Hour 2 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs open up the calls from THE BEEF LINE!

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, February 23rd

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss whether anyone in the NBA can size up to James Harden in the MVP race and what the cost will be for Madison Bumgarner and his future contract. Plus, we have THE BEEF LINE!


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Where really appreciated Brothers for life I appreciate that can put out of this morning hey give the I think they're a little tickle I don't really vote I will that with a little take on at the first and not my first thought when I opened my eyes it like 305 this morning I thought. Did you love I don't needed and I'm shocked mr. diddley that he's let me be in this. Close to him this week. The GO Joes that you know how he can be very you know. Over the top right hand and really don't work for me is for me to be at work in you know cut here here yeah covered you can't really sick in that area. It just because. I haven't said it doesn't mean I have thought this is certain at which an event in a bubble yet you could be a bubble boy. Good thing. And about that what quote. I will say this you've you've you've you've you've hot like 34 we should be coming in hot and it went break your streak you can get it to you that you're feeling good. They deal. The bubble guts and the nightmare those who latter I don't listening to 90% of the game KG and he FM and HD one San Francisco. Good morning hopefully you are literally turning on the radio right at this moment and you miss that previous sentence. It's great to have you had today. Happy Friday to show is absolutely packed here's how it's gonna shakedown about 29 minutes from now the B flights coming up I've been saying all week. You don't have it I've called virtually everybody in the Bay Area out the phone numbers 4154038588. We do it every Friday at 730. I think the calls have been weak I think we will continue to be weak and I don't think you're gonna be proved me wrong just fax. Just facts. Now outside that little rant the saints can address at 830. Marcellus Wiley is gonna come on at 845 gets a lift and after that beat down of the clippers last night. Proves he's get a giant is in studio at 905 for an hour and Walt topple Shaun Livingston at 945. Inhibition. Some good stuff. We've got not one but two opportunities to win a trip to Hawaii those who come up at eighty team and at 930 today at the final day you have a chance to win this trip. We will announce the winner Monday at 8:18 am. And in addition that at 8455. Pairs of tickets to see Kenny Chesney with Old Dominion. When they play shoreline Wednesday June 20. It is great to have you with us today on this Friday first week in the new studio everything's been going pretty well and the Golden State Warriors last night. We if that's that's slash play for the people. Very much to carry gavel upside like dribbles to the court stabs him the middle takes up three off the dribble a government and. Your final score from ORACLE Arena last night golds they won 34 the clippers once when he sat. Yes good first quarter Alia covered the first quarter point or rent staff had a huge night clay it looked hot west it would dollar the bench all the way around. Very little trust in that pic today. And what thorough yet very little thrust of that and we will nit pick coming up in three minutes that are behind apple and next moment we get celebrate because when you put up. A buck 34 you know the offenses Khamenei. There was a sequence early in that first quarter they had turnovers on three successive possessions. Other than that. They were absolutely tiny step Corey woke up at the end of that first corner and got rolling and you see why offensively. When they play like that it almost doesn't matter what they do defensively. They look fresh they look rested more importantly for me first quarter and I think pretty much everyone in this building because we've all been talking. On air about it author about it the first quarter performance. They need to put there by eight the first quarter. But more importantly. And stuff. Staff all the way around they were sprinting around the court to try to fulfill the defensive assignments credit to give up 127 last night that first quarter he clearly came out. Understanding. A sense of urgency at least a little bit was the S out of Fresno say Ron Adams you know the deep into the Booth type of mining guy deep into the -- coached there he's won these guys have played better -- no steps to I mean I know Stefan and lead a dollar all these guys want to play better defense but you know coaches of the one who pushes guys that make guys played better Ron Adams really been in these guys and know that he was unhappy because they did play a lot of more swamped swarming defense swarming defense they got after guys. I saw some guys saw some possessions where they were not one not two but three guys collapse on guys in Macomb make bad passes because the defense was in their face. Yet they broke down and fourth quarters at times but she saw more effort you saw more concerted effort you saw defensively they were getting in lanes. Forcing turnovers you wanna see this by this dubbed team because his teams have shown at times that they didn't play great defense but last night they did play a lot better defense and energy and effort was there. All the way around. I think. The thought process coming out we talked about this Wednesday. What happens when we wake up Friday what's gonna be our lead story win when we come in here barring something crazy at a Scottsdale or Santa Clara. The thought process was gonna be we're gonna talk warriors but how are we gonna talk about it. Are we gonna talk about a like they're talking about the cavaliers in Cleveland today. And once he got game last night. Cleveland a six point favorite at home coming off the break well rested a little more time to gel with one another. They go out there and they get hammered by the wizards. Bulk them in the fourth quarter in front of him from the second quarter wrought. Cleveland's about like a ten point lead in that game and then it was all wizards the rest of the way without John Wall I might act. LeBron was red hot down the stretch I believe he had. He was lightning sharp over the final six minutes of the game address that she went over ten. What I don't Casey Darren Sacramento they needed a Russell Westbrook miracle at the buzzer to get past the tank Jacqueline. That was shores yak I was draws. 12 ago catching bunny hopping shoot good for Russ that was a monster monster shot on what could be. Us government us you know poor guy coming off a I Jiri averaged a triple double and won the MVP yet. He's never talked about as one of the great players in the game most people would put him outside the top five so. Good for the young man to get one of the buzzer you don't last year we spent all this time breaking down his triple doubles and is MVP candidacy how does this year 'cause I have really look how does this year stack up to last year it's purely from statistics and he is just a shade away from averaging a triple double again I believe Rick it's rebounds I'm not mistaken he -- average close to eleven. And a half for twelve boards a game. And he might accomplish it which would be mind boggling to go back to back triple double averaged. Especially when you think about the MVP race this year we kicked it around a little bit earlier. He's not really anyone's top five you would go pardon you'd put high re ahead of them. LeBron James for crying out loud as always in the conversation. Then hit decay. Then you start talking about Russell Westbrook. So again. The push for. A name change. Most outstanding. Player or if you wanna call the most exciting player I'm OK with that as well but most valuable player. For a gotta go I do something historic like that. Average triple double. Then come back the next year hanging virtually the same Matta wins and virtually the same man statistics. You're telling me he's not even in the race. This speaks to where we are in America it's just the new hot story only in America if we just need something new something fresh what's gonna stimulate our minds quickly. Fifteen minutes now I need to check my Islamic and hopefully I got ten more like them to detect based on any detect Twitter hopefully someone retreated me what's in his story which trump doing what are the warriors to what's this what's that what's this what's that. Russ Richmond same thing you know we'll talk about this year. About a at all Sabine with curry. Two years literally when Z a BP one he wins unanimously I don't think you'll ever be considered in consideration ever again for that award. In a crazy I mean but did he mean. You should've known that until you look at LeBron LeBron tell him into the MVP. It you know and you look at the numbers that he's done the last couple years and it really is he really considered it ID said it everyone on to the new threats thing and it's just amazing that. Analysts say that the NBA two Emmys and a lot better shape than we thought. Last night you got to see so much more parity. He got to see Sacramento Kings teen pushed under to the to the break you know Wesley must look at the big shot he saw last night the clippers team pushed won't push the dubs. We did they need all four quarters in the does played a lot better you saw the wizards beat cavs use all the NBA right now it's in good shape. Compared he competition is there we wanted to see this we're seeing are teams that we said were so dominant now. Are struggling everything is coming back and it's really good for the NBA now because each night now you're like why I'll. These teams adjust average now are competing with these tough team so it's really good. I think for the NBA. And I think the eastern race for the playoff seeding is going to be very interest again. Cleveland could end up slight window for five or six for crying out loud they're closer to nine in the Arnold won in here having Toronto Boston tool. At the top I think that's going to be interest in obviously in the west the race for number one. I pray to the Reuters Joseph go to one in four over the final 24 games how to see if my record at. For predicting merit their games is better than their actual record right now we're both won and now. I had to be any closer to you you actually easy to do it game by game two yet that that's true I guess all of the four games they blew. Snow by assumption of the twenty they would win so I'm mature Akamai record against the warriors record see who does better mean predicting them. Or then playing against their opponent can't wipe boards and here now did we get the white Danny sent me a picture yes in the white boards were back in play we should get fed up on the boards and track it's a that you don't have to do the research every single that now exists there now you do still believe that eight I do believe eighteen will win. We'll put number one seed or you see note one or is it. Eighteen and six I don't know coach gets it done you have got the rockets that 178 over their final totally he's they did dubs are gonna win twenty bit eighteen will still get them the number one seed coming do you have the rockets of the second half I've gotten seventeen and eight coaching you when you start to look at. They're three and four and eight out there which begins tonight they've got somehow Roche is back to backs they've got. Boston they've got a very tough schedule. But Denver and Utah on back to back nights which has been able I can't be easy and old lungs especially if you talk continues cook and they won eleven straight go to the break Denver got hot to the rockets are going to be hosting Minnesota tonight are eight and a half point favorites. Eight have points they resistant rules and Jimmy Butler hopefully he's come back from that. I illness that kept him out of the all star game he had a tough one was actually friends are here that he gets sick the night for all the disappointed strangely that's a word that's in LA that's that's the point that when a lot of parties are taking place yeah he's probably had a couple of them you know now we'll dot bodies. That's a that's why women. Q that's me making a ballot tonight they're playing Jimmy Butler and a team that could go into even though it's a delight at eight this like last night and I with an eleven but you watch and apparently it's really streaky. And then you talk about the caps it could be they can be a foresee the fifth street. But does that necessarily mean they won't win it you look at the thunder thunder could be the succeed but you look at the under does that scare you when they play gets the dubs you think about the thunder how many times. They beat the dubs heads you know there are there what an ad series so when you look at the NBA. I just think now even though one to see it doesn't matter there's parity is really start to pick up. Then on the flip side of the equation there's an NBA record seven teams that are at least twenty games below 500 coming off the all star break. On and Vegas is getting set for their annual tank extravaganza. Vegas bookmakers have to pay very close attention Vegas bookmakers follow every NBA players in this program accounts to try to figure out. Ahead of everyone else when guys are gonna quote rats. Because they're quote hurt Oscar for the Phoenix Suns which teams that are tanking aux lens of that next plus here's a question. Would you give Madison Bom Gartner the David Price contract seven years 217. Million dollars would you give that to Madison Baumgartner triple 89579570. That plus the B fly next Jolo and did not constantly. One hour from now your first of two opportunities to win a trip to Hawaii those red ADT to 930 today is the final day. So we will announce the winner Monday at 818 easier final two chances to enter the code word at the web site. Colin has gonna actually join us in studio as well around nine Campbell all talked to Shaun Livingston today at 945. In addition. Five pair of Kenny Chesney tickets to giveaway at 845. South. Bobby Evans speaking recently and this is the time well actually let's reboot that's the court came out yesterday. Madison but Lerner will start for the giants on opening day it is these. Consecutive season in which mad bought Madden Bob will get the ball first up round shot a big surprise he had to. I'm sure had you been following Friday's 101000 in Vegas if you could. Bet on such a thing it was the biggest no brainer it's not news it's great it's come to look forward to as spring training gets under way you know that. He will throw that first pitch for the giants. He has started opening day. In each of the last four years. In those four games the giants are three and one the only loss was last year indeed melt down fashion in the ninth inning. Which pretty much set the tone for the whole season so we don't need to necessarily or visit the bombard him sell this to now. He's thrown 23 innings giving up 23 hits with 23 strikeouts. About the number 23. Eight walks two point 74 ERA and earlier this week Bobby Evans was talking about the fact that didn't know maybe possibly. They are starting to get to a point where contract negotiations will begin. As bomb garner enters this year at twelve million dollars. And then there's only one year left at twelve million dollars if the giants want to pick up that option which they no doubt will it something else doesn't get done. This legion the question of how much is he gonna cost. And I started kicking around comps last night in for me it's always gonna start with David Price right David Price two years ago was thirty years old. When he signed the Boston Red Sox seven years 217. Million dollar and I think most fans in Boston are regretting that deal at this moment but at the time. Seven years 217. Million dollars. But garner. Will be 29 this August so he'd be a year younger if you got him signed before he enters the final year of his deal. If not you can let him play out last year and Kobe doesn't go anywhere else he would be the same age is priced right there thirty. How much is he going to make a guess we see here talking about numbers for possibly Bryce Harper Manny Machado Clayton Kershaw would. Or maybe what's pump are numbered ECB a thirty million dollar your player. Let me close to a deal and it is seen now though the baseball the weighted things are going no we see that there's been a kind of led the purse has been a little bit tighten up the purse strings of tighten up around baseball so what's of interest in who's got 29 and August. Now the best thing to do is say let's do it let's not let's not mess around bomb Goran look what he's done for this organization. We got him on the cheap but you know what. He signed the deal he we wouldn't we won and that's what a lot of teams do they understand they speculate that forecasts and you say. Let me take care of this player now because it's conceive a slave in that deal the look at it now looks. Very very table for the teen. Madison when he's when he signed it it was like he thought I was a great deal more Helm but now and now he adds outplayed a deal two years and so. Now it's like what do you do. Now if they wanted to play hardball you know they got two years left on the deal so Pia let it play out now the guys 3031 years old and you look at and say okay we now and it will pick up the option duet. Indians say okay letting go of a marketing try to bring in new. Then new young form or a fight to win that junger good because now you have a guy you may pay thirty million dollars to its thirty years also. Patti do the ballot so the best thing for them they do of the organization money keep him happy thank you rip it up and you do that they should do it now you do it but. To me it's all by the length of the deal because if you look historically Major League Baseball and deals that are longer than five years six and seven year deals for pitchers back almost inordinately they turn out to be bad deals absolutely when you deal with a pitcher now you do over the hitters slugger. Like Bryce Harper does next offseason probably get a seven year deal he might get tenure deal for crying out loud. He's a young position player it's more bankable so for me it's not so much about thirty million a year. To answer your question John yes I wouldn't even thirty million a year but only for five years so for me five and 150. That works at seven and 210. And priced at 1717. Which is 31 year the seven years what scares me more in the third when he. Let me ask you this and now we're about to turn it up we know we're in the sweet spot our. 8 o'clock we eased our way and we kick around and topics have some light conversation now trying to turn it on. The phone numbers Tripoli 9579578. You had the prison met. If you had the prison Balboa who gets more money per year Madison Bob garner. Or Jimmy drop below. Jimmy drop below five years 137. Point five million dollars the value per year 27 point five million. There are only five pitchers in Major League Baseball five starting pitchers. Who make more. That madam out actually one of makes the exact same Jon Lester the cubs makes 275 year the only guys making more than that are ver Lander at 28. David Price of thirty Zack Greinke 34. In Clayton Kershaw what 35 point five million dollars. Those are the only players in baseball making more now what did just about all those guys have in common. They signed free agent deals they were in the open market in teams can compete. If Bom Gartner. Is gonna get a deal done before the end of this deal say with one year left which is what the giants would hopefully in fourth they really wanna keep them. You're not going to pay him this value because you have that ultimate chip in your pocket. You can always say hey. We can just paid twelve million next year revisit its. That naturally brings down the price right so is bomb garner gonna make more per year than Jimmy grapple yes yes he will cut would you prison that it. While you you've. Mated so I have no choice for that for the sake of this debt so yes I don't get her point added. And how I mean I wouldn't prevent almost anything when you came down to a especially in my agent my lack of overall ability to survive in prison. So we're three million to me. But as it was a ten million vs your prison where did closer Mattel and I have to spend five I don't mind you priced at my neck is five million in good enough shape to survive a year and brilliant idea and Jake is Lebanese I mean this go to sleep. Yeah that's not gonna put to sleep in time I'm worried about coach but I had to debt as we like tennis program and Achille take somebody naps you have to seriously doubt it myself the next eleven months of nobody minds. I'm the one guy who they always talk about how bad. Solitary is for seriously about solitary bring it to let me do my thing yeah you could have a chance but would I know I mean you had to pretty in the face they you you do that you're dead I have to do and Edward Norton and that movement and the beat up before I go anywhere I show you all mangled through the media who have put away demeaning mean I'm really gonna mean. Pretty boy why is this the most exciting you get much and you guys all morning long we're talking all this stuff here and then all of a sudden this standing near excited this is. I fear Lockheed yeah fiesta zones and yeah it is you don't have those though from that. And if I have to make his bed prison or the cash I'm going over on the Jimmy problem number because. This is Madison Baumgartner he came out of the bullpen and rescued them and delivered at a World Series out of all the single best post. Season pitching performance in history and the giants showed you that they reward guys for what they've done a as well as rewarding you hopefully for what he'll do in the future without a doubt this guy's gonna get closer to thirty million song gonna ever gotten on his name is John Groce look at finally remembered it for some reason skating. When Rosie was on of the us and he's one of the best in the business. Marisa projected 25 million a year he said he can get upwards of 25. I think when you dug bunkers are getting 34 million a year in understand he's not gonna get that that's one saint even though he's got to know the exactly this year in nature. I think these will be somewhere around thirty anywhere from 28 to thirty I really believe it's and I don't now because I figure high. Two Ohio number you don't you don't I got actually accusing you haven't smoked marijuana I'm always. Are you don't why don't you know what I think there's high takes us we didn't tell them that the reason why did I believe that he will deal is because they didn't they're gonna look at this and say. Let's give Tony the thirty million because why this year last year the year before he outperformed its contract. Big they have to do own GP. They're gonna give him 28 to thirty million on TV that I got to get your day. On general principal. They I know so I'll say they gonna have to give him that because they milled that this man has outpaced his contract the last two to three years and I look we can't give him 25 we can't get to and his guys will make between. Thirty to twenty million know what I think the only ways the giants do that. I think the only way that happens is if it's like a three year deal that he wants to re enter the market but if your bomb garnered you're getting set to be 2930. You've been gearing up for this to be the marquee payday these kind of made it clear before we don't have to say we believe them. He's made it clear he's got everything he wants you know he's got is his property in the Carolinas. Got its tracks he doesn't need a whole lot I don't think he's a guy wanting for a helicopter. And a Bennett crib in Miami on South Beach none of saying that does it mean he does only be paid fair market value but. I I don't see if I got a prison about this I go under I think a drop below ends up getting more unless they do some three year deal at 3035 million. I'm a bomb bomb garter looking at this is this is the big payday this is going to be the five or six year deal. This is where I wanna be set up for the future and if you're gonna do talk about that type the duration taking you to 3435 years of age. I don't think it's gonna get. Thirty million Darvish got 71 Tony sixty of the Zito contract which is. Basically what it's eighteen million per season and Madison bomb Garza far better pitcher than Yu Darvish right now and 25 million over seven. That's a nice little contract that's a 175 million but that's well short of what David Price got so I think. Per year you're going to be closer to David Price than you are Yu Darvish I'm gonna put it above 27 and a half. Probably closer to two to thirty and if he does a three year deal like you say 300. That would be a massive deal. I can see that if it's going to be short he wants one last shot at another payday I could see it there but if it's gonna be the standard five or six year deal. Darvish again he was a free agent anybody could have been on him to anybody could've been on David Price anybody could have been on Zack Greinke. Bombers got another year on the deal with that you're left on the deal that's alternate ship for the giants to get him for last. Should they choose to do so we will take your calls on the matter. I might as well call this week line but it in the music. The jewel favorite sports team. Pull over and over again. I want you here. Stressing you out is done up. At 415. 4038. 1514. Snowflakes let's see what you've got this week. Caller number ones I am so very getting tired of hearing warrior fans. Lie about how bad their game is with forty or 45. Victories. We have. Code. 40 yeah. Me. Boyer President Bush. You read yeah its territory that it can track what the Bible. You don't. Friend of the putts are all right off getting it absolutely ripped your view of and here. Not bad wow not bad calling out. In which some of us have become accustomed to I can't say necessarily disagree I get them in a warrior fan for forty plus years and at 44 and fourteen now 45 and fourteen we should be a little bit happier than we are. But we are high standards coach and that's okay. Yeah yeah absolutely right it's that we're winning right now the quick fix right now thank you know what he's absolutely right fans quit crying. In his defense had the warriors lost last night we'd be selling almost panic today heading into a hazy tomorrow night is it over to buildup is over as head that says they want to outrun a sellable off begin to rebuild got to do it now. Caught it. Next they're hired Joe Horn off patent war or. Guilty or reported to be thrown. You know I bin siblings is an established. Experience the refereed via the iconic figure in the greater Bay Area here that made your damn well. Thought I don't wanna hear you have this thing up at the black vote like this shut your mouth. Experience bread doing jobs. Picture but bill. Not bad not bad wow that's crazy you know I. You sir that if you how dare you try to drive a wedge between Joseph and I'll take that up front yard drive the flag need to be thrown out. Got a lot. I eat out you know I must admit that that was a great call you guys took a Agassi did I got was good for you in an interview it's still doesn't. Flag waved to them. I can't tell you I feel like I. That's on me today that he likes on mile he had them. That's my great golf my dad. That it wouldn't let it out why did you know did she just got him out of my. Know your role and show you Baghdad's good stuff color grade. Just got me on hold for two hours a couple of days ago at the end of the show how charter calling for help what searches remote stretch as the leader of Colbert let you know that you're gonna have to me but let's get on throughout the cash. I got the moment is planned for so that's Mario Mark Parker Brothers shirt black. Oh very nice up science shows code called Joseph blow and did not Joseph lo did and Jim Roney who was waiting on hold off while we love when you guys call I would love to what you want but we can't just. Give up in the middle of the hot pace of the high page just to go ahead throw anybody out there sometimes. Sometimes it takes a too good sometimes that takes run long. If you're listening right now triple 89579. Events and they'll put you to the front of the line at around 740 and he got a limited minutes now outside the old days rehab like probably gotten I don't have admitted they hang up my days and AOL dial up with a victory before that if you. All right who's next. There were Gulfport. Don't pay the cease fire that we now are so it was we are pretty good. Firmer ball like I loved Arnold's movie that he that the war is so why don't we are videos so right. Yes yes so talk about a but it let you. Are not only are you buffalo he's going to be real I'll let you know you guys. It's. Considered ignorant if it lazy all about some of the wanted to put a all right as they're hole. Old guys that you know findings of gray are that you won't but commodity if that's the Dodgers photography back. Don't breakdown at playoff scenario like OE 8 o'clock you can see that our friends sign. Anything for it argued it all got lost somewhere else and well. Luke warm hello alarm. Some of the guys on that this is the highest rated morning show this nation has ever had we are obviously doing something correct now we appreciate your phone call. But don't criticize the art. The arts mixer so one thing didn't did I ever with the Joseph he was I don't agree with him everything the one thing he did say that but just kind of resonated. Put everyone in the bay. We'll keep it real I don't know who you throw. You're right I appreciate that color right on the money yeah. Hello hello voluntary and Iraqis dead in the water for thank you low income if I don't know I have been known to carry the water I'm water boy did zionist. I would also got. My beef is with the people in the back responsible for the phone calls. Since tiger to a property in view sat out with a thousand. Slip it in the Bay Area and him millions mr. worldwide to assess. Talk show in the morning and they'll throw lol and did hit a hot day that you're still there on how to you know get organs. Think my opinion is that does it do for me out some of the baseball topic are getting vehicles from floppy ears with the people and a bag. Kamal Khalil is get off those those caveats in there are figure because. You're track pack. Thousands at least he he actually sent me a screen shot the other day of his phone he would hold the show 26 times early sorrow man it was one of the days here take a lot of calls but. I'm one role only we can yell at the back room staff know what else that's right that's our privilege I try and afterwards there are our pin cushion back. At at at at. But not yours Louise combined again vanity and here give me some bring it. You're like boy did you born marked down up straight and liberal did. He's doing it strike you as Canada it's very USA snap not you know I'm not a I'm not guys they even get on the court that apparently can plug congress and elsewhere in coward and he. Yeah. All did it truck you dream football hall of fame colts hold it. One of the great power but holes aren't I don't I can't comment. That was best for our. There's something about the Australian accent it's just a whimsical. He can't get mad Australian I feel it's just that it is sexy accent I. It's ten years ago little whimsical accept myself. I might. Get mangled. Paul salmon bodily 509 goals for Essen in an agreed thirteen year career in Australia so thank you for that and I didn't spoke about down on yourself. Coakley Nana you're the residents down under expert your. If you have not done under so I don't watch that. Last fall and hearing Al. Yeah oh although it is go for all but hey don't hate it paid twice for Cordero. Cornel for the past that court with burden. I all the who called government black and I didn't believe the current. Given the lesson here but it hurt myself right now current we're out here at Baylor. I'm violent armed live it up archipelago could bring banking. But people aren't golf struck. Track pocket but. I'd run that department. Cup but monopoly boulevard number one track talk Bay Area darker place for that I now. Historically get suckered. That was me crazy you know that was made. I call I made that call yes I know. That this would be yet another week line. Gotta be flying we fly you colleges shot and got my shot you're shot at the end delivered him. Mean did we need to call again in and we need to go together we'll we'll coupled with some debris and it you guys could do it on speaker phone together you could sit around. Top five worldwide monopoly and I'm moving past that number one trash talk Bay Area. I'll put out there who's got it who's got it. All out the trash talk more now. I mean nobody every week we brought a number and we say here it is let's do the best stuff and what do we get. Those aren't they getting this leave the view saying this and that so hopefully gonna come stronger coming into damage from Jersey Colin bring little heed that was eight. We'll see about that I need a body of I applied for 154038588415403858. Become king that's not mess calling out again because this week no one showed up I mean called in myself. And took the crown. It's like eight mile but the final scene. And on B rabbit. Not punter hunter a spaghetti on your shirt bride or not there aren't anyway please don't buy into the bank and in part yes we like to the good part passport the entire movie. And just get through where he works his way through. What are the names pop it docks and I plan out. Our voice played dad he would only do. The scene where egos on the a blind date in the auto a lot of works plant I'll I'll because as I mean or do we go to the end of that RIT Brittany Murphy began seriously nice he's awesome. Canoeing brought to a screeching who have died here and kicked and clawed at the that's what it is that's Liz I'm be rabbit final scene in eight mile and the Bay Area right now. I'm not the one Cheney you're saying it because we listen to be playing every week the Bay Area right now is Papa doc just looking around as everyone's going to lot. Why watt at the shelter. There all the shelter. But I like our heels of that Mikey says it wants yellow and they looks around he turns the Mike back in that's what this. That's you know and then on the rabbit. Walk off it's a wrap marry and he's putting your place once and for all I mean every Friday night at shelter so you get another opportunity next week but. IMAX reckoning 4154385. Mediate your beef line please somebody it's a fun. Here the worst part I'm doing this live in prob right appear on states that don't have material prepared for this you guys he called a number you can write notes you can call multiple times of the best wanna get through. Then the other cricket sound over there you know I didn't Orton bonds and I was like all right. Tax line 95 pence got a sales dot com. I got a real job Joseph I don't have time to call into a nonsense beef line for a mediocre morning Sports Radio show background noise for most people. See now that's not bad. That's not bad hurts tell your friend that gave you that line you can send and good for them. And then and then there's the other one a more cheddar Bob and I am. The rabbit. That's Plaxico Burress and also a deeply. China occasionally he too it was shot himself this out of the house of October 795. They gave you pretty good set out of it and there's sort of foreign. Tough guys hang hang out behind text line and now I 9599. And I'm confident and I. Not by senate and I five are right let's get it back for one moment as well and Marines still on the line let's put him through well. Madison bomb guard averaged Jimmy drop below Jimmy Rob Lowe got 27 point five million dollars per year are you going over or under that from Madison bombard his new contract. Hey guys yeah I'd take India object in the present aperture means. You got to look at it the tide turned over to take care of their players are we gave. Matt Cain deservedly twenty billion at one point now the long time ago that people thought develop a lot of money. And by at the time out of what we did try to eat it on the books but he was a little bit more serviceable I'm a lot that we thought what a perfect but. Bad bomb is a free. He's a great pitcher he'd done nothing but dominate forthcoming yet he's not ridiculously good during the regular season it's not pop out of these are young ish but he gets the job done. Because the chance to win any also is so dominant during crunch time it's almost as he's another player so just what inflation alone. I'd a waited on working a lot you you're just want thirty million dollars in MLB that it is in the NFL in general. So yes he will get paid because I think they're they're players. Vatican bomb garnered work every day every dollar and not too many people can awful dirt bike come back is this year aren't for sure going above. That number you'll probably get about 28 neck out. I would get I would rather look at five years in seven years it has that been. Got scared me is 47 but he's gonna get paid and it won't be early we are and our hope pat Palmer art of the tried to do it. Texting phone call good stuff well a lot of excellent points there I I personally don't see it and this is I'd I see that trend. Where the market has had it. But I look at the top of the food chain here Jon Lester was an outrage freeagent Justin Verlander free agent David Price of free agent Zack Greinke freeagent a lot of these. Guys landed with teams that either had. Unbelievable stashes of cash or were absolutely desperately Arizona was desperate to make a big move that's like Greinke got 34 million dollars a year. Felix Hernandez 26 point eight. Yu Darvish just signed as a free agent 25. Jordan Zimmermann at 24 Cole Hamels twenty to five Mac shares or 22 point one. Not saying he's not worth it but with a one year left on the deal if the giants choose to get it done now that the year is worth so much in negotiating. With one year left on the deal you don't have to give 39 year but barter can hold out for it yeah and he could probably hit the market in two years. And get himself somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty million year. If the market corrects itself based on what we just all goes back to the way it was and he has two more seasons he has that two more seasons like he's had prior to last year where he's making thirty plus starts. Eat up innings dominating games working at the plate a true front line starter. With a big time World Series resident. That might get it thirty but do you wanna play who. Full years and then turn thirty and then risky in this current market know you might be willing to take less just because you get that security on the back. You might be and you will be willing to take last but I think this giants organization is gonna wanna make sure he feels hole and they've been known to overpay. Matt Cain made what 21 million last year. Knowing full well that he is probably union number five starter even when he got a big contract extension you knew that the end of Matt Cain was coming. And that it likely wouldn't be high productivity. You gonna get massive bomb garner for peak years and you look at his previous years before the injury Joni started more than 31 games. In six consecutive years when he RA below 3.3 seven and all those years. Scott has been consistently. You leak. In baseball so he's been great for you he's been a champion he's got unbelievable. Credibility and value in the community. So I think that they're gonna overpay by 10% a year based on the way they do business down there. The phone numbers triple 89579570. When it's all said and honorable Madison bomb garner yet more per year the Jimmy drop below. That numbers 27 point five million dollars AAA 89579570. Yesterday morning. At around 630 we spoke with John Murrow see you both fox sports in the MLB network he's one of the most plugged in. MLB insiders imaginable. We asked him what Madison's mom learners next contract to look like he had this to say. The gonna BS confirmed between 25 and thirty million dollars I believe as a free agent leased a multi year deals this is a substantial amount of money and one edit the giants. Are going to be cautious for two reasons number one B is coming off of the injury shortened season. And number 20 they're so leverage with the with so many veteran players already. On what is not there especially young roster they just Adam Longoria to that makes Quayle did not opt out so. They are pretty heavily committed to the future already where I think they're going to be somewhat judicious in how they handle those large contracts going forward. You've got that and many said 25 to thirty as a freeagent. As a free agent he'd be asking for 25 to thirty. Not as a player with one year or possibly a year and a half left on his current deal it it appears would you gotta relate to I I totally understand your point where you're coming from. But you also got to understand where the giants who were Madison's commitment. Last Syria pitches down bits of content you before two years before prior to that. He's always up Pitts is context liberals like look Madison way under played grossly underpaid. Three years ago. And everyone understood that but this is the contract that he signed. If he was it wow Madison's got to play it got mad as they become numb by not you know I got the money when I mean he's saying all the right things because he knew. They got Madison in understood that they had forecast of got to give the front office credit 'cause they said. We're going to pay this guy now who we understand his potential is outside the giants won. They won mat out rat they flat out won at Madison outpace his contract years ago. So now when you look at what's won't you say okay yet we know they have two years let. In their talk in new why they're talking because there's. They feel horrible they they they feel good that they had mother and under and a conflict but they feel like well we understand this guy's got. I have some emotions about in the weighted he's been pitching gives talked about what he's been able to do thirty they have over thirty starts. Besides last year with no less you have to look at because he motorcycle accident but besides that. There's here's Mercedes that over thirty starts. They're look at it and say oh we gonna do what's right. In the giants organization you know they are known to do what's right. They're gonna pay Madison bomb were between twenty to thirty million it's not even an issue that's gonna paint because what he's already done. From the 65 on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line at the giants are in the playoff race trade met them at the deadline and rebuild the farm system. I'm. Should ogle over very well I don't think it would and you know ultimately thank. If you are fifteen below about why aren't some break if you aren't a situation where you need to sell off pieces this upcoming year I don't think he's the guy you sell. There's other pieces that would be more attractive to bring prospects back in because at some point you are gonna have to. Perhaps churn this thing over revealed its success but Massa mongers not a PC would trade that scenario. You keep talking and you make a great point low about the idea of pitching on value for so long and then coming back in getting. Almost over rewarded as a result a lot of these guys that give you their six years of service for during that time they perform so far and above market value that when they sign. I dialing David Price you pretty much know you're overpaying him. But you're paying. If you're paying for future performance in MLB a lot of times you're paying somewhat for past performance so back. Now we're not lots anything anymore apparently. Now there are enough by yup. I got. Thank you do not get it didn't didn't even do that while I did. The commitment to compliment you all week I was nowhere. Anywhere near part of that I just told them number one trash talker Bay Area yank prove actually proved that today he never is my job if you probably went too too abruptly. Yeah. Are you on the friends out out they did and how they get the top he can draw on all sides by your by your car out. So please continue before in her yeah I was wrong of me. But in this day any look at what just took place in the free agent market did anyone get what they were looking for JD Martin. Is that Scott Boras is agent out there flowed 200 million. And the first time we heard that we all scoffed and snicker to. And then we heard yet price going to be close you know like 16165. He got one and 91 can't Oregon game in a way below market value. The hope for bomb garner a lot of this is gonna come down to timing how are you going to play it vs the upcoming free agent class of 2018. Harper went shot out Clayton Kershaw and others. There is going to be so much money flying around that if we go right back into a system where MLB is just throwing cash only the NBA's on the last two years. Then if you're bombarded haven't signed yet you can use all of that is your reference point all of that can be I will Kershaw that is gained 36 million. They've got my personal during the regular season but I'm definitely better than him in the post season and my resume vs his. What would you rather wrap so I don't need the full thing what you're gonna get the thirty that would be a good argument again though the question do you wanna wait that long. If you had a chance to get 25 mil year over five years right the Derrick cart deal if you could get that right now you've got two full years left you take it. If you Baumgartner you probably do because. And this is based on the person he's not the kind of guy who wants to get every dollar and he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who's concerned with being the highest paid pitcher. In baseball he probably doesn't know with the highest paid. Pitcher is in baseball or where he ranks among pitchers eccentric he's a guy who knows he lives comfortably he just wants to go out there get the ball every fifth day. Brian we'll snot rockets get people out and win championships sells its 25. And he gets this thing off his radar. I can see him settling for something like that Joliet absolutely this season to going terrible the last years of the deal slot me in five and one Tony five let's just play baseball plus it. That point what is he right now he's 28 he's gonna turn 29 and August you do a five year deal now you play that suddenly you're 33. If you still pitching well you can come back around for one more payday. Probably not gonna be a five year deal but you might be able at 33 to sign a two or three year deal. And again in the neighborhood of maybe 2125. Million considering where the market will be at that point. So tacking that on to the opportunity cost now vs waiting a year to do. And then getting more up front but what would you get on the back and that once that five completed what's left. Don't you think they're looking at this those in the in the opposite go to San last year this guy lost ten million a year before twelve million you look at what he's in Macon now so the last three years this guy has lost probably. Let's say 4050 million dollars if you look at that the average but he's making my ten million may thirteen million if you look at what he's made the over the last three years and what he's comparable to the market. His agents go look at it and say you guys got this comment on them on the down on the down low and this is what he would have been making or their. They're gonna look at and say look. We're asking for 28 went and asked him. We can't go back and make them any but this guy outperform here's what he's missed he's already missile a fifteen million but you guys can't do this this guy. He's got a certain amount of throws left in that form. Let's pay that guy. But I tell you paying fair market value but amassed over 3400003330. Amassing its week when he that thirty million dollars I really believe that this thing will happen in an unpaid Madison that point there that didn't dangerous argument to make as an agent to go when they're doing look he's outperformed its contract you know you gotta value ahead Tom Bobby Evans honestly I'm -- only back in my chairman ago. I want forced you to sign that deal. Don't forced you you could continue to play out at arbitration prices were you would have gotten a lot. Less than a million a year for a few years and then maybe you get to it maybe you get four and may be you come up this year lash I mean they show you when we get all that much you're coming album. The dirt bike thing. No court in the arbitration world got to work a lot of T he should get paid after this year you would have gotten less than they gave you. Now you're right he has out performed the contract how ever. They never needed to sign that contract. They could have just played out there six years and entered the market like a lot of other guys and then running cashed in they like their scenario they took the deal both sides were happy. So you can I think if you sit down and negotiate you can hit. At the idea that he's outperformed habit that give me your me sticking point because you get up on the giants I'm just coming back with you know. I'm forced to do it right you didn't have to do. And that's not how future contracts are determined it's great that he's outperformed it by you look at what he's done it and you put a price on that and you don't. Over compensate the new deal to make up for. What may have happened the treaty I feel I mean. It's a solid UUBU. Paid a million and a half anyone out there was a near Cy Young winner and was the best picture a World Series history. You paid him handsomely maybe not quite to his value. What's his value going forward that three put the price and that's for the contract comes in. The number for the bees fly because there is. Lot of salt. Just soft commentary being thrown around on the tax line. Apparently. The comment about being number one Bay Area trash talkers got people upset. I gave you all week I called you out all week long and I gave the beef line. 4154038588. You showed up week I called John again I even called to be by myself and knocked out the other six phone calls winning this week. On the king at the shelter. I'll pop a dot wait for the last round but then I'm also be rabbit when he meets up with all of us. All the great moments name mile track and everyone's talking trash now the trying to come in late. I'm not read this off it's not worthy but. Point 543588. We didn't take some calls on the actual full might and if you went on talk trash though I'm not gonna get my hopes up. Was knocked out and helps. Again. They're having him around. The coffee. Comedy today Friday you welcome it's it's been really cold this week freezing and it's been really cold for everybody's the yeah. Zell cold it's been tough to be outside tough week for a lot of people on my car this morning and a little frost was out there people were claiming it was snowing and my everywhere moody on the golf course you don't often on February at. A a man in Houston. At a reasonable. That's an aggressive statement but come front. Each of you moving along. Moving along rather abruptly it's great to have you in today Tripoli 957957. Even think he got commentary. Bring it we'd love to hear from you. The green light has been given or at least it looks as if it's closing in. Yesterday Ian Rapoport of the NFL network reported. Reported that it looks as if the Carolina Panthers are gonna opt to use the franchise tag. On kicker Graham didn't know rather than offensive guard Andrew nor well it's a bit puzzling for a lot of people in the business but. When you look at the Carolina Panthers offensive line both colonial Brothers are there and they're making a fortune in both total money and guaranteed money. Ton of money so it looks as if the Panthers are set to say bye bye danger nor well this is the final obstacle. The path has now been cleared. Warts about to be cleared for the 49ers to pursue the top offensive guard in free agency the question. What about 65 million or so on salary cap space would you wanna see the team go out and sign we've been singing and you know wells praises on the show for months. Way ahead of the game letting you know exactly how this is gonna play out. But when you evaluate the offensive guard market the deal you're gonna have to compare to his last year's that was signed by Kevin Siler he went from Cincinnati to Cleveland. And he ended up landing. If memory serves me correctly it was a five year deal for about sixty million dollars of your normal aging you're going to take that information. And you're gonna go to the niners in the giants and everyone else looking for a guard you're gonna say here's nighters deal. We want more. We're coming off a season of their ability we're coming off a season where we were named first team all pro twelve million year looks good let's go ahead and reset the market. You see the niners interest didn't spending may be thirteen million a year on an offense guard. I do Joseph because as we look to move forward this four Nana roster you think first and foremost about protecting Jimmy G and we know offensively. From a line standpoint you need some upgrades you brought back the senator Jimmy drop below worked well of them so Kilgore is locked in the Joseph Staley still going to be there and you hope. That trend brown your right tackle. Will eventually be signs that leads to guard spots where you really had major problems last year if you bring in one of the top guards in the league and you have to pay top dollar. Go ahead and do it. Look no further than what happened across the bay when they brought in the guy by the name McClatchy Osama. Eleven point seven a year as you mentioned two years ago he immediately solidify that offensive line made them an elite group in the leading the niners are looking to replicate that. Would their franchise quarterback if it cost you thirteen you can front loaded and make it. Worth the players while more of that first year you've got to cap room. Absolutely you should not miss out on this player. You're listening to 957 million KG MZFNNEXT one San Francisco and we all eagle good morning and welcome to the program it is great to have you had on this Friday. Not one but two opportunities to win a trip to Hawaii. Those are coming up at 818 and then again at 930. In addition at 8:45 this morning we are giving away five pairs of Kenny Chesney tickets when he plays shoreline on Wednesday G.