Hour 2 - Ratto and Kolsky - Reuben Foster Arrest, NFL Punishment, Warriors

Steinmetz and Guru
Monday, February 12th

Ray Ratto and Matt Kolsky fill in for Steiny and Guru for all things Reuben Foster and the 49ers. 


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All the things we love about David West priority happens I'm I'm. I'm out to dance by yourself boy hi I actually don't believe he'll I think if we wanted to we can both generate a lot of positive off the court comments about David West and his. Eloquent. What's the word I'm looking for. Discussing of eloquence. Handling of social issues he's a great man and I love listening to him and you are listening to 957 game KG MC FM NE XT one San Francisco so. Yes Nance. While nothing like David West as a player today. Has that same quality of knowing what it is he's here to do and doing it and not complaining about it or wanting to do something different. Indeed and that's of great value especially to a team that has had several guys this season. Imagine their role to be something other than what it is. No question. I mean Jae Crowder and Isiah Thomas being obvious examples there. Our crowd was just he was just missing he was mismatched pair he was completely fine and Boston boy isn't that also part of the story. It seems like everyone is completely fine in Boston no matter who they end up with that is a coach is gonna find a way to get the best out of them. Oh yeah and Brad Stevens is he's the winner of all this room. While Danny Ainge is two months because he he's been unbelievable yet he he took a really good team and made it. Dramatically better I'm. My training for. A guy who was unhappy in the place he was it. And not only got carrier ring. To. V who years but to expand his game and buying into. The Celtics wanna do as a team but all we need better candidates and then it it would. He said I'm not able to be the the kind of player I wanna be in Cleveland. Which. People heard and thought was incredibly self and I thought it was and I I'd how strong and well no it just turns out that once he got there. Brad Stevens. Made it clear this is what you can do for us and it won't impact your game it won't take away from what you like to do. But it won't make you aid aid in player with greater depth and breadth to this isn't it you'll shine in ways you did not. You've never shine before and it turned out to be right and now carrier ring is a Celtic as they get no question and and. The Brad Stevens Point he has. As far as I can tell as far as anyone can tell looking in from the outside. The two qualities that I would say are the most important for a professional sports head coach one is having the analytical or word. No this dramatic abilities to put players in the best position to succeed. And the other is to convince even players who have not bought into those sorts of ideas in the past that in fact. Buying into our team concept won't just. Maintain your level as an individual it will raise its anti hordes sell to professional athletes I'm so. As it won't raise it it'll just end this is what we needed to deal I mean again it's a it's a weird version of the talent tolerant scale with a guy like I rearing you have to sell that harder. You know when a guy with you with your eighth guy is look the we brought in to do this do this. You know don't you know we don't need 31 for a night from you so don't try to get. But no I mean I think. If you want to have the argument that Steve Kerr is the best coach in the NBA go ahead and have it but if you're gonna take Steve credit the argument I'll take Brad Stevens every time. I said this yesterday. I think he's the best coach in the NBA and I don't actually even think it's that close and all due respect to Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr. To me this is one of these things like and is. Is there going to be awkward analogy but I've been watching football my entire life and I thought. I had seen pretty good football analysts I thought Madden was pretty good I thought Chris Collins worth was pretty good. And then I lost a game with Tony Romo as the analyst that I realized in fact now no one has ever been good before in Tony Romo is infinitely better also. You're mad that I I am a madman but well Tony Romo does isn't. Does nothing about any idea during analyst you liked and admired know he was a different thing that's kind of my point is Brad Stevens. I just think he's a different breed and I think he is doing things as an NBA head coach. That one it's all said and done bore all gonna agree he's the greatest ever. One what he's not going to be the greatest ever he sued to stop take the greatest NBA coach ever well right off the top. You know and Phil Jackson. Read our back take him in either order a core I mean they have more rings than fingers. That's kind of helpful it's helpful it's that's that's not how I would rate head coach for 100 no but. Bit the difference between. Eleven and zero. How much Brad Stevens is my age he's got time. Boyd mall cable nimble let's see what happens in time I'm making and they shot discuss not and and all I'm saying when possible with him and Gregg Popovich for the same reason. Well that's that's the point that I'm making is this is not a thing that I can really defend other than to point out what I've seen him do with the players he's been given an upgrade a jobless problem which is done. I don't know all of it I don't know that I think he could've coached the Celtics to the global success they've had in the last three years he's coaching team right now it's worse than the Celtics are great they are third in the west agreed I'm not. It even says this is degrees of greatness I'm not are dissing Gregg Popovich you are falling into a warm all I this is what I believe. Then you're wrong. There I don't think that's at that I know I think we can both agree that if you're going to say that Brad Stevens is a better coach in Gregg Popovich. The only thing you can say in defense of your argument is. Stevens hasn't had as much time. You do as much as Popovich has had in the twenty years he's coached him war that said Popovich has still dug it. But that that is a discussion about who was the most accomplished coach in the NBA. And undoubtedly that is Greg Papa this. So them the so you are do you have a distinction between the most accomplished and an asset of course. You are bat crap crazy you know that's that is this is that this is a very important distinction I got into the position of sitting there arguing against a guy I think is a superb coach frank well I mean that's why and and by the way quite a comparison is silly I obviously think Gregg Popovich is superb coach isn't there that that no one's debating that. I'm just saying. Certainly. Independent of this argument there is an important distinction to be made between accomplishment and ability to. All right let's do this that. Letterman Popovich what is the wrong start an argument for you know you have tough when he's really good I will let you play with this in your own hell aren't. Who's better Brad Stevens or Erik Spoelstra is a great great question that's a more it's much better than. Brad Stevens be Gregg Popovich and my argument would be Brad Stevens by a whole lot even though again. Free or spyware. And yes. Yes. Let me ask you some and you watch you watch college basketball bit yeah I do coming out of college. Did you like just as when slump. It wasn't wowed by him I knew he's a pretty good player what about Jason Tatum. I like Jason tenement on Jason Taylor was held player I thought he'd be really good product I didn't do much much portage just. I don't know the last time I heard the name justice Winslow but what Tatum has accomplished under Brad Stevens is tremendous I realize these are not direct argument about bush this. This is what I'm John I don't know smarter than Winslow are what I Jalen brown did you think he was a better player the Winslow I like Jalen brown a great deal. I will maybe just a great NBA scout I'm not a lot of people thought. I've listened to people who are in fact great NBA scouts holding I'm sure you've heard that the Celtics were ready to trade multiple first round picks third justice Winslow. Okay why. Ultimately. You coach player should get to coach the players you don't look at what we're gonna try aid to decide. Who's better between Brad Stevens and Erik Spoelstra part of that we're looking good players they've had. And seeing how they've developed and what they've managed to do under those coaches and dead doing our best to compare so we're going to judge. Brad Stevens as clearly superior based on a coat based on a player he never coached. That's insanity. How would you how would you compare Kennedy well. That's really compares Spoelstra and then Stephens. I don't think any more fair to compare. The championship. Total win Spoelstra had three hall of fame players. Voluntarily go play form and do you know how hard it is to keep those hall of fame players. Point in the same direction. Not creating their own agenda when he's at what you've been able to do if Pat Riley wasn't the president. We won't know that's it that's really a parallel universe argument it doesn't always parallel universe argument but the fact is all three of them. They are there now gone from Miami yet they all rave about Spoelstra. And and I hey you know how how few. Great players in NBA history rave about their coaches they river about their teammates don't talk about their coaches. Every it is just hard to coach. A good team. As it is a bad teacher unload the I'm a die hard Phil Jackson I completely agree with you and it and this is by no means. This on any of the other coaches I'm mentioning this is me being insanely high on Brad Stevens not down on the other guys and the keyword here amazingly fine. Because justice once again it's it. Spoelstra V Stevens is a great argument here's a little Stephen V Popovich. Is a nonsensical argument because one past twenty years on the other but it you Macs that. That is true to presume that. The championship count makes it an unreasonable argument I think is incorrect here's here's the text from the 51 now. And this I think is a very good list of the top six coaches in the NBA and and I do think there's a big gap from there. Correct me if I'm missing someone but I'm completely witnessed 510 texted Greg Popovich Bret Stephens Rick Carlisle Erik Spoelstra insider and Steve Kirk. That's admirable coaches on one level. More like us I'm not convinced that Quin Snyder should be in a group don't. Okay shorter history than any of them. Very well respected and has gotten pretty impressive results at a Utah in his short tenure there. GAAP wise but his first stand didn't go didn't go well and obviously some those other the other five coaching you mentioned. Did not have. Those early stretches of a fumbling about to figure out who they are or only stretches of questionable ethics as a college coach either. But well never there was no reason to go there. They happen. Quiz latter. By the way it looks like the stock. Eight at stockbroker. Who's doing too much cocaine and an eighty's movie. He's like always slipping his hair back and looking frazzled. Which is this possible why it's nothing that's just what that's just what it makes me think I was a great coach and he looked like he came out of the laundry every day I. The one who put that toddlers your hater no why I support him despite his eighties I don't look I mean I don't care what any of them look like. Meanwhile it. I mean to me it's look grayer I'm a guy who likes to judgment by how attractive they are taken we've. I will know that we're not oh sorry I wasn't supposed to say that. I am supposed to say a medical scan that's for Iran though. You're listening united folks and again. Now back. And 957. Big game. We're back in 957 games crackles. Well it would be approximately four and a half hours I write three I have to put this upgrade sometime this afternoon. Hours and 45 minutes three hours and 45 minutes. 41 but welcomed. By the way. Tomorrow is very exciting things happening here not that today is an exciting thought. You may have. Heard the Bay Area sports hall of fame. You may have been aware there auctions in the past and we will have a whole Bay Area sports hall of fame auction coming up a little down the road but right now. 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We've covered the urban Foster issue a little bit today but we're gonna circle back around sly you leave because obviously this is a developing story not much has developed since we last spoke about it but let's give you the facts on the ground once again. Yesterday Herman Foster me in between his first and second year linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. Was arrested and Santa Clara County. She. Was arrested when police responded to a residence quote in regards to a welfare check impossible disturbance call for service which is very unclear like most of the information here is. The charges. Which I. Don't don't don't they were he was. Now it's unclear whether he's actually been charged but. He was arrested on suspicion of the following charges domestic violence threats. And possession of an assault weapons. He was released on 75000 dollar bail. And that is more or less all we know about Ruben Foster. Which has led largely to us saying unfortunately. It's hard to say what the right thing to do is at this point as we just don't know. I think in general I mean I think there is the position most people took on. I'm Ray McDonald at the time was. Suspend him with pay until you find out more right. And we're still very early in the process. But it's clear the 49ers are. You know written. Embarrassed about this to the point where. When you go on their website. The first 25 mentions. Are Jimmy grapple there's been not a word on the side about. Ruben Foster thing at all which leads me to think they just want her to maintain radio silence until they decide what they wanted to. And their statement was about as close to radio silence as a statement can be it was two sentences and it essentially just said. We're working on yet and I think that's how they wanna keep it. And really the only option they have at this point I think is what we come back to break that they're in the option they have. I think for the long term. Is to say when something like this crops up. And I'm. We're going to we. Suspend the player. Until we know what happened and since the off season does Americans are getting paid now anyway to answer but essentially there is nothing to say. Until they decide what they're going to do about this. And while they gives them the benefit of the doubt to craft a statement in and work on a position. That probably they they should have a general rule about anyway. But look a little that we know all. Is so maddening that. If you take it from their view what what should they said. Mean I wouldn't go to the extent of having no mention of it at all on their website. But you know I think you know this statement. And may be something. Other than a statement from lynch saying we are looking into it as best we can't. We still don't have as much as we want to have to know what to do about this. I'm not sure to your point about a policy. I'm not sure there is a policy. To have that would be more. That would be easier to navigate that would be more responsible. And the policy they've essentially given us which is we're gonna figure it out and and deal would it. I don't know that you can lay out a blanket policy for her. But I mean I don't wanna save these types of situations but the unfortunate situations involving legal proceedings are sure there's a way to setup a policy. Well they're gonna have to come up with a one anyway because the tenor of the times demands that. All right Ed see that this is not an apples and oranges thing. But the angry reaction. To. What Michigan State did not do about Larry Nasser went DNC situated not too bad glaring answer what the USOC did not do about Larry Larry Nasser. Means that teams can't. Just uniformly go well we'll just see how it plays out. No you don't pay debts not a luxury you get. You at least half to explain. They were looking into it and not just do it misstatements of the you have to be bothered. You know it used to say look we don't know everything yet. If this turns out should be. As has been alleged. We this is what our standard years. And as soon as we know more than we know now. Will enforce that standard or determine the standard shouldn't be enforced here. Well but fight but you you can't you can't sit there and go last statement a cover. Because this is another long term but but. Right now prefer firm. For for 24 hours after. This is okay. By. Tomorrow they're gonna have to come up with something. More than here's a statement we put out yesterday. You measure of playing and if you do not fill the void of conversation. With proof that you're acting. People will decide what you're doing on your behalf and you don't want that to somebody that's really the question here is. How long. How long is Lou. Lag time on that statement in other words how quickly. Is there a point whether it's tomorrow or Wednesday or Friday. Where they have they're gonna have to say even if we haven't gotten the level of information we want. We've got to say something additional about that's. I think it's pretty clear that you know at that time is approaching. Because I don't know if it I expected and today I expected him to be a former 49 by the time we got on the air today like on information Barack I do unless they unless they had absolute stole it. You know did they are written there we're gonna wait on this because I think. Cops are still trying to gather everything they know. Mean train that was a day. This hasn't even been a day since the story broke. I think it's kind of felt the link the terrain brought to this point. Well and so but I mean that's what I'm saying and I'm not saying you should be cut before they had the benefit of added information but. You talked about it with the Ray McDonald ultimately. From the NFL and from the team side. This is at least 85% a PR proposition. Well OK and then duke then handle it that way. Don't you stand behind statement. Mean if he changed John Lynch has to do a conference call. They do the conference call and then that's just conference call for him to say listen we're finding everything we can't out but we're not prepared to decide one way or another at the. No you don't say we're not prepared you say we don't know everything we need to know yet and just be as forthright as you know going to be. Because. The thing that kills you when a situation like this. Is saying nothing. Because then and this is just a PR discussion this isn't about the legality rests. Nature abhors a vacuum. The longer you don't say anything other people are going to say it for you and not in a way that that you want. Put out there they need to say as often as they need to say. We don't know enough yet. You know what are we know how we act when we have enough information please trying to remain Brock. Is that example in a way that's it's. I put in these terms but it's kind of good for them that they have that as before is this regime anyway that John Lynch can say look you know what I do when I believe someone has done something wrong. Oh we don't have that information this summer. We don't have it yet but we're going to get of course you know I'm just saying that the days of these statements. Alone. Are either long past or they're getting care just because. You know. If people are going to be an eye to chronicle broke the story yesterday and the Mercury added onto it tracked. The chronicle has more two day. And and the 49ers don't respond to that I almost immediately or noted it's coming and respond to it. Then they are going to look as though they're trying to figure a way to wiggle out of this because the benefit of the doubt. Is no longer coin of the realm. In this social media in gorge society. And I also think there's an attitude whether it's true or not. That if we the people. See details of the police report. Say in the chronicle. That whatever information we see is information the niners have had for hours at the very least if not days. So. I mean that was the problem ultimately off the lots of problems with Ray McDonald but the thing they got the niners really screwed up and that was that. They told us hey we've done fact gathering and we believe this is. A lot of smoke and not a lot of fire this year this is the one this is a one off and we're going to err on the side of in them. Taking a benign view exactly and then one we found out the information that no in fact this is a horrifying scenario with all sorts of disturbing details. Everyone thinks in their head. The niners must have had this information before it was published and they chose to hope it would stay secret and at least I think we know. The whole world knows now we're past that point where you hope things might stay secret nothing stays secret. Yeah well and beyond that one of the things that John Lynch relies upon. Is the fact he's considered credible threat and respectable yet. We're learning. Worthy of respect I mean respectable mean something different but let's not go that road. His credibility. Is important. Because the 49ers in the previous regime. You know credibility was an issue when it was an issue a lot. If he is part of a new regime. He's got to meet a guy who's out front. Frieden. Progress reports. Not letting Bob Lang put it out through the PR department. That what do you wanna do that or not it's your job you're you're resuscitating. A brand name. You are working on behalf. Of and should be more out front. Works to their advantage. A couple things from the tax line relevant in this. First of all the ninety fives and remember the 49 is just an employer they really don't have the right temperature information from the police imagine if you've been arrested in your employer were trying to get information about you wouldn't happen. Then that might be true about my employer. I don't know. Whether my employer has connections within the police department that allows them to get information they should not get I do know that the 49ers have those connections. They knew it may have connections and they also have connections. Don't. Outside the police department yet they will get that information whether legally they're supposed to know there now until they they're not legally supposed to get it directly from the police are taking get it from people. In the courthouse and they will and they well yes another. Text saying. It seems dumb to have a press conference when you have no knowledge but that's what I wanna connect to the point you just made grain which is. Think of how many times during the bulky era. That somebody in the front office whether it was all to himself Jed York times' Jim Harbaugh or somebody. Was criticized. For hiding. When they should've been speaking yet it's it's not a question of press conference you don't have to do that. But you can you can have. You can have a conference call and because Jacque you know that they're getting phone calls. From every writer covers them and national writers they all wanna know what's. What's the next developed what it comes down to is you have to do. At the risk of being an audio you have to take your medicine. You have to if John Lynch if you were the face of this forty niner regime. We have to see your face when this regime is called into question for those who hears a voice yeah right it's just you have to be out front desk that. All I'm saying is the statement is insufficient. The longer it stays out there it becomes insufficient. And the only way to. Fight the impression. That your trying to make this go away through saying nothing. Is too you know I he's good news Jimmy conference call at 3 o'clock. We don't know that there's anything to announce but we just want to update you want where where that right I still has to be. Now and it can be a five minute conference call lord answered every question is I'm sorry we don't have that information Bly. You have to release creates the appearance that you are here to be questioned. Yeah. And I I know this and this is just PR this is. This is so this is down the list of things they need to worry about right now but he needs to be worried about because. The NFL has an issue with domestic violence that it does not address well the 49ers have had their own examples of it. And this is just preventive and if it seems like this is a cynical approach that we're taking all of the fact is. If your professional football organization you have to have someone in that office thinking cynically to get ahead of these things this isn't cynically this is this is being forthright. This is being used open. Sit him I just me any or anything means guys they just wanted to update (%expletive) right there isn't much of an update. But to be proactive is probably the right word we're talking about yes you say you know. You know we're still doing the fact finding we're allowed to do. You know this might get wrapped up tomorrow this might not get wrapped up for a few weeks but we will be available for whatever questions you have. On a on a regular basis. You'd you know how to reach us we will be open. There's a level of PR trouble given the scenario that you may not be able to boy it there's a level of uncalled for ability with the legality that you may not be able to avoid where you can avoid if you're John Lynch. Is having people in the media and in the fan base go. This is a big dog big issue where the heck is John Lynch. OK what we and we haven't gotten to that don't don't know yet but that's that's what he can buy right now is avoid that scenario and it doesn't even date the conference call is we have to be today but. They need to get. Ahead of this. In a way that shows that they're not trying to hide anything. To say you know we know here's what we know right now. I'm trying to keep you guys updated because. As he has in May not in May not may not be terribly important. But we're gonna show that we are not going to wait for developments right we want to keep you abreast of. We're on top of this assets yet. For the record here is the full statement from the 49ers the San Francisco 49ers organization is aware of the report regarding urban Foster we take matters in this nation seriously and are gathering all pertinent information and to raise points. He. I don't know run time on that statement is probably drawing nearer to a close we talked earlier about some of the things lynch has said over the last year. That pertain to this one of course in the aftermath of term in Brock was more or less saying there we handle these situations are named. Situation to situation basis another was this and this was less than a month ago. Specifically. About Rubin Foster. He knows that he's got to stay clean. We all know how special player you can be when he's right so he's got to figure out how to stay healthy and stay out of trouble but we believe she will do that. And here is drew from Bilbray calling in specifically. The reference that quote I believe what's up drew. They would not died yet that black and you saw my thunderbird I remember seeing that it with a senior all last month after a lot arrest. And then I just wonder marine wit that you know if the alleged is true. Not only the train brought by you know content not making that statement last month. Did that canopy and him in a corner and expand it what are. You know I know he's first round talent terrain Brock wide and buy it now I don't miss it and I look like lip service. The mood of the problem that all these teams have illnesses across all sports is that. They want to judge everything on a case by case basis of course they do and because precedent. Hamstring issue that's right. So. I don't think he is locked into any action as a result of that because. An arrest and is not the same air. As doing the deed. And I say that because. What if they eat in home dude dude there at the police investigate and they find that there's no. No credence to any of it. Certainly process that that's where you're out I mean just. He's if if he's if space if they have evidence that shows that he. Did brandish a weapon if that's what the charge ends up being if he was involved in domestic violence there course is clear. It seems to me you cannot you cannot say well there are gradations. Of my relations of the law that we will tolerate because he's our guy. That's how they got to trouble on the Ray McDonald thing that's so they got the trouble in the olden Smith. Just a question for him. Because a 707 text there says that's. The fans don't care about off the field issues. The stories only interesting to the media not the fans all we care about is is the team winning do you believe that your. I think he believes it's true or she believe most utterly dead there's a lot of capital letters and he's here she definitely believes that sure I I wonder if you think that's true of health in general. No I do I don't think it's true fans in general. I think. The the idea that its athletes and people in sports get to act in a vacuum. Eight mile one it's morally repugnant. Greed and to what the fans care about and don't care about. Is less important. Than the fact that. Employees. Of AEA. Sports franchise just for this purposes of this discussion. Get to live outside the law because of fans don't care as long as she went. That that said that's a recipe for chaos. It's insane as well and if I mention it's you know. If this guy doesn't care about it far and don't care products and SS is the team your rooting for cares about it. Otherwise. They wouldn't bother at all ever tell take it to another level the NFL. Cares about one thing money. So it's their pretending to care about these issues it's because fans and advertisers do care and it's costing them money. It's not hard line to draw or it. The NFL has no independent desire to protect women or keep their players out of the police blotter other than it affecting their bottom line. So if they are making changes to show all or display that they care about these things. Well. And it's costing them money it's as simple as that. Yeah I mean he had them in that type broadens the discussion but I mean the 49ers do care about how they are perceived there's no question about Iraq and the air side outside wins and losses and the Bay Area if there's any. Sports area that does care a little more about. I don't I on the field issues I think it is this one I'm not sure that that's necessarily true writing a lot of places care. Some places more than others but. The 49ers have established that they care a threat that the raiders have established that they care. We can't say anything about what the warriors believe going to examines and confronted by this by. The point is four and I say it depends as demonstrated that they care so that's your team taker laid it. Since you mentioned the raiders. Do we. I'm hint we've had several raider fan's point doubts that. The raiders passed on urban Foster and then quickly scooped up Navarro Bowman which seems like. A decent trade off all of a sudden. People want to credit Reggie McKenzie. For being on top of the situation right now. Though they're the raiders are not this problem right now. I wouldn't get smug. Mug I need because unless you can convince me there Reggie McKenzie knew. Ruben Foster. Who's going to get and this much trouble. Four months after he picked up Navarro Bowman. Then fine he's clairvoyant and they should be winning a lot more than they should based on that scale alone. I. I don't think it says anything about the raiders are there then. One of their employees. Did not get caught doing this. Recently. That's solid I doubt that's solid points that's good though an alternative on the agent its your. It's not something to praise it's something they know well what the raiders died you know didn't get. Didn't get involved in that but it doesn't say anything about anything. Mean they could be involved in one and two weeks or six months or a year its its. It's what you do when you're confronted by the problem that defines you that's right and I think he patients cannot you cannot. Legislate against every person's behavior at all times no corporation. No sports team is good enough to do that they don't they're not. Powerful enough to do that yet and here is what do you do when something happens that defines you and add onto that to presume that the readers not drafting Rubin Foster. In the draft was because they were incredibly insightful about legal concerns is ridiculous we don't know why anybody pass on this guy and in fact. There's a pretty strong argument that many of the teams are passed on a more worried more about his shoulder. Then about his personality well amid all that speculative we don't know what the raiders interim thought about really don't know anybody thought about. Now because there is the draft is basically the international liars club. And everything you hear from any team about any player at all times is by definition a lot because they are trying to protect what they believe. From the marketplace. So the 49ers and I mean supporters are problem the raiders do not this doesn't say anything about. The moral superiority of the raiders over the 49ers nor would it say that if the raiders had a similar situation. And you wanted to talk about how much better the 49ers are. Everybody's in the same boat. Mean. Stop trying to make this about see where better venue that's insane. And yes as someone pointed out the raiders did have at least one arrest during the season this year so I think throwing stones in illegal circumstances with football teams is going to be a very. Very dangerous behavior I do want to mention again. Because. Mostly because I'm trying to get. Some runoff from your. Area sports hall of fame purchase that tomorrow is a big day for you if you're an NBA all star fans are you don't have to listen let's. I'm 57 game presenting the Bay Area sports hall of fame all star fly away. Now what does that mean NBA all star game coming up this weekend. In LA. You get round trip air flair to LA. You get a hotel stay in LA you get tickets to the all star game end. You one free gas get to golf the Olympic club's lake course and then go have dinner with warriors legend Rick Barrett. The meeting all day tomorrow starting at 7 AM all proceeds go to Bay Area sports hall of fame helping at risk kids and if you want more information just go. I 957. The game dot com. Before we run out of time here I do wanna get to a couple warriors notes because. Some injury. Well they've reported some injuries heading into tonight's game against Phoenix. Specifically have a cause they sprained left some do we know John Benn is did he hurt himself last night at the see if we can figure that out because I don't think he was on. The injury list before yesterday when he played a daily game German green listed where they sprained left index finger he is now officially out for tonight against Phoenix. I would call that. Breast a real. Well I don't know what his fingers Arab as rigorous by the way if it's not hard to conclude that this is. This is a maintenance that I'm confident if there was a playoff game dream on would be in line. OK but you can say that about aligning interest of course I'm just saying Stefan curry should not have played a bunch of the games and 2016 that he played in the post season SharePoint. So I don't know that that's the standard. No how about this if this was compelling regular season game I'm confident drama angry would be in uniform. Okay. Again same same argument dial. I mean there are games in which you want all hands on deck even if some of them aren't at a 100% not sure I agree and I part. Now for this team. They're their half game ahead and bought of Houston I don't care you cared do you think it matters whether they have home court advantage. I don't particularly but they might. OK but I'm sorry about what I think and if it's me there is no regular season game that is important enough for the warriors. That I would put. Someone on the floor who has a significantly higher risk of additional injury. You know and I realize there's some. The eye and we're where. We're down the rabbit hole. I'd look I agree would you this is probably more maintenance than anything else. But. I I don't know what you want to make an in this other than. This could be there and significant enough injury. I mean what it when it went what if you know. Shootaround tomorrow we jams again and makes it worse in a moment what if what if he gets hit by car coming home from practice as you probably won't be available Wednesday stuff not so worried about that now I just did its profit. I think to an injury exists. I think. The fact they're at home against Phoenix which doesn't guard anybody in routinely gets blown out by everybody that's right makes this an easier call. But it doesn't necessarily mean that it's skull dug brief us households are periods where we've we're I think we're through with crossed that rubicon for the NBA. Rest days are fine. It's part of the game so. It's what happens yeah I was just saying I'm not worried about German greens finger and I'm just trying to make light of a potential injury I don't know why. That Texas Tech. In final potentially you know guys here's why I enjoyed I enjoy the discomfort of others that I really want to ask you. And it kind of relates to that what we're just talking about but who is tonight's game not meaning anything and how much any regular season game means for the state. There's this instinct that we wanted to draw conclusions. Because of burst or sports people well also there is watching drug conclude all sports fans wanna draw conclusions. Often prematurely. One of the moderately confusing and challenging things about talking about this for your season is that. I struggled to find a conclusion we can draw from any regular season action that changes the way I feel about. The future of this team this year. Short of a major injury. Because my questions individually might be do we make anything of the struggles against Oklahoma City in Houston do we make anything about the apparent to return to some sort of form against the spurs do we make anything. About the continuing first quarter struggles but the real question is. We make anything of anything because. You can put all that stuff and bad as far as I'm concerned I still think the war is won the title. Here's where I just take one of your examples. Their struggles against Houston and or their struggles against Oklahoma City matter. It may mean that. What if they play them at some point in the post season. They won't get the blow them out five games like they have against Houston every time they played it could be at an enormous struggle. And I would put it to you that one of the reasons. They didn't close out the cavs and 2016. Is because they expended so much energy having to come back from 31 down to beat Oklahoma City. The fewer. Long series you have to deal with the better your chances of winning at all it's not foolproof. But as a general rule. You don't want to have to play extra games if you can avoid it. Sir your shirt there's a place where the regular season can matter. Out of it but does it let me ask you that then does those one and two record against the rockets change how you think that playoff series will always know it's how they played. It's what you saw from the rockets. In those games. Not necessarily the result but how hard it quite right they put may have a hard time beating Toronto but they beat. They have a hard time beating Boston. But for the most part they beat them there are teams that give them a much tougher time the tunnels. It could in Minnesota but Minnesota. I don't think he's built for the playoffs I've become a coach can't coach a playoff ten minutes or so analogies they don't defend well enough. They simply don't. Why we're gonna had a great off air conversation about the Minnesota Timberwolves but doesn't have any conversation off air about them all I'm gonna tackle you were gonna talk about the jewels whether you like it or not. No I it's there are things within an eye regular season that you can pull out. And used as instructive. Com the post do you think those two losses against the rockets are especially instructive to know the war the way Houston LA do you think the way they played him in those Kansas is instructive you I you have changed your opinion on how long Mets series the last. One I think it I think it less likely there will be a five game series. Less likely than it was last year. Unless you're before or luckily but you in otherwise think Houston is better yes I well Houston is Larry here's my question do you did you think before they played Houston this year. You thought probably still five game series but since they've played them you now think six or seven. I think it's more likely there'll be six or seven parent well that is something I say I. The only hope that other cappella and Adam's name has gotten into my head a little bit but I keep telling myself if Jordan bells healthy. That helps a lot dealing with those guys and otherwise I just can't work up fear. For Chris Paul and James Harden can't do it don't. Don't know. Putting a gun to your head though that might be a good idea. I mean I don't know for sure if you don't believe that I think there are teams. That the warriors play. That they find it difficult challenge. And I just gave your forum. Do you think the rockets are one of those tapes I think they are now oh god I didn't think daddy Erica do you think the thunder one of those types. Yeah I don't think either one of them are likely to beat them but it isn't gonna be Bo Sox India a cakewalk like it has been now I mean. Houston in the past which is the team that wanted to Jack up threes and didn't play any defense there are much better defensive team. They have they that is on or bite to them that is definitely true and they contest more they contest more possessions than they ever did before. That makes them better. No question and and with the warriors in every every position you don't contest is a three quarter period that's it tonight. Less challenge on tap as the wars we'll take on the Phoenix Suns. Coming up next the afternoon delay would Greg Papa and bond to a hill. We'll continue covering this urban Foster she gets you ready for tonight's game. That's it for me and mr. I don't own ball be with you all weekend noon right here and on especially if you throw to make the blood run cold people.