may be a point. In every few feet you're changing it up a little bit because it's like a ninety minute run through just 400001. Million smiling face value on you gotta change it up yet obviously yet you know spouse talking with people would stop it and you say I asked about the side of my favorite though is via. The sign that at via. JR Smith high fives stations. I don't. So it's a good stub is always have Barrett a bottle talkies at the they're growing. Yet you know my best he lays that you got to change that we can't just play go I sing yeah yeah change a little bit more a new home and and you know. And get mad at come to tennis the pet detest you know Google. Just pop a couple times you doubt it on flow. Notice I yeah I reflect on two legs are having your dance really there's a flex we blue pants off. Some like some of the ladies would days CME Starr do his little wiggle wiggle wiggle and our. Yet it has already dynamic between Rio vs female he's just sentence she Ali begins please point out he's flexible telling. In the eighties he's got this little light gags too yeah it if it's your year you are a smooth. Do you work out and it didn't. He. As well as anybody if you have ordered to get in the politics did a good job working at ground to you've got to admit it. He runs did you. The the fate cast on my god he was on Arnold. These. And when they start doing until you missed it in the N a serves and he stood on that LeBron do any sort won't sweep he starts on sweep it all said. He had the crowd yelling sweep in the and he was on the lights out. Shaken and twisted as it would do it he'll go really has up until now you get in that mode you don't even know what you're yeah. Right at you drop a power right plow among other things we had to get out of the list of a doubt that he. We pulled out Aniston is we turned onto the main drag yes all those people it was just like. You where I was adamant in need. A more beer it's an adrenaline surge you can a guy to ask for I was like this is going to be ninety minutes I'm not gonna be able to get off these databases I got to be Smart but I didn't calculate the sun. I knew the sun was gonna cook media hydrate me so I should have added a couple of Beers and then based in order to go to the bathroom when you're outside cook and all that back. So I. Folk like a young guy about it there was a point where I mean I like pounded through the second when I get below the third of my. Look we've all right and it's about what it was like seven it's. Like god pace yourself. I mean we get it before we got on the plane and then it was just like our. First arrives drunk with power he doesn't know when he jumped about a roof and ambassador here and you start getting the crowd they stumbled I said would you look ridiculous it was two miles yeah it was way too much daddy's. Got. Well I've ever if there's ever been unnatural high. You grown but I was also not naturally op so it's about ballots and figure out how much is affecting you when you cover that you see all those people. And they're all smiling at time understanding why they using. You know you're facing portal I went into the front did you. I was get a DK included Titanic on guys but did you once did you look back at CD is when it's our honestly did you see him shaking passed us. He had to get bids because the competitor out there is out of the competitor is tucked away often. The float they're under so I walked just cramped and added I think they were broadcast rubbed port a potty I have not. I just got hot I mean ratings come out in their T station that are in the port body in the theirs is better and it would get it there. So we saw that I had to immediately called the heads up yes came up that we did some good natured ribbing because that's what rivals do politics and personal you know it's a moment there is even the thought he got a shot at the poor bodies they play you know I'm a little bit of a blank spot you'll put yeah you know. Know that he did listen to him. Don't mind but it was so good you did so much that he found only to this they they took their. I'm all right Jack knew it was right next to me and eventually it's like okay. I'm an associate with summit this but I'm not going to get better be it maintains what it's not gonna get better you only go out and what she told them did they Eric. He's pushing people. You didn't do well I think I think you. I'd Kinkos and god not not new you're gonna cut elbow and that I had it in their way. It happens everyone knows up there it's gonna be it's gonna be somewhat of a free for which brings me that's the 510. I shut the five and on the patios at dot come tech site Damon Bruce gave you guys shut up for knowing how to party yesterday obviously if there's 1 thing the morning show knows Ted. Everyone's really Iraq try to get on the float morning shows tucked away in some and corner I'm now doing things that may be suspicious Beers is still everywhere I grew scientists in a doorway. Three of us in a dorm Illinois if I shake your body is driven into the mess that they got yesterday does it end the nets. Yeah I was given that Atlanta T shirt air. Accidents and bestseller three heads or perhaps are three just fingers point out and everyone are Tom's now had much. Towards god punk thing that's important SARS. Are whole under sang. I'm just saying its original content original content. So fast not knock out. Cops are at one veteran he had one of the best moments now we didn't see this as we were too busy pretending like we were the star attraction. Let's be honest we might not have to. But it's. But Dray mind green yesterday stopped by one of the NBC sports Bay Area senate's shut Kelly Johnson ink and coats. That would buy them. Yeah point them out codes that are doing his thing yes that goes straight but as we worked our way towards the end we came to the stand that head to Atlanta who was conspicuously absent wasn't there to shout us out. But miss the fat was up next we're talking that dream on eventually joined them they talked about Tristan Thompson was in this take. Take a listen which is now redundant. Obama didn't call and that's a real. Oh that is stressed because it wanted to do the need dismayed and they've listed. Tell me yeah get everything they don't know my partner and it really doesn't it. I've app app. At what this is sassy because it comes on the heels of that video that surfaced yesterday and social media. End of game four. Now the bronze article on back to the locker room players have been celebrating but a lot of guys from both teams come together they do sort of a makeshift handshake line good series great to see you played hard. You know seat next season seem kink to whatever it may be yeah. The video starts. Withdrew a migraine and he's hugging Kevin Love hug and they're talking to each other out you would expect after game and it Hollister mine green and the next players Tristan Thompson. And it looks like Justin's gonna try to say subtitle maybe not a full on hug embrace it didn't feel he was trying to start in. And train on just looks at it and says quote it's up here this. I don't expletive with you. And to use the word mess that's up or you don't mess with and that he just move on the next guy and Thompson kinda gives and his look at this belief. Was not that yesterday's out there call interest in Thompson out sane soft. Whether or not it's good for the NBA I mean like the rivalry I'm not sure of it sets a bad eggs best example I know some people wanna get into that but. I mean it's all between those two is absolutely on I was very month with this one I'm with him for a couple reasonable the main reason is. Game one. Is win it Susan Thompson when he gets kicked out when he gets run. He said Kamal Mimi outside in East Point mrs. national TV Sam lets go outside and do all this and he's in the heat of moment. So you know now making a mockery now you call me I'll do all right so that's why you heard drama cement and go meet the guy and a bus I want my money Obama money boss. He's putting won't pay LaMont. And then afterwards so cute until it got. You could call guy's name just a formal court do certain things but do when you are in for and everybody come inside come unlike. He's in and he seemed remind can't cope because of course you can't help but it looks as if B insult. Sort of like note it's so after the game though it's over igniting interest in trying to wait because he's hugging K he's having he's hug and Kevin. If I'm up there hugging it out they're doing this thinks what's couples you know fifteen point second them talking back to port which Christians waiting. You gain weight or do did you do is sit two four games earlier come Mimi hasek c'mon let's go. UK. That's a fake got. I can't tell a guy come on man. Let's go out here in this dude is at a point nanny did get in his faith and walking out beckoning the whole time and then three games later I wanna hug you. That's like that's my dream I was like man. I came message from the same cloth do give me on that now people could go to hug me that's just what why OK I got you gentleman not. Inky the bush and no such thing as happily truck you know what I'm saying and I don't think tough guy. Okay that that's enlightening perspective right there I figured it's all it's like boxing right. In the buildup to a fight there's all this trash solidly really awful things that are said to try to generate more paper view buys I admitted in a fight the guys hugged each other it's great fight man you're tremendous warrior tremendous competitor. And then I'll move on but. You kind of expect something like that here but not ML inhabit it all tense and I just to be somewhat fascinating that that video finally surface. Yeah it is incredible and haven't addressed again yesterday and don't sleep on Kelenna Azubuike is roll up in the clip and I hope we can play just yes please any few parts of it but Kelenna. Is key to know mr. fab is conducting the interview Clinton with a great a couple of great. Throw in here. We have a. In another article about this is what it would a masterpiece out legal decision which. Incredible. Regrettable is that it's so incredible that our crack staff they leave no stone unturned. Who. Yeah. Now one analyst who. Do not three OK so if you're just joining us and heard the book he master. TI from this morning. Chicken little girls. You can have whatever you do and you could have whatever you like a you can have whatever you'd lied. You can have whatever you like. Ironically mass chaos. Yeah how life got so. 595795. Low slash TI Collette a slash masterpiece which when he's siding with us always TI you could have whatever you do and it. War. I can play at the next hour and yeah finally caught him are pretty good and it could pullback but I'm not that we. Take our breaks and whatever we do our thing and occasional dug by hand and there in those two knuckle hazard disk are racking up and they let me in on now all the work they may do a nice guy Stephen. And Tony to produce yourself. Shadow the boy's cause us to put an X through Paris nice guy Stephen Curry producer did you skip over millions and again. I. I'm Matt. What are you going this. Well. They you. Of Johnson's distaste. Sorry about that now is at least as it yeah you're darn right I am severance mistakes. All right breather but last dives that people can vote while we're gonna put up on the Twitter poll that is too funny. What was the better remakes low TI. Collette a masterpiece. All right so the zevil brawl set back there it'd be OTI. No oh sure there are extremely fit yours. You could have whatever you'd. You can have whatever you like yeah. You could have whatever you do. You can have whatever you guys. You go to the.