Hour 2 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs come up with ideas for Lo's upcoming Ike's sandwich

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 11th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs debate who has more pressure between the A's and Giants in the upcoming Bay Bridge series. Then they discuss Mike D'Antoni's comments on the Warriors adding Demarcus Cousins. 

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Nice all right very nicely done. God root of her death. Time to consider you don't have to decide on everything they showed today is for you. We are going to bring in all this information. Ultimately you and I equal have a conversation about where all goes but for right now the people are here to help Matt rotor park what do you think and. Yeah man I'm being entertaining and collapse color definitely got to go to double B. Double wrote these media Spike Lee doubled wrote the Bible I'll. He packed the B and get the knee. Just think that all our own personal account Acosta for your based our rankings and a dance dance video. It'll can't just alienate netted Twitter and FaceBook are not by seven pages and pictures suggestions on theirs well Bobbie on the 280 Bobby what do you think it. What got got a great creator Mike call. So I can't be. Nice. The pro though that may though. Loaded and halo on our. This. Have been suggestions he's not really. In depth ideas right here Levi Oakland what do you think. Out. That. What. Are. Well double. Where it. Go. Oh yeah. Mary oh. And everybody is looking make this thing spicy. Spicy hot cakes in favor of the shuttle you have to finish your sandwich with an update and that's very well done by Levi right there are taken in golf has left and Robert of Pacifica Robert what do you think and. Predate actually got three troop morale might work so you can Purcell could be the Apollo Roddy. You know because he's just he's really that you're the blankets and got some support there true the other one out they get out is maybe the Heisman maker. He's the man. Well we are targeted are so are so the policymakers. Call playmaker to be deliberate put them at all thank all our. You just go to alligator arms he's just. And. He cube of the alligator norms of those holes I cut it out chicken nuggets. Jesse Pittsburgh Jesse what's gone on what you think and. Jesse. You're on the air just good morning don't tell me yes I'm telling you yes what do you think Dallas. Or. I. And and I'll look this is a but not ma'am come up with a name for a sandwich coming up with the San which we have got to be bought and hot you've got to be organized if you wanna be taken seriously. Autograph Fresno state helmet courtesy of candidly is gonna be on the line here and Livermore what do you think him. Yes good morning I'm thinking the remote meal chicken milk chicken. Oh lord. Moderate Tibet that varies is saying it's very subtle very Smart a lot of people when I threw this up yesterday on Twitter. We're suggesting some sort of sandwich made of soup they feel that that would be the perfect thing take them take one of putting Red Bulls right. And fill it with with soup but then closed the top and then people have the bite into an artist is Jolie everywhere. Actually help her pick up. Colonial sandwiched the mess he makes in here every single day you probably heard of eating his beef jerky during the last segment he's got a giant bag of beef jerky. Tune spilling juicy is in and lend an all over the place and a regular basis this is not. Not going to be clean sand take a Red Bull Philly it was soup I'll top it off and then of course how the bite into it didn't assume just spills everywhere or maybe he can. Feel like those jelly doughnuts we are talking about during the great review just act in objected to Brad Ball that he wouldn't have to cut a hole in the top. You would have an actual like loaf of bread sourdough or sour low as the caller said public bullet chowder in the their ego. The Lorenzo O meal with a. Are right you are listening to Unita back in the game KG MZFNNHT. One a radio dot com station good morning and welcome to the program. We will be taking more of your calls throughout the duration on the low sandwich idea what it should be called. And what it should involve but we begin this hour. Witness. Attorney here it is in slowing and it's happened the first baseman and really it's a fair ball in the right doesn't take them. I don't know bubbles that now focus first and blood and yes big wins. Brit blurted. Initially the blood trickled off foul but then it rolled it took a little left and it was right on the shock. And then Luc Roy was trying to tag the runner. Bregman who is just to the right double play just slightly up the line and it's not a confronted hey give me in. Rick but no looting that's OK and then Jonathan. The only way you had at that point was that thing with a lot of birthdays. We get the out there are and the ball went five Americana. And witness on the right field line into an advocate suckers stored in the Astros have a 65 when there. The value of a brilliant broadcast relate can't corps Iraq watching that highlight and trying to figure out. For myself how I was gonna explain that today and then hearing that you're like yeah Adams looked at yeah gimme a break at all down better and I possibly could. So shout out Ken core racket everything you heard right there now the a's trailing four nothing in the night came all the way back to tie it leaving grabbed the lead in Houston. In the top of the eleventh last night as Stephen biscotti homered. For the fourth time in four games he has now homered in four straight games. But Blake trying in one of two a's all stars couldn't hold it down in the eleventh you heard the play that sealed it. NEA's fall six to five in Houston now they still won seventeen of wanting to their cooking with gas heading into the Bay Bridge series. Which starts in a little over 48 hours more on that in a minute of last night how bizarre that ending was that that. This crazy and you feel bad probably China and I was a bit of a bad beat because the inning starts with a Josh Redick check swing and a full count which could've gone either way. He gets a walk and get the data in its first and third and so it was kind of an undoing in an unraveling that. It wasn't because he was gay and lit up and then of course the game winning hit the five footer the five foot assassin. As a skins on it look more like shot ASEAN billiards trick shots you know. We hit Cuba all the top and it's been the way to the right little bit English on that ball in English and the spin rate on that they had to be up upwards of 5000. RPM. Follows what it wants angle I think it was negative and a hundred degrees the record straight into the ground wet newspaper but. You see the catcher pick it up try to tag there's dodge ball that there's a fumble then also and it's you know you plan pickle he's thrown off the guy's helmet in dodge ball like fashion. It was like six different childhood games on one. How do you shake it off. How do you shake that off for today's game because there are two more with the Astros before the easier to have quick turnaround coming back to the Bay Area. But the three game Bay Bridge series which starts Friday AT&T park more on that just a moment. But in terms of shaking this one off is it better to come all the way back. And then lose it and extras or would you rather just lost that game for nothing. Honestly as a competitor. They're out for nothing in the ninth eight tie it we take the lead the eleventh and that may lose would you rather just lost for nothing now do you view the because. When you come back like that you feel like you want. You know when you're just losing your laws here you're not in the game you're down 45 net and you think about. OK got what we could've done guy we just couldn't get a book but the beer bullish. Fight through adversity. Down for not inning go back that tide mingle and extra innings and find a way to get a lead. In the and you haven't you know and and time Eric just that simple the you know the catcher. Just touching jumps out of the way. Any thinks that hit a skinny opens up his hand and let the ball flat out of his hand drops its old the guy is able to run the first. As he saw that happening you're like wow so I think guys rather go do. Even though it's heartbreaking you know because you felt you felt like a victory just witness extinct in your hands. I rather have it that way to just beat motorboat at MI wrong for. Being described rather just lose for nothing they just not your night everyone can chalk that up a mini come back the next day. I don't think losing four nothing lead to any sort of emotional hangover whatsoever I don't think there's any thing other that hey that was it out of her performance we got to get the bats going tomorrow. Again you go audience just in early yes it's not the end of the world you can shake that off this one. This is the lead story. We've got the MLB network on right now it's the lead story there we're talking about it at the top of every hour today. It's a tough beat Allen's second to stick it use it wrong to have to be into this we'd rather lose all of them say. Wrong but I think you're looking at it slightly from the wrong perspective because you look at what they did and they got to the astros' bullpen and it's a bullpen that we know is vulnerable to the blowup is valued and sell it you got it to Giles and you're able to get at this Gotti extra inning home run and the jays are team at. They hit fastballs very well so when you go up against Japan my dad. Down for nothing to rally there's value in that even though you lose and heartbreaking fashion that I put low kind of reminds me of the play with a quarterback. Gets the snap and he fumbles it Andy's any kicks it but he's able to pick it up in time to think that he can still make a play. And it's courts out of his hand he doesn't take six it was kind of like two plays and one where. In the catcher Luc Roy. Realizes in real time and it is a fair ball he palaces he makes a great play. And any. QB fumble and then he throws the take six in the game's over. He's got a little bought pummeled a little bit rough hit little miss that while happy Thanksgiving Mark Sanchez could come and I don't Arcadia. If there are we got more to break down with that as well as this question which team heading into the Bay Bridge series is gonna feel more pressure to find success the giants or the days will open about AAA 9579 of I seventy right here jello and it's not about seven to get. She'll go and discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. Welcome. To the money spot but consecutive hour of commercial free are for you. Sensual listening audience because we love you and because we have. Plethora of content to get to. Over the next hour plus plus there has been a big word on the show the last two weeks anyone noticed that yeah both drop and it left and right. He's the job a lot left and right ease the drop a knowledge jabs climbed up to Turkey on that colonials and which people are gonna come up with a Turkey I do like Turkey. Creative yeah let's not many Turkey sandwich is out there. I've got to too little I knew that if I'm any of those kind of point. A little you know make it right we'll get there olives. We'll get there. Alice how we're really OK now orca green or black a black. I'm glad I'm gonna ask me it's not going to be anything but that's like. Mystery question there's a lot of things how about Tom no no means no big things I want to. And it's like sprouts none of them that on there look booms now don't mean to have it now noted that carrots now. What about a his routers pineapple just announced route he's and is now. The routes. Signals a tale if you had to consider sprouts. Of you know I innocence brown. You know about it the show he's gonna be like it's gonna be a sprouts and Sheldon has given a handful of routes and the black water routes to at a site sue Adidas I can do I can do about. And you don't like what I was. Artist's remaining gave the Internet catalogs sprouts is they have a different ace labor. Yet to be organic so it's not them not to bear the expense sandwich thank you you understood of them it's solidarity bumper for our backs coach I know about sprouts I act at at. At pac are right sell the bigger. Question then the sandwich which it's debatable but. Who's gonna be facing more pressure heading into this weekend's Bay Bridge series giants fall to nothing last night to the cubs Derek Holland. A completely wasted spot start that was sensational. They couldn't get anything going against him Quinn Connell last night though. Astros come back to win in the eleventh they had let the whole way they blow four nothing lead in the ninety aids war back. Stephen the Scottie hits a home run in the fourth consecutive game to give the a's. A 54 lead in the top eleven but it wasn't meant to be. As Houston goes on to win a's have still won seventeen of their last 22 who's facing more pressure heading into the break for a good series it how. Had to have this series who's gonna come away feeling worse should they lose it BA's the guy I think. The giants would come away worse feeling worse because there teetering right now on the brink of goal below 500 they get swept. By the gays and pending the outcome of the rest of the series but they could be below 500 heading into the break and all of a sudden now. The idea of buyers or sellers may switch toward them may be selling apiece we talked about. Buster Posey zip and might he eventually wind up in first base would this be an opportunity then to trade Brandon belt if you saw the season going south so. I think you're at a critical juncture for the giants the a's the almost playing with house money right now they've been hot they're playing great but there's still six back of Seattle. In the race for that second wildcard in their ten out in the division so they don't have that same immediate pressure of being quote. In the race they know they have to play another month of good ball to get into a position that the giants are even though the isn't a better record the giants are more ensconced in their race. More pressure heading into the Bay Bridge series B Hayes. Or the giants the a's outperforming expectations. The giants depending on how you view them coming into the season either managing expectations are perhaps a bit below expectations it's it's the days without a doubt it's the east. Ed did I it's. Did you grow 500. All the injuries and all the different things is surrounding them. I think it's the ace. They have a chance to blogs say you know what everyone's been talking about the giant if you look at the two organs that stations you talk about these two great franchise it. Yet it aids tests and history that's you know an eighties and early eighties when they were you don't dominant team. But a look at the giants went three and all the different things that they've done and you look at people are people viewed in this organization that can win it you Billy bean ball. Without a doubt the pressure is on a specially right now since their nine games team gains over 500 haven't been this way and a couple of years. And now they're planning team that's right there and a ticket things to bought term beat the giants and. Dominate the giants. Dude I think the pressure on them because they are playing better every once and a.'s world this other division they'd be in the playoffs or they beat city right now. Dodgers lose last night to the Padres a mean aides waited their plan that you like. Would be winning so the pressure's on them it's like till couple years back when you talked about Reagan. Arizona and forgive Carolina who was excited see that too well our team and I mean you think about how they were you look at them as like oh my god is that big gain access quarterback. That means so bullet at ten was straight track. Ash ash and wanted to see at work and lucky to get to play a appeared to have this game I'm trying to figure that Ryan Lindley with his record as governor of our hats are good call. That's a good call up Eric Anderson I would guess that paralyze an effect in January 2015 to go up here and really may still goes to the touchdown was short and it was it was bad. It was it was horrible game Ike as they do all sorts. It packet that was a playoff game and so teams that they get to play if you look it's like okay they're just happy to beans and you look at certain teams. Their streak in the right time aren't forgive me in 2000 when we got hot who want to civil Tennessee Titans. How hot Baltimore that yeah don't want to see Baltimore right now. That's pays right now if you look at how will be speaking to you wish. In the playoffs were to start. Teams are necessary decision ought to be case the a's are playing good ball if they can sustain this the way they appointed. Shoot right now to give anybody hailed as the hottest thing in baseball. And based on the momentum theory that somebody subscribe to now would be the worst possible time to face a team like that if the plows were to start to back. There's maxim in business and we all know people who follow this and we all know people who go a 180 degrees against this. Under sell over deliver. Under sell over deliver promised something not much and then come in and when you finally execute. Come in three acts right come in three times what you're telling people. For example on the radio show you know will try. Try this year cracked the top ten she can't promising Internet streaming for. Can you comment below take over the world. People look at you in a way out they were only trying to crack the top ten then they took over the world. That is an impressive feat. Meanwhile if you come and tell everyone we're gonna take over the world and you finished third people are gonna look at judo. You came up short you failed that's still a great result. But because you promised too much because you oversold you set yourself up for disaster to big management known. Especially when you're dealing in your peers. BA's came into the season very low expectations. Based on what people have seen over the last few years. Young team small payroll a lot of question marks and yet here they are. 51 wins before the all star break they have won seventeen of 22. They looked every bit the contender in the American leak. They came that would low expectations they have over delivered conversely the giants. Came in with a top three payroll came in with massive expectations. Whether or not you bought into the analytics that show they wouldn't be as great as you thought. You still believe this team was a World Series contender here they are a couple games over 500 they're in it. But most would say that based on expectations. There either. Maybe meeting them or they are falling short. Any two teams close to each other in record this weekend. That would lead me to believe that unfortunately for them there is more pressure on the eighties. It has gotten to a point now where people are starting to think about the playoffs this is it today where you're off to a decent start but there's so much seasoned laughed. Your past the halfway mark. You're in the toughest division in baseball. You're going toe to toe with some of the best in the baddest in the middle a question and you do and everything you're pitching your bullpen in defense your hitting smash and homers all over the yard. This does look like a team that could make it to the playoffs the last thing you want going into a weeklong break. Is to come up short against your bitter rival any year. Where for the first time in awhile people arguing you as the better of the two. The last thing you would want is a week to marinade on the fact that you dropped two of three or got swept by the giants for the giants to lose two of three. Forty gets swept by the a's they hear from the fan base but regardless bossi message would be. We'll fill out five out no big deal based on all the injuries he sustained an again now until panics out six weeks. They're still hanging out with the alligator blood that's I think there's going to be more pressure on needs this week. Overall I think we're probably looking into it very deeply yeah it's unnecessary but. That's what's great about this series. Reaching this level of prominence the last few years a series has meant very little it's been fun locally but no one actually gonna pay attention to it now. Now it's gonna gain some traction is either true bona fide playoff. And he's got DA's staring down five games until the break and you've done so much work to get ten games above 500 that. You would hate to see the a's go one and four over these next five regardless of how it shakes down. You don't wanna win two insisting get swept obviously but anything short. About two and three mark would be a disaster. That if you look at the the factories run differential for the a's go their way. Better than they should be either up what do plus 21 right now in run differential yet they're ten games above 500 so there is a little bit of a sense that. They've been stealing from the norm because they have more wins and they probably should sell you can't help but feel a regression is coming at some point. But if you're an ace and you don't want to see it happen and served. Both teams to have so cadets from aggression you look at the giants' inability to its manufacture runs at times and they've been winning games you look at discord to differentiate so. I think that they have you know could you could say the same for both of these ball close. One thing be to you love to be. The side that I wanna know that I know that I can score I have the chance to win if you can put runs if you can score runs and make things happen. You or have the better your opportunity to win games and that's what aides have been able to do manufacture runs didn't you know and when you can do that with consistency. No matter what will you still games or whatever is long you know those bats or stand hot and you can put you know rent me and get runs and. I'll take I'll take that we're at a point where I think the biggest question. That's gonna be worth watching looking forward to the days what's gonna happen which it Lowery here. This seemed very delicate situation in for the front office and ownership. For the last few years you've been able to sell off Scott Kazmir Sonny gray. Josh Redick a host of other players at the deadline because you've been out of it right when you're not in contention it's easy to take on the mode seller. And the a's have done a marvelous job of this fine guy is where their contracts are expiring. Where they're not gonna be around it she you know you can go Fordham right so move and at the deadline to a contender try to bring back some prospects make it rain in the future it's a business model we've all bought into because we understand that's how they're going to go about doing things I thought. This year you are in and Ariza all star. He's an important part of what this team has cooking. How can you possibly move him at the deadline because this is the final year of his contract if there's a contender out there in the Dodgers are looking for middle infield help. They've been legitimate shot overnight allow regional Machado buddy to have to settle. Maybe self for a guy like Larry and remembered the a's did do business with the Dodgers two years ago how can you sell that guy off at the deadline. And still convinced the fan nation going for. That would be the ultimate faux pas you can sell when your out. How can you sell when your in. Do you think they're considering that or do you think he's on the move regardless because they know if they hold onto one they're not going to be able to getting things form at the embassies I think they have to can see. They're keeping him even though it they will get nothing but it's a tough one because he's a 34 year old players so he's an eight ideal candidate. For a pretty deadline deal for a team that needs help. For the remainder of the season and just gonna go on get one last good contract somewhere but he's a very valuable piece the problem with trading him. In my opinion. Is the spotlight then goes or Franklin Barreto and he's the second baseman who comes up and asked replace him and I can be very challenging for a young player to step in. In a situation free trade an all star so. I think that they eventually. There are gonna hold on them as long they stay in this proximity of Seattle five behind six behind and still trending in the right direction. I think they'll keep them and make a push because they've sent the message to their fans but they're gonna start doing things differently now this new regime. You trade a guy. In still look good for the organization still comes out smelling like a rose you do it. If you can get a guy that has a contract so you look at Larry gonna be 34 you look at he's OK the guy I mean we have to to use that. But he said he could you could sell to the fans hate the guys in older we did want to necessarily commit to a long term deal with the guy even know we know he's an all star. There's so many guys out there they got snubbed don't have names and enemies they got snubbed it could be an all started maybe had. Snell that was the ultimate snub the starter from Tampa Bay. Skin that could have a rare moment we keep the Mike ought to comment I'd that you don't know in the you gave is that. It was a combo bootable I would put on Iran snap out of it. I'm pretty big address what are you kidding me night and after its but easily raise. But that's me I get it off the cost cutting salt like Michael wanted things get through my ligament in my back finally announced. There's no halfway off solid. Hey the call got through. That it probably signed a 579500. Got a microphone I'd I'd I'd have. It yeah it could be your Mike's day you know one big you call all the way up over into my microphone. The overcome you know work and a the secretary three point call summer or early may Hugo Ankiel so when you think. This trade so you go up there you say okay if I can get Larry that team that really want to them that are considered as Larry wants to go to a place were. If he is going to be trading where he's gonna get a long term deal and there's a teams out there will do that. But the new look at a team to San OK they got a guy they wanna get off their books in May be. It's at 32 younger pert younger individual that may be has already a contract for 23 more years. And at age will have control over so that it you can get a swap like that. That doesn't goal is bad with the fan base. If it's a comparable player that are he has a contract that aides feel that they can stomach it move forward you cannot trade good players when you are in a playoff hunt. I think that's just rule number one you do not trade good players when you're contending for the playoffs if you do. The message you send is one that's mixed and that's what causes problems with the fan base. Make things easy for the fame it's right. The giants to a very good job this they tell you every year they're going for it. They spend a ton of money to indicate they're going for it and if they do anything at the deadline it's this set themselves up. Wait for it to go for it. I'm saying there's never going to be a message based and where they're selling or their out of now they may be out of it. And quietly they may move a couple pieces to jockey for selling position. But they're not going to advertise. You do not take an all star you do not take. A high profile. Highly productive player. And move it met the deadline when you are having your best season in years when you are right in the thick of it and when you've won seventeen of 22. The message there is very simple. Same. Old eighties. All this organization is trying to do is can they issue it's not the same old days it's a new era were doing things differently. That's why you cannot move on from jet out. You can. Even if he goes into a slump even if you get a great offer you stick otherwise all the marketing. And all the talk is exactly that it's a whole bunch of talk remember. Just a few years ago your cooking with Crisco and you move sets that's what happened there. Now a lot of people know the metrics pointed to a regression coming in the second half anyway they're two different ways to argue that second half collapse. But yet messed with it hot line up. At an inopportune moment. And you ended up paying for whatever you wanna use as the reason for that is fine. But would you really want to circle back and do that this clubhouse when everything appears to be going so well. Which you really wanna make a move like that everyone was pushing for judge to get into the all star game it was such a snub. According to guys like Townsend. And then you move. You can't yet you literally cannot let. Downside of keeping him means you keep them and then you don't make the playoffs because realistically. You have about a what 10% chance of getting over Seattle on making in into the wild card maybe it's higher than that would have to go to the out absolute. Analytics to see what their chances but it's not a great one so you keep them at eagle pass the deadline. And then eventually you kind of regressed to your run differential which indicates. You're about 86 win team which won't be enough to make in the playoffs so you miss out. And now Jed Lowrie goes elsewhere in free agency because he's gonna get a raise from his seven and a half million dollar. Salaries so then you end up getting nothing for Jed Lowrie I guess that joke to me is the scary downside of all that. That's the risk if they get nothing for them so be you've been getting guys are players for years what's that led to. An opportunity this year to compete you're six back from the Mariners is six back. How do you cellophane and based on a new era if you continue to do the same old business practices. Well yeah I think it's tough you have some right Joseph but I do still believe that if you can get a clear that's comparable out there that still that doesn't have an expiring contract and contract is still has. Maybe 23 years left on it. And it's in in you and you understand the market where the market could you got guys you know this Billy bean ball they understand what our he's got to get it. Out there and a market they have an idea so you can get something up a player that's comparable if a you know they've probably got snubbed as many already has a contradict you can handle. I think did you pins it's still sellable in some sense. I've. Got to deal some nonsense. I erratic. It does not and we do nonsense better than anyone so yeah bring it on it is dried thyme and nonsense is our wheel house thought let's go our rights out Houston Rockets head coach Mike and Tony had this to say yesterday. What was your reaction when you see that bringing it. He's great player really that now we've got all not take anything away from and there's two ways you go reduce fit for them to. Obviously in Houston want them fifth. We don't know that was you know plays out. I do know that. He's going to have to guard James Harden. How do you feel the best social networks. And just you know things like that that's what we concert on the positive sure I. Kudos to Golden State. They do great jobs out of him. My decision marks one of Hitler's personal story in the live. We just hope that you may be too many also was a good team doesn't work I don't know so far he seems to work prevail. That's rockets head coach Mike and Tony on Sirius XM radio when asked about the bogey cousins edition in Golden State. My don't worry about the mission he's gonna have to RG art. In seven but Harden is contributing to an O for 27 streak from deep within a party get. Are you know that. And we'll have to go our dreams are probably go to the what's the warriors Achilles heel happens to be bogey cousins Achilles tendon trying to governor. Cover James Harden first of all had little worse off season and the rockets. This follows the maximum from Mike Tyson that so many people have repeated over the years. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth Houston had a great plan right up until game six of the Western Conference finals. And then they got punched in the mouth and then in game seven they got punched in the mouth again. And since then they overpaid. Chris Paul. They lost Trevor reason they're trying to bring back Clint capella they lost Luke will mbah a moute and now they're rumored to be interesting Carmelo Anthony. And yet the and Tony's convinced that we cousins could have a problem guarding James Harden. Kind. Who's come out and guard would be the of the fallout if Carmelo becomes a rocket because defensively I think he's done well. They're not thinking that they absolutely needed to spend every penny honorees and when you give Chris Paul that kind of money ultimately don't have the same. Amount of pie in a pass around to the other pieces and please see a reason and you think he's replaceable somehow mbah a moute with a shoulder injury was limited. In the post season he would have been more impact for I think in that series but I think what you said last week Joseph is spot on that. You see how close you were with Chris Paul used the recent C bias of just how great he was and you think. Pardon and Paul we have the best backcourt in the league and that's enough to compete with a warrior team even if they add though because. And tarred and audacity tunis and okay account that is whose James Harden can losing on cover I mean so. He's gonna have a hard time governing anyone on the worries as well. I think when you look at what the rockets have done this offseason not very. Understand Chris Paul what he brings to the table yet he's in order Geigy injury. Andy did overpay point. They're not gonna be the one seed they're not gonna be good to see they'll be lucky to be the fourth five seed I don't see them being in the top three seats. You view we go again this is an inching conversation touched on this for a minute no question who would be the top three who would give preteens I was finished better than. Well you know that to the dubs going to be one in you look at. Number two you think you look at Utah where at what they can possibly do and then come he got to give the edge you gotta say. What this guy has shown don't do it well. And into it and after and after I know he did just jump and therefore yeah you know I got your back I knew right where you're not well. As the question of when you went to a limited to tell me something. Guzman who can hole who really thinking guard him on the rockets when you think about what they're what would you do when you look at. This team if LeBron has to prove he can do what we know that he's capable of doing. Development geek. Is very cape development geek he looked at this situation here at their duds or whimsical he got the middle yeah development he understood. He started some games that put him back on the shelf it's it's a buyer committee the rotation that I would biting back later on. To bell said now. I'm not gonna do with this in war I showed you got second place I've gotten better here. You know I was a guy played a good soldier everyone calls me silly clown boy he's viewed in a way that everyone views it JaVale McGee a certain way. He blasted off he plays with it like okay he's a silly idea and all those different things to do was say is not comparable all those limited. His ceiling was reached here he understood that his agent understood it in he's a great guy. But he's been the laughing but the jokes innings in his agent Luke Walton did a great job and his agents it looks on. Yeah yo gonna start 1520 games here you gotta play in the playoffs you'll make big plays but you know what develop you'll never get could just studio. You have an opportunity this year. To go go with Milken will probably total missed let's go play. And let's see what happens. Development he's Batman himself he said I'm gonna go on a situation now where I'm not I got many in as a leader coming in as a person that people respect right now. Internet is the end they Levine is a friendly guy they Leavitt the energy they laughed it real but he was pairs two times. He's a circuit that that's edited. He got two points it no more yeah that's what it that's a very interesting theory. No question because it when he signed for the absolute minimum which is like 2.2 mil you thinking you subway watch the warriors. Probably could use that right but maybe it was time that will want. We just got to move past you think for hand even if the option was there he would've taken a new challenge so perhaps he could of had a larger role absolutely. An amateur and now. He will have a larger role with the lakers in. In you looked at this at two. Zaza Symbian eat easier for leadership. That camp and what albeit he's a good guy he's better years are behind he can't play. He can't play. In each village he was better so you look at the situation he's like I'm always gonna be viewed a certain way this is the box they have mean years it warrior which. I played it I did it well but I feel that I've outgrown that box and that's why. It can be in the same box and LA and he's not gonna play anymore I don't think he's not gonna do anything different or not I think it was the organization. Saying it to all their senators got the three older senators they all knew that the club was going to a different direction Zaza wouldn't be back as soon as he became. Ineffective in early and non participant. In the playoffs seeded David West is gonna retire and JaVale McGee. Is very limited from a. An offensive standpoint what he can do and if it wasn't for his fit with his team he would have been brought back last year you look at loony and bell. Those are gonna be your senators in the future so the writing was on the wall for JaVale. Keep in two years at the warriors averaged about nine point five minutes per game you gotta figure he gets more than that LA don't you would get a better it is among deals on volume of thirty minutes name but army of we can make that that they say he'll go overnight what type games Lou I think that's right I think a figure on the nine point five battle these he had twenty minutes a game I think he's less than twining if that's a fair number to send that I'm just saying he's gonna play a lot more he's gonna have a blue wave bigger role no questions don't play between 1520 minutes a game no question. He's not going to be DMP this is not a big guy salute a mark it's not even close the role these complex not even close I still don't think despite all the great analysis and I do believe it's been great houses I don't think the lakers are gonna finish better than rocket next. I thought that the rockets have enough. To fall let was at a Gore's butt cheeks backwards in the 4850 wins no problem. And if they keep their nose to depend on avoid major injuries I think they're gonna be right in it I don't know maybe did two seater the one seed I think they're still gonna be top three I'm not sure who gets passed. Yeah I think it's a great case I don't think the lakers are ready I think the lakers are going to be the most overvalued team in the NBA next reason is that brings a mean you lost some good pieces could you get them that's a little into pieces in now. Do you agree that it heart and what he brings hard to shoot. He is the big guys moved in you had these guys could play better defense he lost may be a big man to you look at it this team. I don't think they got better and they definitely did not get that. Aides and I just really don't see this team be don't want I a beam. I would I'd be willing to bet that they're not and we want to for sure. For sure which do lakers went straight up lakers vs rockets who finished the regular season Marlins are due out on. If not you can look at married and let me let me think about don't want to go back back in court after any. Obama actually what you're taking me and asked for any count of I can't believe you turn your back on you guys oh my god god didn't show up to speed to. And LA lower priced free pizza LeBron was going to be their line went all the way around the block and LeBron didn't even bother to show up. Man that's a bad management or somebody else is part our gap is not church why wouldn't it be his fault okay. I think LeBron would do that 'cause Laker fans. He deleted it 20 do you really think that the bride James would go to a city. It saves he's gonna be there and show up in not come sub that either happen or isn't it PR guy I think that's fake news a fake news. So its basically him tweeting that he's going to do this and and he didn't show a lot of not so much fake news Ellis who was hacked and there's no claim of hack. And by the way he was out with the card actually ends recently as well at and it got just tops. So now. The lac LA he's already sitting in. Perfect I think that's still a little TMZ yes yes that's the only way its interest in because they have him on basically car dash in house arrest when I'm told he's under lock up. And he knows who's more popular in that city in the city of Los Angeles. If there was a vote every member of Los Angeles had the vote who's more popular. Would it be can cart action or would it be projects. I think it's without a doubt Kim Kardashian she's got more crossover appeal the LeBron James there's there's probably half a million. Females. Who don't know LeBron James is down there. Everyone knows who LeBron James and everything corpse show they eat it. It's it's not easy if you flip a coin because of LeBron is global. So at guard fascia and she she is. If you she had that there's a lot of people that do not. LeBron don't necessary like him. I think without a doubt we sit there and single him now. That's a tough back in LA now you go anywhere else it's one thing but in Los Angeles to walk into her house. And then say that LeBron is more popular amongst people in las is that more people are aware and know LeBron James and no team guard Ashe it's. I'm get her chest do Desantis LeBron james' coach I mean. It coach Kim Kardashian. I do it I get an idea yeah that you you have to realize because we do you guys are milieu that's the kinetics can't tell. You look at LA you look at it to steal sports city and understand the stars and almost everything is it more support city or movies slash Stevie says what the hell is Kim she's a movie star she's nothing but she's extraordinarily popular if you. Go to the other numbers and I hate to bring numbers into it but let's go to the numbers Twitter followers still okay. Did the till date the brawn James with 41 point nine million Twitter followers can which is impressive. But I came card ashy west cannot Kanye for pondering on it. Sixty point two million so she's got with that. That's fine but two shows you what metric is one match and he is it's not metrics and magic and I'm sorry if the numbers scary and intimidate you because. Most of the people that watch LeBron probably Arnold Twitter like that what we would tip and let's get an excellent point that actually rate cap and her husband thought well he's coming out of the corner. You put up or today. Did beat. Three which are important during the program Friday at 930. We are more back on he's got to talk about that out I'm starting a Wheeler apparently making an appearance in the creed sequel coming out of batting. Order. How'd you would be BUS. War on. On the first question yes first question out the greatest fighters of all time first question how was blow on you don't have desk I'm looking at you right now how are you onion relish yeah. You can't ask you he does DeLia that's how good we'll get to the Melissa masters related to the committee on the issue. Good grill and then your sandwich should definitely involves what are the real meat. When I'm doing it's called a transition low because we've got callers and we wanna get this back around so I tried to segue I tried to show an ounce of professionalism. Okay. For huh how noble for a change if. Is Harvard law on the rodeo museum on the phone he's going to be on the phone aka. At that he's very busy month and a million things going on now the contenders coming back he's involved in that we'll talk about all that Friday at 930 now. Speaking of sandwich yeah we need to bring the people into the conversation. David Bruce has sandwich and Ike's insured phenomenal sandwich. I eight reached out on Twitter yesterday so Lorenzo Neal he let him know that they were going to be opening and thanks location. In Fresno president wants to name sandwich after lo we need your help. We needed named for the sandwich and we need ideas for what the Stanley should be comprised. Now the other Antonio is a terrific means for assailants and maybe that's ultimately. What low it might settle. Maybe it's not but we're willing to take ideas and if we use your idea of frightened the name of the sandwich or for what's in the sandwich. We're gonna get an autograph Fresno state helmet autograph idea and deadly Ali ever gonna give it out to that individuals that you are competing for something here. We want your creativity numbers Tripoli. Not by 79570. Tripoli 957957. Who by the way into grant can crashing a 114. Million followers on instead Graham LeBron 49. Yeah I don't let those metrics again the way and Mozilla is the case yeah. And Eagles a lot of talk radio as we move from Kim Kardashian in induced him which talks. I think got her hand in July everybody Stanford to simply be a hot dog I would imagine works out militant brings out the boy yourself give yourself the small. Yes I won but still a worthy of chuckle. Appreciate it a buck out on how about how O'Brien. Oh about Augusta in Walpole little while. It is easy way to pull it. Yeah definitely better vital and again Ted Bundy RC EO Mike got it yesterday at Bronx and today it's the missile sting all in the name Michelle research note. And Mike Goodling takes on a feverish did you hear. Seems limited to one specific topic is such at. Tells little bit about it then you're to come up with a sandwich AD give the people an idea of W I imagine this is what I quit talking about float Tommy what you like to me you dislike. Let's work together to build a terrific sandwich still went out and I'm gonna go with wheat bread and have a toast and plans pepper Jack cheese on that people have the option of the toasted bread they would you would have a soft to you know what toasted and Kazaa because oh. I change Wayman she's kind of with that milk it kind of that it warmed to seven with a cold cuts and definitely the Coke that's going to be Turkey got to have a little bit Turkey hunting and that port toward Kenya. Turkey ham it's hard to go wrong with Turkey and ham. Definitely spice it with a little bit avocado absolutely let's go to black college to we'll salt and pepper all vinegar you can do that that just brings Apple's accents those flavors that you know he had that complexion or alarming amount. So good when it touched your lips depth and politically the mail on a little mail may go with oil and vinegar Joseph. That and think about male male has little. We looked in it that's what keeps it that way it comes out like that in a little you know he knew that arm. So you definitely can't have that and so on paper is great so bulls are summoned them to be some of the things I'd love to get some Beatles and and you tell me what else would they like but that's just good parties and which. India agreed to pay and you go to each and cut it. I'd like to mix it you know me I'm cobbled so and he committed a couple of proteins and others. It's a sandwich it's not he's not asking you to open rationale. To kick ass I don't know there's like so much good players on the outside and I want to and as well. I offered to give my hot dog no Lorenzo not gone now now now. They're not all those there's. Guys you guys gonna sit there act that way when you guys seen sound is better every way more I put Frick and only seven different items that's nothing compared with everything million. I outlined the most popular sandwich and sandwich history does Turkey ham gaffe on a piece of bread with semantics so I mean. I think that listeners may bully kick it over the people and have them may be. The spice up your sandwich a little. MA and ultimately it is your sandwich is your decision you basically described a cold and combo. Look at the call it common always use EE you know this. To contact the Pope got slipped Bologna and I could say baloney salami on it shouldn't take some influence from an. Create a version of a year ago and then you could call it the music CD a year ago. I just came out of that glass like forty seconds city miracle I was trying to come up with something for music city miracle because that's something you're involved in your what do only three people known for making that play. The music city year local or somebody actually suggested the music city meatball. Not bad I think you're a school trying to force a square peg into a round you're all your Colonia. How about the music city cold cut combo not best for the music city hot dog on out of the chicken milk not. Now our hour now are really start to get into something Gator you be called a K five in the meat on the bottom line. And you. We're open and we let's just talk. Don't know if you just look at your program this image you're all excited OK you can pick it up and all of her. Don't think I'm gonna really going to build a TV and hook up. First bite and everything is on this. I have some of them but with this it's jealousy yeah. No lord and yet you get to make a peck. I see now 100 I've I'm content to turn it over to the people triple A 95795. They did exist and which fall apart before you're able to get a bye week. Carlson see it Rosa today and it won't be art in Santa Rosa are what do you think it for the sandwiched the name or what should be in the sandwich. At this particular call and I'm glad that we cricket Ali ordered a sandwich on wheat bread and I think it is great we have not heard a lot. First I want to tell you the name. De LA PL Larry Neal around the real victory formation. I'd like to. Yet in a victory Dutch court are eager to running backs so you got to add your regular stuff under greater cheap. I mean your tomato lettuce. Onion. But they regretted that you want a bit slow boat risk being smothered and Arctic sought. Your quarterback's going to be yours. Your cheese you're. Pepper Jack case I'd look pepper Jack on the. So does don't you look here. I'd give it a little like beverage Jackson have all been known are right now. Now you're under rendered back it's going to be tuna. We're hoping to bump up but that. Direct that's enough of us that it's a we're looking precedent which not a lifestyle you write to dot org. And rule even Barbeque. My dad that now that the disaster that's a much but wait yeah actually two. Yeah the ones in which I know I'm not to write to Hillary hated sandwich when you're facing an oath to. I'm nice job roast beef and Barbie Q so that's suggested. Started strong it's like he's bread and highlight this today. Give it a lot of these suggestions that progressively more and more things. Got ahead on their to the point where it's like our rights are so we're asking hang out in the most perfect Duncan is you have to take you need victory formation after me now yeah. Well I did not know what he did until the patient and I feel extra different entity that started this stuff but after I shot in Pleasant Hill. Shot thank you over the phone call what do you vegan. I gentlemen good morning I got a little quick history Loria. Well poor little came on full time but you are either on the right guy than he did it do it called low on gloves and I can Boettcher next I sandwich. I'd is all about love and got to have that love and there but why not low on the and besides look let's let's bring back the dig into the morning show what he said. A caddie Glenn ran on here you don't stop Kamal Kamal but it was Obama can't talk to us. I don't think he had a dream. I know I do community they would kind of plays for their big unloved. And I know they'd be big with a little pillow I'd love. So there's a nice suggestion for a named slash team. What would the low one love entail would still be all the ingredients you talking vetted you have to go into different direction ham and Turkey. Yeah does that symbolize lover to something out there's symbolize love better. In San much more. Tell but it's very tough because if you don't they love it's got to be. Simply sweets I'm trying to think of some type of sweet sauce that I could put on net sandwich it was thumping lumumba. You know. What's up dude it's really really sweet. That just didn't make it a honeymoon details. Though a little bit honey the thing about their glee. And you always have little honey than rounds are reporting brown sugar on their hand so he could make me. Roasted. Sandwich. With dad loved so yeah they've it's gonna be left in him still be goes hand in peace. So ham with honey drizzle that a bit. Little bit of money. To be sweet doesn't get that honey mustard and then of course Mayo oil and vinegar in to and yeah got told that the purpose of packet that's kind of that there. I think it's all Debra what's it like to think about that I don't know if it. If you think the idea to honesty Marcellus Wiley is gonna join us in like two minute I got to get his thoughts on this Lue oh Pittsburgh Lou what do you think again. Woke up and Rwanda are I'd check it out loaded as far as you know you love to meet so let's start off with a nice soft roll. Are right corner arrange peace of whereby they. To ensure it doesn't smoked Turkey. Ground shook up big input from other annual. You get a deal you know you're you're ready ventilator or not a problem open pretty crowded and ended with intriguing yeah okay. Straight up pick. Pittsburgh on the board in the based our rankings with a solid suggestions if anyone could offer up anything that isn't a heart attack in. Now. It's guys like ribs baked in and then more ribs and then salt pepper who. Armies that all forms of pig pulled pork hand baking and at all. The pig farmer that's not a man not a bad. Go Emma Turkey meat and no it's it gets. I'm a simple guy from the need is added you know the the lettuce tomato christened the olives the black olives there's got to be a way you can put a slight unique twist on it I go with an old staple you have to have. You or twist to it. If it comes with a cited suit that would play into you quite well I think. Or you end up coming up with the name but if it if you go with the Lorenzo Neal and it's a classic staple sandwich I think you're doing yourself an injustice you are a unique individual. There has to be at least a little signature maybe just the one ingredient maybe it's assault with no pepper the pep.