Hour 2 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to preview the NFL's schedule release

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 19th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to preview the NFL's schedule release as they share which matchups are more intriguing or boring. Then they discuss the report from yesterday that Stephen Curry will be out for 3 more weeks. 


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On and Pacific you wrote the other two and it happens. Yeah it it's to be generally don't know value out of any of what I just read. Yet no value look everything's starting either five to fifty minutes and this year. I think it's going to be a struggle for California people who relate everything to her puck. Shout out California California. Tampa misses a lot of the storm season so many things they could do. You won before they do schedule and look at certain things and say look we're gonna do flex game certain games certain games it needs to be played at New England Patriots in the San Francisco 49ers that's a game that. Should be they should make some of these games happen before the scheduled comes out they understand understandably different division but you what a break up the format. I think they showed that I think if you want if you wanted to make football better with out doubt they should be able to break of the form. Let's get legal real quick we'll jump right back into your listening to 957 game KG MZFMNEXT. One San Francisco V radio home for every single warriors playoff game. You're just joining us good morning and welcome it is great to have you with us. Warriors at spurs to tip time tonight at 630 right here on 957 game coverage will begin at five. PM here on 957 game stuff. How much of the schedule you wanna overall from. A it's perspective of opponents do you still like the idea of playing your divisional opponent twice a year yes okay so we keep that portion that six games now. You're supposed to crossover with a another division within your own conference for example the NFC west playing the NFC north this year do you like that. You know until I can goals mills I'm not necessarily stop on I I think that they can look at check the schedule. Based on last year and go by there and say okay we now understand you got to play your your comp I get that but then after that. They should be able to look at sent its schedule and use a computer use the data and analytics all they have and go to. Get better matchups because people want to see better competitive games and if you do that. You would get that there's a whole bunch of people that would love to see certain games that they don't then I'm privileged to I think it it would help NFL ratings would help all wearing. So only stick to the divisional gesture so you've got these six games and then the other ten. Are going to be. Just wide open for rap so obviously there had to be some structure everyone will play say four conference games but those four conference games can come from anyone else outside of the division I so adversely you'd also then play four to six. Nonconference games but that can come against anyone it doesn't have to be the AFC east it could be a little bit everything you liked. I do I don't necessarily see a problem with that now granted they want the scheduled to balance out a bit teams that finish in the bottom. Played those two games against bottom feeders from other division riot scene probably wanna have some balance and if you could still do what you're saying allow for the NFL scout with all due respect this is. Gerrymandering in this is unnecessary gerrymandering nor is now yes really the way it is now every four years you know you're gonna see New England buffalo. You see the jets and Miami in that division rotation. Works perfectly in your six division rules. You have your two against last place teams you know your four against that other division you're gonna play every year and then you filter in the masters no need for. This cockamamie stand up gerrymandering. How fired up for you to see the raiders play the ravens again can't wait I'm happy hello Exxon did seem real easy UT only if you don't like. They only know that that that has any sort of appeal is that Michael Crabtree place for the ravens that's it. And I can see that as an angle I'm tired of watching the raiders play Joseph Flacco I'm tired of watching Joseph Flacco period that is a boring football team. It's a boring football team and the raiders are also gonna play the battles this year. Old grade and another one of those matchups grade to grade now and I'm not at the mess I'm not actually that you received not. Here's the bears again it's another game against the bears then you're an historic rivals will clash again and it is I gotta tell you just get blown you're gonna get blown up here you get money got to come as a bit better at Lowe's got some tonight I don't wanna see the niners pairs again with what Lowe has it is district realignment and elections gerrymandering. What he has his. Trying to do. People want problems say you're gonna play get your conference gonna keep accept any new goals should to schedule a move things around in they got numbers that make it. But Alex who waited it should be but you know you'd rather see even though Baltimore's not a good watch. The C Baltimore play give Seattle the play against the raiders the 49ers patriots was the one you put me now last night. Absolutely I wanna see that everything according to Carlos Tom Brady saying it's okay here. Patients sit back and away we re not being around the regulars think he would go to work up to you to see those two guys go and ask you don't think the ratings of the unbelievable putting Jimmy Jimmy G against when he gets his ultimately they know how. How much handsome will be on that field and a drop below a wonderful you got the play Helmut thanks yeah. The play helmet less welcome back to Egypt but it couldn't see half hot hot hot. That's not the disputed. The nine months after that game possible. Hello children being born all over the place isn't it the night is scheduled to lead over population includes an unemployed for me and asks I can't get on that one. America started out in a way too many people talk about college echoing what the court would be the biggest ever beat those things you're absolutely incidentally would freeze in mid air just staring at bat ball is I don't know what to get out and I don't want to disappoint either wanna lose flexibility within didn't. It would be could have Jimmy handle one entity Tom Brady on the carpet the Kona. Thanks Alan you wouldn't be able to call had vs Taylor and I are awful lot like Jimmy probably you have the call what what's it going to be younger. I am doing and what does lab in Toms face the cell mines mature. And complete. I'm Heidi we played a fine line I'll tease me just this. Oh my god that would be awesome point Lowe wins I guess it low winds here. Old old and yelling at cloud over or not I'm generally a fan of old man yells at cloud. But the idea of mixing it up I don't wanna see raiders ravens again I have no interest in that game if you're raider fan do you wanna see the ravens again Tripoli 957957. Absolutely universally here's a guy driving limit do you want another game against the bears did you relate seven not yet I think he'll rivalry. I can't wait to see too busy and I just I've just been waiting for us things riots. Let's just hand take all of our opponents and us is like Cleveland to go ahead and just play the weakest of the weeks we can help them begin nurse them back. Here's an idea let your results in the field determine. You're a lot of life in your last place team you play a last place schedule if you still can't get over that then you get last place schedule again. Rotate the divisions every four years you can see your beloved Buffalo Bills until the annual. Those go to York Pete. Go to Miami and see your team. Now I'm not a guy. Now I think I think there's a way to improve Obama's they keep talking about how they wanna improve the product they wanna make some of these games more compelling. I think a little bit of flexibility with the schedule will work we're not talking about realignment which is a advocated for a while and I noted that falls on deaf ears. Keep your divisional line with the same outside of that. Mickey chaos. They get a scenario where the remaining ten games five are gonna come up against conference opponents five will come a crop against nonconference opponents and just mix it up. Mix it up put a bit of a formula into it where if you finish at the bottom if you were the say. I don't know debate airs from last year met. Give them a little bit more of matchup against bottom feeders as well right keep the concept in place. But allow for flexibility. New England San Francisco would be a huge story this year it feels like you're taking great options off the tea bar because of a willingness to be flex. In the interest of fairness in the interest of having a system where all fourteen junior division argun a place similar comparable schedule so the rams are gonna play. All fourteen Z and the AFC west and sort of matters and so is Seattle so there Obama. That's called fairness gentlemen. The idea the league. Is not to create cockamamie WW EE match up well I'd rather rousing gets thrown through a table. This is real sports slowing you as a former athletes should know that create a template. And the system that is fair or as fair as it can possibly beat. We wouldn't be fair the niners had to play. The patriots because Jimmy he's good looking. And so is Tom Brady that's more than you are certain golf there's only eight now he's not a ten sorry JGB you don't get to play New England he's not that good looking. He give way to Robiskie hot here too this he's ever of average average sexual appeal. And what I understand where do you have a tremendous genuine intent at the end I don't know I viewers are antibiotic. Did you grow legs until it's actually this question just on Ellen the raiders are playing in London. What is like week six I had and it hasn't October. The breaking news sound. I was oddly I'm not a guy that are added our usually get when you're not pay attention to these serious questions about mr. Torre good I'm wearing a lovely lines on the handsome this. And that's the fourteenth is breaking the other in a game we know about is that what Kansas City and the rams in Mexico City at the end of November or Thanksgiving that's your Monday night game. I towards the end of whatever a bad and I don't know if all options. It's sitting at the ranch to Mexico November 19 IC granting Steelers would be some UNC and come. Especially. Just don't like this format I understand he would you'd be acute illness Xenia sending him and you can bring this up today has acted genius and your only did right now which is which is great. European Union tuition you're entitled certainly on an ice on the iMac physically able to remove this bullet at that but I had a do you arrive at this London low until forward by the judge of my gavel in my black robe. I gotta say it's appealing it appealing the idea of having flexibility where you can create this game what would you rather see. The niners put the bears are the niners play the patriots the big triple 8957957. And what are you rather easily raiders you wanna see another match up with Cincinnati or would you like the idea of possibly mixing it up with Philadelphia. Whoever to win the Super Bowl or a matchup against. If Pittsburgh wasn't on the schedule Pittsburgh its iconic raiders Dallas again would be iconic the idea of giving the people what they want take some of these heard matchups I get instead of ruining. A good team. Take two courage put it together and then put him at 1 o'clock last. Technical here's an idea then contraction let's just flush Cleveland Cincinnati down the beleaguered take healthy salad play Alabama. Alabama should aren't little and I'm sorry but if were worried about these. Quote heard matchups that you get rid of that heard not the match up to bow which I think too hard over there at the moment acts you do too much. I try and Arianna and I would open it up to the people. And open it up to the people will have any say the numbers triple 89579570. That number again is triple 89579570. Do you like the way in which the NFL currently lays out its schedule war. You like what those suggesting. You still play your six divisional games. And then after that it somewhat of a free for all make the best matchups possible Tripoli 9579570. Jolo and did not vibes and in the game. Chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. Dolan did night by seven game couple shout out here shut up aliens coming back from not one but still five run deficit yesterday at the White Sox. They're very tidy six hour game. Jenna David Brooks. I thought I was gonna have a show and. Now I am and how the vacation day body I escorted Allen looked at that age are really a bit. Shot at the San Jose Sharks bleeding you might have missed that series. Over and tell us the sharks Kurtz is the golden knights get around to combined eight no in the opening rounds. Now we've got a lot to get to with tonight's basketball game. But we are beginning this segment. Whiff. Some brilliance from the great Lorenzo Neal the NFL schedule drops ten night 5 PM Pacific. We are gonna before comprehensive breakdown tomorrow we're going to be talking about when the raiders and niners are gonna play the prime time match ups everything you need to now however. For now low throughout and inching suggestion about a half hour ago. Kurt format. In the NFL. Is each team will play its divisional opponents twice. That's six new crossover against the one. Conference division which would give you more. Four more games so for example this year the niners will cross over with the NFC north the with the Packers or vikings the lines of the mayor's. Those four Pletcher six division give you ten that you won't cross over with a non conference division. Dolphins patriots bills jets leverage may be that's another four and then there are two games that you will play. Against eight conference. Opponent. Now with the division obviously and not within the other division security crossing over against that finished in the same position you do it. For example bottom feeders like bottom feeders top of the division placed atop the division like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady went against each other every year seemingly. Because if they weren't scheduled to cross over by finishing at the top of their respective divisions they were gonna crossover. Most suggest you thrown off when play the six divisional games and then throw it all up for grabs. Have Jimmy drop will play Tom Brady this year on. And avoid the garbage of raiders ravens yet again or niners bears yet again kids. Saw cloud in the sky said yelling at it he said now. Don't make any changes the NFL's perfect as is we wanna know. Where you guys stand gentlemen I would give you peace the floor for about a minute or so to make you cases and that we will turn it over to the people did it's why so angry you. You Ernie poison pill my argument with here I get with your verbiage in year old man yelling in the cloud and by the way it's a cloudless day beautiful morning ever an old man yells at sun. Somehow I feel it then yells at 75 degrees in breezy the way this system is now you rotate the divisions every four years which is great you get a nice smattering of the teams you don't normally see. And if you're a bad team you get to go against another bad team it gives you a chance to pull yourself up by the bootstraps the way the system is now. Is just about perfect. We don't need some cockamamie gerrymandering. Pick whatever gains you want system. Which would only open league up to criticism about it being unfair so you can portray me. As old man yells at cloud and simply on the side of fairness a schedule that is equitable. And reasonable as it has been now for years your honor how noble. Well. Your position. I eight. Humbly disagree with you mr. diddley understand where you're at the get off that I mean this is if you talk about not a Fun League it's NFL. The fans if it's driven by the fans in his polls before the people think of the people what they wanna see. Utah mine every four years I get at the niners may play the patriots. Knows flat stop bringing it every four years this is the tar and NFL special all the different things they should be embracing change. C Baltimore and raiders could. I'm tired of that and you and I got really drug that game three years ago your honor didn't play my candidate at all and pets into our our our ask everybody a fair point I mean. You wanna see Jimmy GA. And you wanna see Tom Brady. 21. Great quarterback one legend quarterback and Brady and Brady of course in income one quarterback as they not elect and Brady. So. These is this what you wanna say and you wanna see Pittsburgh plays against Seattle you wanna see different matchup I think that it needs to be I think it's broken. And we can fix and that we're here to do today let's fix it did at this point about parity. Makes some sense but they try to do that with the NFL draft by finishing with a an awful record you get rewarded with the highest picks. Cleveland is always at the top of the draft in New England is always at the bottom. So every single year new England's battling Nat disadvantage and it doesn't seem to hurt him and every year Cleveland's gifted that advantage and it doesn't seem to help. So the schedule I think. You know could use those numbers analytics in different numbers is try to steel gates of keeps them parity would fight bottom feeders could still gets a cross over a bottom yet you don't what I want to. Because you've got a round out the 10 AM games. Save primetime. Or Aaron Rodgers verse is tiring race Aaron Rodgers vs Drew Brees exact take the best of the best to match a mop. Load those primetime games up and then take the track. The teams that are not appealing Cleveland is not appealing Miami not appealing Tampa Bay by and large not appealing Jacksonville's coming around. The other colts get the bears all those teams can cross over to ask each other and fill up at 10 AM slate. What you doing easy creating a schedule it is more unbalanced than ever and you're giving teams advantages and other teams disadvantage is just because the niners have an attractive quarterback. Means they have to play the defending AFC champions meanwhile Arizona who doesn't even have a quarterback let alone attractive quarterback. They need to feast on teams that are relevant because they're also irrelevant. That's not a system that engenders very good as he's excuse me or competition it's respectfully if I it's a system that. Is completely contrived. And so far from a competitive balance you might as well throw a WW reference and. Now hero he's not going to he's ratings verse is some baseball games vs the Stanley Cup playoff games WW rates are quite well pocketbook owner of the broke up instantly you know what are they calling the what do you do it out there is only just answer contrived fake Hortons will watch it when there's real sports that are more popular than you take sports. That's true I want what's popular and appealing. You see this at all motorist shot us out of the community for coming in and I think he thinks it is or bananas is unfair and unjust and number outlets because it be planning its Tom Brady less that technically the rams play a team that played a team that should have beat Tom Brady you're talking about Jacksonville they motor voted Dem you look at their last 45 games in the item that is. It's getting used to pay parity he came here and say that there and I never it's not fair balance so I think you've played a game and Sam's is go have Tommy come out here so give don't give the team that you think that. The Fed's unfair balance give them a home game that would be great. Tom Brady come here to Pittsburgh you compared San Francisco in that may give Obama face pat. Apps perhaps. It could help with any issues on tanking too if all the garbage has the mix it up with the other garbage on a regular basis someone's got to win those gains right. Some of got to win those games it's gonna be real tough to sustain a business model. If you get a favorable schedules a bad team for example the colts and you're gonna play all these bad teams 10 AM every single week. And you go out there and lose all those games short you might get the top overall pick but if you don't make it happen in a very quick shall short span of time on the turn around people are gonna bail on you. People are absolutely going to be on your product you you're gonna have no choice I like the ancillary benefits of this you talking about Kansai starting aside more more low. Yeah you're already answered your point and you defended my point by the hat saying you're putting garbage up against the garbage those games that are completely. Irrelevant not watchable so you're telling these organizations. Your partners by the way 32 owners make up a whole of the NFL you're saying to four or five teams. You don't matter and you don't matter so much that we're gonna give you bad game so that you get a smaller gate. For your home attendance you get a smaller piece of the revenue because no one's gonna. Let's get right down below that do to them that would would continue to donate breast and that we're gonna help them be any better would make them one arise trapped bitter get better cause they wanna get on prime time so you win you start changing the dynamics of the culture. Players I know players that I couldn't wait to play Monday night I couldn't wait for prime time game as a player like hell I'm Gary play my name and are slim. Sunday night I'm gonna you don't learn it. And as Julie what Obama did I go win. Just win baby. Some of the finest hour but some of these teams and you know what those teams that are at the bottom that feel that this might be unfair news flash until you legalize sports betting. They have it. People bet on these games people. Watch because of fantasy implications while maintaining it you're gonna throw out of Thursday's game between Cleveland and Jacksonville there's only two reasons people outside of those two fan bases are gonna watch because they're gambling on the game where there fantasy implications on the game you go ahead legalize actual a lot of these games become. More intriguing. But by and large coal teams are miserable what was the last time you watch a good jets game. About that what was the last time he wasn't really on to Miami Dolphins game. Based stock. By and large you have a handful of anything. I'm not entertaining and at the bottom line this is entertainment. That's what every year at this time when the schedules release the next day here the ten must see matchups a what's the rare inches -- incidents where Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are going to New England to take on the patriots yes I wanna see that game I very much look forward to that game. With Tony Romo on the call because great games deserve great commentator but you. Never know what game's going to be great when you see the rams rise about a nowhere and all of a sudden that game that they have that you thought might be garbage when you've put that in April also has a good game played portals and what they did last year in Jacksonville their games became meaningful. Because they were good they were a story additionally we don't know who's gonna draft whom. Next week which immediately makes those teams more interesting than they were today so. All the points you make. Are all the valid if you think about them in a vacuum but when you look at it from a league standpoint. And be a little older I have a greater perspective. Of how things you work and it should work quite Johnny Unitas and we know a guy who was born when I was thirty graduate high school for crying out loud. If you don't have that than I was born and then it became interest and Joseph Montana for example render the time Joseph Montana started coming up. You boy came in the world action that is the definition of coincidence and act now that's called causation right you being born helped lift the niner dynasty somehow authority to be. And like an Angel off their own name in there as well they gal I take it all back yes then. Because how do you argue something so asserts. There's a kid who has got the call is. IQs are with some movies that you're some movies that didn't do it hosts are mr. deeply lunar and shout out to. And here they come will you agree with kids watch. It. It was that bad yet this and that is why actual look not only is it. We got there listings for the bet and the bet if you all that stuff but look. I don't sort of like an upset an underdog and you know it and it's horrible sometimes it's cool to watch marched out beat the patriots are reluctant while. And that's normally how I make my money our that our anyway upbeat underdogs. Our motto we are betting against. Pittsburgh. And that hatred it's gonna be sorted clothes anyway I'm gonna make pennies for dollars so it's got a portal also to. They take up a foreign aspect of the underdog is fourteen equipment. We're out to the aid won't go into the ravens in deep commitment and I and is supposed to get what they reiterated apple quarterback. Let the man rabid billows every single game last year. Let it happen without it at that. To be okay I'm sorry technical about it the apple but app and I mean hey you guys didn't expect. I'm Bonnie hey I wasn't married and I didn't have children I you know what happened the last time the renegade hang up no doubt that and he's done but not general Caldwell I'm not a terrible back home to brag mortgage giant the next segment usually a Smart savvy sophisticated caller it will clearly having a bad day. This will all have a shake it off on analysis and watching the browns beat the ravens that hasn't happened in what four decades since Bernie car. Inflows guy got the job we know that. I mean I was not married. And didn't have children the last time the Bradley game. Low ball there have been married for dec yes but not enough people who made a couple of years and I can't sit two year anniversary is coming up next month I canceling twenty. I get woody effort wanted to. Is that this is yet because that's what I feel like for her yet you know what I'm coming up on the actual money in June so he could pump the brakes on your two feels like one Janet your life also. Continual shout outs by listen right now it is yeah I was or I need to be naked act act. Richard in Fremont you are low bodies I was low. Come out I would vote because you don't really guys. You got to get not just big game itself. Which it will get from bolt opens an effective first of all what brings a person to watch the game it's it's not just got some feel. It's also the intrigue in Seoul when I think out. You know the niners in particular. You'll play give the bears like to meet debt starting entry OK good well look at denied it played against the patriots. Yes there's lot of entry there OK why well personal JG get bill. To operating banditry. In and look at their you don't get out what appears to be you don't. The right thing quarterback Jimmy gee they knew how people basically we've all got to make me wanna watch that get a okay. They're not her purse and the prayers. Not gentry matter. According don't really cared a lot Richard good PR I think that it'll probably be committing way to go it's like in order to make me wanna stop do we want to so. It'll put a perspective a little bit aside from NFL. I gave up with the patriot air and you watch to see what you mean she does. And you watch history give this is an error all its way out in New England if they beat them. Thank you Richard day and thank you for your phone call but you're wrong you're not wrong and online via this wrong because if you look at any match up. And you have a path and I'd pay attention you can find intrigue Jimmy drop below plan to immediately where low. Where did you did you play. Eastern Illinois what state is Chicago currently in Illinois cells you can find intriguing any match up with you actually take a little time and exert a little bit. Our effort we had a game last year. And it added thriller and it wasn't Jimmie there was one drive there's one drive again and again get to PG delivered in the field of the of the game I was thinking of the the previous cabernet it will also look. So memorable of the game that you don't even remember what you're not you don't remember anything about it I don't blame you that's what it proves those points. I think I was sick that we know you guessed it it's so you want to talk you know me and let me ask you this the playoff supposed to be the cream of the crop right. How exciting and how enjoyable. Was buffalo at Jacksonville. Was awesome. Oh my the ruling you remember that you know it was so boring it was a guy that it was it was a dud of the game and it'll look it was very defensive. If there was some appeal if you like that style of play but by and large neither team can move the ball portals was trash. And only he could do was scramble to pick up first downs and that was in there were some punts downed a night game that were really really well downed. Those are tracks those are there are some great putts is there were some great fair catches up. I thought those Buffalo Bills mafia put each other few tables out the parking lot was great but that was more entertaining in the game itself. And that was a play off game that was the windy game and I were bore holes couldn't complete anything outside the numbers eleven mile an hour wind it was cat. Casual wind and everyone we usually an excuse. According Romo is on call for that game and he was going out of his way to be like well you to try to make you got off. I think what's that nine mile an hour I'm on our make big moves nine mile an hour. About this idea about compromise. Nice compromise. You're gonna play your six. Divisional games. Nothing changes there. You're going to play your cross over. Conference. Right so this year than niners in the NFC west crossover with the NFC north played Minnesota Green Bay Detroit Chicago keep that in play. You can also have those two games you play against the team within your conference. That's finished in the same position as you keep the OK that at least four games open. Currently you go to the other conference and you pick a division. Play anybody and that's which broke any for a tougher on other conference so there it is rather than this year the raiders playing. The ravens the Bengals the Steelers. And the browns rather than those four games. Those are four games against AFC teams so keep the steeler game up but maybe also mix in a game against. I don't know Tennessee if you want that rematch or Houston JJ watt right or you can take a Miami whatever it may be to find the appeal. Instead of getting stuck with the entire division you can stay with some of those games have been the most appealing but use those four games to advance from that conference is Africa. Mice now it's not that's not so much is because you're games gel you guys are you violating the number one Tenet of schedule making which is to make it is fair. As possible if you start to handpicked opponents. Because you don't want opponent next to have to play opponent why. And your co roughing the idea of a fair schedule the way it is now is as fair as it can be the only wild card games. Are the you finish last so you play a last place team. In the other division those are the only games where you're not gonna have the same schedule as your direct opponent and that's the number one job of schedule making. Fair only matters if the intelligence level of all decision makers is equal across the board. After that it's no longer fair in New England they're Smart in Cleveland they are not. They have shown this time and time again. So there's no reason to create a schedule that's fair for the browns when they can't even handle the basic tenants of the game. In reasonable fashion. Right Green Bay might not win or compete receivables every year but they're always threatening war in the playoffs that's an organization at the very least. Has a modicum of intelligence they understand how to go about their business Miami conversely when's the last time they won a playoff game. Buffalo when's the last time they won a playoff game. Work your way around the league you look at teams that are so in company year in and year out they are an absolute train wreck. You have an owner in LA who took himself out of the San Diego market. Moved into the number two and a market that doesn't succeed the football anyway and it's completely ruined the value of that franchise rank and and and and we're supposed to treat him fairly through the draft and then also the NFL schedule. And this is the number one time when you have to treat them fairly because they are so inept because Cleveland is so bad at doing business that as a schedule maker. This is when you have is absolutely have to give them the best chance by giving them the same schedule as other teams you can't just to Cleveland say well. You're only sixteen last year so we're gonna have you play your division and then the ninth worst teams in the league just we can try to pull you up by the bootstraps. Love actually counterproductive to what the sport is because these are supposed to be the very best athletes in the world playing in the league. That is run by C students and because there's so many c.s do and how they're making decisions. You have to go ahead and handicap the scenario. To make those who aren't a success deal. Feel better about themselves and give them a better chance news slash Cleveland doesn't want a better chance they want those draft picks until you can eliminate tanking. From the NBA from MLB from the NFL no one's gonna be interested in taking advantage. Of the advantages your forty. That's the biggest problem the league is set up to give Cleveland a more favorable schedule and more favorable draft picks and what do they do it. They intentionally go out of their way to lose so they can get more favorable schedules and more favorable draft picks and then they lose again. To a point where now if you're New England or your Pittsburgh or. The Packers every single year you have to fight against these handicaps because he's other teams don't care that's unfair to that it's unfair to the team that work hard. Well and get it in an earlier gives you your talk about hey look this like we used you talk about a look at Jacksonville. That you debut would have to look at it on paper you'll say hey this matchup isn't gonna meaning being all of a sudden now in the end the year healer while he did mean something. So that's recent newborn and these matchups may look on paper but they want to happens it changes. That's the same way how many times you talk about these bottom feeder teams that are plant a bomb schedule which was Jacksonville and also they end up being good. So when you look at this you can look you could say the same thing for the what we're saying. That it could be a good matchup that could be not but at the same since when you make that same comparison you can to a freeway. Right in the system though is set out to allow Joe's right allow the teams that struggled to get better draft picks and to have a softer schedule. In thinking that this team will be able to turnaround the niners are good example the schedule they faced. Was weaker than it would have been had they had a better year last year and they were able to turn it around. They were able the use draft picks. And use their schedule and improve and now they don't have the same benefit because there a better team it's another scheduled becomes tougher to me that's the best way to do it. Breton Campbell. Brett thanks for the phone call your thoughts on the conversation. Are you got there are no I'm not quite sure but I would love a lot how big our big guys talk and I like. Wipe out that bottom Beers. Eight and play together at end. Each jeans big each other. All the way through the year you know the way that bottom feeders you know which one is gonna win to get that quote tank. Beverages and parishes and a lot of people market it it's essentially creating two tiers but we've advocated for college football yeah put the twenty best programs in one here let them duke it out let them pay for players and and everyone else can play in a different. Subdivision so to speak they say they have that now but they don't. Bomb for those of you who wanna get through on the topic. But haven't been able to this up on the beach line 4154038588. Every Friday 730. Best calls make it through you can riff on low myself kids and a you can rip on the guys in the back the station society at march. Yeah probably Kim Jung and let the beef I know about it mantle to prove it's good enough for 1540385884154038588. The baseline every Friday 730. IB a basketball game tonight. 630 right here 957 game warrior warmup get you started at 5 PM here on 9570 game before we get into the analysis which is what we wanna do. A moment. For the passing of Gregg Popovich is wife. Aron who died. After battling a long illness I believe she was 67. Years of age they had been married for four decades. But there's no way to. Transition from a sports topic to this and and into another sports topic it's just a very sad moment. Heart goes out to the guy. Your heart goes out to the community and his family. And you just hope that in this troubling time thoughts the prayers and condolences have maybe some small effect on their wall. Yes and as you look third bright spots and made terrible sad tragedy you look at the fact that. Gregg Popovich is gonna be surrounded by a few of his best friends because Steve Kerr and Mike Brown. Our guys who Gregg Popovich knows very well he coach Steve. Mike Brown actually was on the coaching staff I believe when Steve was playing there. In San Antonio and you saw the embrace the three men had the end of the blast regular season game when they go over for the post game handshake. And instead of enhancing it turned into a three way. Bro hug basically a pop and it's his arms around Kerr and Mike brown and their arms right to other and they were shared a laugh and it was a great warm moment so. You think about Gregg Popovich in this time. We're not sure if he's gonna coach or not but for me the very ID idea that Steve Kerr and Mike Brown are there gives me comfort knowing that. Gregg Popovich is surrounded by a couple of his closest friends in basketball and really the two teens I think. Have a certain amount of kinship the spurs in the lawyers because of their head coach. It's low how much is being a part of that community help at a time like this if it's huge because he's getting so many calls so many of these phones off. Go on the borrowers on a different things that are being in saint tickets you know because of the sacrifice he's made for his family. Any news that basketball's been a part of his main stadium light. So you heard the different guys and there they had they could even express themselves because it was so close in this little legend of the game. This is one arguably the greatest coach that ever coached in MBA. What I'm a very very short list so when you think about when you see destruction a cease RO hit this family the basketball communities come together. In I think in time that this. He knows how much people love you love you you know how much people respect you. But in. Tough times that's when you really get deceit. How much you really love in really get to see what type the sphere of influence you add on so many lives in you heard Shaquille O'Neal. And post game last night. Talk about. I'm getting Smart with him and his dad picked up balls that don't you talk that a man like that. That man when you had when I couldn't afford shoes I went found him god gave you 34 parishes. Just for you to be able to play and be it would have been nice pair shoes sold goals moments you get to see what. Impact that this great man has had on just like so our thoughts and prayers are with him his family and right now that basketball community issue. You realize how tough. That has to be for him knowing met his wife for four decades has battle this illness. For so long and while the final days were approaching. He's talking to the media about quite Leonard he's trying to game plan for the warriors. He's dealing with a bunch of things that in hindsight. Don't necessarily seem as important anymore and have anything. Can serve as a reminder it is maybe not sweat the small stuff. As much will do in life maybe not take ourselves so seriously and poses a bit of a serious moment here. It helps every now again when something like this comes up to try to reflect upon your own life and see upon how you can make improvements upon. So our thoughts and prayers got the pop I know we make jokes at time yeah because that's what we do we make jokes we try to make your commute a little easier but. We never anything but the utmost respect for him and hope for the best for him and his family. No easy way to transition off that into tonight's game. Because the last thing I wanted to do was ask the question how's this going to affect the spurs how's it going to affect the warriors it just seems so trivial. So wanna touch on something that surfaced yesterday regarding the warriors kinda flew underneath the radar and I'm wondering we should pay more attention to this. Game two. Oakland against the spurs. Kevin Harlan the TNT broadcaster at some point during the game and we cannot mind its audio. Anywhere I have search read it I've searched everything imaginable to try to find this audio I cannot find it. He made a reference to the fact that stepped curry. Was expected to miss three more weeks. Three more weeks and in the broadcast moved all. And suddenly what seemed like such an innocuous secondhand comment. Got people wake up and say wait a minute he's gonna miss three more weeks that definitely puts him out for the second round which is something we assumed. Or we released told that he was aiming for and it could put him out into the Western Conference finals which. Speculation out of the rockets they looked very good last night against Minnesota. So. This comments out there are we can't find the audio but it does exist. Steve Kerr yesterday has to address it at practice this is what Steve Kerr had a sack who. Don't. Yeah yeah dollars and there's probably in this. We don't have the pension. All right so we're playing a little game here of something or nothing something or nothing. I take the evidence is front and Kevin Harlan is a veteran. Broadcaster a well respected broadcaster. If it was a mistake sure everyone makes. But to take that information. If it wasn't completely buttoned up and put it on the head it's pretty big mistake. So if curry is the number one selling Jersey this year he's a marquee player and everyone is keeping an eye and the defending champs and their star players to win he'll be back. Sort of throw that out there without having to completely buttoned up seems counter to what Kevin Harlan is all about because he's one of the best in the business. But on the other side that would mean Kurz be guessing everybody here and I certainly don't want to make that allegation because Kurds been straightforward with everybody from day one. The most honorable and noble guys. In the leak in the Bay Area right so what am I supposed to make of this is it a simple miscommunication Harlan made a mistake a wrong move in on. Is it as some think. Kurt leaking information Harlan hoping it'll get out there is a smokescreen. The kind of play with Houston's mind a little bit or maybe New Orleans mine down the road. Is something isn't on the. I think it's nothing and in a could be a smokescreen but this is not a team that has really worked in those ways and name. Become a surprise starting lineups but they haven't really played way of the injury list at this level and plus you see. Video of staff working out yesterday after practice and he's moving he looks pretty good he doesn't look like he still. Three weeks away and ultimately in the beginning of this it was four to six weeks right and if we look at. The six week time line that leads us right up to the start of the second round so if it if Kevin Doran says three weeks and that's what three days ago. That would be. More than six weeks in the original diagnosis of the six week time went from the beginning put him if you needed full recovery I believe it put him right at the start of the conference finals that would be six weeks and I think they had said when he had the injury and he went and the next day for the evaluation that timeline they gave that day for pretty much full recovery was the start of the conference finals so word we're getting caught up a lot of rat technicalities here. Regardless you feel that this is maybe just to mix up like her is at stake here is no reason to panic I don't think so I think it's just a question of maybe Kevin Harlan hearing that and going within it without getting a follow up and getting a clarification. Where do you land on something or nothing. I think it's something and I think when you look at Stefano knows cities runner around and do most things it's easy to read straight ahead and do those things and in golden moving the and when you're talking about in a game now your cutting into one of things that he does it's it's I think the patient it's that is some concern. Because that's meant you know this was happened three days ago also next next Tuesday of next Monday it would be a week the following beats you know two weeks that followed many so. You know YouTube you'll probably you probably needing this next series he'll probably come in I don't know go play early that's fussing as soon as it. You might not playing the first two games of the of this next series its common interest and see what happens but I think there's something to what I really do. Make people think you're weak when you're strong make him think you're strong when your week. Take advantage. Of what might present you right where some see. A problem others might see opportunity. Obviously staff can't play he's our. So you can sit there and you can be completely honest with everyone about it and you can let everyone get comfortable with that honest information. And you can move. And do nothing with it and that's completely fine. That will benefit you in any way shape reform and that certainly won't hurt your adversaries if Minnesota. Analyze that men are not winning that series if Houston New Orleans Portland whoever it may be. Is fully apprised of staffs progress they know the timetable and it's 100% accurate. They can plan accordingly. Why not take what appears to be. A problem and turn it did in two an opportunity. Why not use it as smokes. Why not play this as a game it's that's hurt. If stats coming along stronger whatever it is why not throw misinformation out there why not keep people guessing. Is there any reason to not do that I'm not saying that's what occurs doing but if you were in his shoes how would you handle us. I would make sure that at every turn. Different information is showing up all over the place similar to the NFL draft it's what they call the NFL silly season right. One minute and wind is coming up for the number one pick one minute Cleveland wants to trade all the way back the next minute everyone's moving in shaken. It's all about misinformation keeping people guessing it's part of the game. I have no one's getting harmed in your not doing anything immoral or illegal or unethical. I don't see any problem with it but I would take this step opportunity I've wanna keep everyone guessing I'd want people in New Orleans thinking you might get us without Seth Curry. And then oh by the way here comes that I want Houston thinking. One week. I absolutely want Houston mauling in the game when the game week and I want stuff coming out there and I want that team picking up the pace because if you've noticed the the first two games of the series. Without staff they're operating at about nine fewer possessions per game at the end of the world but they certainly don't move as quick. I would want to keep everyone guessing I don't know what you guys do in the situation room I was Kirk you be here in a different story for me. From Raymond Ridder from PR from the sources I'd be leak in different stuff every freaking day to keep everyone ice. See your point on that I just don't think this organization operates like that any fear. Defending champs and they are you feel like you don't need to do those things you're still the best team in the NBA. And also I don't know if you would wanna use Kevin Hart like that because of that. Played out in this way where either Steve Kerr somebody leaked to candidates have yet to be three more weeks and and Harman then goes with a on the air and now Steve Kerr has to say none that I can't be right we have even reevaluate him again to know. That information. Seems to me that you wouldn't do that to a guy like Kevin Harlan who is so widely respected but isn't that kind of how the business works aren't there trades the quid pro quo don't you kind of floated story to a guy and have him get it out there for you that an exchange gives him the scoop down the road yet but I. This first half in honor of Kandahar on the you do that to do these not a beat reporter he's not shams Charny out. But the new rising hot NBA reporter and certainly is not a woe to bomb where. You wouldn't wanna. Burn wards announced he would dances he gave net story. And then he rail that now and the teams have known I don't know where he got that that makes him look bad so I don't think you would do that to somebody of this ilk in my opinion and knowing Raymond Ridder as long as I have now fifteen years. It doesn't seem like something that his play of. So no smoke screen whatsoever. No tactics whatsoever. Just basically somehow some way one of the best broadcasters in the business. Had information communicated to him that was incorrect he ran with an on air simple mistake we all move on don't worry about that he's ready go to the next round I said at at at at being that you should worry. I'm not I'm not a Mets fans I think it's death this is injury. Will he play in the in in the finals are you know and in in that championship the western Jamie UPS. A but I existing did you got to be careful with him and I think when you say three weeks. That may be that maybe impractical because when you think about it do what you're gonna ask from step you can have stepped laboring out there you got too much invested four. It's too much invested in this player to have this guy go out there and chairs neither so. I would be on I don't think this organization's gonna air on the sat college and not and it's it's Smart it's being Smart with your investments at 220 million dollar guy. You're you're gonna you gonna see New Orleans it's a game that it's going to be a tough series with what doubts that. They you know it could be tougher without him but you still have to re all stars on your team. You should find a way to get to that series in just the rockets even have to definitely meeting the rockets you won't be held to this we're just throwing this out there now this is preliminary. If the pelican sweep the blazers which looks very realistic now because they're up 20 coming home. And the warriors sleep disburse all things very equal you're both on and four and then you meet each other. No staff curry through the entire conference semifinals. How does that series and against the war. Dubs win six or send it this is goals though this will see them winning but it's going to be a bit of a struggle. Hello we can be a struggle if it was says it's not that crazy they're not just go motorboat this morning Steve Norman here's reason why new warrants can score. Once you're not gonna keep norms and the hunt that's that they and if you do get over under with the Doug you got a chance nor Newton. The doves wanted to best three point shooters in the game we get that. But one thing about. What they've been able to do would do entry in this team doing their playing good defense and they can put the ball in the hoop. Both teams and their respective series in four. Orleans four warriors in four they meet the next round step doesn't play at all does series the warriors in five. And it is a motor boating and I resent the implication that my sanity would be called into question for having an opinion that differs from a. And I know this you. You used said that you would have to be crazy to think this lawyer team ticket that would economy and the and motor al-Qaeda so I was pretty unsettling though. If I feel as if they would motorboat them he does it does all want to use tactics that he's using tack ons are using tactics I'm simply pointing out that. I feel as though I'm being called insane for having an opinion that differs from yours and I simply would want some clarification. Asked my relative sanity as it pertains to that you know that the warriors would still handle pelicans which I do believe where you drug Jill each and easily towards. There's an eccentric and how to act there are he's a very good and could we have given our situation we always like to play that from. Coming out from four year old versions for all this app and apple are at. My heart throb Corey how you patty how do you see this. Taking place tonight the warriors are insane and Tony now we know how the spurs player on the road we know how to play at home they were the worst road team. In the playoffs emotional. They two nights are going to be a four and a half point underdog right now you the warriors are heading on the road as a four point favorite open minus two and a half it's climbed up to four formats and money's coming in on the warriors. How do you see the emotion and everything affecting this game before we jump to pop and a couple minutes group. You can look at this is okay let's go women for pot. And and they might be EDs play in saint tonight. He saw Brett Farr. You see music Brett do it. You see certain guys so are ever. Barbara you've seen certain guys that certainty should you win rather be with Brett Favre era threaten. You see me so that he is so why were you saw little little man you know this bounced around tips or begin Isiah Thomas Thomas you see him go out and be spectacular. You know in in in these tough moment so it's intercede or you can see eighteen it does is it hey look we understand that. Let's let him go you know let's let's do we need do let's. Diplomatic or so is this to mean now it's is that wildcard now because of what's going wrong in how does this have an effect tonight. While I think both teams are gonna play without emotion which speaks to adjust how much Gregg Popovich is liked in Revere around the league to think did. Staff serial steps not planned but the thing decay. There will be a moving it. Appropriate tribute before the game that both teams will take part in so. The emotion of Jimmy's run on all sides I should be a very fun competitive game. You're listening to 957 game PGM CFM an HD one San Francisco V radio home for every single warriors playoff game. Good morning it is great to have you with us Greg pop I just around the court he made an interesting point about Isiah Thomas really insisting point talking about how he came off. The death of his sister in last year's playoffs had a BI informants and I don't know who said this recently but a borrowings. You wonder why quite Leonard sitting out and everyone's taking shots out. Case in point Isiah Thomas. In given enough time he'll didn't take the proper amount of.