Hour 3 - Greg Papa Show - Larry Riley, Ron Borges duped, Truth Machine, Caboose Pistol

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, February 9th

Papa & Bonta are joined by Larry Riley, discuss Ron Borges being duped by 'fake Don Yee', and Friday staple Truth Machine, and the kooky Caboose.



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Listen to notify somebody gave KG MC FM and HT want severance and spoke a sketch of what the man contracted Stefan curry and clay Thompson that's right that's Larry Riley the joint air to delight. Our hero and I'm 57 game. Do you live from San Francisco on these are great accomplish shell out on the Bay Area sports station. 957. Big game. We all look at our track record and understand the drafting is really imperfect but we all wanna hang on to which I think if you get it right he's got a great mind green you grab a certain guys get paid off. Usually get financially so we all. At a collective group are holding out the hope that with our pick first round tegra that we're gonna grab a young player on a good contract I think that's. Stifled movement. President of basketball operations in GM Bob Myers sells and talking about drafting and the man responsible for drafting. Stefan curry Klay Thompson Larry Riley former GM of the Golden State Warriors joins us here on the afternoon like it after malaria you don't. I'm doing good and I hope you got artsy but cute been a busy day and a happier. Oh absolutely. Now we're always crazy Jim throughout the luggage introduced in the warriors are Rowland Larry so just before we get into. Everything in what you see in the league just. Can catch me up on what you're doing now I do not yet and that around other warriors for a couple of years. So what do you do now and how how often do you watch this great basketball team that you were largely responsible for assembling. Actually I'm retired. I'm in Chandler Arizona and I watch a lot of basketball on TV and I get to a game occasionally and I'm hoping to get out to the Bay Area NC. A couple more games were poor play or start I do watch the warriors are irregular abrasion so I don't watch them every time they acquire eight. But I watched some of them are pretty much see what's going on what they are men and also enough to keep up for the rest of the week. So what are you seeing. Let me start where. Are the warriors is good this year. Larry as they were last year or do they have the hunger and the energy and the edge. They played with last year I think we all thought including Steve Perry a second year back with this group and to rant. In particular they would play better but the results have not been there is this team as good as it was last year. Short answer is no. And you have to look for reasons why that network could be your next question how. Will they be as good in the playoffs one that starched we all hopes so and we know that that's possible break. When the scene and started. I think we would all agree that everybody can do what are your sources we are taught Traber and they were they can OK can't wait till the Bible's. Pregnant change and erratic. Houston's the real deal I don't think there's any doubt about that. Oklahoma City on occasion can cause major problems as they show the other night. And it never can count out San Antonio I think they won't get better through February and march. And that it's going to Europe via struggle. To get out of the west and obviously when you win a championship you've Ted Turner there's there's never been somebody who got a championship could did learn that. The cheers seemed. I think I saw something near the very worst seat of course talking about two focus. And I would give Charlie Adams is talking a lot about defense. And I don't know what to attribute those sanctions are not I do believe that it's very hard to keep the pedal to the metal. For a period of 23 or four years and I'm hopeful it's just a little bit of a lull and that the focus shall come back after a needed all star part. Larry we're real little surprise that the lawyers and go out and maybe try to bolster a bit and shore if you are the go to state lawyers deeds a stand pat knowing that the NBA's trying to catch up to you units in okay see Oklahoma City you mentioned Houston Minnesota is common longer do you think the lawyers did that add an extra piece here is secure they'll help not only home court advantage which our secure another trip to the NBA finals. Are really don't everyone's in shock that they did not talk they would identify their strengths and weaknesses. And what I saw in what looked like a market that would be. I think he areas that saved might have been evaluated where they keep you should vote could look what are awesome so much that but it wasn't worse it. You wouldn't talk about my first about that because while I talk to Bob our head but at those try to conversation sort of but I wasn't surprised they did not make a move out they can't say gain the focus should get a little better defensively. Facilitating the pretext. And I I think that if you work your Ed major trait you might have had to trade or near talk. What eight or nine employer or what you would call your main rotation players and I wouldn't want a matchup. So I don't think you were getting going for the people who below that without playing here a huge price so I wasn't shocked at all. Larry Riley longtime NBA scout work with Don Nelson is that change general manager and was in their place until about Myers took over and shall around the warriors are known to retirement and Chandler Arizona the last couple a years joining us here. I think yes and like with pop and Dante and 95 cent in the game this this buyout market is kind of a new thing. Any NBA were what what was its is just as big of a piece of the whole roster building. Net and it now though when you were involved and how does this work now us another deadline is fast and there's going to be a lot of good players that are on bad teams have big contracts like. Maybe Joseph judge Hughes got traded to Sacramento and you know he wants to get bought out how does that work in and out of the warriors communicate that if you are bought out you come here how does this whole buyout markets and work there. Get it looks got what hampering their course and our. It's very difficult that theory is that your personal coach led wire will be fought out and then new bit forward it greed and I might be put on waiver Somalia Kuwait formed a clear waivers or shut architecture. But. I think from time to time people have casual conversations. I had so little bit well known as to as centrists. Particularly on the part of the player and the agent usually keep our eye out. In other words if you want a buyout okay where might go. And the Soviet agent stand to try to feel a little strange out try to suck at table for what they may be coming down the road to future. I don't remember that day Greg you know so when you have to be our active roster to be old ball for the playoffs but that's some time off for future social work. Yeah I think the date is you have to be bought out by march the first there is no. Process with the previous team has to be completed by march the first is that the way you understand it. And that's sounds correct to me and I do that so I you know I haven't had you worked so kind of bench for a couple years. And some boost they are changed for example we all star game. Is. Just sooner this year and of course could trade deadline would sooner than now than what it had been in the past. Yeah they moved up two weeks clearly at least get your thoughts on and you should she do watch the entire league inaction story here's what Colby Altman the young. General manager and Cleveland dead. And certainly as far as the players that that left Isiah Thomas Channing Frye joined wade Derrick Rose. Jae Crowder mod Shumpert compared to the players he brought in. I think he got younger more athletic better players Jordan Clarkson Larry Nance junior Rodney hood and George Hill come to Cleveland but. SE GM is there any worry. About changing your roster this dramatically. Where your ear making three different trades. You're bringing in four new pieces they're going to be part of it do they have time. To come together as a group and play well enough to be a factor in the postseason. They care or what things pretty much accurately assessed and then the question is okay does this decision work. Our from the outside looking end and our I think it's who I never tried to out the original wager but never seen all of which working because it's you have trouble. But you have to have the evil or what the other teams are trying to accomplish. And it looks to me from the outside that things were broken in Cleveland there was a lot of disarray. All in all support. And when I actually off the court I'm only talking about in our career spanned. You know. There opinion looks like it was a pay this thing is I got to get better. Bad it has not gonna get better we can't do any worse. So therefore if we change out to a bunch of players. Aren't possible over your locker room gets better. They didn't have time to right the ship. Yet that because the players that they acquire. Have got an up NBA experience that they know what to deal let's. And if you're going into Cleveland right now supplier who was just treated for. The first thing you wanna do is okay and assess the lay of the land at the equation conceived you contribute. And you know I'd I would say. That there's a chance that those guys can do that. Did they require overwhelming talent who know they didn't they probably improved or shooting a little bit probably did not recruiter he stretched. And that's one of the areas where they didn't criticize and write code shuttle. So the question is now commit port together can they talk to each other about the treads can the coaches get too though can they improve on the defensive end. That will have a little more co receive our career. And quite candidly. It's a bold move but I would tend to agree with what they've done a 100% white ash. I just didn't see it getting any better. And I don't know Isiah Thomas his. Is the source of the problem he took a lot of heat terror but Isiah Thomas did pretty well in Sacramento they did pretty well in Phoenix actually. Did what when Boston. So I wish him the best I hope he gets a little literally kill operation. Because you know you don't RC bad thanks credit card but I also don't know what is they'll say it is you know that's stood next question there. But as far as Cleveland I don't blame them at all I think they Tucker shock and that was her pressure not to get better. And you know that there's nowhere nowhere else strong greenish. Yeah and I think they're all this is all just gone crazy in the NBA because of the way the rosters she the weather one roster with the warriors even elevate that such a level and at. You should look at this team and great pride Larry don't get enough credit around here but I know that. They you know the way it went down Don Nelson took all Abbas towards review the GM attracted a good draft its staff could even more so I remember you walking and add media room that night. And slammed the table and said at the a lot of these three and a half games out of the eighth spot we're stuck in the middle of and he knew had he you had the the balls to go ahead make a trade for Monta. And the owner got booed so you have to look at this whole deal privately when you're away from the team and really be tried to live earth. Wolf thank you and I'm surprised no shouldn't be surprised your own golf bags that the moment that I had I had never forgotten that. But obviously our member walking and playing bad guys are I don't they got but Austin. But at same time. I you know Iraq obviously getting sample is step number one and well before that step number one was getting rid of some of the contracts we had an you know positioning ourselves then we got fortunate break. Where we were able to draft him. Because of some of the things that took place and then as time went on we drafted clay counselor and and then again the senate to table and then there are the next Ramos and all honesty to acquire Sadr and Edgar Bo Derek and I knew that wasn't gonna go Bloomberg welcomed Monta it was so popular. But I I really I don't know. Sometimes people's like general Rangers don't tell the truth that is or catch her and told the truth just because there is Lula. We'll wanna play for the eight spot in the end were already behind the eight ball bat. And let's let's see if we can't get something going on here that's cost stabilizing going to lack a sense. I'm going to be interesting to watch clippers this summer because. Everybody thought that that might trade beyond bird Jordan they of course start re shied Lou Williams and a court date Yugoslav war. Basically is the same thing I was talking about you wanna play pretty spot or are you gonna move things around at maybe. Change some people. And then not try to get better and see if you can advance in the quite a stack. Getting into the meat placed seem okay it's wonderful to get into. And you know Jerry West is that if you can equity salons is incredible. Larry it's so good to hear your voice I know you don't come this way often though when did you place that play serve reach out to be loved having had radio and TV again especially the post season. I'm looking forward to that I've always enjoyed it. And I wish you guys a desk you. Larry there Larry Riley rarely rarely. Responsible for drafting stuff curry Klay Thompson a big movie trade Monta Ellis to Milwaukee for Andrew Bogut talked in the journalism business it's hard to trust what you hear these days we'll discuss right here in many parts of it again. Now Greg accomplish all on 957. Big game. Can get a chance to see I was sure those every contact with the rubble after his win yesterday. You know I didn't see anything. And it is I was afraid it's another one I was you know happy for a very. That is Tom Brady earlier this year last year on WEEI win. Couple holes ask Tom Brady if you watched Jimmy grapple play for the 49ers he said no I think he's sitting but this leads us to look. A very sad report here puppet girlfriend. Ron Borges was speech correct. In the story here he's been duped falsifying records here fantasia Ron Borges. That Brady was going to skid OTA's. If you think your pay like Jimmy garage below. All foul straight there's a young man named nick. A fan who text from gorgeous and Ron Borges was stupid and made the cover of the Boston Herald another investigative so. Hope we are good for a while boards is does it get suspended for this dubious report here prop this is this is embarrassing for a good for Iran. Well he's already been suspended and he's Torre that is going to be fired up and talking normal morning and this is this is really huge story. And the Boston Herald and again it's more of a tabloid type paper. Like the in other New York Post and the daily notion new York and it was shown me the money. But Tom Brady next jordin Borges with Jimmy G deal John Brady wants to get paid. And the whole thing was face down. What rod thought it was he was talking to Don he. That Tom Brady communicated that unless the upfront money was improved he was back and intent and the organized team activities and that how does this happen his life is my question. So basically. And I wish we had the audio from any guy what we got us out of your pocket Neely amateur here as listener next this is a certain nick from Bobbi and nick for Boston. Somebody tweet your. Palm sources a number. And I just I felt good performer even describe your typical failed war you. And he does whenever performers are still Borges bottom line and sinker or hit his opponent are. Hopefully all the at all only a handful of americorps. All the traffic all mutual confidence and demand their rights fully developed liquid that is true and what is Ullman who don't are gone yeah. I commentary earlier there are an equitable I ought to resign he. The F. I therapy that would hurt second on the problem of food or not so good news is yesterday. Triple dip last sloganeering that. He's had a Ford could go pick them slashed my outlook. Whole match funny as I honestly I honestly wonder if there's a criminal case that they herald Enron could make against nick from Boston. For what he did here and it's not funny. So basically he said he got two run gorgeous is number off Twitter so I called it and it was in fact Brown's phone number. And he fraudulently laid this out. So we had Iran and I've known Ron for a long long time were to New York still contribute for years left to go to the Boston Globe we had a problem with a plagiarism. Accusation I think you know seven any Rwanda resurfacing with a Harold it was very close to Al Davis we had him on the show. But a month ago he sent me a book on Upton bell great book actually history lesson in the NFL this guy's won the hall of fame voters he was in the Roma. Where it happened the other night and this Saturday when they voted CEO and moss NEC is that well respected. In the NFL and as of this morning. And I was communicating whether he thought he was going to be fired. The shareholders suspending him and so they review this and fully he just said mean other communication. Hanging in the best I can I feel like the Hawaii and linebacker. From Notre Dame so is talking about an anti tea out. And the whole cat fishing deal. So this just brings out. Several. Concerns of mine are where we are as a media. By Janus like we run with anything bright pop I mean interject one actually journals and when aisles and school and thousand journals and clouds as it was always cite your sources make sure all out of the national multiple sources and are ready. Our mobile coverage high school sports and I would get reports about certain things and I just wouldn't run with that hello cells are unsure percent sure your social little for me looking at Ron Borges who is a well respect the right I'll look up to lump or just he's a hall of Famer in my book. It's just an active duty didn't like this Atlanta could well bad that's bad you know. Yeah of course it is and we don't usually know John he so we don't just you know but yes your phone I understand what you're saying. But I think Iran is from the old school there grew up a what you're talking about sites resources Cronkite would not put an inning and the CBS evening news. Until there were multiple so we were trained at a Syracuse. And but that I think the culture has changed. In and in where we live. Today and the world we live and that's why there's so much Mitch misinformation. Constantly. Marshawn Lynch blows off John gruden now we didn't actually applaud John Rooney went down and they are twice recently. Why does that get out there why is a guy. They kitchen number off Twitter have access to run gorgeous to be able to communicate with Manning can commit I think this is a crime. Run run may lose his job but really it speaks to. Ron's boss is and the whole culture. Of our media today is to over react I actually had a boss tell me. He's no longer a boss she got we got let go while it all the mob boss of mine for a long long time. Who actually told me Dante. That it was better to be first. Then to be accurate color and second thought I looked him in the guy and I should not in the world you live in because no one knows who the hell you are. They know who I am. And if I say things that are false they'll never be able to trust me again credibility credibility that's not the world I I get so upset if I say anything. That is wrong. Neither in the flood of information of a game and I just say something. Just you know marginally incorrect it bothers me. And that's the way the media has to attack things but the world we live and now it doesn't matter it's like the president. He says things routinely. That are factually. Incorrect. If they have a list of them third. Thousands up. So that's the culture we live it now about to say where it does it matter. If you're a writer wrong but if you're wrong and you get caught like for Ron Borges. Now it matters oh yeah there's alarm anti tea well you're you're a laughingstock. Of the entire sports world. Today so I just don't know all. With a world we live in right now Vontae there's just no credibility anymore yet it's because we all it's great that we all communicate with each other instantaneously. It's also good here's just a flood of misinformation and this guy nick they have the money EI and a laughing matter flouting house that's funny. I honestly could you be brought up plant and animal criminal charge. But Hulu allows someone. To misrepresent who they are and I story of this kind of magnitude and in this like catfish I. I just surprise Iran becomes a surprise or why didn't follow would darn these people say hold on when the email them and make sure this is that we're felt I had access to get a he has not done yet he doesn't know media ran with that might decide issues like it's a huge mistake here because I had editors as well Toby are you sure this is accurate are you sure this is accurate and if I can't get them clarity on this stuff were not running game but there is editors are haters out there talk that I had to deal with. That says hey it's not about the I don't like this headline we need click date when he could say we need people click on this and story could be nothing but fluff but it's all about click what does that mean flood anything this is an empty empty story but you get people close I think. I've got margin the more she's put the headline after Mickey click on and it's sort of like millionaire that's not accurate Shiancoe did not accurate but nonetheless should be just a non story some stuff is not -- do you like the rumor monger they'll they'll just blocked or just throw stuff out there it it's crazy had a game exchange and journalist Marchini chains could or coral Trinity College in wrote for paper zero for different people and it's just a philosophy of journalism now but I'm just I'm not gonna lie pub on little disappointed Iran I know he didn't try to sources dirty maybe. He also said he also said. Multiple. Multiple BSE that's especially actually you know that's because I think you know to where you taught yet to have at least two completely resources linked resources no unit. He's got wanted to fill hell what do I need more Stein he pitched Brady's agent. So I don't know. I did this and it's narrow hole and then is that the whole thing to say it is sad and people are gonna laugh out on the guy like nick I mean those clowns out there. Pop who who reach out to you in that there's people look I want what are you sending messages hey this is happening right now I'm just like this is clay court forty get this stuff that are so many fake web sites out there assault. Ron Borges hopefully he learned his lesson and hopefully he doesn't lose his job here because we're going to see people lose money outer pocket here but I'm I'm just a little disappointed nor what I've learned mistake he is going to be large extra money hire robberies and he's a hall of Famer here so hopefully dozens hall of fame bowl hopefully he does a nice job as a terrible month. I think that's often they'll buy his book ball we don't know if it's credible doubt we're rob worked so well for droughts like all of this Zell did lie here they're finally up and ally in action here how. Whole idea that well politics bit wild and it's it's been outlook vertical wind. We have to go to so whilst the truth was she here generalized do you miss you we could use of your daughter that we can use -- hopefully little polar heart towards his thoroughly investigated the golf although we did we got to ride out but they were all that our eleven out of divot fixer but it's your -- you do and I do you Adobe check out of five star service ready and exceptional offers our legacy discrete BMW dot com observe the road here we have ability bill bella Jack. Bill Belichick about Butler Chris Ballard Jiabao the Indianapolis Colts are though just bagels. Today's. Press conference when Jimmy Grupo here so let's. Let's go head start with the trooper she lets keep media drop it didn't appear pretty he would throw your card now. Mailman. It's true. The truth here. Let's get this party starter way rob port this America and we could do to your buddy William hopefully go back again Papa can output rob boards we elect a grace period a month Greece peer for around or just next cover up that amount like three bears the risk you're right. Let's start here will Bill Belichick his Bill Belichick on the knocking Butler situation model Butler no defense is snaps is Super Bowl 52 there's still thirty on why not a Butler didn't play. Doesn't look players out there in the game plan out there we don't even know. We always do. Everything changed it up a ton mumbled a very. But expect him to tell you could fix it tells us nothing go all the drive here. But the truth is she tells us the truth that's why we have to cheat sheet here that makes it he said here's a check. Buddy truth we shoot. What the hell are you all bitching about. Do you remember Kyle Arrington complaining about me benching him from Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl 49. No. Malcolm knows his whole acting career to Brandon Browner Ford chairman Paul Richardson. If the Seahawks hand the ball off to Marshal on you never hear of Malcolm's ass. And honestly as he really done anything that special since. I actually wanted to trade him before the season started. Truth is if you guys actually watched you wouldn't know that he is not that in good. But of course the real reason nine pence Tim was because I hate Robert Kraft for forcing me to trade my precious Jimmy away. I told their mother when I left the jets he'd better stay out of my way. And now they're pains he asked Tom switched on me to craft like a child. I did everything I could to sabotage the Super Bowl because all the hard work this whole season should be sacrificed to spy craft and Brady I was the one that ordered the code red and ordered Rex Burkhead running a great investment and it just so we can go to the Super Bowl with a Brian Hoyer. Is that what you want to hear Joseph for ten more to really believe that bill that would check adventure Malcolm there despite the owner here really believe that my thought process is that if you have that big of a problem with Malcolm Butler and you're not gonna play and why would you take a roster spot by sitting him. You want answers but they haven't title Dumont and absolutely you can handle the truth you improvement but I did their job to tour and I. If that's. I. And on through until basketball that's going to be Muller and trump when he gets an interim GM does and I can't really. You know what I think that was nick from Boston. Huh. I don't think that was Belichick is he said Paul Richardson Bo not well Richardson it was Jermaine incursions are very curses thrown picked off by Brandon Browner and tell you nick and angry and duped a (%expletive) rowing in Garden Show you. Lots and Dick hero and then this you know you'll be after an. I didn't really care that was not really Belichick's got Belichick you have got to watch sport involved there or chloroform balk he can conform ball and it sure. A vote on the bench at that despite the orders. Approval that is hilarious where we've come no conspiracy theories and Belichick are we move hots records valor not jail yet. Also you say you lost me that you do last yellow is broken leg that you're he did you ever think so. They're BAT's he's done this beautiful girlfriend too loose affiliation means a free agent Altria and often on the field absolutely Chris Ballard Jim mother Indianapolis Colts here's this press raptor the news came down at Josh McDaniels would not pick head and heart. And in Indianapolis. Solidly in the black and white world either you or any year now I didn't I didn't want the explanation. If you're in you're out it's not. It's not bad. Your inner out. 100% and around people make decisions people tell people know every day. They tell people know every day. And that's his prerogative and that's his choice and need he chose the path you chose not to be in an ample scope that's okay we'll move forward. The rivalry is back on. All the steam coming out and has all led the rivalries that god but a year couple years away from competing would do it could to do we look at your quarterback's shoulder writing you can beat him right. Still gray area here it's all black and white with the other wanted explanation. Chris Ballard a secure line here and we're gonna tell you the truth for sharing your many fights every game. Hello all he'd seamer say. Everything is ready for tomorrow's press conference. Yup I made sure we tweeted out the time of the press conference. I also spoke to all the new coach is hired and gave them suggestions of where to live. Yeah no turning back now. No I haven't spoken to Josh yet. It's luck coming tomorrow. Why not. When you say having your shoulder and PT did you mean like fully removed from a damn well let's not tell Josh. Oh that's Josh. Powell calling you back. John she Josh how is my new favorite head coach that would never disappoint me. Remember we are all counting on you. Once that. You were not coming up well that's okay we can do a teleconference. Notre back to. What about Skype. You don't want to come and all you're staying with the patriots you why are you out of your mind. IPhone we have an agreement. You shook my hand and say they'll probably be your coach how old was I supposed to take that. Damage Josh so with a week am I supposed to tell everyone I made all these sandwiches for the media. Everyone is going to laugh at me now. Fine. Stay in New England deflate our balls and wait for a job because you'll never hear that you're a punk ass kid. It. Hey mister Irsay just spoke to Josh. Well it seems we had a bit of a snag it. Hello I'm for mr. you know saying. The how hot shots you dig a little Joshua slash Josh she Joshua did not usually actually had admitted. It's a contract. You this guy you would do a delicate outlets reported late this. I'm the coach to achieve via Skype edit. Tell you biggest challenge is sort of press. Oh also zero fruit can they love that is which is altered it should have the truth but it. Look I intentionally like castle they do have a white castle at Indianapolis you know again what Abbas shake shack no. They cannot add to shake shack where they have what new York and I went to initiation pretty damn good compound. They're coming out here today or are they coming out here coming out today I guys you're done you're done and then you're done you overrated and broker. Doubt is highly overrated also argue with me there are pops yeah well I don't like Chris bell they're lying there are you any. Are you actually affects yeah. Air ally in a way life for forty minutes of the day hamburger out screw screw added it's overrated your Fries who still wait are your sponsor. The remind me in and out they're great they're great burger all I have an all time are moving on June or upload your letters press conference he just signed a five year 137 point five million dollar dear whose Jimmy garrote blow at today's presser. I mean I'm excited as I longtime come of this thing I think -- figure out pretty quickly gone and I'm very happy with. How got figured out and so I'm I'm excited who's next here. But I just don't know a lot of work to do so we're looking forward to a. What would you like to get their pot. He's lying already found lying about half comeback in New England is he I don't think you can upload mcdaniels is now you know I hope I had to. All bed together as a global agreement it signed that contract before the yes I did. I have a signature Petra colonel played a role he was where it. Does not go back and doesn't go look at the oh or five Jimmy G the first Arnold its executives are all doll to be deeper job easier although it's good. Thanks to John Lynch for talking the whole time. Now we know how Kevin Burkhardt feels. I think with the 137. Million dollar contract I could afford a springtime or anyone sitting up here for that matter. I want to thank the owner of the 49ers. Joseph do you work. Thanks for your families. Especially you know Chad. Especially you know judge. Judge judge. Once that. That's not his name. Damn I've been calling him just for months. Whatever I pretty much can do what I want now. Also want to thank my teammates. I don't know any of your names either but I'm sure I learned them in time. I'm glad to be the various media darling for seven months until I'm dead and you all turn on me. Find in Derek Karr knows what I'm talking about. But I can't believe my mentor Tom Brady is man dying make more money than him. At least that's what my agent Don you texted me cause I also let me many sexual text messages so not sure if that was done me a call well folks it's time forming to end this passer and hung up on with great pompous radio show. I know they've been promoting good one all day. Oh we all I just got a text from my agent Don 000 no time for puppet show do it again well former cohost who's so good looking. Oh yeah. That doesn't sound like John even okay. Sorry Popeye. I wish I could blow off all these interviews and head down Santana row. Oh well I don't you all eating out the palm of my hand now. Oh Tim McGraw hill's most television ought to know by I got. I don't know about it nothing about it out more got a little or no warning that I take it and big guys could sabotage you Michelle Jay-Z was not supposed to go by the afternoon delights and Austin is fake need nerves faded oh. The CEO of the niners chaired. Jab jab jab jab was a jam -- jail that if we can have value that it did would you want to thank the owner of the 49ers. Joseph do you work. Thank your families. Especially you know to. Especially you know judge judge judge. She again. Judge Joseph Addai did you did you that I just dead. Security at the end cities should all smiles that you procedural bystanders creek did W check out the five star service trading it's such an offer while lettuce industry. PW dot com Terre borrowed that idea lie here do we really have a sponsor or barges redeveloping. Airline you're just got Borges to stop Portis stakes nick did you settle does or did show here. Wait we really were supposed to get Jimmy G. What why how to motivate people that are pop we ought to move out of the couple's visit here to appreciate an avid backer I thought the show was it up though we're gonna have G Booth and tell. I'm forming to end this passer harp on with great pop us radio show. I know they've been promoting they've won all day. Oh wait I just got a text from my agent dummy. No time for puppet show do interview with his former cohost he's so good looking all oh yeah. That doesn't sound like John even okay. Good lucky we were performer told colorful good looking you know how much you paid to look back home for half a lot of yeah they don't look auto a time full. How you all here and then we'll. Off off off off off off. Carollo has Julia white boys not 4630. Say I hope I never have to do that in their I don't think so my job to teach me. That was good to hear her coma that's. Plastic that was for if I'm not then not after the first one in like five weeks since your outlook vertical you're pop only speak any more truth machines in my life because everybody's life now here including you nick nick from Paulson. Or how important are moving out to go boosters are right here we are to the delight. Now it's time for today's piston is correct total you don't. No wonder if seven Italian. It's still. Few stories that almost. Think gays and demand did do and do and do and do and keep the rights day and did just then do you aren't into our. Resiliency. Of sciences. Certainly know that's my only that's my own interpretation of the food they Olympic theme so that's okay like it goes to accurately analyze Soria. I may do and even a little lost two global not to like my ceremonies tonight I know excitedly as it's in neither was it yesterday and now so I don't thing it's never live Christmas this thing that always makes me mad about the Olympics by the way I guess it was wrong so was out of the truth machine was rocks it was Jermaine. Yours you should aren't altered to people should really tell. I forgot who I really broke his leg on the first good look at it and let's not fight Atlantic ball better. I'm sorry Ron Borges told me that moment also the ball ball ball ball ball bid because a ruthless in bed yet and he took me. Half time he got guy he'd. If that's so the Olympics start tonight the Winter Olympics which one you guys prefer better the Winter Olympics this summer twelve slow start to close all really good blue shirt and a half expect her eyes letting all our hurling bottles they shuffle board. Look Abbas led the Bob sledding events the hockey from a medical hockey market having an all female Jamaican bobsled team like. Running harder than you thought about it. Disney's ride that it is so. There are right now they're ready to make some more of audio auto. Just don't win in the end its citizen maybe that's also above its somebody tweeted out the Jamaican bobsled team forbids it and stuff in Jamaica we got a bugs that do that in. So. They Winter Olympics is coming around and another thing that's coming around is Valentine's Day. In looters whenever good sponsors here actually we were there for the gridiron Galatasaray Monty had a good time who'd had a great time at hooters loan okay had a great great guy you calendars you're still hold all hooters is doing the thing this year. Well they get they're getting they're they give out free wings on Valentine's Day. But the thing is yet to show up shred a picture of your exit for and every one. And then you get free wings so I mean outside reopen until I got to fueled package right up saw its all you have to do. Is shred a picture of your reaction to get freeway you freeways. That are going to be at their current example of I'm down for that I'm totally down for that. And I got if you don't like to rip yeah and I'm until we have a bad I got cars I got letters birthday cards everything a couple of ball. Being energy. And you're you're done today. Appeared Derek and I are. So the All Star Games coming out and one guy that was left off was Ben's Simmons. And someone that is very upset that he was not including the all star game. Was a member of Australia's. House of Representatives. He thinks there's a lot of Australians they are not represented in the NBA very well. Nice to express my. Right at the exclusion of a strike and then Simmons from DC is NBA all star guy. In a record breaking his rookie year for the Philadelphia 76 is venues currently averaging nearly seventy points I rebounds seven assists and guy. He's already had five triple doubles and frankly no one would receive brain cells to rub together would want Goran Dragic on maintaining my name. The fact that I had compatriots in dealing judge Ingles has also been with and great wonderful. Fusion just like currently sitting instead in the latest straight buckets into my take because some kind of anti us drowning conspiracy guy on heavily in opposite minded. If he thought that mistrial was angry about Simpson's closest strategists say they beside you might say nothing. And I think I reduced. You accept a sex act. But coal from the sides. Yeah and cruel. It was an agency. This is personal data creates another dead I like negligently or Joseph handles the national polling does any. Well and Andrew Bogut ever make it NBA all star game never deserved to go to be better you'll element at all of ever making unveil. Did pop edgier gaze never make want to know dear cannot get dialed I don't know dungy. We were duped it was a real court I know Dundee movie Super Bowl Sunday. This equals that was good then now he's got an indelible over the step Charissa operate even McDonald's please what for two games are you got paid though he was males use any. Yeah I thought I like the fact that jam and jelly and that's that's a little like a Saturday we also. But big lift up Kevin Durant for the start of the campaign. I like everything in Australia spyware that's like to listen their priorities in the House of Representatives and that's brought up. Bells pretty good I like diggreel governor Rick we also did you know like I got here. And operates. All right rob what you were a girl and we had a little fun with Quincy Jones or should I say Quincy booms around. I grew flames wherever he's got twenty girlfriends old uncle sweet breeze that's not take us. No doubt they don't get it looks great stride around old record. Michael Jackson what else could yeah well he lived this little nugget bonus. That I Jimenez ol' buddy Richard Pryor. Would hang out. Now and Richard Pryor. Has he puts it would do a mailbox a quick look at the fifth after a mailbox yeah your head okay. A radio talk mailbox a radio or look at Kramer boxes to dig dug a lot of mail but Ki yeah. Electrical outlet do you. This egos Poehler and I don't box and Amman and clean this out. I shot three different mail sure it's just got smaller speed automatic. Oh the day I brought you tell me about cook. Anyway so Richard Pryor. Mailbox. And I say a mailbox I mean anything James McHale Bob thanks our mailbox. I'm Adam James Baldwin. Both are being gay marlin brand are. OK so pitted and ensure a good job down there you use a common. Oh yeah. So Quincy bones is claiming their Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando who hooked dove back into the hole hole hole filmmaker Oliver and I. Many occasion cure in Israel the end Richard Pryor's widow is not to know okay. Grand illusion. Mo how much Marlon Brando on ice age and. I was then moved. It's always with the Matthew Broderick and very doesn't not totally gone up nicely and the the worst movie was then when when he's like laying on the open the council time with Robert De Niro. The score remember then were they ten to eight robbery where they have like five minutes. Richard Pryor get around with a Marlon Brando do you see that huge hanging out than just doing the nasty. Yeah I had no luck. If there's enough below the good effort now. And all bets are off. Bartlett gave off a little Barbie gave her a bus Nuno. Los actually even before affectionate you know because there would never subs make up our hands yeah. About half a look at night and I'm not finish what sort out what has it would critic Jose during lunch usual Craig you toward everybody under the bus does he about the dire. Now he's you know will the dirt he's got twenty girlfriends and apparently witnessed Marlon Brando Richard Pryor bump and at least acknowledge dale Kennedy. He talked about Michael Jackson's steel and Billie Jean what else we know you don't control writer did only had a camera. Yeah Reynolds O Gerard trump said he do were for wasn't. Oh yeah. Well at least you Trump's hair squabbles fly all the other day this is what settled misguided and then almost flew right off his little pull hook up looked awful bad. Spirit Airlines you guys are fly Spirit Airlines did one time was terrible I got earlier less. Actually flew it once and in the second term as possible to Dallas we'll check out the giants in Texas Rangers went on the news tickets but the flight got canceled and they let us know like five minutes before the flight that's nice Spirit Airlines I think the Greyhound airlines. Spirit Airlines. Apparently forced a college student who had no other alternatives with three young journal and her hands. They herbal journal I know your keys if only she and Richard here to put that you open the effect but researchers here yeah. Kicker road Saturday widget here so this young college student. Stern that they don't allow un caged road and so on Spirit Airlines funny enough so they've supporters tool they've forged this young college student to flush. Heard your herbal. Down the toilet got a bag over 40000 trees not no not over well I guess she realizes now while apologizing on their back it didn't forces are doing just one Stewart suggested it mission went through that my guess. And allows students Spirit Airlines charges you for water I took a flight from spirit isles I know what the chief flight. I was out there believe NBA all star game weekend are no rules another week in Russia say it and they charge it charge is seven bucks for a little bottle water. Like sold played you see the movie so play what are worst movies ever you mean the remake of airplane there there you go it's a pretty that. So it's they charge for water so it's like Woodstock 99 when everything goes all right then you have basically I just I just had ordered council vice about what led development John Chancellor so I was paired airlines adopt an eight iron over water so I slid the guys freed very Smart advice you would realize it's edit and I thought it is that I got my water yeah do you look at why it's clear that I'm a free spirit shines here in my. Senator then and I'm confident enough for them. All right well that's the boost this about a dozen news Craig. We got some news of who's joining ten to noon this Monday what's oh yeah yeah the happy hours comedy I'd five cents. I don't know what they ought to leave that out yet if not treated well okay maybe not a huge I don't know it's an email here could be Mel White a week ago at Derek like third they have they have rerouted. Happy as manners around you know Michelle RG added nowadays elitists in now to our show and Italy Greg rather WiMax colds you all let's go to not a permanent job there is actually an exact Abbas listen I've heard those guys before or that other station and that we won't be I'll get fire to spin. What a dynamic one that initiated and then you have thought about what it's that's to meet people long. Go idle modes of Karbala had Botox. Ray Nagin make his wife and her makers like all right guys allegedly boos as well. Listen up to Damon Bruce today he'll be joined by Steve scourge Jerry Rice and of course the one and only Joseph reported bonds told Ford also afford ball Friday partly due to a there's a bad idea and we would want his Todd takes and Malcolm Butler sabotage and so. That's going to be fascinating you're yo everybody stayed true barrier for David Bruce of the joys as they're set by Steve Kerr Jerry Rice called policy at the arena tomorrow night going to take a dispersed. We will be in studio. Well I guess old seat we got to go drinking with popped an actress than they all hear why and where is that person been here since last either here Wednesday night Thursday night Friday night and Saturday according to all the sons or think about the Bay Area when we got no problem we could hope. Pops complacency or seven phone views have a phone spurs' worst tomorrow that's it for us was CR muddied immigration actually there are many fires and again.