Hour 2 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss whether KD would take a no-trade clause

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, June 13th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to discuss whether KD would take a no-trade clause next year. Then they debate whether they would take KD & AD or Steph & AD in a game of NBA Jam. Plus, a replay of Steph Curry's interview with Damon Bruce. 

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So that three horses house on the play out where is quite giving up. It's fascinating. It's fascinating. I ask you a big question right after I do this you're listening to benefits of the game KG and the F many XT one KG and San Francisco the radio home of the 2018 NBA champions. Good morning. Welcome to the program it is great to have you with us thirty minutes from now. You'll hear from staff Currie. He and Damon Bruce had a fantastic one on one following yesterday's parade. We know a lot of you wrap their parting enjoying the sun have a great time so if you missed it no worries you boys got your back 732. Day. You're gonna hear from Seth Curry's a locket in thirty minutes from now. Conversation is as follows Bryan win Horst Monday. On the day and led the tar show he knows LeBron better than anyone was. Asked where he thought the run was gonna go he throws out this theory that maybe he should pick up the phone call KD. Try to recruit him to Los Angeles or some other destination now Katie is on the record as having said. He's gonna stay he wants to be here with Golden State. Are we at a point dips whereas much fun as we have kicking this around and will have kicking this around for the next few weeks until free agency opens up. Would you prison met Katie back to the warriors are you that confident or is there a party that values your freedom that much prison bed being one year at San Quentin vs. You million dollars if you're right. I would prison that it yeah I I used to even think about life in prison betting it but now I'm just down to good ol' fashion regular prison betting it which is the one year the three million dollars. I think. When he looks at it and push comes to shove he sticks it out at least one more year I do believe we talked about this yesterday. I think he goes to a shorter term contract. Maybe it's the same kind of deal woods won the plus a player option he plays out next year and may be at that point he decides now I wanna go join with LeBron or someone else I think he's back for at least one more why would you. Why would you wait 88 to me it's either. You're thinking make the commitment get B I think it's like six years 250 million is the full Max out for Kevin Durant somewhere right that vicinity. And it's really guarantee so you either go all lit on that or. Go test the waters why would you want to do the little in between that's the one thing that gets me why plea for a year and then revisit this and then possibly end up getting injured and jeopardizing yourself. Because you are going for three in a row and at some that very few teams have done and you yet to. Not win the title with a Golden State warrior team now. I understand you wanna commit long term into the guaranteed money then you lose all your flexibility so let's say he does a long term deal. And the warriors win the title next year and and they don't win the title the year after he's got four years left in his deal. And they say camino what. I hate to do it but. Jolo and gives always talk about Orlando. And guess what you're going Orlando sorry about that kid did you don't have a no trade. And now your part of the magic welcome to Orlando to enjoy Disney World didn't it's great and maybe all of the unfairly by the end but he doesn't have typhoon to lose that control a few plays very short term deal. And he went to town next year maybe Danny says you know what. I'm out I'm good three euros go to. Now I can now can he can he can have again beginning put that a military like LeBron can he do that he could believe it adds I normally crowded in here in here's the thing what are the largest city. Gambling tech you can have anything you can have whatever you'd like he gave him everything good in a lot better than that when it comes. What do it again really put some aren't but it's not a solid guy that's a that's guys it usually grab what it's a rat you can have whatever you'd it is it's not it's the so anyway to. When you go to bed and a wrap. You know what you know read you don't know rap I've come on this but never told you I don't know rap but I do enjoy beef. Also this is going to be put up on the on Twitter at I I have the game push achievers is Drake. Trade Mon vs Tristan Thompson it's hotter beef right now throw that up on Twitter Boise you don't mind. At nine fax and the game hotter beef push it Deaver straight trade my neighbors Tristan Thompson if you don't know what we're talking about regarding dream -- that's gonna come up in just a moment like. Dad but I tell you right now with him back as an aggressor as I get back to wish you want as a digests I'm sorry I. You you think about Katie right now he's got a tiger by the tail. You had them wherever. Given no trade clause and lets it you can you can control that tree. I've for it would mean what did I prison bed but I think that he should go long term deal. I think I'd push for a no trick on us a push for 1% to 2% ownership in this team. The two things that you wanna do what is the NBA what is ownership wanted to do besides championships what do they went into money make money. KD makes money make money may make money okay now you've gone now he won't. So if you have. It didn't feels like to 'cause I didn't get a little taste to Stalingrad and yeah it's an audience if you are surely those guys. Yeah that is that I thought I was pretty sure that it has declared a really short sharp eyes and the matters are actually a word worry about what was. I really believe guys that Katie is each individual right now on the console tickets for the next 45 years that you guys are alluding to. Why go why you know right now that this is your team you're the guy. Don't know drink mine may go clay may go UN staff are going to be here in if those guys do go if you go out there you can still go bringing guys in your going to be able to compete. No matter what have you have KD on in nineteen Hilemon stepped Kerr you're going to be able to compete not necessarily for title but you're gonna get in the playoffs you have to beat. No matter what you can put three other bombs around those two guys and they're getting an apple. What out of you hit on a lot of fabulous points there that I wasn't thinking about a jump right in this can you give Katie a no trade if you ask for it remember. You didn't give one the staff. Step one I want and you said no. They actually told staff Currie and no on the no trade clause. Could you then turn around a year later and give Kevin Durant and no trade Jonas this team no chance no chance only three players in the league has very gets its LeBron Dirk and Carmelo Anthony are the only three players who have it true though. It's so incredibly rare and you denied staff curry that very thing. No chance to give decay. KD is and that's it you can say Katie in that same. That same spirit he's yeah he's the precedent you set as an organization is such that you don't wanna put a player in another position and not a player won and didn't get. But if you're asking him to going to commit tee and you're an owner you do is say hey you can have whatever you like to game a blank check and say Kate yeah right. You gave that right. He's got to ask and say look you want me to do long term deal I Melinda do that I mean Melinda do as a disk you gonna do these two things warming. A 1% ownership and you're gonna give me no trick off. We expect this Alicia bring an ownership because yeah and we're don't 42 million needed is that not enough for you but you guys act like this is foolish no it's not. He's fascinated he would be foolish not to ask this stuff. Tom Brady and in mister Kraft is the numbers together there's a let worked on that 1% of Atlanta Falcons guys are doing certain things. Orders are doing certain things can you have a guy. That trend singing number a player KD and you know that now I've got a guy for five years. I'm telling you you can't tell it occurs sick I can win with this guy I can go to on this you have a chance to win championships with him. Even the we don't want to talk about it but even if you didn't have Steffi you can't drain Mon and clay instead OK I got Kate you still have a chance what did you temperature. All right let's talk about I don't know you are and you're off onto a lot of fascinating points here let's let's go out dancing. You're never gonna ask for no trade in a one and one write it I needed no trade a 11. So the assumption here is that of Durant would want to know trade it would be for that Big Five or six year deal out there I think the Maxi two poles like six years total. Samarra 250 million. So that's when it comes down to say he's sitting there any stalking these guys has looked ominous sign for the absolute Max Max years Max money I am with you guys but I need that coach rate. So the only way Bob Myers Joseph lake and Steve Kerr the only way staff curry can heat. Kevin Durant here long term to guarantee they got him locked up. That many years is to give them a no trade which would mean you're given him something step past ward staff didn't get. Do you think your organization would be willing to do it. Because you probably need to go to staff first and say how's this gonna play would you if we'd do this how upset are you going to be. Is this going to cause a problem because you have to figure you can't do this without talking as you have to make sure he's OK with. Except that paint that's got money says that's on a four million stepped took a dissident step now this that we're gonna take care you step we took carried. Step your ankles isn't any other hey we're gonna do this we have in. And I think that here's a situation steps not a greedy guy and yet he he understands he understands the whole dynamic of Kevin Durant being here. He praises Kevin Graham because he knew that he would not have won these championships and he'd never get under. They all the milk that and look Adams a warm Peyton on this guy. Understand the pecking order doesn't. The locker room people don't smoke episode and a certain way all this about that so what. But be real too he knows he's not Kevin Durant and so does Klay Thompson and so does straight mongering. Kevin Durant this is his team you see what this guy can do and he's getting better. He's getting better he's getting better passer he's getting better with desist he's playing better defense. This guy can win easy winner and now he's on a great team with a lot of great players that understand it we all work together were unbeatable. In steps bought it how well these guys score existing now. Because they don't they check their Eagles at the at the front door we have Tim Whelan he said guys got to take illegal and step that's. Held at MVP of this finals and he stepped curry yeah profess flat even two time MVP. And now you have holdings miss on your what a mental is not meaning to you by telling you want it acquitted the highest income pat. That's but is he mad no he's what can make eighty meant he precinct DC always how did they get along. KD gets as high. Really hot cup into. And the brain through today this morning yeah you are you do an event has got and here's the picky this is generated part about what you just last fifteen minutes. Did that I repeatedly interrupted you yeah it's stupid one minor errors sound of facts jokes. Things that probably didn't even belong to build this steamrolled through a well I'll material following the reader just what I did. Sadly not thrown out rat making you sing a second time. And he just kept comment you guys don't often but I mean to a guy so warmer will be on our brought this up the poorly. You gotta cook and now and I think yet the people couldn't use of the phone lines are open triple 895795. Cent if you wanna weigh in. If it comes down. To a no trade clause in order to keep Kevin Durant for the absolute Max years Max money. Do you think the organization will do it. Knowing that they said no to step curry on this issue last year how would you like to see that play out triple 89579570. That. Plus you'll hear from staff carry about nineteen minutes at 7:30 AM right here on 97 again. Oh no deals can. Can you so why not 57 to gain. Welcome to the money's not one of consecutive. Our other commercial free art for review the beautiful listening audience because we love yet. And because this hour happens to be absolutely. Action packed market down about eleven minutes from now you're going to hear from two time MVP snapped her. He did a tremendous one on one with Steve Bruce after yesterday's parade. But since so many of us were had a good time yesterday enjoying the sun and join the championship. In joined in joy that this team bring. The Bay Area you may have missed it. So we catch cover we're gonna plating and three at 7:30 this morning now. Conversation is as follows. And roll with a seer is it's a bit of a hypothetical but. We are talking about the viability. Of how difficult it's going to be assigned Kevin Durant to wait long term deal. If your Kevin Durant are you thinking about the full 56 years 250 million door here for life war. You want flexibility. Even given the fact that you will be getting older. They've had some health concerns in the past. Maybe you'll take a little bit more risk maybe you want to have that flexibility so that somewhere down the road maybe it's a year two years three years from now. You go back out test the open market. Maybe go to new city try to team. Whatever it may be. You might want that option itself. If it came down. To the prospects of having to give Kevin Durant and no trade clause. To keep it here for five or six years would you be willing to do it knowing. You told staff curry last year no to that very notion that very request. The one caveat to the conversations that we're dealing with a hypothetical here because kids as we know regarding no trade. Causes the rules are as what you have to have been in the league for eight years and it's Katie has Jack you have to have been with your current team for four years which as a boxing hasn't yet checked he's been there for two of the four. Now that's for a quote full. No trade clause he could negotiate. In his contract a first try to refusal. Or a list of approved teams. Or something to the extent where he could say look. I'm gonna give you eight teams that are going to be okay. And you know you have the right to add three of your router you can put whatever language you want in there but as far as they full. No trade goes he wouldn't qualify for that now Seth Curry. He did it because he didn't and his team for more than four years and he'd been in the leak for eight years eccentric center dot not. Whereas I think there's ways around it to joke it's language everything you can do to kind of move this four. In how do you dislike okay. I understand that because a second M no trade ever steadily been on this team. Two years now I got two years ago here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna sign that six year deal but after two big hits that second year of the deal. That's me being invested for four years after that I have no trade clause that. I control moon. There. Oh very nice I don't aren't moving he's so they're pretty sure I just did that. Knowledge is sometimes you gotta have acolytes the artifact removal. Yeah you've current technology hip place to doesn't look. The father of so I. I can do great credit to promote job running don't edit a bag of ice. Our phone lines juice we got to bring the people that we haven't spoke to people since they won the title I don't we took a single called us we just zero location at the parade and Monday we had so much to say I mean that that they were rather hot they're celebratory. As you know your golf. Who blew it and how you play nobody knew who handles Mohammed update over here again I got a jump shot lead when they're the you are acts how would you handle this situation regarding a limited no trade no trade two years from now when like Lowe said he will have been. Kevin Durant that is vested with this team remember. If you told Seth Curry now and as did his mansion only three guys in the NBA have this LeBron Dirk and Carmelo. You do something like that for TB after having told staff know that could be the straw that breaks the camel's back everyone always talks about this team. Being exactly that team. Putting the team first being eagle us. At some point you can only push people so for by testing Nat. Before something could go all right so just laying it all out there how do you proceed noble opened up do you guys Tripoli 9579570. Al Davis in Berkeley. Interest and Al Davis thank you for calling the program what's going on. Yup that most likely to graduate from the water cooler. This is still steps in and what would avoid the war is all of what was struck them. Out they commit more equity papers. So who did you vote could be good Rex. If they didn't attribute certain people are going an up and they wanted it and you'll hear some people who won't from the way. Ager staying thank you for the fogle shot out Berkeley always great to hear from you. If they gave us three years left three more years on that contract dream Mans got two more Klay Thompson's got one now that does it mean. A trade can't be facilitated at some point but it does feel like between now landed some official point. Where we know what. Can't happen or is going to happen we're gonna keep hearing about Anthony Davis to yes and in the odd name and you know the owner Joseph lake of the likes the player and ultimately if you end up in a situation where Kevin Durant leaves. In three years or if it's two years and you're able to get Davis. At that point he would be the ideal replacement I think to fit with this model. And you know Al Davis took issue with you calling Katie seem low it came right down your road miss out on it. Miss our Davis Love and respect them to get through exercise. If you have Anthony Davis in step. Can you win yes it Anthony Davis and staff trying to get rebounds. And never team they're going to team. Can they still possibly get the rebound yet. Is more likely Katie. And anti davis' and are trying to battle for rebound what's the probability goes to get the rebound over stepped in Anthony Davis I think it probably goes way that mr. Davis. Let's talk about the three ball. Is stuff that much better for three point shooter didn't Katie. Talk about now you can double Steptoe. Pick your poison we can you double Cady and double. At the Davis you are a team your team still with those two guys. You're better than which would be would step in an anti Davis were all due respect mr. Davis but I know. Questions some all of that up you're better with Cady and anti Davidson's death Currie in at the end okay so I've had to choose one of the powered duo is the one that's Katie and AMP gas is what you're saying OK okay that's always got to try to drive that wedge. It's not I don't it's me being okay tomato I say OK Jimmie dale it's being real. Do you think you would do the same thing if you're trying to win it's an easy you got Katy for the next five years. Step is great that those are the greatest three weeks I did you put yourself what and it's a while he's got he's Mets player to step is a Maxwell right. So what if Katie Omnimax player and I have can you tell me what am I going to do about have to choose in trying to put those two together anti Davison stepped. I'm gonna take steps I'm gonna take I'm gonna pick Anthony Davis and KV. I'll let you know what here's how you settle this which team would have a better chance of winning an NBA jam. Wouldn't be AT and Kevin Durant or Kevin Durant staff curry if you get the prison that out there you lose this game of NBA jam your go to San Quentin for a year. This game and NBA jam you get three million dollars. I'm Ryan would. Cady if anti Davis because of this if the shots not fallen played NBA give the floor yeah that's a really quick reaction he thought. This is the ultimate way to end this conversation. I'm not saying you're wrong I'm just saying that's very quick I mean that's got range the NBA jam rage you can still get to the rack with KD. We talk about two big man kitty can shoot the three. But. But he's he's not that he's not a high percentage preacher I take it shoot the three. But I mean if we're talking about the three point where I'm not gonna start a conversation with Kevin Durant and you start conversations. That is why the elderly immigrant guys tandem wins and and eating out you aren't you. And you risk your freedom on the curry to rant tandem yes because ultimately wants death starts eating out GAAP and you know what happens next. He's on fire fire and and a net. You talk cracked like a giant Elijah. And George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic comes out of left field someone puts let code possibly get big headed Bill Clinton following crowd was awesome. Is that you solve these these problems. Didn't go to Singapore to meet with the hood to solve world problems just create the 212 NBA jam. Dynamic and you get to the bottom of that that questions also up for grabs Tripoli 9579570. Who wins. In the NBA jam to want to matchup stepping TD. Or TD an entity Davis and yes Anderson Katie would have to go against itself I think you're getting you do not sharpened her and against a Trabant Trudeau of Canada. But the best for your golf. I tell you must do. And it was a on a high tops anybody who want. Why would you say KEB. What OK explain this and why would you say. AD and step in the news hit. Anthony Davidson who AD KB opening you sit but why do you have elect that should be. Anthony Davis and Stan initially Anthony Davis and Katie I was going off of door hypothetical. No because the caller he said take steps. Inputs step with Anthony Davis my hypothetical is. KD in Anthony Davis have a better chance. I asked to acquire OK so I fight so is it staff an Anthony Davis vs Cady and Anthony Davis is best player who's being used you know. It goes into Davis is a guy that we're thinking about bringing it over to the words it's as what. Anthony Davis is the guy. He's arguing that I would guess that point. Rick James you've got to get a particularly I don't think there's not a Levy case in turn you should be apple. What is it player they were talking about may be public that we come into the wars. Anthony that's the name for this conversation that's obviously you know who knows so why do you Manu Ginobili till that time. Eight point of Andy Davis in step was trying to get rebounds against another competitive. Eddie Davis and step would yeah they probably they got a chance to get a rebound but he had KD anti Davis rebound and together. The probability is even go up higher so I'm Susan to hypotheticals for this situation in San what Anthony Davis and Katie would be an even a better ten. A cat okay good stuff is over gonna do. Where he's reeled back in because the phone lines are packed now that you guys are on hold stay on hold this is the day we were where we are gonna get to you we realize we haven't given you an opportunity. To get involved the last couple days nit title run on Monday and it did tonight is that so many important things is that obviously the track and it's taking a phone call and yesterday we rom location so today's gonna be a day for you bought. Before we get all those calls yesterday. A fantastic. One on one between our own Damon Bruce and the two time MVP staff Currie following. The championship parade through Oakland now Lotta people are out in the streets. We loved seeing out there we had a great time but you may have missed so we wanna give me an opportunity here what was said yesterday here's David Bruce. With the two time MVP staff Currie. After this on my parade route. On Halloween party it's. Not a since. All location. Today is not a day. Here's the other. Okay. Just got to celebrate. We visited us forces you know it's. Definitely. And 61 last year spoiled everybody away. A little bit too much it's a little. You come into the NBA my. This week the cavaliers is at the perfect ending to a season that was defined by an awful lot of struggle for. This stuff and and try to summarize the year based. Expectations were known as the season. It's it's a thing. This is totally different. It's. News face the same should really shave. Injuries. Are best. OK it's OK she's. And we had some really opponents. In the polls that. The crisis in the wind even pros like it is its. Right place at. Winning a championship these are. This year we check plus plus it's. God save me. All right so now we have championships come experience you are now experience on the court. Your experience in the parade route. Thanks for a championship parade would you know you wouldn't comment today. Didn't know the last couple years but today your crappy yeah. There's a great question because. I had a moment we're about to turn off the road especially on the ball away. I kind of knew what to expect some other way. Hatteras somewhere so. Hi this is amazing. The better how much you know you've been here before it was yeah. Maybe come. Love this. Enjoy this because. Who knows if everything bad. I got off the books. They read about two miles today. Guess Paul measures. Out of everyday OK go down Broadway out into the shootings. Is on the loose so for me it's all fun. Little civil. Absolutely it's been a long journeys today you're drafted it's amazing to see. All the little things all the magical Nazi a lot of people just talked subsequently brought into anybody's seen. All decreased. Things your extension your ankle injuries all the trees that botany to get it would Dolly here. To send you guys finding little cream on in the second round like the amount. Magical insane things that had to happen brings. Are things that lost on the nation media just wanna say bad streak to rant it's unfair it's exactly why were these. Audio video you can. I don't Wear my rookie year and sure it's those things are all schooling glorious hideaway where over reason alone in this moment. And jackets who have. Organizational transition. Markets we're here we're. Here. It's. How good it's. As they orange. You see that you know the recipe that. It's becoming a team a second round playoff team championship team played fifteen. Getting so close to sixteen. And being able to have established closer identity card organization of us god like. Good comfortable. Megan it. You warrior we're very proud about it. As always mr. mom also. Not to mention he's a little something on them no big deal right it's yeah. Hey congratulations and happy to a better guy and a team that went out and work for a really hard obviously the expectations he through the roof next year. Enjoyed this one kick back relax and maybe sometime during the offseason the money and you've shown me the respect where due. It's. Kind of crazy. We'll. It's little little drop off the baby would be on my wife is here as well they can babysit. The girls can all get together and we just thought the shots good thank you very much Jeff congratulations to him. It's. Careful staff Damon Bruce made child's cry about a year ago while July 4 so be careful with the babies I'm asking China to neighbor's yeah. Consumer isn't necessarily his fault. Now it's you know how babies to me he was just want talking about exact moments I put the blame on him and never really followed up on a movie for a bad beat you know Kennedy and Patrick I. Try. Yes it's hot tech. Again the thing doesn't mean you just get louder at the end it's BM facets yes. So got to build up. And then deliver. Tremendous interviewed on two guys in great interview great hustle afterwards he's riding a float he had a great time we're all out there live in life enjoy be with you guys celebrating the dynasty that is. This basketball team afterwards we were wrapped. You Internap did you at the ball all right and all and one of the go to the ball who and I wanted to add the it's the boy is on tired boy is back duties but. Bots. Great teammate and why everyone thinks we're trying to because of our politics were not so we're trying to keep things together we're gonna break my up of course we wanna seeded teams in. We have to do. Visit the this is our job it's thoroughly analyze you and hot take whether or not I want will be here in two to three years because he's the conversation that the front page of every. Web site newspaper on the country now we told you. We would take your calls haven't had many. We haven't had any or last days this week because we've been folks on view of things parades and whatnot but now what is your time to get involved Tripoli 9579570. The comment you just heard from staff curry. And the Mets the idea. That if it rip. Wired and no trade clause to keep Kevin Durant would you do that wouldn't you gave him a no trade clause. Even after last year you told staff Corey you wouldn't give him one would you give to rent one in order to keep in here five or six years now it's an NBA rules. You need to be with the team for how long tough forty years four years not necessarily consecutively Sophie relieve and come back he would still be the two years' time served for that. If you're with the team for four years and the league eight you can get a full no trade clause. Only three players have that so really it read more of a limited no trade. If he was able to negotiate that sell a limited no trade doing something like that for him well and perhaps when it came a staff. You were willing to do so. Not necessarily trying to drive a wedge but just imagine being Bob Myers or Joseph lake. These are the decisions. You need to make when you're negotiating trying to keep a dynasty like this together so that you can go want to continue winning. You need the best possible tunnel but how. Needs to be happy talent needs to be compensated. How has to feel like they're being showcase properly. That's how difficult managing this is it seems easy when you go to the parade you watch everybody having fun. But there are a lot of challenges behind the scenes and that's what we'd like to flush out here a little taking on the GM hat. And seeing. Which side you would fall to F Bob Meyers were of course faced with the present that which you won't be thankfully from behind. It seem out there yesterday was one of the nice cars as out of nothingness the area something. Out there it is a baby and yeah your shadow the babies our baby Bjorn and looking to anybody but I gotta get ahead here and it's gonna start the back. I'm just speaking from experience is pretty titles and he's out there and is that shorts as comfortable T shirt with a baby Bjorn on immigration I have yeah it incredible no question. I think bill Joseph when you re talking about. Kevin Durant and different things and stepped Kerr wouldn't be upset. I don't think he would here's a couple things that are kind of what you take in consideration. Game three. Given grants not on this team. Are steps on another team when he performs like that would want to crucify. Let's be real. The press would've had a field day stud in BP look at the way he plays. In double digits plays horrible he would have been just you know. In it and rip it from Politico. You saw what happened when eligibility you know guarding and covered him up all the means they had about staff and all those different things. Why do you really you talk about you talking about a state and getting used and why does teams want to stress why would Katie Lee. That's the same reason why would step one anything else. Stepped curry woody got brutally just maybe and everyone's all these fans it's and it's a step keep their drug wars step. They would want a championship and all the other things would fall. But because it Katie here because steps here both of these guys can have necessary not great nights in one of them are. Klay Thompson. We saw that in where we look at the rockets. We saw what happened with the rockets Chris Paul goes down. And we had an opportunity still they were up point one they would 27 all and 27 from the 31 ball with James Harden 27 straight message yes. And what do they do James cards are ready he was tired this and any other. So you're talking about old deuce dissidents are to be it's a reflection on staff and their bet if he'd have a note played trade causing Katie gets one how's this for a team. Who cares I didn't 204 million reasons why not to care. You got 204 million dollar step you're on a great team. You were great player he's face in the NBA is best three point shooter game scene but if he wants to go down. In going continue to win championships because people are gonna and background does say hey Katie wasn't here will step aside there's some mild KB. If Katie doesn't go here it doesn't win champions to he had to come to a super team. They lost and they would have lost the king James again this year and mashal without Katie. So both these guys are helping one another give to get to where they want to be and that's become a dynasty in that's becoming it's a team that has legacy in continue to win championship. So they both meet one of the so they both won a gold if you can't coexist. It's bonus goes to when you see them hug and kiss and it's great to see these guys UC stepped. Run to Katie you see Katie run him if those two guys stayed together. I think this our nation has gone well this is the direction the NBA is headed out this is the NBA that the warriors. Have established. Everybody is caught up trying to put together a three or four can't support it started with Boston I say you have Ray Allen Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett. That's super too. So what's the next move. But rob is going to usher in the player mobility era of the and yet. He's gonna go to Miami and he's gonna form a three man super team and it's LeBron and he was the outlawed that team very early on. And then you watch his other teams tried to play the same role we need restarts that's how it's not it's got to be three stars the warriors had a homegrown. Three star super team that came so people are chasing Matt once Durant signed it changed the dynamic. Everyone's thinking checkers the warriors are still playing chess here's what I mean. Everyone's now thinking how do we get four stars together how do we draft one guy like a dream on who can be a star that acquired two and then. You'll find a way if an eagle four. That's not what you're looking for. In reality you mean to stoop to any freedom before you need to. But they need to be able to do refer back and forth you don't have an overall Alf. If two offers that rotate. Case in point staff curry goes nuclear in the fourth quarter of game two of the NBA finals Kevin Durant goes nuclear in victory the share top selling game for. Back and forth it doesn't have to be James hardens team you know without a shadow of doubt in the fourth quarter of a tight Oklahoma City game Russell Westbrook taken every shot. Whether it's advised or not he's gonna take every shot so what's the point of having called your what's the point of having Carmelo Anthony. It doesn't matter the same guy completely out of gas is gonna keep chalking up three point air balls he can try to fight you tall thin on his way out of the building and that's going to be and a disease. Chris Paul goes down James Harden tries to do too much two years in a road James Hart runs out of gas. Why did the spurs have so much success because it just rotated Parker Ginobili not Parker original on your current squad now it's four of them sharing. Back and forth back and forth that's the key. You don't have the one alpha would everyone sliding in underneath. You have the two stars second rotate back and forth with other key players like tree in my like clay. Like Andre it would now like Shaun Livingston playing marketable marquee rules. Very difficult to put together I know I'm making this sound very easy but it's the mindset. You don't need four starts anyone can find a way to put together four stars with a lousy remaining Rosser. And those four starts to Haiti took OK see you out that the worst Big Three in the history of big threes was it not now. Call it a playoff series tonight at what do you do you talk team that was so far to the playoffs in January no one gave may change its. It's not necessarily about the collection of talent it's about how the talent in her acts that's what Golden State's teaching. And part of it is the collection in the chemistry of this particular unit in to have someone like Klay Thompson. Who deferred is not only on the court but defers in the spotlight he's not hungry. For the press and dream on green is one of the great. Swiss Army knives in modern sports what he does that team defensively. Passing running the point guarding the other team senator. On and on down the list as we get further down the road it'll be interesting to see if those egos can continue. To be someone aided and this idea about a trade clause or no trade clause for KB even if it's limited how would that potentially affect like you say. Staff curry and then dream on green. Whether or not he wants to blot and get his money and how does that affect you know by the way Klay Thompson is up and a year which direction this ego now we've got. Three titles in four years in two straight win this group these questions now begin begin answer. You know it's crazy thing about is there want to go with him when attendants who without KB. It's possible. But it's not probable right now. And he was so we did yeah but the least changed. In the league is continuing to change more more these guys are teaming up together like you alluded to it we would think it all they can win it oh let Katie go on the win at Kia. You think so. The metal where he would go because remember Katie leaves that opens up what thirty million a year you can spend that's Paul George or it's a couple fifteen million year guys you you'd still have a solid team if he would need you fill that vacancy. And then it would depend on who KB surrounds himself a drug surrounds its I am writing his. Yes you have the chance used to would be competitive as possible yes but when you're getting ready the number two or number one player in the NBA. Your chances your odds go down significantly so no matter who you bring in if it's not LeBron James. He used it's it's gonna be tough to win against so yes and you look at ticket take the series right before this. If you go look at the if you look at the team that they played the Houston Rockets Katie is not on that team we can say we want. Rockets keep him. In so yeah I created a week is hypotheticals but here's thing reality is Katie is up. And people opened this guy ops back in and he said we're gonna take you mess has word but he's gonna be afraid. So we're talking about it because it's here it's reality. So what's going to happen what's going to transpire when this time. Is another suitor is gonna take conversation is other team's organizational sick but they won't give you ownership we will all we'll do this well can do that. So. He's got a even though he once a beer and I did it and he's got a great I think being cornered this is a great team it's a dynasty. They're gonna happen like like you know like this that we had. Did you may want to had a moment or Michelle. His long list these guys checked their Eagles at the front door and making sure we understand the importance of it. And this will continue to be a team that's always gonna compete for a title is always that core here see the thing that. Sucks for Katie right now is that you're 100%. Certain you're gonna stay here and you pretty sure what had a contract you want is going to be given to you. You can't do anything about it for a few more weeks. Which means people are going to speculate. Especially when you hear audio like this Bryan win Horst ESPN insider who has covered the bronze since high school. Those LeBron better than anybody in the business. Was on the Dan led it's hard show Monday. And said this take a listen. And it's impossible to answer from there this question Brian. Which team would you wanna be right now as it relates to LeBron like which is the team that should be the betting favorite. And I don't have an important. The bad things can happen down. Would be if he could get on the phone with Kevin Durant and taught him and to plan which in the Los Angeles. That would be the way to volunteer number one competition. Going to a about three or four players in the league created new super even change every Beck. But direct authority that you'd entry file. That's pretty good at O'Brien O'Brien that's pretty good one really guy that's a good or beloved son and think of it. Mean that that the move. That he could do but I don't need to rant. Durant has put LeBron walked why would direct you bit but I understand like if if you're looking for a deal it did you know that had to eat because the subway without a compromise that's where you wouldn't. What a lot to dissect and let's start with this right it yet but when Norris says to rant has what LeBron wants why would you do business precisely. If you're willing to join forces with the rock. You are now added dynamic where you cannot overcome and as the world's best player. If the rain it has a desire to be recognized widely is the best player in the NB. You can't join forces with him because he will be the alpha. He was alpha and Cleveland during the first then he was out in Miami he was the alpha and Cleveland again ports Tyree out. I don't let the Rachel Nichols interview for you that was all politics aren't Perry wanted to leave because LeBron. And that's what ended up happening because that fell apart you will be debated to heaven if you are debated to a guy on your own team. And it's well know unlike here where it just goes back and forth but it's well known. You never going to be able to surpass right now you hold the cards you Warren a situation where you play on the best team with the best players. It's LeBron whose job to go out and find a team that can beat you you joining him only helps him in his quest to surpass Michael Jordan. As the greatest player of all time which effectively leaves you in the dust always forever known as a number two. That's where it gets tricked. You play with a brought it can be easy that's our whole new dynasty sure there's a lot of appealed air but keep that in mind can never be number one. You definitely have to be selfless to be willing to engage in such ball. Yeah I don't I don't think these two guys will play together I think peachy you know they did that they both. Both third grade players and own respect and I think could it worked well absolutely because the Barnes thirty let me 34 your soul. But Ron knows he's got 3232 years he's gone still coupon clip every real high level in in three and four he you know that he's coming limit his minutes tonight and we plan. After two years he's no way no we plan for games no not gonna happen. He might play namely make sure. Maybe after that it's going to be you're gonna see this thing come to a two to a screech yeah he still can be a great player but it's the only limit amount of time so. I have reason why I think it work as he can say hey Katie. We're coming here. Matt I'm tired this is your team on what we don't comedy Jumbo also I think age would change that yet he's an alpha dog I get that. He's always gonna because that's just who we is even I am still now even though I'm older I'm still boom B that's is still my personality who guys are. But if he's playing well LeBron LeBron still may have a dog can still challenge these guys but he would be a better player in LeBron. A move yet when it comes under your legacy I think in Joseph makes a good point about how important is a similar play together if you and then you proceeded to spend three minutes on how what you would think these are not without notice I didn't for the ultimate rights. I didn't see it occurred during that diatribe and now as my turn to speak out there clowning you know being real that's not an essay on the not a percent real listen to the date we can donuts say please can I have a market tape in fact we always marked K okay let's focus on moving to. Because we can all do the bat we can do the Mexican stand off all day we know that. We can do it all that I. He can't hold Landon right now asleep that's dangerous because that he sprays that Levin JC actually wins the Mexicans and love in the theory behind the Mexicans and others no one wins everyone gets shot at the exact same time I digest 'cause if I may. But what he was saying in talking about them playing the other makes no sense because Kevin Durant legacy. We always beat mark as a guy who not only had to chase titles wants but Jason again and he would not be able to surpass LeBron. In total titles won the because he's already won behind himself. Notably no way Katie goes to join forces would LeBron at this juncture at least until he gets more titles. Yeah the single greatest reason why LeBron in Katy should not team up is very very simple to understand. If they do. And they lose. No one ever forget. You cannot lose if you team up if you're the two best in the world you tell people you're the two best in the world. At one guy walks away from Cleveland and the other guy walks away from a dynasty. And always good in the world and in you to join forces. Everyone's gonna look at you and expect to 74 win season everyone's going to expect as many titles as you played together. You put together at three years you better win three titles and if you don't if you have the slightest. Pick up imaginable. You will be ripped to should regrets. Then that is why those two forces. Cannot ever be joint because there will be too much pressure to win. Right now it's no easy for Kevin Durant and by easy. I'm not trying to bring. The accomplishments of the work they put in and out and work as hard as anybody in the world I get that. But from a basketball winning championships respective. You gotta think Kevin Durant looks trying to sort of like he's there was OK see I get to the finals. Once there and it was a rock and we got a role here I've won two titles in two years and I can have some off. Night night and I had guys who depict real absolute. Absolutely out there right now and end. And I think like if Katie was going to leave yet he would go create his own team in it would be LeBron I was you said. Hate these guys could work because the bronze and up the dog. I was making the point where you are saying that it could work because it affect LeBron going to be 34 he would say hey look Katie and say. If they if they won't play together it could work force alpha dog situation because it affects the Brodsky notre in he would be like look. You've got to take this thing because he's only 29 years all but these two guys know there are gonna play together starting to think LeBron would. Would even reach out when I think we will definitely talked. He would ask for you know way. How is what was you know what are you guys to one of those things because they do have a great relationship together these guys are friends on the court off the court they have Altima respect form they're two of the best players that ever played in this game. But no I think Acadia in my opinion I think it. Right now he should sign a long term deal would be wandered too I think he's just how long term to a great deal here because it how prolific in a way that he's. Won over the fans and waited he's played in both these both years being here. Did the warriors you don't even take it a meeting with a rod and I know that that's been rumored multiple times and I know the first reaction is of course you take the meeting. You take all meeting you flush out all angles. You don't think he's trying to get behind enemy lines to pick your brain when you wanna pay kids. He would sit down with the EU and he'd say all right how would you envision being your line you know what have you done to me the last couple years that you would have to worry about it how would life it and you know when you begin defense when your opinion culture how do you manage easy goes. You don't think he'd come in for free recon on how the best team in the business operates and then take that recon to Los Angeles Houston Boston or Philadelphia. And just implement it there you don't want that guy anywhere near you that guy is the only thing standing between you and another championship right now. You think she isn't the problem Chris Paul could lead to join him in Chris Paul leads Houston this offseason forget about it all George doesn't wanna sign there once or go to LA Houston could fall apart. Like that it can be done this could have been their one shot at it and it Chris Paul leaves and a few other things break against them that's it for Houston. Boston's on the rise there on the east. Well she got the last quiet the spurs is the big topic today what do you do with Kohl eyeliner even if he keep up. We've seen the last few years you're not on par with the warriors your error is over you need something to. Cole why LA just isn't enough those that's not enough talent to get. So. I think it all stems on where LeBron and that that you know it did if LeBron indeed decides to go to LA and there's been conflicting reports over whether or not his son has enrolled in school or if in fact. His son and even the eighth grade in that community and here. So there's been wild reports on both sides and I saw Scotty pippin on the job with Rachel Nichols studies can actually goes to that school. And he didn't say yea or nay he would not refuted the report. He wouldn't confirm the report the LeBron kid's gonna get it's why did you go on the show the YG except the interview they clearly brought John asking that question if you're gonna give them nothing why not tellem an advance sorry I I am I could eat the good the way he did it was I'm kind of curious though because he didn't outright refuted but he also said he couldn't confirm it so it seems like. There's been some contact. Between the two sides either way. If he does wind up and LA. And he's able to pull Chris Paul and Paul George. Then maybe we're on to something but short of that. I think you're right out west there's really no major contender who could be on the horizon isn't lakers warriors how this inevitably needs to conclude. Isn't that what needs to happen here for the final stage of the schools they've gone battle dynasties was it quietly here for this but was it this kind of the Laker town when the warriors where is down his could be in the lakers are running through people did you have a lot of Laker fans here I mean I grew nauseating two nights in the ear gel because that they're America's gunned down at you know Warner fans have always been loyal. But they've also been very Smart of course when your lawyers season ticket holder. Well they said these mini game plans ten game plan click enroll at lawyers dot com it's a great time out. They've he's hilarious commercial the try to sell you when you buy these five game packages. You know the Laker packaged the Laker fan and would always show up in even. The warrior fans who were season ticket holders you would sell those tickets because Laker fan as here and Laker fan wanted to see Kobe. And the rest so. The place is always purple and gold it was nauseating. But that's the thing. Knowing that that error exists at the lakers were the lakers in the spurs of the dynasty of the thoughts and then you move into the teens and it's the warriors and given the history and given the fact that it's for the state of California and given the fact the US the baseball team. And this town as a baseball team that hate each other and now we're gonna have football teams that hate each other. Isn't this in the hockey teams to let's not forget what happened with the sharks and kings a few years ago and then a few years after that. Are we at a point where it actually this is where it weeks ago. If were honestly rooting for the most compelling possible storyline it's gonna pay the most I enjoyed of this run. Was the Houston's it's maybe that's did you did degenerate me speaking but when you're down 320 Al wake it up thinking about your games. You got me hooked that's the Jews I enjoyed that's what I really love about sports a big demand. Scooby tonight where they get to do down seventeen down eleven at to have this is unbelievable. This series with Cleveland was fine but you didn't wake up concerned you're thinking about it all day because inevitably you knew how was gonna play out. But best thing for that rush for meaning that adrenaline spike. That would be LeBron getting to LA with the lakers bringing in Chris Paul and or Paul George. In order to get three of them you probably need to facilitate a trade that would involve logs a ball but make that happen. And now suddenly the first thing we do. Is circle Christmas Day next year when the lakers are coming oracle to play in the marquee game because that would be the only move for ABC on Christmas it would be an somberly unbelievable move. I didn't change religions to make strike could go to that game.