Hour 2 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Mike D'antoni not changing the style of his offense

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, May 16th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Mike D'antoni's comments regarding not changing his offensive style of ISO ball, and James Harden's comments on communication with the team. 


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Aim KG MZFM and eight XT one KG MZ San Francisco V radio home. For every single warriors playoff game and with that in mind you're 7 o'clock hour begins right now. Who do you wanna get plus time so it's not like you consider changing. We have to look at everything. To determine if we need to make some adjustments. Probably will work that I probably didn't know then that's what we're doing their tormentors there's an Obama look like little reported. We don't and like all the hole and as a place there. It wasn't ready to go forward. The fifth wheel drive to introduce its. Good offense. You know cause it's a prison and a lot of them who they really good effort to. You won't. Two months. They've lost everything but yeah we do. Good news. Good morning and welcome to Jolo and it's here on 95 to seven in the game as we could mentioning all morning long game soon Ted and I in Houston sixty and major tip time right here on 957 game you'll hear sultry sounds of the great hemorrhoids. Who is also scheduled to join us in about ninety minutes at 830. Stu Jackson will also join us today. At 930 now warriors more bubbly is started at 4:30 PM today. But we have got the break down this game. Houston finds itself as a favorite yet again so this would make. The second time. In neat Kevin Durant staff curry air that both are healthy both are on the court and both find themselves in the underdog position. Some would figure the zigzag theory could be in play we thought maybe that would happen with LeBron James last night it did not the Celtics hammered Cleveland yet again. So now we transition to the Western Conference finals and whether or not Houston can make this a series. Game one of the Western Conference finals highest rated conference finals game. In NBA history with TNT. Highest rated surprising at all mean a little bit yes because I was only came one and you figure. There is hype on the series but you'd figure a game seven along the way in the brief history would have been higher. But these are a couple of titans will know was coming we've all been looking forward to it for months. And this is kind of the the catch 22 of the situation. In that everyone wants a more competitive regular season right. But at the same time we knew this is gonna be the outcome probably since January it was fair to start assessing the situation is such and yet here we are. And it still. Is the most watched conference finals game in TNT history. It's a good thing for the NBA obviously the ratings are but to know what's coming and for every once still tune in. Is it basically the fact that. You had six months of hype. And that helps. Oral watching them trying to figure out why there's so much complaining during the regular season and you get your matchup that everyone shows up for. It's amazing because this is what you wanted to see if it's great I only thing that I'm disappointed. Just for ratings. If Houston that could've found a way to win that game this game would have been even higher oh yeah and I believe that this game won't be as high. Even though they Houston's in a must situation right now it is not going to be as high as anticipated watching as the first game. Now I do I believe you say is it good for the MBA Joseph yes because by next series by game three. Went after game three you will see these raids give broke. I'm Italian and I take the ratings of this will be broken mom Boston and then our dubs me. You feel that Boston vs Golden State will lead to higher ratings. Then Goldman sabres she's no question now does it books using the NBA finals while raid conference finals that's likes and the Super Bowl outrage the conversation though it's not. It's totally you know you're roundabout. Is a thing year old went down everyone anticipated that there was a rocket everyone said that this is. Everyone said that this is the NBA finals so you had more anticipation about this particular game. What Houston's been able to do the best record in the NBA. But the dogs is number two swim once it okay is this going to be the finals everyone has said this is the finals. I didn't say the first game is going to be way higher rating because it won't be you know make that bet Sosa into so called take. I'll make this that we get the Boston and in the duds won't be higher rating them in the first game of Houston in what we seen them. That reducing game one of the NBA finals that all of the goldmans that he's I will not be hiring these Atlanta and Houston in golden state laws and yes that is Craig did you recently come into some money because you have just been offering up bats. Or consecutive. Stop it's not funny my growth not the Whitney. Joseph is meant to be funny in the land. 24 hours joy just wants basketball wanna watch it at its findings and I'm watching things in the last 48 hours a watch what the rocket brought to the table. And it's not about no one X and all it's about what you see it's the eye test and we talk about different things people say what do you see in IE what were you commit. About what I see forest code almost different into parts of the game it's what I see with the talent that's on the court. And that Mir for me to go out on the limb in mid peaceful predicts predictions because what I've seen. Athletically. The jury's out. The super team is good for business. Israel wants Italian or at least one to tell you remember these takes. That Golden State was gonna ruin the NBA that this isn't the way team should do business no one's getting care. Everybody notes. How every single movie is going to write the good guy wins. The couple gets together they find very rarely Hollywood throws a twist in there and he had an intriguing ending of people talk about it was it a happy ending in seven. None of the box right not a happy ending but that's the exception not the rule generally. The big guy's gonna win. Knock at toll plaza is going to be saved Christmas. For every. Surprise Gruber some guys most of them were killed shoot the glass and I'm sure they collapsed from both at the conversation turned. So many candidates yes six months but. Even though we know how every movie's gonna end we still go watch I didn't see black panther yet I'm assuming the ending was. What probably people were expect. Most of these movies injures know how they're gonna go well that's an entire C series so this is just installment. But by and large the scandal loans and watch out for the sports and has everyone gonna see it now for them I would just had a chance to coach here. I guess I won't now it just came out he had this guy just. Just to name a move to the global yeah. I hold its. That is said black and wrong. And battle line. But there's been a long enough to where there's no more sort of sort of thank you. Yet but I can let you go home. Avengers there's there's tone that. There's Johnny tell not laurel and Johnny tell what they really yeah I heard Yani and super and you heard I heard about it. It is named a movie spoiler here now. Boy learn. Sport in there spoil lower. Half hour. It all back coma and I do not know where I got three more hours left much and I've like thought Ahmad and back to the point is that even though you know. The ending to the movie you go. And it makes hundreds of millions of dollars because people wanna see how it plays out regardless people wanna be entertained all this talk about the super team ruining the NBA. Doesn't seem like it warriors have been in the finals three straight years they've won 23 they were a jug or not again this season. And you know how the Western Conference is gonna shake down for about five and a half months and yet you still. Had the best ratings all time for game number one of the Western Conference final you know the last time. A team made it to the NBA finals that wasn't seeded one or two. I wanted to 2011. Go back to 2011. Miami vs Dallas to find the last time you got a non not one or two seed. In the finals since the NBA expanded to sixteen teams fort playoff format in 1984. 57. Of the 68. Teams to play in the finals were seated water to. You know what's happening every year yeah you know you're not getting George Mason in the final four you know it's not like the NFL world wild card team on the road can go the distance. Like we've seen in the past the Pittsburgh Steelers in the New York Giants in countless others. In the NBA the teams that finished the regular season at the top. Are going to be the team standing at the end and yet people still continued to show a lot. So the super team Ara this super team narrative it's not gonna work its gonna kill the NBA it's exact opposite people are riding on. Some of the only people who watch the NBA realize that there have been super teams further. Decades now you go back to the Boston Celtics when you talk about Mikhail parish bird Dennis Johnson. That if you took those four players and how good they were then it. Now that would be considered a super team same thing with. Kareem Abdul Jabbar top five player all time Magic Johnson top seven player James Worthy Byron Scott these would be super teams as well so. Sometimes people get caught up in in recent C by a sudden it. You taught me about about people looking at things that just happened and and relating that with more import than other times they're been super teams forever. Piccadilly this in the last ten years the NBA finals has featured only to match ups that haven't involved a one seat. 2012. You got Miami and oh Casey those are both two seats but Miami was LeBron. Wade and Bausch seat probably still view them as the best team. Much like you view Golden State is the best team right now despite the fact that they weren't one. The other was 2011 it was a two verse three again Miami and the Big Three against the Dallas mavericks' Dirk and JJ Barea I'm still out of bed for that violate Tyson Chandler Tyson Chandler had a hell this your first year as a station here on 95 cent ever California shut out there it is. Shouted back out no question. So they have it. The super team narrative we go ahead but that the bad it's good for business question now becomes whether or not Houston can find a way to make an adjustment wait until you hear. The comments from Mike and Tony. And James hearted. One won't surprise you at all the other may quite admit that's all coming up next Jolo in dad's not a concept in the game show Boeing did continue. On ninety fives and the game. Jolo and did 95 cent in the game on this warrior Wednesday brought you back portion of Walnut Creek. 2017 premiere Porsche dealer agreements appliance address and name in the Bay Area since 1922. Game two tonight at 6 PM right here on 957. Big game coverage will begin at 4:30 PM. Here on 957 gave the rockets currently find themselves. As a one and a half point favorite. For game two against the warriors as they try to even the series before it shifts to the Bay Area Sunday for game three. Couple programming notes due today be sure to check out pop and I am today from. One to 2 PM it's the basketball our they'll be joined by Gary seemed gene and Kelenna Azubuike. Inhibition. For those who don't know about it we are giving away a pair of tickets to game three courtesy of boy he's Jolo and did of course here's how you can win them. Go to war is to grant PH at 957 game. Send us a current picture of you and your beard. This is a James Harden spoof for doing here likes a picture viewing your beard with the hash tag and this is very important the hash tag buzz the beer. Were randomly going to select someone Thursday morning. And invite them in on Friday to buzz their beards so don't do anything to the beard before Friday when your called and you'll come men. Buzz it would give the tickets you'll enjoy game three Sunday night at oracle. Is. Great I think we should've gone back to New Orleans and done by as the brow note that a good one just have people come in in about take off an eyebrow or two of these artists are looking ahead to the finals yes this is against the Celtics look we do there. I'll have to brainstorm coach because there's there's a few different features maybe some with. With Brad Stevens but as the brand shave your head and now all I'll think about I'll put my people wanted was the brat I outlook could just be horrible people. You know they go back and fears. You don't fly out to get tattooed on and. All right so rockets head coach Mike and Tony he has got a major challenge awaiting him tonight and beyond. 66 win regular season always looking good may be. Just maybe this was the team poised to take down the warriors then game one started then game one ended in rockets were left with nothing. But a thirteen point defeat and a lot of questions one of the questions well. Is Dan Tony gonna do anything differently. Tonight. Against the warriors Nicholas. Doors just everybody I mean it is ourselves the mayor is like you know. Former guys that I saw so we don't know what then that's what we do best retort like 60% of them obviously. No real way we don't my golf as a whole when you pass a basic group. He wasn't living together before we go we are who we often we're pretty good about it and we can't get all from New York. On an embrace and just be better off we are. And don't worry about somebody else softly with a puzzled look quite certain that that's how they saw we saw our cause that's what we've got a player that our strength. And we know washing into the discussion about. Is that even possible. I appreciate the fortitude hey look this is how we do things we do a great. But if it's not good enough to get past the warriors are you a bit foolish refusing to even consider the notion. I'm changing your strategy maybe it's too late in the game to do it maybe don't have the personnel to do it. But if you're gonna try to do the same thing over and over and over again and expect different results did well we all know what that leads it's the death. It is an insanity is what is coach but I think the you can do things better and you have the ability to do what you do. And beat the Golden State Warriors for example. Missed layups how many missed layups that they have three or four easy contested. But relatively make able shots of the cup they didn't hit. From the corner threes that they rely on whether it's in Bob moute are PJ Tucker they weren't knocking those down and Trevor Ariza was a non factor so you look at. Your personality figured we make a couple more labs when mega couple more threes we do we do James got he is as much as. Low is right saying that c'mon loonie didn't foul any contain him pretty well. Pardon went off he was an unguarded before Sinn Chris Paul if he plays that well and you get support from your second tier guy is. You're right in that basketball game until his point. I think he's right you can also run a motion offense James Harden is already dead exhausted Plano he plays he can't run him all the around the court. And that's the way they play anyway. What do you think is a full there and doing the same thing over and over again deceased innate need to make an adjustment or. Could they legitimately have a shot at winning this series of they just keep doing what they've not all wall small little change you can do. What you can overhauled car you can necessarily put a dump truck and think you know put it and you don't think you'll go to a speedway and things don't get different results. They are who they are. What they can do they can defend a little better you know what they can you know run more pick and roll just do the little things a little bit better this try to look for different result. But I did diluted to the superstars got players on the team Chris Paul played pretty well James Harden went over forty. They just don't have enough. You have the numbers just don't make sense you got clay staffed to reminding you that Katie they got three of four guys that can put the ball to the hope. In the rockets don't sold the superstars and I can play high but the role players are going to have to step up and play better. The site this shot selection was there guy's gonna have to get him to go to the hole. You see what happened last night LeBron James was LeBron James scored over forty did what he needed to do. But the other guys the others have to step up and that's the same way that's the same situation at the rockets are. Telling that you sit and listen and Antonin did you sounds foolish if you're not gonna try anything different you are gonna get blown out of this series but that's not the big problem for. The big problem is what you're gonna be next year and beyond. Because right now you look like a team that's gonna sit back and hope for a Golden State injury or hope that one of the Golden State stars leaves so that that. Event can give you an advantage not buy anything you do on your own a buy something the opposition does case in point. They wanna play iso ball they don't wanna pass OK let's take a look at what category your in as a team that doesn't like the past when it comes to assess. Just a six. Houston during the regular season was tied for fourth fewest per game. That only the passed ball now that's absurd when you scored as many points as Houston does and you ranked fourth worst in assess. You know what they're down there with. Worst in the NBA it was Portland. What's the narrative on Portland right now you've got swept by the pelicans in the opening round as a three seed. And people are talking about whether or not you should trade. One of the members of your dynamic backcourt in Daimler and CJ McCollum not a good situation who was second worst and add to the Phoenix Suns. You probably heard about them recently they just won the lottery last night because they were the worst team in the NBA who was third worst in terms of the sense. What do you hole. Oklahoma City a team that's going nowhere. With Russell Westbrook as its star. As mentioned the rockets were fourth worst you know it's the worst Memphis. They the second worst record in the NBA and then as you work your way up the list you find yourself with Charlotte and Sacramento. Two teams that did nothing is patsy case in point that is not. The company you want to be. Past the rock. Working around get everyone involved and stop. Running hard in into the ground it will not work. Iso ball can only take you so far there's a ceiling. Look at OK see you look at Houston Houston in terms of assists think about how many points they score. And in the assist category they're down there with Portland. Phoenix Memphis. OKC Sacramento you don't want that is your company. Now the flip side you know who led the league in assists this past year surprise surprise the goals they warriors you know who finished second. The Philadelphia 76ers. Adding a lot of people look at the sixers as one of the next big up and coming teams in the NB yeah you don't finish third at. The Norwood pelicans. What people say about them just a couple weeks ago. That is one of the up and coming teams in the NBA courtesy of Alvin Gentry and Anthony Davis point being. You've got to be able to work the ball around. There is too much required of these stars in these match ups too much required. To expect them to dominate on both ends parting is being asked to be the primary. Score. In games that's going to pat put 250 points of war. So you've got to spend all that energy plus forty minutes then you got to come at the other end of the floor we gotta chase Klay Thompson around he got to chase stepped Korean K beer around. By the end of the series winner goes for whether it goes seven Harden will be close to a non factor. You'll be at a Puerto Rican let him get his it's not gonna matter he's going to be completely out of gas. That style only will take you so far in today's net. The blueprint for a Golden State is to let him get his 4045. And contain everyone else but. Today and Tony's point. If you look at the way they play and they don't have many turnovers I think there. In the top eight or top seven or eight in turnovers because they don't pass the ball also as much as. You'll get a lot of assists you don't give the ball away just nine turnovers in game. In the playoffs the key for them is to make the easy shots that they had a mob moute missed three layups and hit the three quarters that are going to be open. When James Harden penetrating kit. XE LEU just kidding you gotta look at the way the rockets are built. They don't have a step or clay Beckham might have you have two of the best three point shooters in the game probably number one and may be numbered three. And probably with Katie and Ed you got three guys that are top in the top 53 guys on your teen in the top five in three point student. That just doesn't happen so. I understand yes they can move the ball around into a lot of these different things continue like it says get the easy layups but they're not built. To be and they don't have the talent they don't have three all stars in that regard that can do with the ducks can do bars moved the ball at guys touch it passable good shop for great shot. They don't have that type of talent but they do need to do small adjustments you can't just overhaul this offense. You've got to play better defense he got to penetrate you gotta get me these easy layups in guys opened for the wide open three they gotta sink it. The lawyers are going to be. Us them up so bad in this series that you're gonna need a big sweeping change in Houston this offseason. You cannot let this much time this much research this this money this much energy into a plant only to watch it blow up this badly in your face and then say. We get him next year not gonna happen it's not gonna happen you're experiment was to out Golden State at Golden State. They go to work to the problem is that you miscalculated. Your math equation. You looked at Golden State shooting at three you said this is what we need to do they're changing the game with a three pointer we need to shoot threes. Right church wrong pew it's not about volume it's about accuracy the warriors showed a lot of threes. Make a lot of theories the probably Houston is that they're jacking threes from all over the place and if they go just the slightest bit cold. They don't have a second checkup there's right look at the best comedians in the business one that have been around forever layer. They can hit show on a variety of different topics. Look at Carrot Top league Gallagher after he comes out he smashes the watermelon what's next. To get tickets. Or is that it. Back to the coach what Houston is looking at right here they got one thing if it doesn't work it's over there are some big questions this offseason. Joseph to your point you're right and but here's what you guys have to realize and I think we'll all agree. Look at the teens there to compete and look at the teams were they don't when you look at this dog teams step clay straight month all draft. They brought in one X a superstar of course Katie unbelievable you look at your two teams that are now we're seeing is the new they're going to be the New Kids On The Block. You're 76ers. In Boston what do they have in common they drafted. Its home its home grown kids. They gel and together. They're put together their symbol and now go get and LeBron. Put on LeBron OK go edit Kyra you boss now because you built your infrastructure right the way that you talk among Golden State is done. That is marry them to be it would compete. And compete at a high level. Now you have two teams and ease that everyone sand because of the way they drafted in because they're so young it gives them flexibility. To be honored at cap in to still compete because that's the only way. Houston is not built that way and you're talking about the retort for next year and do all those different things. You still aren't want to be right there because it effect there not been in jail. You didn't have a home grown they don't grow with the system and that's why you're not gonna necessarily be able to compete in beat this dubbed team it's going to be those teams in east that you talked about. Houston just like Toronto they're built for the regular season but they're not built for a seven game series against the really good really layered really. Diverse team. That's what Golden State brings to the table they've got diversity because he aged bunch of different ways it was beach office with a beach defensively and granite they're more the exception and the rule because. What they have is so very rare but let's look through history did this. And I think this is adjusting. Do you think homegrown means anything. Now building through the draft in the NFL prove to matter prove that you can't just go out assemble NFL team in free agency think you're gonna. In a win it's very rare that you can pick up 101238 straight salary cap prevents many NBA does it matter at all if your home grown. If you if you got the right guys that are scouting and you put the right coaches with those guys. Eight using merits and we'll win. I think when you look at teams to mean the team right now that reminds me of the Philadelphia eagle in my in my in my opinion right now it's Boston. If you look at Boston and Philadelphia two teens and everyone said no chance. No way it's them against the world they don't have the talent they don't have their two young they're too green don't have any thing. Here's a team that's in east that has a head coach that has infused life in told them not to back down and they have the young team so. I do believe that if you can deal right in the draft. And not hit just only one but two with 340 from players like the warriors did in May and go out and be able to bring that as a bona fide superstar into the mix. In because financially able to do that. Yes I think it does. Depends on how many draft takes in Boston had an unbelievable amount of draft picks and they made great maneuvers giving fill it out said the LT go to get. To get Tatum last year 76ers. Also that a lot of draft picks and they've had some misses which is why maybe they're a step behind it. Where Boston is in their development and I agree below it if you have. Home grown guys and Klay Thompson was speaking about this. About how much pride he takes and having been there from before this thing even got started him in staff and frame on your core all guys today draft. You talk. In some guys younger guys getting some guys in there it's been around how do you explain what happened in Miami with LeBron. That was all about dudes coming together Ed nothing new at home ground. Now I think that's the freakish talent of the best player in the modern basketball but that's what you can do you can take great players and assembled and elsewhere in you can go out and win I mean let's face it. The warriors had just lost. I just lost. In the NBA finals to a team that had trapped the carrier ring but had to go choir LeBron James wasn't homegrown it was the first time. Not the second time. So you brought James to Miami with Chris Bosh they won. Cleveland went out and brought in Kevin Love brought in LeBron James drafted carrier being Brooke brought in Kyle Kirk Korver. They want a title and in the very next year the warriors brought in Kevin Durant they wanna title. Free agency plays a huge role I think in football yeah homegrown matters and you hear about it baseball too would hostages service and all that. I get Netanyahu by and large I don't I don't think the home run thing means all that I should does as far as just. Any success and maybe that's what Ludlow and Harry get into you look at the spurs and how they had all those pieces that they are able to draft and keep forever whether it's Ginobili Parker. Dunk in the admiral David Robinson made they were a team that had to stick sustained success. By having guys drafted paying them and having them stay in the fold that certainly. What LeBron James is done with his ability to move from franchise to franchise has changed pro basketball. Forever without question that's his great legacy is different than what any guy what Jordan did it for endorsements. James did for branding. James taught the entire NBA that you are in the business the NBA is not the business the team is not the business. You're the business Jordan showed you how to make a ton of money outside of basketball James is showing you how to go from being an individual to a corporation. That's his legacy that's why you can put him right up there with Jordan on the map whether it be the best player of all time the second best let's talk most important players of all time. You know every time we talk about the greatest baseball player it's one conversation most important baseball player Jackie Robinson now comes in the play for darn good reason. In basketball you wanna talk importance Jordan and James. James can be more important in Jordan. I think that's a discussion that you can. Yeah bird magic Greg dared to do for what they did going from college to the pros and having that rivalry carry forward. As television was growing right alongside a man and they were partly. You'll benefactors of the coincidence that TV was blown up at that time but. Those who had a huge impact in taking the NBA from its drug addled early eighties to. What we have today as they needed each other. They needed each other neither one could have done about himself any rated television they need in television to no longer have games on tape delay the NBA finals weren't Shaun lives. In 1982 you you watched on tape delay so. I don't think that there's a lot of guys I think he's just a handful that can really go out. In transcend the league in from instantly one player come to a team. I eighteen in shifting make domain favored or make them able to compete. In the NBA start with the rockets were the two best players on the rockets and what do they begin their careers. Pardon OKC met Paul Los Angeles right. If free agency. But how's that working apple got the best record during the regular season that you dharma rigorous even know. I'm talking about it the home road thing matters to an extent Iraq hitting on draft picks can be a big help you see it Boston. The balance of the two I think means less in the NBA that it doesn't NFL the NFL's key. With hitting in the draft is because the salary cap right you need to be able to grab these guys. At four years and in the first round five years you can keep them cost control the reason Seattle had as much success is again it was because of their defense it was because the Russell Wilson. Never let not your crazy Russell isn't that great doesn't matter if it was great he was effective and cost less than a million dollars in the year. That gave them all the money to go out spent on the defense side of the ball now what is happened since Russell Wilson signed his big contract. Poll Seattle's fallen off. How was Baltimore playing before Joseph Flacco is contract how they performed after. Oh the Oakland Raiders how did they look prior car getting the money twelve wins vs after getting the money. Falling back into the toilet not able to do a whole lot in the off season because they tied so much money to the quarterback position that's what you do. That's why the NFL so difficult you have to hit in the draft in the NBA the options out there but you've got to be marketable. You've got to be a city in which these guys wanna go to that's the problem for Milwaukee. And Detroit. Char lit in Orlando and countless other teams that would never content in this league. Because no one wants to go play there when the broad leaves Cleveland who's gonna sign Salt Lake. Minnesota. Toronto. These are all hot bed like who's gonna who's gonna go sign in Toronto this offseason who're they gonna get the put them over the top nobody but that's that that those that's the point that you have it is a guy. That no one else can do put Chris okay Chris Paul's not there and he goes to Cleveland. He'd gotten on a move the meter like LeBron James. Quiet manner tonight and San Antonio he goes to Cleveland. He's sorry he's not gonna move the meter like LeBron and you're talking about like you talk about the Michael Jordan there transistor this player he's transcended this thing when you think about a dialect LeBron James. You can give me any free agent and put them in Cleveland. Maybe maybe Katie would move the meat meat meat meat move the meter. But it's not a lot of guys that can demand and do you get any player and say OK they're gonna move the meter like LeBron arcade it's this doesn't happen until these are rare guys. That you just don't see round. Pardon despite the fact that he's down 01 in the Western Conference finals is one of those guys he is on his way to the MVP award. But it's interesting what he had to say yesterday when meaning that the media this is a very quick snippet and it's starting to make the rounds take a listen to James Harden. I can't do much so and we do we need everybody knew the bitter Tug. Tough play. Listen one more time I can't do much so no we do we need everybody knew that good or tough. Tough play. I heard laurel our time subtly Johnny didn't talk about time are you hearing on your world out there who muscular. I don't know who do we need everybody under the grip or TARP or. It's awkward. Now what do we make it that's a what are we make something like this as your addressing the media. Getting blown out in game one you were the leading score you've played your minutes you're gonna win the MVP and now. You can't do it by yourself. When am. I think you've got to do that and I wouldn't be surprised this coastal. You got to get these guys go because I can't do it. You wanted to win championship you can do by yourself you gotta get those guys did talk about missing layups those guys got hit the three point you'd at the other guys. And that's it unfortunately you don't know their names. But the other guy's got to step up so he's alleged that he's let it be enough. You see LeBron hate I can sleep at night because I gave them all that's what his response was last night. When you when you when you're that guy. And you're up against it in your plan against a good team. You can do by yourself and ended dobbs that's why did a sick OK slight step in in Hampton for whatever before there was five went out there it is eight we need to go KD. We can't do what we need another guy in this why you have a dynasty right before if it's dominating because. KD even sick and tired having a guy who's ball dominated Russell rest look like and do what I can do about myself I need to go. Change teams so I love. All right so here's James hearted earlier in the season doesn't mean there. Sure and here's James Harden after just one game of the diversity in the Western Conference finals. I can do muscles. And we do we need everybody who gets her talked. Tough play. Oh wow it's a year for short will more front running Obama and early this second you face your first moment of adversity in the playoffs. I can't do it by myself I'm gonna respond to audio is audio as far as what I think of that extra push. It's stretched dress a liberal as its trash you go from this is our year for sure and then. Next thing you know you're throwing your teammates under the bus James memo to the beard you didn't have a hundred points you had a nice forty burger you had a great game. But you still lost and to throw your teammates under the bus. Lol your right Dan Tony is looking to him for leadership. But that's not the way you lead in my opinion you've already got. A visible feud with Chris Paul gone on we've seen that where Chris tried to give and adapt and hard and slapped his hand away and this is within the last month so we know. That there is big trouble in little Houston so to go out there and blast your teammates like that after just one game of adversity. Trash trash coach. Track what could have been better to make a comment. Like we have to play better and that starts with me I left some points out there I had a couple turnovers I made some mistakes wouldn't that be the the more effective. Message in the locker room from the leader who's gonna win the MVP to put it on his shoulders even though everyone knows he had a huge game looked. We're all pros everyone gets it hardly huge but he's just gonna put on his shoulder because he's the leader he's the face of the organization. He's gonna come out and say you know a lot. Got to play better starts with me I had a nice game I can improve upon instead of saying I can't devote myself what's the more effective message to the team. You're you're right he could've said you know what we have to play better I have to do a better job. I got to get guys more involved. We know it took the hard work to be the number one seed. But we collectively coaches and in general everyone has the play better if we're gonna beat this team who was NBA who is defending champs so yet. He could've done that he could have done that he could he chose different words and and probably he showed up. Any did kind of put his guys on an album island but I really believe that. Sometimes a coach says hey man. You gotta get these guys going this is your team everyone says you're an MVP this is your team let's see how you lead. I don't think he should use those words but he does need to do something to sound the alarm that he's better work. Mean nobody on in that game. Nobody that game had more turnovers engines are he led the game and turnovers nobody had more than so yes he could've approach and a little bit different now at the same time. You know other people need to step up he can't do it all. You certainly have no problem holding the ball for twenty seconds on the shot clock right how do you expect other players to get involved when you're the only one holding the ball. What do you want them to do come back on the defense spending get stops. I don't see you down their doing that you're just chasing people around getting beat. Your defense has improved but. You're not helping out on Matta granted the defense really struggle for Houston. But it's just it's fascinating to hear what Golden State can do you would just 48 minutes you spent months. Earning that one seed. Earning that number one record getting yourself geared up for the series and in just 48 minutes. Not only you down 01 you got everyone questioning whether or not you can avoid a sweep. Whether or not this team next year can make any sort of improvement to get it to the next level and you got your own star. Who said this earlier in the season the sooner. But you're saying this to the media. I can't do muscle. And we do we need everybody knew that bitter Tug. Tough place. So you can try to drum up the fact that this is going to be a series you can try to drum up the fact that Golden State might be vulnerable. But the guys who play against them the guys who know them more intimately than everybody else. They're feel they know what it takes to get by these acts. How hard was it for Houston get buckets and that's Golden State had so many opportunities down the court. Uncontested layups wide open jumpers Klay Thompson make it margaritas and knocking down threes and on the other hand it was just Houston trying to. Plotting fighting scratching clawing doing what ever they could just to put themselves in a position where they might be able to get an open look. Yes work smarter not harder. That's the thing about James Harden is even when he doesn't want to be in isolation mode he's not the greatest passer and Chris Paul while a great point guard at. Is not known for his ball movement and moving without the ball so. Its isolation or bust for that team is James Harden is not going to be centrally involved. In the isolation play and Chris Paul is the Chris Paul's got to do a better job of finding guys who can knock down shots because PJ Tucker. Zero field goals you look at. Mbah a moute O for six Eric Gordon was pretty good off the bench but he needs to give you more especially from behind a line so. It doesn't matter what James says of his teammates don't shoot the ball better than got a chance. Now. Now you just listen to that entire segment we put together on hard in the commentary and what's wrong with Houston wheat. From time to time like to take you look behind the curtain to show you how this industry works we played a snippet. A snippet of that James Harden audio we reacted to that snippet much like the national media is doing well why don't we expand. The comment why don't we give it a little context why don't we listen to what Harden had to say before and after take a listen to this. You know we're in this together but I can't do much so you know we do we need everybody knew the bitter Tug. Tough player whose home. Weather's it's if you lose here when it's so Long Beach is open up talk about the game talk about these things that we see that they see from there you go. You better things they saw them fashion word. And picture out. And just like that it's completely different conversation. Part is talking about how after games all the time helix calls teammates talk about what's happening talk about what's going on hype them up a little bit prop them up try to figure out ways to get better right there he laid it all out for you but within that comment. Within that comment of talking about being good teammate he makes one little statement about how. He can't do it alone. If you just grab that by itself. How he can run wild. On fox he can run wild ideas to own ninety I seven to 95 said the game during drive time to put James Harden in the grass. Let's give it some context and look at what ends up happening instead it just seems like a superstar who's trying to figure out ways to win the next game while talking to his teammates at night no harm it's really a lot like this Yani in laurel offering no job because I don't. I don't cheered in James saying in there how he's. Supporting his teammates and how he's trying to help them get better he talks about how they need to get better and he says they're looking at ways and they're trying to talk about how to get better. You shouldn't be at a point in mid may where your having to struggle to talk about ways you can get better you should all be on the same page by now. You got the planning to detect the defending champ. If you can't you ain't gonna sitting out here and say OK oh god I can't we can't talk we can't figure things out. You haven't seen anything like this this team has four all stars. You have arguably the best three point not arguably you have the greatest three point shooter that the game has ever seen. This guy broke his own record in three. We have Klay Thompson who's one of the art of one another greatest three point shooter that we've ever seen. They have the best 611612. Whatever guy whatever its IP is in KD. If you have the junkyard dog Andre among green they will make you change the way did you view them they would make you change the way that you played them. Because the fact they're so well coached. They're they're disciplined they do a lot of things that people haven't seen. And so you better talk hey man this what their do want we gotta talk about this this is certainly you know it's seven game series so you're trying to beat them you have. The talk about it you coach it's no mystery in his it seems to beat two out of three times this year if you Houston you beat in the in the opener at oracle Euro the 65 wind. Number one seed you shouldn't be in a position where you're worried about tock. And CP. And clean and the rest of the guys and if you if you listen long version of the cut again. You hear a certain whiff of desperation from a guy who's down. Just one game it can you played at the dug the 22 version again so maybe I can hear what Joseph was was nearing. You know we're in this together but I can do muscles. And we do we need everybody knew the good or tough. Tough player whose home. But this. She if you lose we're we're just so Long Beach opened up just talk about the game talk about these are things that we see that busy from may go. You better things this old fashioned word. And there are sure. I'm just not seeing it I'm not seated they need to open up and talks and that he can see what they see. It sounds to me like that this team doesn't communicate at all and I think we've seen from Chris Paul and James Harden present out going forward do you know. Why the Formula One car. Those disputes which goes to take the turns. In the manner in which does the Formula One car. Works the way it does because it is the most precise piece of engineering on the planet when it comes to automobiles. Watch a formula it's either this week and next week and it's gonna be in Monte Carlo it's phenomenal to watch those cars racing through the streets of Monica. That car class millions of dollars not just in parts and labor but in design. It is the most precise. Piece of engineering. On the road. Because there's no waste to parts there's no wasted wait there's no wasted effort everything has a very specific. Everything has a very. Elaborate purpose and all that works together to create a beautiful piece of machinery. The super team only works. It all the superstars. Or in vault. That's the problem in Oklahoma City that's the problem ultimately in Houston. What good is Chris Paul it James Harden is holding the ball for twenty seconds on every possession. What good is Paul George if he can't get a look in the fourth quarter of a tight playoff game because Russell Westbrook is bombing threes. From eight feet beyond the line. This is the big problem for a lot of teams trying to chase down the warriors ever looks doors will they got four all stars they do. And each all star. Performs a very specific. And very precise. Set of skills of tasks. And when all those pieces come together you see the best team in the NBA. Anybody can spend the money to put three or four really good players together but if you can't design a system in which each player's. Potential and talent is maximized and utilized to the fullest it does not matter. OKC there was a ton of money guys Libya Westbrook we got pulled her to Carmelo you've got super team you don't even not to. You got Russell Westbrook and a bunch of dudes were being under utilized is an inefficient car is not a Formula One car that is what the warriors are trotting out. Night in and night out LeBron biggest problem this year is that he tried to have. A version of the super team wasn't working he got rid of all the parts he brought in a much into parts he didn't have enough time to put it all together. Boston is a perfect example of this they lost their superstars but they have such a great engineer. Putting every piece in the right place. Asking you to do exactly what it does better than anything else. That they find themselves up 2:0 in the Eastern Conference finals when everybody pretty much wrote them off the second Tyree was listed as out for the rest of the season. We look at that we set out maybe they'll win a series I know I did it what a series got pregame coaching at some depth. But all in all it's going to be the sixers you know court could be the broader this is Toronto this year and where are. The most precise teams the teams that understand. How to use the components the right way or the teams that are set to advance the fine Houston and looks good with Chris Paul but James Harden holding the ball for twenty seconds. What does it matter for Clint capella for a record for Trevor reason for crisp on the offensive and it means nothing. It's nothing. And then there's another and then it starts at a gas SR echoed that just means another possession were they don't get into rhythm and we talked yesterday adding about touches and how many. Touches players got and how outside of pollen Harden most of these guys don't get touches and so when it comes time to hit that corner three. PJ Tucker maybe hasn't touched the ball forward quickly and don't let it feels like to vote no no flow at all not even. A sense of you know I've been touch and in every trip down the floor. And that's the thing about the warriors is. Even when Katie goes in isolation mode most of their possessions involve at least a few guys touching the ball before it goes up now based on. Everything you just heard. Take a listen to clay tops the. Your name comes up hurdle for a Kia and it could be if there is that good for you or reduce I don't know I don't care. I get paid handsomely outplay a great place in the Bay Area and we compete attention junior out. And on us how to do a lot of guys never really get that opportunity some grateful to you plug this team today wanna. Been a warrior and on terms to include the human rights we have such a good thing going. Audio courtesy of TNT. Unbelievable lease selfless comments courtesy of Klay Thompson. And that right there is the problem the rest of the league is facing. That a bona fide superstar I don't care on three or four MI role I'm handsomely compensated I get to live in the Bay Area and I compete for championships every year. And now up not knowing that the and he went on to say that he fit everyone gets the touch. Any sit even if I'm not shooting it because we get detection we know that I'm going to touch it every two born near series down the court. I know that I'm involved in the game in when you hear your superstar seen. He doesn't mind because they are everyone got to feel they're gonna get the ball look a Little League. Every one is touching the ball and that's what clay talked about that we pass a good shot for great shots because every once touching you know you're going to get your chance. And that's what curse preaches Eagles look guys. Don't be selfish the ball will come to you and we move the ball around enough. In the superstars get there if it's gonna come because now everyone's going to start paying attention to other guys. In that zigzag in mid it's gonna be your turn Seoul stay ready you're gonna get your touches. In networks superstars. Don't make systems systems makes superstars. Grant. The very best of the best can go anywhere in produces a look at Kevin Durant sufficiency now metrics in OKC and look at them here. He's going to be great anywhere he play he's going to be downright deadly. Here in this system. Stepped curry was one thing prior to the arrival of Steve Kirk. He's a different thing entirely now. Klay Thompson and remind green are excellent players but if you take dream on green and put him in orally ago. What kind of numbers and what kind of success is he gonna have season and sees now. Does anyone even know who Klay Thompson is if he's playing in Orlando if clay is the guy that's got a lead the team every single night. Is he gonna be able. We had the efficiency numbers he has now is he gonna be able to do what he does on the defensive and if he's asked to be the true superstar in Orlando maybe he's that good may be. But here. Here he can be a bona fide superstar. Notified the very best he can ever be because the system allows these players and the players themselves working with each other in the system. Allow each other to reach maximum potential this is what the rest of the league east chasing that so many teams don't understand. A lot of teams figure we're gonna throw a ton of money at these guys put them all together and we're gonna win. I mean are you even putting the right pieces of the puzzle together. Yeah even know what you do that's what Greg Papa said yesterday on his show he mentioned that they had the skill sets that these for the core four have for the warriors they don't overlap. Almost at all whether it's clay being catch and shoot guy and staff a little bit better. Off the journal as far as shooter cagey with his midrange game dream on the Swiss army knife who brings the toughness Claes got the defense staffs got the ball handling. All of it is so complimentary that you concluded. Come on loony or Andrei who dollar whatever fill in the blank fifth PC wants so. We are debating what starting lineup they should go if cantons five or loony tunes ultimately it doesn't really matter because the four guys complement each other so well. Got a C I one undecided because I don't necessarily believe. That the system makes the players great. I think you got to have the conductor which is the coach. The belief system because if I can get to your heart and get your mind and I got that venue by Ian. The buying and has to be there you can get a lot of guys implement a system in because it Eagles like you alluded to it because I gotta be the man. The ball won't move the ball beast won't leased it to be stagnant. These guys if they didn't buy and you've had a coach which I thought was a pretty good coaching Jackson. But here's the thing. That necessarily to guys didn't buy in to help his system his system that necessarily fit because if I don't get guys to buying him like Kurz got guys that Bahrain to say look. Pitchers a federal way. Pitchers of this system will work but first as a as a coach and as a mentor you gotta be able to get to the guys if you can get to the individuals. To have Dubai and the success like you said is there. You're listening to 957. To gain KG MZFM and EXT one KG MZ San Francisco V radio home for every single warriors. Playoff game. Speaking of which game two tonight. 6 PM. Right here on 957 game warriors were marble that you started at 4:30 PM. Here on 957 the game and a reminder we are giving away a pair of tickets to game three courtesy your boys Jolo and did of course he's taken when I'm go to our instant rampaged. Which is at 957 game. 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