Hour 2 - Steiny and Guru - Carmen Policy, Jimmy Garoppolo contract

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Friday, February 9th

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Sometimes you need time doesn't know sometimes it needs to 957 game what's to say near Hawaii to check out the Maui Jim invitational with a four night stay at the royal line a resort. And Connell Polly beach listen weekday mornings with Joseph lo and did at 630. 73834. Your comp Polly keyword of the hour and when you hear it visit 957 the game dot com and enter the code for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii good luck we have Carmen. I guess okay. If you Jimmy gee what he was well what what what's life like what was breakfast like this morning and our dinner last night. And once you start didn't pay down into contracts that he did go I think when the seas when the rally you can start I don't believe although. Why. They put in football you know that in basketball you can. You can get paid. During the course of the season or you can extend it out over. Twelve months are joining us right now he's the former president and CEO of the San Francisco 49ers. Carmen policy joining us Carmen thank you so much for joining us are really appreciate it. It more. Carmen would hit when you saw that the 49ers head had signed Jimmy Barack alone for the numbers that that you did 13757. Before guarantee did not Indian the first. Three years what was your initial fall. I think that first overall. The fact that John Lynch got this done and got it done as early as he did was just a wonderful statement. It's a statement in terms of how that front offices operating. The ability to get that that thirteen together and move forward without. Any hesitation or doubt they've they've made a statement. In the same way the rock or make a statement for the last five games playing for the 49ers. The 49ers had made a statement saying OK we have our guy were betting on him aboard buildings around so everybody get on board. This seems taken off from leaving the station and I think it was a it was a great sign. Of commitment I I know the numbers are the numbers side I follow higher tonight. It's not really higher than I thought it would be a tired than than most would have predicted but under all the circumstantial tonight I think I described. What a tough tough negotiation does was going to be for the match stands up I get it in terms that sort of resound throughout two countries can get opus. So let's just say if it hit it does I think they did just fine obviously it's the highest contract at this point Simon. In in the in the league. And it's not going to be you know it's gonna be exceeded when some of the other contracts command for some of them that's. Especially people like Karen Rogers so. The indicate they're going to be eclipsed by those. And if you really think in terms of the guaranteed money. For three years it's right there right around the good jerk our contract and unified million a year it's kind of what the numbers we were throwing around actually so although you know it's pricey. But. I I have just sincerity. It's pricey but. God willing that's going to be very during world war. Guess we're 49ers are certainly tough for our fans are certainly taken that would you say it happened quickly I'm assuming you're talking about. Essentially signing the deal what I what I wanna ask you about is what one of the things that I thought was. Genius about this was. Lynch's ability to solve the the the quarterback issue. In the middle of the season before the draft. And it was there an advantage. To realizing maybe by the end of the season that you had your man and and what kinda help is that as you go into the draft and free agency. I think it was a stunning. Reversal. Each of their cake. And I think it was an absolute. Brilliant move. To bring him and complete that drug that trade. Not only have a possible. Future franchise quarterback on the roster but being able to to establish. Whether or not that's a fact. Well well well paid shall we say is somewhat dismal season was going on. And I think they really feel they know what they got. And I concurred that murdered delight at what was what was in the package. And they're they're willing to commit themselves short and now I think the whole team was able to commit themselves. Not only to the quarterback and not only to what's happened on offense but also to the organization as a whole was a whole different feel about the forty niners all the side. Maybe not all of a sudden may be over the last several weeks. Cannot hide it it's all the good I think it's all positive and I I I just cents. That's some really positive things are gonna come out of this. Carmen I don't have to tell you this when you take a 49ers quarterback to take a Montana you think of young rightfully so. Do you think Jimmy G has that kind of potential to have asleep at their table. I and you can empty in order to auto four. Shall we say. I wanna be very honest about this I'm rooting for the kids how much I'm not sure I have total objectivity. I look at them I see him play he reminds me of the West Coast offense the way it used to be executed. Under Walsh and under Seifert blunder in OK and even under as Steve Mariucci. I hate I could look at how we moves I'd like to wait he talks. I I think that there's so much to be glad about the way kissed his teammates. React so. And the very followed up with a guy you know how to light. How do I think anything other than positive talks about who we is what he does and how we doubt that I I'm just totally buying into this and and up yet again like I did I told you gentlemen in the past let's talk to some of the you know the alumni. Who who have talked to present players and we'll talk to Jimmy girl Paloma moved watched him. Watched him on the field even some of them practiced. And date field he's the real thing. So that's just Boyd Michael censored. Of of of shall we say optimism. And I'm buying into armed and ready then. Sit in front of the TV and watch the niners and and and cheerful for orders and sort of just checking on this or. Carmen policy former president CEO of the San Francisco 49ers. Joining us you know wouldn't wouldn't when Michael Jordan was with the bulls and just just bear witness first sector after he retired there was kind of a theory that. No superstar wanted to go there because the shadow was simply. Simply too big and it was going to be almost too hard to have success. There in that in that shadow he kind of heard the same thing after John Wooden for example left UCLA. Is there or something do you think. About having to be a quarterback in San Francisco. Playing. After the greats of Montana and Ron Amadon I mean is there something. Maybe intangible there that that regular fans in the media don't really. Get a sense of. I think there's something intangible about. Entering the system. And our program. And a team. Where hall of fame quarterback. Has shines. And I think it's a positive intangible if you enter. As the out policy Kaymer is leading. It's very tough to come in like Ron Amadon get. And play behind. The is the iconic Joseph Montana. When Steve young's ready certainly in his mind and in the minds of others to be a starter almost anywhere else in the late that's difficult that's that can be debilitating. But to comment and you had the great tradition of Joseph Montana. Followed up with a great tradition of another are hall of Famer. Steve young and even if there are backup quarterback did very very credible job so I mean this city bomber was a starter or. Elvis car parked them and I mean they held us in their. I think that coming in as a positive. I'm not sure about following up football hall of fame coach. I think coming in for George Seifert behind. Bill immediately behind Bill Walsh that was pressure that was problematic. But but but what about situation. It you know you've got a great tradition. Took to attach yourself to and if you come and talk culture. That has a constant itself to the highest formal place. So a lot I I think this is an advantage trojans dropped. Carmen the one thing we know about Jimmy is he Smart we see them pick up the offense in such a short period of time. And that outcome fascinated when I think about how he was under the tutelage of Brady and belly check in so many people dismissed. That that you know that experience. Thumb for Jimmy garage below what I'm thinking if he is Smart as I think he is. This is why we've seen him in five games be electric how valuable do you think that time in New England in steady and under those two guys will help him in his career. Well I think you're hitting on something very important first of obvious marked boxes. With a lot of Smart tough guys who go into the military. And Smart enough guys get good training. There's only if you. Who make it through seal training there's only a few who make it through special forces training. And I think Barack Obama has gone through the equivalent. Of special forces training. Being under the tutelage of a Bill Belichick and the membership of the Tom Brady and being and that's system. That's consistently. Goes to everything they do with the idea being as good as they are possibly capable of big and somehow some way always thinking in terms of what night. And that's to me is special treatment and he got a. Carmen thank you so much for joining assure always very generous with your time and we appreciate it. Well I enjoyed I am. In case you didn't notice from the top among us which I'm really looking forward regulatory agencies. No I mean you know it's funny I think and it I thought it happened at the end of last year where. That I was starting to hear the question again what are you do and for the 49ers game. And I have heard that a few years right. Thank you gentlemen are Carmen have a good when Carmen policy former president and CEO of the San Francisco 49ers that's what's known as a big boy you. And it did it's obvious that he is there one person that exists is not excited about the forty noticed featuring their quarterback. They can they're not one day they are being give me a month forty niner fans are. There's payers everywhere I guess not I think I think the I think he's I think you're right I think. Almost every forty niner fan has to be. Extremely excited right now if you're 40 put it this way the shaft he's excited while it is whoever I mean you're if you're big time fan I don't think you can be looking at this. And say and I like were I was halfway through the season. You know I mean. There there's a chance. That Jimmy Barack below will not be as good as everybody think Toby. But it's still doesn't take away from having to take the chance right now. That he might be a special quarterbacks. To me it's very difficult. To criticize this move even AF. The 49ers are. Six in ten next season. I don't see that's where I'm a bit to do and how much. First job a little bit no but that's that's that's the thing you can't say today. I like the move and then if it doesn't work out and say well it was a bad move sometimes you can make the right move. But they don't work again and not that that's the way I look at this move. With all their room with a tap in in the draft you gotta think the playoffs. You know that's reasonable to say after watch in the rams' Jackson feel turret around worse and get into the playoffs last year. You gotta look at the the way that the parity is in the NFL if if they do what they're supposed to they're due diligence. We could see that the red and gold in the playoffs. Ultra high expectations. I only it's crazy to. Wonder expect to forty dollars a make the playoffs I think that's I think that's fair at this point are we come back we are gonna talk more. About the 49ers expectations how does somebody gain you think they're gonna win next year they unity Rick they get a better than the raiders. Who's going to be better the raiders of the niners. How many wins is drop below worth we expect in the layoffs. Dated a guy 57957. Serial listen assignments and do real. Now back to 957. Big game. My son mets' Darryl would do Ruth Johnson 957. Game coming up at ten minutes we're gonna have the Jimmy you're Rob Lowe press conference live. That's taking place in Santa Clara of course. The 49ers have signed Jimmy Barack below yeah. To a five year contract 137. Point 5000074. Million guaranteed. Average annual salary of 27000500. And he'll receive ninety million in the first three years so. Your expectations pure playoff slate on the bus there with a 49 and that now broke quick. If he just throws for 300 yards he you know average is that in a couple of touchdowns and he's not the reason they're not winning and didn't. A mom board but if I'm looking at me like when Brady threw for 500 a Super Bowl when you do at home they wouldn't be his fault he did fumble right then dropped a pass but. My point staff ideas from a team goal. If I expect this team to be a lot locked and loaded in playoffs. Who's going to be a better football team next year 49ers are the raiders right now must say the 49ers. Right now let's organizers. I think it's close I don't know who's the raiders are shiny. Or who they're going to beat. Compared to what they work as we get we will recognize that team last year. No we didn't Tenet that the question that gruden wolf will have to answer is whether. The talent wasn't as good as everybody thought it was before the season. Or whether the talents really good with the with the Oakland Raiders but. They didn't come together. I think there was clearly something going on with the raiders. Last year. Under the surface that we didn't really know about I mean locker room a locker room coach yeah all. YI that we know a lot of it I mean we know the Donald can hold out. The move to Vegas. The offensive coordinator situation with Derek Karr. Derek Karr may have been injured. Or not a 100% healthy the Marshawn Lynch signing and whether or not that was a distraction. There's a lot of Michael Crabtree. Be it a diva or primadonna was he affecting the locker room. Did that did the team have respect for Jack Del Rio what is football knowledge that there were shoulder marte who's going on Iraq Samari Cooper in the drops is another one the offensive line taken a step back. Jon Gruden got a lot of things I try to figure out. And Kyle Shanahan. Has one less thing to figure out and that's who's going to be starting. Had quarterbacks who say efforts is go 49ers it's gonna be Jimmy girl rock below I mean the one thing about the niners is. What we don't know. What else they're gonna do when they're gonna do a lot more you figure it's just a matter of other going to be. Is it going to be a few big names we here or is it going to be. An accumulation. Of a lot of names that are gonna help this team in terms of taken the next step how does this team take the next day and they need to protect this investment mr. drop a loan they didn't have the data porous offensive line so. I know guys are excited they they they got to cap the salary cap world. They got to draft free agency which you need to protect him stymie. You could put a nice pretty quarterback back there but if he's getting his head knocked off. You know what did he isn't that's. Priority number one for me for the Dodgers in the offseason has to build that line it's funny because the line wasn't very good danger then drop below got here. And all the sudden the line looks a little bit better. Because of quarterbacks better but. Yeah I would say. Strengthen in the offensive line is it is a priority for the for the 49ers used this company Carmen there was real and I need to give you credit for. When was the last time people said. What are you doing for the niner game and for five weeks Donny that was actually think it would skip this sports there we. On my podcast you suck yes and data we had market bond has on and the body else marketed and around here since the late seventies he's seen every. So efforts sisco who super ball and we really got to talking about. Why it was that the niners. Were the kings of the Bay Area. And the giants went through a phase after bonds when they won the titles where they caught fire. The giants did they were almost like a phenomenon. The of the Golden State Warriors had a blip door and we believe and then right now obviously they're the best team in the NBA and they have created a ton of excitement. But there's still something about the 49ers that makes them when king. In the Bay Area it's probably because they were the they were the first Super Bowl winners of the first. Winners out here in the bad area dynasty. I realize that. The giants have won. Before in New York I'm talking about out here in the West Coast and I realize that the that there. That the warriors won in 75 but the point is. Note mark cabana said the 49ers were. San Francisco's team the giants came from the east the warriors came from Philly the 49ers were the work. Which San Francisco's team it was their original. And that's that's one of the reasons that I think. To me they're still head and shoulders the biggest thing sports wise in the Bay Area would you agree without no no no doubt and I grew up with it Joseph Montana. The number let me ask you this go Rob Lowe now. As this contract we know defense is gonna adjust Amare points to I think he won out there with house money do you think now. He's the type a guy we'll find out though if that contract we seen what Barry Zito. Some somehow upstairs he puts too much pressure on himself he doesn't strike me is that tied but right now you got the money now he's just got to show you were fit. He'd try to do too much. We've seen it before it sports the raiders won two Super Bowls in the Bay Area before the 49ers let me clarify they're not the San Francisco raiders are right. Split up the Bay Area talking about the San Francisco 49ers. And the city of San Francisco. I OK. Okay a's fans and raiders fans truth is we get in. To get it. Coming up in about five minutes we've got Jimmy Barack polar we're going to be Jimmy drop below press conference. Were taken that live from Santa Clara. So the minute something's going down in Santa Clara will immediately. Throw it to. Santa Clara a regular grade this thick that's essentially what we do right what do you want to hear what are you expecting here. It's gonna be my unicorn you re both in scandals it's it's all good right now I don't know. In the ninth and occur in the news the hardest thing that hey we got our our franchise quarterback look at us I mean what what can he say. Oh he's. And even making news at a press conference like this love. They log. You know. Then press conference talking about is Jimmy Barack blows coming up in fiber ten minutes. And you said the reason the niners are the biggest thing in the Bay Area is because the niners won the Super Bowl. OK I guess but I'm talking about why the San Francisco 49ers are the kings and they are kings of the Bay Area. No doubt about it in terms of sports they just start on this NBA had a dynasty in the granite yeah a thousand on some guy yeah yeah. I'm not taking any away from the raiders I think you know look away for only the pesos or fax. But the point is is the niners are the most popular team in the Bay Area. They're they're bigger than them deny they're bringing the raiders are buried in the warriors I think they're bigger than the they're Francisco giants but what about right now is Golden State obviously their winning but it's no lawyer adopted the warriors it. Seth Curry is change that I don't think so now. Now to drop below. Jimmy drop blows I think he's gonna be bigger than staff turnout is now he has the potential to do that but right now I just think this is its gold is the lawyers town. And rightfully so you know the niners better at underwent. Yeah no I hear I hear. But. Mostly I mean there's excitement about the 49ers that that's undeniable that should be excitement about the raiders. There should be. How bad I now I have big time buzz once we get to next football season. Ended I mean. Right there's not an annulment and I hope so god I mean I hope it's opening night I really do well no way the first. I want to be the first game of the season proved. Remember stick around for pop out and buy take two that's after the Jimmy G press conference they got Jim Barnett at 1230. Larry Riley at 130 then David Bruce get this statement Bruce. To have Steve Kirk and Jerry Rice. Steve Kerr five Jerry Rice at 530. And Larry Riley will be along with pop and Vontae 130. Larry Riley. The man who drafted staff courage. Larry Riley Larry run well what's he doing these days. Dolphin hunt try to pick up truck in Texas I'll venture capital I want easily gone the other day of the week. I've. I'm sure five or six I would think. Larry Riley took a beating around here back in the day under previous ownership. And it. He kinda didn't get vindicated until after he left because. Obviously curry turned into a superstar people are gonna say it was Don Nelson. They can say it's Don Nelson but. And you well as a genius if you look at the the media guy don't tell you that Larry Riley. Was the general manager of the Golden State Warriors. Went and staff period restrict so they get. And then they give see here's the thing Bob Meyers gets hosed here because they give Jerry West credit for Klay Thompson. Yeah even though Bob Meyers was here. That's not right Bob Meyers was the guy was the Bob Meyers was the one who who. Was in charge though when did you play Thompson entered into this for a quick de Antonio Don Nelson who Mihm more offense that then regarded that's our Don Nelson. Don Nelson not even close. Well. Then Tony man I mean Don Nelson's all Famer Don Nelson was like the original he was the original Don Nelson. Was like a mad scientist. As a basketball coach. He was there when things before anybody thought of doing things he was the guy who said. That he would play. A practice. You have the big players play the small plane crash while and are. How he said the small players always one. The 49ers. People are trying to tell me that the 49ers are. RT king anymore if ha okay. Also what happens next year with Jimmy drop below the war is now is or what they've won titles they should be three peat. All I would disagree without Jimmy did elevator for Jimmy G and the niners to go past any clips but. Don't forget the momentous a new digs over here in San Francisco where they're probably gonna lose some fans and I handed. Go to take. And the other thing is I don't. Say what you want about the warriors. He. Excitement meter among the fans is dropped in the last three years. Is there any doubt about gas that because I'm every single day on do you have live in the Bay Area about the TV rights. I don't think they're nearly what they were doing like the 73 nights with anyway boy toys RI here we've gotten completely spoiled. With the Golden State Warriors and that's why have them man why they lost two out of their last three their loss. You're right they lost to erode three out of four. That's why it's such yeah. Such a calamity because we. Warrior fans aren't used to losing like that. What about this move to Santa Clara for the niners are regarded NBA kings a lot of people there was some resentment on just but just feel comfortable on say and they still run the tail. Even when they're actually nine in the Darryl why do you think there's there's efforts Cisco residents in San Francisco. 49ers fans who live in the city that. That Waltz walk down Santa Clara I definitely think I know they're a group and those people also think there's going to be a group of these space fans that won't go into the city. To watch the Golden State Warriors either. Did that and I don't wanna talk about that plan for always says the dubs so in the bay I mean. I'm not the ducks. Own the bay because they're the only NBA team in the Bay Area through. When two years when the raiders hit the pike. Then the 49ers are going to be in the same boat I think the 49ers are bigger than the warriors. Just because football in general bigger than the NBA. But. Freedom. Feel free to disagree with the and I can't focus don't whose win right now so you're you're limited to hold the pitcher. Just from forget who's winning who's on top just who's bigger your is synonymous. Well and again and if you go. Look I've been there. Mortgage paves the last 25 years. Nothing no more you know I think has ever. Clips to. The excitement of we believe. Although I thought it was very close door in the 73 and nine year. See what the war won their first title it was. It wasn't wholly unexpected but it was a little bit surprising they went into that season. And everybody thought you know we got a pretty good team would make the playoffs last two years whoever they got eliminated in the first round before they won the title. So we did that title. Was. What's probably a little more surprising. Then. Then people expecting let's put it down within the next year rolls around. And that was the year when they went 73 and nine and it was it was bedlam at the arena all season long until the thing about. The we believe team is it only lasted about six weeks that too much buzz it was almost like they want of the finals. We celebrated here with that win against Dallas in the in this is his used outstanding because we weren't used to it. It was almost like do we believe that first round win was like one in the finals. It was euphoria I've seen nothing like it. Man those yellow panels. Every day is Duncan. The threes by ms. nobody's. Has beens. Well the other thing that that happened during those who is the big thing about the 73 and nine season. Is that we're gonna go to the Jimmy drop below press conference and looks like momentarily. Jimmy Barack blow being introduced. In Santa Clara. Right now and we're gonna take that press conference live when he comes to the podium. The 73 in nine seasons start to finish was flat out one of the most incredible incredible seasons but speaking of incredible. Jimmy drop low press conference happening live right now on Santa Clara let's go to it.