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Friday, July 20th
Jim Kozimor, Lo, and Dibs speak with legendary NBA columnist for ESPN, Jackie MacMullan. Then they have this Friday's edition of THE BEEF LINE!

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Cincinnati yet but dead bull pen. Just got DNA and Cincinnati was run or not at that point that's a great great aero for a's fans and I hope they get out to the yard this weekend start tonight with that the parade they never got. We'll little trip around. We'll trip for all the warning track. It goes in goes that was JJ fad the windows in some things I wanna yeah appreciate it. It was it was several similar size 51050510. People were that they jealous of big piece shakes out that was evident. If you have a beef with low not knowing the correct song all of beef line 4154038588. Best calls every Friday and Monday. Let's even think you guys text I tell me out Bellamy on the net a new C I thought it was supersonic district. And a straight at 7 o'clock but he got warming. We've got yellows in many by seven games he DMZ Athlon 61 point eight DMZ San Francisco a radio dot constant flow. Sort our attention of the National Basketball Association let's bring in one of the great NBA columnist you read her and see here on ESPN reader ESPN as well she's on around the horn. All over the place she is a legend the great Jackie McMullen joining us here on 957 game. Jacqui thank you for doing this this morning we do appreciate what NBA subtle yet that's very nice of you. Oh what NBA story if you can't take a look at the offseason and always seems that the NBA is so much fun in the off season. What stories right is right now most interesting TU from the offseason. Follow him down coli Leonard I still can't make any sense of it and you know there's a lot of without data covered the NBA. And nobody seems to still have a handle on what Kyle caught a letter to thinking what he would thinking what are we gonna do next. How is he gonna respond to that trade and I think it's the most significant story. And the interesting thing was I really thought that the Barnicle why would be in concert with one another. But their their futures were tied to one another and that turned out not to be the case LeBron decides to take the one. To the lakers without assurances stick why would end up there. And that I thought that dealt with intriguing. I do think. With collide going to Toronto again providing that he's healthy providing heat that two time spent two player of the year that we remember. Well you make Toronto very much a major player in the east I still think Boston at constituted. As it is the best team in the east with two with a healthy Hayward in an Arabic on the back but I've been sent down coli oh I can't remember. It's fascinating to see Jackie as to whether or not it's gonna work in Toronto if they succeed will he stay in if not. Does he go elsewhere to your point about LeBron James. Sticking his neck out essentially going to LA and being the first one without Paul George coming or collide. Is there a sense that LA is really kind of a holding pattern this year with ice toward next year when. Klay Thompson and others become free agents. I think that's the case but it never in a holding pattern with the brought. Look at that Cleveland roster and what he did he got dragged them all the way to the NBA finals and remember they blew up thirteen in the middle of the C chair and heard. So you look you would have to say that the team had a chance of bumper on it but it is insisting he went black. And now Kauai Leonard going eight began to peek out in my mind is the best player in the so. I do think the lakers are a bit of a holding pattern maybe it's for collided maybe it's for someone else I think we're gonna have to wait via and that intent of collide. I don't think he had much choice here you gotta play get a first prove he's healthy and second of all. Proved that he's not a suddenly the biggest prima Donna we've ever seen. In in you know a long long time so it who have sent a plane to play well Paterno and Toronto even if he doesn't say. It is to gamble but I understand exactly what they're doing had to do something guys we know that based on the last two playoffs. And they wanted to move on from DeRozan and that contract as much as they Lebanon's great yet. But you know his numbers in the postseason suggest that they need to move on from that so even that call I walk on him. They have the cap space for a big summer that we know he's gonna have a lot of big names and a lot of free flowing money from these franchise. The vinegar two more very profound social and talk about LeBron James when you have the you have a chance we understand that it's that it's the ball as we understand. It's the dubs in minister rests at the NBA it's not right herself. But what does LeBron what is at Laker organization need to do to really make himself even competitive. In the west. Well it's going to be interesting to see how all the pieces fit. But they have a great young core I mean who's not it's really fun and I'm not ready to give up a lot are yet Ella now we know he's going to be out for awhile with his. With a neat. Surgery. But got fired it was so I was in Vegas he was the best player there so they've had Brandon Ingram to me is the key in a lot of ways. I think that the sky's the limit for Brandon Ingram it'll be interesting to see how look on interacts with them it's been awhile since LeBron. They've played with a bunch of really young talented players is its thirteenth in Cleveland which is stockpiled with veterans that he personally chose. That's been around a long time so I think. If at some point during the year they can add you know gritty veteran with experience at that BB. And I'll start is that a guy that's been around that played it understands what it takes to win in the post season that would be my priority of family. The great Jackie MacMillan joining us here on 957 a game I got to ask this about LeBron because you pointed out Jackie he would handpicked guys in Cleveland. So if they didn't win at all they were his guys yet handpicked coach. He goes to Los Angeles. And I don't see a ton of NBA stars clamoring to go play with LeBron right now. It's a little does just a building went there is this a deemed to the. The overall body of work of LeBron that he is the greatest player of his her hands down no one could argue that. But tie for some reason no one wants to be his wing man. Well he's hard to play sort you know he's really like to play with two. They've heard played for that would really mean it I guess it's hard to play where it is demanding. He's uncompromising. And he doesn't play favorites is no question about that you know. You brought in he weighed one of its closest friend and it was an unmitigated disaster. I was a complete disaster in the locker room and you know Kevin what can only get blamed for everything in Cleveland. But Dwyane Wade was one of the pot and in that we've been locked room earlier in the year you know I think Condit took a lot of heat to. But he waited at a bear some responsibility. And so it is a bond sell the product into you know you know Brian went where my friend and colleague we will we got. Didn't even the question or doubt as Clinton only won one championship with LeBron Chris and went to the final again and again an exemption. Even he acts across the rhetorical question to Cleveland L abroad or didn't abroad fail Cleveland. And I really think it's a combination of both. Because they were. Always worried about losing him so they felt like we got to the and we now will we got to get a get a final step and he got a trade probably didn't get a basket thing about traffic. And the result was. You know you didn't have a young court to back up LeBron and and and I'd like Tristan Thompson and Jay Harris met the now the cat is stuck with minus LeBron. Yeah and that's not gonna be very comfortable fall toward the bottom of the Eastern Conference Jack McMullen on 9570 game turning the attention to our. Our local squad plucky little Golden State warrior team that aren't they they were so well like April Jackie net. To add a big question mark at center DeMarcus Cousins how do you think. He'll fit in and is his stay here as much about rehabbing his image as it is is Achilles. Well you know the beauty edited for Golden State they can take their time them. They don't need to Russian backed they don't need him to be. Perennial all star a double double guy they don't need that from him you know that better than I do and so it's going to be up in hand to make it work. Now the Achille Timmy is a big and it's it's the most serious injury and sports. And we are here are my another one colleague Kevin helped get along he thought the piece about. A player coming back from Chile and how they never have the same explosiveness party at a duplicate Elton Brand and Earl grant and that he had that bad injuries silk. I don't up the market hasn't delivered. With the world but again and Golden State doesn't need him to be back and strong enough personality to now locker room. It hit it to market doesn't start being crazy. They can get rid of them it's at five million dollar you know gamble and it's not a gamble of all this is the perfect fit for him in my opinion. And when you think about. The east and thing about LeBron and I think it's sometimes easy to use I don't want to put words amount do you feel that sometimes and you and Janice. The perception. Last eight years LeBron has been in the finals Nazi in the he's one of mom and they talk about it you know his hand picked teams in all these earnings but. What's player has had that atmosphere implements on an east whether it be weaker. Or stronger in the west all the different things people say but. In everyone says well he picked these guys this is him did he fail anyway. What guy what player when an individual has had that type of impact in that type of greatness that can still willed his team to championships or. At least to be named finals. Absolutely that transcendent player and not just because of what he's done on the court. Let's let's be honest. He took the landscape of the NBA and until that it's on at the year there's no question he hit the first player not Michael Jordan. Not Bill Russell street mr. Brian Hannity who took his own career. Intuit hand he took the power away from the owner and the coach is in the GM that the agent. I controlled his own destiny and Kevin Durant learnt from a and then has now done the same and so the empowerment that he had given the players. It's unprecedented in the history of the NBA and that problem on its start in and ends with LeBron. Our Jacqui before we let ego or we see on and around the horn and you could just tell us who he really wanna give a good kick and it is a visit woody Paige. Is it come on our Sid is a bill plaque is a clash. Are you tired or different yes but it's so much fun to forget because they're outnumbered that they'll say yeah. I thought I got I thought my good friend Michael Schmidt who by the way it was an intern at the globe I raised that didn't lock all. All of rug out from under me yesterday. Well that's awful it will be there will be payback on that net but it. It's you know it it's a great show. It's it's harder than outlook. But it is so much fun and we've developed such a kinship all of us saw that that's kind of my favorite part about it. You know I I barely knew bill plastic or additional now like I considered one of my. My best friend in the bid and sell it it's it's a wonderful on the show and you know that we've expanded that it talented young people like Mena trying to just superstar and I'm really somebody out I'm not gonna go down list that everybody. But it's it's been that great. It's been a great addition I've had so much fun doing it I can't tell you how much I enjoy and you know the other wanted to jump by about I think Rachel Nichols is just you know Grand Slam home run of the Dutch shell it's really undergone gonna be on the jump all next week. Austin they're gonna like it or not agree should always be promoting Jacqui well done. But Michael that operate tolerate those and others who are absolutely but Michael Smith federal watch his back that's all I now. Why does that back I'm saying yeah exactly help that someday soon Michael Smith will be just a little hope panelist thought the hook again and edit I got. I'm not a crime coming year away gentlemen on this and let's agility as we appreciate your rear bearing on their time have a great weekend. At a great I someone joins 7-Eleven the time. When we continue we had a big power coming up for you don't go anywhere we'll talk more about what's going on the NBA. More Bay Bridge series mental giants and had stuff to say. You're all about LeBron. We've got all that and more Jolo it is not a five. Game since. Chills going discontinued. Still I'm not he finds big gains. I am digging the sweet chances we get a role at 719957. Games under catch Jim Messina this is thunder cats. This is and Jana half didn't itself have to do this field no oil I don't think a big quiet and Atlanta remixes and on tour. That's our hot summer night's tickets are available. Live nation dot com let's get your role we just talked Dickey McMullen did not interview about. Why could she agrees that the U. She just did a great job a lovely lovely lovely lovely. Woman who as great NBA instances covered the NBA for many years. We're talking to her about the NBA why does NBA talk invariably turn to LeBron James. Unless programmer in general because you talk on this program there's one reason and one reason alone and that's because. One of the three people whose name appears in the marquee it is tends to swing. From Maine a certain anatomical region. Ronald LeBron. Watch the first clashed an answer shots fired OK you're wrong want to go rewind the tape. US the first question in LeBron got brought before I even said I mean. Before I even mentioned anything about LeBron LeBron was brought up so you're wrong and you're out of line percent I'm swinging from someone's. Part is wrong. And I don't ask a question I did not start to LeBron saga. That's. All the it was initiated. Nice decent uptick there was an act that I got to be announcing they don't that are under an all time high that is without those particular nicely and that uptick Whitner was a net regained the lead and say from the text line 95795. In a deserves a flag for Lerner doesn't quite know on hold on and it just one thing really went. Look at the physical flag and I forgot I was flying her on the roof and analyst at. Got a busy yesterday. I dishonest say I turned off my Mike to clear my throat light what not but you still hurt. Really weirdest thing honestly it must have been a delay sorry but I am gonna does that mean no view the flag will take. The flags already so there ego or get it or get an hour keep it real here in the busy 7 o'clock out of zebras and they're designed today but isn't this weird though cozy you're actually right. How a guy one guy I don't think he's the best player in longer. And she ride back to it Jim nobody. Held a guy has a sphere of influence and what he's been able to do for the NBA. The bad thing about it we you guys sit there and you can churn butter and never seen him do you know a Brown County Greengrass to make white but in my Mike Milken turned yellow butter think about. That you'll sit there and you guys talk about all of these things that surround this guy but what he's been for the NBA eight. Is impressive in his mark in his script influence has helped all these guys and people are doing when it his way. So sick would you want. We have the best team in the NBA and is still an association if you like to say they are ready. You are writing here so why is everyone getting upset with the brown when you have you have a team that. That LeBron probably has three more championships it's wrong or is it would have glued Rodney and think these guys will have the warriors yeah. Little rock the warriors have do you rattled his championships. What happens to everyone Maddon got you don't. Until. If but wait seven or seven flags that potter reference. Yes thank you seven a set up a bit. You get why you think it about a cow white and black cow can eat green grass produce white milk to turn yellow buttered pretty amazing weather. It's neat. So on the LeBron can. How can the rest of the and you go era by air there's the bulls era of winning on the three pizza they had. There was that Laker Colby. And Shaq era they want brain around right. And then you got this team in this air. Shouldn't this be the only thing people are talking about it's is one guy bigger than. Is one guy bigger than not well the whole of the Golden State Warriors wiping their parallel stories really because there are two things at play here there's LeBron legacy vs Michael Jordan who's the greatest of all time. And there is now this Warner team three in four years how they compared other dry great dynasties. In the history of the association as we all around in South Asia I don't know if we get enough discussion about the Golden State Warriors and where they. Stand in. History with a great greats because we always think about while joining gold far back enough to get to Bill Russell on those Celtics is that the ultimate championship right. It is but you look back at a time when there is just eighteen in the association as we look at the history of the association yep so when we look at the history of the just eighteen and you can argue that there at the competition was better orcas are just eighteen if you fight and this thirty team NBA. And it's close it down to eight in only had the best players. Or that the 96 players yes but if you took the Orlando Magic for example. Right now this magic team and threw them back in the day against the the Bill Russell Celtics that team is not the worst team in the association because the talent pool nowadays is far deeper more any yield. More kids playing basketball the caliber of ball. Is markedly better across the board and it was seven years and I know we are in a dangerous area alone because if you wanna compare teams and error as we always get that argument. We got it yesterday when we were doing. The invent a mom and better when people were saying you can't compare neagle attack line. With a great company to okay he's gonna go on the are going to favor and it was awesome it was stink an awesome. End result is. If you were to compare this war aid the warrior team did they get into the discussion with. Larry Bird Celtics with a Magic Johnson lakers with the Michael Jordan bulls with the Kobe Shaq lakers. Are they there. Or is that game so different that you can't use the Golden State Warriors ended a comparison with those super great. Do you think they do it why do you think people say oh we can't compare that to this air. You never heard them say that about LeBron James in the eighteen there and again all I'm making a play to make. You know what. If you got to do this the whole time in takes on you guys gonna continue this behavior to not let me finish that thought didn't and you guys are wrong this is global our radio where you gotta blame you. Crowbar. And it really good conversation. Do you want to have. Brad let me finish my thought what you'd drawn a different example for a change the gate it's just like LeBron. Don't do the Danny I'm not playing the goal of the game now mama okay let's. Goes you'd have to agree LeBron was playing with the heat. Wade bosh and about a team beat anyone compare that to Michael and Larry Bird and all those teams know. They did not compared to the Laker air under my point is. Everyone's comparing this team. The dubs that is insane maybe they could have played maybe they could. Why because it's so great I'm letting you know and letting you know that LeBron has never played on. Beckoned compared to this ducking so the air that you talk about your sanded the dubs get their just you know. That's what put them against the Michaels team that's what you're talking about bill what all these great teams can get ahead. This is it one of the greatest team that's ever been assemble. And now when you have cousin is a markets got that and he comes back what he can beat. This is the greatest team of all time I don't kill people say they can say whatever I underscored to show his growth abroad as a group of doesn't mean this is the greatest team. OK I think as violent motion that for the 415. Fortified they only hopes for a say on Kobe. I will Kobe didn't need to delegate vets to come play for him they went to him. All right so that's a difference because LeBron guarding Kobe army. If this Kobe army come and Daria become strong front can't seem to get those guys to come. Or at least we didn't we weren't able to see it in Cleveland he got. He handpicked that roster let's not kid ourselves. Right he did what he could. But he made bad choices. Because he's a terrible GM is the worst GM in the game. Are. Okay content of your. And get it out and get it delegate and ideally. He's only men that NBA finals have many times nine OK. Okay so so so everyone's taste bad idea yes. Don't teams which they can get the playoffs which are your favorite team honest. I I don't have OK but she does that work in the NBA nobody he give you do but anyways this budding toddler let my favorite teams Orlando Magic right how many times have been an NBA finals record isn't winning championships. Andersen Jake is innocent I am I right now at night sweats over Nikki Anderson missed some free throw. Look at the cigarette yes exactly realism. Irons look at the suns look around look at all the teams that are in the in the association or rap they can't save at nine years and roll a one guy. I said that so we'd look at it like that. So he's outta that GO. Yeah me. Giving me the guy is. He's been in my head and denying it right NBA final Rasul when he had AI you know he thinks. Let me end here UN when that guy went to pass the general manager in Miami. Pat Riley they were able to construct of complete roster that helped them win champion jerk but when it was just in LeBron is. And in his hands in Cleveland and he may handpicked every move. That was in the set and he won one. You can I just change that Ty re Irving 11 they want one. At best they did carrier Irving won a championship for the clean LeBron couldn't win in Cleveland without Tyree I fat. In fact that's that's true I tell you didn't know what does admit that and I'm. At bottom under the table and Zain thank you I'm glad that there's someone else here in the room with some courage when it comes to. Really analyzing and breaking down what happens I'm the associate what happened. Eat right he needed carried we get that. You think step wins a championship leader nab Klee wrong no he does it so what. HU beat both so I can make the same argument. It tell me something to us this team. That it does win a championship without Clint Johnson yet you don't remember this guy clicked on to what he's been able to do in the playoffs. Well one total they drafted him Los couldn't apples and oranges. You know great graphic I read duke so is apple to oranges men's room waiting here for a sucker. You got to you okay all right go against thinking it's you know what it's time. I need some people you Byron evercore Manny edit we need some beef line. The life that really gives you a lot. Each. Give me some Harris ranch beat this weekend I'm Jenny tell Malone this week and I can be big cooking up some steaks loaf. What a come on over play in the poll I've mistakes no thank you I don't wanna landed who would you coach the big slide is presented by hairs ranks legendary be legendary quality available. Throughout the Bay Area railways. And Nob Hill foods. Lugosi and for the biggest kick it merely flying let's sort of a number one. That's. Located at Q we'll make that either went and I guess we've referred to joke that you don't tackle ball both. They're headed. For a living and then there's no look like the women are pro Conan mark. Go all the little commentary. Forget the fact that you have no potential and any Jeff shell. This won't be cold it. This huge symbol for all we the condition of the men poor guy. My TV careers on the phone my IV sparkle with the afternoon sunlight. But close the last. That's pretty good about George and Laura Kelly didn't we kill the lad that we have that you can run Allen didn't does their hit me in the Koppel tonight elementary school playgrounds and I was in third grade of course tomorrow. But you know I'm sort of invent red nosed kid you got I'll leave it isn't of the mouth breeders and I was hanging out with back in their grip problems and elementary. Shops that are exactly. One room school was kids. Like either real. When I go to my elementary. A number to be fined whose get a kick it. Yes this cause and down there a lot of credit for my granddaughter out his foot in the morning show notes here about rob Manfred target golf I know. Rob Manfred you're such a joke how what you get off your. And mark he's the best players it's being seen in twenty years and felt way about him doing it and felt college kid hitting 300. Every single year prepare award goes Kindal marketing himself. They're right Manfred. While I don't know if I agree. I might be on rob Manfred side on this what few would be over there with you nice suit you're you believes there are no silver splendid up. You're one room private school that it toppled an elementary not of course I didn't I would demand. I thought I was absolutely spot on row or if you mark yourself and hit 300 knit bonds in the all star game. C'mon Manfred sitting in today's air it's more than just playing. Right if Lowe was playing in today's game. There will be a lot of people who would be just as fascinated. By him taking cell fees with a sure off in the weight room as they would be within you know spring and a guy claim with a big block. Right possibly but Major League Baseball does no favors to the players by restricting how. Access to the fans of their high quality material what I hear restricting I think restrictor plate I think of our third beef. Okay my beef is with everybody that I miss my beef is that you guys and gals don't get is well I'm not talking about NASCAR. Did you want me this is brought to you by. And these auto sales. What the hell because he had three drivers in NASCAR bring on the show any Cho had talked about merit carpeted Beckett. But no you're gonna hailed abroad we know Kate he's the greatest. Lately is that man he's not scored anywhere trade not wanted to Wear the raider I don't care don't wanna see the more you left fourth David vehicle here talking at guard. I miss you only want it got that whole mess the hair on your peak is thought NASCAR. Thank you. These are not take effort. Pair of the peach is solid finish that solid closing line while the collar cannot confirm nor deny whether or not the peaches you have there but that's neither here nor there. Are the point is yes he talked NASCAR. He got. I don't know a deal to go up and wash the NASCAR race of this say that the OK let's yes let's CB talking NASCAR this week. Yeah I quizzed on Mets today and is program. Post top ten right now currently in the chase in order. Well if the drivers make and model of the vehicle. Get out of here. Where's a big ups for other way I'll let into that felt great transition thank you I would say it's a great trainee but apparently we can't use that as they have. As a Colin Gillis and anymore now ha. Like for your transmission yes. That's easy golly dropping treading yes right that means something else today doesn't earlier I said you know and don't nice training as a nice transition yet Daniel looked like. Oh my god SEC we have now that. I wouldn't give you outlook is I'm I think he should be able to say whatever you want so don't look at me but look at the beat flying TO comes in for a ticket. Agree that a Valero poppy good grip for a loan could grow into our hand he bet bury your knee. For more than about your movie is arguably. One of the 56 Margaret it covered by Medicaid budget woke up elected. A budget doubles flats are prepared to record back everybody who supported you. You are your whining and crying uploaded. Nobody but it because somebody is negatively dark mortality there. Robert Pickett could be donated blood dude look at the record that you are you need. They've been about your do you need game I have no respect do you edit needed. I think series B gap big uptick city low there's still ever steal your best. I can't we let the uptick yet that sensation we love it. This this is no question we've taken to the next level and we get a deadly game we get Tim a lot of uptick on a call this year. That's actually great great watermark we asked them to and we asked him we suggested he use dubbed con three wood through the nickname we gave the third quarter. He used it I heard a news became hot seller in the teacher plan yep. I actually asked for an elevation sensation in March and he delivered self. I'm not into it always takes requests but. We'll see if we can't get him all of today all requests all replies play by play might be the best thing going you guys get a little resist the your third quarter Witt let's go to call on number five here normally while the auditorium a little. A greater good and got enough here and Alamo California. I'm sorry man I got. All you out on the top five really though are that we ensure words are trying to duck Barney had an Armenian did not like Bates and our ability reading at grade that. Days are getting national attention right now give it got them to read about as it relates to our team outside into the local media. Dude get off your high order a lot out of band dude enjoyed. But I've from that. And news. That's not some like the fonts from happy days and completely plastic it did not jump the shark. Sir I have and I have from my Alamo I have a to have those. Power rankings gives you likely to started number thirty with the Kansas City Royals in just a moment James but first the caller said. It gives us these fans something to read about. Tell me what on their you can actually quote read about. Other than the team name. And the rector. An arrow pointing. Oh yeah and the number two if we read arrows we read directional arrows until we do to directional arrows. You in the collar and our producer who produced that dragged. HUBE it and number 29 of Baltimore Orioles what are they have moved down after they traded Manny Machado gives us. Laughter until that actually fit seeking to how that affects them let's close out to be flying give it to me. I think jock from Modesto and yet what my name money. Probably voted earlier it had been it would have been under Ali yeah I don't believe we've been hurt evolves that's about that's more basic core I. I think he jock we hear it could imagine being number. British and American graffiti from autos but that's all my golf since you know we have everything downtown Modesto we have. I don't have comment whoever did everything you can let credit market it's good vote bad. Just not being that they brought that. Our properties country Sherri did down here pumps a counterbalance architectures seafood you enjoy your trip compared. As there's nothing more tired than central valley let's armed defender. Nothing more tonight we we produce all these this great drinks we do central valley. Nobody gives a rat's behind quite frankly do you value in your lover stuff. You love the ominous to get all the different things that fruits and vegetables over 75 billion dollars a year and at Wi fi after a lot of people I call ended. Take a continuation. Sensation you pass this and what it is yeah he's got you know. Thank god the brunt of Cincinnati coach. I'm probe centered about eight do you guys people know that think jacket appreciate them rather. Debate. Live presented by hairspray and legendary be legendary quality available throughout the Bay Area railings and Nob Hill foods. Make sure you get to be fine every Monday in every Friday insure money and be a budget. Budget chickens being given out a lot of people put their name on it too low anyway even the people put their name on their beefs. If elected and you should have put your name on it and they did they put their name on a loved one they put their name on it they're not afraid that coming right down the red it'll say look I'm not that it just hi can distribute the beef. I want to put a name on it you know wanna match give you my location. Of how odd that shot to the heart and your too late if you give us trends same vein. If you I did that you should have put your name on it who. Okay. I make sure he's. But word or two and it's so good it works if of course you have problems with low switching up lyrics to songs you can call it beef I won't happen again Monday. 4154038588. Best calls seven parity. I might call will be flying. And beef about that you should there's there are some issues given go to the website kiss this guy dot com. Now you ever hear of it as like the benefit of lyrics there it's like John mythological lyrics web sites that people think lyrics of their favorite songs worried would that what they would sing and they would type out what they are that would let people know. How they thought and the great songs Berry excuse me while I kiss this guy is what the guy you thought the words were to the song. But it's not right and so that's how they at the website he's had go to Italy right and so if you go there they have all the lyrics the wrong lyrics of your favorite songs it's very funny. And I and goes I have one that. They listen to this line Ian did and number they gave me our time but did enjoy it and if it's now. You listen to song and you animal Allen's shots aren't immune to it mute. Plucked at the heart and you're too late you know you love a bad thing jugs and can you tune today. A bad name. Late in blamed on right and it is a just that's why I. Know you could have a whole folder of low is his son kiss this guy dot com. Right man a whole folder low -- imagine now and that human life would be like if we didn't celebrate the unique language in nature of an individual is great is low you. Some to Norman and dollars and main. And most Minnelli got owes him before me I would never do something so controversial hilarious. 742 time Jolie did study 57 again you can always jump on the phones have 888957957. Only to Texas at 957. 950. Let's shift gears because you get the Bay Bridge series coming up this weekend at the coliseum a lot of great stuff is going on and it all gets started 1098. In the days or pull out all the stops this weekend to celebrate the 89 World Series championship team. 89 and it adds that funky stretch for the athletics where they had the greatest team goal in 89 of course the earthquake that happened but tonight. They have something called the parade they never got. Around the warning track and it's going to be at 5:15 in the evening go to partners like going through things like this today like. The celebrations of things past when they're getting ready to play games today. I think when you look at legends and guys step on the field and you watch him before and yet you start your battle start your game. It does you look at those yesterday years and look at certain guys when they step Paloma. Out on the mound step out on the field. You see guys like Ricky Henderson UC certain guys to watched. In tracked Emily why you're used in my you're young and doing that and great Dave Stewart some of these guys that you watched play. In into you to have these guys in your presence near miss. Still to this they they they don't give disappointing that yet they rated for their game I understand that. But sometimes the other pay import in this one of those things that did that ace they feel they should do. And I think it's nothing wrong with that you gonna get the crowd involved in at the fans I. Hey they get a crowd involved aged and there's nobody there are other BP and you got a bunch of guys who in 89 were the greatest and they're going around the a warning track. And it's you know. The grounds crew. Am stumper I'm going to be out there shadow on clay wood and a terrific job he does slip and add baby from football to baseball and amazing and amazing play with the best in the business in my opinion. Not gonna have to worry about that a couple of years as it now it's gonna make it a pristine baseball park isn't I'd say what the baseball park the field itself is Christine. When plays out there doing his thing. As I imagine you mentioned these reunion moments because our very own Lorenzo Neal. Went back to Tennessee heavily those last year and he was a part of a little play they like called music city miracle. And so every now forward lateral the final weekend which can dwell on whether out of his legal or not. Another day this moment is to celebrate low not to not to debate that goes out to crush him just this once it's hilarious because he goes back to Tennessee. And there's footage of him up there in a banquet they say. Let's clear up frank writes Jack in. Kevin guys Kevin Dyson the only guy and load real yet until they reenact the play. That's also on the stage they're all suited and booted the ball goes alone mile an actual play. Low catches it. Immediately handed back the white chicken and throws a great block that no one talks about but an eagle on the dais in his banquet. Also the ball comes down below deal and he takes it and he goes like this usually play the at least you don't like this Michael Jackson lake. How does all you know not a whole thing and then he finally gives the ball back to frank. But and a funny because you last of these players enjoy these reunion moments and I was flashing and watching him. On the dais. More than enjoying his moment of recollect in the music city miracle. You know goes. When you always look at legends and they always give bigger that lonely at the time the bigger legend so and drew is in no question now. There isn't a legend did say forty pounds a KO I mean now actuality it's. I'll be in 5640. By but yeah I ground it it all you know 'cause he EL EU. Both have a six back and I'll actually may be attitude that I. Had chances gone that pretty much hootie didn't talk to open up up up up is getting number out there and a them out of people who say they've paid 50000 dollars or what you bled and you know posed nude in all actuality it might be probably in. The. What is an inning here. Military let's redirect this bad boy you're seventh and a nice putt seven the game Jolo and did Jim Goss and are in for Joseph for Limbaugh. I like the special. A nationally American League series interleague series that matter this is one that matters. One of the four big ones I'll county alone exceed their in the same division I used to be the Astros and nationally that. Could have been one and no big you know really. Sin no real significance of that but this has significance. He's coming off the win at AT&T park last time this time these are pulled out all the stops do you give the a's credit. For trying to make this trying to dress this three games up. With things like. Though parade they never got. With mount Davis opening up. With the the reeking Henderson Bobble leg dolls to give the a's credit for really dress in this three game series up. Yes and do you think it's day of travel and you're probably right because you remember what he gave the earthquakes not only bill in the stadium but. Dressing things up. One of the most important nights of my TV career was a night that he. Dressed up it was blond haired wig night and I filled in for you when they took on Chicago because Stephen Leinart had that while bless her oh. So we did blond haired wig night. And when land Hart scored he ran already grabbed the wig it became a viral event. And you do the same thing when these giant today's games you know if you the a's front office. That most of the time you're gonna draw between the tanyon 171000. Fans you know the giants in Britain bring him being crowded with them and your fans are gonna come out as well so why not. Make this the time when you have these great events you have the free game they had this year. That was when they celebrated the fifty year. Anniversary of being out here it was genius he knew Yuri get a big crowd because people like free activities. So why not uphold the that event the same night even have a big crowd and I think the same thing applies for this parade. And the Bobble Lang I think the first 24000 fans yep are gonna get that. Which is more than double what they normally give out. On the giveaways so I think is genius I think it is too and I'm glad that they're trying to make this thing a bigger deal. Then some people might think it is 888957957. A love to hear from you if you're going out to the coliseum this weekend giants or eighties and and how much you enjoy going out there. I of course would be sporting my half giants have faced year low you with me on this. Nobody I'm gonna I'm gonna pass the puck and you go ahead and you do that I don't think that school you don't know now what what do you need to do this double split four disk. Why can't I enjoy both teams in the Bay Area is that would you really want yes he really yet to be my pleasure make a decision. Thank you stand behind what hole you really can't I UN meet. Now have giants have faced and what is how can you know are split it does not get to choose that was part of the beauty of the games and AT&T park. Lovely couples who have been together for twenty plus years. Where and a half giants half days a jerseys like candy each where there are still there on the because they care about one another and a now like to use selfish only 1 I am one teamster. You know if that's the way it's going to be. Best of bubbles of all time is the Rickey Henderson Bobble leg doubt you put out the 24000 are going to be given a land Sunday. One of the best ideas they've ever come up with for bottles. We'll have to see it up close and personal I don't know ready to pass judgment no I can't pass judgment to actually see something now would be blind judgment around you blind judgment Jim and I like to assess analyzed reflect. And then cast my judgment. I've seen a picture in an action that trickles up from what I scenes of our I don't. I'm not saying what European Nina I too have seen a picture and you know looks pretty as I indicated in July actually seated. Up close and personal and can bubble the legs on my own have you probable legs I seen the Bobble have you I have not personally bubbled. When a yes or no question comes anyone's way it is incumbent upon you to answer yes or no I'm an answer. What are you know litigator got to sell the uptick and a yes Alan Luke why not take noses up it was an uptick was they asked silence are on it and they got it sounds good on take. I'm not litigator jam but when you have a conversation you ask a question normally you have different answer. All right ferret out there on earth that's fair enough as it. Just try to move along as a wrong of me after somebody has Bobble the legs. It's not wrong at all got the wrong at all. I said I have not personally bubbled. They were young. Lady I see it and it's I see it's a great idea right. I mean yeah. You have one for Joseph Morgan where they had though the Bobble weighing remember how used to flap the way out of the bubble waiting for Joseph Morgan currently one of those perfectly and it out we can just Bobble each and every player as we we see her because I hold in my asserting here that you're anti Bobble. I think I'm not an anti Bobble jam the hole Bobble head it's a Bobble head right now we are Bobble lands and yet we knew Bobble winning. Bobble stink. Abdul too much really. Disappointed I like I. The Bobble head craze never gets old never. Forget sold Obama has yet again I don't think amber at. I think I have a Chris one allows key. Bobble. Mike Chris one last you broke actually and I headless one don't know when my kids I don't think I have a dual link hyper. It was a crew can type that they made a combo crew guys John matter. For sure John Miller yeah I'm a bunch of biology from the warriors other kind and I nearly as well I have clay they're very good about getting those things out and I at least play in the sharks outfit. Yeah I got the claim the sharks outfit that's true too. I'm pro that you can't go wrong with a bottles I think debt as though collection of the warriors because every time they'd give us tournament. And keep momentum a little apartment and a pretty cool that's pretty cool to have all those bubbles bullet it's one of the great novels of all time. Jonas done school like what is he doing here is he didn't think dance and dance going. Uninteresting that big ups of the sharks team feel what do you think Dan. I mean is he known for his dancing you must speak and it really is it's not just because his last name starts with the letter deep and so we thought. Dancing don's voice sounds good so we're gonna make him dance to deliberations sensation do I need a Bobble head back story and learn to enjoy my don's going. Just need a random Bobble. That's now that's all you need for Bob just some to be solved instantly gone out on the bubble that's not a bubble heads upon my worst day Bobble belly. Right. He's got to move and shaken it seems like you have quite a beef with Bobble heads dead. May they're if you have the listeners if you have any sort of beef like possibly with Bobble heads are split hats for a 154038588. Best calls every Friday or Monday or could a new thing. That's beef up the month we're starting next week on Friday. We're gonna choose the best people you'll get it 100 dollar gift card for Harris ranch being cared about I don't even you know I didn't. That's it I'm not kidding I think that they have yet next Friday we're gonna do that they're gonna be for the month will pick a V for the months from July and that person will win one. A 100 dollar gift card for Harris ranch beef which is available at Nob Hill foods and that wears well some weak or strong in my column. How to love cooks and be evenly in the bowl nod ahead tonight good news out of the only way to get his money's beef you know. Couple bottles suggestions here. How about judge Isidore remember the Marshawn Lynch Bobble head. It when he's in the medical cart add calories right around to feel you're that moment. To famous voted out mobile yes someone tell me that there's a is that sure there's a Bobble of that is Jimenez mom when it does it's hard together as noted is yeah that's awesome. I haven't seen it amends and that's pretty hilarious and you find it to be awesome you haven't seen it and yet you can rightfully say that it's awesome Montego Cummings Bobble. Well that's the most school hope hobble what's bubbling under Monty oh let's head to head if I don't I don't feel bubbling give him a bottle had more. Nine I really doubt Jim really down motor club heads they're standard. Yeah his standard issue bottle had a catcher standard Bobble head. Oh goes you're probably this morning and did you have a lot. We have a lot of bubble in on that on the embark this morning probably come and anti there are some sleepers on Bart there's no question about it the other day ever make one for you one year old toss course yes yes there's a team. That is a lot of it seemed I think I had one Dana. Seeing I think I have to take wanna go to my my sports room this week and into the picture of sin and Tia all right thank you yet thank you I'd like you did I don't invite me over to see your sports room. Just send you your job to present I'd let you have left him but I like Fresno. You don't like dissent about the oil do the next barbecue that to have them and my team down other income and housing. And famine we'll have a good Cody we have on so that you really you call down and it Andre Andre Ward campus earlier but absolutely. I want you to come down I'm off or add that it and they invited did Joseph many times and at that gives them and bring his boys down thousands of them work with. Or fraud loan performance Stefan who has a hard task but. Always and by and people download eleven. Awesome I like it until he gives a Bobble things certainly get some legs here. Right at the gym running of the all they do like well Bart told local with a Bobble belly. That was brutal over the Bobble that I could remember who had the Bobble belly I do remember that. Being a thing. Out of from the sixth at a Thomas Edison Bobble head at the editing you can't thank you thank you very much for bringing it back we'll call back for my people in the 65 all. They get this year though don't they. Dan Daly in the midst of a bit a big bet. Gentleman here Philip curricula and dig that down right I'm actually looking for a Lorenzo Neal Bobble head on the Internet and right it's funny when you Google. Lorenzo Neal and Bobble head. The first thing that comes up. Shaquille O'Neal bobbled. Act seriously the threat to get Google images I get Shaq Shaq Shaq. Some hockey player. That's the kind of dollars or so came up before Loney he'll know Jonathan marsh is so yes there is little guys Bobble head. Yeah I'm not CL a O'Neal Bobble head or anyone have the Joseph Montana giants bottle it today make it Joseph Montana in a giants uniform bobbled. There's they're bringing it up here. And a lot of Bobble heads that we cannot bring up from the at suggestions I see that we have a special and it's and a video of the Marshawn Lynch one that's that's pretty cool as critical as a coach Patrick Ewing Bobble head I'm not seen a woman's O'Neill there. Now. And there's a picture colonial and he appears to be. Actually catching the football. Was out what are the five K does that Jennifer I know he was going there with them and really just let go just the yeah yeah happy baseball's back end result. I am I think everyone's happy you know got a good all star week last week at the all star game gets a lot of things happened. I was pretty neat you know 22 you don't see the home run derby would think it okay it's going to be dead. You saw put on great show that's a good game and now you know baseball's back and I like and I mean and Miller once and why do you wanna see the giants and these middle. Played before the all star break and then right after the all star break. I pretty cool I think pretty cool that you get to watch these two teams you know. Don't put a lot of time in between them so you don't they know what it takes I got that bad giants had a bad taste in the mouth they wanna get it out of their mouth and that he. That he had to do that he go right back to get right back up don't jump back on the horse that but you off. In the days where would have buckled in there and their house at their home in their stadium in the ballpark. So this is a great series I am looking portrait. Two teams out of control that lock cards got two teams that are you don't that it they have perspective think that there are all in right now people ought to you don't. Now they're going to be trading of these teams both buyers and sellers. I think that the national the national narrative for both these teams are they buyers are are they sellers and can they hold to hole you know whole court. And both these now are both saying hey look worry and to try to CFO we can go so I'm excited I'm excited about the game tonight I think it's them. Great series this week any got a few weeks to figure out if you're gonna be a buyer or seller fewer days and you better be a buyer is what you're thinking. Are you look at the all star break in the biggest horse in the all star break with a home run contest. Right would Bryce Harper winning on the last swing it was thrilling it was exciting. The all star game was played. But the sad story came out that was rob Manfred. Taken may be pointing out the light truck needs to be more public. In order to be promoted batter he needs to promote himself more that was unfortunate in the other big story was Maine which out of going to Los Angeles Dodgers did much shot a goal of the Dodgers tipped the scale in favor of LA are they either team to beat the National League now I would say so and I think they're the team to beat largely throughout the course of their.