Hour 2 - Greg Papa Show - Jim Barnett, what's up with Draymond, Mario Ellie

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, February 9th

Papa & Bonta are joined by Jim Barnett (Warriors color analyst for NBC Sports BA), discuss what's wrong with Draymond, and are joined by Mario Ellie (former NBA player). 


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You're listening and I'm 57 game KG in CFM NHT one San Francisco. Jim Barnett the lawyers and sight when Jim Barnett has brought to you by premier Chrysler dodge Jeep ram up Tracy where ram truck month special offers are happening right now at 3460. Magli road in Tracy Jan Barnett joining us here army after the lightning fires and again. I'm guessing live from San Francisco. It's a great poplar hill on the Bay Area sports station 957. I think our colleges took over in the third quarter than we were you always feel we obviously have a lot more talent. I'm on the floor tonight and they did and and Stefan KD got going and they were getting tough shots contested shots. So you know on the NBA it's a forty minute game so long game and it's one other reason we always say if we take care of the ball over the course of the lights of the game we're going to be in good shape our talent can take over. That's gonna say what your take on Steve Kerr after last night's victory. Over Dallas Mavericks and JB go enjoy the conversation here feels good to see lawyers ratchet up their intensity there in the second half because in the first half they played embarrassing basketball last night. Well it was all tied it at halftime and that that's what happens I was kind of surprised that they didn't come out with a stronger. And more tactful. Message in the first quarter but they did not do that and they got up to one of those close starts that we become accustomed to over the last two to three weeks. But and they rectified themselves and you know they say this is that that's gonna be a real cast. For the record this season and obviously coming into the playoffs I can a great team turn it on and off when they need to. Last night immediate. Tuesday night they couldn't he just could not against Oklahoma City. Correct there that this slow starts James and we we talked about it on TV a lot and usually when you're doing your setting out to gain broadcaster with us in the pregame show you bring up let's get off to a good start let's get off to a good start. Well it hasn't just than it is to ask you spent two weeks. The last 22. Games the warriors have ended at the first quarter fifteen times with less points. Then their opponents and it's inexcusable to me when you're talking about four all stars. And they and they don't do that when they start the third quarter. And it's the same fight some that starts the game. That starts the second hand so I just I think it's a mindset I don't know what it is Jim but what what are you seeing from the way. The warriors routinely. Allow the other team to take it to them after the opening tip off. Well I think they're they get hot. With this interest. And waiting for the playoffs I saw only thing I can explain. Is that it doesn't mean that much to them they got the best record in the NBA. They're not trying to you know win seventy games this year they're not worried about 160 looks like it's. So I I would say that they're just I'd I'd hate to itself. I don't know. It's hard for me to say these things because that's it's so different Albert you guys are so good. That. Maybe the complaint with the game a little bit and and perhaps. I don't know yet. If it's hard for media and so sage because I've come a whole different Eric Gregg. It's very difficult for me to understand it because I played in an aero where we didn't make the big money. And I didn't have a guaranteed contracts I was playing every year for the next year and forward enough on shall we play out of desperation a lot more. These guys don't you know they have that luxury they got guaranteed contracts they got fiction deals they've got off I think sometimes. I think that they're lives. And it's that it's it's just a kind of a happenstance. Of how they exist in this world today but they're so famous and they've got. Other things going for themselves endorsement and what have you or distraction that basketball get pushed aside. A little bit and then it's not a priority. And all of a sudden you're out there and you think you're ready to play which you really haven't thought about it. And and then you go look at that try to gain time and all the sudden they don't wake up until the second quarter. It's hard to meet new note sheet and put it into words. Iron and for me to talk like at almost heresy that to talk about the game that way. There they've they've got a lot a lot of things going on in their lives that we never had to deal and I just things that kind of a natural happenstance. While the world an athlete was in today's superstars in particular. And everything is said. I ever observed throughout my life time with average players where they they they have the ability. But they just don't have it to take it to that level can you that's not the case instead ferries were older Kevin Durant swirled her dream I'm brings world. Per Klay Thompson's world but I think court a new world memorial warrior basketball you know based on this is the fourth year this long run. Of playing on Father's Day every single year but going back to you know you said they can flip the switch and I said Tuesday night they could not they'd look for that switch. And Oklahoma City just turned out they though the lights in the room they couldn't find it and they pushed him back did you think that that team. May change their mindset proceeding forward that you know we get into a series. Against Oklahoma City may be or Houston or maybe Boston or Cleveland whomever. That we're and they may not go a lot. And we need that we need to change the way we think a little bit and not do what you're talking about just got to roll into a game they gotta have that that professional pride at. From the beginning of the game to show people who they iron. Well I think that certainly Oklahoma City this year has gotten their attention I would hope so they were beaten. Sammy back in November. By seventeen points and not even look that close. And then of course what we saw last time against Oklahoma City you're just last weekend. They respect and Westbrook look like the most Dominique he look like Wilt Chamberlain only that's 65 Leahy. Controlled everything in 211 quarter points and just blown them out of out of the arena that I didn't date they were not to be denied it. There are very Jekyll and Hyde team I'll talk about local city. So I would think that they've got that message and would be ready to play right from the get go that's going to be a heck of a period in the order. You know when you look at that those standing. From five through eight. I threw nine actually. You know you there all the guys have about the same number allotted it's anybody's. We have no idea it was going to finish fifth sixth seventh eighth or ninth when looking into the going to make it. And interdict it I've ever seen threats such parity. In the entire NBA but particularly in the west now. Because that the first round is going to be a challenge and then of course you've got to play this second round and in the group that lawyer told out of number one spot they'll play this or fight. Let's look like Minnesota can get the floor I have no idea who's going to get number five or it could be Oklahoma City and now the sudden your face local affiliate. In the second round if they if that's the case if they get past the first round it's going to be a heck of a series is going to be a there actually Hekerob playoffs. The adult things going to be just don't know what's gonna happen. As you know and so listening you've got the moment go to but I knew I was coming out of 1 o'clock. I was watching CNBC because the stock market closed out here 1 o'clock and spelled all the volatility. We kind of weird little parallels the quarterback sneak that they could be bad. You know you go down a thousand points yesterday you're down 500 today but they end up. I think for the the break here when the end. Iraq 500 and they end up I think 330. Today have that in that I had about a moment but until about psychic prostate what you got let's help. It's so I kept parallel with the stock market what the warrior who have been. Please let this Scott barker report brought to you by Jim Barnett hawk eye color analyst Stefan Kennedy lost a lot of money goes where they are slowly up and down all those nobody here to stock market you're right JB this this Western Conference playoff pro we're talking about the other day Papa died they may have played ever the first struggle Casey this like around it may be either Houston mid Western Conference finals old do you treacherous roads and Tony NBA finals but I just wanna highlight one player and he's playing hard and we've been on this guy since last season that's David West. His energy is always up he brought the intensity. Yesterday ten point seven rebounds five assists David West he just seemed like he played over three years your JB. He is unbelievable. And what what he does in the way he prepares himself he would need the cash cash is a consummate professional. An and I would I wished that. I don't think he's very verbal I don't know about in the locker remote but he seems to me to keep to himself I really liked him. And and I just say he's he always acknowledges me we talk a little bit I don't talk to a lot of players he's always courteous and I think. And maybe it's just my dreams may be it's just my imagination. That he kind of but did apply to pay a little bit because he knows what I did this career and and night all these other young guys and these are at different demeanor anyway and so. I don't know like Egypt he treats me with respect and I think it and obviously we have a mutual respect if I can I think the world of him. I I I wish that you can have more influence on this guy because he comes ready to play Ares I doesn't when he comes this is your season different. I guess location got no they lock but OK a lot in what gonna take any stuff around but he's talk he's gonna you gonna be as physical as anybody on the floor. And he was really really really good left side and you read this that's all I've got to pull the statue got he got seven assists and seven rebounds and ten points. And now into sixteen and a half minutes side and shot four for six. He's he's just ready to play I think is a great role model for the rest of the rescue group and it. They're infected Steve Kirk and nick get them to say. You know hey we're gonna play just like David West place right from the get go then you're probably soft that's that's listening to him. In action gem that you're talking about the influence he's had on the roster and you wish you'd be greater in I go back to last year train rendering very open talking about the positive influence that David had on him. And you have a great seat forward night tonight in and I don't know if he purposely turn that left shoulder the knock the basketball away cage late. Further delay game but it was called they delay game. And any reacted any. You know let's through the air punching got the technical but you'd see at night tonight what bothered me more than that exchange I think the officials are targeting him. Well after the first one he got knocked over the basket station when he thought it was a flagrant foul he gets up right away. And he's gone back at the official and Andre came right off the bench to get him. So we have seen him get to 1415. And then stop. Is this year different or beating Trey mama go on to sixteen tell me what you see in with the current boundaries as far as his interaction with the officials Jim. I can't predict. Where he's going to end up with. Technicals in the number anymore that I can predict what stock market can do next Monday each child I got to stay away from that I was laid yeah. They're paying too much attention to the officials. It's frustrating I know because the officials are different than they used to be I years ago when you could talk with him a little bit I think during that would be better served. Rather than if he can control itself. Initially and rather than react instantaneously. If he could wait and then during a timeout. As they're walking across the war. Dot com into the special showing your lift the cut whatever it may be. And mentioned an accomplished by the way when I got there I just want you to be a I think that the group officials will be more receptive. Because I didn't think he reserved. That had that technical awaiting his arm like that. And I also believe it that he did not plan on having a ball come off the shoulder and he would try to pick them off the shoulder didn't have a the delay game but. By the way who cares if you got to delay the game. Did play on a delay game big deal so even if they were wrong they run a lot of times we know that. That's very easy for me to say because I get seven rate technical Leo myself. Until they started getting to be a hundred dollars and and then I didn't I did one of straw away a hundred dollars but. What for a while you have to get your money's worth but these are these are very expensive technical. In the pocket book I know they make a lot of money. And so it's not the priority but it's very expensive. When you get kicked out and and you reached the limit and in this game like very much dead. Last year burgers for the two years ago in 2016 in the NBA finals. That you know we we we don't talk about that too much let that it was pretty costly. That he talked about it a lot and oh yeah I'm OJD center that can you let's Giuliani sure quickly about your volatility when you putted that says that basketball and other top deck at the ought to buffalo years ago plus. Maybe. I mean sometimes you wanna get your money's worth. It was against buffalo and Randy Smith went to the right corner. I was on him but I was about forty loving and amend that shot. And they called a foul on me. And I'm going oh my gosh he's like this was later on this seat and had gone I was out there and I'd made a comment of what you'd get a technical foul. That your I think I've got about four months without getting a technical foul. And so then. I said okay well I'm gonna get a my money's worth and zeile walked up I tried I walked I didn't Cheney but I walked off the court. So that was too much demonstrative behavior they deemed to get that technical. So Ed back koskie was officiating games along with me at all. Who they had officials at all try to condense and here are some edit stand there waiting. Such issued a Teddy go out clear to everybody out of the lane and Randy can shoot the technical. You to your preacher shooter and I walked. Diagonally across the lane without you know looking at the ball harder thing to tip the mosque and I grabbed my. From at Gradkowski. And I. Just kept on walking duplicate of a potter import down and I took that he hoped to step there and kick the ball and went out to the second deck and really felt good. Go to get up about it but I couldn't. It really felt. I and I never gave them benefit a man who looked I didn't look back I kept walking to the dressing Goodell pressure cooker well. Well then what happened ironically. And it that's what they can go historically go to a function or whatever. What happened is the only official aren't a good record humanity into the game of chicken nugget that circuit inequality could really get by maybe 500 dollars a god holy mackerel. You know and that's a lot of money. And in those days. When you're only making thirty or 40000 dollars or whatever maybe help. I went down to the officials. A room you're not supposed to do that I knocked on the door and then be answered the door and liberties that can lead official of cartilage. I should maybe that tie company to yell c'mon it. And you've got to look Slough and so I won't I can't say exactly on the air what is sad but he did you you are solid so I'd never seen one check further. Like yeah yeah a lot of. As well. We used to get receipts and there was a reason why you got the technical. And I got to recede and one was from bad gap schemes stripper demonstrative behavior shown a potential walking off caddick. In the excellent kicking the ball into the stands. And it has defined down there or not it will be your your your hundred dollar bet and it doesn't cost out and it went zero so many Rudolph gave me a preacher. Beautiful free kicks free kicks for a little by little maybe a three and guess that's unbelievable funny little cigarettes but actually. That's the way it would be officials used to be with us and you knew them on a course more personal basis. And they could see who would listen to them what they think how can knock off because a lot of times you go down before attribute got fouled and he didn't say anything or whatever. And I remember Jake O'Donnell used to tell me that you uneducated special what you could do and he knew I could drive to the basket I can get a good data you know Muslim the quicker players. And so he had jet on our list that would and you run down no problem you're running down the floor back on the jets. You know that next time anything cost anything questionable you're going to get the call. That's easier said than done not a very volatile. Not quite probably as much as blame on but this is a different era with these guys here you know they've very entitled and they've got. There are all multimillionaires. There all the eagle put up on a pedestal. Just more word we were more ordinary people without the entire day shell I think that though can't that drain mind can. Can do that if he would just wait and react later called voice a timeout and walking across support I think they're. The officials would be more apt to listen I will say that easy targets they're not putting up they're very impatient with the and so they're not they're not gonna wait anymore so. He's putting on gained or he's walking on you know the hot cold there are very thin wire. RJB will let you recap the stock market I know you're it's and that's only lets you study up on the stock market and we'll see out ORACLE Arena tomorrow night for San Antonio Spurs and go to stay lawyers are going to be. Thelma thank you very much always a pleasure and I was looking that style the body a dollar to and I got so next time we'll talk about Andre because yeah I wanted to shoot the ball ready. I've slowly Wilkinson that Greg sorry James riches story it's RJB but it probably answered by the way till the checkered and I'm no doubt about it this conversation would you sponsored by premier Chrysler dodge Jeep ram in Tracy visit them on Magli road in Tracy -- at pre near CD JR Tracy dot com is straight month that. Guinea gold will discuss Haniyeh to device problem I'll take any precedent and. Now back to the red accomplished general on 957. Big game. Partial list more lives mr. Barroso and so that works very good road so. Just to go miss more lay ups though let's look at me and then don't throw the punches which I'm still trying to find where function. You know what air pushes up what the health care push. Pretty much they care about toasty air did you body that buzzed about bodies laid off the referee wave doctor I was very Mark Green last night discussing his latest technical was fourteenth of the season two away from what gate suspension did. The delay game which the ball hit his body. But pop first of all want German lawmakers lay ups right more than one on the hit shots. That was a joke about it I know tunnels which are being used a few times I know he's jeetz our catalyst for for seventeen yeah. That's why do you does the big problem I have Kweisi shoot the ball seventy fives here. Because they weren't guarding him be available game the last that was a drain on during during anti if he plays like that every night. The ten rebounds as six assistant defense intensity I can take the thirteen made shots. Thirteen 1000013. Thirteen I mean at what point he gave last very regardless lived through the afternoon delight toppled by chairman if I simply gave. Well what he had thirteen shots and a Red Hat five felt like great it's what the sky. What's going on here creates shots for Kevin I'll read it I get it there were a little ball didn't have remembered more good recovery DC tomorrow night a great avenue don't believe why don't we Rick Carlisle initially it's going to be he would get a wide open chance before we get into the technicals and Jamar agreement where freeze. You think there's anything lingering with the shoulder because that's that's a shot is just so flat he has no lift intolerable Ron Adams workable laster told them not the leaned back when he shot but. It seems to be something wrong with the shoulder here because it is to shoppers just flood epic films going on here maybe we need Bob Meyers back offered a medical hour. I don't know I I don't know about that but he it you have to understand. Drain on your name Andre Iguodala. Patrick Mac saw. Who else they're they're guys on his team that go in and out. Confidence level of comfort level shooting at the ball they are on this roster for reasons other. They shot making you have to look beyond the box score I thought Andre was fantastic last night a plus 26 he plays like that every night. The warriors will go sixty Nadal they will they all run the table obviously he's a key guy. Train about is going to be given open shots they train honest to make better decisions with the ball. The drag series there's the one that really bothered me greatly at the end of the Denver game when he. He had checked play in the short corner there was laughter he tried to force of all the staff and Nicki on the far right corner as bad play. But I he he's he's going to everytime he misses your shot or. You know we're thinking about the flatness on a shot it's just the way he's not a shooter is nothing natural shooter he's had to work hard at. To get to the point where he's at and make him pay for leaving him so he's fine I love the way played last night I thought. That technical that he got last night really did ramp him up. So the bigger issue a train nine. He's the kind of guy. Who needs to fight the world he's always been that way whether it's his head coach. At halftime they gain in Oklahoma City when staff made a shot at the end to win a geologist Steve Kerr I'll never showed again that's what you lot. He's just he's one of those guys it's good or bad old. Everybody. But I do sense. That is just a little. Different with him this year where there's an. And there's an extra level. Of frustration. That is bringing out a behavior in him. That I think he has to look at I wish they would put all the clips together of all this moments it just almost like he has that and anger management. Issue any species she's for he's not directing it at the opponents. Is Smart she's directing at the officials like it. Sad because he's he's got this contract here he's gonna be due for a concert and couple years. I guess nothing anybody has led to do that he's won some championships here why is it reverted they said we saw its argument to Sacramento game we he's. Kabul just laugh it off that's a trademark greed of a life off losses. He he he Saginaw he's second nasty and that's who we is and we IE I never a lot of them to change and everybody else was against him. I always defended him I think he was wrongfully accused with a drill with the LeBron James thing he did nothing wrong. LeBron James T bagged and and and I was right there I saw what he did I was proud of drain not for getting away from it he didn't do anything. But he's a marked man he has to know always a marked man some of these calls or any other player does it there's no technical when he does it. There is so you have to shy I was short on the quote. That he told our financially Slater they should fire all the officials fire a whole new crop. When he read that if it's not gonna go well but I I but that there should it I'm just sensing. Maybe it's just me I'm wrong but it's just a different level of his venom. This year is just a little. Different than just a competitive player snapping in the middle of a game that gets back focused and he's been a focus issue. I don't know I do remember early in the year. And I brought this up on the show would have happened that I best of the people about it Steve Kurt. Was talking to the media before game one night anyway we just asked about train man get off to a a slow start and therefore ensure one point earlier than they played better. And it is just about train I getting off to a slow start and he went off on how these are men and they have issues off the court. Anyone got an about it and I though while he's saying that there's another Richard asked about what trying to drain not. And really nobody is followed up on it and I think the people that are close to the warriors. As far as the media members know always acknowledge it and they are respectfully not pushing him on it and I don't know. The answer to why I think they're there might be. Something bothering him off the floor which is causing his frustration level of always always Ron hot. It's just I'm sensing that it's different. This year and it's really venomous. In times and he just won't let it go and you see his teammates Andre jumping off the bench last night to go grab of a each local. All the Citi today did Kevin Durant walked right in front of moment free throw line two is at a Wal-Mart just to get him calmed down here do you think there's other do you consider something else and out of Michigan State situation what Tom Izzo he's not a lot of heat up there maybe that's on his mind maybe it's two years from now whether or not he's going to be a lawyer here is destroying our worst I don't know what the -- is -- I would deliberately but it's just a little different here so how does he come back this prodigy kit does he have the ability. Has to switch this off because we saw a couple of years ago where is also the suspension to be sure that he shut it down and didn't get the one game suspension middle school. Can get back to that trademark green here reserves some what what what that does or not. The hurt I I don't know I do know people that you know follows amount on Twitter notices mounds on I'm sure there's much we certainly hope Pete he's in good health I don't know I don't know drain on at all slight I only know what I observe on the floor I just think. Maybe I'm wrong you know maybe get a jet I just sense that it's a just a little different. Put them this year and beyond that how I he's got this locked in he's not as focused. And that's why I'd love to gain. The other night last night's game because I I thought he started to get revved up and he's one of those guys that Texas Tech though he's got understandably take the first one. You cannot take the second month. Are you get ejected and sometimes if your behavior is so heinous and over the edge they don't have to give his second one they can slick and they can run you on one. So. I honestly I think he will be suspended this year I think he will be incapable of find these Lex 27 games. And that's fine. A fiesta missing game here and there and maybe. In what I'm looking for the playoffs and they spent a press reset in his take anymore. In a flight rich in the playoffs it was not technicals the kind of suspended at the Purdue game five of the finals. There was the accumulation emulation of pointless or it's right that they Laker points and it where he's got he's asked to realize. He is being target I think his thing is why me why I just hit my shoulder. You know I'm a solid here I don't know science and he's going on I try to be funny assault it meant to be funny. But what he has to realize is yes they are gonna treat you differently during amount. Because you've treated them differently and the level of respect you've earned as a player. You've lost that respect to the officials right now so you have to go above and beyond. You know maybe make them as staff normally goes out as a captain before the game to talk to the officials there Majorly among go there and I'd be corrected right let him go out and say hi I'm dream I dream let's all be called an iPad. Do you feel about the overall relationship with the NBA players and referees this year because more so than any other she's an actor remember the avenue cropper referees enjoy coffers of were ordered out here do you Bork to try to he's got he's long gone Bonnie let her body looked 'cause she or he or do you go slowly on hand Grady. You have guys like Tony Brothers when everybody looks Tony Brothers or do you know geez here we go again. Oh what went awry here with the religion changed any what we're what would arrive potter movies with the relation between players and referees and how do we rectified as because it's really killed the game this year in terms of just it's just too much at times you see the lawyers look 35 total technicals you seek never to re getting ejected. What it's just too much in terms of the tools applaud a basketball game. I think they say they've lost respect level and a lot of what you're talking about the veteran officials and even two of the best I think I I have seen their does so many good ones I go back to you know many Rudolph that Jim was talking about in. Richie powers and I always go back years and years. But in the last thirty years or so that you best that I observed or Steve javy each Chevy. And and Joey Crawford is charged me at as far as the ability to to make a call they they were great at their jobs. But they were highly volatile Steve jedi was the nicest guy her flying weather on commercial airlines sit next Iraq. And I thank you you're nothing like the fact that I see is a game. And he's not he would but he had a really good thing or he would get that first technical right away and you know. That certain coaches like pop in and Don Nelson would get on him right away and start deride him or he was saying is don't even bother. I'm not listening to you live in control and he'll give it a second model Ron you know John Crawford speaking anger management any joy was a great. Charger of the gaming was probably the most skilled official I've ever seen it. But he had a quick temper and meet Kelly threw Tim Duncan out one night for laughing on the matter whether there's a personal price he would go to anger management actually after that he missed the playoffs. So there's some of that. But then I'm seeing anger management issues. From the players' side and I I I have to blame this on the coaches. In the league. They have got to get a handle. Other players you could not allow them. To behave like that or you take them off the floor for instance do you do you ever. She they San Antonio spurt behave that way. Well I don't know I will pop our global and not he should charge where I'll do is the other road bond I don't hear an air put pot yeah mostly pop and it just thought I'll get run if I had run without cares. If you do drama gonna lose the game. And you know he's had you know guys that are very classy demeanor with Tim Duncan and that David was such a great guy and I mean obviously coli letter doesn't say boo but. I think the I think the coaching it's not enough just to talk about it. Need to take a guy have the floor but when she drank about out of control like this to take a marble floor take them before because. I'll see you tomorrow and it doesn't look hasn't learned his lesson embedded BA finals game where you get lucky I know we didn't do anything but he put himself in opposition to get those points yo U think about that first round series worked in the Michael Beasley are going added at the end of the games like Jamal do award you don't hear that. On TV he was trying to he threw him down purposely to try to get a foul there remember it was an inbounds play right correcting all the rule. That wasn't like where he flew off the handle he was. Trying to make a strategic basketball decision. And it was a wrong call was it wasn't gonna Warrick price if you give it a flagrant they're there to get the ball back so I don't know what he was thinking he's so intelligent. But. The first of all he had he he can't try to rationalize it like if you write like you know what you what you would do in that situation. He's wired differently he may have a situation off the court which caused him to be more volatile. So they actually is he's not gonna change I don't want him to change he's a great player and it's not enough that I love Bob. It's not enough for the GM to come down maybe it was maybe it was like the principal or the sister principal coming down from the office and going into the classroom insane. You know wife Rona. A racers at the certificate. In addition it is substitute teacher when he turns around and maybe it's like that but Bob is such a nice guy. I just the only way you can get to these players is by fining them you have to define him. Fully customizable my thousand Mary's men find over a 150000 so far pop and that in Italy does that but playing time so. And against you know sometimes you know I don't I don't even like thinking about this should lead a playoff game before mop the floor changer rotations and earning it screwed up. But sometimes he's out of control heard it many times even last year. Where I'm looking for guys off the bench I remember one time I forget the gamer he just kept going and I look conferred. Mike Brown or somebody. To grab him and dropping down before he takes his second technical await weekly chastised the banks that night. Heard you got to grab him now you've seen Andre Madonna last night go back and watched the flight were the ball hits your shoulder. And narrow the play where he got it in the vast expansion money without there was a flagrant and he's laying up against substantial and as our Japanese ready to explode he's already taken water. And now if there's a ball there from I'm try to go control him but. You know maybe switch Steve has to look at. It's just get them off the floor now that may not work. That may ignite me for exactly database turnaround and go what Steve and I you know that that may not be the way to calm him down. But he has to know there are there are re precautions. To your behavior we're trying to help you know people who fly off the handle it's it's a legitimate problem and drug addiction and alcohol and gambling overeating and under eating whatever we do put her money missing categories we'll be cousins to Marcus Cousin who's gul who flies all they handle consumer Dermarr marine I honestly think and I don't know. I don't know to Marcus Cousin at all I never spoken Norman I have spoken a grip Napier on this topic and greatest brought it up alongside thirty your voice of the kings that he thought. Jamarcus had a chemical imbalance. And I when I watch him play. I conceive a look at his side certain games that I can just say. He's not playing a night and there's something wrong with him now I don't know if they've ever. Done that I don't think dream on has that issue I think during an outage pretty affable and and jovial and but he's so hot competitor. And when the ball goes up he's fight and everybody. The my coaches your coach your players sometimes might players everybody in gray when he's on the road everybody in the building catches the way he competes. And it's difficult for him to channel ladies he to me he's just lost focus on where that energy. Needs to be I I really don't think it's that huge of a problem. I think it it's it's it's unbecoming. Of the franchise and I think he is being singled out there's no question the affect their call last night was not justified. But he is going to be worse they're going to be. Certainly there's going to be moments re just looks at them he will get a technical so I think. Based on past reputation. It's going to be really hard for him to not avoid number sixteen and two demarcus would get 16171890. He missed a game that you know the way it works after you get suspended one game. If you get killed more technicals you get commodity shares ended another game. Right you get popped again oh we need Seth Curry. Kevin Drake Klay Thompson at his age or barges full of the for a second year. We need you out here word uttered seeing what he had or will or may not work we'll see doctor started the fight harder over 150000 we'll see just how much do you it has about working our DC doesn't care about that what people were to be joined here. By Mario Ellie three time NBA champions who to Houston Rockets call San Antonio Spurs are rarely hear earlier the device pop about it. I'm 57 against. Now back to the red carpet show on 957. Big game. Like getting this batch of relief there. There's a pass right over the. Phoenix suns' surge up their books we'll you have an about a sensible people spurs they were tackled. I feel terrible fire sales what's very K pop album we've almost. Cynics on you talk about a team tanking. That is a team tanking but we boy get a three time NBA champion we welcome him a barrier former go to state lawyer former rocket. Former spur also a former assistant coach in the NBA and Mario Elie bought into the program Mario. And you have a new got a problem so big must. Mary I don't know what what what are you doing now are you between judge Larry doing what we. Yeah there abrasion deport three year old triplets. True blacks are slowly Ouattara. Cool clinching shot triplets you don't. It's. What do you do what you have to agree prayer writer through the political stuff. The way back fired because group. As strange mood. Gailey we heard sheriff your former teammate shot Eliot and the call the spurs ahead massacre in Phoenix and that they want a fifty. But 90 yeah obviously with the warriors let you want to see and Tony your plan for pop and that if that was the most professional. Team I've ever been around and all my years in any sport when you when Avery Sean. Of course Tim and David Jerome Kersey. Janet Jackson I can go on and on and I will Perdue leaving you know Andrew gaze coming from Australia. And then there's this little short guy comes in with three wings from Chicago named Steve Kerr. And there was just a sense that I got. About him that this guy was he is is locked in as professional as you guys. Are and were at that time he fit right into the culture so. To tell me about your time playing for Steve Kurt Beriault engage you know we would be a coach in the NBA one day. Close up almost poppy was in my background let's get that straight you'd expect India always start guard. Yeah I. Work through it I knew that I did say you weren't hired car here every play can't get to play he couldn't guard. Exactly you can shoot go but just a great student and just so great character person. You know mom always was ready to party. I'm always worked for this game whether he would declare martial arts or what he was always work can always. Stand ready and saw that in their ballots series. He would never play in a pot called automatic one game. Steve is always more into play here are informed partnering with the prospect game. That's why do remote Bosnian Croat also. Oh class. Good guard understood the game understand the role. And understood how to be empirical. Be ready coming off the bench and a lot of good good players on an all lot of good coaches look through them very. What got you came off the brands like cattlemen's microphone jacks of all guys are successful man bit country and then speaker. Tell me about. First of all Mariel playing for Gregg Popovich. And then that meeting on his coaching staff and add a lot of people really know what's inside pop and how how he does it tell me about pop from the coach player perspective and also the coach coach perspective. He's not spend a person first and foremost which are wont to be in an abuse. There's not really pop you know on this thing central Israel blown of course in the end he wants to focus on the game. Not being disturbed parlor there but introduced that would retrieve his boots are reacts when he actually interview what a scene of not playing well. Just so just took it and he knew how to relate to players you know what type of play and want it on his throwing. And they started with they were Robinson and Tim Duncan. Who certain standard. Active organization just class parents. Are hall of fame players all put them. Greatest of all our boat goes god allowed themselves to be coached. And then when you've allowed yourself to be Kosher trickled start to persons or shall our credit ghost solution pushed also allow themselves to being cold. To be you know big yellow rip up pop you don't know they were Robertson them. And our young tendulkar will give a lot of tongue lashing but these guys so they allow themselves to be coached. And the could result fired championships. I don't know twenty straight years and a well focused. Twenty Sherry used to winning fifty games gusts. Got some stand up outspend. Retirement BA champion a former Golden State warrior Marla Leachman and is tyranny after the white pop on bonds and I'm 57 game Mario when you lost he's got to stay lawyers. This season we blossom came out here in the Bay Area and at times they are complacent. I think back to your rockets teams that second championship where you guys number six seed. And then you guys Carlos and flip the switch share and one NBA championship was our complacency with our similarities between this warriors team that we're seeing now compared to Nash back to back champion rockets team that second championship go around when you guys were to succeed. This totally different colored protective cast of characters will look different we got part in the tree. In the middle of its second season one income will restriction you book. Tomato warriors there'll the first team in the league and all the rockets are playing well this year and that does get a little boring sometimes when you went a long time. You know you gotta find different ways to motivate me. It's just hard for me even normal rocket parallel the rockets. It's harder for me to see anything being mortars or perhaps a little luster of current. And Kevin Durant trim on my name on clay Thompson. All the ones Clark Pensacola was wrong I mean to be very extreme construction would then have him home court. I think will be tough to beat coast guardsman but all of seem more different team we had a greater or larger hard. We are struggling that second season. And I'll organization for a we have to make retreat. We traded oldest require it. They'll climb into the employment the other charred car chase and learn. Although we just sat confidence and their two game change who's. And the posters and car the dream shall we felt good and things just one hallway and won a lot of twelve game one or a lot of pro gain traction there. On the road I think about a while fifteen were on the wrong when you have home quote dinner at home quoted Andrea orchards or. We are mentally tough group and I think this working. Is not a total cost. You're you're you're mentally tough as well heart of a champion you made some big big shots to help the do you guys go back to back but do you still you are are associated with the Houston Rockets you want your three rings with 71 with. The spurs have 99. What what are you seeing from the rockets this year bring in Chris Paul in an end and talk about what you see in front. James Harden Mario because I am seeing him try in any skid really hard effort. To play defense as much as he can and still you know every other night give you sixty point triple double. A million different facets I got both of them so crisp all. Who bring their age so between that's what you need you need some function as well there on the court sometimes. I think in the talker. And the mobile Treo greater issues the top most. And then allow change to be changed to maintain its. As ambassador nickname bombing ended in this slow or am I mean he looks like he's just plan as I was out there have been a great shooter Putin know. Won't comment on Arizona State hard was always a good shooter. But he worked on this Campbell was four works are standing. Almost been about let's centers like him in general will you guys know he's gonna let which can't stop America recruit. Our military going right at you or a good record low Payer. And I didn't think they seemed a little bit let's send them. He knows how to get to the market he knows how to draw policy as a mid range and it all on him. All post tomorrow. All the pick and roll these outstanding when he briefs are perfectly. Become so you don't have that say future outlook overlap a cappella. On the backside and I felt both told reporters reported so the major case clearly this year is very MVP hopefully he can stay healthy. And familiar which James Saunders wouldn't go to the playoffs he's outstanding in the regardless of the knock on him this is poor performances. Carrier you use the word feisty when you're talking about Chris Paul. Then I wanna segue over what you're seeing a glorious strain on drain and at that same board member now in a few years ago Kobe Bryant reaching out to add to train mine drainage and told them. Every team needs that that level we're not everybody's comfortable somebody. In the room has got to stirred up a little bit. And Steve Kerr was talking about in alienating a lot of one drain on greater Cheney don't want five. Train on dreams Reggie you're sure you're feisty in your own quiet way. Sage Raymond green Mariel was on your team when Avery and Sean Shannon David and the late great Jerome Kersey how would you handle. Trained not to make sure the feisty this does not go over the edge. I would like to see a guy like David West slope off on the phone maker oracle order great out there if you give them a little bit mobile page right now. He complained every play. He's shown referee below one common. Akamai period Israel blown their chrome got good knocked on the first order they appear basketball supposed to be physical post would be so. Who doesn't Golden State wars you here and everybody's best game maybe more. He has to do a better job of controlling got fourteen terms are privileged and I don't preparatory. Unseat general direction on a couple of guards really put you always trying to calm him down. We need a guy like David West roughly one of them are better veteran leaders in this league and the Schroeder. Hopefully it's called children. Taper down a little that we'd love your growth through most of our passion for the game to remind us so much normal all the pick predators. But this is a part of his game model like he's sort of go to mobile borders special treat low pressure. Ted did a very afraid she told them please get up upgrades. He would not relinquish its game attract so. He says that move alone I got to sort of try to harness his emotions. In on May call some of the playoff game especially the way the rockets are playing. I don't know the situation would acquire murdered. Spurs always go to war as a good game but over the tube saying submit that got I have only shouting even could be put towards Edwards. Spurs are touting the same tomorrow night less than before I let you go Mary you know we're so thrilled to join the fraternity champion Mario Elie. We gotta give a shout out your boys Chris Mullin clock what a week trend that's even they coach K in any stakes out. Right in the village in the country Villanova I don't know monkey goes like here is very very tough. Quotes of the week your coach of the week at least if it. Rip our quarterback equated rendered. That would go with our efforts are brought into their midst. They seem to begin that program and run a mole within the right direction very excited. No New York press a ballpark if you could be a good team going medical file you. And Chris who thought our standard double what was going to check the date. To congratulate him what a great week just that last bit of the people most grateful Europe's equivalent toppled longtime. Nash animate text entry B coach K any shot back that that makes up for the other age we didn't win down the stretch for us. You've got to let the losses go savor the bridge this big coach today volley come up. A. That's true go out and that's not good where. Finishing an aerial view are great guys love hearing your voice against stay in touch my friend to kiss of death older or can't forget kits that the kids said dad yeah. Man Mario when I remember those great series against the Phoenix loves investors haven't seen in my life does a kid that owns a phenomenal are all great career going very good thank you Mario jacares regarded Europe. Mara leads. We try to do Jack did it gets bad it's Phoenix floods Charles Barnett I can't yet. The judge he would back to back it really was a judge Egypt to spur Paul always remember his days as a Golden State Warriors.