Hour 2 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Cincinnati Head Coach, Mick Cronin

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, June 22nd
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with GM of the Atlanta Hawks Travis Schlenk as well as Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin. Then we have this week's edition of THE BEEF LINE!

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Pass line and answer the question correctly will win the contest minus 4154026865. 4154026. Seats Exide question is simple what is this shows nickname for Dwight Howard. It was invented about two outta three years ago we had talked about a for awhile and now it's back. Because you talk about Dwight Howard today sell forward five for a 26865. What is the shows nickname for Dwight Howard. You are listening to. And that's in the game KG and FM and each one TG ING San Francisco the radio home of the 2018 NBA champions ladies and gentlemen if you're just joining us good morning. Happy Friday. We have got a big show for you today in about eighteen minutes Mick Cronin head coach of the university of Cincinnati Bearcats. Is gonna join this program to tell you. All about the newest member of the Golden State Warriors Jacob Evans who was selected 28 overall last night at the Barclays center. In Brooklyn but before we get to bat we welcome a good friend. All of the program back to the show former. Warriors assistant GM now Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis show like joining us here on 95 cent in the game what's up Travis how are up. On the little of the money go through this morning. We're doing great and we know you're busy so we appreciate the time did you get any sleep last night at all. I got a few hours later at a pure military that's one thing about East Coast of the West Coast Luna New York cripple our leader our hearts of the threat. Absolutely it's it's Monday Night Football is the key I learned that the first time I moved to the West Coast. You love Monday Night Football that much more when it's ending at 83930. Record record here adequate all right see you guys made a lot of headlines last night you had a hell of a draft let's start with the big trade you guys were sit at number three. You drafted look at Don JH and then you made the trade with the Dallas Mavericks to pick up Oklahoma's trade young. As well as a future first round pick. Opt tells about the process when did that conversations with the mavericks star was this a spur of the moment sort of thing or had you been in contact with them in the build up to the draft. No we've been talk of the terrible scenes on this ballot. You know rude rude basically led after the laughter and we found hours three. All. And from where we are. In our building crop you know where obviously look at her great talent what Russell. And Ashley collection boat so trust. To be able to get a player that we valued highly in trade. And to be able to pick up what we think he's got a chance to be a great pick next year in the draft. That's playoff that went I don't sweat making clear to us and though that would be a good group forest this year also production. It looked like it was gonna be eaten in Bagley one to all the way so you could really locked in on anybody else and was trade young. The guard play the U really wanted the most outside of the first two picks were likely to be on. Are we had Lugo interest is our top two guys and we were we were pretty split on it you know we. We are really valued guys. That. Can make plays for others make others better. So this draft when you look at it you know. Look good game and how he could play in pick and roll and trade Xiamen aren't you play pick and rolls. We we put a lot of valuable those guys so we're ecstatic. Either way to have property in the long or has turned out have an opportunity of both of those guys. Just when you're in thing about a gallon trading. What he's going to bring to the organization. How much wind that are Crosslin here's a guy and it was pretty much the only thing that the team and Oklahoma and went for him still able to create shots and how less there is supporting cast. But his shot selection anywhere on the court kinda have people wanna compare him to step but I understand it's probably a little premature. What is it about this young man makes them fearless in his had a bad shot looks like sometimes even looks like a good shot because it that the death he can she do with. You know I would agree I mean it's obviously completely unfair to. Comparing what step I mean what's that's been able accomplishes Greer you know you know we've never seen that for sure but I I think I think word. You know what you see it and trade. It's probably the step Korea back. You know the effect that step pedal on guys. With the way he queried the north from where he shoots. You know how he shoots. I think would cut it separates trade from staff are. Just from war step was at this point and not ultimately must it was a two guarded Davidson early in his career you know trader at point guard trade ability to repay controls to make passes with all that left and right and it. Find open teammates. You know for his age. Is really impressive and that's what really try to boast about it you know it's a lot of exploits were issued he did you know shoot past thirty feet. And you know let those are all of this to but it I think we'll really get the most excited about about trade is his ability to be a playmaker Brothers. Travis blank Atlanta Hawks general manager joining us here on 9570. Obviously your right to compare him. As the next step Currie it's totally unfair for a young kid who's just trying to make his way once he gets the NBA but you kind of envision using him and utilizing him in the Atlanta offense the same way step is utilized within the warrior offense to an extent. Yeah I mean look at dyslexia has the ball and that he's out there make a place for himself and others. You know. Same thing that happened would trade here. You know. You know I think steps farther edited the ability to play without the ball and move after gives it up the trade but that's what I think we were a portrait. And he gives it up you know he's movement in will not screens you know so we can take advantage others out there cheating. I think billion feel a lot of similarities there. You also took another guard at number nineteen Kevin herder who I know you're very excited about is this. Kind of you constructing the roster. In keeping with what seems to be this successful model these days whether it's used in her golden Stater or Boston having these interchangeable pieces and. And how exactly does tray young fit into that as far as being a two way interchangeable kind of defensive presence. Are you have a listen. There's been a lot of a lot of questions out there about you know trying to recreate the warriors and it's certainly what. We're going to do here nabbed on the last two gas when you look at because we've chosen is in we're gonna look. Or skilled guys guys would link you'll go herder and obviously chair bull. And even Spellman. Ku could shoot the ball from three all three of them could put the ball well Florida beat they're got in trouble and large part because you have perspective tree point shot so so much. And then with Kevin and Trey obviously they've they've had that ability ability to make plays stroke there. So we're gonna continue to look at cheating like you know you guys just mentioning you look at the the warriors and rockets like if you wanna be competitive you've you've got to eventually get to where he could beat those teams and obviously we're not there yet but we're gonna keep looking at players they could play in an up and down game. Where that can switched defensively. And make plays for others. No question cherish you do a phenomenal job to see we appreciate would you date here for the warriors as well. As somebody guide me on T hour when you look at this guy here's his body work a time also our guys played main planning a mining. Is this guy now and see what's wrong that's trying to negotiated deal to get a buyout clause. Is she a guide to look too. Could fit a veteran team and what's happened there in teen would he need to fit could he be successful here in the warriors would be successful you look NN like a team like the cast. What team you think would fit him that would be don't utilize his talent. Well Kyra I really can't talk about him because he's under contract the routine but I already had my hand that won't spend up to this year generated abuse. 00 boy I bet the took. Make them mostly I get into the league. Okay I understand Travis like journey is Cincinnati I said in the game. You guys also picked early in the second round at number 34 the warriors were reported the interest in trying to high as second round pick but he didn't have it as much luck this year I did they call you guys at all. Yet know though we have dialogue with them obviously you know we're at a situation where I had four pick up thirty forces Soviet dialogue you know a lot of different team. Bill would we got to 34 week we decided to trade that picture future picture we're. Again be at an epic collection vote taken taken money from Jolie of the lawyers did make a lot of sense or are we we're looking for a future second than. The problem worse you know although I think that's where a lot of gains were looking for. Look at her future. Would you want the worst could mutate. Or give you my second next year but it doesn't carry a lot of weight because you automatically assume that's the sixty BP night. On so you know we chose to take a couple tickets to Charlotte you know we thank obviously could be better pick what the worker. Yeah I get they're 192. Rounder so next year than 20/20 three if we all make it to 223. Traffic you'll have a second out of there as well. Nobody wants to make that big horse and I do. Yeah I seriously I'd I'd love being here doesn't want to make debt takes ravaged I cannot hit by a seven game. Both she and chance Iran yen others tipping picks last night Travis to where. We the audience were able to note even hours in advance what was going to take place. What do you think of that as a GM and how does that affect may be the way you go about your war room when you see reports whether or not they're true or not. Wall. I don't think kids that think that speaks this excited anymore in general let me saying I mean especially in our business Clinton. I there's sometimes double have a conversation in three minutes later it's out whether it's the basic. How fast information travels he won't it. Clearly it gave an extreme conflict that some of these conversations were trying to you know he'd likely be confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard he. On why it could also be beneficial when you're talking about being in the world and trying to project. Our last night princess you know we had the nineteenth pick in your work on the ballot and you know we're talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth pick talking about traded up to get a guy we like there's a couple of guys we felt really good about. On the bank Pete Vick partially it was one of old. And it leaks what who will walk you gonna take so all the sudden we were able to pull back got a good feel it keep keep it got tickets and a package of picks to move up could we do two guys. On the board we felt really good about only one team in between and so. You know that was the console torso. A good old twittered you have never it never thought I give you could pay off what you did it 100% positive and reporting nothing negative on there are now going to be worried about no Travis I am so all it all I. General manager of the Atlanta Hawks former assistant GM of the golds they orders Travis like Magellan dibs on 957 game Travis it is always a pleasure. Getting the opportunity to speak with you thank you for your time keep up the great work in Atlanta we all leave East Coast teams working out here we've got our eye and you guys may and good luck. I gather appreciate it. I strapped. That's the story right there capsule everyone laughs at the woe stuff 'cause he said he wasn't gonna tip and then instead of saying they'll draft he was using all these different words and he made it funny and then everyone just started tipping picks. So they're gonna swing a deal to move up from nineteen to seventeen. But it leaks and they back out yeah Milwaukee infuriate oh my god have failure you are like wow yeah you know I mean are we got to button up to get organized university of Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Mick Cronin is gonna join us next to talk about Jacob Evans the newest member of the Golden State Warriors you're not gonna wanna miss this. This is your primer on getting to know Jacob Evans Jolo and gives back with that next united front seven the game she'll go into its continuance. On 957. Big game. Welcome to your money spot one consecutive hour of commercial free part for you. The beautiful listening audience because we love yet. And because we've got a lot to get to in this hour. Couple things of note we've got dead and company tickets to giveaway at 845. The beef line in eleven minutes now University of Cincinnati. Head basketball coach Mick Cronin. Who knows Jacob Evans as well as anybody who's gonna join us in just a few moments he's gonna give New York primer. 128 pick in last night's strap the newest member of the dynastic Golden State Warriors. Do we have that clip from the Travis like interview. To play for everyone who might just be joining us all right take us in this former warrior assistant GM Travis Lange now a member of the Atlanta Hawks general manager there. Executed a big trade with the mavericks last night that saw Atlantic get. Oklahoma's tray young and a future first round pick in exchange for look at Don chips. That was the big stories pertained to Atlanta but with Adrian vote brows ski. And all the other insiders tipping pecs last night. You know they're a lot of jokes that fly around should tips be picked picks be tipped well flip the switch switch flip home not one of those experiences. And at least in that are you into that sort of thing you against it whatever but but listen this listen to what could have happened last night if not for a tipping of the effects. Well. I think that things. That speaks to society today more in general let me saying I mean and especially in our business lines. Either sometimes that'll have a conversation in three minutes later it's out whether it abate the how fast information travels he wool. Clearly it gave makes things conflict that some of these conversations or try to you know you like to keep confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard he. Our blood it can also be beneficial when you're talking about being an oral and trying to project. Our last night princess you know we had the nineteenth pick and you were coming down and you know we're talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth pick talking about traded up to get a guy we like their a couple of guys we felt really good about. On the Nike pick arsenic that was one level. And it leaks what who Milwaukee was gonna take so all of sudden we were able to pull back got a good feel it keep keep the traffic it's had a package of picks to move up could we do to get. On the board we felt really good about only one team in between us so you know a little bit of social torso are. About how all think about being in that situation just by following Twitter so at seventeen. It was Dante di Vincenzo from Villanova they shooting guard who went to the box. The spurs at eighteen they also took a shooting guard Lonnie walker the fourth at a Miami. And then at nineteen it was the hawks taking Kevin is a pronounced supporter harder harder harder also was shooting guard so there's three shooting guards. Clearly like Travis said they liked to oval. So they're worried that may be the one goes in the the other goes they won't be able to get their guy ball when they see it's even Jens though going to Milwaukee at seventeen on Twitter. They bail out of the deal because presumably Daly either who they got Kevin herder. Or money walker and they can just stand pat and to grow and one of those two guys was gonna be their form picked up another. I mean if you're Milwaukee right now I'd be curious what rush hour and you know but someone's Lincoln. Someone in there so you scratch my back I'll scratch yours rate someone's leak in that it won't like I got you. Man I'd be about on the GM or on the owner fire Mike now. I'm I'm gonna make this a revolving door and you guys gonna sit there and open amount. Could you just cost your team money draft picks all the different things that you just could have gotten negotiated because a team that was gonna trade up to 34 spot maybe. I just think did that's not alone should that's Milwaukee. It's on you know the system in part you can't blame the reporter for doing their Johnny and if you get information and you put out there and like Travis the same in the first part that cut. Information goes so fast now. Where it's decided they're gonna take David Jones though somebody gets taxed too well just as it Donte' he's thirty of the tweet ready and he goes out there boom. Next thing you know you stand pat you not to give a big seed that's the trade off though and this is why Adam chapter has risen to such a up a place of prominence. In NFL media. He has all these toys for a while he was the only guy breaking anything he had it all in Jay Glazer we get a couple here America's so close to the players. Now Ian Rapoport and some other guys have really built up they're rollodexes but shaft there is so powerful. Because he's willing to share information. Some people wonder why are so many teams willing to give this guy this scoop well here's how it works chapter called you up. And he's got a couple tricks and these are these are Smart reporter tracks hey I got a story on this on the runway that unless you know you got some say that's different. Basically that's a one way he's fishing so it's like hey. I got a story that Kirk cousins is gonna be SATA would you guys in Minnesota you guys really like rubble it unless you tell me something different and then you're kind of in a dual core you can tell me now you know that's the situation. You what you got was false information now shift has a story or they say look. We can't comment on Vinny knows he's got the story right one way or another that's one trip and another is the fact that he knows so much teams are willing to talk to him. In exchange for getting information on other teams so people look at this and say why does everybody in the lead tip off what coach. Well think about would you just willingly give up that information to a reporter for no reason whatsoever now that's not how the world works quid pro quo. So you get loads of pixel he can typically looks mark. He looks like he's plugged and and then flip side is that he'll give you information on what someone may be right in front of US thinking she could Alter your trash energy accordingly. Business but interestingly enough and it didn't need to trade up but Milwaukee once that peak right leaked. Very happy to go to college right now he is the head coach. Of the University of Cincinnati men's basketball team Mick Cronin is joining us here I 957 game coach. It's such short notice thank you so much for your time. Welcome to the program what can you tell warrior fans about the newest member of their franchise. Jig about its. That first look good morning guys banks are adamant. Jacobs a great kid that's a person out he's. He's extremely mature more. And I think it is an honor for our program that. Golden State. Took one of our players we think the world of there'll than our organization in the way they operate but took he would get Jacobs a guided does everything. Which hopefully. What helped film. Played right away. And I told him he's probably gonna have to be able to play right away with this salary structure. Of four guys Reagan's all the money. He he's gonna have to come in there and then make some sort of impact so you know hopefully the fact that he's played a lot of big gains Garrett. And big east it is our defense and system where he is well versed and switch and we've been doing it for a long long time here. We're one of the first went to college basketball. To really implement. The group switching he's got a can gored in this had to guard everybody on the floor. So he's well versed in the communication. A lot of things Golden State does solid defense. That's tremendous because he'll be a key piece in the second unit offensively. What is his best attribute is it his ability to distribute it as it is. Basketball IQ may be is knocked down shooting ability what is it that will set you take him out of the park especially as a a score with the second team. Well I'd say he's good at everything you know I think hopefully. What you see is a guy if if he's playing with the starters he's gonna know outfitted. Then if he's told to be aggressive on the second unit. It go back who was in college for me then and be aggressive you know I. To be honest guys he can score a lot more point trucks we had a really really good and we were 31 in five and you play with two seniors. That are big time low post poor. So he didn't have but he wasn't asked peer to get 25 and nine per week so he's he guided. If he needs to. And eighty million obviously slide off the ball being wrestled. I think that's an area you know what the floor more open and the pro level. He you're gonna see a lot more of his death led a schism in the college game the force that very open. Especially with our team we have a couple of guys in the low post a good score shall we -- our report that much of a spread team but also. The fact that he can do at all. I I think there's hopefully what's gonna help him be a factor and opened gold situation other title lecture. Go Tamara and I don't mind good old days low down dirty nannies live though im blue fish it's imminent oh yes sir yes or so play with them all by angles there you know I. I grew we you know we we're we're the bad days at Kinko's we got two wins we're far from net 35 bad Sola. It was to order be in a mangled but I still may go Pro Bowl there in Cincinnati. Look at it this young man and you talking about. Want to. You know there's a lot of guys you look at you say god you know they have the ability. But do they have the 12 in what drive position and unknown to stick the fiscal action boots I understand he has athletic ability but. When your opinion what's drives him what makes them want to be eager. Well you know here we spoke on W why did you know that is saying we have our program so you know I'd. You know we we we just don't. We wish we all just played a game you know here we played a win and Jacob is trained to play to win he's always been that way. And so they are big some basketball players. They're just ordered escorts who they are they wake up and you know you've got to try to. Thank you don't defense would come a little bit for bit and hopefully they'll boxer read out on her on the glass. Take a better under the guard that he's a coach on the floor so deacons economics and score the ball we did it for us and shot a great percentage. But he plays the game to win. That it so you're you're not grossing film. Macon metal mistakes that just not who he is the east easy in tune to winning. And he's the type of guy that as a freshman are complaining. At multiple positions. Which is very very rare in college. That probably just where program pro game but for a meeting only came in as a 1718 year old kid from me to be able to move them around. Wherever I needed to move him as a freshman. That that tells you that that the big east peace at all around guys detained are remote stretch your question my long answer is winning motivate each week. Two beautiful thing because they do a little bit of that here in the Bay Area a Cincinnati. This Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin joining us here talking about number twenty overall pick. Jacob Evans right here on 957 game on. When you look at his game obviously. There's probably room for improvement all guys are continuing. To work on their craft to better their craft gets to a whole another level at the NBA. Where could Jacob look to improve some of his skills that. Watch a number one of the consistency of the shooting. He was a guard. That he would go months and wouldn't miss a shot in the Belmont. And he would struggle a little bit I think mechanically. And outspoken of the Golden State's staff about this you know they need to mechanically. There are some things that signal to work on to be more consistent shooter. As far as his release point and shot. And they always got to do is shoot around with the guys on this team I think you know throughout most as she might become a little bit better shooter hanging out with two of the yet the best score in the world and the two best shooters in the world on on your name so. I think it you know a bit that being around those guys is going to be such an advantage for them. The ability he hit the jackpot when he hit the jackpot. In a lot of ways. Being a great organization. He's got obviously for. The best players in the world to learn from. But we both okay you know I guess we know that the salary cap is what it is and Golden State can only sign of you know warriors can only bring back so many people. They're gonna need him to play not just beyond the king where a lot of rookies it's and I think thirteen gust wouldn't be late last year the G league. There were first round predictions. Go you know gold space and they Jacob that was the play actually -- he's got opportunity which it is the key when your professional athlete yet have opportunity. Did you have a chance to visit with a last night after the pick was made and if so what advice did you impart to them. Would you just text in last night you know might argue you know my my advice is it's grown ups play in Atlanta when you get you get to. The pro yeah it's not college any more where they would recruited sure he committed we committed to your mother or tumultuous demanding. You either I don't what when he made the decision to go professional. I told him it shouldn't be based software is immediate threat that it should be based off load is he ready for grown man to try to rip this at all. I. That's a pretty big you know well it is a baby you're trying to do you're trying to take somebody's job there's only 450. In the NBA. These these guys are grown men they have wives and children and bills and it's not what you see on television so that's what I've tried to train for and try to. Make sure that. I conveyed to him that it it's it's it's not usually but these guys hug and kiss and then. Rotten banana boat. I am not gonna material. I think Cody head coach of the University of Cincinnati men's basketball program Mick Cronin joining us here on 9570. Game coach we know your busy thank you so much for your time today on short notice. We appreciate the insight into. Daycare my guy I'll be out there in Vegas supporting mossy guys there we see them have a craps table with your name on awesome. I'll meet you there. Oh we know that Tony builds. And I thank her family. Thanks I like the idea. Of every question you now asking every starting with coach I went to a probable Cincinnati. Joseph panic should still be starting at second base and it. I can say there's a moral I think it's great cure is going and ended ended then it was like. Well yeah. The relate to old ball coach you know he's down there and added it's a dirty nanny in perfect you know we got conversation below you know you loosen him up talk about Angel called it all doubt they're no nerd and daddy dog model would Iran. You see our laugh and Lorenzo rainy start culminating Lorenzo you know it. To go it until right up Larry king's playbook yes that's what you don't use mark alone. Into the golden lion because. It's it's probable robbery 00. Whoa I have I have issue it. It's too little if all we did it I was I was gave coach. A boy and talked about we at Cincinnati we can go 30005. You gave yourself a complement sand when I thought about awesome and it was two on fourteen you went to the probable. I just felt compliments and went 31 in five of the Austin Nevada in the second round there. Great team and he's building great program and I was just giving him his props when she deserves. An outlet took away most from that interview guys. Was affected he told this young man ends it look you get ready go play with some grown in that have wives that have kids have Beatles. And you're trying to take someone's job and that was great advice because you are new go to the league. In any sport still there is guys they're go look at even though it went that hugging and all that stuff it is not like that new he's absolutely right guys assay to well up. Guys and they know what you're therefore if they don't manga they don't a lot of guys don't have your best interest and I'm not. This particular team but there's a lot of places it's great guys don't have your best interest at me. You see it with quarterbacks. Give a third rounder comes and noble wants to talk to a man anyone's upset I mean Joseph Flacco is not I'm not the only. Mark Jackson OK Joseph. Forgot how much success you've had outside of that five minute run a few years back. As hell to run a given that I bought it cash and all right. Friday 735 a little bit late this week but I'm sure you'll pardon us because Mick Cronin giving us some great insight as to the news member of the goals they warriors. Hit it. Over and over again. Stressing you out. He's done a you can. 4154038. Go. 01514. Road. We need my. I did not have the right but not very got a fire front row. That's the most excited lows minute before you are working dinner and got his fourth pro ball is the most exciting event. Policy towards the Mike Cobb and that's what this segment still has about thirty minutes to go if you don't mind. To be quiet and let graded out. Did you wiped me out I didn't know it was an opportunity to jump all over me I don't want to Joseph I didn't want to I loved. A vacation in lockdown mode I car number one. Feet bidders everybody almost solid golf. It's no question. No question here is to have caught the appellate. Fredricka go. Oh my god where are the outward at all muzzle. Little low I'll tell what you that I don't know what I'd like gels don't. Or do you remember back for the little hole but. I thought I could bundled. Oh. From the back I. Oh that's kind of summing up what makes these shows are great. Yes and he left to run out quite frankly all I know has the room. Who did everything right I think she's getters and a little bit I kinda have a rundown rhythm of the topics I don't know the calls and advance that I like to react like you guys didn't. In the moment I see her name on this though so apparently she again at some point in the hissing little color to it. Other Chicago author of Bruno California heartbeat away a bottle. Your voice is so boring and knowing. All bright sky like very good we'll query or a little bit RI RA bill creativity and our fuel in the ninth. Ordered 2008. And god they've had over an hour or don't you. I doubt we'll read it. I'm gonna defend themselves on the other cellular pile on but I do like the idea of opening up your hall. We've your neighbor your location. Put your name markets I don't know a lot of people like control in the shadows like alert in the comment section that you came right out and say here's my name yet here's where I live here but I have to say. Mad respect for. Color have a great grandpa Joseph or court Latin. Quote a palpable. Very. All. Of Edberg will be Covert warfare. Every time you. Straight plate and won't hit it it's talking about more. Oh when Marat. They're flat while the folks who own betterment of our. Let me think fueled our viewers DP. OK. I better. Thought well I'll tell. Who has a big birthday tomorrow shout out happy birthday to advance as a statement. Not a that's out of the way you check out off the list. Yeah I check the list because you've cracked reminded twice a week and already people of deep within half that's a pretty bad percentage. He's got percentage or a good percentage Healy cracks in my twice a week but he's already getting people to react and when you come so week we've ignored bit and enjoy all the beef line calls you've got problems. Were you content and not look good though. A crime we'll get CEO what's next. He is worth every bride. There's no political arm lover it. Is Britain bracket are you are. Problem right now all of its current broke so you can know what can afford it hurt. It. Didn't use her. Are you are like that these are what bring you need. I didn't go your sweet girl that you don't look they don't know what you want it they were pre. Almost like you know I'm. I think call how to diet and eliminate that had a lightly at all because you're of this to have on your payroll and they edited out before our guys. Underscored by sources that they ended up Joseph materialize out of my speech in case you did say everybody's someone was missing yeah yeah. Well everybody knew he doesn't like apparently he's a huge fan of mine and if we have the love line price call up like this calls for everyone was are we jolly that would just be done. Maybe in a minute because. Long I don't have an act I in his next. He's pretty quick if we add mark the elements that we can't. That is bad bad bad bad but the one coming after what could affect. Pretty bad. But I Baghdad but everything it all bets are terrible World Cup. And your great call out all parties are is Dan Burton are all walk off with a bit. Yeah yeah. The half half half half half. Excellent call and another excellent installment of the beef line. I gotta agree with them you do do that. So if you were referring to an event that was happening Sunday two days from now you would say next Sunday it's incorrect it's actually this and months actually this Sunday it is coming up next I had a big debate with a deep south he Mahler front of the program via Twitter about this weekend next weekend. The next weekend it's coming up is starts tomorrow and that's next weekend so let's take it one step further and it. What if there's an event happening not tomorrow but next Saturday. How would you refer to that week from Saturday in a week in tatters he gonna add all those extra words together rather take next Saturday. All week from Saturday we'll the next adding extra work to accept an I don't know you'll for a few years the I think of extra work is very off rain free weekends this being yeah that's my joke about the economy or. I got a little little odd thing and it put up a Twitter Poland not and he was 92%. Against me. 8% with me sell ads. Much like remote try to run me over it took some time for me to realize it was probably my fault gaps though. But I'm not quite yet to that point yet are bomb I'm looking forward to next week at which starts tomorrow yet you still referred to as load trying to run you over if it was your fault he didn't try to run over how I stumbled into the street and almost walked into his call I. Not done in the intersection he wouldn't of had the opportunity to run me over her so the fact and I was out there was my fault. But certainly he would to run me over file would have stayed back based on the I want you to take that logic and apply to. What happened in the OJ case back in nearly nine. About people presenting opportunities for one another and then let's see who you side with. In the OJ case moving toward don't do would you say I guess I yeah whoever actually did do it. So not OJ but you now think about to keep actual guilty party who diesels adamantly searching for such adamantly right. At every bar and now some relented. I have a bud Abbott's of people we no doubt in Vegas 'cause we live in Sunderland which is the west side of Vegas that's where he is. They would go out to displays called this still it's a bar right near red rock casino which is a local spot and that's where a lot of people go to watch these golden knights games during hockey run. Jews was with his bread one night and they were all taking pictures of them from a distance and posting on social it's like look don't mix it up with the take the pictures I don't need the whole Hubble telescope photograph. You guys are neighbors now you're only been in the same community. Right deduce who you listen several at a time. I'll pass peeler if you saw him Fallujah. And just continue my job I'm could not all are not down all of if you're walking past each other in the hall is not now not doubt he'd move and kibo which can lead to conversation with your fourth Robles. Now now I would never conversation with the matter and a desire to a disc seemed to knock down a key moment when about a nice bow. The fact that are currently a certain death which just general information and yeah. They're moving 400 no serious and you know I'm not downs and about. Now we didn't know the Jews gets it down not not up not or about right I'm just look at the bottom of the patriotic state you look at your honesty. Bob let's get into what the story of the day what happened last night at the Barclays center in Brooklyn evolves it warriors on the clock at number 28 rather than hear from me. Why don't we just go ahead and took patents. You go. Warriors the ticket. I've been in the okay. First of all classic trashy New York City is brewing championships. News flash. You wish you had championships but you have the next you wish you attributed which you have the nets and you're in the next building last night. These same people that don't know who Kevin Knox is and then the knicks draft them and also are going why are you bully him. He became a net 12 ago actually blowing a guy who's done it. Who's created less trouble for your organization that anybody else right rightly gave him. Both the before notary of Boeing the picked this is just a kid he's been asked to go to the next I'm short he had the choice he would have gone to the warriors but. He's going to the next rather than embrace them they bowl so that shows everything you need to know about the people of New York. And and their cheering hats. China the giants who were trashed the jets who were trashed the islanders who are trashed the Mets who were trashed the Yankees looked good that was due when you spend that much money. And whom I leaving out yet the Nixon and it's so let's go and get that shot out. Blowing aside. The newest member of the gold state warriors is Jacob Avant guard for a hybrid out of the University of Cincinnati 66. 210. Pounds he's got a six foot nine inch wingspan he turned 21 years old on June 18 and by all accounts did. It seems as if Bob Meyers and the warrior brain trust this was a name they were zeroing in on an opportunity presented himself they'd need to blank and he fits. Bill further kind of player they talked about looking for a guy who played three years in college somebody who can guard one through three. He heard his coach cut as college goes come on earlier in the hour and talk about how they've been running that defense is switching scheme. At Cincinnati so he should be up to speed with the responsibilities. In the verbiage accent throughout and he comes in as a guy who can score a little that he would've scored more last year. But then a couple of seniors who are more offensively gifted at the and he so we played his role the warriors were looking for a solid. Role player kind of guy who can come in the and eat up minutes skis you need guys to go out there any Eagles. Minutes speaking of which Jacob Evans. Basketball coach of the University of Cincinnati Mick Cronin join us about twenty minutes ago had this to say. Jacobs a guided does everything. Which hopefully will help film. Played right away. I told him he's probably gonna have to be able to play right away with this salary structure. Of organized lake and all the money. He is gonna have to. Come in there and then make some sort of impacts so you know hopefully the fact that he's played a lot of big gains Garrett. And if he's still in our defense system where he is. Well versed and switching we've been doing it for a long long time here. When your picked up 28 especially in the NBA. You're probably not expected to come and NBA star and when your pit by the ghostly warriors who are already laid. With superstar talent. There's gonna be a lower expectation even further but. In this situation. They're not looking for another damion Jones or another come on Loney someone who's going to take time to develop they need someone. Who can step in and contribute right away yeah not a twenty and ten guy that they need a bench contribution. How much pressure do you think he's gonna be feeling when the start of the season rolls around next year and how do you alleviate that pressure. Well. What article way I loved it would it would coach was San about Evans a different things about him. If you look at looney if you look at the different guys cook on these guys to bill McGee. In high school they were superstars these guys probably adds 3040 points a game. Why all these guys did we're talking to say now Amy and all those guys they're sports college they were scores also make him an MBA. And now who say they can't score this that the other because the competition the level competition has has risen. In the stakes are higher and it's a job. And now these guys that we knew that when high school and college were prolific scorers and how many days ago I can't score. As you look at each get all the different guys are on these different teams are okay. They worst they were prolific scorers in college and in high school and down here. Oh what I liked about what coach said about 76 guys can wake up at a bed and they can score they can just put the ball and that's what they wake up and do. He said that he wants guys that are Smart any sit Evans fits that mold. And I think Kurt they were listening to every they would took away the same thing said he's got to box out. He's not gonna get lazy he's gonna make sure he does his job he's gonna do the small things that's it guys can come out and score and look Olympic endorsing. But their attention to details too on the small things in that the coach was saying about Evans had a lot he talked about the little things. Making George put a body on a guy make a choice box out the guys making sure guys just don't have free access to him to the rim. Those are things that you want. Your fund. And those are the basic fund something physical to mood until. But he's not gonna have a lot of mental lapse he's got to be a Smart and his employer. That's what the warriors would they don't mean necessarily with export they need to God's gonna do those small things because by doing that. Box and out Creighton opportunities for others you're gonna be fine. Identify where your week and look to address the problem. Go through the entire NBA draft last night. You have teams at the top like Phoenix right Phoenix needs star power. Phoenix needs someone who can come in and threaten not only the all rookie team but possibly serves an all star Andre Eaton maybe he's that guy. Marvin Magli heading to Sacramento Sacramento needs star power they need sports right. The warriors don't need. A 28 points for what the warriors need is someone who understands the intricacies of what they do want offense and defense can be complicated system. The most important thing about the offensive and defense systems at the warriors Rodham requires very quick decision making. You have to understand and be able to anticipate what is gonna happen to win three steps down the road. When you watch some of these staff curry back screens that he sets on certain plays. People don't notice that would be noticed straight mine green getting wide open for a layup Rodrigue without getting wide open for a land like and that's it's a busted coverage. Look at the deep field goes into the play. Seth Curry the most dangerous scorer or I should say shooter in the NBA setting a back screen know what would anticipate that so you can't see that coming. You're gonna be two steps late by the time it would dollar or -- out of whoever it is gets to the Iraq for an uncontested lay the warriors were looking for a thirty point guy last night. They need someone give a minutes. Need someone who can process information quickly they need someone who can play defense because that was one of their big concerns coming into the track. The second unit last year did not give them quality defects not gonna get shut down unit. Shut down defense from a secondary unit but you need at least halfway decent defense. To preserve leads or keep your selves in the game so when the starters come in they could handle their business that's what the ranch job at step clay drain bunched up. Your job is to preserve hold on not ruin what's already been set that we solve that problem a few times last year during the beginning of the second quarter. Edmonds if you wanna watch a game go global Jake abandons Wichita State. There's a game there's multiple games to play its Wichita State last year but I'm talking about the one on March 4 he had nineteen points on what I believe was seven of sixteen shooting. But look at that defense and look at the quick reaction on some of the steals. And some of the rebounds. He understands spacing he understands the floor he can see it as a chess board and he can move himself around. Two key locations at key times he can sense what's going to happen in advance. This is one of the reasons why dream mine green not only loved the pick but immediately jumped on the phone last night to talk. To Jacob Evans after he was drafted Kerr was on the for a cup phone first Kirk lake of the assistant general manager was on the phone second he's gonna join us today at 930 and then it was straight. This is a kid who can do while back he can play great defense he understands the new wants. On the pick and roll remembered the switching we talked about wouldn't acronym last year in Houston series that's what it was all about. The most important series of the season was about players who were able to run the pick and roll and defend the pick and roll. That's why you couldn't put JaVale McGee out on the floor everybody loves Pierre two times right. The problem is that when he gets caught up in a pick and roll he doesn't necessarily have that ability to process the information so fast to move in and out of position. Remember what was happening with what TB and staff they would get switched up early in the Houston series and and they were looking at each other the what do you do and met. It happens to the basket but that is atypical. Typical play to defend what in evolves James Harden and Clint capella or James Harden and Eric Gordon. That's what they need they need guys who can come off the bench. In the Houston series. Did you maybe 1213. Minutes but not get caught up in the pick and roll not become a liability slightly Pete couldn't get serious burn because he has no idea what the hell he's doing defensively. They will switch on the him switch off of he'll get lost. And OB eight football for war Eric Gordon knock it down in his. That's why they drafted Jake and Evans last night don't expect when he points next year. But it you can get 1213 quality minutes from him especially on the defense then you've won with a strap and it'll be interesting to see. How this affects Patrick McCall who's a restricted free agent which means the team has the right to match any offer that comes in. Macabre probably won't command a massive contract elsewhere because he had a little bit of a down year he had the injury we know so you might the only key McCall. And if you are able to keep Patrick in a new ad in the Jacob Evans is a similar kind of player probably more aggressive offensively and defensively. Nice start to see a second unit that gets younger because you mentioned Houston series joke. Zaza couldn't play David West couldn't play and he was one year mainstays. In that second unit because he wasn't able to defend it. He's an older player now not as mobile and now when you play a team like Houston to have these. Younger more mobile pieces of course Jordan bell c'mon looney most likely gone but if he can keep him as well. Add add add 2.2 whatever you'd pay him. Also now I get a good young second unit this was the only picked last night the war. Your tried to purchase the second round pick apparently they weren't able to pull it off and actually know what the Iraq from the NBA is gonna jump at the opportunity to help these guys. Travis like general manager of the Atlanta Hawks who also used to service the assistant GM the goals they warriors join us about an hour ago we act. Asked him if Golden State reached out trying to acquire their second round pick he had this is. We had dialogue with them obviously you know weird situation or Ed or picked up thirty forces so we have dialogue you know or at a different team that I am. Now would we got a 34 we we decided to trade that pick her future fictional war. Again be at an epic collection vote taken taken money from Julie good bowlers did make a lot of sense or are we we're looking for a preacher seconds and but probably the worst you know although I think that's where a lot of gains were looking for look at her future. Would you want the worst could mutate. Or give you my second next year but it doesn't carry a lot of weight because you automatically assume that's the sixty. It's the united. I'm a dozen other work was like thanks for the call. I'm busy will make this quick. Know who's the right effort right how many teams do you think the warriors call last night about a second round pick in comedy teams told them now but what would you and I said ten teams over relax and what would you I gotta say Tintin so I would go under ten because I thought when I thought ten it that was a high number in the new sedated tenets like. They probably called eight because there's a couple players that are two or three players that they light and I both players are available in the late thirties and early forties. You don't Jill lake of a guy who's used to. Getting what he wants. And for good reason 3004 years he was probably saying. Call them call this team call that team holding five million dollars in Sandra what do you think is this side with dialing numbers like they clearly have all the numbers next to them on a sheet of paper they know and advance the contact people are. But who's the person that's got to dial do you think they relay it to like. And administrative assistant tight dirty think like pop call and a and Bosnia yes jump and he calls Atlanta. But these minutes are gonna be charged to me. Or should exactly doing my company's former personal Matt you my very very reimbursed for this practice that I'm funny story about Jacob Evans. His first work out for the warriors was the day of the parade last week. I believe what last Tuesday they had him in Oakland I design early in the morning you would they possibly does it got the work out and so Evans is around all this and probably he was at the parade but you can sense what's happening in the city like Oakland when something of this magnitude. Is taking place on the streets. So he's in Oakland he has the work out he goes back home. And the warriors like so much they call again at a when they called again but they wanted him to work out two days ago second work out on Wednesday. He and his according Anthony Slater of the athletic he actually had a workout schedule that they would lost. Of all teams the Celtics won at work about on Wednesday he told them no. And accepted the warriors offered to come back to Golden State and go through another work out for that. Imagine what that says that you were out these guys once if you feel like that's a solid work out. And you wanna diversify your portfolio. Boston's drafting two picks in front of Golden State 26 they can pay you a little bit more. They're the front runner to win the east next year you're gonna have a lot of opportunity for success Brad Stevens is tremendous head coach storied franchise. You actually hole you can tell this to the Phoenix Suns you told the Boston Celtics that you needed to cancel your workouts you can come back out to the Bay Area. To work out for the warriors second. I would imagine did it if you look at who's in program in his corner he's probably got pictures of the parade. Eat probably stayed at the hotel we get our live broadcast right there yeah they put him in the night before. He wakes up here's all the noise it's 8 o'clock. You know these guys work out at nine this season greatest radio show on the planet right Austria Italy probably does is it normal average guys hanging out because of the volume because he came on on the label knows it's time to play ball. Jerry knew that goes without saying that he's coming downstairs and he knows this time to play but also he's. Practicing he's looking up over the things that oh my god I'm here I'm Bret I think it's that they misty who's bringing a guy and.