Hour 2 - Papa and Bonta - Rod Higgins, Cavaliers Trades, Reuben Foster

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, February 12th

Hour 2. Papa and Bonta are joined by Rod Higgins (Former Warrior and Warriors Front Office). We talk about how close the Rockets and Cavaliers are to challenging the Warriors and we continue to discuss the Reuben Foster situation. 


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I've scored in the first quarter Vontae by twelve. Points when you add up all the numbers the opponents have scored. And the warriors are scored twelve less in the very first quarter when you start for all stars in a very solid screen setter. And players outside Pachulia when that same five sim comes out to start the third quarter. They're out scoring the opponents 200. And 82. Howell is the same price of with the same substitution pattern of getting off to such horrible starts in games. But such great starts to start the second half and ask to be energy focus sparring early I don't know that that's alarming about. Yeah that is asinine and had to be swayed or differ from the athletic had this gets weird text you Derek the starter since January 1 minus 36. And then the second week second unit here since January 1. Plus 35 yourself something's amiss here I'll know what the hell is going well for starters start the first quarter but who are listening to many 57 game KG and CFM an HD one San Francisco. Let's bring in our good friend rod Higgins is now a scout with the Elena hawks are here in many parts of the game. Then it's our new body. There's there's never have we valued good. We have you. Yeah we can make you know. You are going. Governor Bob there do they can make magic happen within days about we know our journey is in the Western Conference pack your bags and it's tough better we play. That is stepped courage today after practice discussing the latest move by the Houston Rockets the Cleveland Cavaliers want to trading deadline in the by our market is all about welcome back to be our commander like Greg toppled bar say hill. I'm 57 game and we bring in our good friend rod Higgins whose Al Hagan debt hanging out would try to slink in the ACLU doing these days rod. Doing just fine down the most popular around what I can see and and you know didn't get my I don't. Are you going good here. Yes let's tell me what like what you're doing a look at mainly it college guys you look at a pro guys in last week when you guys got together have been out right before the deadline Maria rife with Trevor issue like just what what is your role with the organization rod because you've. You better Gianni that it assistant GM even a player your coach you've obviously in every jabbing you could be a great. I used to what Travis is doing as he learns to be GM this first year. Yeah I'm very Greek grey arrow watch in Europe college talent or will go on to them. I multiple first round picks. And so we obviously you are. The corner or home due march teen eats to recalibrate and term who didn't back to the post season and didn't back into the playoffs so. This can be a bottle blocked vitally important for us great to them to draft and draft writing and you don't try to build something special. And my question Travis knows what he's doing theirs so your your your acumen and signing in future Atlanta Hawks is going to be. Obviously pivotal to handle what he does in the off season and all that bounty of draft picks that. Just take it back to when you were a GM in all different spots with Horry assistant GM and Molly and anywhere there and Michael Jordan in Charlotte in this this buyout market. How long has it been in place in the NBA. Rod in how does it actually. Happened because Horry said their their sights set on several guys are gonna be bought out they wound up going to other places. And there make it almost the exact same money when you look got to figure they were bought out for. Well what they're signing with the new change so how does is buy out market work around. Buyout market using woes when they're between them the player come to an agreement that is probably best for goodness separate. And it's usually post. We trade there aren't so players can now deceased person on the team it's not going to occur else maybe. The team is currently on our. You know him an independent agent in the team didn't come to some sort of agreement would be so money on the table he agrees to a lesser. Among video aired on his contract and so amount of for march 1. He can go and try to do what you're seeing there may be eat you you can't be routine. They're maybe championship bomb aspirations routine their past the ability to maybe go deep in the playoffs. Our bloated just accomplished maybe a better fit for the players' minds there where you feel better you know maybe I can go somewhere. Where now I can help this team and were Eagles. Curly haired old team. You know maybe there's one born anywhere written there also to go back communication so that some of that that the whole buyout concept. Accountable when live. In a lot of situations for the old team and deploy here have been in the could be a benefit for the new team kicking dirt there clear. Bring them on Iraq in a player can help them in the playoffs. Seems feasible strong you can you know can be go home a win win win I would sort of situation. There when your team like the warriors route and Bob Myers Shea you know that I had market is looming and they've used that in the past and in in recent years to acquire players after the trading deadline has to be in your thought process when you're talking about trading for a player one clarity on asking about is obviously guy. You know well from his career Marco Belinelli though Nellie drafted originally with the warriors and then to invent and different spots and honored to get a really good player for the San Antonio Spurs she does know the coaching staff in Philadelphia. And the reporting is that he is committed. That is signing a free agent contract with the with the F Philadelphia 76ers now. That there were reports that at the warriors were kicking the tires on Marco Belinelli. With the Atlanta Hawks and reddish like your guy so. Just tell me what you know about bella lilies game and was there was there AEA out of phone caller chill between. Bob Meyers and Travis trying to make a trade for Belinelli before the trade deadline passed on Thursday at noon our time for a. Well you know would would baht and Travis I'm sure they communicate quite often hitting would become their relationship and their mother passed. As working environment on and it also going to. Including they have been the best digital integration took basically talk to everybody around a leak so unsure. When they talk a cold conversation this could have. The ball go hallmark gold little note Bernard fractured local garden very Smart garden they're gonna call in any way to go talk to everybody in the leak. You know multiple domain new boot boot there's 10. You know having the ability to obviously desperate groups because education to record and he's he know still lead he's a veteran. You know these are the keys are under rated passer. So you know those deals they're all white league. And then go home. He's always been a market for those deals two you know courses are so important in our non league right now stretching the DM allowing Europe. Star players. Two alone. So operate Libby won't want sold to star player in Tacoma block. And he can operate bar themselves because they expert skier to double team cost you got. Three questions the ball around in Marco. Can do their armored Minnelli used to always joke about. You know and never have enough shooters and I'm sure I'm sure that old saying. This is still ever been with a lot of seeing green and should mean good in order to skill set that tone everybody can use. Rodriguez former Golden State or your former warrior assistant GM cars out with the Atlanta Hawks tornadoes too early afternoon delight pop a monster and M 57 gamer rod I do know Charlie slink. I said that at a cultural rebuilding here as you mentioned you guys have multiple first round picks and you guys will probably be active in the bio marker I do wonder about a guy like kit based more former Golden State warrior would do is there an interest there with maybe barn Alcan and based more because I to see if it from Gary Golden State Houston or every guy solid defensively and came to the point point. All of a little bit different which would basically you know this is car circuits as Matt. Market can't check it probably easily you know more well thought out it's it's more significant than cook. Very very own Belinelli so you know that's not a whole different conversation. You know. Gold arbitration that good charters haven't you know withdrawal Trajan construct like spirit. You received critical TrueCrypt because reformation where you know I know what things are sure doing what's best for all consideration. They're out here obviously two you know I'm getting on the scouting trail doing a lot of college word I know you're watching the league as well have you seen much of the warriors this year. And just why me why they kind of slipped a little bit from where they were last year run through our Washington. Well court colossal war as a means you. You know if you can prove that welfare and get the time. Tune in and you know the problem these colts sometime but commuted their late and maybe you want to provide a false. The bush campaign hey I know that the. Is there Cologne. It included a good while he's been in the history of the game could have repeated. Not hurt. Or she coached these are Syria in a half hearted Willis to repeat. You know I mean you know obviously if mark marking the occasion with Michael over the years and talked about how hard it is to repeat and soaring. And you. You can imagine how the mental and physical the secret any team picks are expected to be at a local borders are currently here we wanted to achieve the last. Two years they've won it. Polycom won its final one. So they have compiled a lot of minutes a lot of ball super cool whereabouts. So I would imagine they're going through a lot of the old things you don't put into this character is. Real. Boot the metal fatigue factors very real so. They'd know who they are a bit in making moves on the trade deadline could you got it better recruit. Yeah I would imagine at this point in time for them there just charter reiterate our all star game also are weak you know all star. You hope we're all probably bull Durham will reenergize. You know our I don't think it's. It's probably overrated but injured Kevin looking forward brings with. Eighteen more seem that you. You can hear about and you want them to play at a certain pretax gain safe every year it's probably not realistic. Both argued that period preferably the better of around thirteen picked it oh well we'll definitely figured out. I try to get to four straight NBA finals you really taxpayer and the only other Cleveland Cavaliers try to say get there before her role for them Nader role for James and Pelosi caught the game yesterday in Boston but their new guys played really well just talk about how how much Colby Altman is change the cavaliers and do you think bring in these four young guys in and out for young guys George Tiller veteran player. Are they that seemed to be in the Eastern Conference this year even more than Boston or Toronto again with the acquisition draft. Yeah and our first caller didn't seem to gain yesterday got a chance to Sydney. Good arm highlight concede stats seemed like the new guys. From the trades Damian and and so we'll culpable on the Mitt probably caught on top call Cleveland on the ride home from sort called Baltimore in the right moment. Crude to go to bed intruder. Murdered beaten down so to speak of Buddha. The thing that. You you got to be careful look you know you you'll see maybe. Exhibition go game like that and you compared calm all the right with the world but Coast Guard Kevin. Do your own this situation work being done wrong well how you respond within guard or will we flew to Kabul created role and how do you respond because. So some doubles players and as you know. Aren't base metal tested you don't know the clunker you compete and number port screen is going to promote the bar if he's gonna be ready. But over all the guys have been probably played a bit championship caliber so. When times get tough when they're tested. That's one button you can really seem. Well that seemed is going to be you know one game after the trade deadline on the that would lead hold out into it I'm sure there's excitement goal. Because they do played obviously well. Boredom he left home to an automatic getting. Yes they did Brad thank you so much for your time give my best to your family hopefully we'll see one near your gut dirty show wind down with the Atlanta Hawks we will see out here in the springtime thank you my friend. The entire point guard. Thank you rat rod Higgins former lawyer former warrior assistant G in the current spell out what the Atlanta Hawks tournaments here in the afternoon delight we will get back into their Foster later in the show but first are we gonna talk about those Cleveland Cavaliers did cavaliers scary yesterday will discuss right here and in -- summed it. Then Greg Palmer show on 957. It's almost like the move. We Georgia. Don't just run team. Then we just came off the bench. His first quarter points his composure was great. Because it's almost always loses control news release are great for her roles done a lot of them don't. Just over the moon goes so all of us knows my potential. That's LeBron James after the cavaliers beat up on the Celtics yesterday sunny afternoon once when he won the 99 and LeBron James is now. I'm happy happy guy with his new bunch here welcome back to react to the delight popular bar say maybe 57 game and pop what else watching game. I just thought about you forcing gonna say boy. Positive that the book a flight to Cleveland in June. And that's a hotel reservations there because it looks like the U it's hard hit back to Cleveland for another date net IRS slicer happy that I'm not out. Out he's open it got a little bit are. We did have a bit we did have the any disagreement especially after the carrier ring trade went down late in the offseason I love Boston clearly was the favorite. And I think you know going into the day as the trading deadline in two hours before Cleveland was just looking awfully when fight they lost thirteen of nineteen games they now won three in a row last. Yesterday afternoon was their first time. You know debuting a new guises. But Ron articulated so. And they beat Boston but I do wanna start before you get in the Cleveland of their acquisitions and other played yesterday how I see them going forward. The Boston Celtics are just awful yesterday there'd there'd lack of wants to I'm the and the defense event especially. With you know Doc Rivers back there Rajon Rondo back there they would at the ceremony after the game OK I really don't forget about her having Internet Garnett was there retire Paul Pierce's 34. You're just not defend the way to did not defended. Yesterday there were several plays that bothered me Jason Tait and has got to play. He needs a little more nastiness game he has the skill set to be a good player Jalen brown as well. But the one we're Greg Monroe Dante just let LeBron James go away and he literally grabbed him around the waist like they were tangling. I don't know what he was doing there so. Just seat the lack of physicality. It reminded me last year. Now the Eastern Conference finals here first when I don't know what would not. Not knocked James down and you've got to stop him if you let him go freight train style. Like Karl Malone all the way to the goal he he's got to score quite obviously he can finisher on the go make him shoot the ball. You know have you ever seen LeBron James pull up. After he commits to go on to the basket. Pull up and make a shot in the lane he does not do that it's rare leadership shouldn't yeah I can't they get an ever doing the so either shoot the long one he has changed making a shot or he eat he drives in pitches out to a shooter. Or the last thing you don't want I'm doing it has taken all the way to the rim and get this several times in the most pregnant rose lack of defense officially Caylee was alarming but. So on the trade came down on Thursday. There are two ways to look at a from a cavalier perspective the first one I think everybody candidate looked at is one of Scobee Altman doing. He just gave the LeBron James they won one ticket to break a quarter perfectly just god Jordan Clark since contract. I ask you about today now the cavaliers are better we'll address that coming out. But head Coby Altman not taken on Jordan collections contract. Would anybody else have done it. I don't think so it's not not now possible late lakers don't get James on the number of Clarkson right. No no did not did not know I mean that it will need to make this move here I'd get it is clearly hesitant about their future. If LeBron James does do we know we all think he's headed to LA the play from the lakers Sophie does leave. Had a nice young asset like Jordan Carson Blair remains junior he could do a lot worse here so for Cleveland I think at. For sure they're one of the only teams are probably would have taken on George arts is contract but that was Smart from their vantage point because going to say next season they'll have kept the love you have play every day as juniors Jordan Clarkson as well. They're so it's not a deal bad building block plus you have the Brooklyn pick so Coby Altman acting can't hear deserves a lot of credit for flipping their roster keeping them competitive for this season with an eye on next season in case LeBron James leads. There's no question he had younger more athletic he got better than the than the six guys CC threw out for the four guys you brought that trichet the trades. Plus she threw a first round draft they keep in mind as well also seven assets went the other way before they got back our way better. Then the other six are yeah forgot about disputing that died a bad but it but then they pick it. There's a mistake they made was acquiescing do diary Irving's demands back in the off season. And then. They may have opened it up for change to leave so come July is James signs with the LA lakers now the spot let's get it back on Coby Altman. The new GM replace David Griffin I understand. Just some point they may say. We don't care feast day in her leaving or coming here going what ever. We gotta get younger and better and they did so now to the new team that they have. Any one thing you've got to keep in mind I thought of it right away. Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance junior were teammates with the LA lakers and they've played together in that second unit. And they played really well a lot of high ball screens from Larry and inch junior Jordan Clarkson. Is a really good offensive player he really is I think he's the one guy ever is talking about and I don't have the IT guy and Irving's out of there. Who can break it down off the dribble by himself besides change well. A short Clarkson can't. And certainly if he gets a high ball screen he's a good shooter he's a good offensive player he's a young guy the problem is why. The lakers one of the not a they're gonna pay a 26 million dollars over the next few years now I think also shrewdly called the alt and I'm sure. The Laker brass were trying to make this deal work Clarkson had to go he's the guy they had to clear the space to get to Max contracts in the summertime. I'm sure they tried to peddle Julius Randall and that deal never got Larry Nance junior as for Kobe all but as the charge here if you want change in the summertime. You get any glaring chances kid in that Julius trend although I like Randall. The better players they're Nash junior so this Kevin Clarkson an inch junior teammates together in LA. And I hadn't thought about this for George L. Was in Utah last year wasn't so I know you he would Rodney hood. Also we're teammates right last year so when I'm watching a lot of hail in order pick and roll game you're watching Clarkson. In blaring and she wanted to pick and roll game you got one thing that was blown away. As we talked about this today at the deadline last week on Thursday we talked about it with several of our guest of the whole hoopla are aware that in. Likewise with with Larry Riley. You know which you make this kind of trade middle of the year to bring all these new pieces how was it gonna work I was really impressed. With how well they played together right away they had one practice on Saturday yesterday was a day game. But as Jeff Van Gundy pointed out during the broadcast on ABC yesterday that it is such a pick and roll. Heavy game and you do have. Two different sets of teammates that the guy should you chop play together the guys with the lakers play together. But I was really impressed from the other Boston was awful. But he had to come away thinking wow Cleveland looked like they can play together at least right away another Vanessa bumps in the road later on a after the all star break and I was really surprised how well they played together right away about ten. Right away and is this is after he beat Atlanta Friday night with only seven players are only seven deep now we know hawks aren't full take Mo here they're not very good at all but to win two straight games here one with seven players today and Sunday to beat Boston with only one practice I mean Ruddy good looks move. And how they can hear that if Cleveland. Nobody who's gonna wanna play them in the Eastern Conference instill an ultra models a lot better but they're still to Toronto. The playoff Toronto Raptors were a kind of disappear and they shrink from the spotlight here in Boston. Boy they really need Gordon Hayward here to add another score and only to have Marcus mark yesterday that's probably worse summon her toughness wet but it mean data and look at what they remind him in Eastern Conference finals in Cleveland was OK with carrier we take it all those shots and George Hill not a bad defender when he is engaged here so Cleveland makes her move. Houston makes a move would Joseph Johnson your pop the buyout market they bring in Brennan right debris and Jo Johnson I know we kind of wanted to iso Joseph to be out here Golden State but the one big one we thought who would come back to go to state was Marco Belinelli who gets bought out besides the sixers pure pop or kinda disappointed. How much money did they give him fearless what is the biggest ones aren't really taking any bit of a hair cut as those guys are almost making the full amount they would have made it. Pre buy out. So I think one factor here the more years are already far in the luxury tax what are they at 137 I think these are numbers 119. So you can afford it taken some money out of these other teams are just desperate. To go out and get these guys because they gave almost of Marco Belinelli is making my 300000 dollar house last film he would have made had he stayed in place for Travis like you Mike cardinals are. The whole year so these guys who get their full value anyway plus or go on a much better team. Right and Joseph Johnson one million dollars series so USO I mean the lawyers not active stood Dick do you fearing it is wolves what does Joseph Johns and have left for Houston Rockets earlier I mean obviously they're a threat to go to say lawyers say get a lot deeper here and he blushed again this ordered are now starting PJ Tucker -- at a Ryan Anderson not talked yesterday just Dallas Mavericks Houston played a little slower in America customer playing but they're allowed to eat there just is deeper about the deeper than a ghostly way of your closest to move here would Joseph Johnson. Can they actually get a reaction topple the got to say waters of the movie like this spread of breath. Right off the bench Joseph Johnson did their precious war. And they went with third doing it which you have to size up in the buyout market you know George show obviously did start. For a Cleveland yesterday but most of these guys are going to be bench guys obviously authorities bring in Joseph Johnson he's not gonna start I could be your finishing five likewise. For Marco Belinelli the rockets also brought in Brandan Wright. So what I what I'm strictly looking at. Wait the these acquisitions these other teams are making is how does there. Second quarter unit. Match up with the warriors three wise men and play in drama and the key thing with Houston. Chris Paul runs there second unit he comes out James Harden plays all first quarter like Katie it's after you. Chris Paul comes out like mid first quarter Chris Paul goes back into start the second quarter so now. They got Chris Paul. They got Joseph Jackson. They've got Gerald Green. You said PJ Tucker Shiite majority they don't start them off to bed Bob moute lukewarm about the OJ. Nene. And don't don't forget Brandan Wright yes. The former warrior could also so I can help saintly thinks they're not gonna play Nene anymore no known a day. And they're gonna go to inflate brained and right. And also so they're getting. This this lineup is a concern. With Paul and Joseph Johnson they had scoring and Gerald green is more of a balance to start teaching PJ Tucker but it whether they bring writing in about moute. You know they got some guys to match up I think they want mbah a moute on the floor mortgage terrain at Sony may sub in a in a play which are against Iran in the first quarter. And then the other side that side that their bench is becoming deep they are deep and the other side of the from Cleveland standpoint. They are clearly deeper. They are more athletic. That they have what I would call all lie lie yours meaning. They are all capable players you always try to find one guy you could rotate off club right you don't have to guard him. I usually has some of those guys you can rotate off of it Bob bump but a moute is going to be a much better three point shooter so obviously Malone. He's back and had shot down. So with Cleveland and they don't have a second great player. On the roster like they did obviously with driving hurting and other guys they're Thomas is a great player that does have one story can come to love zero Kevin Love very well here's here's what I'm getting hit so. They they get love isn't a tremendous offensive player. But so there'd they don't have a weakness they have very good it. Players. All the way around kind of like the way the giants are duo would move the line. You know and it is not a bad black hole this lineup at all. We can pitch around you gotta go after the gather all guys you have to deal with but the other main take away. I took from watching Cleveland yesterday currently the way they're playing. I don't know if Kevin Love finishes games for them. Because now there's also no one you can attack. Where you can really go at him now I know George kills defensive metric numbers. I don't know how much he was trying to Sacramento I know that I can guard. And by the way his won loss record against the warriors and every stop he's been in a it's eighteen and forceful also he's a difference maker starters are you pop out but here's what here's what I'm saying. But the tough call they're gonna make. They've lined up they started yesterday. LeBron James folate for he'd play power forward. Any flight I don't think he plays small forward the whole damn game. So I think they're better certain not gonna start this way because it is Kevin Love. But he will start to gain. And he will start the third quarter I think he get into a finals game and they may venture like they did it a couple of years ago Vontae if Kevin lob. Is not on the floor. You don't have anybody you could really attack I think their best and. Opera Tristan Thompson was better yesterday invigorated it's almost like you don't -- cart as sort of subsidies now in his life brought in better players around health plan and record it repairs those girls are hard workers are okay shut out the fight Larry Nance junior. Jimmy. Could be your finishing five and you play delegates the lawyers out there and LA to probably heard as junior let's talk he had an aggression you know the war you don't don't ever director regular. He'd like Kenny Kenny play five. While they played change it for the idea that yes he can play five authorities are playing try to mound. Let me ask you can play fight against strain I've always baker an edge in value are changes before they have the PLC kid's bodies are finish games. So you know the they got a lot of and that means they got a lot of different species here so I think the real Paul's gonna be. If when love comes back and hand heals all stardom. Died in big games when it's coming down the stretch not track in time. They they don't have to play love they can bomb LeBron to four. And go small. And now he got a whole different animal because you know when loves on the floor. You wanna attack Kevin Love you wanna get in every 15 point 35 whoever the hell he's guarding is gonna come over and set a screen. And then to force him to switch on to anybody whether Stafford Kevin Durant whomever. And negative attacking him. So now with this group in effect they've got nothing but live wires better defenders they're if you can block shots all from your flight Thompson should go small with Thompson James burger addict employees Jay's gonna play for more. Turn now are getting covered Kevin Durant changing a duck got look at your whole damn career or so I think when it comes right down to the end I'd say they now have a line up where they are not required to play Kevin Love wow. In Cleveland just gets better you are listening to got a little iPod boombox and only 57 game who will talk a bit more about Aruba Foster here coming up at 148. Adam Caplan can you just can't join us to a club Bill Romanowski former NFL are backwards when it's at 230 pertain in the Rubin Foster care but we are talking NBA and a buyout market here and one disappointing we all assume that Marco Belinelli was headed back west to join the Golden State Warriors here so what do warriors despite not. Being able to sign Marco Belinelli after he was bought out are you missing any thing would be nice to have another shooter here to come off the bench or do they really need Marco Belinelli here in the Bay Area popped. Yeah I think here. Scale and I do like Marco Belinelli I was hoping that I got excited when I saw we're just tweet says that you send me I was disappointed that he went to Philadelphia but he knows the coach there from San Antonio so it does make sense. So bottom line is now. What do they do what is it grouper dot announced she Steve is being one of these kind of guys are Bob again. But the guy is known now we've already got the trading deadline passed we got the buyer market and Kobe more names that come into play. But maybe not so maybe it's just star groupie. So you know what. All recast speed where have you gone. What happened to him I thought he was playing great and then they get sick. And he can't any right now back to he looks completely lost she wanted to shoot the three pockets we're fortunate applause even shooting threes the first of all it takes him so long do one call he'll. The three he's got ahead he has the opposite of the Dan Marino released a script for and he can hit a calendar usually portal second clock just sounded as simply because all pre law limits takes forever. So they can get out and close out on him. But beyond that. He was still playing well as a cutter a clever pass sir are hard working defender he's not a great defender. Now he's completely lost his way. Any other thing. He's seen the very the last guy to get in the game in an NN Saturday night to us. It was garbage time garments flag eats YUP eight Yahoo! or minutes didn't play until the very end Sean Patrick McCall. And it cost plan like every single day happier he's saying and industry average. Or maybe Santa Cruz or whatnot but how are you as a young offense showed that killed surely didn't get treated senator and I took five -- spotted boy and every three more minutes out of it I thought boy forcefully deny reports that for a minute and let up for lost time pay that he had died and that's what may be thought that maybe Joseph Johnson to be perfect fit here. And not how I know he's got comedy how I met Bob May be there's a possibility our doors we jettisoned they care about they do love him in the locker room here did you imagine if you there may be time and apply elsewhere you have to place wag EP and that is gonna drive you crazy when you look at the squad that Houston and I'll bring in Oklahoma City Minnesota lulls but this YEPs are out of the rotation I'll recap who played seven minutes more for three senator and iPod too poised. Three rebounds what is it gonna take people out he's the all star break ordered anybody to may be hard as both Joseph here. I've no idea because the guy's a shell of himself and IE he really played well. For a long long stretch in an early in January. They get sick he missed a couple of games and he may be physically bettered his game is sick he's just not playing well he's just out of rhythm. So I you know so other any other names because the latest buyout market works. Is they have to be. You have to clear waivers get bought out. Clear waivers by their existing team by march the first you can still sign them. After march the first but they have ticket bought out clear waivers the whole process to leave the team. And basically it's bad teams so as we QB gone through everybody is going to be I got imagine. They'll the other buyout names that will surface after the all star break or somewhere between now on March 1 well. Rick do you have Tony Allen here who could be or should you can sign in many senses aren't always army outweigh lot saudis are you know why he got waved Tyreke Evans is a buyout candidate Channing Channing Frye jokes you know look should guys behind me ready for. Wilson's about your delight club those titles are totally damaged you know why would they do that when they shut him down trying to trade him. They're not it is by amount I wouldn't think but it's posh I don't think getting those guys help you. Well what's your look at that side in the bottom line girls who don't wanna Derrick Rose now. Our mercy of flavor here I don't buy our keynote now I mean so the bottom line is she just she shut the door it's these fifteen guys and let's go. And let's let's get better play and that I had Andre did play better this week he started there on the floor better. I think Sean played better David West his behavior was superb 66 every night he's a guy got it you gotta get a call goal difference going down to Santa Cruz and you energy you know making that winding road and highway seventy and get over the mountains. They're sick yet I don't recast be going but at some point about today and I can do it right now but over the summer. I'm telling you. This Andre would out of three year deal he's not gonna last three years so there's no I'm hoping to get three more months I occur and then comment. You know April 15 to get a two months rank you play from middle April 'til middle June. You may have to play sixteen games or between sixteen and 28. Just trying to get through that. At some point here you can hear me loud. And Hannity screaming from the not taps that is there any. They can trade him and Sean. To get Paul jaw appears oil Derrick let it out if I'm a G these days it's not redacted do it now they're gonna win on March title. But I you do you have any of the he's about to make three more years I think we're just trying to get through here right so it's just not gonna happen so in these other teams in Andre is not playing as well. And Sean as you Sean. These other rosters will start to scare me they're not gonna do it this year assuming. I'm great plays well Sean plays well you got enough to win right now I don't care by the end had to play the the guys if you don't if you don't have Q what you don't want to. But at some point here I mean c'mon are you of remotely confident shots in the last three more years. I'm not I'm not I'm not Andre Iguodala as well those accounts are shining are I mean I knew it. Our joint three years 45 the I'm not I'm not sold on it yet he's still won't shoot the ball they looked petrified she's totally part of Saturday night but he didn't run the floor better you play defense about bought the second in his defense of intensity flicked a game this is San Antonio Spurs less Saturn and I'd let's talk. We gotta get back in Iran the Foster your pop on the you'd hate. Hypotheticals but the plot of the 49ers. To cut with a false or we'll talk we'll discuss some options here for a 49ers are here and if I said again. Now that's a good read on the shelves on 957. Games. They talked a lot about changing the culture of the 49ers knew it and they they had to send a message and did that this stuff is gonna lie here. Earlier this some cases aren't going to be taking chances. Best man Mayo go in the offseason talking about second chances or what not. And we just start this discussion here problem are rumors also rope course was arrested Sunday morning for domestic violence have an assault rifles or assault. Weapons here pops so what would do the 49ers do here. They case who have fostered does get suspended. And case rumors Foster does face a six game suspension are. He and Jim Burke may come down say you know what we're not we're not. Tolerating this any more we already went through this what all this maturity want to listen Bruce Miller Ray McDonald Chris Oliver to a certain extent. We're not doing this so what if they do part ways with Wilbur Foster her popular welcome back to BR two white problem bonds they are 57 game here do you go out and sign players huge Afro consulate when you do here to afforded ourselves quite a hypothetical game well. And I like playing that game but if anybody heard from at Mayo calls from NBC's towards cleared I kind of forty niner insider was right after the niners decided let's. For Maine Brock go and train brought by the way it was never brought back in Italy. And you know that is the number now is seventeen. Forty niner players arrested since 2012 but remain Brock. Is the one we look at just because that is the one. That involves this administration this is this is China lynch Kyle Shanahan. And they lecture remain Rocco right away now I don't know what kind of information. They gathered. But he was dispatch from the team immediately. They are in the process of gathering information or write down airports remain Rappaport was she's in the building maybe right now she's speaking was in this morning. I'm sure is going to be a lengthy sit down and the owner may be involved in this should Jad the CEO when he brought NN. Certainly that GM and head coach made an offensive coordinator Irish ally and I'm sure this is going to be a high level. What exactly happened what are we looking at tell us everything we don't want any leaking out later that I wanna be opened with a league. And Kaplan who's on top of this for ESPN will be joining us coming out potential clock on that the very latest on what he is here. Around the league and from 4940 act. But out. I I don't think. They'll cut him. Even if the information they gather if it's really really bad for me really bad. Then they may have no other choice. But. Assuming it is not. Highly highly egregious. I think you're gonna if they're gonna find a way to bring this player back end of the team now to your point. He may be facing multiple. Suspensions I don't know Eric branch. We had about a 1230 from the chronicle broke the story yesterday. Just taking the the assault they DR domestic abuse domestic assault charges lingering with the arrests yesterday to the side. These diluted sample. Pacific on mine that's a positive they treat that as a deposit when he's drank a lot of water. Or whatever the hell you did it. You know golden seal the great wizard hater of all different devices out there for a the league is on top of all answered reserves are real Smith that we need our direct ways and greater degree there is there and I think he's back to Hamilton entered the Ontario but I think eventually they take that as a positive whether or not you're just training a lot of Foster drink water waters could story write. And he did that if it seems like audio on water use system. That's a strike against you go on the program targets popped on January the trove for wheat and in Tuscaloosa. Does he get his suspension from that. And and is separate issue in the domestic policy with the NFL domestic violence toward the Ray Rice stations regularly in the six games is out there. So but I'm so safe he gets a six game suspension. I I do not think. They could use out of the 913 and pick in the draft and I have to go to the come by an inhibition John Lynch against you know Jon Gruden and ask what most seem all over again. For who's gonna kick first it's your Bay Area changed one goes nine the other go stand. I don't think you're ready position to expand a draft pick on linebacker. That early in the draft I think you have enough if you bring Brock coil back the linebacker. I think we have enough with Eli herald and getting Malcolm Smith assuming he south they. I think you'll find there now you may wanna go out. And look at the best available. Inside linebackers in particular whether they're playing at a 43 or three for his guys that are not egg shatters an edge rushers more inside linebackers. And the number one guy out there is never a problem that he's a handbag. I think Faulk on third the raiders role will find a way it's always very blowing his phrasing generators seem to like Navarro Bowman of the key states and has side of the bay. A name that I do like that I think would be yet again assuming he's only going to be gone first a segment of the season bouncing not the whole year. Now they have to conduct an issue is this what he's telling them right now. Is so bad. If they decide that sick we're cutting this first round draft pick less than a year after we use the 31 overall pick on this guy. It was that bad then we may have a discussion about something meeting here. But a guy that I like right now let me guess when he guests earlier Preston brown. The buffalo Haas house source brown I think you'll be too costly and look at the guy that just. There's not gonna cost you a whole lot you may wanna bring an end anyway it's Todd Davis. Who went to Sacramento state Anke was the all time leading tackler for the hornets. Guy played with Denver very fired up playing a lot I thought it was a real liability of the pin there is coverage. Throughout most of his career he's a really good run player I think 25 years old yeah okay he's back to the point is he's not gonna cost you. A lot of money because he may not play I think they're fine. With Koyie Hill. Eli herald and assuming that Malcolm Smith gets healthy and then plug it. Rubin Foster backing it but you like your hypotheticals or get a whole way ahead of ourselves she's a lovable blue but you know he I don't know that I haven't studied the draft yet I mean. Yeah I don't think you using inside linebacker size nine or ten now you also have their pick coming up and every round. It's not just the first round you also gave up your second round pick remember to get Jimmy your arrival has gone. So I had to come back in the second round pick uniter gen the second round has gone. Or she was Smart ligature quarterback so I think we are getting way ahead of ourselves and I he'll be the Wear what I wanna hear and I think we wanna read it here. As an organization. How did they handle this state they issued a blanket statement through Bob Lange yesterday very general register growing information. Fact finding and nothing else. No what do they say. When Ruben leasing office today do they have any. Other statement they wanna light and sound isn't a legal matter and we stay out of it and then you know how to they went back to fan base because this is. You know we draw the line a lot of things these guys doing we let it go to some things they do this as one I think almost everybody out there has no patience for not mean Laura knows where now he knows our great talking about yeah how did they get their fans to like rube Foster again assuming they bring them back as a player. And he's a lovable guy defending slopes and they love number 56 a solid Marty talked about earnings he's an old Jimmy G. Can she garrote blown Ferrari Foster Rubin fostered a fan base isn't global Rubin Foster from the daily traded forum for today he got injured or Carol against Carolina. Missed six games this fan base lows Foster. But this is where. So many fan base was in the night and I just saw washed reaction yesterday. When the report came about there's a lot of fans that it does have no zero tolerance for DB if you think about what's been happening in the NFL Corey but a few dishonest reporter Rebecca from Kansas City. Apparently she loved a woman outside a look we would apartment so he may be too soon. Then maybe it to a situation here he NFL is whatever delegates case here. As far as trade rock pop he did so I would Seattle Seattle flip the enterprise all of for a seventh round picks so we did it actually but it was after his DV case was dismissed yourself we don't know eighty diesels we were over Foster maybe get a bowl bids for your to help Obama because the Fed based crop from what I see from what I can tell they love this guy. But if he does continue to get popped here to fed base and the organization will lose base is more defaults are and that turned your back quick here it's zero tolerance for domestic violence that bat especially today's world to move it that you mentioned the B two movement. Nobody has tarred for that right now when he talked about 1740 niners being arrested for the last what 56 years and that's that's not good. And how many of those seventeen left on their roster has no where we're going back to ever go back to the Harbaugh days in the bulky gays in the Chip Kelly days in the Jimmy TJ anywhere. They moved I think it's unity intriguing. How this administration of Chad mentioned Kyle Shanahan. Where health from the owner of the organizations how they handle this because we know. David I've spoken to some degree I do recall now you mentioned remain broccoli someplace. In the pre season and it's Seattle. Brought men and they wound up settling and so we did play now there's this situation change as far as pressing charges it wasn't enough there but they already made their decision. And again this is where. It's unfortunate. To some degree but it's not. Only in the NFL are only a sports it's in society. The bottom line is Dante. They are gonna trade route fostered differently. Then they treated for Maine Brock are like they treat adult and Smith and they gave him several. Situations to get plain old and it was may I don't think he ever really struck anybody said they gave the card MITRE was this car. They could kill somebody MR there's no doubt. But I hate you they are going to treat display your different had just here to tell you. Because he has a first round draft pick they did check him out before the draft or quotes from John Lynch talking about his character. A lot of teams took him off the board not just the shoulder but character issues with this guy immaturity. That diners thought they did their due diligence and expanded. One thing after the other some not as bad this one on the bad Nader is at the very top. So the key thing I I don't it would only exception of that I'm.