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Tuesday, March 13th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to update you on all things NFL Free Agency. Then they speak with NFL Network Reporter, Michael Silver as well as NFL Network Analyst, Daniel Jeremiah.


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The difference while you were listening to 957 million KG MZHD. Team. That's like three and arrow I'm gonna this community. You're listening to Steve I've said in the game KG MZFNHD. One San Francisco welcome to the show the news is flying fast and furious keep up with the NFL free agency. Right here on 9570 gamers that more where to turn to NFL reporter extraordinaire from the NFL network Michael Silver. We Jolo and dibs on 957. Game. Michael good morning welcome to the program let's start we Drew Brees back to the saints two years fifty million dollars 27 million guaranteed. Was ever really a chance he was thinking about leaving New Orleans. Well I don't think he wanted to leave I don't think they wanted to prove the possibility of leaving but I. You know we've seen some people give seemed friendly deals. In the situation Drew Brees and that there are a lot of if you like out of bed that pay me. Europe took it last game. That play out there where they ended up losing on the crazy but that's what it was over the. Record quarters you have reported that I thought they had the best if the football last year you very much the top of the game. And they have a chance to do something special local leaders. Now that Brees has gotten paid in looks like case Kim's goal of the Broncos where does Kirk cousins wind up in will he be a quarterback. That tops the thirty million per year mark Michael. Yes I think he might you have figured it would have to think you can probably get that they're absolutely desperate to bring the Mariners and Carlo. I believe the right girl. Very very motivated to sign them I'm not so sure about the cardinals but they're maybe in the book well so. I would call it you know more likely that. It ends up being vikings or jets but you know it very interesting because the team that doesn't get a definitely need to continue to put duct tape they do dropped. I have not been and are motivated enough maybe get even higher than it. I think the pollution will be draft for the young guys that are reflecting. You know burglar Bradford still being played out in her garden. Or that to go completely deployed very. What you Michael they've missed out on Norwood the niners do and often to guard it lovely. You know what used more for the Carolina Kansas what does that say that says it did that and the niners are happy. The young kid at a at a Stamford or in down they just make another move in free agency. Well I think you know if before you are absolutely wanted you know the best team. Born this season. They could theoretically outbid postings for guys like all right it's. They do have the cap space but that doesn't seem to be a lot it allows this to be. We have a quarterback we have a good thing in place. We obviously you know like to drive or go to work trying to build it up but it is it's not you have 2018 or bust which. You know I think typical way to do it would went culture jump let's come in with structured deals. They have a promising and the the first year and you get back courage and she's so. You know I don't read the newspaper a hundred rural blues you know final season receivable total. They would at least outbid other teams but you know players goes forward sudden spurt. You know I think they're probably just being Smart about it then it would get enamored of these names we do of these lists. Yet different guys at different teams. Differently this chemistry and sometimes the guy we think. If the top guy type guy for example all of Robinson who goes epic feel the prayers. You know your ordinary fan and you don't really know you liked it while he was the top guy we've got. You know medical use discourage it wasn't just basic Elvis has covered up pretty. Tough injury and there's no guarantee that even as young age you got beat. The guy we saw in 2015. And really didn't have a great for the sixteen either so. You know sometimes city's west side and end up being amazing and sometimes that's lower Q and the turnout because the more Google. Michael Silver joining us here on 95 cent of the game. What did you think about the deal Richard Sherman sign on behalf of himself he didn't work within agent he negotiated. His own deal and then Joseph Thomas of the Cleveland Browns was quite critical yesterday saying that Sherman got taken advantage of the 49ers. Well I talked a jury yesterday and we that we had a lot to talk about obviously put it that bad you know bullet to my favorite guys territories are. And they tell like it is so I'd step a little like getting a little outlook but I will. A load of Richard and and I understand. Why players would feel a little they could do without an agent is our best suited no. You know maybe it could have been differ over the reasons Richard factories that are sold a lot well to. I have an agent welcome. He's viewed you know I would want to do it out of but it. If you notice what we're German book Brooke locker room a couple of years ago. It's several players it and they're sold so little about it is that there have been massive propaganda. Where is unlike us the sky is falling and you couldn't pick a route there. I'm gonna live Wednesday in Asia and then people that they need to do so I get a little less so I tend not to hyperventilate when a player does appeal. Always curious though and one players talked among other players money that's a violation of the bro code whether your NFL or just were already at a local gas instead. Yes but not really I I don't think I don't clear that the market he says it's thirteen to get a lot of history in general. It's a system where they can cut to if we try to get more the little people. Reproach so when you have a chance to their outlook Bridget you that I area I think Brooke and I try to figure it. Cup for the Monday. You know to be it's you who couldn't get. I picked the captain usually overstated in the used to pull for combo. By the team I report can pin this guy held up money you know what it you'll worry about valuable right to worry about it bird you know you're offenses try to. You know focus on. Who's who gets signed and who get to the. Agreed it's all funny money at some point so I as Jed York and John Lynch turned their attention away from manager nor well as a possible freeagent miss wherever they go to fine a line minute or they continue to address other positions. You know I think their apple philosophically at banquet thrown don't wanna do is just you know go down the list and so. If you think while we viewed another. Guys that that this should OK there how much we like about what we value out of that but I don't mean you never deviate I I don't like it when you're just gonna well a lot of value and we won't be here sometime. You know that players got a couple of orders because of the market then seemed to do that cap space especially the that are. You know the market might not. People what to. In terms of our but it at some point you just. Have to be true to the building but what you wanna build it and and so that you don't have that luxury have been. Through the we will browser after going through one of 31 you do wanna build the right word but you have to. In dire situation that you have to be the progressive. Just put team on the field accused. You're fighting chance to where I don't support niners are necessarily. In that spot because they got the quarterback Creighton because. In general so optimistically yes I do think they can build little more traditional so. You know I I I think it's just really all about value what they value and how much that Andre and you do get a better you don't so I guess I. People also to meet Gordon Brown's target wide receiver quarterback and obviously my chapters haven't talked about me everybody. But it made me want them all that new book take any of them but an upper but it means. You go to envelopes you have intuitive Chevy rock and look at what you got caught. OK without proper we've got to look at wolf we want Terrelle Pryor well how much is bigger cost of pyramid yeah yeah I realistic people organizers are more very. Holistic approach it. So whatever is it can stay running back is this guy who won a bit of exits you've seen and you know coming out of collagen and who's who's our first quarterback. Off the board. Well Lola that dipped a bit different but great talent valuation still there and try to. You don't look that. Or a lot of gonna talk as well Barkley and that he's absolutely special and a son who believes that you know for a guy to do that you know we're not talking about it. You can learn it has prior warrior on the pillow every down under banking and your movement you know he's more of breakaway threat apparently to do a lot of good things but I. You know some people believe he's absolutely transcendent other people who used to military does it feel to this so what you would say. The duplicate that one of them for. And there quarterbacks out there you know quarterback and so much more than Hewitt addressed first a picture of the browns and new light. The root for the director's you know kind of the same or most of literally. You do about luxury of this particular Barkley Warren or trading to someone who wants or. Getting your guy and force I think there's a lot go play out. Michael before really ego what's the market shaping up like for free agent cornerback remain Johnson we have seen a report last week at the raiders and niners were both in play probably haven't really heard anything senseless on. I think it should be pretty robust simply because. You have the top three guys arguably. You know all the market before we go to the terms of market leaders like he political course are placing. Three jobs and with the random and Richard Sherman so. You know billion there are other guys out there but in terms of guys you know you the most accomplished guy out there and so. In my opinion I think. There will be some political very war and I do expect between what the browns took to begin that just because they're neutral corners are so put out so. It's possible the reversal got there there it doesn't look the raiders record that. At high numbers necessarily but I then again you know the jungle it will have. More influence there have been good regiment and. NFL reporter for the NFL network Michael Silver joining us here on 957. Game grants out Michael thank you for your time hopefully we can do it against him. I. It's time for the twelve K per day national cash contest this is your chance to win. A thousand dollars shot up to the individual who won a thousand dollars in this national time. They try and very recently getting it is names in shouted out on there. Text code word credit to 72881. Credits to 72881. Message and data rates apply. There is news breaking. Left and right we're gonna get you caught up on everything as well as is Richard Sherman story taking a ton of heat from other NFL players they're dealing negotiated. And explain you how stupid that is next Jolo and did not present in the game chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Big game. Go to the sweet spot of the program one straight hour. How unbelievable. Police spicy contents for you in the listener. No commercial breaks whatsoever because we loved you. Here's how much he loved. Every day for the last few weeks we've been talking about the opportunity to win a thousand bucks 61071087910. Right to nationwide contest. Eight Joseph blow and did listener named Carlos. Recently won. Radio shows and all the hours. We had head and Carlos is it is up in the text line. Thanks for the shout out my name is Carlos and if you change your mind about the drinks Jolo and did hit me up and low you won't even need your wallet and. A man who listens to the program. Shout out I was gradually saw that thousand bucks thank you for listening spread the word that is the greatness of this morning for the rest to use his tune in at ten after for your chance naics code word your chance to win a thousand bucks a grand in your hand what like the local gas station where the powerball and it's possible to go I don't that. At Texaco. The text that shell station but that's so there's that fascinating conversation. Before we get in the rich Sharon a minute taking place during the break. Mom just name as many Cleveland Browns running backs as you can. Cleveland brown running back since the year 2000. Look just throw any of the mat we are kicking around say while Barkley. How would he go number one what are the number four would be the right move than it was like. Last time Cleveland good running back. And that we just kind of sort of throwing name's at each other dads or nine yeah and it's quite pathetic. The face that blows make your nose the faith that we were making yet because I throughout Mac and minor laughing back Canadians. 1980000. Or whatever yeah I'd wanna go there and actually the ravens that's the Baltimore Ravens you're talking gas not the Cleveland as the guys expansion team so we talked about since Cleveland became Cleveland again yet. Mac can make America Cleveland again some. Somehow I blew that but you know I'm gone there may Cleveland may lead and Cleveland again and CC and it doesn't work as good as America voted in doesn't work from an economic standpoint but if you go back to just Cleveland. I throughout. Isaiah crow well Joseph throughout duke Jean Hudson that's recent Peyton Hillis and drove was thrown out Willis McGahee at the end at home I didn't. Instead it's been a dumpster fire who else I mean don't get me back there do you have any editing a cement and give your Jamal Lewis was that with this version to clear the routes. So he left Baltimore and when you know that after he was that is that subprime write the Yemeni good seasons and Brown's truly. Trent Richardson was there they drafted him but then shot up Michael Marty flip them Indy for first round pick. It's an all time great for these jobs while they have not why I think right. And sleep big kick can you literally name one that hasn't already been sent. Now and that's not an indictment of you that's an indictment of that. And also partially. I could get a computer and I. Pulled out the pro football reference and you see names like Terence west from ray Agnew Chris ball by new I got. You member Earl when Diana. Oh dear yeah I back then I remembered how to pronounce it now right out yeah I don't forget I said it right but still it's just been a long waste land. Reuben Droughns Willie Green. Was there running back for awhile got Willie green was Boston College I wanna say James Jackson anyone Travis private. And it's of course reckoned shop that one Kerry who lots of its so it is very young but now it turns out it's even more back LeRoy hoard it. The hour for mentioned Eric Metcalf from last week now that's go back to 1994 though. That's the ravens. On my back and now that's pathetic that is that is really well now it's it's Cleveland's Dennis. I am. The reason we got and that is gonna come back around at about 23 minutes we talk about the draft because buffalo made an interesting move yesterday. That's gonna have ramifications for but the niners. And the raiders but before we get to that. Richard Sherman was the topic yesterday he's the topic right now because of the heat heats up. Yes big Joseph Thomas speaking of the Cleveland Browns the legendary left tackle Luke that I really sure if he's coming back yet. He might retire but word on the street is that he's just kind of jockeying for some more money so be it. He comes out says this about Richard Sherman on Twitter quote. You really feel bad for Richard Sherman but this is clearly a case of ego. Getting in the way of his pocketbook he got absolutely crushed on this contract while working as his own agent. Adeline for another player to say that to another player. I don't mind that the worst thing about it is. When you're gonna make statements. Just try it try to follow full ball a bit more and an awesome does is that gonna guide me you know he's a Q what admits what X Richard Sherman doing. But then if you look at it and you do is make a blanket statement like that if people understand that Billick yeah he's right Richard Sherman contract is horrible. Richard sermon just ripped his Achilles has named in a year. Trumpet player out there and market. A cornerback it's his writ does it is cute and get an eight to nine million dollars from when you're set to turn thirty years old exactly. For him to make it that the blanket statement this is not a guy that's healthy this guys healthy he's gonna he would've got its thirteen million. But he still always going to get if he plays. In the niners understand bait if he plays what he's capable. He's gonna be one of the highest paid quarterbacks if he does what he thinks he can do so for him to make a statement my dad. If you look at what Tampa did Tampa design error in the Corning game senior gained eighteen year one year crimes crimes yet and Mick O'Brien's comes with that mode boys exactly with a one year ten million yeah right that's what Antwaun but that and that's my point here's a guided. Here's a guy that's injured in getting Dornan the same amount as it got its healthy now may be healthy in the mine because he got the Mika. But anyway that's in another store could touch a week to week we got so anyway so when you look at what's going on for its own another guy to. Terrain on his party would not understanding how this works. It's just a bad miss for another player to say that because I think Richard Herman did a heck of a job because it's a one year deal. If he's healthy and all those things he's gonna leased the bare minimum I play time there is gone at least make eight to nine million and these days he sit on five million as long as he passes of his. I think any saves 3% not having to pay the agent and to your question Joseph he is wrong and he's out of line because that's what Thomas yes not yield the other joke. What the ten commandments. Being. A human being is you don't talk about someone else's money it's one of the first things my dad taught me you don't ask somebody what they're making. And I know in this public domain of pro sports you do find out what people are making but you don't comment. On another man's money or how another man worked his deal that was a bad form from Joseph Thomas. Tub that work in locker rooms you played in the guys ever talk about their own contracts and money with one another or like what did said the most that quiet. Now he dude if it's gonna cut on the paper because it's public information information to guys talk about contacts guys say would you get. Guys bounce ideals off of one another but is it more about positive constructive Ted conversation or do you ever see guys like. You don't work on that deals on yet that that's the bunker that's a lot of young guys is that we don't like this Tug as a man. Hold serve you're gonna make your money don't these jumpin. And they're hungry they wanna eat in they've been bad with their money and all the sudden. They get that deal take that deal those guys Indian government say yeah they think the early deal because that's the four years and it's guaranteed it looks good but. You waited and losing just really ought to let mark get back to this whole say get get a discount and taken advantage out though. Actually I. Eagles are very good at that back in the death of seeing like a year in advance they got the corners Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown. And then before you know it both guys turnaround and I don't know were worth more. Appeal. May get when he absolutely gave it gobbled you know. Having batting nor will it is it isn't he Smart to what people given credit to or Joseph here's a guy kulicke he could got thirteen million here could got thirteen million probably some other places. The biggest thing this guy looked at two. Word ego. Jacksonville no state tax he came up a lot that they'll vote sometimes guys like that or look at moves its annual I'm a beer. I'm here's a guy can get about the same money elsewhere but what about taxes I mean this guy Saban over this dear. Melo the classic let's jump six topix down the line instead of waiting to actually get to the non flow through it now and and cut off the other top and that's how you do it NASA's in my mind if you could use eradicated five solid topics of back and forth to get the chains are I don't. It's like we get that he would toss of the forties the 45 of the fifty talk around. But revenue of fifty yards out to set that back out injured nor while five years 66 and a half million dollars for the Jacksonville Jaguars think about what Tom Coughlin is building down there. You bring back Blake portals and people go home. Well why did you do that. Because you're investing in your own line nearly Alan Robinson go. Letter for that might have 500 carries next year. Let foreign net is probably gonna be different under the MVP award if he can stay healthy we will get to more on mad at 745 because it has. Very big ramifications for the draft and what buffalo did yesterday that's gonna have an effect about the niners and the raiders. But the Sherman thing to put a bow on this before we get wood to jet Daniel Jeremiah a couple minutes here. Very simple number one Joseph Thomas speaking out about rich Germans contract does anyone know what Joseph Thomas does these days when he's not practicing and getting ready for football. He's got a podcast. Joseph Thomas is a popular podcast if you look at the rankings and I tips. Like a lot of athletes right now these guys are getting ready to transition into the media. The podcast is a great place for athletes because you can get immediate interest in media downloads and then you can start selling. It's the wild west podcast you can make a ton of money. All the podcasts it gets a significant amount of downloads trust me on that I've been studying that market quite a bit. So you've got guys like Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson that release their podcast and JJ Redick has a podcast because he's in the league. He can have guys on the team tech people help them out. And it recorded interview until well indeed and then he'll tweet it out put it up and boom you get a 100000 ballots you can sell that. One minute that at the front end for significant amount of money. Joseph Thomas is thinking about that. So Joseph Thomas is in the podcast game that also means he's in the one hot take opinion game. Saul Richard chairman Steele and he went out he made a comment on. That's not Joseph Thomas the football player talking that's Joseph Thomas the hot take podcast guy talking drawing attention to his other business. Number one. Number two. If the Richard Sherman deal was so bad. Why did the raiders Seahawks and lions when told what the terms of the deal work tell Sherman. Too rich for our blood. Out. Bryant. Why if there was such a bad deal wouldn't every team in the league be jumping at this right raiders need quarterback help when I just got British on Smith who's going to jail for a year if the deal was so bad. When the raiders slighted and offer few extra bucks the prime over Oakland to that question would Seattle who want it right of first refusal off for the same deal. What are the alliance who need quarterback help offer the same deal. So take that into consideration if it was so bad. Every team would have been involved right they'd smell blood in the water. The one concern here. Is that the niners need to make shore Sherman doesn't get angry. Right if enough people talk about this being a bad deal. Eventually that's gonna bruise the ego eventually you might not pass the physical and you might miss out on two million. You work your way through the season starts to build resentment. Starts to build a lot of resentment the niners need to do very good job of convincing him. No matter what the situation is a good deal it's a fair deal and they got to make sure they take care because this is the type of thing that can build a lot of hostility. Charming it's hostile he saw what happens yeah I don't turn on down the road just you know and be carefully. You wanted to be a leader in your locker room and they do if he's not happy he's not gonna be as good of a leader as good of a presence really the key for me. Is that first two million dollar roster bonus of being able to report to camp on time and healthy and that's not until. Late July right July or August sell between now and any it is three million. If he makes it that first day he had two more million that's five right there for a guy coming back from an Achilles injury I don't think he'll go the road of disgruntled at that point. And let's get into a situation where he's kind injured he's not dressing on game day and missing out on a 125 grand as a report. At the very least. He's gonna be hungry to perform well to shut up the Joseph thomas' the world and that is a very good sign for the San Francisco 49ers. He did NFL network analyst and host of the wildly popular move the sticks podcast Bucky Brooks Daniel Jeremiah joining Jolo and did on 957. The game Daniel. Thank you for your time. We're kicking us around a little earlier with the niners at nine in the draft and the raiders at ten in the draft. How many quarterbacks could juicy coming off the board before we get the picks and nine in ten because we've been trying to jockey as to which players the best players will be available for those two teams. I think for sure. Three quarterbacks are gone probably at all like that or the backs. I think we're gonna see all the Garrett go right off right up and I think the fact what we saw a boatload of moves being made. I think there had nor so that was another team in the next picnic or wreck so I would also done. Sport probably aren't yet certain bit of a big record wrecks we ought. As you see buffalo heading north and I love the analogy there of him moving up the draft board DC the 49ers then at nine as a possible trade back. Candid if if buffalo becomes hungry nervous that. All the best quarterbacks might be gone before twelve. Why I think that that's the authority of this the wave. You know I think that Buffalo's gonna go all the way up there will be shocked if they're not a top five at done I think to seek Cleveland go to quarterback at one. I don't necessarily think the giants will do it it too but then you've got buffalo potentially going up to three or four. They take one that you've got the jets at six or what bank will take one bad Denver even though the thank you Gina there's a chance they would take one so. Our I think that we could potentially see. You know four quarterbacks go on the cops expect that would total shock. While looking over at the raiders and then nine is both those teams looked I think probably need to tackle you can pin look at what's going. Days gonna get a little older please guys have both got on their last you know last year less rock between you see these teen taken at tackle at that number ten and nine star. Well I mean look at the premier position and that's normally you say okay no taking guy you don't hesitate to attack manner can expect this year. We would have a guy I don't think we have a veteran who worked top ten pick at that position so that might be a situation where they're OK okay maybe somebody want the trouble out. For who you know maybe to pop Warner. Maybe you did you know auction that Dick often go back a little bit I think if you want to tackle. You be better suited to keep you could slide down a little bit get a little more value in and find yourself kind of cheap and maybe get a little sugar picture there. Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL network joining us here on 95 cent in the game. So based on what you're saying three possibly four quarterbacks before the niners have the board at nine given the other teams that are there the players that are there in the team needs that are in play who could be available for the niners at nine if you're John Lynch were you thinking you might be able to pull the trigger on. Well I think there will be some intriguing guy if you know it depends on how hard you wanna go back linebacker yet to jump jet. To me each remain Edmonds were show from Virginia to me six foot 42 or predict how linebacker Brandon irons. The car body heat and make plays silent silent acute nineteen years old smaller he's got a good character so. He'd be somewhere that would definitely would be targeted the interest it and our tour when Jane stood there really got a dynamic playmaker. Or spoken to a lot of report that in order very good safety dropped out of you consult a box. Do a lot of different things with him and then. I don't he shot Richard Sherman but there's a chance that they they're the chance of all the quarterbacks still. That you could see the top corner you know kind of on your lap may be delicate work. Could slide there so that there's going to be plenty of good options for them pick whether at and. Brookline Smith it was a name thrown out for the niners into the raiders in the 910 slot but red flags that come by and for the physical how much it is his stock dropping in is your chance to be back in that makes for the nine or ten slot. Well you know the people I've talked you haven't been. Too concerned about it and I haven't dug deep on our terms of the physical but. Man he is a great player and he's a great part pick I have missed that tenth or eleventh player in the draft but he's he might be the best beater on you don't start the ball. In the entire draft class Sunnis and make quick spoke on the side I wrote Jonathan Vilma as a comparison. When you watched him in and also we don't turn to the leadership development brought off the field saw I think he took QB Cory great trip assuming everything was OK medically. As the feel good story out there is clean crisp and they one guy went missing form. What in this and hand rather what is what's gonna be a what is kind of the thought process on him as you think this guy's point 45 for a fifth round where is he there. Yeah I think. I would they are my even today the fourth round would be the war I think there's a chance he could go in the third round I guess or trial probably be the sweet spot. But do I mean look you rent for three you see it on tape when you watch him and he runs a route that had to please. He's this is but it can deter you had a hole like so you know he he knows how to play within. It's weird when you want to blow and you see how guys are which there's. Back in shed shock (%expletive) yeah. He doesn't wicket what you use is one good arm that he uses his head like that where all blocks where if he's got woke go back and figure out how to get around it and they get a darn good football player I would say fourth round would be good for. Ma. NFL network analyst Daniel Jeremiah wood Jolo Indians on 957 game. A lot of talk about the running back position and specifically as it pertains this Evers is oh 49ers. How what they were running back fits most in Kyle Shanahan system essentially. Should they re signed Carlos Hyde and if not if they look to the draft what's the type of prospect they can be targeting. Well are there a lot of guys have what democratic bill the one trait I would come back to Shanahan that they like it got its decisive. You know you don't need to have the most wiggle on the world. But you gotta biblically it Richard foot in the ground and go into that there's a lot intriguing options that kind of fit that bill. You know if you wanna go for guys outside the first round I think you start looking at somewhere like shut penny from San Diego State where that type of running out carry on Johnson. I did a great player from Auburn probably in that second round range and then and anybody garlic Royce Freeman who's not the fact got a wolf organ. But these 229000. And he viewed broadly it pad level and he's a north south guys so I think those guys would be great serve. Carry on Johnson the guy I've had my eye out at Auburn for sure he stood all the talk about say climbed Barkley and there's no doubt he's a monster running back. But does Cleveland risking it and taken a number one or can they sit back and wait in hope that at two and it three that he'll still be there and it again. Well I just you know look you can kind of look at history and you can look at draft and lots season's styles and you look at job Dorsey who has run the show there Cleveland. Trapped in league leading rusher lecture in the third round so if it is sick while Barkley is and I think he's the most all the player entire draft class. I think that you look at it deep group running backs like it is this year I just can't see them taking a run at our number one. Couple on the heels of the guy who probably be pressured the third round and a few but he could quarterback. I think you identify which one of those quarterbacks you like the most and you don't leave it up to champ who's going to be either and expect it for you to expect out. Want you scouted Rubin Foster was coming out Alabama. Do you think he's ever gonna get it right you think he's ever going to be able to grow up to the point. Where he can play at a high level and then act the professional that the team needs an actress is gonna be a problem for the niners moving forward. Well I mean that having its dvd. You know I don't think they were in question there any doubt whatsoever. About what he brings when he is on the football field and turned to the passion the energy and we're making all that stuff off the charts to special player. What those concerns all the deal were legit they were real they kind of come to fruition here. So art look I've I've been around guys through my scouting career I've beat guys grow up by these guys changeup I'm not want that. We give up on somebody especially this early on the process but yet you OP has there ever come to Jesus moment I realized it that's all we take it away from China. You don't clean up some stuff. Check them out on Twitter at moved the sticks that's name of the podcast is well that he doesn't Bucky Brooks is fantastic NFL network analyst Daniel Jeremiah. We Jolo in dibs on 95 cent in the game DJ fantastic insight thank you so much for your time hopefully we can do against him. Great radio voice right there. Pretty radio contents right there as well he combined the voice of the contents it's a win. He's gone around you talk about college players and scanning the NFL not too many play people in the business. Had a thumb on the polls better than Daniel Jeremiah. All right so he thinks four quarterbacks can go before the niners at the board at nine you got Cleveland at one and four and they just picked up Tyrod Taylor but it's not the worst idea in the world to still draft a quarterback. And then have that individuals 63 year behind Taylor learned the game a little bit and develop. The giants are at two there in need of a quarterback. Indies at three. Depending on what's going all the luck you figure they going another direction although they would be trade candidate they have holes everywhere so. If a team like buffalo wants to come up which by the way very quietly yesterday. Buffalo made a move with the Cincinnati Bengals they got to pick number twelve and because they gave away Tyrod Taylor everyone knows they need a quarterback. Jeremiah thinks they might move into the top five before it's all said and done. Indy could be a trade at three Cleveland again at four you have to figure they wanna draft somebody but they've been known to trade back. And then Denver at five remember Denver was a QB needy team. They're gonna acquire case Tina that's according to multiple reports tomorrow when the free agency window. Officially opens at 1 Pacific case Tina was headed to the Broncos so the Broncos could be a trade backed candidate. You've got the jets at six depending on what happens with cousins they need a quarterback yet Tampa at seven in Chicago at the neither neither quarterback. So that could be the quit Nelson peck that can be the ropes once Smith picked the Denzel ward peck a lot of the guys you look at that. And then you're at the niners at night. Mean if it's Patrick could be there. And I'm wondering if there's any way seek one Barkley falls all the way to nine is he gonna be the ultimate smoke screen where everyone says they love a running back. And then yet you realize. Running backs and their value. It doesn't add up anymore. I think Cleveland takes and Joseph because of that which you just laid out. Because it went on got Tyrod now and you say okay. Dislike you alluded to not number four you can pick you still gonna have three other quarterbacks at that but it should have two or three other quarterbacks still left its. Gonna be picked in that next couple picks so now you're in situations in OK I can sit there rookie like you eluded to. Because you got Tyrod and I got to run him back to you good read offense with Tyrod getting on the corner. You know so I think it now without it out I really believe the Cleveland's gonna take human number one. You're ranked at number one I think they will now because it's a let me ask you Kyra take a running back number one. As the Cleveland Browns having passed on Carson Wentz and now you're willing to roll the dice by taking a running back one. And then you're not up again until for the giants at two and then buffalo it. If you think quarterback at one. That three pick Indianapolis is gonna get a fortune for. An absolute fortune even the giants can get a fortune because now the floodgates are open the best quarterbacks on the board can you chance that if you're Cleveland if you have made. This many mistakes for this many years you literally have not had a single quarterbacks and you came back into existence in the late nineties. You're gonna come out to the running back one overall I think these guys would you guys are talk time between a break. Think we said he was trying to think about the clean that meant that you guys we had even go back to Baltimore we don't got that meg when we can have the exact same conversation about quarterbacks. You can link all the running back simply I just like you can name all the lousy it's a good match about which list is worse by the way equally pathetic you're doing is on the phone before we go too far down that rabbit and so is 42 year old Brandon we'll come right up on her crown. Echoes are still bring matter return but he all Barney that's the Baltimore Ravens voice January. I get what you post 99 so do you winning it that's it that's it thank you guys got to look at and say okay. I know that I'm that might Ambac won't be there for but I know that I can get a quarterback. That we can pretty much flip a point we don't know who's gonna be the best Baghdad I think the running back could be there at four. And if you take the running back it one night you're slotted to pay him a lot more than you would be if you got to that number four and ultimately. Running back does the shelf life as we know. Four to five years perhaps now and that's why but if you take him at number four Uganda pain on not ten million dollars less. Based on the amount slotted at four and and those teams as you start to look at it. You don't see teams that are gonna be as desperate for running backs of the quarterback if you're gonna get a quarterback somebody to sit behind Tyrod Taylor. You're better off taking aim at one at that way you know you have your pick of the list. It's in here is finding an act I totally understand that if I get this guy at one. You just talked about running back choosing. Shelf life three to four years 35 years signs a five year deal out of college so now you pick up his fifth year option so we have been for five years after that. I'm done. I might be like I'm out. You can be done with the run American guiding you EO pay a little bit form early. But now I still have my quarterback at number four so that's gonna be the position that hopefully it for I'm still not gonna miss because you have five quarterbacks at people thing's gonna go on at the. You may not have your quarterback is the thing you may be stuck with Josh Allen shot out fire Bonnie guy who has shaky completion percentage is when you really want a darn all the Rosen the both of them are gone because you waited for whereas. If you take you QB at one. If it's darn old if it's rose in May be is Josh Allen who you like the most you're pretty certain that it two and three. The running back won't get taken in Barkley likely most likely will be there at four. Just don't think it's quarterback class is great and that's my opinion I don't think it's great and I know people say hey you gotta get the quarterback I get that and I toll 1000% think you need a quarterback in article four in this week. But I still believe that these guys. A lot of these teams don't look and say. Should I get this guy is this guy going to be my future for the next ten years and outlawed there's a guy on that list that I can look at and say. It's not a short term deal but it's a long term good when you run Cortland LT QB with. The browns got one in forty games to play makers and not a QB again everyone's gonna look you would go you better fresh right Arnold Rosen. Allen and whoever the fourth one is I know I'm blanking Arnold rose and Alan. I would be not Jackson but the idea was it may feel that my behavior they may have their coating of those were if you pass on all of them and they all. Pitt or one of them hits once again you fail how can you failed yet again now. Put this in perspective to put a bow on this conversation and get some breaking news about the niners coming up. If the right position matters explain this to me anywhere else in sports can you find a position where. Highest paid running back in the game right now. Is Delonte Freeman the Monte Freeman from the Atlanta Falcons signed his deal last year that's the highest paid running back in the national football. That deal. Ten years ago. Was less than what Stephen Jackson's nine for. What other position in pro sports ten years down the road is making less what's starting pitcher what clothes are what shortstop. What senator worked goaltender or Winger in hockey defenseman what. Point arc shooting guard forward and basketball is making less ten years down the road. That's the running back position that's stayed the running back position in the NFL ten years after Stephen Jackson's deal. The highest paid running back in the NFL is making less money and trades it was by about four million dollars now let's get to. ESPN's Adam chef here. Former New York Giants center guard hybrid Weston rich berg. Intends to sign a five year deal with the San Francisco 49ers went free agency opens. Tomorrow that's according to a source now for those of you. Who do not know Weston rich berg 63298. Pounds he's out of Colorado State. He was in need he was a second round draft pick 43 overall in the 2014 NFL draft. Has played senator for the giants and the question is when he comes over. Does he play center for the niners and Kilgore kicks the guard. What does he come over and play guard for the niners with Kilgore remaining at center so where has that flexibility as well but the niners have found an upgrade. Along the offensive line his name is west and rich are fantastic. Move indeed pending the money which you expected be significantly less than what Andrew Nora well got which was an estimated thirteen point three year thirty million guarantee. You would figure unity at Weston rich referred. Maybe not much less than now but a significant. Discount significant bargaining air and the flexibility Joseph I think is great because as much as Kilgore is the senate Jimmy drop blows comfortable with. Ultimately may be the fit. Is different and lower a guy who just comes in under 300 pounds size wise for a guard acie big enough to play guard. Why disclosed so it Shanahan wants to get guys out on permanency when guards that can move in that necessary lot of man blocking that we just got to go straight hitting get. Create space so probably don't have to soften you know how are they using. Mon guys to flow so just kind of keep keep that line of scrimmage you know don't let guys pushing back so. I look at this is here's a molded. You wanna be versatile he got a guided to swing and swing man can play guard or gore or senator. And what does this do for the team. I look at this is just discuss probably moving anywhere from nine meaning from eight to ten million here because I'm not. I advocate nor well what I could it got so this guy's got to be three million dollars less in my opinion it's got to be way less healing played four games last year he is significant concussion issues he got shut down last season after four games because of way lots of problems. So if your only gonna here's his history. With the giants as a rookie started fifteen of sixteen games have played all of started fifteen games in 2015. Started all sixteen and 2016 so very durable right up until last year. And then only appeared in four games so you've got to figure he only appeared before games nor well science for thirteen point three million. You're in a situation where Josh sit things out there. Just in Pugh is out there there are some other guards that are footer on the market I can't imagine I don't know where I would like this this is five years. Maybe 37 and ask gonna say 35 million maybe seven million per hour with 27 times five and maybe you pay more on the front ending you're able to move on later he's young. And if he's passing concussion robs any clears everything you're looking for you're in good shape but. So it was a concussion early what ends up happening Lewis there but I doubt it they I mean. What does that say about the senate position to. In dignity of the they dated overpay it sit and that's currently on the team as well so you've got competition. I like the move toward her death but this. Often the line we we we didn't former offensive lineman Jeff Schwartz on Twitter says it's an excellent fit for Shanahan offense he'll excel in a scheme or it's more than just down blocks an inside zone. And short says he can be a field general for Jimmy gee so. Offensive lineman praising offensive lineman probably not surprising but that's the breakdown from Jeff short. Remember when it comes to free agency you are not going to build your team through free agency. Don't get caught up in thinking you're missing out because the niners or the raiders are not spending all of their available money. What do put something in perspective for you. Take a look at a couple deals that surfaced very early this morning Sammy Watkins wide receiver formerly of the rams is gonna sign with Kansas City. Three years 48 million dollars. That's sixteen million dollars a year for Sammy Watkins. One million dollars behind Antonio Brown who is the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. Alan Robinson. Who suffered an ACL injury last season is gonna sign with the bears for three years and 42 million dollars that's fourteen million a year. Go through history. And think to yourself how many great wide receivers have signed big deals on the open market I'll wait. Because the best receivers in the game Antonio Brown. Julio Jones and Hopkins EG green put all Beckham Keane and Alan Michael Thomas if you're going based on lashes that's. They all play for the teams that drafted them. Great wide receivers don't make it onto the open market Calvin Johnson Andre Johnson my future. They don't make it the open market the guys that do the Mike Wallace's of the world you overpay. And you get per. Wide receiver is not a position you address in free agency unless it's slot guy at a reasonable deal. Then Danny nominee dole is the world the west smokers the world before they blew up. Those are the guys you acquire free agency. You go out you make moves like this the niners spank the upside for Weston Rick Burke probably not huge but the downside the risk much like Richard Sherman is an animal. And ultimately you're trying to build an offensive line with more than just one piece because you got Joseph Staley who is getting older. You're not sure about Trenton brown on the right side as far as tackle goes in the need another guard so now. They ship sets you up again. To where you have that draft flexibility he talked about he added Richard Sherman. It doesn't mean you can't draft a corner was a number nine pick but it means you're not desperate to do so. And that's the same situation now in my continuing the offensive line of quick Nelson's there great. You take you may not and without a doubt you probably don't reached for Mike Mike Glenn G the Notre Dame tackle that point. Because also now you're not desperate for an offensive lineman you really just need. Another guard and solve the problem at right tackle. The NFL draft you wanna put yourself in a position where you have the flexibility to take the best player available. You don't wanna be pigeonholed into a situation like certain teams armor every year. You know teammate has to go for a quarterback. Right there are certain teams in this year's draft they have to take a quarterback if the New York Jets don't land Kirk cousins is anyone convinced the jets are gonna go take a pass rusher. Or running back. The jets have been straight trash for years you need a quarterback you swung in your mask on cheaper options like rice paddy Christian Achtenberg send a get somebody. Commercially there are certain teams that you just no need a corner or they have to have a pass rusher they have to take the best offensive lineman available. Don't put yourself in that position. It's two trains parent create the opportunity where you can trade up. You could trade down you can take offense you can dig defects in everybody's guessing he gives you an opportunity to do with the niners did last year. No was positive that they were gonna do it too because they sent out a ton of smoke screens. They leaked information about player LA and play your B and that we heard about Solomon Thomas and it could be Ruben Foster and it could be an alignment. Before you know it the bears were panicking as the someone getting in front of them so they moved up one spot. That's what you wanna do. Create the illusion that you all are everywhere and right now if you go out you sign Nigel Adam free agent linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles who can play inside and outside. You've given yourself through free agency versatility at corner with a Richard Sherman offensive line with the west and rich berg. And linebacker with the idol brat suddenly the three positions we kept talking about that were concerns corner O line and linebacker had now audits and that. And you don't have that same draft desperation when you sit there at nine if you don't have a great. Deal from someone below to move up you'll sit there likely was an opportunity either dead Jermaine Edmonds who Daniel Jeremiah was talking about and as. An absolute beast at linebacker he'll likely be there Denzel order make it Fitzpatrick could be their game changing players in the back end. Or maybe quit Nelson the guard is sitting there either way you're looking at. Having the ability to get a starter a legitimate starting player on offense or defense to add to a team that's already being built and supported in that free agency. The ravens are parting ways when Danny wood I had and this comes a day after the report that the niners might have some interest in Dion Lewis do you see something getting out of the running back position. Not involving Carlos Hyde. I I do you know I I think Carlos Hyde if they wanted Carl's side here and fortunately. He would have been signs in your you don't make you just talked about you only certain guys get to create a market. Aside I think that could run him back is a very service will run back the guy can get things done. But I think Carl's hides these are done here you know sets and injuries you know we played hard here at times a couple games he struggled a member at Indianapolis game but the moment ground. I just think that his time series is done and I think oh really now I really do that it denies will want another direction we think's gonna happen with Eric Reed. Patrick introduced I've read it's the eternal question this is the this is the the NFL doesn't want anyone asking that question that's a question the NFL doesn't want any asking. Because if Eric Reid has trouble getting signed. People are gonna be able to point to me at the protest the capita thing was one situation NFL did a really good job of smearing him from a credibility standpoint and making it seem like he can't play. Read comply between reads age. Minimal injury history he's been banged up but you take all things into account Eric reed's not a guy who's washing out of the week. He might not going to be a pro bowler he might not be a five year ten million per guy earned what he is worthy of a job. Question is is anyone can kick the tires have you noticed very few people mention his name. He's not link anywhere I think Cleveland. May have mentioned Cleveland probably. But the reality is the niners could get him back at a discount but this is one of the very intriguing storyline that's out there for the NFL they don't want people talking about it has. What they're Texans need a safety in the word on the street was at the Texas would never consider an anthem protestor because he had to introduce a. No because Michael Bennet was a guy who was a protestor was he not and yet he's now found a new destination. For his services so. For me if Eric Reid is. Thus tagged this because he was cavern Eckstein made that would be an unfair vilification. Because he's far from the only guy who took a near protest to mark his Peters as another guy who was protesting and he's found a new home as well. At anything you look at Philadelphia Joseph you guys have some guys on that team that's been very some guys have an advocate Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long has notably yet and in those guys are still there and loved in the community you know Malcolm told them this this every time so. You look at Philadelphia they wasn't afraid to make that trade you know you talk him out for a guy you don't believe in Seattle so. You're right the week. Hasn't been talked about in this is a very serviceable safety so majors and see what happens when people very close I have that can be the tape to deal with a niners bring a guy back got a discount because it Reid knows. Going to a new team those are questions he's going to have to answer Obama is comfortable with it or not that's going to be asked do you still plan on protesting. What do you think of the market here understands that anything you he resigns with the miners it's Erik Prince back. Mets you know we're about I. Think that there's going to be any anthem protest next year my sense is that this. For anthem pro testing is gonna stop players are gonna find a new way. To speak out against the impression that they are approaching us testing against because I think players on the whole realized that for whatever reason and it's a myriad of reasons but. The protests themselves. Didn't really work in an affected individual players far more than it benefited quote. The car it was a mess the whole thing was a mass. People are still convinced they were protesting the National Anthem right but they didn't even get the basic message out because the other side was so good smearing what they were doing. Roethlisberger protest that he doesn't think he's crying on the sidelines singing the National Anthem in south taker you know. But that's what happened it was such a mess just take a key from your counterparts in the end yet. You all that stuff away from the game. Everyone in the NBA's getting paid ratings business it's all booming. Don't do anything controversial take it and do it on your own time but don't do it on the court. Opposition protests Asians stand up for anything but. What's more important you write your business you are few.